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A Christmas Message from an Arsenal Legend…..

Thanks to our regular Highbury House Blogger Lee, we have a special message from Frank McLintock to all at Highbury House.

And a Happy Christmas to you Frank......

Yep, it’s for real, no editing or messing around with photo’s…

Thanks Frank and a Merry Christmas to you too….

In fact, that message goes out to all and I hope that however you celebrate this occassion, you have a wonderful time with your families and friends.

At the same time though, let’s spare a thought for those who can’t be together today for one reason or another. Christmas can be a great time for many, but it can also be tough for others…..

Also, let’s not forget the reason we all celebrate this day, it’s not just about the big bird for lunch or the next best ipod or ipad hidden by sparkly paper, nor is it about just how soft the brussels are served. ;)

This is what it’s really about!

This is Christmas.....

See, it’s all about the birth of a young man, and rumour has it, Arsene Wenger tried to sign him up at a very young age as he was reported to be ‘something special’…. ;)

Well, he was wasn’t he…..

That’s it guys and gals, all that is left for me to do is wish you all:

Merry Christmas

Love from rico

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42 comments on “A Christmas Message from an Arsenal Legend…..

  1. Morning all……

    Thanks Lee, cracking :)

  2. Will pop in later – have a fab day all….

  3. Merry Christmas Gooners.
    Merry Christmas Rico.
    Great photo Lee.
    The question is, what does Santa have in his sack for us?
    9 points from the holiday game…
    And 3or4 new signings in January…?
    Have a great day everyone and calm down Stan… :-)

  4. Mr McLintock looks healthy & happy. All the best to him

    I hope you are all having a good Christmas day

    Ah! A song. It’s hardly is the proper tradition or reasons for Christmas, but it’s the best version of the commercial lot

    Ol Noddy & crew are popular

  5. Good Morning, and Merry Christmas AK and Alan :)

  6. Merry Christmas to everyone on Highbury House. Great work all year
    rico. :)

  7. Merry Christmas to all gooners in the world over. Morning hh…whoa so that’s frank mclintock?

  8. Hi ya smudge…merry Christmas mate

  9. Happy Christmas Gooners, contrary to what rico says your not a bad bunch really.

    Goonster, Big Frank just wished you a Happy Christmas, now that’s what you call a real christmas cracker, what a legend.

    Have a great day people and spare a thought for the turkey.

  10. Hi goonster and Micko have a good one. Turkey? We alway’s have a Cockeral at Christmas.

  11. Morning micko…yeah but I still haven’t forgiven him for dissing us all those months ago when we were down. Anyway merry Christmas micko

  12. No turkey for me my man just beers. Can’t cook.


  14. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all at HH.

    I have spent many happy hours in the evenings reading the great posts, comments and wit.
    You are blessed with so many superb bloggers.
    Have a wonderful day one and all.

    Rico i take it that was the E-mail you lee and kev were talking about a few weeks ago.

  15. What a legend that guy is!

    Happy Christmas all! :)

  16. Morning all,
    A Christmas break is a good time to put a word in to congratulate the good work done by us, when i say that its not about the the Administrator or the guest writers its about all concerned. Bloggers comments their thoughts their ideas, that in itself means supporters in one guise or another. For a start i would like to draw Your attention to the Administrator She is the brains behind the website, she spends a lot, and when i say a lot i mean it a lot of her time is spent writing the latest news about our great club, she has a history of knowledge from working at different blog sites until she branched out on her own and brought into life Highbury House. this woman is a proud Arsenal supporter she searches the web for news about our fine club she’ll read many other blogs and picks up on the latest news that’s out there, I must admit that i have never met her i don’t know anything about her personal life only what i have picked up like you on the blog, but the way she writes tells me she is passionate about The Arsenal, personally i don’t always agree with all her views, but that is the nature of this website, she has put on the top that its a website where its ok to disagree, what a blinding Logo that is, she won’t thank me for writing this because she is not a vain person she will be embarrassed to take praise so i don’t expect it to get posted, but its important in my mind to know what people like her do to get the latest news about our fine club to the readers like us.

    She has asked for support from all us readers to write a post, she’s passionate and she knows we are as well, but when the news is slow coming out of the Arsenal she has to keep the interest of people like us. Sounds easy to write a story doesn’t it but i have written a few and i am not on a deadline like she is. I have been following this blog more or less since the start.I was lucky that i clicked onto Arsenal news and came across this blog and it hadn’t been going very long but right from the start it sounded Passionate. I read the blog for a week or so and felt that the posts and the comments left were really interesting, i naturally thought she was a he, and when i finally got sucked into leaving a comment i thought i was talking to a bloke after a couple of days someone gave me the tip that he was a she .People will think i am a sexist and maybe as far as football goes i suppose i might have been, but since i started following, i realised that the women bloggers are a sight more knowledgeable than me, and it hurts to say that.

    Anyway to get back to the work that these people do, as i have said i have written a couple of post and they have sometimes taken forever to get legible the administrator helps me out big time and she has my thanks. She has enlisted some of the other bloggers and they have come up with some blinding stories, they all seem to make it so easy, but i can assure you my experience tells it different. These people take a lot of their time doing this, and i have come to the conclusion that they all are passionate about the Arsenal, i would just like to say keep up the great work Arsenal in my mind Asenal is the Best football club in the world and with supporters like us, we will go on for many many more years, and we all will bring more success to Arsenals History, that’s it, have a nice day.

    I wish you all a very Merry Christmas

  17. Merry christmas to all you Gooners!! Here’s to max points over the festive period. Special thoughts to the Crowe family who lost a father,brother and friend this week.R.I.P William”Billy” Crowe a Proud Gooner to the end. AFFA!!!

  18. Merry Christmas Rico and all!!

  19. Morning all

    Happy Christmas everyone. Have a great day!

  20. erry Christmas to all , and commiserations to the Crowe family, it’s never nice but at this time of the year you get an annual reminder. Sad.

  21. Sir Steve. 10.53.
    Well said sir.
    You always seem to find the right words and sentiments.
    I can’t add anything.
    Thanks Rico.

  22. Happy Christmas all!!
    Hope the photo made you all smile!!
    Let’s pick up 9 points and have a cracking New Year!!

  23. You all stuffed then ;)

    The photo is tops Lee :)

  24. stevepalmer1 says:
    December 25, 2011 at 10:53 am

    Steve – thank you so very much for your kind and very generous comment and yes, I am blushing, but…….

    Without you, and everyone else, Highbury House wouldn’t be what it is – and I am truly such a lucky lucky lady to have all the help I get from you all….

    That is why i wanted a ‘House’, because in every house there is a home, and I hope that HH feels like a home to all us gooners….

  25. Well it certainly feels homely…. ;)

  26. Boo! Merry Merry Christmas, everyone! I’m in complete agreement with Sir Steve. Great job on the blog, rico. ;) :)

    Niiiiice! Lee, this is so cool! :) :)

  27. Merry Christmas everybody!
    Nice day here.
    Amazing watch F. McLintock

  28. Any transfer rumours????? :D

  29. Santa got me a computer desk for Christmas, yippee.
    Means i can leave it out 24/7… :)

  30. Boo, AK! Howdy? A computer desk, eh?? ;) I have it on excellent authority (mine) that we are making a serious bid for Hazard. ;) ;) Well, one can dream.

    Red Arse, nice to see you here. :)

  31. How did the turkey go?
    Mine was pretty damned good… :D

  32. Just tip top, AK. Busy crunching numbers. ;) Ahaha. And you?

    No turkey; too few of us around. But that was a really wonderful dinner last night, and lunch again visiting family. I do love Christmas.

  33. Every time i pop off, you guys appear, you could give a girl a complex you know ;) ;)

  34. Hi RA

    How come you left us then ;) ;)

    Merry christmas to you too :P

  35. Nightynight, rico. I hope you had a fab Christmas! :D A great blogging year for all of us, and that’s all down to your lovely home. ;)

  36. Thanks agag :)

    But, as I always say, it’s down to those in the home, not me…..

  37. Catch you guys tomorrow – night all, that’s it for another year ;) :)

  38. All i want for Christmas

  39. Perry Groves. 100% Gooner.

  40. Same as you mate! ;)

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