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Big Speech Arsene, Now we need a big performance to back it up…..

If we give absolutely everything and fight together for every single game in every single competition we can still look back at the end of the season and be proud of our attitude and what we have achieved.

Have we fans not been saying that for many seasons now?

It’s all very well Wenger coming out with this rousing speech at the AGM on Thursday night but why has he not been able to be as passionate with his words to the team over the last few years? Sometimes we have played so poorly and without passion it’s pretty clear the manager has not been able to motivate the players in a way he maybe could or should have done.

Thursday though, Wenger said he spoke from his heart and if he did, maybe the old motivational skills are on their way back and he’s got it in him again to get the best from the players?

We’ll find out later….

Seriously, we can beat this Chelsea side today, if every player ‘turns up’ ready to play and fight from start to finish. Each and every one of them needs to back up Wengers words with action, do that and be proud of the shirt on their back.

Team News:

Gibbs, Sagna, Wilshere and Diaby are all definitely out of today’s squad, Jenkinson may be fit enough to start, depending how his training went yesterday and Vermaelen is definitely in the squad but may not start. Wenger suggests that that decision is down to us playing again on Tuesday against Marseille.

Why, the most important match today is against Chelsea, why is he already thinking about the Champions League fixture? If Vermaelen is either fit for today or he’s not, the squad for Marseille will take care of itself when Tuesday arrives and I’m sure every Arsenal fan cares only about getting at least a point today at Stamford Bridge!

Remember this??

Of course you do, it’s only a few months ago………

Song, Cesc and Theo were the goal scorers when we last played the pensioners back in December, what a game that was too and despite Robin van Persie missing a couple of glorious chances in front of goal. Drogba, who is missing today having seen red last weekend was a threat that day, but the most notable involvement in the game was a bust up with John ‘Thomas’ Terry after we went 3-0 up!

Djourou was immense that day, maybe the first time one of our defenders had Drogba in his pocket and Theo Walcott had a day to remember, we need another from him today.

That victory saw us go to second in the league and the talk was all about us being title contenders, Wenger was one of a few guilty of making that comment.

We didn’t need it then and we certainly don’t need it now, regardless of the outcome of todays game.

In that fixture we lined up:

van Persie



Are we facing them today with a stronger squad than we did back in December last year?

Chelsea are on a pretty good run despite not keeping a clean sheet during their last eight games. The last time we beat them at their tired old ground was back in 2008, but maybe the significant statistic is that we are on a run of eight away league games without a win – our longest in the Premier League.

So the odds are stacked against us today, but as Wenger says:

If we give absolutely everything and fight together for every single game……

We may just spring a surprise on the pensioners today…….

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278 comments on “Big Speech Arsene, Now we need a big performance to back it up…..

  1. Morning guys and gals……

  2. Morning Rico

    Big match today and as you said in the post we want total commitment from the lads.
    Come on you Arsenal

  3. Howdy Erick,

    I liked what AW said, just hope his team can back him up, turn up today with a bit of passion we can definately get something…

    Just hope Torres doesn’t suddenly find form…

  4. meh, believe it when I see it. Don’t want to be negative but Arsene has a habit of talking big and not delivering. Somehow though I think we may surprise a lot of people today and come away with, if not 3 points, than a draw.

  5. Morning all…..been away for a week with limited tinternet, glad to be back!! I’ve got a feeling about today’s game, that we’ll spring a surprise……I’m off to read all the previous posts. Later…

  6. Am good Rico and yes we have to stop talking and deliver on the field as TT says have a funny filling about this one….RVP hatrick

  7. Fuck and now Wenger is defending John Terry!! Can’t he just shut his trap and concentrate on his own team for fucks sake :/ Maybe then he can start winning trophy’s and satisfying the fans of the club that employs him to do just that.

  8. TT – Exactly – big speech but it’s worth nothing if it can’t be backed up on the pitch and we’ll find out very soon if Wenger has it in him to get this side motivated…

    Morning Lee, half-term, guessed you’d been on your jollies ;) Good time I hope…

  9. If I was Wenger, I would play Theo on the left today and Gerviho on the right..

    Luiz is a shirt tugging cheating little turd, if Theo makes a fews runs at him, he’ll have no chance and we’ll get a penalty or two, even a red card for the chav…

  10. They all have to defend him TT, until he is found guilty but wenger did say if he is guilty he should be punished….

    But yes, why comment?

    SS’s have given a load of TV unseen coverage of the incident, i hope it proves what a s***e he is and the FA throw the book at him…

  11. Think the Chavs are not as strong as they were a few years ago so are we the team that turn up will win this game

  12. Its not defending him it’s saying that sometimes players say something on the pitch that they don’t mean that irks me. So I racially abuse you during the game but after wards sorry mate did not really mean that….nope if you say it you say it simple as.

  13. I think the silence of Ferdinard goes to prove their is a case to answer…am sure he has already tried to bride his way out .

  14. I don’t think they are either Erick, Cech isn’t the keeper he once was, they have no Boswinga and Drogba and they bought a cheat in Luiz and Mata?

    Is lukakalul ( or what ever his name is) playing for them yet, Sturridge can be a handful though…

  15. soory meant bribe his way out

  16. I got you the first time Erick ;) it would have been a bit far fetched Terry offering to be Antons bride but then you never know :)

  17. TT :) :) with JT anything is possible you know

    Rico am sure we can win we just need another great perfomance

  18. TT – I just don’t know why AW has to get involved, as you said earlier, concentrate on the team he manages, and stop having an opinion on what others are doing….

    I know the press ask him the question but it’s not too difficult to just say ‘that is nothing to do with me’….

    Anton is peed off with the chav manager for backing Terry, early next week, QPR are going to release ‘their side’ of the story, looking forward to seeing Terry squirm….

  19. To be honest I wouldnt start Theo he has been average, think Park or AA deserves a start but Aw never goes for form :(

  20. I hear QPR have evidence anybody know anything about that???????

  21. good morning!
    The sun shinning here this morning. I’m going now for a short walking along the seaside :-)
    I’m commit for the match today
    Come on Arsenal!

  22. JM wish I could say the same with the weather in Kenya…its really a cold day and think it will rain soon. Am also up for the game

    Come on you Arsenal

  23. Erick, I am sure we could win too, IF, the side AW picks is up for it….

  24. Hi JM, enjoy the walk – you lucky thing….

    Erick, Anton hasn’t spoken yet, but he will…. As will other players in earshot of Terry’s comments (if made of course ;) )

  25. TT you sly dog you. Am really up for this one you guys. Like I ve been saying all week its about time we win a league match away from home..why not start at the bridge. Morning guys. Hey erick love your avatar my man.

  26. Morning goonster, why not eh….

  27. Am sure we can win…….we just have to be in their face and do our counter attacks.

    Goonster thank man, thats me with a gooner friend of me am the on the left of your screen

  28. I hope Anton says something, esp now that we are playing the Chavs

  29. remember wht toress did to vidic… i same scared the same dosent happen to mertersucker….
    ramires is one heck of a player…. i hope he is not going to start 2day…
    mata is a good player but i think we will be able to manage him…
    wht i feel i we can win the game 2day but…. arshavin should be give his prefered position..
    Robin the lone striker
    theo and gerviniho on the wings….
    areteta and song in the cetre… the entire game is in hands of 3 players song arteta and arshaivn…
    if arteta and song prove to a shield for our defence and if arshavin gets his creative boots on, i think we are in with a shout.
    walcott and gerviniho have to do a lot of running up and down, the players have to give their 100% today. i want to see passion out there today like a do or die thing!!!

  30. Puts Cole in an invidious position, Does he come out against his club/ international captain or does he choke it down and risk the wrath of other coloured people ?. Would not like to be in his position.

  31. You said it mama bear. Its about time. 2;1 to the good guys. Hey terry relax my man go get a beer. We ll pocket torres and you know why…..cause we ve got the KOZZ! COYGs come on!

  32. Cole is a twat am sure he will bottle up…….think Kozz is the real deal wish TV5 could start ahead of Per.

    Terry passion is what we want…hope we get just that

  33. good point terry about ramires..

    torres is hit and miss – we need the miss today but i still think we can cope with him….

    potter – cole has already said that he heard nothing, shocking if he is lying….

  34. What makes it all so so wrong imho is although Anton is black, he is English so why would one Englishman be so vindictive and insulting to another?

    Wonder how far Terry would go to insult a black overseas player…

    If he is found guilty, he should be thrown out of the game, it stinks….

    That’s me done on the subject ;)

  35. Got to pop out for a bit, back shortly….

  36. Cole is a mug…let him be also charged for lying. Has Rio said anything Rico????

  37. I’m back. Kos is the RB.
    Szes – Kos Met Vermalen Santos; Song Arteta Ramsey Walcott RVP Gervinho
    That’s the line-up from eurosport

  38. Chelsea will always be a small club in Fulham.
    Hopefully the chavs will be crying in their beers later, everyone seems confident on here, c’mon arsenal.

  39. That’s great news JM, if TV5 is fit, he has to start every time.

  40. I thought Boswinga was banned??

    And no Luiz :(

    Very strong Chav side, I’m no longer as optimistic…..

  41. Bosigwa and Drogba are banned

  42. Bosinger (spelling) is at RB JM

  43. Everton 0 MU 1
    Bosingwa play? yes, there was a match at the middle of week.

  44. Can’t believe Redknapp and Neville – all they say is the Terry incident is not good for Terry, Chelsea and England….

    What about Anton Ferdinand???

  45. Djourou is the RB. Vermaelen at the bench.
    rico, Bosingwa was born in Congo

  46. CC draw in a couple of minutes folks.

  47. Boo! Hi, rico. How are you? Erick, I didn’t catch you. Again! Hi, JM.

    Come on you, reds! Oh and we always knew Terry is pond scum.

  48. Palace Micko or Cardiff at home… pleeeeeeese ;)

    Hi agag, nervous, very nervous, hows you?

  49. Afternoon guys and chicks

    team Szczesny, Djourou, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Andre Santos, Ramsey, Song, Arteta, Walcott, van Persie, Gervinho. Subs: Fabianski, Vermaelen, Rosicky, Park, Arshavin, Jenkinson, Frimpong. Referee: Andre Marriner (W Midlands)

  50. 34 min. in Goodison Park.. number of faults M.u 1 (just now!) Everton 0. well, the reallity is quite different. The referee don’t penalize MU with faults. A normal club, has now, at least, one yellow card with those MU faults. A wrong offside for Everton now. Two clear MU defenders ahead Everton forward !

  51. Baynes on the bar!!!!
    Switch on to Arsenal! :-)

  52. Arsenal vs citeh, cc draw, oh gawd.

  53. And Manure get a lucky home draw

  54. Chelsea v Liverpool, Arsenal v Man City, Man Utd v Crystal Palace and Cardiff v Blackburn.

  55. Hi devil…

    Oh Gawd indeed Micko, i was thinking something different though ;)

  56. JD is all over the place….

  57. Oh god. Djourou is a disaster… Get it together, boys

  58. So we’re not playing offside today then, its gonna be fun.

  59. Are you sure Micko??? We are playing or trying to play the offside trap. but its not working.

  60. thats that in the leage cup then, no semi or final this year.
    ho well, its consentrate on the league then i suppose.

  61. Errrrmmmmm. But isnt Bosingwa suspended today??? he was sent off last week vs QPR and was supposed to have been suspended. How come he is playing????

  62. Great run, great inch perfect cross from Theo…

    Gerviho… oh how did he miss…. :(

  63. Awwww, Gervinho. Shame.

  64. And we get our first shot from Gervinho…….wide off the mark though

  65. Another great cross… Come on Theo, keep it going….

  66. Theo has scored 3 vs the chavs till now. Hope he gets on the scoresheet today. That was a peach of a cross. Now why doesnt he do that every week

  67. devil, i don’t get that either, my guess it was just a one match ban as no nautiness in the sending off – he served his ban midweek in the CC…

  68. We will score with our first shot on target………..!!!!!!!

  69. and fat frank makes it 1-0

  70. Santos and JD are having a mare…!

  71. rico, now I’m worried. Fudge… Still plenty of time to score though. I hope the OAPs tire…

  72. I think we have a goal in us agag, but the two full backs need to get a grip….

    Kos is being dragged out wide to cover for santos too many times..

  73. oops, wordpress logged me off ;)

  74. The commentators are speaking as though we were ten goals down. It’s not as if the Chavs have not had a few hairy moments themselves… Pffft.

  75. Come on, gunners. Our fullbacks are looking just absolutely awful. And what exactly is our midfield doing??? Come on, boys!!

  76. Turn the commentary off agag and listen to a CD ;)

  77. Has Arteta kicked the ball yet??

  78. The air is turning blue, where I am… Lots of cussy things from me. ;) I think I’ll do just that, rico.

  79. We are so lethargic fighting for the ball in the pen area, especially the second ball….

  80. It’s going on under my breath too agag….

  81. Arteta and Ramsey jsut aren’t doing enough, Song is trying to do it all and now his passing is going astray…

  82. Stop giving the ball to Theo’s feet, he needs it in front of him….

  83. I’d get Santos off, he’s knackered, bring on TV and play him at LB…

    Santos fitness is laughable…

  84. Robiiiiiin

  85. Great stuff…. 1-1 :)

  86. I love you, RvP.

  87. Did you guys see Parks reaction after the goal??

    Up, out of his seat and absolutely elated… That’s the spirit…

  88. What is worrying me is the possession…..the chavs have around 62%.

    We cant seem to keep the ball as usual. But then we always do so vs other teams. We seem to come back much more in the 2nd half. We need to keep it down to 1-0 till the break. or score



  89. agag, you leave him alone ;)

    Get those away fans, they are simply awesome…..

  90. Come on, gunners!!!!

  91. We are making the Chavs look good… Tut tut.

  92. Ermmmm….how many shots have we got on target??
    Seems as if we scored with our first shot again. That’s how I like it.

    Now to get a 2nd with our second shot on target.

  93. I think santos might be an asthmatic, he huffing and puffing like a choo choo train.

  94. Hahaha, rico. Yes, RvP’s thighs and all are all yours. :D Our midfield should get it together, DG, I am well aware our defense is capable of complete disasters, but our midfield has been so disjointed. Song’s been good though. Arteta step the fudge up!!!

  95. As I was saying what is worrying me is the possession we have. We can seem to string the usual annoying amount of passing. We are playing direct today to Theo or Gervinho, the problem is that they are playing them to Theo’s feet not in front of him behind the chavs defence.

    We need not to concede before half time. The chavs will tire after the 60th minute….ample time for us to win.

  96. Oh, darn. How are assholes rewarded all the time??

  97. How bad can our defense get, I can’t believe it. I have said this over and over again, you get what you pay for… buy cheap get cheap players.

  98. What was Merts doing, and Santos…..

  99. ESP, Cahill would have had that off Terrys head, in a flash!

  100. The corners again… How many goals are we conceded from corners kick?
    Why we haven’t two playaers in the line in the corners?
    How we can play defend in off-side if the backs and midfiels don’t fight for the bsll ahead?
    The midfield is very weak in defence and attack comparing to the others teams

  101. The defense has no idea how to play as a unit, there’s no excuse for it, however we can still get something out of this game.

  102. Cahill, Samaba.. Any of them one have done better!

    Santos should have been taken off after 20 minutes, can’t believe Wenger.

  103. Come on, Arsenal….

  104. Santos!!!

  105. Yes JM, yet again!

    Micko, wev’e been saying that for so many seasons now…

    Agree ESP, i feel for Kos, he’s having a blinder but let down by JD, Santos and for their second, Merts…

    Fuck me, Santos :)

  106. Choo choo !!!

  107. santos was just getting lambasted in my home, he’s a left winger, not a left back…..

    phew, yellow for Ches…

  108. ESP, now we know why… ;) More Arsenal, more!!

  109. Arsene Exhales…… so did I

  110. Come on, Boys!!! Guard the f-ing goal!!

  111. Nasty trailing leg by Ramires on Gerv

  112. Hmmm, hit one more; the Chavs are looking tired!!

  113. Ramsey, go forward, not back….

  114. Mancs have beaten Everton 1-0….

  115. Theoooooo

  116. Fucking heck, what a goal by Theo, did he hit that or what…..

  117. The commentators sound so begrudging…. Hahaha

  118. :oops: sorry about my language…..

  119. One more!!!! Boys, you have it in you

  120. Quit the flicks Ramsey….

  121. No worries, rico!!! Let’s curse and make merry (and win)

  122. Two more agag, two more….

  123. Ramsey should have gone down then….

  124. Now we’re leading, the commentator says it’s a senselessly exciting match.

  125. Sometimes, maybe we should cheat!!

  126. agag, that wouldn’t have been cheating, Cole was tugging him – maybe we should learn to be less honest ;)

  127. Marriner is giving nothing today…

  128. We’re getting under their skin… Come on, gunners!!

  129. Actually, Cech got a leg on him, too.

  130. Didn’t want to see this kid come on :(

  131. how can hva chelsea at the 71th minutes just have 6 faults? !!! we have more than 16th…

  132. There you go agag, not cheating then ;)

  133. RvP is tired :(

  134. Come on, Two more goals!!

  135. Its chelsea JM….

  136. Not sure that is a good move – JD had settled….. injury maybe?

  137. Let’s do this, boys!!! He does look tired. Just a few more minutes, RvP!!

  138. Ivanovic tripped on a blade of grass… ;)

  139. Why Why take off Theo???

    Silly… very silly…..

  140. Bollox…. Bollox, Bollox….

  141. Oh and now the decisions start to go the Chavs way…..

  142. Robiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin :)

  143. robiiiiiinnn

  144. I love you, Robin.

  145. Me too agag….

  146. Come on, our big Belgian!!! Come on!!!!!

  147. Get a handle on it, Gunners! Come on!!!

  148. 5-3

    Fuck i am so happy :)

  149. Hat trick hero!!!!

  150. Great work from Rosicky

  151. Me, too, rico!!! Soo happy.

  152. Well well, i have to go out and walk the mutley, i will be wearing everything AFC :)

    And smiling ….. :P

    Back in an hour or so guys, enjoy :)

  153. Simply brilliant, our RvP!!!

  154. Gotta love, TV5!!! The first thing he does upon entering the fray is shout at his other players, and direct them.

  155. Now, i have a good weekend ! :-)

  156. That’s karma for Johnicky Terry. :D He does have a fondness for slipping at critical times. :D Good for us!!!

  157. looks like abramovich will be putting AVB’s p45 in the post then.

  158. What a fantastic, fantastic result!! We are now almost completely back in the mix. :)

    This is turning out to be an odd season; have Chelsea ever conceded five at home???

    Hey, mog!!

  159. Guys I have lost my voice. Pinch me somebody! Did we just whupp cheski at home? I knew we were going to win maybe by the odd goal but this is ridiculous. Kozzer song theo gervinho arteta and don’t forget the man of the moment RVppppppPp. What can I say? This is why am a gooner and ll die one. Come on you fucking gunners. Yeeeaaahhhh!

  160. What a game, what a win, Van man the best in the world

  161. we love you arsenal we do
    we love you arsenal we do
    we love you arsenal we do
    ohhh arsenal we love you

    when terry slipped im sure he looked at the grass and said fucking green c**t.

    hey to you to agag

  162. You got to give it to Koss he had a great game

  163. Boo Erick!! Are you happy or are you happy!!?

  164. What a game.. Life as a fan is for such matches!

  165. Kozzer had his work cut out for him, defending against the Chavs and having to mind our full backs, too. Way to go, Koz!! Song was a good mix of smart and physical today; broke up play by fair means and foul(ish). Love!!!

  166. DG, I bet you’re happy!! :D

  167. I hate early kick-offs except for when we win of course.

  168. oui agag

    I am very happy.

    Putting 5 past Cech is not easy.

    But to see Terry flat on his gob made my day

  169. I have watched this for maybe 100 times already. And this is for all of you…..watch those thighs in action Rico………..


  170. Where the blooming hell is AK???

    Ohhhh just saw a broom with red and white smoke over Stamford bridge. Maybe its him………………….. :)

  171. Next 5 games wba (h), norwich (a), fulham (h), wigan (a), everton (h)

    If we sort out the defense and stop giving away stupid goals we could have a good november ahead of us.

  172. A slip much in the pen shootout v. MU fashion. Well-done, JT. :D

    Yeah, where is AK? We came blazing out of the traps in the second half, and must have disconcerted the Chavs. Took them a while to get their footing back. It’s nice to be able to say we’re scoring goals for fun. It’s been a while. Well, RvP is scoring goals for fun. That will do me. ;)

  173. John Terry has a habit of slipping in crucial moments. Slips in the champions league final penalty, slips of the tongue, slips in the chavs-AFC encounter………his missus must be getting anxious…afraid he may slip out any moment now.

  174. Well that was an odd game! Can’t believe it! :) Happy camper! Although, the defending was crazy…

  175. City 1 Wolwes 0

  176. Are we still 5-3 up??? because I have got the feeling that JT will slip in and score any time.

    Come on JT. Be careful now. Dont slip while trying to score with your best friend’s lass.

  177. DG you sly bastard. Leave the terrys alone.am sure by now he ll be drinking his ass off. What a muppet. I told you guys we were going to win this. I said the same thing against stoke too. You guys need to consult me on future arsenal games. Hey rico, how’s about I be the in house “juju” man. I sure wanna cast a spell on a few people. Am looking at you agag. Wanna see you do a hula dance for me and me pals soon.

  178. Fantastic win but 4 dead ducks would have defended better than us in the first half!

    What ever was said in the dressing room at half time worked and I know we will all be praising RvP and quite rightly but I thought that A Ramsey was a revelation. Can’t wait for him to be paired with Jack after the new year :)

  179. Tell me about it TT….the wilshere ramsey and song combo ll be a joy to watch. For long periods there I thought I was seeing things! Did fabregas play today? That was how well ramsey played today. He’s discovering his form which is good news for us. Bring on marseille. We ll be doing do chavs over in the spate of 4 days. Next stop, didier deschamp!

  180. I’m still smiling :)

    Evening guys and gals….

  181. Hold on hold on hold on. I saw a broom flying past stamford bridge………maybe just maybe someone was shouting a spell……………..Harem Scarem Joannis casus. That’s why JT fell on his gob.

    Or maybe that may have been the chav supporters pulling the ground’s mat from under JT……in the same manner they did to Abraham O’Hitch

  182. Evening Rico. Where the hell is AK?? He should be celebrating with us.

  183. He’ll be on later devil, I’m sure…

    Evening to you too….

    I didn’t think Ramsey had that good a gam in all honesty – better than of late, especially in the second half but still too much backward passing and tricks and flicks when not needed – but i’m being very critical maybe…..

  184. Smile on mama bear. How’s the woofie? Did you dress it up in the glorious red and white. God, I still can’t believe we won with a 5:3 score line. Whoa! Heavy.

  185. Boo! I know our team goal should be my goal of the match, but nothing beats Theo’s for… weirdness. :)

  186. agag the ball fell kindly to Theo. for once at least fortunu smiled at us…..all Theo did was smile back,

  187. rico, think of those flicks and tricks as having added an element of unexpectedness to the match; some of it was pointless, but we won we won we won!

  188. But Theo had a lot of work to do still, DG and he did it with aplomb! Well-done Theo!!

  189. goonster – she has a red collar, red lead, red harness, red bed and a red coat :)

  190. That was Theo’s best game in a while for me, but for a couple of misses by Gerv and RvP, he’d have two assists in the first half, the Chavs pushed and shoved him all game him and he got nothing – his goal was fab, just as good as the one Rvp thumped in at the end – both hit with purpose and gave Cech no chance….

  191. I was about to say, rico that Robin and Gervinho owed Theo an assist each. ;)

    goonster, I’m proof against any juju. But you may have some chance getting rico into a bunny outfit! :D

  192. Lets be really honest and say who had a ‘bad game’…

    I don’t think any one player had an overall bad game, Santos had a few mad and bad moments in the fisrt half, as did JD – Merts had a mare for Terry’s goal and Ramsey and Arteta didn’t do enough in the first half imho

    But, overall, and for the 94 minutes the team played well… What the defensive errors will do is remind each and every one of the side that we cannot rest, we still need to work hard and get better….

    Santos worries me though, he looked knackered, then he scored and he grew in stature, making a few real quality defensive tackles…

    He needs to get fitter….

  193. agag – we cry out for theo to deliver the perfect cross and he did early on, his confidence grew – that’s what he needs to do more often – he has it, he just needs to show it more often…

    Did he not make Cole look like a second rate LB today??

    Mind you, for the first twenty minutes, Cole made JD look like a Div 3 player….

  194. Feck – Jimmy Savile has died, 84 years old…

    RIP good man, he raised over £40 Million for charity in his life….

    There will never be another like him…

  195. Totally agree re santos…..out paced for fun all afternoon (good goal tho… ;) )….. chav’s second goal WTF was that??? Us conceding from a set-piece…… COYG’S!!!!!!

  196. We put in a tremendous second half effort; I thought JD was at his worst in the first 15 mins; after that, he wasn’t so bad. Santos is good going forward but had a few dingdong moments. Song was much better when he sat deep.

    We won is all that matters though!

  197. It was a cracking goal Lee, pure Brazillian ;)

    Dunno what Merts was doing for the Tosser Terry goal – I’ll forgive him today though ;)

  198. Guys am off for a night of partying with a few gooner mates. Can’t wait to read the preview. And hey it must be said I predicted a win. See ya gooners have a good one…..and agag don’t push it. I know a whole lot about juju.

  199. Hello hello Hello. What av we got ere then…????/
    A website full of appy Gunners…. :)
    Evening Gooners.
    Is Everybody Happy…….?

  200. Agree re JD agag, but after he settled, he did pretty good, was surprised to see him go off, and when he and Theo went, I thought we lost a bit of shape on our right side, but, after a few mins, it settled well with Jenks…

    Jeeps, i am so so happy after today…..

  201. Evening Rico.
    Evening Agag.
    Evening Lee. Jalfriezi on the menu for me tonight. :D
    Evening Stan. Goodnight Stan.

  202. see ya goonster, have a good one – i think oliver is getting the joy of this write up, haven’t heard otherwise. I bet he’ll enjoy writing it too….

  203. I saw the goals on ITV news, it came pretty close to the 3-2 Kanu game.

  204. Ah ha, so in comes the AK

    For sure we are happy, we just battered the chavs on their own turf, magic :)

    Maybe Wenger has got the motivational skills back :P

  205. Downloaded AVG just a minute ago Rico.
    Don’t forget to give the free version a go.

  206. just going to grab a bite to eat, back very very soon …

  207. I was getting the bus from Ashford to Greatstone and Lee was texting me the scores. The best hour i have ever spent on a bus.

  208. Hey, AK!! This is the sort of fight we want our players to put up!! Not good for the heart, but oh my!!!

  209. Evening all great result away at Chelsea and score five goals if we had taken our early chances and the referee hadn’t shut his eyes this could easily have been an eight two thrashing, were not there yet, but we are definitly getting better.

  210. Hiya Agag. Just been on the phone ordering my curry, hmmmm.
    Only saw the goals, but my son also kept me informed and he said they were really putting a shift in.
    As i texted Lee; ARSENAL ARE BACK. THAT’S A FACT.

  211. Evening SteveP.
    So Steve, how impressive were we mate?
    Did you see anything in the team that shows they are gelling?
    How far can we go with this team this season?

  212. Evening AK. On the bus??? werent you on the broom???

    I saw the chat a bit late me old friend. I was an open mouthed gaga boy in the second half. So I could not text you. We were wondering where the hell were you. You should have been here to enjoy the fun instead of galivanting on brooms over stamford bridge hurling spells on JT. You should have seen him on his gob mate. I guess he bit his tongue when he hit the grass. How much Anton may have laughed his arse off I do not know but we were all agagaing with laughter and then joy.

  213. Where’s Wath? KT.? Adam? DG?
    They must all be in the pub celebrating….. :)

  214. Sounds yum, AK. You missed a good one. Thanks for cursing JT. It worked. ;)

    Hello, steve. But the ref could have sent off Szcz, too. ;) I am glad that he did not, at least, favor the chavs. :)

    DG, karma was quick, in JT’s case. He is such an odious creature, that JT. And he is 100% made of slime and snails.

  215. Evening AK, we give the ball away far too much and it pressurises us all the time, but at times they can move the ball about like we used too, to speak the truth we could do quite well or go down hill i honestly think we can do well but who knows.

  216. Thanks AK, I will keep that in mind for when renewal is due :)

  217. Hey, there you are, DG did you enjoy it mate.

  218. Evening Steve – but don’t forget their early chances too ;)

  219. Hmm Steve, sounds like it could a roller-coaster ride this season.
    I think the longer we go, the more tight a unit we’ll become as the new boys knit into a Team.
    RVP is turning out to be a very good captain. The team seem to reflect him more and more.

  220. oui ami. That was awesome. HEAVY as Goonster would say. I never expected 5. Each goal was a pure class. Then seeing Cashley in 2nd place in the sprints and JT smacking his gob was the cherry on the cake.

  221. I don’t think we are back yet, not all the time we make silly errors at the back, but we are sure as heck better than we were a few weeks ago…

    Like i said earlier, the errors at the back will keep the focus and we won’t sit back and think all is solved defensively, because it isn’t…. Yet….

  222. Took my account down, DG. Had a bit of problem with it. :(

  223. True rico and good evening, Czezsney worries me greatly punches when he should catch, races out when he should stay, shaes of Lehman comes flooding back and i hated him but Chez is a great shot stopper as long as its not from distance. That sounds negative after a great win and the team fought for the full ninety well done lads.

  224. Even Park had a great game. And before you jump on me you should have seen that everytime we scored he popped up like Jack in the box to celebrate.

    Heard that someone rattled the roof of a bus on the outskirts of somewhere in Kent when the 5th went in. The bus service are investigating.

  225. Talking about the ref Steve and all

    Should Ches have seen red?

    Or did Marriner do us a huge favor??

  226. Had I been a ref and not wear red/white glasses then yes I would have brandished a card in Ches’s direction. He hauled Cashley down to the ground. But then again if I was a Tweedy fan I would have waved play on.

  227. I don’t like to say it rico but i saw that as a red

  228. My curry is up, so if you lot can excuse me… :D

  229. Cheryl’s favourite colour is red Steve. ;)

  230. devil – I commented on that earlier too, when we got our first, that man was celebrating as if he had scored himself …

    Also, I loved what happened after we scored the fifth goal and what happened at the final whistle…

    One thing that no shite in the press or media have a right to comment on or doubt and that’s our teams togetherness – right down to Theo and Ches doing press ups together before they left the pitch.

    I loved RvP handing his shirt to one of our fans and I loved the way the whole team applauded their support…

    It seems Wenger was right, this squad really are together, that cannot be questioned…..

  231. Same here Steve, it was a red for me…..

    That’s what i am trying to say though, i know we are sometimes really hard done by, but sometimes, something massive goes in our favor too

    Trouble is, when we were down, the decisions are huge agaisnt us and they matter more and they upset us more, maybe we sometimes look to blame someone else other than the side on the pitch…..

    Maybe now we are over the wosrt, but every player needs to stay focussed and keep their feet firmly on the ground……

  232. Lucky Jack Sparrow got RVP’s shirt.

    Watch this mates……….and enjoy it….


  233. Oh, and Steve, I know exactly what you mean about Mad Jens – he was never my fav either …..

    Bring back Spunky :)

  234. But he was an invincible Rico and Steve.

  235. Chicken with sweet and sour sauce today for me. With a glass of vino and then my favourite dark chocolate to top it up. Back in an hour or so.

    Off to enjoy it.

    Anyone want a piece here???

  236. I agree rico great team spirit
    Devil she can wear any colour she’s a cracker

  237. She’s (as Goonster would say)…….HEAVY.

    Where the hell is he today.

  238. Off I go as the Lady is calling and I do not like cold chicks. Hope the little prince does not eat mine all up.

    see you all guys and chicks.

  239. thats why it was such an achievement Devil

  240. maybe devil, but i think that was more about who was in front of him….

    too many times he did stupid things which cost us points, especially the last minute pen he gave away to give the spuds a draw grrrr

    Not to mention 2006 :eek:

  241. I thought walcott’s goal was the bollocks…..but a good team performance overall and also to see there’s goals in this team outside of RVP!!!

  242. Well, as much as i would love to stay guys, but i must go and catch up with Strictly and then the X factor…

    A girsl got to do, what a girls got to do….

    Nighty Night all, can’t wait for olivers write up…

    Enjoy the win, it’s been a long time overdue at the Bridge…

    Great day, just great……

  243. Nte nte rico and nte nte all great result COYG

  244. I did too Lee, he meant that when he hit it and yes, totally agree, goals other than from RvP…..

  245. Til Tomorrow all….. :P

  246. Oi, you off to see Strictley, Madam Rico..?

  247. Don’t you have a VCR in your house Madam?

  248. I know we’ve not won anything for 15 seconds ;) but they’re wasn’t a lot of rust in that performance……

  249. Sky Planner AK ;)

    But tomorrow i am out from around 10am and not back til 4ish – so i won’t get the time to catch up ;)

    Ok, have to go now, nighty night….

  250. Hey Lee, that Jalfrezi certainly hit the spot.
    It’s on days like these that i wish i still had Sky.

  251. Nite Rico…….a RVP hatrick, now that’ll make you sleep easy!

  252. I went to the pub to watch it as I’ve had a new box fitted and sky sports wasn’t working…..better plug the lead in now!! ;)

  253. I was at The Bridge when Silvinho smashed one in and also there when Kanu got his hat-trick, today ranks right up there mate with those two.

  254. Yeah, it’s one of my lucky grounds.
    Despite the last few years, overall, we’ve got the better of them more often imho.

  255. Pub and ruby callin……as AK said “Arsenal are back, that’s a fact!”, night all…… :)

  256. Good Night Lee.
    Thanks for the info buddy.
    Looking forward to Oliver’s wordsmithship tomorrow.

  257. For me, the yellow card was the right card. There were one or two defenders between Cole and the goal and is not in front of the goal.
    The question is why Szen go out the penalty area in that situation…maybe will be goal or not but the probably been sent of was much higher. And in this case, the game was over!

  258. Didn’t have a chance before, but i’ve just been reading the comments from during the game….
    Rico…. Agag…. Your language ladies, i almost blushed…… :lol:

  259. Morning

    AK, Fido would never put her feet in the coat, she’d sulk :)

    I love it though and could yet be very tempted :)

  260. Just watched MOTD – I hate hanson, all he could do is talk about the chavs defending… Thank goodness Shearer put him straight eh….

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