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‘That Day’ is nearly here! Wenger in for Rodallega but why not The Yak?

Off with the latest titbit and that’s from The Metro, they report that Wenger is about to make a shock move for Wigan’s Hugo Rodallega! What, surely not! He’s notched up just 22 goals in 100 appearances for Wigan, he’s hardly likely to bring anything to our side is he?

The Yak could though… 9 goals in his last 9 games, now that’s not bad is it and let’s not forget that his club are really struggling, score for them and you can score for anyone!

Rumours are about that Kieran Gibbs is out for a further four weeks so if Wenger is to be believed, we should be bringing in cover next month.

On to today’s post by Steve:

We are fast approaching the day that all kids have waited for all year, the 25th of December but when you get a little older Christmas Day comes a few days later if you’re a supporter.

Yes your right, the belated Santa comes on the first of January and if Santa had given me the two gifts I wanted last year, I really believe we would have had our presents delivered in May – Needless to say, I won’t be writing to him this year!!

Of course you have to be a believer and many old Scrooges aren’t, so Santa swerves his sleigh away from them but he knows I am a true believer and I think he will repay my faith in him this time when the transfer window opens. I will of course be leaving a bottle of Grey Goose on the side for him and mince pies for the reindeer.

Many fans were not expecting us to be in the position we are but I always believed we would turn it round. Wenger is a bit like Marmite you either love him or hate him and I have been a big supporter of him for years and years and he has inspired me, thrilled me yet totally pee’d me off.

It has not always been a smooth ride but through all those years, I have always had a mountain of respect for him and what he has done and achieved. Many believe his finest moments are behind him and of course they are entitled to their opinions but I on the other hand can only see a bright future with him.

The way we play been like a roller coaster ride with a mixture of good and not so good – the early days were magical and many of you remember those times with affection, as I know I do. When you look round at other clubs and look at the success they all have had, only one team stands out more than ours, Manchester United.

They in all honesty have been immense under Rudolf the Red Nose Ferguson, even the most hardened of supporter has to hold his or her hands up to the man, a true united legend if ever you saw one.

Wenger has crossed swords many times with Red Nose and the respect between these two men is immense, so far Red Nose has had the best of it, and in our first game of this present season, they have first blood.

I have no doubt Wenger’s Antlers will be out for the return next month but right now we need to get through the busy festive period.

Santa wont help us out in those games, so we have to do it by ourselves. He may help us in the transfer window in the New Year but for now, it’s down to who we have fit and raring to play.

Can we do it?

The answer has to be a resounding ‘Yes’


Now I’ll leave you with my very own Twelve Days of Christmas:

Sung to the tune 12 days of Christmas and it’s the last TWELVE days of the transfer window.

A bit of Christmas humour!!

On the 12th last day of the window, our manager gave to me, no effing player at all.

On the 11th last day of the window, our manager gave to me, a lovely couple of winks, and no effing play at all.

On the 10th last day of the window, our manager gave to me, three Basil Faulties, a lovely couple of winks, and no effing player at all.

On the 9th last day of the window, our manager gave to me, four players leaving, three Basil Faulties, a lovely couple of winks, but no effing player at all

On the 8th last day of the window, our manager gave to me, five if’s and buts, four players leaving, three Basil Faulties, a lovely couple of winks, but no effing player at all.

On the 7th last day of the window, our manager gave to me, we are very busy, five ifs and butts, four players leaving, three Basil Faulties, a lovely couple of winks, but no effing player at all.

On the 6th last day of the window, our manager gave to me, we have the money, we are very busy, 5 ifs and buts, four players leaving, three Basil Faulties, a lovely couple of winks but no effing player at all.

On the 5th last day of the window, our manager gave to me, I’ve seen a player, we have the money, we are very busy, 5 ifs and buts, four players leaving three Basil Faulties, a lovely couple of winks, but no effing player at all.

On the 4th last day of the window, our manager gave to me, that deals fell through, I’ve seen a player, we have the money, we are very busy, 5 ifs and buts, four players leaving, three Basil Faulties, a lovely couple of winks, but no effing player at all.

On the 3rd last day of the window our manager gave to me, another deal is on, that deals fell through, I’ve seen a player, we have the money, we are very busy, 5 ifs and buts, four players leaving, 3 Basil Faulties, a lovely couple of winks, but no effing player at all.

On the 2nd last day of the window, our manager gave to me, City has outbid us, another deal is on, that deals fell through, I’ve seen a player, we have the money, we are very busy, 5 ifs and buts, 4 players leaving, three Basil Faulties, a lovely couple of winks, but  no effing player at all.

On the last day of the window our manager gave to me, the summers round the corner, City have outbid us, another deal is on, that deals fallen through, I’ve seen a player, we have the money, we are very busy, 5 ifs and buts, 4 players leaving, three Basil Faulties, a lovely couple of winks…….

But still no effing player at all.

I would just like to wish all at Highbury House a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Take no notice of the song, Wenger will sort them out I’m sure – look after yourselves and your families and have an enjoyable time.

Hopefully our boys will get the results and make it that much more enjoyable


Written by Steve Palmer…

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190 comments on “‘That Day’ is nearly here! Wenger in for Rodallega but why not The Yak?

  1. Morning all…

    I don’t know how you came up with that version Steve but it’s very very good and so funny – I love it :)

    Tops! Simply Tops! :)

  2. That was beautiful steve. Good one I especially like the ‘city outbidded us’ part. Morning guys…

  3. morning Rico…Steve just cracks me up. he’s a genius.

  4. morning goonster, totally agree, it’s a classic

    ‘we’ve got the money’ – yeah, spend it i say :)

  5. Where’s the great man himself? Wanna be the first to congratulate him on such a wonderful piece. Steve p, take a bow son.

  6. great result last night – two points dropped, now we need to keep on winning and we’ll catch them….

  7. I see the Wayne bridge crap won’t just go away. Am scared you guys. Something tells me wenger ll sign him. The sight of Wayne bridge getting skinned against manure the scums and Chelsea is making me sick to the stomach. God help us.

  8. Wonderful result maam. We are now a point off the chavs and three behind the abominables. We ll totally overhurl them by February. Have you seen their fixture list? Boy are they in for a rough time.

  9. something makes me think it’s going to be Bridge, hopefully though wenger won’t – he’s too slow and doesn’t fit into the way we play…

  10. haven’t seen their fixture list, but for the manc home fixture, ours is not too bad though through til the end of jan and we really need to win them all….

  11. The same wenger that bought shitvestre! I won’t put it beyond him.

  12. We ll take the mancs at home Rico. The lads ll be up for that one.

  13. but silvestre was 5th choice defender, whoever he gets for LB has to be the main player for at least a month, and Bridge is hardly match fit….

    good to see the chavs pick up two injuries and VdV is out for the spuds….

  14. Yeah but it smacks of desperation maam. We need to flog Gibbs and buy a replacement pronto. But no Wayne bridge on my team. I still haven’t forgiven him for scoring that late goal that knocked us out of the CL back in 03/04.

  15. lovely post
    try adding music to it and singing it like the guy who did the rap between wenger and stan kroenke

  16. I know goonster, we just got to hope that AW see’s it the way we all do….

    Thanks Arsenal…

  17. Is vDV out for the scummers? Yipeee. And did you say the chavs picked up a few injuries too? Great day to be a gooner. Its a shame you can’t see the huge grin am wearing.

  18. hamstring, should be for all the festive period :)

  19. God am so happy. Now for bale to fall off his truck and twist his ankle.

  20. Now now goonster, it is the season of goodwill .. ;)

  21. Yeah good will to arsenal not to the scums!

  22. Morning all, Happy Christmas to all you gooners!
    Great read SP, as usual!
    Great result, a few injuries but not enough would of liked the ratman or the chimp out for a lengthy period, ho hum, eh! A nice custodial early next year for the twitcher would be good!!
    Calm down Stanley! ;)

  23. me too Stan, the monkey faced fck! Doing that gay heart sign into the camera….

  24. Morning lee…just exited

  25. Fair comment goonster ;)

    Morning lee, could be two in custard in the new year :)

  26. Reports in France have claimed that Lyon officials have been in London this week to discuss the potential transfer of Yoann Gorcuff to Arsenal.

    French radio station RMC have suggested that Lyon officials, including President Jean-Michel Aulas, flew in to the capital during the week and met up with Arsenal representatives to try and thrash out a deal.

    It’s thought the Gunners would be keen on a 6 month loan with a view to a permanent deal if things work out, but Lyon are keen to cash in on the playmaker and would prefer a permanent transfer in January. RMC also claim that the 25-year-old is unsettled at Lyon and doesn’t get on well with many of his team mates, so is keen for a move.

    The French giants have already lined up Gourcuff’s replacement in Dijon midfielder Benjamin Corgnet, and need the money from Gourcuff’s sale to fund the move.

    There has been talk of Gourcuff going to Arsenal for over 18 months and Arsene Wenger has gone on record as being a big fan, so this piece of transfer news could have solid foundation. The only problem is that Wenger has suggested he doesn’t need to strengthen his midfield and is looking for a full back and striker in January.

  27. Morning Gooners.
    Morning Rico.
    Sir Steven Palmer, CDM & bar. That post was a triumph .

  28. You and me lee I hate that monkey faced bastard more than I hate Rooney. Hope he falls off an elevator shaft drunk.

  29. That’s a bit of a shock lee….

  30. Morning AK, seasonal greetings!! Kids in the office today, it’s like the gaza strip….

  31. Yeah as you’ve said before Rico, never believe a word AW says to the press….lots of curve balls thrown!

  32. I told ya. When arsene rules out a player outrightly…..he ends up getting them. Thanks lee you just made my day. Am a huge fan of yoann gourcuff.

  33. Stan, nothing that a flurry of upercuts wouldn’t put straight!! :lol:

  34. Wouldn’t wanna stain my dainty paws on that dirty cheating scumbag. He’s not worth my punch. A few bashes over the head with a bottle wouldn’t be out of place though.

  35. He seldom speaks the truth lee ;)

    What do we think if it’s true though? Where would Gourcoff fit in and who gets dropped?

  36. Rico, non PC email in your inbox!!

  37. No contest Rico….Ramsey! He’s tired and needs a breather besides gourcuff is a better all round player. Am so exited. Yaay! Calm down Stan, don’t jinx it. Remember mata and Alvarez!

  38. took the words out of my mouth Stan!

  39. I’ve see it Lee – :lol: :lol:

  40. Ditto stanley, calm down ;)

    Plus, we wouldn’t need to replace AA then either, I wasn’t all for getting Gourcuff but, kind of liking the idea now and he’s the sort of signing that would show intent….

    Now for the defender and goal scorer…

    Anyone reckon any signings will be done in the first week of the window?

  41. Hopefully we ll get a new Striker too. If we are going to loan a full back why not nicky shorey! I liked look of him during his reading days. Hey what happened to him?

  42. We can dream Rico….JV and a striker (Henry I reckon)

  43. Nope not wenger’s or IG’s style but there’s always a first time. COYGS. I can’t Pen back excitement you guys. I need help.

  44. Shorey is at WBA goonster….

    I reckon Henry too and JV really would be the icing on the cake..

    JV, Gourcouff and Henry…. Happy Days :)

  45. Tell me about it Rico…am creaming my pants already. Lord God in heaven make it so..I promise I ll stay off women and booze…except maybe Rico and agag*winks*

  46. Calm down stanley, it’s only speculation, don’t go all ‘mata’ on us again….

  47. Yes maam but its so hard…I need me a drink. Back in a bit.

  48. lol. Great new lyrics for the Christmas carol

  49. hello all

    What about Bobby Zemora? 8 million

  50. Hi alan, no thanks……

  51. Gourcoff stats for Lyon. I could kick more goals than this bloke

    2010–11 25 3 5 2 0 0 6 1 0 31 4 5
    Total 25 3 5 2 0 0 6 1 0 31 4 5

    career total 28 goals in 194 appearences for all clubs

    Career total 194 28 32 26 2 7 37 6 8 257 37 47

  52. re above 5 goals for Lyon

  53. rico says:
    December 23, 2011 at 9:42 am

    great result last night – two points dropped, now we need to keep on winning and we’ll catch them….

    great result indeed

  54. Hi peoples, i think Wenger should buy Podolski and get a left back from the French league,there are loads there and we dont need Gourcuff.
    Yes, Ramsey needs a rest or two , he has being missing too many simple goals lately.

  55. Just got back from the Vets.
    Worm tablets & flea treatment.
    NOT FOR ME i hasten to add…. :D

  56. Hi Lee.
    I bet it’s a right larf at work…… :)

  57. Good day guys and chicks of the Gunners faith.

    Wooooowwww Steve. A great post which brings a smile to anyone who reads it. You deserve all the plaudits today man, Especially the 12 days of Christmas were great. One of the best posts I have ever read on the internet.

  58. Gourcuff sounds interesting…..
    Classic Wenger signing.
    Underachived wherever he’s been.
    Wenger will make him into a superstar…
    He’s also the right age at 25.

  59. DG no training today?
    Lazybones… ;)

  60. Lee, :lol:
    You’ll never walk alone…

  61. Ba

  62. Hiya AK. no training today. something else. Sent you a chat mail

    Gourcuff has always been one of my favourites. Good on the ball, an eye for a defence splitting pass and a guy who has a strong body with good height. As AK said, he has underachieved everywhere. Like PV, TH and PEtit before him. AW will turn him into a superstar and he is at the best age…25/26

  63. AK – i thought it was funny too :)

  64. Hi alan, STV and DG…

  65. Afternoon Rico and DG.
    DG got chat…..
    Busy today Rico, or is it all done?
    I’m just lazing about….. lovely… :D

  66. Gotta say though DG, Gourcuff wasn’t one of the first on my wish list.
    All the same a fresh pair of legs.

  67. hello!
    Bridge again? Please, no. Ask AW why he not call Porto? Fucille maybe free …
    Rodallega… why he isn’t play for Wigan?
    Ba will be a good sign…
    Gourcuf was good… but now? I’m sure he is not fit and not in a good shape.

  68. Have to say, i have a hunch that Wenger might go in for Alex again.
    I believe that AFC were after him and Malouda last August, during;
    ‘The Panic on the 31st’…..

  69. JM, i’ve never really seen why Rodallega has been constantly linked to Arsenal.
    He’s never had me on the edge of my seat.
    He seems a rather average player imho.

  70. DG, do you have a winter break on Malta?

  71. I think Alex is better but we actually need a proper left back and not Verminator filling up.
    So which left back then

  72. Alex may be OK as he strikes me as a bloke with a point to prove

  73. Leighton Baines would do it for me SD

  74. Kind of. Just from Christmas eve till 7th January. But only from under 19 down. The proper teams continue to play once a week.

  75. Gibbs has had groin surgery…

    thought he was ut with a stomach problem… pfff

  76. Lazy one really AK :)

  77. Alan MP, as with Benny, you may have a very good point mate re: Alex.
    I wasn’t too keen at first, but i’m warming to the idea.

  78. Also Baines has a great fitness record.

  79. We should have got Enrique from Newcastle before the dippers got him….

  80. Afternoon all, shopping all finished thank Christ i hate shopping.
    Great result last night, i sat there not really knowing who i wanted to win, i wanted both of them to lose but i suppose that helps us, so probably the best result, I text my Spud mates last night and never got any replies so i dont think they were to happy, but i must admit that in itself made me chuckle

  81. Afternoon Mr Masterpiece :)

  82. I see that McLeish has been commenting on Hutton’s red card.

    ” That side of Van Persie’s game doesn’t disappoint me, no. It’s called being streetwise”. He continued;

    ” If your winding someone up and they get sent off – and you’ve reduced the opposition’s resources and your team wins – you’ve done a good job”……

    Carefully sidestepping the fact, of course, that Hutton is a mug and lunged into a reckless tackle that could have seriously injured Vermaelen.
    And McLeish should know all about reckless tackles……..

  83. Sir StevieP, now you can relax.
    Until the sales on Boxing Day….. ;)

  84. Hi Riclicious,x
    that Walker looked good last night i thought, when he goes forwad he looks a right handfull

  85. Hi AK, Ive told her thats me done now.

  86. I know that it’s frustrating, but it’s also a bloody shame as i think that Gibbs could, one day, be a very good full-back.
    Sadly it’s beginning to look as if he won’t be doing it in an Arsenal shirt.
    Not unless he suddenly finds the secret that RVP has found…

  87. I have given up on him AK, if he’s going to make it i don’t think it will be for us. he should play for a hospital team

  88. On his day Gibbs is a very good left back. However he needs to buck up and built his strength fast since he is getting injured a lot. The best thing for AFC would be to get a fullback on loan and let Gibbs do the rest of the season getting better and stronger. Personally I would not like the shitty/chav reject but Vertonghen.

  89. Our mistake was suppose Gibbs is fit… and for the recent news, with lucky, probably he will be fit next april…
    Baines, more or less.
    but I think we must think in a new name. Enrique can’t play in CL.
    An “unknow” with no historical games in the League, sometimes is better..

  90. AK :) re Hutton…

    Steve, he’s the git who got the winner against us…..

  91. Sir Steve/DG.
    I can see both your points of view, and it’s very difficult to disagree.
    But here goes… :D
    If we all cast our minds back a year or 18 months, many of us [ myself included ] was saying, if we get a half decent offer, then we should cash in on RVP…. As he’s never fit.
    Would we sell him now??????

  92. Hi Devil, seems like most supporters feel the same as you, Bridge has let his form slip and i hear his fitness too, seems he has a fairly good job there and we don’t want to spoil that for him do we let him bleed them dry. Although i like the thought of Verts i believe we really need a proper left back as we are sadly lacking up front as was seen the other night. we seem to be struggling on the flanks Theo and the Gerve are not good on their own

  93. Good point Ak, not till he breaks Shearers record no, but i think he’ll go

  94. I see your point AK. And I now you are right regarding RVP. However that is why I wuold like Vertonghen, who is a jack of all trades in the defensive positions, defensive midfield included, and let Gibbs regain his strength and find his form as a proper left back. Verts can join as the versatile defender, Santos (when he is fit again) can play at left back while Gibbs regains it all. But we need a JOAT (jack of all trades) extra in defence in midfield and in attack. Remember Grimandi and Garde, how we used to groan at them??? Well they used to fill in a lot of positions didn’t they??? Would you like them now?? I for sure would.

  95. If i speak the truth AK, for the time he has been with us we haven’t seen this side of him, he is no young pup and if an offer came in of 30 35 mill i would be tempted to sell, Campbell should be with us next year The ox could be alongside him and hopfully we buy some one In Jan, he will never be worth more than he is now and that could all end in the next game if his history is anything to go by. We have never really got over losing Cashley.

  96. I liked Grimandi DG, he never gave less than 150%.
    Yes a bit limited at centre-back, but in midfield he was a real street-fighter.
    Shame about Garde, he looked as if he could have been a very good footballer, but for his fitness problems.

    Sir Steve, i really really hope you are gonna be wrong re; RVP.
    If he goes i shall blame that tosser Gazides. He’s useless.

  97. I hope i’m wrong to mate.

  98. SSP, yep, i can see where you are coming from.
    And from a financial point of view you are probably 100% correct.

    Psychologically, i think RVP leaving would be a disaster.

    Agree totally SSP on Cole.

  99. I liked Grimandi too AK, especially ‘that’ tackle on Davids :)

    RvP is staying, i’d put HH’s mortgage on it ;)

  100. Hear Hear Rico.

    That’s settled then, ‘The Thighs’ are staying.

    End of…!

  101. After thinking about it AK, when you think of what he has done for us this year, he has probably earned us 35 mill, without his goals we would still be languishing in the bottom half, and out of the CL.. the stadium was half full as well

  102. Same here AK. I think that if RVP goes next summer it will be all Gazides fault. With the right signings RVP will give us more however as Steve said if an offer of around 35million comes it will be hard to resist for a player who will be around 30. The most important thing is that he is replaced by a proper player who fits in not by a half assed free transfer who is chosen simply because he came on the cheap. I like Chamack, however I feel that he cannot play in a 4-3-3 but in a 4-4-2. He needs someone who can feed him, like DB10 or Cesc. What we need is a Drogba in his prime or a Shearer type of player or a Van BAsten. Someone who can hold the attack on his own and bring others into play. RVP can do that, and while some might laugh I can only think that the only other player who can play similliarly to the way RVP is playing, that is bringing others into play and be the focal point is Berbatov. Not the lazy one we see because he is not played but the Berbatov who knows what he can do.

  103. Dec 27th………. Wolves [h]

    Dec 31st………. QPR [h]

    Jan 2nd……….. Fulham [a]

    Three games in six days!

    That’s gonna take some carefull squad/team rotation methinks… :(

  104. SSP, i know RVP has had some terrible injuries, but he is our one remaining ‘World Class’ player.

    To me, he has to get a bumper pay-rise/contract.

    Then we have to build on that by bringing in a couple of top top performers to help him.

    The question remains, will Gazides fcuk up another transfer window?
    I have absolutely no confidence in that Greeco-American spiv whatsoever.

  105. Here Here :)

    Wenger has said he is definately not looking for a centre back, then when questioned about Cahill he said definately not….

    RvP won’t leave, no matter how much gets offered, a player has to want to go….

    AK, very careful rotataion in those games, one player too many and we could fall foul…

  106. This team we have AK, are a good bunch, what we have at the back are rock steady, but our midfield is not so good, Having Song back will help bundles Ramsey needs a break, Benny for me and we must use The Ox he’ll fight all the way, i don’t want to see Arshavin or Chammy unless they can produce the goods we need to go forward again all this sideways backwards shit is doing my brain in

  107. Personally I hope he does not go. RVP, as AK said is our only world class player. He would be even better if alongside him there is Podolski and Gervinho. What about Theo? He should concentrate about getting better at beating players even in a small space, not only thinking that he can get better of others if they offer him space to run into and time to look, calculate the weight, get into the right body position and then turn to the ladies and say……geeezzz gals look what a peach of a cross I am going to give and then proceed to put it into row Z.

    RVP also needs someone who can fill in for him or else play alongside him, however he also needs AW to change the formation and not stick to one game plan only to keep the opponents guessing.

  108. Rico, Wenger needs to not only rotate carefully but substitute carefully.

    Every team will suffer from fatigue, so we’ll all be in the same boat.

    Think that Frim, Coq, Benny, TR, Chamakh, Oxo and maybe Park will all have a run-out.

    As for AA, i’d send him off to the Boxing Day sales and tell him to stay there.

  109. http://www.arsenalist.com/

    Gotta luv Chezzer.

    What a great spirit this group is beginning to foster.
    Gives me so much optimism for the future.

  110. DG, I hope Wenger gets on and sorts things out in jan, like you say, RvP needs another top player up with him, to take the pressure off and he needs signing in the first week of the window, as does a LB…..

  111. That’s if they don’t get loaned out AK, well Coq and Frimps – Chamakh will be gone but Benny should def get a start soon and hopefully Ryo and Ox will feature….

    Def careful rotation, but the poor defence won’t get a rest, they will need plenty of help in the next few matches…

  112. We have got one heck of a strom where i am, the only consolation was that Sky went off during a Kenny Dalglish and Fergie interviews :P

  113. It’s been raining all day down here on the coast.
    A miserable miserable day.
    But hey…..no snow, thankfully. :D

  114. I’d rather the snow AK ;)

  115. That’s one of a few i don’t believe AK ;)

  116. The sun shinning….
    Does anyone know any central forward similar to Gerd Muller forgot in Germany, holland, spain, France, etc?

  117. Snow is good Rico.

    As long as your indoors.. ;)

  118. JM, i give up.

    Get off the dance floor and tell me…. :)

  119. I still say that it will be TH and Vertonghen and or Cahill. Even though AW says he wont sign anyone, especially a centreback. Personally I prefer Podolski but will settle for TH for two months.

  120. Isn’t Sao Paulo the team that Denilson plays for?

    Maybe our scouts have spotted him when watching denilson.
    A straight swap????

    Well i can dream Rico… ;)

    Just wanta get shot of our Brazillian crab.

  121. Offski, See ya’ll lata.

  122. Just saw sagna running with our fitness coach. He’s on his way back guys. Great news on jd too right?

  123. Oh pardon me evening guys

  124. A few weeks ago, someone told we are interesting in Leandro Damião. :-)
    AW can look arround all those countries will play next summer in Poland/Ukraine and remember a left back from a national team not very involve at the moment and wants to go there…
    De Villa (spain) is too old and not interesting…
    Fucille (Uruguay) Porto, is interesting. I d0n’t know Porto interesting on loan.

  125. c ya AK.

    Gooooooonnniiiieeeeeeeee. Where have you been??? You come one here when everyone is leaving???? Man you shouldnt be sleeping all the time.

  126. Am sorry DG….but a guy’s gotta eat. Anyway am just excited sagna is on his way back. Happy days.

  127. Wow I think you are right DG I seem to always come when everyone is about leaving! What are the odds.

  128. Brilliant Steve, simply briliant – made me smile all the way to the end. Lets hope we do get some belated pressies. Remember in Spain they dont give pressies until January 6th, the Ephinary when the Three Kings came calling with gifts of Frankinsence (Fabragas), Myrrh (Messi) and Gold (as decent Goalkeeper). If I still believe in Father Christmas then I can surely believe in the Three Kings. Happy Christmas to all Gooners and to 9 points over the festive season.

  129. Chavs are in talks with Bolton for Cahill :(

    Evening guys…..

  130. Good riddance Rico. He’s shit! He has nothing on kozzer mert or vermalin.

  131. DJ, in Spain it all happens tomorrow night I think :P

    goonster, now now – give it a few months and you will change your mind – but, if he proves crap at the chavs, i will be the first to put my hands up ;)

  132. Fair enough Rico..I ll hold my hands up too if he hit it at Chelsea.

  133. :) goonster – i reckon Wenger will hit the sales very early in jan …

  134. Hopefully maam…Gourcuff Henry and JV for you*winks*

  135. I think gourcuff is a done deal Rico. W

  136. I think gourcuff is a done deal Rico. Why else will a respectable man like jean Michel Aulas visit us at the emirates if there was no concrete offer from us.

  137. Sorry for the incomplete post man. Phone trouble!

  138. international press:
    Spain: Kaka – MU, Arsenal ?
    Belgium: Lucas Biglia (Anderlect) – MU, Fiorentina, Arsenal

  139. I doubt the Gourcuff deal goonster…

  140. Evening JM, kaka? No thank you. We can’t afford his weekly wages. He ll ruin us but I ll take biglia t

  141. Hi JM, Kaka – sounds like an Arry signing ;)

  142. Off for a bit, dinner calls ;)

  143. The spuddies ll soon go bankrupt maam. Arry ll soon run them into the ground.

  144. Spuddies bankrupt you say Goonie???? That would be one of the greatest day in my life maaaaannnnnn!!!!!!

    Tiote continues to be linked.

  145. yes I saw it but there’s no way we ll ever sign tiote. We ve got song and two outstanding proteges. No Chance.

  146. Just like Rico I believe we ll see a flurry of transfer activities early on in January. Wenger ll wanna get them in and bedding for the second half of the season. Expect the unexpected guys. Something tells me we are in for a shock!

  147. ….sometimes I think he will not buy anyone but soldier on with what he has. Hope you are right mates!!!!

  148. Get ready to be ‘wowed” DG….arsene wenger style.

  149. AW style????? That means we have to watch the film A christmas carol again……..Scrooge style. Hope I am wrong!!!!!

  150. I’m with you DG, he will soldier on tell us everyone is returning in Jan so why the need to buy…???

    Evening all……

  151. Righto mates. Offski to dreamland at Nightclub bed…..featuring DJ pillow, McBlanket, LilDreamz and MastaLightsOff!

  152. Robin, TV, Merts and Theo visit the whittington hospital…..

    I wonder if they found Diaby hiding there with Gibbs…?


  153. Evening Wath, night DG

    I reckon he’ll loan Bridge and nowt else :(

  154. and before I go to drealmland Nightclub bed I leave you with this….33 years today. Especially on the 15th minute and thereabouts……

  155. Who’s that DG?

  156. What do you mean who’s that Goonie?????

  157. The footage….can’t get a proper view. So who is it?

  158. Its a footage of the day Arsenal beat the life out of the spuds to the tune of 5-0.

    I bet AK still remembers that night fondly.

    Right its off definately for me now. Cu mates

  159. Great clip DG, takes me back :)

  160. Why did Frank want to join the Mancs…. fool

  161. Whoa 5:0? Repeat performance please. Men wish I was alive in the seventies. missed a lot of stuff.

  162. And go check the totts players goonster, they had a strong side but we battered them….

  163. Were you there too Rico! Lord in heaven I sure have missed a whole lot.

  164. The short nippy f

  165. The short nippy fella, that’s liam Brady right? Wow.

  166. Not there goonster, but i bet a few on here were…..

  167. I’m sure thats Almunia in goal for the swampies…..!!! ;-)

    That was a good day down there DG, Brady’s goal is still fresh in my memory to this day…!

  168. Goddamn this phone….

  169. short and nippy – not sure i would describe Brady as being that ;)

  170. Oh sorry maam…guess am just too eager to learn about our illustrious club.

  171. I’m off for the day guys, catch up tommorrow…

    Nighty night and stay safe……

  172. :) goonster, we all have plenty to learn….

  173. Night mama bear…

  174. Nite Rico……. Enjoy your evening…. Cheers Stan am offski as well….. Pub calls ;-)

  175. Morning all

    New Post up

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