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They Have Only Gone and Done It Again……

Yep, Laura Harvey and her Gals have now won their third Cup in a season. Yesterday’s 4-1 victory over Birmingham Ladies, a side they have not beaten all season, secured the Continental Cup. They had already won the Women’s Super League and the FA Cup, so a nice Domestic Treble in the bag for another season.

Well done to the Ladies…..

From the good news to the bad:

Despite the victory at the weekend, all the Red Tops want to focus on is our players and their contracts, especially Robin van Persie!

The Sun

Maybe I’ll leave it because the main thing for me is the team and that we play well.

The Mirror: Van Persie Stalls on contract talks! Big Headline but all he says he wants to concentrate on results.

The Guardian – Robin refuses to commit to new contract headline

The Telegraph – Arsenal fear Van Persie will leave as talks stall headline.

I gave up after that, what garbage they all print eh!

So, big headlines but each story also prints that our number ten is happy at Arsenal and right now we have many fixtures coming fast and furious, he suggests now is not the time to be talking.

Arsene Wenger has confirmed that the club are talking contracts with players, I beg them to sort his contract out as soon as possible, we can’t afford to lose another experienced player like Van Persie next summer when he will have one year left, especially with the likes of Citeh hovering.

The same can be said for Walcott and Sagna, who I think are also into the final two years of their contract. We need additions to the players we have, not lose the good ones. No, I don’t mean Almunia and Squillaci!

Van Persie says that Dennis Bergkamp was his inspiration in football, on his arrival at Highbury:

The first thing I did was watch the video of Dennis’ best 100 goals, and I was like, ‘wow’.

In my first season I scored five league goals and a couple in the Carling Cup and FA Cup. I thought it would take me 10 years.

I didn’t really start to think about it until I scored my 82nd, 83rd, 84th goals and then realised I only needed 16 more to achieve that.

I hope RvP learned how Dennis respected Arsenal too, how he stayed loyal to the end and how today in the heart of every Gooner, Dennis Bergkamp remains a hero…

Have a good day all……

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116 comments on “They Have Only Gone and Done It Again……

  1. Took you long enough….now off to read the post. Morning HH!

  2. Good read rico…..but like kev ll say “stop reading the papers”. The media has it in for us. So why bother. Let’s get back to what’s important. The arsenal. Come on.

  3. Yeah lee its obvious….I can tell….*winks*

  4. Morning guys, tinternet probs today hence the late one, sorry goonster ;)

  5. Hello…..anybody home? Come on you guys its arsenal time for crying out loud. You all left me hanging yesterday morning. Am not gonna take that today. Come on already!

  6. Morning Rico…internet problems? You? How come?

  7. needs to pay her bill…..

  8. Don’t know goonster – firefox just keeps crashing but we had a bit of rain overnight, doesn’t take much ;)

  9. :) Lee….

    You guys read wenger’s comments about why he made RvP skippy?

    Roll on wednesday….

  10. Awwww sorry mama bear…it ll pass. So what’s the deal with this parejo dude? Is he any good? Am still hung up on mata so I don’t wanna get overly excited by anyone coming from the mestalla. I ve been searching for clips of him yet can’t find any. What do you know about him rico? Should I start getting excited all over again?

  11. What did wenger say Rico? What was the reason?

  12. “Robin has matured from the boy who was a little bit emotionally impulsive when he arrived to the guy he is today,” said the manager.

    “It was difficult to predict but he is intelligent, he speaks his mind and you can talk to him as well. He takes advice and overall he has developed very well.

    “I think he has a combination of leadership on the pitch. He is technically a super-talent, certainly, and you gain respect from the others. Now he has added the second part, that means speaking his mind. It means you get a kind of credit.

    “I remember having said to Lilian Thuram once, he called me and said ‘I am in the dressing room and they don’t listen to me’, I said to him ‘you won the World Cup, you have to speak’.

    “He said ‘I am not a regular player so I don’t feel I am in a position to speak’. But that is all linked with your confidence as well.”

  13. don’t know much about him – he was at Real, had a loan spell at QPR and is now at Valencia..

    Plays for spain u21’s…

    I don’t believe any of it to be honest, we’ll see what happens in Jan….

  14. Well robin does look matured these days and have you guys noticed he’s slowly cutting out all his numerous flicks and tricks he normally does around the opposition’s box. Guess that’s why he’s still fit and not injured. He seem to be metamorphosing into a regular goal scorer rather than what we knew him to be…..a false 9. Oh well I won’t complain as long as he keeps scoring.

  15. good point made about robin goonster, he certainly sems to be cutting out a bit of the fancy stuff – about time too i say ;)

  16. I smell a rat Rico…this story is not dying. Keeps re-appearing. This stinks a wenger signing. A decent player who wants out of his club for regular footie….young,cheap and most of all is ready to play wengerball. I totally believe it. There are reports some of our officials were seen in and around the mestalla. He ll probably join in January since we are yet not sure of jack the lad.

  17. Yeah when fit robin as good as any striker on earth. Oh well here’s hoping he stays fit for the whole season. He could be pushing 25-30 goals if he stays fit.

  18. but look how many stories re-appeared in the summer, mata, hazard, benzema etc – we ended up with none of them…

  19. We coulda gotten mata the player himself confirmed we were in for him. We dilly dallied cause we weren’t sure of cesc and nasri so we lost out on him. Besides these players you mention above would require huge sums. Parejo is relatively cheap and an unknown. Who does that remind you of? Paddy v?

  20. I’m still going to wait and see goonster ;) we have been linked with a few for jan, even Ricky i think on a loan deal….

  21. Don’t want ricky rico…hmmm nice. Ricky,rico. Well as I was saying he’s just not what we want now. We don’t need inter doing us favors besides I wouldn’t believe that story even if wenger himself confirms it. Why ll inter wanna loan us a player we coulda had in the first place. Besides he’s injuring prone like I heard somewhere. No chance. Never gonna happen.

  22. To be honest I can’t blame RvP for stalling on a new contract. the manager is so predicteble and the only reason IMO he made RvP captain was to try and bribe him to stay. RvP is quite correct in stalling and seeing what will be done in January window wich will be sweet fuck all, prompting him to leave for paultry fee next summer. We wont get a deal like the one we got for Nasri again. The only reason we got so much cash was that Citi had tapped him up and would have been in trouple had Arsenal pressed charges with the FA.

  23. Exactly my point on all the rumours goonster, the most important signings we need to amke right now are extending the ccontracts of RvP, Theo, Vermaelen and Sagna – Song as well of course ;)

  24. Morning all.good read.congrats to the ladies too.rvp has said he wants to concentrate on footy first and i suppose thats fair enough but the club should do everything to keep him.although am sure money isn’t such a motivation factor but we should break our wage structure and pay him £130k-£160k.he is worth it imo.

  25. TT – agree re the emotional appointment, we have seen it all before. I’m not a fan of capatins being strikers and for me they should be defenders or the keeper… TV would have been my personal choice…

    If your theory on RvP is right, hopefully that will kick wenger into signing a couple in the jan window….

  26. Am not overly worried with van persie’s contractual problems. He ll sign. He loves the club and wanna win stuff with us and nobody else. Theo on the other hand can leave. We ve got the OX.

  27. Morning Kt, i thought they might fade a bit after Vic left and a couple of their senior players left but Laura Harvey has done really really well….

    RvP is worth the pay rise, i don’t think anyone would argue that point But, his injury record would stop that happening imho, as that would be a whole lot of wage to pay for 2/3 months of a season…

  28. TT – i also heard that about Citeh tapping up Nasri, we should have still ‘done them’… maybe they would have been given a transfer embargo, that would have hurt….

  29. Morning TT and KT…hey guys when’s the near game? Tuesday or wednesday? My mind’s a little fogged right now.

  30. Wednesday goonster

  31. Rvp is our crown jewel right now.i hope he pressures our management into signing new players.if we show ambition rvp will not hesitate to sign.

  32. What about TV?? He is in the same position as RvP?

  33. We said the same about Cesc Kt, and Wenger didn’t pull out all the stops to show ambition then…

  34. Cesc was always leaving rico.no signings were ever going to match playing with xavi/iniesta/messi…rvp at least we know has been a gooner since childhood unlike cesc.

  35. i accept that he was always going to leave Kt, but in his last couple of seasons with us, wenger could have supported him and the team better with signings…

    but, those days have gone, we have to move on and hope that the club have learned and get on with sorting contracts out and fast…

  36. Rvp hasn’t had a major injury since regaining fitness in November last year.maybe just maybe he isn’t injury prone anymore?maybe he has learnt how to take care of himself better.wenger said all those twists and turns he usually made were a major cause.right now he does them but in a more effective manner.he has cut out the unnecessary stuff from his game.

  37. I don’t think sagna,song and vermy will be much of a problem.theo and rvp are the ones i see having difficulties to renew their contracts.

  38. Where is everyone?

  39. Morning all…….. Anything that the media can write thats anti Arsenal or thats stirs the shit they will, always have done always will do, ignore and laugh at it…!

  40. get us a CB and a midfielder in January and I think he will sign on the dotted line straigth away. But RvP won’t be messed around and he will not stick around if the club doe’s not start to show some ambition in the transfer market. loosing out on Mata was criminal and if we need start offering higher wages then so be it we can always start to reduce the pay offered to the 2 and 3 string of players. Wtf are Diaby, Almunia and Denilson doing on more than 50 k a week? There is the 150k we could have offered to Mata.

  41. Hi Wath – got to write about something ;)

    Spot on TT – M’vila and Cahill :)

    Got to pop off for an hour…


  42. I’d rather go for Cahill and Hazard as we have 3 defensive midfielders at the club as it is. I still think we need more creativity and Hazard will fill in there perfectly. He’ll have to spring to get acoustumed to the Prem and we would get the full benefit of him the following season.

  43. Paul Hayward is really a top class prick of a journalist.when we had Gerv,jenk,frimmy and song suspended he wrote an article about us lacking discipline.when we beat swansea he said we should rediscover our swagger of tippy tappy.we did exactly that against Bolton but he again proceeded to write another negative article that we lacked conviction :o he also said that our players should’ve been involved in the sitiuation between rvp and the Bolton players keown style.the same keown who was portrayed like a monkey by the media when he laughed at RvN after missing that penalty.if we had got one of our players sent off again he would’ve had a field day due to our lack of maturity.no matter what we do they are never going to be satisfied.f**k ‘em all.enk,frimmy and song suspended he wrote an article about us lacking discipline.when we beat swansea he said we should rediscover our swagger of tippy tappy.we did exactly that against Bolton but he again proceeded to write another negative article that we lacked conviction :o he also said that our players should’ve been involved in the sitiuation between rvp and the Bolton players keown style.the same keown who was portrayed like a monkey by the media when he laughed at RvN after missing that penalty.if we had got one of our players sent off again he would’ve had a field day due to our lack of maturity.no matter what we do they are never going to be satisfied.f**k ‘em all.

  44. I think its highly unlikely that we’ll get hazard in jan.first of all lille are defending their league title.secondly there is a high probability that they will qualify for the CL KO stages.it would be madness for them to let him go in jan.m’vila and cahill maybe but hazard is out of the question.

  45. Here we go Gooners. Prepare yourselves for 9 months of contract bullshite. ‘Will he sign? Will he go? Arsenal in chaos! Wenger having a nervous breakdown! Hill-Wood comes out of the closet!’ Blah blah effin blah.
    Hi Rico & co, rant over, tea break over, see ya’ll.

  46. TT – i don’t see wenger getting a defensive midfielder, we have song, frimpong & coquelin…

    still think we need another striker…

    hi kev, bye kev ;)

  47. Kt, who does he write for, i’ll avoid it…..

  48. Can someone plz just leave hillwood in the closet fullstop……. Do us all a favour…!

  49. off again, laters…

  50. i know where i’d like to put him and leave him Wath…..

  51. good morning. I don’t read english newspapers… :-9
    And Park? Is he in the squad or not?

  52. The Guardian rico.

  53. Hi guys….have you seen pedrO’s banner for the NLD. Hilarious. To think the scummers were racially abusing him just a couple of seasons ago. They are really forever in our shadow.

  54. Adebayor adebayor your father washes elephants and your mother is a whore. Classic ain’t it.

  55. Just wait til he decides to start sulking as usual, will prob be about mid november when he thinks he’s better than all their other players put together and wants to double his salery…!

  56. Howdy WATH….you think? I really hope so. I hate that son of a bitch so much sometimes I just wanna pluck his eyes out.

  57. He’s caused shit everywhere he goes Stan, it’s only a matter of time ;-)

  58. This will probably be RVP’s last big pay day where he’s in the driving seat, he’ll be in his 30’s when the next round of talks are due.

    Someone ought to tell Gazidas he’s free most afternoons of the week if they wanna sit down and have a chat, if they value him they will pay him what he deserves, it would only take a couple of weeks to thrash out a deal.
    One thing for sure we have to sort it out before the summer otherwise its just gonna be the same old carry on.

  59. Do you think we can take them? Am really worried. For the first time in history the spuds have a better team than we do. They managed to keep fugly faced modric. How they did it I ll never know. Its worrying time I guess.

  60. Afternoon again….

    Any news on Theo?

  61. Of course we can take them goonster, it will be like taking a sausage off a boy in a wheel chair.

  62. No rico….but am not hoping for any positive news.

  63. Boo!! The boys would do well to watch the ladies, rico. See how it’s done. :)

    KT, that Paul Hayward also made much of Arteta’s frustration blah blah. So blatantly anti-AFC, it is unbelievable.

    I think our players should take great care not to let Adebayor get under their skin, and throw them off the game. He is a repulsive toad, so that may be tough though.

    Hello, all. :)

  64. Adebayor just wants to be loved, why can’t anyone see that ?

  65. That song is disgusting especially about ade’s parents.he is a top player and singing that will only motivate him to have a blinder against us.it would be best if we just ignored him completely. singing that will only motivate him to have a blinder against us.it would be best if we just ignored him completely.

  66. Yep, hoping the guardian article is right goonster

    Boo agag, how’s you?

  67. Kt – the funny side of it though, that is what the spuds sang to him when he played for us – its not started by our fans….

  68. He is inherently unlovable, Micko. :D Some interesting facts about Robin’s century on the dotcom. I’m surprised 15 of those goals were from assists by Theo; I thought Cesc set him up for a greater number.

    KT, I don’t care for the song either; but like rico find the irony in it. ;)

  69. Yeah whatever agag….the ladies game is so easy besides arsenal play with men…

  70. I know rico but its disgusting nonetheless.i know its meant as harmless banter but there is a line which that song has crossed.

  71. Afternoon Gooners.
    Just channel hoping the radio &caught a couple minutes of that downmarket crap, Talkshite.
    Adrian Durham in full flow about RVP.
    Reckons the fans should boo him now to show him how we feel about him not diacussing his contract yet.
    What a total arsehole! That’s Durham btw.

  72. You have to admit, while the ladies win and win and win; the boys lose and lose and lose, goonster. Tut tut.

    I’m okay, rico. :) And you?

  73. I wouldn’t mind Ade still with us if i’m honest, the Ade with the right attitude, the ruthless striker in front of goal….

    Yes Kt, the chant itself is very ugly and insulting and i hope our fans don’t replicate the gutter that the spuds started….

  74. Agag you better take that back…

  75. Ade is much better than chamakh/bendy.i’ve not seen park play for us so i can’t compare.Ade would’ve been a great player for us but his attitude let him down.

  76. Hey, AK! How are you? Driving again? I saw the vid you posted, by the way. A day in the life of a driver here. :)

    rico, KT, The thing is, we have enough silly fans, and I’m almost sure that song will be sung.

    Fine, goonster; the boys draw, lose, lose, draw, get red cards… Still haven’t managed to string victories, alas. :D

  77. Jack’s surgery has been a success.

  78. I’m with agag, the boys really need to learn from the ladies, don’t see them scoring own goals ;)

    Hi AK, bye AK, again :( I saw that vid too, hilarious ….

    Agree Kt re Ade, hate to say it but the scum did well to get him, but as Wath said earlier, it won’t take long before his attitude gets the better of his game…

  79. Kt, it’s only a success when he’s fit and playing again.. He has to work with the afc medical team first, that should put him back a few weeks…..

  80. Hey tea break…..again :-)
    Yes agag, it’s jungle out here.
    Stan, don’t upset the ladies on here. Risky…
    Rico, i cannot understand why any Arsenal fan listens to Talkshite and why do they bother phoning or texting those tosspots.

  81. Also, as much as Adebayor is a knobhead, he’s also a quality centre-forward.
    I think he might give us a torrid time this Sunday.

  82. afternoon all…busy today, so i only have a few minutes, but it was a pretty good weekend here…first arsenal win 3-0 and hopefully are at the start of something good…then yesterday the giants went into the link and rolled philly, beating them for the first time in seven tries…and pounded michael vick all afternoon, eventually knocking him out of the game in the fourth quarter…don’t know what this will mean in the big picture, but it is surely one to saveor for the moment…

    regarding robin’s contract situation, arsene actually brought this whole issue to the forefront in midweek, with his warning we may not be able to match salaries…of course we can’t match what the likes of city, unity, or the two spanish teams will offer…that is why it is imperative that we give our best players other incentives to extend here. if we cannot pay the best salaries, are not winning, and are in a constant stae of flux, its not unreasonable to for robin and our other top players to want to consider their options…

    unless something changes dramatically, i think we will be hard pressed to give both robin and theo the kind of deals that both will probably look for…

  83. Easy on the cyclists, AK. ;)

    oliver, RvP’s contract situation has to be sorted out quickly. It is hard to begrudge our players leaving when there is basis for the claim that we have little ambition.

  84. Hiya Oliver. RVP has one more big deal to negotiate and it’s the next one. Although he’ll be 29 next summer, i think he has the style and game to see him play at a high level into his mid-30’s. So i still think it would be an investment to keep him on a long deal.
    What the club actually do is anyone’s guess.

  85. Hey agag. Any pink drinks within reach?
    I’m parked up so the cyclist are safe, for now! :-)

  86. evening all ,
    Nice one rico, just got over the Nasri saga and the press start on Robin, makes you laugh really when you think about it, how many players in the league are into the last 18 20 months of their contracts why should it make any diference, Rooneys contract must be nearing and Drogba maybe VDVart why do they keep worrying over our players, even if Robin went for more money which is not unheard of the ox is there whats the big problem.

  87. hi agag and kev…it is easy to say we need to sort robin’s contract situation out, but we cannot force him to sign…the best thing is for us to start winning things and show him this is the place to be…

  88. Whats with the story about suarez sulking?

  89. None, AK. I’m behaving. ;) I imagine WATH would. He has a hip flask of GG, I’m convinced. If you must mow the cyclists down, let it be those wearing Spuddies kits. :D

    Hey, Steve. How are you? Well, our best player leaving does make for a good headline, I suppose. A bit premature though.

  90. Well, the Board can start buying quality for one, oliver. That would show our players that we have direction, and are trying to compete.

  91. Hi Agag, wouldn’t like to see Robin go, but as far as i know he seems quite happy with us, after all we have paid him a fair amount of sick pay in the eight years he’s been with us, but at the end of the day he is nearly 30 and you know what happens when they get that age, shrewd move by Robin i’de say

  92. Hi oliver, Steve and AK again ;)

    They love it Steve – RvP saga, well, i don’t think for one minute he won’t sign, Dennis has shown him the way ;)

  93. Don’t want him to even think about leaving as he has not said anything about leaving, to soon to even think about it, but i would like to see a bit more of The Ox and Maybe a sighting of Ryo, Theo must be tired and needs a spell on the bench, or a bit of shooting practice.

  94. Evening guys…..heard walcott has been passed fit. Was really hoping to see the ox play regularly. Oh well here goes nothing. Come on theo.

  95. I don’t think he will Steve, he’ll stay… Don’t think we will see Ryo or Oxo start until the CC game against Bolton…

  96. Where did you hear that goonster, great news if true but if there is a doubt, he cannot be risked for the CL match, let him rest well for the scum….

  97. Its on the news Rico…you are absolutely right about not playing him against olypiacoS…..maybe even the spuds game. When is ben ayuoun expected back. He could have a blinder against them spuddies. He’s done it before…he could do it again if picked. COYGS

  98. Benny is only a week, so he should be back for the scum….

    good news then goonster, thank you :)

  99. I’m more interesting and commit to Olympiakos and spurs. Can RVP score 2 goals in each game?
    Can RVP reach 150 goals next season?
    I’m afraid agian with the injuries.

  100. Am hoping we wrap the game on Wednesday up in the first half so we could rest our best players. The spuddies will be doing the same in europe too I presume.

  101. Jm with the way he’s playing right now, I wouldn’t put it beyond him. He’s got confidence oozing from him. You could see it in him against bolton over the weekend.

  102. Hi JM, i can see why, the next two games are so important – both will truly boost the feelings in the camp….

    150 by next summer for robin – nah, never ;)

  103. Off to get dinner, back in a bit….

  104. Just seen on the box LJW could be out for up to 5 months, march of next year……………..another one bites the dust.

  105. Tell me about it micko. We seem to suffer this kind of injuries year in year out while non of our rivals do. Its frustrating to see LJW on the sidelines while he should be running the show. Last season it was vermaelin this season its jack wilshere. This is pointless.

  106. Didn’t he get injured pre-season goonster ? and its taken 2 months to get to this stage where he has to have an operation.

  107. Jacks op should have taken place ages ago!

    Yet now the website say it’s is a success, they take the pee, they really do…..

  108. The medics in the team needs to answer a few questions.

  109. too true goonster, we have been saying that for ages, i bet jack doesn’t play again until may….

  110. better still re-take their exams, they don’t know their arses from their elbows.

  111. i’m off for the day guys, my day has been far too long :(

    catch you all tomorrow…

    Stay safe..


  112. I wouldn’t be surprised Rico…which means he ll be ruled out of england’s squad to the euro. Poor lad his first major international tournament and he misses it. Bummer.

  113. A puppy for the pavement, an old dog for the road, I’m off out to watch the footy for the evening.

  114. Alright guys…I ll probably still hang around here. Hoping someone turns up….night micko….night Rico.

  115. New Post up….

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