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Carlos Tevez could be the Next Maradona! Song is Happy for Buddy Ade!!

Fun Day Friday…..

Aren’t you just glad we don’t have players who refuse to play when asked? Ok, we had a sulky Anelka years back, an Adebayor who made it clear he wanted out to earn a better wage and Nasri for the same reason but I don’t think any of them actually refused to play when asked.

The saga going on with Tevez is laughable, he’s now been banned from playing for two weeks and he’s not even allowed to train either so how is he supposed to keep his fitness up and his trim figure in shape?

Which brings me back to him being the next Maradona.

You can see it now, can't you ;)

Still, at least he has been offered a lifeline by Irish minnows Limavady!

On a serious note though, how many clubs could afford to lose a player of Tevez’s quality for two weeks? No matter what has been alleged, surely this should all be sorted out quietly and out of the eyes of the press and until the truth has been established, Tevez should be training and playing if needed.

Imagine if that was RvP, we couldn’t afford for him not to play, he’s our key striker but I guess it all comes down to Citeh having so much money and so many players, they have that luxury of casting Tevez aside for two weeks and paying him £500k for doing nothing.

I don’t know what to believe, the club say one thing, the player another but if it comes out that he did refuse to play the likelihood is that he will be sold in January or loaned out for the rest of the season.

If it’s the latter, I wouldn’t mind Wenger taking him on loan for five months, would you?

Most players perform well for four of five months when they have ‘issues’, then they start to fade, by which time he’ll be gone again.

Talking of sulkers, Alex Song has been talking about Adebayor.

I know in the big games he will want to show he is not ‘dead’. Everyone put him down when he went to Manchester City but I am very happy for him.

We know Adebayor is a very good player and I am very happy for him now. He is my friend and has started playing well for Tottenham.

But I just want us to go there, try to play and win. He may be my friend but on the pitch it is different – I just have to do my job.

I agree with him, Adebayor is a very good player and he will be out to prove a point against us on Sunday but all friendship between players must go out the window. This NLD isn’t about buddies it’s about shedding blood for the club we all love and coming away with three points and letting Spurs know they remain in our shadow, no matter how much they want to believe otherwise.

Our players need to be up for this coming weekend, I know we all are……

Have a good day all….

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104 comments on “Carlos Tevez could be the Next Maradona! Song is Happy for Buddy Ade!!

  1. Moaning all…

    Just read Silent Stan has spoken in an interview… Shock horror…

  2. Morning Rico,

    Stan talks and what a load of shit it is as well……!

    Nothing about what the fans actually want to hear about the future and his vision for the club just crap about wenger and selling players and his complete lack of football knowledge it seems…!

  3. Morning rico. And now the Manshitty courting of RvP will start in ernest so they can replace Tevez. Would not blame him if he went to be honest unless the manager spends thats exsactly what he will do. As for Adeoffsidebyor i’m not at all worried about him, we know his qualitys and his weak side. just consentraite on the first and exsploid the latter. And as for stay away Stan he will have to do a hell of a lot more to convince me that he is the right guy for the club.

  4. Morning Wath, i thought similar, i thought it was his decision to sell nasri?

    he’s hopeless…. and of course he’d back a manager who is looking after his money….

  5. Morning TT,

    I don’t think RvP would go for money, not to them anyway – but lack of wengers ambition, yes – i wouldn’t blame him for leaving if things don’t change…

    I’m convinced on Stan, convinced he is not the right person to own the majority of arsenal shares…

  6. He’s simply there to make a quick buck when he flogs his shares to Usmanov….!

    Complete waste of time and all the while we stagnate as a club…!

  7. Morning all…SS has spoken but said jack-shit!!

  8. Sooner that happens the better too Wath..

    Morning Lee – indeed, he’s hopeless…

  9. He wont let it stagnate as it will decrease the worth of the club. Stan is a money man and understands that if he wants quick buck he needs to improve on things so either he’ll sell soon or starts demanding inprovements from the manager.

  10. Guys stop picking on me….I did say anything to daily telegraph and lee I definitely did not say “jack shit”….morning folks. Good to see them fine faces on here today. You all left me hanging yesterday so its yellow for all.

  11. The way things are going the value of his shares will decrease rapidly, AU must be sat rubbing his hands together…

  12. Now to Sunday. Anyone know who is fit for that game?

  13. Am sorry Rico but who’s to say AU won’t be worse. Am just saying. He does have this air about him that frightens the bejesus out of me. Don’t get me wrong…I hate my namesake so much I wanna smack him on his mushy upper lip but russians are weirdos. Just saying.

  14. but you are goonster now, goonster ;)

  15. Hi TT looks like kozzer won’t be fit for this one. So am afraid its song on defense duty again. Now buying the mert doesn’t seem like a bad idea now does it…oh arsene when will you ever learn.

  16. I think Theo, Gerv and Kos will be back…

  17. goonster – did you see the report that Mert wanted to join us last summer?

    And, what is proved that many of us were right, we needed another CH, JD and TV’s fitness will always be a doubt imho….

  18. I did rico…wenger baffles me with his decision making. No wonder gervinho and theo exhibit the same on the pitch. Shambles I tell ya shambles.

  19. Rico I don’t mean to scare ya or set the cat among the mice but I ll bet you we won’t be seeing TV any time soon. The reason wenger bought mertesaecker is cause he knew TV ll be out longer than he said. I smell a huge fat rat and its got cover up written all over it.

  20. That is also what i think about TV goonster, maybe we will see him 2012?

    But, this demonstrates just how crazy wenger can be, he knew about Jack and TV when the transfer window was open, yet all he buys is one CH – it’s madness and the shoddy board believe that’s acceptable….

    We should have got Samba or Cahill, a player who is already used to the PL….

  21. Remember how he missed the whole of last season. My gut feeling is that same problem was never corrected. It won’t be recurring if it was. Think about it. Do you see wenger buying a CB when he has TV kozzer JD skilless shit song and miquel? No way, this a man that prides himself on pure attacking football. Who else ll go gong ho against manure with a back line of jenk JD kozzer traore? Who else?

  22. It’s the other ankle goonster, not the same one as last season…

  23. We are in deep shit rico…one more injury to that defense and its game set match…that’s our season. I wouldn’t wanna risk an unfit player in kos but I wouldn’t wanna play frimpong from the start against the spudies that’s why we need our best mid fielder in there so I ll go for zzzz sagna mert kozzer gibbs song arteta ramsey walcott RVP gervinho. I ll rather risk losing kozzer for another week than lose to the spuds. After all its international football week all next week. So I guess no harm,no foul. COYGs come on!

  24. I honestly think he rested players for the CL game goonster, we should find out today if wenger does a press conference…

  25. Oh my bad….sorry. Then its morphine time….yaaaay. Tv’s on the mend.

  26. You think Rico….I have my doubts. Yeah he rested gervinho and robin. Theo, he didn’t wanna aggravate but the rest I doubt. Why would he risk song burning out by playing him. Why not play kozzer instead? This stinks Rico.

  27. Team news: Benayoun, Squillaci back training

    Arsène Wenger has revealed the latest team news ahead of the Tottenham game:

    on the players returning to training…
    Benayoun and Squillaci will be back in normal training on Friday or Saturday. Squillaci has been out for a long time so he won’t be fully match fit. Benayoun has more match fitness.

    on the players who will have tests…
    Walcott, Gervinho and Koscielny will all be late tests and very late decisions. Saturday or even Sunday morning. Walcott looks the most likely to have a chance. Koscielny maybe less. He is recovering well but the game may come too soon.

    on other teams news…
    Djourou is out. The other injuries you know about. There were no other injures from the game against Olympiacos on Wednesday night.

    IF Squilli starts against the Spuds, We are bloody Doomed….

  28. I’ll believe TV is fit, only when he’s back playing, i don’t trust the info we get on injuries – seems you could be right about Kos…

  29. I see the ladies did it again…wow. If only we could replicate some of that dominance into the men’s team. The last time we won a trophy was back in 05. Wow has it been that long? I was 17 then! Lord in heaven. I do need a trophy real bad.

  30. If skilless shit starts on sunday am gonna jump off a bridge. Anyone but him. He’s so useless. He makes titus bramble look like jaap stam. I don’t ever wanna see him in an arsenal shirt. The worst wenger signing by a mile worse than shitvestre.

  31. Boo. Good one, rico. Nice to hear Song isn’t eager to get all loveydovey with Ade. At least, if knows his priorities.

    Hey, goonster. Hope you have stocked up on your chill pills. :D

  32. Hey agag….am freaking for sure if wenger starts our no 18. You had better ring up KEV and have him on stand by with them pills.

  33. Morning Rico, all that Stan’s comments confirmed is that Wenger has to much power at the club and is accountable to noone. I bet the board saw what a silent mug Stan was and rubbed their hands in terms of being able to what they like. The only way he will realise is when the share price starts to tumble…and it will!

  34. Bramble is in the naughty corner, glad he didn’t come our way ;)

    Hi agag, he better had forget all the pals stuff and mark him out the game, all the players seem to be talking about the derby and they are up for it, better put in a display to match….

  35. Hi Sam – he’d have been better keeping quiet than coming out with the c**p he did – and you are right about wenger having so much control, too much for just a manager ….

    i strongly suspect his shares are already worth less than he paid and like i said earlier AU must be sitting and laughing, just waiting to make his move – the sooner the better imho…

  36. I think AK is off working, goonster. You have to source your pills this weekend I’m afraid. :D. Rico, all our players had damn well better know what this game means. Pride and three points!

  37. Bummer was really looking forward to some tranquilizers. Oh well at least I get to see lee.

  38. Too right agag, biggest game of the season big a country mile….

    Got to pop off, have broadband to connect up for my mum…

    Back in a bit…..

  39. I think there’s a lot that goes on in dressing rooms we don’t hear about. Mancini opened his problems to public view by dragging Tevez all the way to Germany and then sticking him on the bench for an hour. Who’s to say that wasn’t deliberate.

    Is it just coincidence that Vierra, Henry, Fabregas, etc, all played very little football for us in their last seasons. All were sold on with the stigma of being injured and finished as players, but all had long successful careers after Arsenal. Makes you think ?

  40. Hey agag…..u still there.

  41. Afternoon Gooners.
    Good post Rico.
    Stan, the pills are in the post… :-)
    Good post on Arsenal Arsenal btw.

  42. As it goes Stan i might need to pop a few myself this Sunday.
    The low key media rabbit tells me how both clubs are seeing this game. The 3pts are almost secondary to the perception of where both are, or will be at the end of the game.
    I can sense the Scummers rubbing their boney hands with glee, and thinking their time has come!
    I hope those dopey squad members who don’t yet, it seems, realise how important this game is for the rest of our season, wake up to the realities of where we are this Sunday.

  43. If you believe Stan Kroenke the emirates is now a place where we should go and worship Arsene Wenger every other week, unbelievable.
    I thought everyone would be on a high today with the spurs game just around the corner, seems the boardroom have put pay to that.

  44. The bloke it a pratt Micko…… If anyone was under any illusions as to what his motives are then every comment relates to how great wenger is cos he saves adn makes money…! Absolutely pathetic…! None of his comments are about the club or moving forward yes that great word they keep throwing out there “forward” what a fuckin joke that it… wenger is forever going on about us not being able to compete etc etc why the fuck doesnt he shut up… how negative is that..? what kind of defeatest attitude is that and what an example that gives to the players and staff at the club…? Sums us up as a club that we allow that kind of shit but then again as I’ve said for ages we’re rotten from the top down we desperately need a board that cares and thats full of young Arsenal ppl with ambition and passion for the club AND it’s supporters…!

  45. sorry was off working. The problem is I can’t see how this is ever going to change. A large proportion still think that the sun shines out of Arsenes rear and the board and owner clearly do too.

    Its looking at the moment like relegation would be the only way to clear them out..

    On to the Spuds game, the only thing I really want is effort and pride on Sunday. I can’t for the life of me see us getting a result unless Spuds have a really bad day but the players have to remember what it is to pay for Arsenal in a NLD

  46. Wath, with comments like ‘I would be happy to finish 2nd for the next 20 years’ and ‘depends what you call a trophy’ eventually just rub off onto the players where finishing in the top four is seen as success, we’ve lost that winning mentality, its a bloody disgrace, if we don’t make europe this year we’ll see where Kroenke’s loyalties really lie.

  47. Gooner sam, after reading that article i completely agree with you.

  48. Think we saw Krunke’s ambition Micko when Usmanov said he’s match any investment Krunke would make…. yep we all know that was rejected out of hand…! Majot commercial deals up for grabs next few yrs in these hard times who’s gonna wanna sponsor a team that can’t compete and who are not up there challenging for trophies and thats got nothing to do with saying we should be winning but as you said we should want to win and have a winning mentality but we don’t and that’s festered down from the top that 4th is enough and it’s not all about winning, what utter bollox if you don’t wanna win you shouldn’t be involved in any sport at all…!

  49. While the board are sitting on their arses milking us dry and the fans do nothing they will be there til they die… what exactly does slimey spin Dr Gazidis actually do for him 1.8million quid a yr…? We are top heavy exec wise in my view and fuck all results to show for it…!

  50. You know othwer friends say to me, look at you complaining it could be worse you could be a Wigan or a West Ham or a Doncaster but for me our situation is far more frustrating. When you are one of those teams at least you know what the team is probably capable of and that promotion is the next step…there is optimism there.

    With Arsenal the frustration is that there are so many people who seem happy with the status quo…finishing fourth every year and not progressing.

    Where has all the ambition gone? It may be all well and good living within your means but what is the point for all of the supporters out there when it is never going to change?

  51. GS, your friends are not wrong but ONLY IF we were paying half what we paying now to get in and we were not lied to when we left Highbury then very few would complain as you know where you stand but thats not how its been and not how it is…! Expectations when you pay top dollar and when your told we move to compete etc etc and we buy kids and bargain basement just pisses ppl off…!

  52. Guys, I have some bad news…like I said in the morning vermaelin might not play again this season. Normally I take whatever I hear from talk shite as what it is….shit. But there is something fishy going on with vermaelin. So I ll advise all y’all to brace up for the worst.

  53. West Ham sign the waiter on loan……

  54. Hi lee….seen the vermalin and kozzer story. Man I wasn’t looking forward to seeing frimpong in the middle against modric.

  55. Stan, Tv same shit as last year and what we left with..??? jd who is worse than Cygan ever was and squillaci who is worse that Silverster ever was…. Joke and wenger knew this b4 the transfer window and yet again did fuck all about it…!

  56. WATH as you say the current board are treating us all like mugs and yet there are still people out there thinking that Arsenal are morally better run etc…..I wonder if in 10 years time when FFP doesn’t exist they will admit they were wrong…probably not

  57. Come on you Irons. :-)

  58. Hopefully Almunia plays like Harry Champion and West Ham buy him in January. Job done.

  59. Rico, when are you gonna get your Mum to do a post? :-)

  60. Yeah, if he grows a moustache he can be their phil parkes look-a-like between the posts for years to come, sign him up.

  61. What a day….. :(

  62. Did i read right, Almunia has gone on loan to the Hammers :eek:

  63. It’s been ages since i’ve been here. How’s everybody doing?

  64. Yes rico, Green is injured. He’s been loaned out for 1 month

  65. Hi ADK, well, lets hope he does well, mybe his price will go up ;)

  66. What’s all this about TV?? has he suffered the usual ‘set back’ that only happens to players once our medics get involved?

  67. Almunia’s on £50k per week….FFS, pay those that are worth it the right money, not jokers like him!!!!

  68. That is crazy money Lee – wenger talks about not buying big players because we can’t match the big wage, it’s utter bollox when we pay a player who is never going to play for us again, 50K….

  69. That’s why we haven’t been able to shift some of the deadwood in our team, they’re all tied up on long term contracts picking up enormous amounts of money each week which no other teams are willing to match, they would rather sit on the bench every week for us than play every week for another team for less money.
    I bet some of them wouldn’t get out of bed for 30K a week.

  70. ADK? Where the heck have you been? I ve been worried sick! You ok? Hi kev I ll need them tranquilizers now dawg…..can’t believe arsene has been playing us for a sap. I told rico this morning. There’s something the club’s not telling us. Wenger ll never buy a CB on the last day of the transfer window if he was sure of TV’s fitness. Am so angry.

  71. How many more are on these ridiculous contracts? I know WATH was bangin on about this months ago,like a 19 yr old fringe player crashing a £200k motor!!…..didn’t someone say not that long ago that this was his “best squad”….well it’s a shame that no other managers agreed,and snapped up our so called “super-stars”, eh?
    We are a joke!!

  72. I’m glad RVP has said buy some quality or I’m fucking off….can you blame him? Maybe just maybe these jokers will listen otherwise we’ll be deeper in the shit!
    I read today the Joe Cole reckons Hazard is the dog’s!!! We need to add some more steel and definitely some creativity…..

  73. Micko, the Shamrock fans were properly singing their hearts last night at 5.00pm at Liverpool St station!!!

  74. Come the revolution lee………….

    We could have had hazard but we choose gerv over him, probably because he was the cheaper option, sound familair.

  75. They were living the dream for 60 minutes, it was a major shock over here them losing to the scum and I’ve got no reason to lie !!!

  76. Absolutely Micko, and who’s fault is taht? We all know that answer, we pay big wages to crap players and kids…..

  77. Lee – Wath was right, JET i think it was who trashed his car, the kid should never been in the position through club wages, to allow him to buy the car….

    These kids think they have made it before they step foot on the pitch for the first team and we all wonder why they don’t put the effort in..

    They don’t need to for the reason you point out, they are tied to a long term contract and they don’t give a toss…..

  78. And that is confounded by the club telling us they can’t sign the quality players we go after because of their high wage demands.
    That’s enough of my moaning, catch you all tomorrow.

  79. me too night Rico and HH!!

  80. Nighty Micko and Lee – catch up soon :)

  81. Am back guys…….wow blogging and driving really takes it out on ya. So what did I miss.

  82. goonster, when you going to write a post for HH?? :)

  83. Wow that ll be an honor rico…..you really mean it

  84. Mama ll be so proud…..ok let’s see. Since its my first time writting a post I won’t do a post match analysis or match report. I ve got to try something easier….hmmm how’s about I write about my favorite gooner of all time…..denis bergkamp. I have a room filled with his memorabilia. It ll be a walk in the park. Wow finally I get to write a post on HH! Somebody pinch me am dreaming.

  85. For sure I mean it, just email in to me :)

  86. Ok I will….wow. Look out world, the GOONSTER is about to burst loose. Thanks Rico. You re swell.

  87. Just honest goonster – i read all your comments and just wonder what you think and would love to read an article of yours…

  88. Wow that meanS so much to me ma’am. I promise I won’t let you down. Thanks a lot.

  89. Evening all.
    I see the Press and Media propaganda has started to affect Arsenal supporters minds. It appears that silent Stan has got his enemies and a lot of them are Arsenal supporters, Stan has brought into Arsenal and is now the major share holder, Usminov has also brought in too,The diffrence between the two is 16 to 18 billion, is it that they have not done a City or a Chelsea that they are hated, not paid out 2 to 3 hundred million and tried to buy success, Or Is it the fact that we are not classed as one of the better sides in the Premier league that have got the fans up in arm’s. Perhaps its the fact that Spurs look to have a better team than us at the moment, perhaps its the Managers choice of new signings that have got supporters doubting the team, I would like to point out that we have quite a few injuries so maybe its the medical teams fault that our team is not leading the league, or maybe we just have a very poor team.
    It appears to me that some supporters just want sombody or somthing to moan about to justify our mid table position, Let me just point out that we had a very poor result against the best team in the league 8.2 now that is a nose rubbing if ever i saw one ,Supporters must have the hump with that i know, Although we had eight men missing from that game, it was still eleven against eleven wasn’t it, I can ssure most supporters that the owners and the board appear to be behind Wenger so he wont be going anywhere for a while, The owners are also happy with the profits that Arsenal make so i don’t believe anything will change there either. If some supporters are so upset with how Arsenal football club is being run and the teams position in the league compared to the top teams maybe a rest would help, perhaps a little fishing or a game of golf on a weekend untill its our turn to be up there leading the league, Because you do know that we may not even make the top four this year, could you honestly hold your head up in your mates company if that happend, so why don’t you get your rods out or your clubs and i’ll let you know when you can come back, tight lines.or keep em straight, It may be a while though.

  90. goonster – enough of that being nice ;)

    Trust me, you won’t let anyone down, certainly not me…..

  91. Guess you ve gone for the day too…..alright peeps am out too.

  92. I hope rico……you ve got a tough crowd out here

  93. I hope rico……you ve got a tough crowd out here. Hi steve.

  94. Evening Goonster, get it in soon mate while we still have a few reading.

  95. Hi Steve – what narks me about Stan is just as Wath put earlier – AU, the second major shareholder offered help but Stan dismissed his input, why?

    Why not work togther and make us stronger, not in a Citeh way but in an Arsenal way….

  96. Guys I ve got to go….blog tomorrow. Good night Rico. Good night steve. AnD thanks again for the opportunity.

  97. Nighty goonster, have a good one….

  98. Sorry Steve, I have to head off too – otherwise i’ll be in the bad books…

    Hopefully catch you over the weekend, nighty and be good ;)

  99. H i rico, good post.
    I know what your saying rico but i wonder what the Arsenal way is now, i don’t think anybody will be happy untill we win something or are leading the league, and in all honesty with what i saw the other night we have a fair way to go for that to happen, we seem to be rebuilding and our passing and timeing is all to peices. i honestly think our position would have been better without the injuries and suspensions we have had and i can’t put that down to Wenger or the owners. Vermaelen and wilshere is a big miss for us, coupled with the loss of Cesc and Nas just what we didn’t need.

  100. Again and again. We are only in the end of September and we have 7/8 players out in average for match. Now, two defineteley out for all the season. 8 players (at least…) is 1/3 of the squad. Until January, we have more 4/5 months and mostly of the players must play twice a week. It’s the hard reality. Since the beginning I said before, we haven’t enought quality for be competitive and a shorter team for all the competitions. We must go to the market in January for perhaps save what rest for the season and specially, start to prepare next season

  101. Stanley i will look forward to your post.
    Bloody hot in London today. I’ll be glad to get home on Monday.
    Got a ticket for the Sunderland game. Wonder what the atmosphere will be like..?
    Nothing really in the Standard tonight. The lack of chat from both clubs is a sign of how important the game is.
    I wish i felt more confident..!

  102. Morning all, New one up….

  103. Steve – re your earlier – wenger has used that ‘building a side’ for last 5/6 seasons, for me it’s now just an excuse by the club for our failures….

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