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First English Team into the Last Sixteen, could we be alone??

After what feels like an eternity, we were back into Champions League action, with our home tie versus Bundesliga title-holders Borussia Dortmund. We opened this group phase with a credible 1-1 on their ground back in mid-September, and going one better would send us into the knockout stages, with the possibility of winning the group outright very much on.

Anything other than a win would send us to Piraeus on the final matchday needing a win just to be sure.

So if we needed to take care of business at home last night and the task ahead was not in any way going to be easy!

Both of us won at the weekend but Dortmund notched the more significant win, against a far stronger opponent than we faced at Carrow Road. Dortmund’s defensive display at Bayern was excellent, and this allowed Goetze to take virtually their only chance over 90 minutes, for a 1-0 away win over the current Bundesliga leaders.

In many ways, their season has mirrored ours so far. Both teams had slow starts, and both have really picked up in the past month-and-a-half. One major difference is that Dortmund’s run has catapulted them up the table, to within two points of the summit.

Despite the fact that we keep winning, we cannot seem to move out of seventh place. Dortmund is clearly a much better side than the one we faced two-plus months ago but we too are much improved from the one we fielded that evening…

In his Tuesday press conference, Arsene revealed that Rosicky sustained a thigh strain in training and would miss out against his former club. The other big news was Abou Diaby’s return to the squad after his latest prolonged absence through injury.

While Arsene did not outright say that Diaby would be in the squad tonight, most of us expected it based on the point our manager made about the player being ahead of schedule and it being “good to have him back”…

So we lined up Szczesny, Santos, Mert, TV, Kos, Song, Arteta, Ramsey, Gerv, Robin, and Theo.

Fab, JD, Frim, Diaby, Benny, Arsh, and Chamakh formed our bench.

Dortmund kicked the first half off and set about pressuring us, denying both space and time. Kagawa tried an early shot, but Szczesny gathered without too much trouble. Santos created our first chance about ten minutes in, crossing for Robin, who could not get enough power or direction on his header. Weidenfeller saved it comfortably.

The game started to open up a bit from there, Mert came up for a corner and got to the ball but couldn’t head it on target. We forced another quick corner and Robin put a good delivery in but Dortmund was able to clear.

Then Theo latched on to Ramsey’s pass, but Weidenfeller came out quickly to block the shot.

We had an injury stoppage about 25 minutes in. Bender went down hard after a collision with TV, the former catching an inadvertent boot. The Dortmund man was stretchered off in a neck brace to polite applause from both sets of supporters. This forced Klopp into an early, emergency substitution, with Leitner coming on.

Play resumed, and Lewandowski shot wide.

They say good (or bad) news comes in bunches. Just before the half hour mark, Goetze pulled up and needed to come off, Perisic replacing him, so that made two early substitutions for Klopp prior to the half hour mark. While Goetze’s departure was definitely a plus for us, it is worth noting that his replacement is the player who scored Dortmund’s late equalizer in the earlier tie.

As we entered the final third of the first half, the pattern continued as before. Dortmund pressed and closed down quickly, with neither side creating many chances. With five minutes remaining, we suddenly sprang to life, as Robin played Theo in and the latter fired the ball into the net. Unfortunately, Theo was just offside when the ball was played, so the decision was correct.

A minute before the interval, we had the best opportunity to open the scoring. Just after Schmelzer shot straight at Szczesny from a good position, Theo turned (almost) creator, putting a fine cross towards Robin. Weidenfeller cut it out, but could only push the ball into no-man’s land, but there was no red shirt on hand to turn the loose ball in.

We played through three uneventful minutes of stoppage time and went into the break all square. On the whole, I thought Dortmund looked the better side but we came alive as the half wound down and had the better chances to take the lead.

We kicked the second half off with no changes to our starting eleven.

It was Dortmund who started quicker, as a Grosskreutz cross was deflected across the face of our goal, before Mert put it out for a corner. A minute later, Kagawa went through down the left, and forced Szczesny into a difficult save.

Just as it looked as though Dortmund would over-run us, we hit back. While Robin – yet again – finished the move, Song deserves huge credit for creating the opportunity. With little on down the left, he took the ball, beat three yellow shirts and crossed for Robin to head past the diving Weidenfeller. 1-0 and one foot into the knockout round.

With a precious lead, the last thing we needed to do was sit back on it. Schmelzer earned the first booking for a foul on Theo as we looked to increase the lead. As the match moved past the hour mark, our passing game looked in rhythm, as we kept the ball much better than earlier and moved it about crisply.

Right on 60, Gerv should have doubled our lead when Robin’s perfectly-timed pass put him in alone on Weidenfeller. Unfortunately, Gerv hesitated after rounding the keeper and Hummels was able to get back and clear. That really should really have been two…

A few minutes later, Theo earned a rather silly booking for getting into it with Schmelzer…

With 25 minutes remaining, Klopp made his only remaining sub, bringing Barrios (striker) on for Captain Kehl. A 1-0 defeat would not do them much good, so he had to roll the dice. For us, it would an opportunity to try and hit them on the break. Barrios immediately won a corner, which came to nothing when Mert was fouled in our box.

Ramsey then picked Theo out with a fine pass, but the latter shot over the bar. Theo then put a good defensive shift in, winning the ball from Piszczek, and starting a move which ended with Robin flagged for offside.

Arsene made the first change with 15 minutes to go, Benny replacing the disappointing Gerv. Santos then fouled Kagawa to concede a free kick and Ramsey was foolishly booked for kicking the ball away. I say foolish on the referee’s part, as there did not look even a hint of dissent, rather Ramsey moving the ball to where the kick would apparently be lined up.

A couple of minutes later, Benny was booked for a late challenge on Piszczek.

As the match entered the last ten minutes, we were boosted by the news of Fetfatzidis’ goal for Olympiacos. That put them 1-0 up at Marseille and if both scores held we would win the group tonight. There was still ten-plus minutes to go, however.

In the 82nd minute, Benny had a chance to grab our second, but he too hesitated, allowing Dortmund to clear. Arsene then brought JD on for Kos.

With five minutes to go, we earned a free kick around 30 yards from the Dortmund goal. Arteta took it, smacking it off the Dortmund wall and out for a corner. Just before we took the corner, Arsene made his final sub, bringing Diaby on for his first appearance in half a year, for Theo.

Diaby immediately proved a lucky talisman, as we got the second goal we should have scored back in the first half, from the corner.

Once again it was Robin, who drifted almost un-noticed to the back post. Arteta swung it in, TV fed it on and Robin tapped in from three yards out! 2-0 and on track to qualify for the knockout stage.

We navigated the remaining regulation and first minute of injury time. In the second minute, however, Song got a bit too cute down by our corner. He and JD combined to give the ball to Leitner. He picked out Lewandowski, who fed Kagawa for a close range consolation.

Much too little, and way too late, It made little difference, other than to flatter Dortmund.

The whistle went a few second later, followed by the final whistle at the Velodrome.

Our win, combined with Olympiacos’ win meant we won this group with a game to spare. Dortmund are all but out and if Olympiacos beat us on the final match-day (which, if Arsene chooses to over-rotate, is highly possible), then they may be able to overtake OM for second spot.

For the team who was expected to crash at the first hurdle – indeed, the team that many projected would not get past Udinese in the competition qualifiers back in August – has again assured CL football in the New Year.

We join Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, and Internazionale as group winners; Bayer 04 Leverkusen (at Chelsea’s expense!), AC Milan, and APOEL FC have qualified, and Ajax are all-but-in. It is worth noting that we are the only Prem side to secure qualification.

United and Chelsea will probably both find ways to get through, while City no longer have their fate in their own hands. Should all three of these sides fail to progress from matchday six – highly unlikely, but nevertheless possible – then the much derided Arsenal will stand alone as England’s only representative in the competition…

As it is, the above scenario has little to do with us. If any or none of the other three sides qualify, that will not change the fact that we will need to worry about ourselves first and foremost.

Winning the group means we won’t draw the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern or Inter in the next round, but there are still some difficult teams on order. These include Milan, Leverkusen, Napoli (if they finish ahead of City), Ajax, and the winner of the Zenit – Porto clash.

We can now put this competition to one side for a few months. I would like us to win the dead-rubber (for us) match at Piraeus, but I recognize that the result will not be first priority for us. Nevertheless, I hope we rotate responsibly.

We have some players that absolutely should not be risked – Robin first and foremost – and others who can use the breather. But I think the club will be better served by starting a balanced mix of first team regulars and squad/youth/reserve players. I think those getting a rare opportunity are likely to do better alongside first team regulars than they would in a side of 8-10 squad/reserve/kid players.

Like the quarterfinal ties, we’ll worry more about the final group game when we come to that point.

Next up is Fulham, a match that we need to win to keep our good league run going but before that, well done to our players and coaching staff.

We beat a tough, credible opponent last night, and won our group cleanly. Some quarters will give us credit, others won’t – that’s life, and the haters (of which plenty remain) will continue to hate, because that is what they do.

We are not yet where we want to be – or should be but only the most blinkered hater will refuse to acknowledge we are on the up….

Crisis? Go to Stamford Bridge if you want to see what a crisis resembles.

That most certainly is not us…

Written by Oliver

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92 comments on “First English Team into the Last Sixteen, could we be alone??

  1. Cracking write up Oliver

    Was it Alex Messi or Lionel Song :)

    Good Morning……

  2. Excellent read as always.morning all.

  3. Lionel Alex messong 8-)

  4. Watching the match last night on the terrestrial station was frustrating to say the least, one of the commentators decided that he would call Ramsey Wilshire all night.. Was very annoying!

    Good win last night! Really stepped it up in the second half, Arshavin must be out the door, not even getting a peak at the moment. What are the odds he leaves and then plays the stuff of his life.

    As I said last night, really hope Samir doesn’t mind playing Europa league football :)

  5. morning, happy to win. I now know that we come back from hell.

  6. It’s was clear from the beginning of his arrival that Song was a technically good player and disciplined. He just came into another country young and was introduced to the hell that’s English game. he stuttered but come back strong with chances given to him.

    now if same chances are given to Diaby is going to be one hell of a player.

  7. :lol: Kt

    Esp, what naffed me off was Hoddle after the game, he said that we were not the Arsenal of old and can’t keep the ball like we used to… He says we will have to change to win things (similar) – well Mr Hoddle, we didn’t win things when we could keep hold of the ball and right now we are winning matches…

    Just no pleasing some is there… Can’t stand the guy anyway, after his comments a few years back about the disabled….

    Osi, really good win last night….

  8. i love it..lavita a bella..

  9. Osi, speculation is that Song won’t be signing a new contract…

  10. did he say that Hoddle? how outrageous? We’ll never satisfied those guys ‘football experts’. we just need to wipe them from our memories and keep on winning.

    the reason we didn’t keep the ball is because we were pressured high, but still we dominated possession which belies the belief of the Hoddle.

  11. Apparently, Wenger was interviewed on German TV and asked if he was one of the european sides who would like to sign Goetze…

    He replied ‘Yes’….

  12. Santos must be the one of the most skillful LBs i’ve ever seen.the number of times he wowed the crowd yesterday was numerous.he has more skill and technical ability than most wingers in the PL.

  13. The man is a fool – Ruud was a bit more sensible, he said had that bit of skill by Song been done by Messi etc, people would be raving about it, he was……

  14. rico, i don’t think Song would refuse to sign if Wenger ask him to. Song wants a respect from the board and the fans, that’s all.

  15. Santos is maybe the most skillful player in this Arsenal team after VP and Diaby. Pure technique and forward pass master.

  16. For me that was Santos best game Kt, he didn’t bomb forward as much as he has been and some of his defending was much much better…

    I think someone must have had a word in his ear…. I think it helped that Goezte went off, maybe he nipped into HH and signed a contract ;)

  17. I told y’all santos will come good. Now look at him. Doesn’t he just fill you with confidence. He’s so calm under pressure unlike an ex no 22. Santos=brazilian juju man. Fact. Morning guys. Great day to be a gooner,huh?

  18. If he faffs around though, we should let him go and we get M’vila…

  19. Rico to hell with tiki taka.i like how we are playing nowadays.i like the direct style.thats why we are not keeping the ball as well.despite that we still had 60% possession.i never want us to tiki taka again.

  20. ESP i had the misfortune watching the game on RTE. Listening the the three muppets that where on the panel afterwards made me think we must have lost the game, such absalute drivel and all they could talk about was the imminent sale of RvP, Song, Walcott….the tea lady and that Wenger was gone past it.

    And not much hope that the English media will highlight the progress of Arsenal and the failure of the other English teams to do so already.

  21. rico i think this little Got guy is bit overrated, around 30m would be mad. The only player we need to get is Hazard, and Arsene would convert him into a playmaker, that way we gonna keep the ball more than any other team.

  22. football experts, and most football reporters are there for one simple reason: they played the game. But, that premises is false because punditry is not about kicking, manipulating and holding a ball to produce good outcome, it’s about kicking, manipulating and holding the ideas together to produce intellectual results. Well most of them don’t have the intellect to do the job theyre doing.

  23. Kt, you and i will have to disagree on that one, i don’t think Goetze plays that way…

    TT – you are right SS’s are just reporting our victory as if we had just beaten Oxford – but they are giving the Chavs a bit of coverage….

    The two manc results are long forgotten, i so hope they don’t qualify….

  24. Osi, if they were as good as they think they are, they would be coaches or managers – they are no better than us, they just watch the game but get paid for it……

    Most are washed up old has beens……

  25. rico we’re hated simple, don’t know why? Must be that Camembert Eating Frenchman! Over ANR you see Wenger is the reason we’re hated.

  26. Who cares Osi, let them be all bitter and twisted, i hope we go on and win something soon, that might shut them up for a while ;)

  27. The pundits are ignoring we missed the services of rosicky,diaby and jack who are our best midfield players at dealing with pressure.jack would’ve been immense especially as he would’ve beaten that first wave of pressure to drive us in behind.

  28. Rico what have i said about Götze that you disagree with?

  29. rico most of them were average skillwise and succeeded because they worked hard. Some of them were skillful as players and talentless as mangers such as Hoddle.

  30. I don’t think Goteze plays that tiki taka kind of game Kt, I think he’d be a great addition to our squad..

  31. Congrats rvp for being the first player to score 50 goals at the Emirates.he is on 51 now.if rvp continues this way the Emirates will be known as his playground similar to how highbury was henry’s.

  32. Goetze i mean, spelling issues this morning ;)

    I just want RvP to now get 6 more goales in the PL before the 31st December….

  33. I have not mentioned Götze anywhere today :o

  34. Oops – sorry Kt, i thought that is what you meant earlier when you said about tikitaka footie…

  35. What is really special about rvp is that he doesn’t have electric pace of henry,or the physical strength of shearer or dribbling of messi nor does he dominate aerial battles.what he does have is a silky first touch,very high football IQ and unrivalled technical ability.he also manages to strike the ball very cleanly with precision.he never scores ugly goals,even his tap ins look beautiful.all hail RVP!!!.

  36. Van Bus Stops at the following important stops:

    12. Alan Smith 115 (347)
    11. Reg Lewis 118 (176)
    10. Dennis Bergkamp 121 (423)
    9. David Jack 124 (208)
    8 Joe Hulme 125 (374)
    7 Doug Lishman 137 (244)
    6. Jimmy Brain 139 (232)
    5. Ted Drake139 (184)
    4. John Radford 149 (481)
    3. Cliff Bastin 178 (396)
    2. Ian Wright 185 (288)
    1. Thierry Henry 226 (369)

    A Song will definitely be there when the Van reaches the last station, but we’ll never get off and we’ll invent new stops.

    We should make a banner of that so that The Van passes past few of these stops this season.

  37. Howdy all,

    Rvp is simply vantastic……we march on the Arsenal

  38. I hope the Van stops at the Doug Lishman or Jimmy Brain Stops.

  39. Pundits my arse, constantly digging at The Arsenal they can all do one!!!!!
    Morning all…..

  40. Got to admit I was unsure of the Arsenal this season but we rasied up and proved me wrong …

  41. VP is certainly in form, long may that remain…..

    How’s your head Lee ;)

  42. Morning all,
    A very detailed match report Oliver, tip top as we have come to expect.
    I have got to say that i felt Song was a bit special last night ,but still feel that he ponders a little on the ball, but his covering along with Vermaelen when Santos ventures up field was just the tonic. Santos it has to be said, seems to have found his nic’he, and although he has little pace seems quite inteligent ,as long as he is being covered. Koshelney has come through well, a no messing defender and worked his socks off last night. I feel as though i have been moaning at some of our players just lately, Czez Santos Merts and Ramsey, and i have to say that Wenger has shown faith in them, the more they play the better they get, just as well Wengers the manager and not me.The team need to be congratulated that was not an easy game, and they are starting to play for one another. Who ever talks, is saying that they are working hard in training and that they are working hard with the coaches, some things must have changed with our coaches, because the whole team look sharper, dont know what it is but keep doing it.

  43. rico do you think the Van can stop at Jimmy Brain’s this season?

  44. Morning Erick, how’s you??

  45. Morning Steve, even when we were under pressure, BD could only manage distance shots, we did well, just wish Gerv had buried his chance, another dent in his confidence.

    BD are a quality side, there is no doubting that and a few weeks ago we would have conceded during that early pressure… Shame we gifted them one at the end though…..

    Now for Fulham…..

    Osi, if he stays fit he is capable of anything….

  46. Got to pop off for a bit, catch up shortly…..

  47. Am good Rico just enjoying the Arsenal wins, works been a nightmare…hope all is good at your end

  48. guys see u later this evening, going for now.

  49. Morning Rico, never felt that the Gerve had his best night, but when he finds his confidence, i feel he will find the back of the net. I did feel that Theo should get stuck in a bit more, he must challenge for every ball, keep his mouth shut and do his talking with his feet. he is starting to look a bit of a whinger.

  50. Howdy erick, what’s popping my man? Been kinda off blogging for a while now. You ok man? Hi steve….I ve been grinning all day. Dang my mouth hurts. Saw a couple of chavs supporters this morning. One stared me down I had to back down before I get the whupping of me young life. All in all november has been a wonderful month for us. What was that they say about arsenal during november again?

  51. hello:
    The last 16th and our probably draw:
    we can’t play only with: Bayern,Inter,R.Madrid,Barcelona and Olypiakos/Dortmund/Marselha
    Also with M.City/M.United and Chelsea even it’s position (1st or 2dn in their group).
    Now: our probably draw: Naples (if second),Lille, Trabzonspor or CSKA, Benfica or Basileia (if finish 2nd).(Benfica will be 1st or second), Ajax or Lyon(very difficult, because the score ajax-Lyon), Valencia or B.Leverkusen (Leverkusen will be first or second);Milan and Porto,Zenit or Apoel (Apoel will be 1st or second).
    Fortunately, we are in the next round because the environment in Piraues is terrible and with Olimpiakos in a good position, will be terrible.

  52. Hi JM knowing our luck we ll probably get milan! I ll really love for us to get a relatively easy team. Am really hoping all the english teams don’t make it into the knock out stage. With them eliminated, I reckon a final is on the cards. Who knows we could get the luck of the draw!

  53. morning all. thanks 4 the comments. seems we are an after thought today, as there is more discussion about Chelsea and avb. that’s fine, we’ll just keep doing what we are doing.

  54. Afternoon all,
    A day in the life of robin van persie.
    Gets up early to go into work, opens up and cuts the grass.
    Washes the kit and makes lunch for his team mates.
    Takes training and organises the team bus for the next game before going home for a well earned rest.
    The fella is worth his weight in gold.

    Setting off for the game now, see you saturday kev.
    C’mon arsenal.

  55. micko, he is arsenal’s peyton manning…he is that important to us.

  56. Hi all….

    Safe journey Micko….

  57. We used to have bernard manning over here Oliver !

    We’re beginning to look like a well oiled machine again, just a few little tweaks in january and we’ll be firing on all cylinders.

    Still gonna be a scrap but we look up for it now.
    Right, i’m outta here.

  58. Afternoon Gooners.
    Afternoon Rico.
    Morning Oliver. Great post buddy.
    Saw the Dortmund coach this morning, driving over Waterloo Bridge.

  59. but Bernard was a man city fan, correct?

    hi kev, hi rico.

  60. Hi Kev, how did you tell is was him, could you see the tears ;)

  61. Hi oliver – Bernard Manning was ‘Butiful’ wasnt he ;)

  62. All quiet here so off to get a few things done…. Back in a bit..

  63. Rico….. :-)
    The team was on a coach. A big Mercedes…
    It wasn’t Klopp or whatever his name is.
    All the windows were covered up so i didn’t see if Mario had an Arsenal shirt on…
    Wonder if Wenger knows that Mick is on his way..?
    No wonder he looks so agitated. With that noise in his ear [Mick's voice]…

  64. i am listening to the five-live football daily podcast while doing some schoolwork here, and exactly halfway through there has only been a perfunctory mention of our win last night. it’s been all chelsea/avb/abramovich so far. i am not sure they even realize we played last night…

    no worries, i am happy to stay under the radar…if nobody talks about us, perhaps our players will not talk either. that will be a good thing in my opinion.

  65. Lee. Alka~Seltzer…. :-)
    It works for me.

  66. 17.5 minutes in, and they finally play arsene’s post-match comments…only five minutes remaining…

    haters will hate…

  67. Hi Oliver. That truely is good news.
    I occassionally listen to an appalling radio station when i’m channel hopping, Talksport, i’m sure you must have heard me raving about them.
    They are strongly anti~Arsenal, mainly because they know that that attitude will garner a response.
    No callers. No programme!
    I’m glad to say that no Arsenal fans called in whilst i was listening. Despite their appeals for AFC fans to do so.

  68. Well i hope those advertisers who keep Talkshite in business, realise how those tossers have alienated a whole raft of Arsenal fans.
    I get my football fix and info off of the web.
    I don’t buy and hardly read a newspaper anymore.
    Sick of the rubbish they write.

  69. we don’t have talksport here…i can probably get a web stream, but i have never bothered. why should i? their anti-arsenal bias is pretty well documented, and not by just us arsenal supporters. well, it is what it is….

    podcast just ended, they spent about four minutes on arsenal’s win, the rest chelsea…crisis will always be a bigger story, and at least they are not peddling the “arsenal in collapse” line at the moment…

    speaking of collapses, i am now moving on to tom couglin’s press conference from yesterday…

  70. Likewise Talkshite. I can usually take in a few minutes when i’m working and that’s about it.
    When i’m at home i never listen to them.

  71. Righto, i’ll leave you to all that mate.
    Duty calls. Lata.

  72. later kev…today is our thanksgiving holiday, so we will be eating turkey and watching (nfl) football in a couple of hours…

  73. I go and you guys come back ;)

  74. Happy Thanksgiving oliver – enjoy….

    Kev, were the whole team crying ;)

  75. AK, I just endured 5 mins of talk shite and fair play to a sp**s supporter, he rang in and said Durham your talking crap…what wenger has done is excellent, AFC lost a world class player in Cesc and good player in Na$ri, if sp**s lost VDV and modric they’d be fucked!!!!

  76. Bloomin heck Lee, that’s a bit of a shocker…

    he’s right though, especially if you add Lardy and Parker right now….

  77. He was probably a real football supporter Lee. They have a good team this year and they are going to take some stopping. Manchester sides are having a blip same with chelsea, things could get exciting

  78. Off to get dinner, i’m hungry :)

  79. Lee, Talkshite rely on ppl phoning in, it’s their oxygen.
    That’s why Durham makes such outragious statements.
    But i’ve gotta say that there was almost a desperation in the way he was trying to goad Arsenal fans.
    As if the majority of sensible fans have had enuf and are simply ignoring them.
    And frankly, what have they got to say?
    Eff all.
    Oliver happy Thanks Giving.
    Hmmm i luv turkey.
    Almost as much as Rico luvs soya beans…….. :-)

  80. I did read the other day, that Aneke has joined Stevenage.
    Freeman played for them the other day & as Rico said Watt has joined Sheff Weds.
    All good experience for them and should raise their profile and value if AW decides to sell any of them.
    Duty calls. Lata

  81. Kev, i keep missing you :(

  82. I’m heading off for the day guys, catch up tomorrow…..

    Stay safe, nighty night all…..

  83. Waste of internal organs that Durham…..

  84. Good night Rico, hopefully I’ll find a pub in Cornwall to catch the Fulham game!! Another 3 points please boys!!!!!

  85. When are you going Lee?

  86. Nighty Lee, have a wonderful break, hope the sun shines and the sea is just awesome….

    Nighty to you too Kev, you keep your eyes on the road ;)

  87. Hiya guys and chicks. Hope you are all ok.

    Just a smile line to say hello and then off to the pillow land.

  88. Righto then. Off to bed. See you tomorrow guys and chicks.

  89. Don’t forget a real Cornish pasty Lee, delicious.
    Followed up by a cream tea. Zillions of calories but fantastic.
    Have a good rest mate.
    Sorry i missed ya Rico. Sleep tight.
    Hey DG. You too.

  90. New Postie up….

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