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All eye’s on the GG’s tonight: Mario Goetze and Kevin Grosskreutz are in town… ……..

The Championsss………

The Championsss, Love it...

That is the ending note of the Champions League tune that has always given me the chills.

After that the stone faced players know that its down to business and not against just any pub team, it’s always against a top team. We face Borussia Dortmund who like us have staged a miraculous recovery after a poor start winning 6 out of their last seven games including a win against Bayern Munich in the weekend at the Allianz Arena.

I watched that game keenly so as to assess the shape they were in before today’s clash and the first thing I noted was how well-organized they were, Bayern had tons of possession but had nothing to show for it especially in the first half.

Their pressing was also very intense rarely giving Bayern time to settle and were led by Hummels who was very impressive at the back and with Kehl in midfield Bayern couldn’t break through. Their fullbacks received plenty of support from their widemen and as a result, Robben and Ribery or Robbery as the Bavarian fans call them, failed to sparkle.

When they won the ball they tried to break quickly but most of their transitions were poor and in my opinion here is where they sorely miss Lucas Barrios, who is out injured and Nuri Sahin who is currently plying his trade in Madrid. Shinji Kagawa apart from a few sparks here and there has been below par this season in comparison.

This leads me nicely to discussing two players that have been linked with us in recent months: Mario Goetze and Kevin Grosskreutz, the latter of course has reportedly said he would love to play for us!

Mario Goetze is the more talented of the two, he plays in a role that has been referred to in some quarters as a central winger. He is among the breed of players who start on the wings but moves in field to dictate play, he is very good and Santos will need to be very disciplined against him.

He reminds me of Nasri a lot in his playing style and most Gooners would love it if we were to sign him but I have mixed feelings about it and if we were to sign him he would most likely play on the wing.

With him rarely taking on a fullback we will go back to tiki taka losing the dynamic play we currently have with Gervinho and Theo out wide and I don’t us to go back to tiki taka as I prefer a more direct play but, that’s up to the boss to decide.

Groosskreutz is a player that I will liken to Park Ji Sung, he can run all day and is a very good tactical player to have. He will chip in with goals but I wouldn’t class him as a player to take us to the next level. Against Bayern he was very poor because against skilled opposition his limited skill set becomes clear for all to see. He is not a player that would walk into our team but Goetze would with ease.

The media are speculating that we are indeed very keen on the former but only time will tell.

Going back to Arsenal we have been doing very well lately which is nice, however our Champions League campaign so far has not been sparkling but we are doing ok.  A win tonight will ensure our qualification to the next round and we must do all we can to finish top to avoid meeting the top seeds at such an early stage.

However what are the odds we win our group and Milan finish top in theirs but we still get Barca? …

Our midfield will have to deal with their pressing better than in Germany and I had hoped Rosicky would start as his experience would be paramount but he has been ruled out with an injury.

With the threat of Goetze I can’t see AA starting on the left either since Santos will need all the help he can get and maybe Diaby will provide that extra cover.

Overall I don’t expect too many changes for this one and if we play to our potential we will win.

Our winning run is going well, let’s hope it continues tonight….

C’MON YOU REDS  !!!!!!!!

Written by K-TR7

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249 comments on “All eye’s on the GG’s tonight: Mario Goetze and Kevin Grosskreutz are in town… ……..

  1. Good post KT

    Morning guys and chicks.

  2. Morning all,

    Good read KT, it’s going to be a tough old night….

    Shame about the results last night ;)

  3. It’s going to be a cold old night too, Jack Frost has popped in overnight where I live….

  4. Morning all,
    KT nice one long time no hear bout time you were back. Going to be a tough one tonight, but if we keep our dicipline we should make it, Santos worries me and i can see him getting skinned tonight, the goatybeards could cause a few probs but i still fancy us.

  5. well said KT we don’t need goetze. He ll only takes us back to the one dimension tikitaka football. We need better a 26/27 year old player. Granero springs to mind. Goetze ll wanna leave us for madrid or bankruptolonia in a few years. We don’t need anymore kids. Period. Morning HH.

  6. What I ll give to see your teeth chattering rico……hahahaha. Brace yourselves guys you re in for a loooooong winter.

  7. Morning Steve and goonster

    I too fear for Santos, he needs to concentrate on his defensive duties first and foremost tonight…. Otherwise we could be in doo doo!

  8. Every winter is a long one goonster…. Bright sunny days come wiyh the cold though, so that’s good…

  9. Coming to the end of November Stan and its still sunny cold but sunny short winter with lots of wins means trophies COYG

  10. Soon the shortest day too Steve and off we head into Spring ;)

  11. BORUSSIA DORTMUND striker Shinji Kagawa says his side will “win ugly” at Arsenal.

    The Germans put themselves back in the Group F running by beating Olympiakos but need another win tonight to stay in the hunt.

    Kagawa said: “That last result has lifted us. This is like a final for us and we must avoid defeat if we are to progress.

    “We drew 1-1 with Arsenal in Dortmund and it was a fair result.

    “Now I am looking for us to win an ugly match — I’d rather that than we play well but lose.”

    But the Japanese star, 22, warned: “Robin Van Persie is a sensational striker and one of the best in Europe.

    “I just hope he fails again against us.”

  12. Morning rico,
    going to tidy the garden up today, might be my last chance trees are pruned just the grass and shrubs but the buggers are still blooming. and the grass is still growing.

  13. Morn steve…..I raise my hands up. I was one those calling for wenger’s head during our turbulent start of the season. Fair play to you steve you stood by him. Moyes shmoyes its arsene all the way.

  14. I got all excited when I saw the header……. GG’s hmmmmmmmmm

    Goetze is a top top player and he would be great for us, he’s no tika taka player he’s quick and keeps the game moving watch and learn Stanley ;-)

    Mornin Lady of the House…… Nice post KT good to have you back fella hope your well..!

  15. Ditto here Steve, fig tree has buds on it, the grass gets longer yest the leaves are drppoing fast – funny old weather but daren’t cut the grass again, Fido will turn it into mud :)

    I’m waiting to the end of the season re Wenger, he has a chance in Jan to continue building, this squad is still 2/3 players away from winning anything imho….

  16. Morning Wath, I thought you and agag would like that one :)

    I hope we don’t have to watch too much of Goetze doing that tonight :(

  17. Morning all, good post KT
    Will the shaver start tonight??

  18. Morning Stan, A manager doesn’t turn bad overnight, but i listened to what you guys said and i must admit you all had good points hopefully we are through the worst, but when the manager starts to talk about his future we know it was touch and go.

  19. Is anybody getting “giddy” over the return of abou? I am I ve been creaming my pants,literally! COYGS.

  20. Morning Lee,

    good question and i still think if he doesn’t feature, he’s gone in Jan….

    Really dissapointed we don’t have Rosicky, i’d have started him instead of Ramsey…

  21. you been watching him on you tube goonster, maybe that’s why you have gone giddy…..

  22. What I’ve seen of Goetze he’d fit in perfectly…

  23. Good chance to feel him out anyway

  24. Diaby can stay in the dressing room and make the half time tea…. best place for him….! long as he don’t fall over the tea cup….!

  25. Rico, I don’t need to see him on the tube I ve got tons of clips of him doing his thing. He ll turn us into a title chasing team a few months from now. Mark my words.

  26. I wouldn’t mind us securing a deal for Goetze today either…

    Diaby would trip over the kettle cable wath, he would even get to make the tea – just hope Almunia isn’t there with him or he’ll drop the lot! …

  27. WATH you ll eat your words….and I ll gladly force them down your throat.

  28. You’ll be waiting a long while Stanley…….

    Ooops Diaby and Amonia the tea boys…. says it all…!

  29. Diaby may get to play tonight if some one gets injured, and law of Arsenal averages says it could be tonight.

  30. Why don’t lot just feel for the poor fellow. He’s been through hell and back. What happened to getting behind the team. Sheesh where’s will when you need him.

  31. I have a horrid feeling he will start Steve….

  32. Why don’t you folks just let the poor fella do his job. He’s been through hell for us. He shattered his foot at a tender age playing for us. He deserves better. You lot should be ashamed of yourselves. What happened to getting behind the team? And from the last I checked abou was part of that team. Come on you guys support him. Who knows what he ll achieve with a little bit of support. We did it for edu and rambo, why is abou different? Not fair!

  33. Been supporting him for yrs Stanley, when he’s fit he just don’t do it for me. so much potential but so little effort, strolls around and does sweet FA………! Sorry but he ain’t my cup of tea sooner he’s outed the better…! Oh and lets get it right…. He definately isn’t poor….! Not on what we pay him to keep the sick room busy..!

  34. SP stop being a fuddy duddy… Noone is getting injured tonight..!

  35. Where was the banner when he returned after his ankle break. Where were his songs? Think about it. I know he can be frustrating at times but you can’t question his ability. I shudder to think where he ll be now if he didn’t have that injury. Don’t forget Maureen wanted him. All am asking is give abou a chance!

  36. GG mentioned and WATH’S all over it… :lol:

  37. I’ll keep that in mind Wath, hope your well mate. old age makes you wary.

  38. Whats with the fighting talk goonster, bad nights sleep??

  39. So? A whole lot of folks gave up on robin didn’t they? Gambon over at legrove even suggested we flog him and get benzema! Now who’s laughing now. Support goes a long way. That’s all am asking. I was in the UK presently, I ll make a huge “welcome back abou” banner and go to the groove with it. He derseves it.

  40. Ability is never enough, you also need the right attitude and effort Stan…….! He’s had more than enough time in my book and sorry but bye bye….! We don’t need passengers we need players who take responsibility and get stuck in and perform and he don’t.

    I had to break into my emergency stock this morning Lee when I saw the headline I got all excited ;-)

  41. GG brings out the beer coats Lee ;)

  42. I think we’ve had a share of injuries already SP think it’s time we got a bit of luck and thats it for the seaon now… fit from now til May everyone…. think who we’ve had out already…! Nightmare scenario…! Anyways think good things me says and drink only doubles….! ;-)

  43. oh well I can see am barking up the wrong tree….am off for a while guys. Gotta go cool off. A couple of drinks won’t do me no wrong. See ya fellas.

  44. Double Expresso for me then :)

  45. Be watching tonight with my smirf and RB no injuries and a good win then, doubles of course. cheers mate

  46. Catch you later goonster, Diaby will soon be back tearing into the defence…..

    Trouble is it will be ours ;) ;)

  47. We could do with our injury curse moving to our poor relations…..

  48. Up the pub for me, a few pints of numbers!!

  49. On a serious note re diaby, I would like nothing more than to see him return with confidence, prelonged fitness and really get stuck into his game and prove all us doubters wrong…..

  50. We could do with the injury curse moving to manchester…….
    I hope thats in a mug Rico……….
    Stan’s off to double check Mata did indeed sign for the Chav’s…! Your not barking up the wrong tree at all Stan I just don’t think Diaby will ever be a good player for us. The ankle injury has ruined him and he’s finished simple as that. A great shame but when he does play he just isn’t the player he was. Such is life…!

  51. Spot on, Parker, Lardy and VdV, they’d be very poor relations then……..

    It’s barely 11am Lee ;)

  52. Heeeeelllllooooooo Guys and Chicks.


  53. I thought I heard a drum roll DG ….. ;)

  54. Tonight Rico!! I might pop out for a Guiness or two lunchtime, as it’s a synthetic friday for me today!!

  55. Whhhhaaaaatttttttt??? There were also the heralds with the trumpets and you heard the drums only?????? Dear oh Dear!!!!


  56. WATH, Granero is the new Mata!! ;)

  57. Seems as if Faurlin is next on the managers christmas list

  58. Don’t say that Lee for fuk sakes……. Stan will be looking for the nearest tree……!

    I heard a door squeek DG……

  59. There you go Rico. Lee even heard and saw the fireworks. And you mentioned the drums only. :lol:

  60. Lee you sure its Granero and not Granola….??

  61. :) Lee, i’m partial to an odd one of the black stuff, nice and a few days off loom?

    haha DG, it’s my age, hard of hearing….

    Granero, we won’t get him in a month of Sundays, can’t see Jose selling anyone to us and to be honest, the spanish can stay in spain these days, apart from arteta of course…. mind you ;)

  62. Hihi,

    I saw Bayern – Dortmund and I totally agree to your views of the game. Dortmund was very solid defensively and attacking the Bayern players all over the pitch with 2, 3 or even 4 players. At half time the Dortmund players had already 7 kilometers more on the clock (unfortunately I didn’t see a that stat at the end of the game..). Götze scored (a bit lucky) the game winner. Offensively the BVB wasn’t that good, but that was just because of the quality of Bayern.

  63. It’s the handbrake’s 40th soon, so we are off to sunny Cornwall with some friends….

  64. The guy from QPR DG??

  65. Sanchez watt has gone to Sheffield Wednesday on loan until Jan, good, hope he gets plenty of playing time, does well and comes back ready to play in the last few months of the season….

    Anelka has been told he can leave the Chavs, wonder who they will buy in January then….

  66. Hi Ben,

    good to see you back any more rumours on the German players who are desperate to sign for us ;)

    Looks like you could be in for some bright sunny weather indeed Lee, bit nippy for the beach though ;)

  67. Robin van Persie believes the assists of Theo Walcott should be recognised just as much as his goals.

    The Dutchman has been in sensational form this season, netting 10 times in his last five Premier League matches to propel Arsène Wenger’s side back up the table.

    But captain Van Persie says the contributions of team-mate Walcott are the fuel that keeps his fire burning.

    “Theo has given me more assists than anyone else this year,” he told Arsenal.com. “I’ve certainly noticed it and that’s why I really liked the fact that he gave me the ball for my 100th goal – it was meant to be!

    “Hopefully I can give him some proper assists as well, because as a striker I believe assists are just as important as the goals you score.

    “Theo’s assists aren’t lucky – they’re proper assists, down to good movements, good actions, good final balls. For me that’s perhaps even more important than a goal.

    “For example, I look back at my first goal against Chelsea and don’t really feel that it’s mine – it’s 95 per cent down to Gervinho. And my first goal against Norwich was 90 per cent Theo’s – a fantastic first touch, great pace, good cross and bang, I tap it in.

    “OK, it goes in my name, but that’s a tiny part of the story. I do appreciate that, and hopefully I can give him and all the other guys just as much back.

    “Don’t forget Aaron,” Van Persie added. “He was a bit unlucky against Norwich as he should probably have been passed to on a couple of occasions when he’d shown great movement to get into good positions.

    “I should definitely have given him one ball, looking at it again, and there were other times too. If he keeps going that, though, he’ll score goals.”

  68. Oui Rico. Its the guy from QPR. Seems as if he is having a great season and obviously they are linking him with us

  69. I guess we will be linked with every man and his dog now until the end of Jan, oh i love the transfer window build up ;)

  70. Is your dog included Rico??? because if so then it also means every woman and her dog!!!!! :)

  71. :lol: DG, you should see her ball skills, i keep meaning to record her with her tennis ball, just fab, puts Diaby to shame ;)

  72. Be careful Arsene does not see her. Or in your case the ladies team manager. Otherwise they will whisk her away. For the Arsenal ladies. Is she good looking as some of the team girls???

    Between you and me dont let her anywhere near goonster if she is cute!!!!! ;)

  73. She is stunning DG :) But I am somewhat biased…

    I wouldn’t let any woofa near goonster…..

  74. Hi guys the granero story is back on. Hallelujah. Him over goetze any day. He ll make us a better and a more direct team while mario ll take us back to thy tikitaka nashit days. Come on arsene get me granero. Am not asking much for christmas. Just granero and maybe a striker.

  75. Where have you seen that now goonster??

  76. Hehehehe…..rico I ll eat your dog for lunch and you for desert! DG you sly two faced bastard sticking a knife in my back ain’t ya? I ll get you yet!

  77. Stan has been spending to much time up the mast…… he’s all sea sick…..!

  78. Its on the news maam…hey WATH remember the name change gig? Don’t think you can sneak out of this one little man. You re gonna be ” Goonster is god”

  79. steady goonster, no need for the insults, its all a bit of fun….

  80. I think more like “Ginster is a delusional drunk” That’ll be more like it when Granola signs for Malaga and your mate Mata calls you to confirm he has indeed signed for the Chavs in case you have not noticed…!.

  81. Rico….am just goofing around too maam! Am not serious. Its just a harmless banter. Something you women folk don’t indulge in. Hey DG no hard feelings right?

  82. :lol: Wath, wish Mata had signed for us though, he wasted in a team full of OAP’s…..

    For sure we ladies have humour, need to when there are men like you in the world ;)

  83. WATH you are my amigo! That sounds better than what I had in mine. Ginster the delusional drunk? Nice!

  84. Am just worred what happens at the end of Jan Stan when your pals have all signed for other teams and not us……….. Are we going to have to send the samaritans out again..? ;-)

  85. Hey rico I wanna change me name again…..is it allowed. Ginster the delusional drunk sounds so cool am afraid AK might steal it before I use it. Maybe even lee!

  86. You just wait lee…folks like you scoffed when I said we were trailing BFG and another left back thank goodness we know how that turned out. I ll make you eat your words. That and the diaby jibe.

  87. Afternoon Gooners.
    Great post KT.
    Afternoon Rico.
    Your 11.39. RVP showed leadership in those comments.
    There is a great spirit in the camp imho.
    It bodes well for the remainder of the season.
    There’s a lot of yellow & black scarves around.
    And quite a few yellow shirts with Goetze on the back.
    Ben, guten tag, whose your Bundesliga team?

  88. Afternoon all,
    Watch out, the germans are coming over the wall.
    Will be a tough game tonight but home advantage will see us through.
    Diaby can watch it from under his bed cover with his tottenham shirt on, safest place for him.

  89. Hi AK and Micko

    Agree AK, finally a happy camp, pick them up yellow and black shirts and take them to the bridge ;)
    :) re diaby, i still can’t believe he confessed to that….

  90. Stan, no more Spanish players dank u, that’s just a bridge too far.
    What about some info on Dutch players?
    Rico when i saw the headline on the post i thought of a four~letter word beginning with w and ending in h.
    Then i thought of Manila… :-)

  91. Change it to what you want goonster, i’m sure we will know it’s you…..

  92. good morning
    How is the weather like in London?
    snowing? winding ? rainning?
    how will be the pitch tonigth and the weather is important for tonight

  93. Rico, your 10.56 is hope against expectation, a bit like getting married for the 2nd time.

  94. Looks as if Diaby is gonna start… Possibly in the role earmarked for Rosicky.
    Ramsey might miss out then?

  95. You lost me there AK, i’m having one of those days ;)

  96. JM. The weather in London is dry and sunny.
    Not really that cold for the time of year.
    Perfect conditions for a night game.
    Mick, you in your usual seat Saturday. Whispering advice to Arsene.

  97. Yipeee…..abou to start? Best news of the week. Am a huge fan you guys.

  98. I know Micko, he couldn’t convince me when he was fit, why i think things will be any different this time around i don’t know… well, actually, i don’t think they will ;)

    I’m still livid with him for the own goal against the mancs and the sending off against the geordies…..

  99. Rico, don’t worry. I’m always getting lost. :-)
    A new name for Stan.
    How about Walter…

  100. Hi JM, a lot colder than where you are that’s for sure ;)

    That’s not good AK, get your map out ;)

  101. Stan i don’t know mate. It’s just a hunch.
    European football is less agricultural and he’s probably more suited to it.

  102. I’m not sure starting Diaby in such a huge game is the right thing for him, maybe Fulham on Saturday….

  103. Kev, he always cocks a deafen.

  104. Where’s Lee..?
    Don’t tell me he’s already on the Guiness…….

  105. Are Dortmund without Subotic tonight, thought i read somewhere he is injured??

  106. Walter kev? No way, that was my mum’s boyfriend’s name! I hate him.

  107. Well he must have taken some of it in Mick.
    It seems, according to that Telegraph i/v that the experiment with building a team from youth signings is at an end. And he’s going down a different route.

  108. Rico subotic is still injured…I think.

  109. How about, er, say, Goonerstan. That sounds good to me Stan. :-)

  110. Lee was off for a pub lunch so yes, probably on his third by now :)

    Thanks goonster, now i like that name goonerstan AK…

  111. It’s gonna be a really interesting game.
    We may find ourselves needing a win in Olympiakos whatever the result.
    Might have to settle for a draw tonight..?
    Wonder if Wenger will rest RVP against Fulham?

  112. How about Goonie, that’s what the scousers used to call us when we turned up in liverpool, “its the goonies, look the goonies are here”

  113. Blimey, that was a long old tea break.
    See ya’ll lata.

  114. Goonerstan? Hmmmmm now where have I heard that before? Oh I know…it was kev’s former name! Thanks but no thanks. I ll stick with goonster if you don’t mind.

  115. Anything but a win kev and i would be very disappointed, i’m confident we’ll beat them.

  116. Got to win, no mucking it up like last season….

  117. men in black films only for him…

  118. morning all…hope we can take care of business tonight at home. i don’t want to see us in a similar situation as both manchester sides, and us needing a result in piraeus to qualify…

  119. We will mike…theo and gervinho to tear them to bits. They have to get a result against us to stand any chance of qualifying. Which means they ll come out to attack us…..and we know what happened to the last team that did that!

  120. Catch you later AK…

  121. Nice lunch Lee ;)

    Hi oliver – none of us do, Citeh are really going to struggle to qualify…

  122. hi rico…yeah, mancini reverted to form, it seems, and set up his team negatively when he really didn’t need to…villarreal have zero from five so far, so it is a reach to expect them to get a result against napoli, even at home. while bayern may have already qualified, i cannot see them sending out a shadow side against city. i fully expect them to go in looking to win at eastlands…

    oh well, that’s city’s problem…we really need to win tonight, and i expect arsene to start with the strongest possible side…personally, i would rather not see diaby on the bench. no disrespect to the player, its just that he has been out for so long, i would prefer to have our bench stocked with fully match fit players…i expect we will need to have options that are ready to come on and make an impact. i am not sure diaby is match-fit enough to do that yet.

  123. Subotic didn’t play last saturday versus Bayern because was injury. I don’t know if still now.
    diaby? It’s early for playing today. He must have competition first. how is he fit? He have been a long time stopped and he must acquire, in a progressive way, his normal capacities.

  124. Indeed, their problem and i hope they get knocked out…. they will still be involved in europe so the games will keep coming for them…

    that would be a winner in itself to prove money doesn’t always give you sucess

    wenger reckons diaby is fit and ready to go having done so well in training – i’m not so sure he’s every been fit and ready ;)

  125. whatever arsene may say, i think there is difference between looking a world beater in training and coming into a pressured, high-stakes cl tie against a formidable opponent on the back of zero competitive match minutes for the past six months…the fact is diaby has not had any competitive match action since this past spring…surely we have players who are fitter and more match ready to use as subs? name diaby to the bench for the fulham match and let him build from there. but to me, this is too early for him, considering his extended layoff.

  126. Diane, there’s always room for improvement !!!
    I’ll second that……I’m assuming you haven’t been on the sherry with lee.

  127. Hi Diane, you must come and join us one day, rather than popping on and off so soon :)

    Micko, maybe you could help me improve it – a post maybe ;) ;)

  128. rico, if it’s not broke, don’t try to fix it.

  129. you wriggled out of that one well Micko ;)

  130. Espanyol want Squilli…..

    They can have him……

  131. oliver – if you are reading…

    will you be able to watch this one? Just checking if I need to be thinking about a match report… thanks

  132. rico, i’ll be able to get the match report for this one.

  133. Thanks oliver, you are a star…

  134. now, don’t overdo it…

  135. I’m not oliver, you guys don’t realise how grateful I am for the help you all give…….

    If I could get in touch with Santa, I’d ask him him to send you all gifts from me on the 25th next month, shame i can’t ;)

  136. i’m glad to help, but as i enjoy writing the reports, i take plenty of pleasure from this too…

    of course, i am very grateful for the opportunity to write. if not here, i would probably be writing match reports for my exclusive reading.

  137. Well i am glad it’s here oliver, hate to think of you sitting alone reading a match report when it can be shared :)

    Hope it’s a winning one tonight too….

  138. Evening all.thanks everyone for the comments.

  139. Espanol wants Squil? And then he can goes to Barcelona !!!! ;-)
    Was fabregas advice?

  140. Hi Kt and JM

    Squilli could go to Barca and clean the boots ;)

  141. zenit -apoel on-line

  142. yes, but fist goes to the “friends” of Real madrid in Barcelona… they want go to the european League.

  143. Ricoooooo! That was harsh maam. Really harsh! The question is who ll give him boots to clean when he’s so bloody incompetent.

  144. Haha JM, the sooner we get rid of squilli and get Cahill the better :)

  145. goonster, quality, and you said i’m harsh ;)

    Would you give yor boots? No, neither would I… :lol:

  146. Zenei o apoel 0 half time

  147. Off for dinner, back in a bit…..

  148. diaby starting…

  149. hahaha…no, he is just one of the subs…

    it looks as though we will be szczesny, santos, mert, tv, kos, song, arteta, ramsey, gerv, robin, and theo…

    subs are fab, jd, frim, diaby, arsh, benny, and chamakh…

  150. perhaps if rosicky were fit, he would make the bench (or even eleven) at diaby’s expense. but diaby has plenty of cl experience, and that may be factoring into arsene’s thinking…unless ju is injured, this may be one of the reason’s for chamakh making the bench as well.

  151. Team in full: Szczesny, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Andre Santos, Song, Arteta, Ramsey, Walcott, Gervinho, Van Persie.

    Substitutes: Fabianski, Djourou, Diaby, Frimpong, Benayoun, Arshavin, Chamakh.

  152. Team in full: Szczesny, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Andre Santos, Song, Arteta, Ramsey, Walcott, Gervinho, Van Persie.

    Substitutes: Fabianski, Djourou, Diaby, Frimpong, Benayoun, Arshavin, Chamakh.

  153. oops, sorry oliver ;)

    Park is fit i think, i’m suprised he is not on the bench…… Why did we buy him, beggars belief…..

  154. Hiya folks and lasses.

    I am knackered. I do not know how I am going to last to 90 minutes.

  155. probably to hold a place down until campbell gets his permit and is ready to play for us.

    i don’t see chamakh can rebuild his confidence and form by sitting on our bench, and getting the odd ten or so minutes here or there…

    unless there is something really wrong with ju, i would have chose him instead.

  156. Hi DG – i am sure you will find a way ;)

    oliver – forgive me for being cynical but Park appears to be just another Inamoto signing – the guy is scoring for fun for his country yest we ignore him – it’s so wrong, especially when we rely on RvP so much….

    He’s with us for two seasons only, i feel for him, he should be playing…..

  157. no, i kinda agree, rico…i don’t know if it was just to sell shirts, but…

    i do think that it is no coincidence that we signed him knowing he would do his national service after next season. i think he is very much a short-term signing – a place holder for campbell if you wish…but he is not getting much action.

    granted, he did not look particularly good in his last start – robin had to rescue us again…but if you consider how many chances chamakh gets, surely park merits more than he has so far received?

  158. also, chamakh scores regularly for maroc, so i would not necessarily use that as a barometer in ju’s case.

  159. Exactly oliver and how can he improve if he doesn’t get game time – yet so many get chance after chance…… i feel for him….

    We all know players need time, but this guys doesn’t have that time, unless wenger is keeping him ‘fresh’ for the new year when we lose chamakh and gervinho…

    oh well, no point in me keeping going on, nothing will change…

  160. is chamakh still scoring for them? i haven’t seen for a while…

    off to watch the match now, chat at H/T….

  161. Jeepers, BD want this, their closing down is just superb…..

  162. And that cross shows why Santos needs to play further up field when Gervinho is not there. Pinpoint and tailor made for RVP who headed although on the stretch.

  163. Suddenly it seems that we have two players on the opposite field of play who can deliver good crosses. Santos and Jenkinson. A far cry from Clichy and Sagna. Although I still rate Sagna more. But who is going to bet against Santos and Jenks playing further up with Sagna and Gibbs behind them?? I would try it if I were the manager.

  164. Gotze and Bender out. Perisic and Leitner in.

    They have to change shape and tactics. It might play in our hands and it might suit them better. Both players out are high quality.

    Leitner is still 19 years old.

  165. Come on lads…..get out of that 2nd gear. We are not tearing any trees.

  166. not great, but not terrible either. dortmund looked slightly the better side to me, but we had the better chances, and finished the half stronger.

  167. still 0-0 at the velodrome.

  168. Well, not the best first half, maybe the second will be better…

    The waiting game ???

  169. o-o in France, if it all stays the same, we are through anyway ;)

  170. not a very scintilating half, maybe just getting warmed up.

  171. we’ll see. dortmund will have to step it up as well. if it finishes like this, they will need a huge result against om to qualify. if we and olympiacos both win tonight, we win the group.

    i don’t expect om to lose, and we should not rely on that anyways.

    we finished stronger, so that is a hopeful sign.

    theo is playing well, gerv is not…if it stays like this an hour in, i think gerv should be the first to come off.

  172. hop so steve, now lets go for the kill, surely they cannot sustain what they did in the first half?

  173. If we do not loose we are through. But I still would like to finish first so we need to win today and vs the Greeks

  174. who for – AA or Yossi?

    Wih Chamberlain was on the bench….

  175. ditto DG, we need a win and if things stay the same in france, happy days….

  176. it’s started just a s bad, if not worse :eek:

  177. probably arsh.

    drogba just scored in leverkusen.

  178. Frcking heck, Alex Song = Messi :) :)

  179. ROBINN!!!!!!!!!!

  180. Who cares oliver, Robin just scored in London ;)

  181. Song or Robin Steve ;)

  182. get Walcott more involved, Schmeller ( smelly) will gibve away many more fouls, or even a pen….

  183. both…fantastic work by song to create it…

  184. Gerv, first time ball and Theo was in…..

  185. that was persistance at it’s best oliver… and a great placed header….

  186. How the flippin heck did Gerv miss that, i could have scored from there……

  187. No wonder Theo took the shot, i wouldn’t trust Gervinho either ;)

  188. Still 0-0 in France….

  189. Yet he has the most assists Rico.

  190. Nasty on Robin….

  191. Who DG Gerv or Theo, I don’t know what has happened to Gervs finishing, he started so well and was good in front of goal, now he seems to think too much….

  192. Walcott at LB :P :P Get you Theo…..

  193. tolja gerv would be first off…collectively, we have been quite good tonight. individually, he has been hugely disappointing to me…he really – REALLY – should have scored our second several minutes ago…i thought arsh would come on, but its benny instead.

  194. Benayoun on…..that brings some stability in midfield. Tightening up

  195. Arsenal are sitting a little deeper now and stifling their opponents

  196. olympiacos just scored! if both scores hold, we win the group!

  197. even if we win and olympiakos draw we win the group

  198. what was Kos subbed for?? I did not see it

  199. Well well well :P :P :P

  200. diaby just came on for theo…not sure about that – this is pressure-packed, and theo has been quite good tonight. song has been our motm for me.

  201. Robinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  202. robin!!!!!!! that’s it!!!!!!

  203. don’t think it matters now oliver, that should be game over…..

    Song for me too, but RvP will get it for his two goals….

  204. Hope Kos is not injured, JD coming on at this stage seems strange…

  205. hahahahaha…chelsea…down 2-1 at bayer 04 now…hahahaha.

  206. Santos has been much better tonight, far less scarey moments with him bombing forward…

  207. chavs 2-1 down. AVB to get his p45??? get the taxi AK!!!!

  208. Dont think it will mean the chavs won’t qualify though….


  209. bollox…. 2-1

  210. Game over, great three points and we are through as group winners :) :)

    fab night……

  211. devil, if om equalize they will still have a chance to top the group. right now the gap is four points, it will be three if they pull one back. they will need to win big at dortmund and we will have to lose, but stranger things have happened.

  212. aaarrghhhh…kagawa just pulled one back.

  213. :-)
    but why so manay yellow cards ?

  214. Well done you lubly Gunners

  215. direct encounter go first oliver. ahead of goal difference

  216. phew…didn’t matter. we won, so now lets see of olympiacos can hold on.

  217. And the Chavs have lost and SS’s say they could also get knocked out next week :)

    Ahhhhh – What a night, in fact what a couple of days of Champions League football……

    On that note, i am off to seek out my pillow….

    Nighty Gooners, happy days…..

  218. OM loose. so we are group winners

  219. is it? i thought it was gd…then we are through. and the final whistle just went at the velodrome, so the head-to-head or goal difference is a moot point.

    through as group winners…the only english side to win this round…of matches…surely some credit is due our players and manager?

  220. Wath, just poured another double.

  221. oliver – its confirmed, we top the group….

  222. anyone want to bet the line up for the olympiakos game???

    Fabianski, Yennaris, Djourou, Koscielny, Miguel, Rosicky, Coquelin, Diaby, Park, Arshavin, Benayoun.

    I think it wont be far from that.

  223. Steve – or just another bottle ;)

    Ok, i am def off now – nighty all – i’m sure we will all sleep quite well :)

    Be good guys….

  224. You forgot Squilli DG ;) ;)

    Def gone now…..

  225. Ok then….Squilli for Koscielny.

  226. yes, we win the group (more money) an we ein (more money).
    Fist english team to go through.
    Next year, with this performance if we come again, we can be header…

  227. And the chavs face Valencia in their final game. yipppeeeeeee

  228. great good night to all. Pity AK was not here tonight!!!

    cu tomorrow lads.

  229. Get the fuck in……we are the arsenal

  230. nite all…great result, great effort. report in your inbox later tonight, rico.

  231. I hope Samir doesn’t mind Europa League football :P

  232. A top european game tonight. I really enjoyed it.
    Dortmund really pressurised us for the opening 20 mins.
    But we defended well under intense pressure.
    Gotze looked a top top player and they definately missex him when he went off.
    There’s no doubt that the immense effort Dortmund put in beating Bayern last weekend, took it’s toll.
    The early goal they went for wouldn’t come and eventually their level dropped and Arsenal got on top.
    Thought that Arteta, Ramsey and Song were superb in wresting the midfield from the Germans.
    A brief flurry at the start of the 2nd half and from then on i thought Arsenal dominated.
    Vermaelen was excellent and Mertesaker just quietly went about his business. I was pleased for Santos, he had a very good game. Theo was lively, Gerv worked hard but it wasn’t his night. Like the way he chases back and defends.
    Arshavin take note!
    Kozzer had another good game.
    Robin was, well Robin.
    Hope that Kozzer isn’t injured.

    Doctor AK’s tip for the day…
    Lee, drink plenty of fluids.
    That’s what you need for a hangover on the early train… :-)

  233. Arsenal. The only English team in the knock~out stage.
    Could it really happen?
    2006 was the last time if i recall correctly..?
    Cittie, ManUre, Chavs, Scummers, all playing on Thursday night in the Europa League… :-). :-). :-)

  234. Wenger needs to do some carefull rotation this weekend vs Fulham.
    Can’t afford to underestimate the Cottagers.
    But a few of our boys need a breather, namely RVP.
    Maybe Kozzer as well.
    Benayoun, Arshavin, Chamakh to all get a start maybe???

  235. Anyway, Goodnight/Goodmorning Gooners.
    And Good Afternoon Oliver…

  236. Yeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss!!!!!

  237. Morning all, quite a good evening wasn’t it ;)

  238. My head hurts still!!

  239. Morning Lee, one too many then ;)

  240. New Post is up now….

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