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Who else could save the day, other than our currently-indispensible captain?

The pre-match main talking point was whether he would start today or not.

During a mid-week presser, Arsene hinted that Robin may be kept in reserve in order to give him a breather and keep his minutes from ballooning out of control.  The other main point is whether or not we could continue our good recent run of results, continue climbing the league table, and add to what has become a pretty good home record this season.

Our previous three home wins came against sides really struggling at the time; Stoke are far more formidable and a far different proposition from the likes of Swansea, Bolton and Sunderland.

Last season, we struggled to scrape a 1-0 win here, and took a 3-1 drubbing at the Brittania.  A win would move us closer to the top four, while a Stoke win could potentially move them up to fifth.  So there was plenty at stake for both sides…

To nobody’s surprise, Robin made the bench this afternoon, with Chamakh getting the start in his place, yet another opportunity to show that he can be a reliable goal-scorer for us.  JD retained his place in Jenks’ continued absence, and Ramsey and Gerv returned to the starting eleven at the expense of Rosicky and Arsh (who started at the Velodrome on Wednesday).

We lined up Szczesny, JD, Kos, Mert, Santos, Arteta, Song, Ramsey, Theo, Chamakh, and Gerv.  Song led the team out as captain which was a nice show of faith from Arsene and recognition for Song’s recent excellent performances.

Our subs were Fab, Frim, Benny, Rosicky, Arsh, Ju and Robin.

Note there is no natural defender in that group,  Arsene clearly intended to use Song as his emergency centre back in case something happened to Mert, Kos, or JD (with Kos possibly shifting to right in the event of a problem with JD).

As with recent matches, we started quickly, looking for an early goal.  Stoke did not sit back, as they attacked as well, making for an open start.  With ten minutes gone, we should have opened the scoring, as Theo won a corner, Arteta whipped the ball in and an unmarked Chamakh made an absolute mess of his header, unable to even hit the target.  Not an encouraging start from our off-form striker…

Both sides continued to pressure, as both Walters and Arteta shot wide from decent positions.  Ramsey then drove his shot narrowly wide but the opener was not long in coming and in the 26th minute, Gerv got us on the scoreboard.  Ramsey made the goal, chipping his pass over the defence,  Gerv chested the ball down and fired low past Begovic to get us on the board.

Gerv then almost created a goal, storming past Wilkinson and sending in a fine low cross across the goal face.  Unfortunately, no red shirt was far enough forward to turn the cross in and the chance dissipated.

Stoke remained a threat, and on 34 minutes they equalized, albeit in slightly controversial circumstances.  Stoke were awarded a free-kick for a soft Kos foul on Crouch.  While our players may have felt slightly aggrieved at the whistle, they would have been better advised to concentrate on defending the delivery.

Whelan put the free kick in, we had a couple of chances to clear, didn’t, and Walters headed it across goal for Crouch to tuck away.  Back to square one…

Just a couple of minutes later, Wilkinson appeared to bring Chamakh down in the Stoke box as we tried to regain the lead but the referee waved play on.  Stoke got a few more free kicks and forced a corner, but we defended these reasonably well.  In the first minute of stoppage time, Chamakh had another golden opportunity, beating Upson to Arteta’s fine cross, but directing his shot wide when he should have once again hit the target.

The half-time whistle went a few seconds later.

Arsene did not make any chances at the break and we started the second half quickly.  Gerv continued to cause problems down the flanks, with him and Theo forcing corners which came to nothing.   As we continued to labor to create an opening, the fans started to chant for Robin.  Arsene waited 65 minutes, but when he finally brought our captain on for the disappointing Chamakh, it almost paid instant dividends, as his first touch was a fine cross which just eluded Ramsey at the far post.

Nevertheless, the substitution was decisive, as Robin restored our lead 17 minutes from time.  First half scorer Gerv turned provider as he cut the ball back for Robin to turn it home between Begovic and his post.  Pulis responded by bringing strikers Jones and Jerome on, and they combined to create a chance, as Jones headed down, but Jerome was unable to divert the ball in.

Eight minutes from time, we made the game safe.  Gerv once again did some great work down the left, crossing for Robin to convert his second and our third.

We pressed for a fourth, and both Gerv and Frim (who replaced the latter just after 90 minutes) had chances.  No matter, three was enough and we saw the stoppage time out comfortably.  Our third consecutive win in all competitions, and sixth consecutive home win (again in all competitions) moving us up to seventh in the table, with 13 points.

No, we are still not yet “back”, but we finally appear to get “getting there”, provided we keep the momentum going.

On thing that pleases me about our run is that we are more or less doing it under the radar.  This weekend’s plaudits go to Man City, and rightly so.  For our players and manager, it is past time to discuss what we can/will do, and take care of business without any background noise.

For us supporters on all sides of our current divide, it’s time to give the players and manager credit for bringing ourselves back from the depths to a respectable position.  It is also time to take one result at a time without going overboard on the back of a couple of wins and ramping expectations up through the roof.  Today we beat the best opponent we faced at home since Liverpool in week two, and got only our second league win by a 2-plus goal margin.

The next step surely must be to improve our wretched away league form.  Last season’s best Prem away side currently “boasts” just one point from a possible 12, with a whopping fourteen conceded.  Our next task is formidable indeed:  Stamford Bridge in Saturday’s early kickoff.  Nine-man Chelsea lost at Loftus Road this afternoon, so we will face them with Drogba and Luiz suspended. (Cole will miss the CC fixture to serve his automatic ban)

They are always difficult to beat at home and besides our excellent 3-1 home win over them at the end of last year, they have had our number recently.  We should approach the match confident and looking for a result  but if we don’t get one, I won’t consider it to be a halt in momentum, in light of the opposition quality and experience.

In other words, a win will be great, and a loss will not be the end of the world.  Our respective performance will be a mitigating factor, but we will not be able to assess things until after the final whistle, so there is little point in even mentioning that now.

So a good result and another step forward but that is not to say that things are perfect.  We still have a large injury list and our squad still shows signs that it is a work in progress.  For me, this moment’s most critical issue is that of our second striker.

Once again, Chamakh was provided an opportunity and once again, he utterly failed.  Arsene robustly defended the former during this past week, emphatically declaring he would not be sold in January.  While I can hardly expect Arsene to slap a “For Sale” note on Chamakh’s forehead, I think it is perfectly reasonable to question the latter’s long-term future here.

While Robin came on to save our bacon, I would prefer that he didn’t have to do so.  The fact that he did is more attributable to Chamakh’s ineffectiveness than anything else.

From this comes the question, how many chances are enough?

Since Robin returned to our lineup at the end of last year, Chamakh has contributed two paltry goals (one against Leyton Orient in the FA Cup), and little else, despite numerous substitute appearances and the occasional spot start.  Even the performances where he didn’t score but looked good and dangerous are few and far between…

This is not to heap all the blame on our lack of other-than-Robin-scoring on Chamakh.  That claim is grossly unfair, as there are plenty of starting eleven players who get far more minutes than he, and show little for it.  Robin and Theo were the only players who scored regularly in the first few weeks, and the latter has now dropped off the proverbial cliff.  Gerv got his second today, and the likes of Arsh, Ramsey, Benny, Song and Arteta have chipped in with the odd goal here and there but not nearly enough as a team.

But Chamakh is under the spotlight for two reasons:  he is Robin’s direct substitute, and is therefore expected to contribute the scoring; and he showed during last autumn that he is (was) capable of carrying the load.  That is now a distant memory and each successive ineffective performance does less and less to justify his place in our squad.

I just hope Arsene clearly knows when little/nothing will be enough with Chamakh.  I don’t think this can continue indefinitely – either Chamakh finds some semblance of form, or its someone else’s turn to try and provide goal scoring cover for Robin…

I want the guy to succeed, I admired his work at the start of last season but this is a results-driven business, not a charity.  If Chamakh can no longer do the job, then we have look elsewhere for a reliable second striker…

Chamakh conundrum aside, this was a solid win and a reasonably good performance.

While everyone did not shine, I thought we combined better than in recent weeks – perhaps a sign of the gelling process our squad is undergoing.  In addition to Robin, I thought Gerv in particular stood out.  Ditto for Ramsey, especially considering the emotional scars he may still carry from the Brittania two seasons ago.

At face value, this win isn’t that much more than a routine three points.  Beneath the surface, it’s tangible evidence that improvement is taking place before our eyes, with results and league position further reflecting this.

So let’s quietly keep this run going, stay under the radar and win our matches; one morning the rest of the league will wake up to see us right near the very top of the table, and wonder “Where did THEY come from?”

Written by Oliver

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95 comments on “Who else could save the day, other than our currently-indispensible captain?

  1. Morning all…

    Good post oliver, thank you

    Chamakh is clearly low in confidence, will he get another chance in the CC?

    I suspect so but will we see RvP on the bench ‘just in case’ – I suspect so too…..

  2. Morning all,

    Weren’t we a “one man team” when Fabregas was around?! So shouldn’t we be a no man team now??

    An any way Gervinho scored one and assisted two, don’t see that mentioned too much in the headlines!

    Good read Oliver!

  3. Hi ESP –

    I’ve yet to watch the game but will be later, Seen the Chamakh misses – if only they had gone in, he’d get his confidence back, he needs a lucky break…

    I’m just pleased we beat an in-form side and got three points, let the confidence carry on building and take each game at a time….

  4. And yes, we were a one man team when Fabregas was with us, same could be siad about when Henry was with Arsenal too….

  5. I have yet to see any of the highlights thanks to my cheap student life-style! :(

    Will hopefully see them tonight, I think Chamakh might not be have a bad player if he played up front with RVP.

  6. Morning all

    I was hoping for 4 points from the two games against Stoke and Chelsea and we have completed the 1 part of that. We may even get more if we can keep the defense tight again and take our chances but that’s for another day.

    To the game yesterday:
    1) TW is now our worst player IMHO. He is so one dimensional it’s painful to watch. Why AW preserves with him is a mystery, I know he offers a bit more defensively than Ox but surly Benny could come in and do a job on the right.
    2) Kozzer fast approaching being our best CB and for me is a candidate for the team of the season.
    3) Stezenczczczczcy is no Messi so please stop the fancy foot work outside your penalty area!
    4) JD is surprising me as a RB. Maybe not having to defend centrally is helping him regain his confidence and if so we have another good CB on our hands.
    5) Gervinho and RvP seem to be developing an understanding which is fucking fantastic for us :)
    6) After a few assists and goals from Ger it will be the case of Na$ri who?
    7) Chamack needs goals desperately. he is getting into the right positions but it is just not happening for him :(

  7. 7th place with 13 points. Arsenal, nowhere near the top 4. Stoke are a poor side I dont gain any encouragement from this result. We would have lost this game if VP did not come on. Wenger will buy cheap poor quality in January, VP will get injured and we will drop back down the league. Sorry but this team is an insult to our history.

  8. Did you guys see the look on fuck faced fergie last night? It was priceless. I ve never laughed so hard in years. God that was some weekend. Morning all.

  9. TT agree with you on the Walcott situation, I have no idea either why Wenger puts up with his terrible displays..

    -MistaKen I really hope January brings in some new faces and gets rid of some i’m sick of looking at! I still hold high hopes for the Jan transfer window!

    Why is there always so many hot girls in the Library… trying to study here..

  10. Dude please move over to legrove…mistaken? You sure look like you are! What a turd.

  11. ESP you slick bastard let the ladies be and focus on your own stuff. Hahahahha. Alright tell me…..quietly. Any blonde among them? Am a sucker for those.

  12. Yup there sure is! The simple joys of college! ;)

  13. Morning TT, goonster

    Got to pop off this morning for a couple of hours, back around lunch-time, have a good one :)

  14. Goddamn you ESP….am working here. Don’t fill me head with college fantasies.

  15. Ha sorry!

    Does anyone know what day we play in the carling cup? And can’t believe they’re showing United over us…

  16. Sorry goonster. Please dont be cross with me. I promis never to criticise our team ever again. I promise to agree with your wise words for ever and ever. Can I stay now

  17. Great stuff yesterday huh,TT? Great weekend to be a gooner. Most of my manc mates have disappeared seems like they vanished or something and they are not picking their calls. Funny isn’t it. Yet these same punks called me all the way till mid night after the rout at old toilet.

  18. LOL goonster that’s always the way. They are happy to dish it out but when it come’s to being on the receiving end they suddenly remember that they have a pressing appointment somewhere else :)

  19. Its not funny mistaken…..you re really ticking me off. Drop the act already.

  20. Ignore the spud troll goonster….

  21. Yeah I bet they ll all reappear when they thonk….who are they playing again? Oh well who cares fuck them.

  22. How about kozzer for man of the season so far….a lot of people scream about robin…rightly so but nobody seem to be noticing kozzer. He’s just plugging away. Getting better and better with each game. Do I dare say this? I ll prefer kozzer over vermaelin…..wait for it TT. I ll be torn to bits cause of that last comment!

  23. Good morning guys and Chicks.

    Sick again. This bloody flu just wont go.

    TT…..you were surprised by JD. Maybe, just maybe, AW has found another right back by mistake. So that would allow Jenks to move on the wing when BS returns. Bale started as left back. Now he plays as left wing also. You never know.

    MistaKen…..do you really think that this team is an insult to our history or to your bragging rights?? I think its the latter. So before you write something think about whether or not it is insulting to real Arsenal supporters. We do appreciate your opinion whether we agree or not, but insult AFC and you will be given the road map to Le Grove.;

  24. Morning Rico. If Wenger does nothing else in January he must get rid of Chamakh and put a fair wedge of dosh into getting another world class striker at the club. It will cost up to £30 million but, if he can persuade someone to pay £15 million for Chamakh ( can’t see it myself) then that will go a long way towards it. We really don’t need any Italian strikers over 30 and in the twilight of their careers. What about a cheeky loan deal for Tevez perhaps?

  25. Goonster, I saw the look on SAF (Six At Fulltime) but the look on Pulis’ face was even more priceless when the 3rd went in. Man, I would really love to sink my fist in both their and walrus’ faces.

  26. Morning All, good write up Oliver. So we are not the only team to lose by 6 goals at Old Trafford then…..wouldn’t have bet the other team to be Man U though! Good solid win and moving in the right direction. Llorente has been mentioned in the press to replace Chamakh, anyone know anything about him?

  27. No way DG….I wouldn’t wanna stain my paws on their pox ridden exterior. I ll rather smash them in with a base ball bat. New york yankees style.

  28. goonster I would not put much between Kozzer and Vermalien right now and if Kozzer keeps this up he will have edged Vermalien as our top defender but lets see how consistent he will be for the rest of the season first. DG interesting about Jenkinson as a winger, he sure as hell would offer more there than Walcott right now but then again so would I! JD Should stay as a RB for few more games a least and allow him to build up some confidence, once he has the game time I’m sure he will start showing us how good he really is and give us back the JD we were all praising a year ago.

    As for a new striker I have not given up on Chamack yeat. Don’t forget that he was fantastic same time last year when RvP was injured and if he can mend his brittle confidence he’ll come back.

  29. TT, right now I think its the BFG that is at risk here. Kozzer has performed admirably since the game against BB. You know what I like about our no6? He just doesn’t let mistakes weigh him down. He picks himself up and get on with the game. At this rate he ll soon become one of the best defenders in the premier league. When verm comes back….he sure has a fight in his hands. Come on kozzer come on.

  30. Wow…quiet day here. Guess I ll pop off for a while too. See you guys.

  31. I have given up on Chamakh because I believe the evidence of my own eyes. He is not Arsenal quality for me.

  32. Howdy all

    We are seventh still along way to go but atleast we are winning ages…..Chamaka not suer about him but I want to see Park play

  33. Morning all,
    Good post Oliver detailed as usual. My main concern is the press, ever since RVP’s news about his contract, the press have tried to make Arsenal a one man team and although RVP has scored many goals he is still part of the team, when the press were after Wengers head all they wrote was negative Wenger stories and when they realised that Wenger was here for at least till the end of his contract, have now moved on to RVP. Robin is a good striker but is he doing that much better than the other goal scorers in the league, They have started off making him out to be the only player thats playing while a lot of good work is being done by all our players, we have come through a rough patch, and i don’t believe we are through that now, but we are more confident and its building week by week, it will be a slow recovery but we are moving in the right direction, although we are delighted with Robin’s contribution we should play this down a bit, and remind everybody that we still have new players that we may see one day in the near future, Arsenal is not a one man team and the guys that supplied the assists hardly get a mention we should try and build all of their confidences up, as if we do lose him down the road, the team will get bombarded with negative comments.

  34. Do you want a solid team for the game vs the Chavs??? How about this then!!! 4-4-1-1 as usual


    Ramsey, Song, Coquelin, Santos

    Believe me mates. That team has a lot of weight and a solid look about it. It wont be easily messed about.

    What say all of you about this team???

    I know its putting our 4 centrehalves at risk but the game vs the chavs is a must win game for us.

    BDW…..I think someone up there must have heard my prayers regarding Terry. He may be suspended if the racial claims are to be believed.

  35. Afternoon Gooners.
    Not a very good post at all Oliver…. :-()
    It was quite lightweight….. lol
    Nah… Only joking.
    Good to hear Djourou did so well. Maybe Wenger has stumbled onto a new utility defender. Hope Johann gets a run of games and rebuilds his confidence. Good also to have some added height to defend to defend against our agricultural opponants.
    As you write Oliver, keeping a low profile is good.
    Lets see where we are in Jan/Feb.

  36. Blimey Ak. How do you manage to drive, send emails and post on HH at the same time??? Probably answering your mobile as well. That’s not the right way.

    lol. ;)

    Do you like my team Kev??? It will surely put the Chavs, the scum, PLC and shitty in their place. I feel it has a solid look about it. WSU??

  37. I like that team DG. Park the bus. Get a point.

  38. I ve seen the footage DG he did say “blind” not black….but I still hope he gets banned for the game or better still have a freakish bike accident with mikel!

  39. I’m parked up waiting for a job, coach. It’s very slow in London today. I think that Adam & his mates must be using the tube & bus…
    How are you feeling today…?
    See that we’re linked to some 17 year old Welsh defender.
    Good to see AW/Brady & co looking at British youngsters.

  40. Hi Stan. Terry getting banned is unlikely but no Drogba is great for us. That guy has been a right pain in the backside for us.

  41. Maybe Arteta goes in for Santos instead. Benayoun cant play so it has to be Aaron on the right. Had Jenks been ok I would have put him on the right.

    Subs I would have Fabianski, AA, Theo,Frimps,Gibbs,Santos/Arteta

    That team does not park the bus AK. It will camp in the opponents half and stay there, because they will not manage to get out of it.

  42. Heard that Anzhi want Squillaci. Lets have a whip around and collect some money for AK to drive him to the airport in his taxi. lol.

    How much do you think they will pay for him???

    Persuade them that you are not playing him because he is so priceless. Come on Arsene……use what Myles calls you with…Spin and deceit. Once in a while it should work.

  43. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s game vs Bolton.
    It’ll be interesting to see how some of the youngsters i saw in pre~season have developed and how they fare against a strongish EPL opponant.
    Park C Young to get 90 mins hopefully.
    Who knows? Verm even?

  44. I dont want Terry suspended. 1st of all these allegations will never be proven and secondly what makes you guy’s think it would be a bonus for us if he does not play?
    Think of this:

    We don’t pump high balls into the box so Terry’s main attribute wont be utilized that much IE winning balls in the air.

    Secondly he is as slow as a wet week! push Theo or Ger close to him on occasions and try to release them. He will either loose them or foul them.

    Terry playing could well be a bigger asset to us than if he was not and if our wingers and strikers concentrate on exposing Terry we could well get max points from the game.

  45. Afternoon…..

  46. Where do I send the money to ensure AK can drive Squlli to the airport ;)

    Nice to hear Song saying he was proud yesterday to be captain, so he should be….

  47. I think a lot of you are praising J.D out of relief rather than looking at the performance as a whole.Whilst I agree that he is a solid defender when out of the firing line, but a natural right back he is not. Although I would bench Walcott for a few games to liven him up , I felt for him yesterday as very little came down the right as Djourou took the easy option time and time again by going inside. I was impressed however with Gervinho when he moved to the right , I think he is more dangerous there than left. Against the Chavs I would swap Arshavin for Walcott , let Arshavin have the first hour and bring Walcott on for the rest .

    BTW :- Afternoon all.

  48. Potter I don’t think the fact that Theo got little of the ball yesterday has anything to do with JD taking easy options. time and time again he was in space but many players choose not to pass to him but to Gervinho instead. It’s because they know that TW is far less likely to produce anything when he has the ball but Gervinho on the other hand may just get a goal and/or a assist.

    JD was playing out of position which makes his performance even better but you are right he is not a natural RB by any means.

  49. Hi Potter

    Got to pop off again, back later….

  50. I remember Arteta twisting and turning in the middle yesterday looking for a pass , the only one available was Djourou and he chose to go back the other way. It slowed down progression and the one thing that Theo needs is quick ball. However as I said earlier it would probably do Walcott good to be left out a few times and be aware that his place is not automatic.

  51. morning all…thanx 4 the comments…i think i read somewhere that arsene indicated ju will start the cc tie versus bolton. surely robin will not be in the squad, so unless arsene has a change of mind, chamakh will be back on the bench.

    chamakh’s situation notwithstanding, we really do need to find out what we have with ju…

  52. Kev. I am waiting in Piccadilly, outside The Wolseley, for a cab. Where are you when I need you?

  53. Damn i’m at Marylebone.
    Are you still there?

  54. Interesting observation Oliver, ie ‘the divide’, as in the fans.
    There’s a similar scenario at Wolves with the fans divided over the stewardship of Mick McCarthy.
    Seems to be a growing thing with modern footie/fans.

  55. Anyone know what TV station(s) the CC game with Bolton is on tomorrow?

  56. Sorry Kev. On my way home now. Lovely day though. Catch you soon though mate.

  57. ooooyyy AK. Where are you???

    I am waiting for a cab beside my bed!!!


  58. Tommy Hoban, Elliott Hewitt and Lewis Dunk. All youth players who are alreadt playing in the lower divisions. For a change AW and Brady are looking in the lower divisions…..and as AK said in an email it does feel good to see them looking in England for new blood. And all three play at the back.

    Now for Matt Lecointe (forward) at Plymouth. Watch out for this guy my friends. He is quite good.

  59. Good write up Oliver, thought you summed up the chamakh situation pretty well, he has to start taking his chances now, no more excuses.
    TT, don’t think we are on the box anywhere tomorrow night, might have to settle for highlights.

  60. Catch up with ya at the Xmas party season Adam… :-)
    DG, selling Squillaci to some rich Russians has a nice sound to it.
    Rico… Squill to Heathrow is a freebie… :-)
    Oliver, did ya see the game at Wembley yesterday?
    Did it get good coverage in the US…?

  61. TV is back in training could be in contention for the CC game against bolton. Happy days. Things are beginning to look up guys. All we need now is wilshere to come back and for wenger to buy in January. Crisis what crisis. COYGs!

  62. Afternoon again guys and gals, any news??

    Thanks AK, that’s good news, if you get stuck, i’d take him for for free too ;)

  63. Afternoon rico….can’t stop smiling. Hope my boss won’t think am on some cheap drugs or something. Anyway I saw a couple of manure fans during lunch and they all look like trolls breathing fire through their nostrils. Vile tempered lot. Lol.

  64. Hiya goonster – i’m doing the same as i hope the arsenal players will do, enjoy the win yes, but we haven’t too much to brag about, not yet – I feel sorry for the manure fans, it’s horrid being battered in such a fasion…..
    ;) ;)

  65. as they say, rico, “what goes around, comes around” now united know how it feels when it happens to then. they should also note, that when they smashed eight past us, we didn’t complain…we asked no quarter and got none…they would do well to remember that…

  66. Eeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhh. You feel sorry for the Manure fans Rico???? It is horrid being battered………let them feel what we felt. I dont feel sorry for them.

  67. Hi oliver, fine post again…

    Spot on, my knock them down a peg or two…

    goonster – did you not spot my two little winks at the end of my comment :P

  68. thanks…btw, i am leaving town again tonight and will be gone for most of the week…so no bolton report, i am afraid.

  69. i am just waiting for someone affiliated with united to complain about how city racked the score up late…they’ve had that coming to them for a long, long time…i kinda wish it was us that did it.

  70. of course, when you quit like dogs at the end, why wouldn’t the opposition stroll in and score?

  71. No worries oliver, you have a safe trip….

    i liked the Citeh guy who said we score a couple in ‘Fergie time’ – made me chuckle….

    I really wish it had been us but that won’t happen for a while sadly and not until we sign a couple of class players at least…

  72. Manure have been quite clever today, after their battering they announced that Hernandez has signed a new five year contract….

    Not that that will deflect any defeat eh ;)

  73. So Terryvis a racist or not?

  74. hard to say, sam…as far as i know the footage of what he said to a. ferdinand appears inconclusive…this will probably go much the same was of the evra – suarez controversy from last weekend.

    no surprise on chicharito’s new deal. i parallel him kinda with chamakh…both arrived in the same off-season to add options to strike-forces…i think sections of both supporters were felt their teams could have done better…chicharito started slowly, chamakh started on-fire…fourteen months later, the roles are completely reversed.

    red nose uses chicharito in manner that highlights the player’s best attributes.

  75. Hi Sam

    I don’t think Anton has made any complaint just yet, all this has surfaced from some ‘lip reader’ – but, i strongly suspect he is ;)

  76. I wonder if Chamakh will ever find form or will he opt out of the PL and try somewhere else….

    He needs to have a cracker tomorrow, that’s what will lift him…

  77. GS, terry ain’t the brightest bulb in the shop, he’s proved that in the past so nothing would surprise me, I think it will all be brushed under the carpet.

  78. Just saw a manure fan fuming apparently he drove by a traffic light. He’s being harangue as we speak. You need to see his face guys. Contorted like fergie’s back side. What a wimp. They don’t like losing do they? Hahahahahaha what a day to be alive! Wore me arsenal shirt proudly all day. COYGs

  79. rico, i’d be happy if he could just find his boots !
    What with him and gerv going away for 2-3 in january/febuary do you think we will have enough cover.

  80. Micko…You’re probably right after all he is the England Captain….great to know people like him represent my country… :(

  81. GS, I’m pretty sure we came close to signing him when he was younger, but ken bates refused to do business with us, he didn’t get on with our board.

  82. So would i Micko and no, i don’t think we’ll have enough but hoping wenger will sort that on the 1st jan – or Ju takes his chance when and if he gets it….

  83. Im sure you have all seen it but in cas you haven’t here it is:


    A link on this website anyway.

    He says he was repeating the allegation to Anton and denying it….doesn’t look like that to me!

    You’re right but I heard that the reason was that Roman came in and saved the club otherwise he was ours..a lucky escape!

  84. So JD says if we beat Chelsea next weekend we can say we are back to our best…….why can’t he just keep his mouth shut. If we do lose (I think unfortunately very likely) what will he say then…’We have learnt from this’ Blah blah blah blah…

  85. Spot On Sam, we have a long long way to go yet to be back to our best….

    Unless of course he thinks this is our best…

    If it is, then heaven help us…..

  86. Spot on Sam. JD should just keep it zipped.
    He’s not exactly done anything this season, to be able to brag about anything.

  87. AK, they all need to keep it zipped, let the football talk, not the players….

  88. Off for dinner, back in a bit….

  89. hello!
    Djourou isn’t a right back. He are not able to make a correct cross and not run quickly with the ball.
    TW isn’t a mysterious. He is good with free space for run and go through the goal. Not for organize the game and runs way for the physic contact.
    Chamack is good back to the goal but poor in quality with his feet. He is a center forward but easy to mark because he always back to the goal.
    Park plays tomorrow? We need a center forward and midfields. Do you know if Squill play tomorrow? I didn’t understand why we haven’t any defender at the bench testeday….

  90. Hi JM,

    Prob because Song could drop back, risky…

    Maybe Kos or Merts will play but sadly I think it will be Squilli…

  91. i’m off guys, catch you all tomorrow..

    nighty night….

  92. According to Arsenal Youth the centre~backs will be Squillaci& Miquel with Boateng on the bench.
    Full~back is more problematic. Yennaris & Meade have been training with the first team ahead of the tie.

  93. Morning guys…

  94. AK, I hope Wenger doesn’t put Meade at LB, his best position is in midfield according to .com…

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