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Not a day to go a ‘Wandering’ as others drop points!

Morning all,

Before we start I hope your Christmas Day went just how you had hoped it would and I hope Santa was kind to you and yours and for one or two of you, I hope your heads have cleared and your stomachs are getting back to normal. ;)

Wolverhampton Wanderers today here at The Emirates Kick off at 3pm. Wolves are in 17th position in the league, while we are currently 5th.

17th position may seem a long way off the pace but we were there not so long ago and people had written our chances off, so this is not a game to take lightly, as Wolves will want to emulate the way that we recovered.

Maybe they will but for today we need to make sure that their season kick start doesn’t begin against us!

I kid you not when I say that we are not at our strongest but when are we? However, we do have a knack of getting the best from it.

Throughout the squad we have about 9 or 10 players out injured but talk is that we may start seeing some of our injured fairly soon.

As far as I’m concerned it’s not to say it’s not before time!

Our back line has been shuffled round long enough, our full backs had been depleted to zero, and we have been using centre backs to cover these positions.  We have weathered the storm well but what we have been sadly missing is creativity down our flanks and that’s because we have been without Sagna, Jenkinson, Gibbs and Santo.

Our options have been reduced, so for the time being we are only firing on half cylinders.

The players who have come in to cover have filled these positions admirably but at the same time they are centre backs and lacking that little bit of creativity that our forward players need to do their jobs right.

Theo Walcott and Gervinho have not looked at their best for the last few games which is understandable when you consider the players missing but as these injured players start to return, our situation will cure itself and the missing cylinders will fire up again.

That will happen in the New Year, just as some are getting a bit tired, others will return and give us that extra zip.

For today though, we need to rely on and trust in who we have and that should be enough to beat Wolves.

No resting players unless absolutely nesseccary, one or two if really needed but no more – leave the meerkat at home and let Chamberlain be ready to change the game if needed – and Yossi, well surely he has pushed Arshavin further down the team sheet!!

We have a good squad, an excellent Manager with good staff. We are a great club which is financially stable and the outlook looks very bright indeed, we have injured players returning any day soon and we are in 5th place.

As said, we must now push on, take care of Wolverhampton Wanderers and anybody else that comes our way.

Results did us another favor yesterday with both the Chavs and Dippers dropping points so today let’s make sure we capitalise, if we don’t then come May we could just regret it.

I have only good feelings for the second half of the season, everything is in place and it’s now time to go out and show the world what we are capable of.

I know we can win things, its time to go and do it.


Written by Steve Palmer

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181 comments on “Not a day to go a ‘Wandering’ as others drop points!

  1. Morning all

    Good Post Steve…

    Wenger says todays game will be tough, well it will be if he meddles to much with the team. Leave AA in the boot room, and have Park, Ox and Yossi on the bench.

    No resting Robin either…

  2. Morning gooners, hope you guys are enjoying the holidays…….Three points needed


  3. Goodmorning everyone! I stayed home from work today, as i would have missed the game on TV otherwise. So here’s hoping i didn’t waste my day. A 3 goal victory and a clean sheet would do just fine for me thanks! COYG

  4. Morning Erick & ADK

    How’s you both doing??

  5. Suggestion is that Chamberlain will start today and will get far more playing time from now on – no doubt that is only as Gervinho will be off soon….

    Same for Park – as Chamakh is off….

  6. Am great Rico, work has been a night mare for me but am hanging in there…..am off today hoping for three points COYG

  7. Morning Gooners.
    A typical chest-thumping post from Sir Steve.
    Well said sir!
    Morning Rico. Apparantly Podolski swapped his shirt with one of his ‘future team mates’ after the pre-season game in August…

  8. Am hoping AW gets it right Rico, we cant afford to loose more ground starting today, have checked all the links above and must say OX is the best option when Gervinho is away

  9. Good to hear that Erick, we all miss you hear :(

    Morning AK, you reckon we will sign him – was it Chamakhs shirt?? ;)

  10. Ox and Yossi should be able to cover it, or even switch Theo over to the left …

  11. Steve I must say great post…the signs are great we just need the lads to push on

  12. Podolski..?
    Not really sure Rico, you know what our Board are like.
    They all love this time of year. It fits their way of doing business.
    Bah humbug… ;)

  13. Rico I miss you guys…..but I promise to try to be here more, work can wait. I want to see Yossi and the Ox. This players can bring in the much needed creativity

  14. Couldn’t agree more Erick – the next few weeks is when we so often start to dip in form, wenger needs to add one or two fresh faces in jan and we could stop that happening this time around

  15. I can’t see us getting Podolski AK, he’s too expensive and like you say, we all know what the board are like…

    I suspect Park will start playing, he’d still be like a new signing ;)

  16. Sorry to dumpen the mood but any news on Diaby?????

  17. And Rosicky is having a decent season, in fact anyone other than Chamakh and Arshavin…

    You were right a while back Erick by the way, he is no better than Nik … ;)

  18. I also want to see the mid field getting goals for the team about time too

  19. He’s injured ;) ;)

  20. Abou Diaby (Hamstring)

    Last Updated: 11 December

    Abou missed the Everton game. Speaking ahead of the match on November 28, Arsene Wenger said: “It is a slight muscular problem, he’ll be out for around 10 days.”

    That was a month ago :lol:

  21. Well yeah Rico, by the end of next month we could have Sagna, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Diaby, Wilshere and Miyaichi fit for consideration.
    A ready made excuse for Gazides to wriggle off of the hook…

  22. Morning,
    Thanks rico, as always,
    Watched the United game last night, and i see its started, the fiddling i mean, a man sent of on the half way line for a very soft foul penalties thick and fast, how long can this blatent fixing go on for.

    I was thinking that with the games coming thick and fast, and the talk of players needing rest, what happens to other teams, Rooney Mata Terry Aguera silver Nanny dont these players ever get knackered or is it just us

  23. And Merts, it’s about time he got his head onto one of our corners, must be difficult for him, being so small ;)

  24. Rico tbh Chamaka would fit in well with Stoke , we dont play hoof ball that why he has been in poor form. You got to love his hard work though but not what we need.

  25. If Benny can get his head to a corner, then there’s no reason that Mert, Chamahk, and the others, cannot do likewise…

  26. Hamstring mmmmh think its the last season Diaby is playing for us…..someone else should come in and paly atleast 20 games. Fancy Mert getting one today :)

  27. Agree AK, but by then, we could also pick up more injuries, be out of the FA Cuo, be low in confidnce and head off to Italy with a really weak squad….

    Gosh i sound an old grumpo this morning.. :P

  28. Morning Steve

    Merse was livid yesterday with that decision from Dowd, he said ‘ we may all pack up and go home’ – he really is a dreadful referee….

  29. Rico its clear we need to decide fast on whose going on loan and whose is getting sold, we need a good squad for the second part of the season…we cant afford to start slow

  30. AK, did you have a good meal last night? No being dragged in to wash up I hope ;)

  31. I’m fino rico thanks, how are u?

    IMO our best chance of silverware is the FA cup. We have a great mentality this year, and if only Wenger would splash the cash on a new striker..

    Anyone wanna watch the game with me on a big screen tv? ;)

  32. Agree AK, Yossi is one of our shorter players isn’t he…

    Depends on who Wenger plans to play in the FA Cup too Erick, if he is going to play the second string, we won’t be loaning out too many…

    However, I hope he doesn’t, that’s a cup we need to take very seriously, could be our only realistic chance of silverware…

  33. ArsenalDk I wouldn’t mind joining but think I will be at the pub…great atmosphere

    Rico we got to get a new player thats for sure

  34. I know Erick, I was just kidding :) I don’t even live in the UK, wish there was a pub here with many gooners in it but no :(

  35. Arsenal Dk I also don’t live in the UK but we have a pub where they show all Arsenal game, am from Kenya

  36. Morning, any chance sky are showing the match today?

  37. also watched the Villa game last night, has anybody ever considered Richard Dunne, i know he’s 32 but what an engine i believe Villa paid City 5mill for him, what a buy he has been, and the way he play’s he could well go on for another 2.or 3 years and so much experience consider him and TV together.

  38. Rico, all the pubs were closed locally, but we found an Indian Rest’ open.
    Nice meal & no washing up.
    Result.. ;)

  39. Steve am sure Kos would have something to say aboout that but am okay if we get proven players

  40. ADK, i’m good thanks, apart from a stinking cold for the last two weeks, but thats nothing to moan about really ;)

  41. Morning ESP, just been through all the chanels not showing the game anywhere, looks like a stream mate.

  42. You sounded as if you didn’t enjoy yours much yesterday… :(

  43. Just two Erick, that would be enough, although I’m not one to moan if Wenger signs more ;)

    Esp, no – i hoped that but its not on anywhere other than a stream :(

    That worked out well then AK, nice ruby and no washing up, bliss :)

  44. Hi Eric, i wouldn’t want to lose Kos, i must admit, but when people say about another defender just a thought thats all.

  45. Well the 3rd and 4th Rounds of the FACup are in January.
    So Wenger could still play the fringe players in it and still loan them out at the end of the month?
    Personally i wouldn’t loan any of them.
    Tempting fate..!

  46. We were linked to Dunne a while back I think, good old fasioned defender but, a bit too old for Wenger Steve…

    Just have no taste AK, my Christmas lunch consisted of one roastie and a veggie sausage, didn’t even want that but it’s slimming :lol:

  47. I wouldn’t loan them either, at a push, one of Frimps or Coq but definately with a call back option in case Song gets crocked, or is needed in defence and the way things are going, the latter is likely….

  48. You guys see there was a fatal stabbing in the sales yesterday in London, what is wrong with the youth of today, b******s, some of them…

  49. Steve am okay with another player but we need a striker really bad we all know Robin needs help

    Allezkev soem of the lads need to player every week especially Frimpong, Coquelin and Miyiachi

  50. Outside of a Footlocker store Rico.
    To die for a pair of lousey trainers is really quite dim…

  51. Erick, with our injury jinx i don’t think they’ll have a problem there mate…

  52. Let’s hope the result will help your cold rico ;)

    For the first time in ages, the game is shown on danish TV and AFC better not dissapoint me!

  53. JD could return today and I hope Delia has her boys up for their game, if we and Norwich win, we will be 3rd :)

  54. See you later AK…

  55. The injury is nothing new to us to be honest …..we just need the bench to be up for it

  56. I have to pop off for an hour or so too, catch up in a bit….

  57. Am I the only one a bit worried about tottenscum? Could they really finish above us for the first time in 682 years?

  58. Arsenal Dk am also worried mate that why am saying we need to finish up our transfer business if we will have any

  59. I agree Erick. They have been lucky on the injury front. What would they be without Modric and Bale? Toothless!

    I would love it if we bought Podolski, and am I the only one sick and tired of waitin for Wenger to play Walcott where he belongs? UP FRONT!

  60. They have a few players who have been decisive mate, got to say Ademoney has played well in the big gmes but will RVP on red hot form Walcott wont be palying there in a long while but he should be scoring more

    I think we need a midfielder and striker tbn

  61. off to have me lunch back later

  62. Ah streaming it will have to be so!
    What are everyones thoughts on Senior Cesc’s comments?!

  63. Eric, Jack will be back pretty soon, after all this time out he will be like a new signing, Ramsey should come back to form, Rosiski Benny and Arteta, should all start gelling, We have TV that can move forward, Frimps will come good in this company, Song who will become a driving force, AA i’m sorry will have to go, i’m not to bothered with the midfield and our forwards are not that bad either, Park and the Ox, Ryo will also start us on our way, We still have Campbell out on loan and he is supposed to be very good, all the signs are good, Bartley will be available in the summer should we want him, our fringe players are going to be used, we could be buying a player and in doing that could be stopping the emergance of a superstar, remember that when the four full backs recover, along with whoever else is injured we are going to be inundated with players. We need to sort the wheat from the chaff and only buy to replace who goes. My first buy would be an experienced reserve Keeper because should anything happen to Chez, look at the cover we have.

  64. Diaby has become a liability!

  65. Afternoon all, nice post Steve,

    Fancy us for a 3 nil win today, hope AA23 has packed his thermals, Siberia is bloody cold this time of year, did some-one say Chamakh is off……..party time.

  66. Hello rico and d gang! Does it mean manure are hitting form earlier than expected???and city cracking?? Hmm..this is our chance to seal top four and then lay siege on the top 2! Spurs to lose today too,

    Meanwhile we should just get henry on loan, and then get podolski or remy and hazard or gotze or gourcuff in d summer! Works for me!

  67. Bytheway, arshavin and chamakh off! Plus the lil matter of squil, almunia, denilson and erm….diaby? One more season maybe! He could do a RVP next season u know…

  68. ESP, 11.19.
    What did he say?

  69. Kev. lets say he was giving it large about someday returning to Arsenal.. I personally wouldn’t like to see him in an Arsenal shirt again, what do you think?

  70. hi!
    uhmm many comments… why would be the squad very different fom last match? Even yhe players on the bench.

  71. Hmmm, yes and no mate.
    I wish they would just move on.
    We’re moving on Paul, i reckon we’ve got a very good team with a winning mentality and a fighting qualities.
    Maybe sometime in the future he might return, but i’m not sure?

  72. Then again, i’ve been boring everyone by going on about TH14, so why not FF4..?

  73. I think what it is Paul, is these players don’t realise how blessed they are being at Arsenal and under the tutulidge {spelling?] of Arsene Wenger.
    Then when they leave, they can’t leave Arsenal behind…
    So, basically, if Arsenal won a few trophies, then nobody would want to leave.
    Sounds simple ESP… If only!!!

  74. hi all

    I hope we don’t end up with a Wenger special, a draw or loss.

    Aw knows how to rescue defeat from the jaws of victory

  75. Thats the problem Kev, we need to win trophies, to keep big players, and to attract them too.

    I’m not too confident today to be honest, it always seems that when teams around us drop points we tend to follow suit. I always feel the team plays a lot better once wrote off from winning anything, which is sad.

  76. ESP yes, I bet we trip up. Should be a win, but…..

  77. Afternoon, Rico, Steve, Goonster and everyone else. Trust you all enjoyed your Christmas Day.
    Wolves today, and any team Mick McCarthy puts out will give blood sweat and tears until the 90th minute. So it will not be an easy game. None of the games in the PL are.
    Just need to hold the back line, midfield need to work their socks off, and get the ball forward and do some damage in the final third.
    I fancy a 2-0 result today.
    City dropped a cods yesterday, but then all teams will at some point.
    Here’s to another 3 points and a clean sheet.

  78. Afternoon guys and gals…

  79. I just heard on the news AW is considering resting RvP. This man is a menace

    We need to win this

  80. Wenger is also bigging up Park, Ryo and The Ox, all who ‘need games now’ he says….

    Not a day to rest RvP, if we can get a good lead, then sub him but let’s get the 3 points in the bag first….

  81. ESP, that’s right mate. We need to win something. Anything….
    Even the bloody League Cup!

    Wenger rested RVP for the Stoke game & he had to come on to win the bloody points.

    Could be a nervous afternoon…. :(

    Calm down Stan… :D

  82. we cannot afford to rest our captain, he can have a rest at 5pm…..

  83. Manure have kept clean sheets for 14 of their 28 games this year

  84. Berbytoff was on form yesterday, maybe we really should think about him?

  85. Allezkev

    I think there is little doubt Henry is an arrogant bugger who is up himself, and he is a cheat. Remember the handball? Brilliant footballer though

    There is a possibility Robson is correct. I hope not

  86. That’s an interesting article AK, especially from a man who is on the staff at the club, he’s meant to be a very good tactition so hope Wenger listens….

  87. Yossi Benayoun starts in midfield for Arsenal after his headed winner against Aston Villa. There is no Theo Walcott as Gervinho partners the aforementioned goal-machine Robin van Persie.

  88. No Theo today, not even in the squad

    JD starts at RB

    RvP also starts, Rosicky and Yossi also start, No Ramsey…

  89. Alan MP, i think that arrogance makes him the player he is, or was.
    As far as our younger players are concerned, maybe they should give [ or have given ] TH14 a bollocking if he isn’t [ wasn't ] pulling his weight.
    I’d still like to see him back, but then i’m a hopeless romantic… :D

    Rico, i thought that as well. I don’t always agree or enjoy Robson’s comments, but he seems to have some insight.
    Makes ya wonder why he didn’t go into coaching himself?

  90. Wojciech Szczesny
    Johan Djourou
    Laurent Koscielny
    Per Mertesacker
    Thomas Vermaelen
    Alex Song
    Mikel Arteta
    Tomas Rosicky
    Yossi Benayoun
    Robin van Persie (c)

  91. Sure does make you wonder about Robson, like you though, I don’t always agree with him, he used to really slate us on AFC.TV

  92. Good to see Yossi in the team

  93. You know Rico, there’s a lot of very smart ex-players in the media.

    And they all have one thing in common.

    A reluctance to have a go at the job themselves…..

  94. Or Gerv on the right in the 433 AK?

  95. Becuase that would be all too hard for them AK, it’s much easier to slate others… Just look at the two tossers on MOTD, Hanson and Lawrenson….

  96. Stan Collymore is the most know it all wanker in football

  97. Not sure either Benny or TR7 are gonna play wide Rico.
    Unless TR7 does AR’s job and Benny pushes up with Gerv switching as you suggest…?

  98. Alan MP.
    Do you mean the manic depressive King of Staffordshire?

  99. All that bollocks about Park, and he isn’t even on the bench….

  100. Allezkev

    lol He was on talksport telling us all how he had depression and how he belted his missus

    He has been telling us all that the FA must find Suarez guilty lest the FA’s anti racism aoms are lost LOL No presumption of innocence or natural justice from Stan. Then he says the same about Terry

    Then he plays the victim after scousers invade his twitter page and put him in his place

  101. OK, see ya’ll at full-time….

  102. Agree there alan, wife beating twit he is!

    I reckon Yossi will start front left but would love to see 442 with Gerv up with RvP…

  103. Subs:

    Manuel Almunia
    Ignasi Miquel
    Francis Coquelin
    Aaron Ramsey
    Andrey Arshavin
    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
    Marouane Chamakh

  104. Alan MP, he is just a rent-a-quote, one of many on that nausiating radio station.
    Lata mate.

  105. Rico

    Agree re 442. I though though if they would work well together given lack of 442 formation in recent times?

  106. Hope its a good one AK….

    433 doesn’t work that well sometimes alan ;)

  107. Any stream links available

  108. 1-0 Gerv :P :P

    Should have passed to Robin ;)

  109. lol

  110. Bloody heck., what a soft one to concede!!

  111. oh dear an equalizer

  112. Arsenal should have about 6 by now, now it’s 1-1

    they better pull their fingers out

  113. as usual, most of the possession and bugger all to show for it. This is why I cannot stand pretty football. It’s useless

    Oxblood chamber pot will come on soon

  114. Same old, same old alan, needs a good old Wenger rollocking and come out with a bit more gusto in the second half….

  115. Mind you, don’t panic Gooners.
    Remember, Arsene has his secret weapon up his sleeve.
    Yes, that dynamic duo Chamakh & Arshavin.
    We’re in safe hands…. :(

  116. hello
    1-1 half-time
    we need a change in our midfield. I hope we win
    Come on Arsenal!

  117. I still wanna see more Englishmen in the team. Well I suppose so long as we win, that is what counts. The second half shall see

  118. And now i have lost my stream…

    AK, wash your mouth out ;) ;)

    Hi JM….

    alan, just one of a few reasons i hoped for Cahill but seems he has agreed to join the Chavs :(

  119. Gervinho is a bizarre looking creature

  120. confusion

  121. this is getting worrying….

  122. Bloody Hennessy!!

  123. 64% 44% possession in our favour and still nothing

    I’d love to have Cahilll barton & Shawcross in the side

  124. 17 attempts on target. Amazing

    Wolves 36%

    Attempts on target

    Arsenal 17
    Wolves 4

    Attempts off target

    Arsenal 4
    Wolves 2


    Arsenal 13
    Wolves 3


    Arsenal 3
    Wolves 11

  125. Bet if we had played this yesterday, before we knew that points had been dropped, we would have battered wolves….

  126. now 64% to 34% possession

    what a fucking joke this mob are.

    Wenger OUT!

  127. Cahill yes, the other two, no thanks…

    I’m bloody gutted we couldn’t make this count, just shows that when RvP is not firing, we struggle to score…

  128. Rico, this is what happens when you employ blokes with funny haircuts that piss off to Africa, or other lightweights

  129. Oh I’d love the other two. The side needs a bit of mongrel in defence

  130. Now talksport are wondering why Chamakh was on and Ox was left on the bench

    Full credit to Hennessy

  131. I don’t care what players look like alan, nor do i care where they come from – for me it’s always about playing with heart…

    reality is, and as i said just now, when RvP is off sone, we have no-one to really take control and be ruthless in front of goal…

    we had all the possession, so so many chances and we failed to bury them, yes their keeper played well but we only needed one goal in the second half and we couldn’t get it, that is what hurts so bad…..

    Not a players passport…..

  132. for fuck sake sell Chamakh and Arshavin so Wenger just cant use them they are fucking useless, Oxo must be as pissed off as me.

  133. Agree re Chamberlain, i have no time for Chamkah or Arshavin and hopefully that is their last game for us…..

  134. And me Steve!!

  135. I care. Africans need to leave for 6 weeks a year for the ACON and it upsets team continuity

    We always have the greatest possession and fail to put sides away. They can’t finish. Our defense is shite

    Passing the ball going nowhere does not win the game

    17 shots on goal and nothing from it

  136. hello
    one half a shot and one goal ! Our goalkeeper didn’t do any defense!
    Why are we so lazy after our goal in the fist half?
    In last 10 minutes, why we croos all the time? Our advantage with one more player, invite to shot inside and outside area. not crossing. More tTwo drop points!

  137. Not after next year alan, the ACON moves to the summer….

    And yes, we are still conceding stupid stupid goals….

  138. they are a one man team

    No use putting Henry in the side. Too late now

  139. that is next year Rico, The trouble we have is now,

    Why do you think SAF has a minimum of foreigners. Only four foreigners played for Manure in their last game

  140. we are lucky Song and Vermalen not be sent off

  141. we won’t win shite while AW is there. His choice of players, transfer policy rotations, the business model of the board

    We’re buggered basically

  142. Its a pitty Arshavin Ramsey, are not African

  143. JM, i didn’t see those incidents….

    We don’t have that many Afican players….

    Were you thinking the same when Gerv scored alan??

    Reality is, Chamakh is the only player who is poor and is off to the ACON…

    Who else do we lose next month who we will truly miss? Gerv, that’s all….

  144. lol send em home for 6 weeks

    Ba & Bent would do well here

    Can we keep RvP if AW buggers the season up? He’ll be the next to go

  145. re above

    Ba is French born

  146. Mind you i told you, rest a player in form and you get a player thats out of form, now he’ll get injured as sure as eggs are eggs

  147. Ba plays for Senegal – is he not off to the ACON???

    Bent would be a good signing yes, but…..

  148. Off for dinner and sulk ;)

  149. Rico

    I think it’s great Gervinho scored. Good on him. However, unless an African is Drogba like in class, I take the firm view no Africans should be allowed to play in the EPL, because a team game requires conyinuity, and that is ruined when these guys need to return to Africa for the ACON

    It defies commonsense to sign them. It defies logic

    Rico. Ba was born in France. He qualifies to play for Senegal, but he doesn’t have too. He is French, not Senegalese
    If Ba was insistent on playing for Senegal, then he too would be of no use

  150. Gerv was only the best player.
    Song could be direct sent off.
    Vermalen had an yellow card and then, in other situation, said the referee is crazy and point to his head…
    RVP must be more sweet in the duscussions and when talk to the referee…
    I really don’t know what’s happen when Gerv goes to the African cup…is the only player with the goal in his mind.

  151. Rico are you still sulking…..??? :(
    We have a midfield that have in 18 EPL games have scored;

    Rosicky 0 goals in 9 apps
    Arteta 3 in 15
    Ramsey 1 in 17
    Song 1 in 14
    Arshavin 1 in 15
    Benny 1 in 8

    And other ‘attackers’

    Walcott 2 in 17
    Chamakh 1 in 8
    Gervinho 4 in 15

    That’s where the problem is…….

    Only one player likely to get into double figures in the EPL.

  152. Once again Arsene Wenger seems to show a complete lack of immagination when it comes to substitutions.
    You can almost predict every substitution that he’s going to make.
    And if ‘we’ aren’t surprised, then it’s unlikely that the opposition are going to be..!

  153. alan, Ba has already chosen Senegal, so no point in signing him eh ;)

    AK, spot on, Why oh why Chamakh and AA?? Why not the Ox, and maybe bring on Miquel after they went down to ten and throw TV up front??

  154. And those stats say it all AK, in front of goal we lack the ability to be ruthless…

    Sulking about the result – for sure I am ;)

  155. I didn’t see the game Rico, so i’m not going to cane ‘em.
    But it’s just so frustrating, especially after taking the lead.
    Not sure what the answer is gonna be, as i can’t see Gazides splashing out next month.
    We’ve just gotta soldier on with this lot and hope when Jack comes back that he’ll bring some more defence-splitting passing to open these teams up.

  156. I watched some AK – we weren’t that bad imho, all we failed to do was score – otherwise we had all the play, all the chances and were ok imho….

    I just think we lack an alternative in the sriker role as when it’s not happening for RvP, we have nothing….

    inho – RvP is too caught up in the record he could achieve, and mentally it’s on his mind – roll on the 1st Jan, we’ll get him back….

    Also, Chamakh is so so poor, he is not good enough to come on and change a game….

  157. We had the defence splitting passes today, we just couldn’t score from them, we seriously need a ruthless poacher up front. Maybe Park will be that player, I don’t know….

  158. What were the corners and free-kicks like Rico?
    Kozzer Mert and Verm, how were they at dead-ball situations?

  159. Not sure about Park, Rico.
    Wenger isn’t sure is he???

  160. The free kicks i saw were average but my stream was not the best AK, not sure the corners were that much better either – merts nearly got off the mark though ;)

    Their keeper made some really good saves though…

    I feel sorry for lee, will be interesting to se what he has to say about the game, its always different being there….

  161. I guess we are all upset as we could have been 3rd just for a few hours had we won today and we would have got our noses in front of the chavs – and they will spend big in Jan, as will Arry….

    I ‘m not convinced we will get top four, unless we get a couple of new faces in next month….

  162. Why the heck did we sign Park – he scores for his country, and a lot more than Chamakh does yet Wenger always brings on Chamakh…….

    It seems we bought him just to sell shirts in Asia, and that is dreadful!!

  163. I’m off to watch the soaps Rico…….

    Not really… :D

    See ya tomorrow…..

  164. I’m off too, and i will watch the soaps AK ;)

    Night AK, night all…..

  165. Tonight or tomorrow i’ll write a few lines about today match. I’m going to watch the Totts

  166. norwich 0 totts 2…

  167. Fuckin toothless if RVP has an off day, MC & AA are shite and need to be sold immediately, play the ox FFS!!
    AW buy a proven goal scorer that’ll help RVPs burden….
    When our back 4 are fit PM shouldn’t get a look in….
    Finally been stuck a traffic jams left right and everywhere today to watch that shite…….

  168. Calm down Lee…….

    Your getting like Stan…. :)

  169. Ooopps. Should have read it properly.
    Old news………

  170. quote Rico

    ” we weren’t that bad imho, all we failed to do was score – ”

    Yes, but isn’t that the point?

  171. morning –

    alan, yes it is and that is my point, we played ok, we just lack a player to put the ball in the net.

    when RvP isn’t scoring, we have no-one else to step up and that’s why we desperately need another striker in jan…

  172. hi Rico

    Wenger is an eccentric. He is truly bizarre. AA now has Chelsea interest. I bet they will play him as per his talents and perform well if they take him

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