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Thank Goodness Wenger isn’t English…….

Morning all,

Seems like I was wrong in an earlier post I wrote suggesting that the FA was after our manager.

Wenger has publicly said that he would never consider managing England and he’s also said that the position should be filled by an Englishman, suggesting that the best man for the job is the fella down the road. You know the one, the twitchy wheeler-dealer but that’s not to say that Wenger wasn’t asked.

I touted Stuart Pearce but he’d already been appointed as the manager of Team GB for the next Olympics so I guess that’s why he ruled himself out.

The strange thing about this appointment is that Wenger is not to keen on letting his players play for team GB, I guess it’s because of Jack, Theo and Aaron and some of our other British players.

When you think of it, England do have a bit of a nerve asking for players to be released to play for their respective countries.

Look at Jack for instance, they want him to play for the under 21’s,  for the senior team aswell and you can bet your bottom dollar that he would also be called up for Stuart Pearce’s Team GB.

I’m a passionate Englishman, I would always like to see Arsenal players representing their countries but I believe that it shouldn’t be to the detriment of the Arsenal.

We find these talented players, usually youngsters and we either buy them from wherever or bring them through our youngsters program. We train them, nurture them, pay their wages, only for the FA or Team GB to use them whenever they like.

Recently we have been going through a bit of a lean spell, although hopefully we are through the worst times and are now improving game by game but with the injuries we have had in this first eight to ten games makes you realise that when were short of players the FA or England really don’t care, unless of course they have an international fixture coming up.

You have to consider that every home game at Wembley must bring in £3 to 4 million.

They don’t have to pay transfer fee’s or worry if any one player gets injured they just leave it to the parent club to nurse these players back to health. The FA must have insurance in case of injury but we have to play without the injured player sometimes to the detriment of our own club and although I like to see England do well, I would much rather see Arsenal do better.

We now have a few possible England players and perhaps Team GB and Wenger must be getting worried, after all the English press have had a field day at his expense since the start of the season which makes me laugh when I think of some of the comments and articles I have read about our poor players and Arsenals position in the league.

Will we make the top four, will Wenger get the sack, will he walk away, then, the same bodies ask for some of our players to make them a few quid and help them field a team. No wonder Wenger shows little response to them, not to mention some of the decisions their referees have given against us.

At the end of the day our players want to be seen on the big stage and we have already seen that not every Arsenal player views his long-term future with us and have jumped ship. Unless we start improving trophy wise we could lose a few more.

So should Wenger allow these players to play in these Internationals or the Olympics or should he just concentrate on Arsenal’s form?

Tough call if you’re a patriotic Englishman, thankfully Wenger is not.

Written by Steve Palmer

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97 comments on “Thank Goodness Wenger isn’t English…….

  1. Morning all…

    Good to see the Chavs had to play extra time, hope they are all pooped….

    Steve, good post and no, no he shouldn’t, always said that too many times our players are allowed to participate in international matches when they either not playing for us, like Kos las time around, or like Nik in SA, he’d only just come back and then got injured at the WC and we didn’t see him for 3 months…..

    I don’t think it just England, all the countries are too quick in calling players up for duty and we suffer so much and most of ours play at that level…

  2. Morning all

    Good points Steve. And the best one of the lot is the one which states how poor our players are and in the same line the toilets suggest that they should be picked for a team representing England or GB. That is bare faced double standard cheekiness.

  3. Hi devil – spot on, anything for a story eh….

  4. Good post Steve and completely agree, the FA have to much power in the relationship and never gave to deal with the consequences. Common sense would say that Jack etc should only play for one tournament but with the idiot that is Stuart Pearce onvolved on GB he’ll probably play all of them

  5. “Recently we have been going through a bit of a lean spell”

    Bloody hell! it’s lasted 6 fucking years that lean spell! give him to England. FFS if they don’t want him try Faeroe islands any where but at my club.

    Don’t let the good spell of 7 out of 8 fool you, we are nowhere near competing for any silverware. Under the current manager all we will ever do is to compete for 4th place because you see it is really a trophy!

  6. Morning all by the way…;)

  7. Hi Sam

    I suppose one good thing in all this is Fergie is in the same corner as wenger, both are against the selections – and Fergie is the FA’s best buddy so could be interesting to see what happens….

  8. Morning TT..

    I was so focussed on the GB team and player selection, I missed that bit ;)

    Six years is harsh, we got into the top four in all those seasons and can’t foreget that’s the aim for afc these days…

    Agree re the recent form, we have only to look at the sides we have beaten to have a reality check.

    We are far from being a side that can win a trophy this season, maybe the CC but if we draw either of the Mancs, that chance will no doubt be gone….

  9. Morning Gooners. Great post Steve.
    Morning Rico. It’s going to be a tough draw in the 5th Rd of Carling Cup. A home draw is paramount. But avoiding City & Utd also. A semi~final between those two would be fantastic. Palace, Cardiff or Blackburn in that order would, in the words of Harry Callaghan “Make my day”… :-)

  10. TT Fair points me old mate, give me a name of a manager that will get us in the top four for fourteen years and you could tempt me.

  11. Good morning wizard. Prepared anything for Halloween yet, AK??

    I agree that we need to get one of those three. But please do think about the consequences if we draw one of the Mancs and win. What would that spell???

    Can we for once start to believe?? I know that many of you are sceptic on it but remember, Barcelona and Ajax all went through such a process and lean spell……and came out tops. Like you all I am apprehensive but I would like to think positively and think that our team is growing. We need to get a run going. A week is a long time in football. Remember that last year we were carrying SN08 and FF04 whose mind was elsewhere. This year it seems as if the spine has solidified. So please do see the cup half full, at least until we loose.

    But not before.

  12. Morning AK & Steve

    AK, you just know we will get one of the mancs, and no doubt away but, any of them at home would do me – if we are as good as wenger and some of the players seem to think we are then we should fear no-one…

    Sadly though, i even fear drawing palace or cardiff away :(

  13. devil – the only think that will make me start believing is if we start beating a few of the ‘better’ sides – and that is with no disrespect to the other sides in the PL

    ok, i know things are getting better slowly, but i’m not getting ahead of myself just yet..

    Saturday will gives us an idea on how we are really doing…

  14. My laptop is broken again so off to the menders, shall be ‘borrowing’ another so, back in a bit…..

  15. Ancelotty. Moureen. Riikard and the list goes on and on Palmer. Dont be fooled into thinking that wenger is the only manager that is out there currently that would achieve this. I know that some of them are in club jobs but that does not mean that they where not available when in the past May’s when our esteemed manager said we should judge him and he had once again resided over failure or that they would not jump at a job at Arsenal right now.

    Sitting back and dreaming about the past 14 years will get us nowhere fast and that’s exactly where we are going right now.

  16. Steve……Ancelotti has won with Reggiana, Parma, Milan, Juventus, Chelsea. He also has won with Roma and Milan as a player. And it was only a knee injury away from winning the world cup with Italy in 1982. After Capello he is the most decorated Italian Manager. So in essence we can get a good manager who can deliver.

    But and this is a big BUT. Will the board allow the new manager to deliver and build his own way??? Remember that between 1997 and 2005 Arsene won. Are his hands tied down with the stadium debt? because if it is so then even the new manager will have the new hands tied down. So please TT, or those who want a new manager, please do remember this when considering applying for a new job.

  17. Essentially this is the real question. Please before we start calling for a new manager……..WHO IS TO BLAME FOR THIS MESS, THE BOARD OR WENGER?

    Answer that and it follows by itself what AFC is in need of.

  18. It is easy to say……


    Can we really do it??? Can it be done???

    Wenger is on a contract so it can be done.
    But Kroenke is the owner so it cant be that easy.
    While the board will remain there???

    So what do you suggest????

  19. I’m just off to work on my broom DG.
    Yes mate, be carefull of what you wish for.
    I can still recall all those Charlton fans moaning about Curbishley and that ‘he’d’ taken them as far as far as he could. And that needed some other manager who could take them to the next level. Well i bet they all wished they were still finishing in a safe position in the EPL these days.

  20. Finishing in the top four isn’t a walk in the park. Liverpool, Scummers & a few others would quite happily swap places with us.

  21. I am not daft enough to think that Wenger is the Bee’s knee’s and i understand a lot of supporters frustrations, why not they have seen success in the past and want to see it again, but can we compete with the money teams and can we actually win the league with any of those fine Managers. my view is we have not got the funds to compete player wise, and until we have the wealth i would still stick with a manager who can keep us near the top, when he can’t i like you would clutch at straws and look to see who could change our fortunes with next to little.

  22. the broom!!!! Ahhhhhhhh.. Is it a heavy duty one????

  23. Rico how did the chavs fair yesterday….any sending off? Or did anybody lose their limb? A guy can dream….any way coygs. Morning folks.

  24. I saw in the Bolton programme that Ryo has a brother. And he is taking the same path by playing for a High School team.
    Apparantly in Japan you either sign for a J League team and play domestically. Or if you want to play abroad you play for a High School team where your not tied by a contract. A different system to ours but maybe High School football in Japan is equivelent to Amateur status over here?

  25. Stan, the Chavs won in extra~time and had their reserve goalkeeper sent~off.

  26. No only Turnbull was sent off. And he was not to be in the starting lineup next saturday. Unless Cech gets injured iin training. Then they will be in the stew.

  27. Got a job to do catch you later

  28. I saw that Campbell scored for Lorient and Botelho for whoever he’s playing for. But that Wellington was againt omitted by Levante. Got to get WS away from Spain. Wonder if Feyenoord are interested?

  29. devilgunner before the board or the owner goes the manager will be sacked. If that’s where we need to start then that’s where we start simple as. As for ajax and real Madrid and all the other clubs that came back after long spells in mediocrity they did NOT do so by selling their best players. We just did this summer and we did not replace them even though we knew in advance that they where going.

    And lets analyse the suggestions that the board is at fault or at least partially. OK if they are at fault then the manager is doing the club a huge disfavor by staying on and allowing the team to be stripped of it’s assets. if partially (most likely) then both have to go but before the owner goes the manager will always go!

    And you say be careful what you wish for. Well doing nothing, whether its the manager fault or the boards fault is far worse because that will only allow the rot to sink deeper. Becoming great calls for a super human effort, becoming average is easy…..

  30. u got to help AK mend his broom Steve????

  31. Me to Steve, see ya’ll.

  32. Yeah DG, my broom broke a spring yesterday.
    Happy days! Lata Gooners

  33. Hello rico and d bois! Morning. Good post. Erm..Man city has now scored 25 goals in H away games.*shivers* buh Na$ri is a squad player..hehe

  34. Afternoon guys…

  35. Afternoon all, quiet day.

    SteveP, wembley stadium went way over budget and ended up costing over 850 million to build, probably goes a long way to explaining why the fa insist on playing so many meaningless friendies there, they are desperate for the money and don’t care how they go about it.

    Anyone watch the citeh match last night, as each game passes they are looking more like the invincibles, very easy on the eye, score goals for fun, kill teams off in the first half and then toy with them before putting them out of their misery, we may need to go up there in december and put that one to bed.

  36. Breaking news guys….robin has opened contract talks with arsenal. Keep your fingers crossed…..am so happy am peeing on myself. COYGS!

  37. Now let’s hit Chelsea for six….come on you fucking gunners come on!

  38. And why doesn’t john terry just hold his hands up, the plank.

  39. Goddamn…where are you guys when I need ya? I can’t hold it in much longer. Come the fuck on! Am about to burst with excitement.

  40. Micko, i can’t see any side beating them this season…

    Re Terry, he should and spare himself the wait, the wait for the abuse from all fans ;)

  41. That’s great news goonster, Theo has also said he is ready for talks…

  42. rico, it’s starting to look that way, hopefully they’ll slip up at some stage.
    Goonster, we’ll get a real close up of mata saturday lunchtime, should have been playing in the red and white.

  43. Theo shmeo….sell that prick to the highest bidder. We need better. Just kidding but great news huh? I ll bet wenger has assured robin he ll buy big in january. Great week you guys can only get better says I. Lets whupp chelsea and make it a triple wami.

  44. yeah, bedtime talks maybe.

  45. Micko these are good times my man. Verm signed a couple of days back now robin and theo. Add a few signings in january and we might be a force to reckon with next season….don’t forget jacky boy is on the mend too. Things are looking up you guys. Great week to be a gooner!

  46. i hope they slip up micko, maybe the chavs could beat them…

  47. Goonster, what you up to saturday, might need you in the changing room for the half time talk.

  48. Afternoon Gooners. Tea up…!
    Hiya Rico/Stanley/Michael.
    AGM this evening. The media/press vultures are circling.

  49. Got to go again, one of those days…. :(

    And my laptop has a virus :(

  50. I’d love to Stan at a game, he’d explode… :-)
    I’d still be delighted with a draw at the Bridge. It’s not gonna be easy down there.

  51. Anti~biotics Rico

  52. micko I ll love to. Bash theo on the head. Show chamakh where the goal post is and kick squillaci in the groin to keep him out longer…..hi ya AK, robin is about to sign. Great news huh!

  53. Stan that’s great news amigo. Hope they both sign long deals and that is the positive message the club needs to send out. It’ll also hopefully encourage new possible signings that Arsenal are on the way back.

  54. You know me kev…I ll be like a walking time bomb. About to blow any complacent fool to bits….but I ll rather be in the spudies dressing room. That way I ll blow arry the twichty and his band of monkeys to smithereens.

  55. Stan you always cheer me up.

  56. Yeah kev and don’t forget…jack the lad ll be back after christmas. We really have turned the corner. I think we ll get a result at the bridge Kev. I have a hunch.

  57. How do kev, there’s no easy games.
    goonster, that wasn’t quite as i pictured it but it might just work.
    rico, sort it out.

  58. That’s what am here for my man that’s what am here for….hey micko we really have turned the corner. You ll see just wait till the weekend. Gervinho ll turn up so ll robin we only need theo to be on the same wavelength. We ll get a result my man. I can feel it.

  59. Hey Mick, how’s things over there? We’ve been getting some heavy downpours over ‘ere but i heard you was all wearing flippers over there.

  60. Stan i share your optimism amigo, but whatever the result, i think Arsenal have turned a corner.
    From what i understand, Wenger plans to play a stronger side in the next round of the Carling Cup. So expect some of our talented kids to go out on loan. Hopefully to EPL clubs, as Aneke is rumoured to be on point of.

  61. Tea break over. Lata ya’ll.

  62. Afternoon all,
    Now i know Robin is having a great spell and at the moment he is looking as the best striker going, Well i like Robin as well but when you look at his age and think he may sign a 4 year contract, that can also turn against us, if his form were to dip or injury were to reacur Of course i want Robin to resign but i would be happier if we did it in 2 year contracts, Ju Park the ox and Campbell could all come good and we still have others as well. or am i wrong.

  63. Micko, your Wemley comment ,could be on the money there mate

  64. Kev, if the sun shines here its a bonus, a policeman lost his life yesterday, dragged away in a river, the flooding has been terrible, seems to be the way the last couple of years.

  65. Where did that happen Micko

  66. Yeah Mick, i heard some girl drowned as well.
    You take care [ and Paul ].

  67. You in Dublin Micko?

  68. Steve, sorry losing track of my days, it was tuesday, the policeman drowned in wicklow and a girl drowned in her basement in dublin, most of the country at some point was under water at last year.

  69. TT, i’m in kerry. ESP is up the county though, studying in dublin.

  70. Not seen the news for a couple of days , and never realised flooding was happening The mrs just said about it. i must be walking round the only bloke that does’t know, What a plank

  71. Heh I’m in the Peoples Republic of Cork :)

  72. What is our next draw in the Carling Cup? upsss… it’s just on the 29th october

  73. TT, i was in clonakilty last week for a couple of days, a good time was had.

  74. Clon is lovely. I rented an apartment there for a week during the summer for few years while the boy’s where smaller. Never got the chance to go to many of the pub’s though.

  75. So everyone here the regimented blah blah blah at the AGM today, I really don’t know why they bother having it. It’s all media managed and you only hear the same old tired excuses said. Nothing will change with Syan and Wenger in charge, the only way it will is fan pressure and that won’t happen while some are still blind to the issues we have. I mean what really did we learn from the AGM that we didn’t already know?

  76. Sounds as if PHW was up to his usual form at the AGM.
    Why doesn’t he just book into a care home..?

  77. Haven’t seen what went on Sam?

  78. Because they don’t serve alcohol AK ;)

  79. Spot on AK……but on the other hand imagine what would happen if in an old people’s home there are ARSENAL supporters and some scum supporters. He would get it from the ARSENAL supporters for fucking it all balls up and would get it from the scum since they hate anything to do with those who have won a lot since 1961.

    That is why he is so scared to go to an old people’s home.

    We can only comment on this and that. But then he gets the best view in the ground while you pay for his seat and work your socks off to manage.

  80. ….and another thing, at an old people’s home they do not serve the luscious cigars he likes.

  81. I don’t care about the first bit devil ;)

    Cigars, he won’t want them without his stiff drink ;)

  82. For once Ian Wright has spoken some sense……..

    “What I do know is that, if Terry was proved to be guilty of hurling racist abuse, then his real punishment would come when he goes back to the Chelsea training ground.

    That’s when he would have to look into the eyes of team-mates like Didier Drogba, Ashley Cole, Daniel Sturridge, John Obi Mikel, Florent Malouda, Salomon Kalou, Ramires, Jose Bosingwa, Nicolas Anelka, Michael Essien and Co.

    He’s their captain, their leader and the feeling would not be pleasant for him”

    Or are they big enough mugs to believe him and still clap their captain???

  83. I read that too devil – i was amazed to read that Cashley is defending him though….

  84. I have just read that piece about Roman being voted out of owning all the ground at stamford bridge. And I asked myself “What happens if Kroenke and/or Usmanov buy the whole club 100% and dies? Will his heirs decide to fold the club and sell it to investors and developers?

    This sends shivers down my spine. Why cant we give Rome back to the people of Rome? Same as Barcelona and Real Madrid? Why doesnt the Arsenal Supporters Trust do something about this?

    Heaven help us the day Arsenal become the sole possession of just one person.

  85. I am not sure either will ever get 100% devil, the AST won’t sell their shares, i am sure…

  86. I’m off guys, you all be good and stay safe…

    Nighty all…

  87. Evening Rico.
    John Cross was at the AGM i believe, so he might have something to write about tomorrow.

  88. Hello & Goodbye Rico.

  89. According to the Le Grove Twitter, the was also journos from the Telegraph and currant bun.

  90. At the AGM that is.

  91. Hi AK, just booking off and caught you – JC likes doesn’t he??

  92. Guess i missed you :(

    Night then….

  93. devilgunner. The AST won’t do a thing about it. Even if they wanted to every proposal would be put down via a board vote

    See the problems re private ownership?

    Fuck the AST anyway, traitors!

  94. New Post up

    alan, why are they traitors?

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