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Walcott Ready to Pull His Socks Up and asks The Rest to Follow Suit!

Djourou and Yossi are out for today’s fixture with thigh strains but Rosicky, Sagna and Ramsey back in…

I don’t think too many fans will be disappointed with the Djourou news but Yossi, well it’s a shame having opened his scoring tally midweek.

It’s hard to believe that since Bolton beat us back in April this year they have lost nine games out of the ten they have played and we have won just two of the nine we have played.


It’s time to roll up the sleeves, pull up the socks and start playing football the way that most of us fans believe we are capable of playing. It’s time for the players to start being a bit more focused, a bit more switched on and a whole lot more determined in the way they play.

Theo ‘I love to talk’ Walcott has finally come out with something that makes total sense:

Us players, we need to look at ourselves and start doing it on the pitch, to be honest. A lot of people say about the defensive sort of issue but it’s not just the back four, you need to look at defending as a whole team.

Hoorah, Ding bloody Dong, roll out the carpets and get the bunting out, finally someone speaks a bit of sense. Quit the stupid sloppy mistakes like we saw last weekend and starting defending as a team.

Half hearted attempts at making clearance headers and tackles, a fumble of the ball into the back of the net – it’s school boy errors that cost us and it’s time get that out of our game before it’s too late.

Again today we face a side which has a player who was linked to us all summer but this one we actually made an offer for – so all eyes will be on him and you do need me to tell you who that is.

We are the best club in the Premier League right now, for conceding goals that is but today we seriously need a clean sheet. That could again be tough, Bolton have a little fiery one up front in the name of Kevin Davies and of course they have N’Gog who signed from Liverpool in the summer. Both will fancy their chances against us. Kakuta will also be confident after a man of the match display against a strong Aston Villa side in midweek – a match they won 2-0 away from home.

We also had a good win midweek, albeit the side we field today will be very different one to one that beat Shrewsbury.

One thing going our way today though is that we have won the last five home fixtures against Bolton, let’s go make that six.

Robin needs two goals for the 100, Gervinho needs to be less selfish and more ruthless and Theo has met up with Arsene again – he is desperate to play through middle and in turn become far more involved in matches.

I believe I can give so much more to the team playing up front, with the runs I can make off the ball, and I just love hitting the back of the net as well.

At times I feel a bit, if not wasted, then in and out of games on the right. I just want it more and more, having scored a few last season – I’m not a winger and I think plenty of people know that. I’ve done OK out there but I’d love to play down the middle.

Go on Arsene, make that day today, let Robin and Theo be our strike force, see where it takes us……

It’s worth a try isn’t it?

Have a good day all….

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99 comments on “Walcott Ready to Pull His Socks Up and asks The Rest to Follow Suit!

  1. Morning all –

    Just read that Jack Wilshere needs an operation and could be out for ages…… :(

  2. Jack Wilshere will undergo surgery on his right ankle on Monday morning.

    Wilshere has recently been wearing a protective boot aimed at allowing a stress fracture of the ankle time to heal naturally and avoid surgery.

    However, scans this week have revealed that the fracture has not responded positively during this period.

    Throughout Jack’s injury, the Club has been guided by the continuous advice of several world-renowned specialists. The information attained this week has led to the conclusion that surgery is now required to gain an optimal response.

    Wilshere is now expected to be out for a period of months. Following surgery these timescales will become more specific.

    A Club spokesman said: “We have given Jack time to heal naturally which is important wherever possible with a young player. The latest scans show surgery is needed. Everyone at the Club wishes Jack a speedy recovery.”

  3. Attention all Gooners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Matchday grub has a new dimension! Gastro 2 Go! Check us out on St Thomas’ Road before the game! We got something special for ya! See you there. Come on the Arsenal!!!

  4. I have to go for the day, no match for me today :(

    Back later – here’s to a big result today….

    Laters all

  5. Wilshere is now expected to be out for a period of months. Following surgery these timescales will become more specific.

    Too much too soon , just like Owen and Fabregas before him. Playing too many high intensity matches before the body has formed leads to a career littered with injury.

  6. good morning
    I expect Wilshere news.
    Like I said before, Arsenal problem is in the midfiels not in the defense. Lost in a short time definetely, Fabregas, Nasri, Eboue, Denilson and in big periods, Diaby. Rosicky and Wilshere. We haven’t enought players for replacing them. Ramsey will be the next with the same problems Whilshere has now.

  7. Got a spare club level for today £75 if anyones interested

  8. The Arsenal medical team are a joke, I’m sure its like a continuous episode of Scrubs at the Emirates…

    Walcott is all talk and no product, I never come across a player who can talk so much without putting in the performances.

    Bad news about Wilshere, but in no way should we be waiting on a 19 year old to come back and save our season. Christmas is a very optimistic deadline, know Arsenal as we all do I’d be happy to see him back before the end of the season.

    I’m still waiting on the TV5 set back that we all know will occur.

  9. Hardly surprising the news on Jack is it………

    Theo needs to shut up and rather put up with actions on the pitch…!

    Wenger telling everyone we cant afford new players contracts etc etc is her for real..?

  10. Hi WATH…looking forward to the match ain’t ya? Here’s hoping we win though.

  11. I def ain’t looking forward to it Stan but least I’ll enjoy the pub with the chaps… Am off catch you lata when I roll in ;-)

  12. m.city-everton kick off…

  13. By all means, roll up your sleeves, pull up your socks, just don’t get caught come kick off time with your shorts around your ankles !

    We have to be up for it from the off today, Bolton are on a similar run to us at the moment, we need to take our chances and be ruthless in front of goal.

    Real shame about Jack Wilshire, we won’t see him starting until the new year now, lets hope its a sucessful operation and they put it right first time otherwise he’ll be in and out of the team for the rest of the season which would be a disaster.

    We’ve just drawn Bolton at home in the next round of the CC, how bizarre.

  14. Anyone watch the 2 good rugby matches today?

  15. Arsenal’s miserable season could be about to get even worse, with reports emerging that they will be forced to sell four of their best players rather than risk losing them on free transfers.
    Robin van Persie, Theo Walcott, Thomas Vermaelen and Andrei Arshavin will all have just one year left on their contracts come the end of the current season.
    Samir Nasri, who had 12 months left on his deal at the Emirates, was sold to Manchester City in the summer and the Gunners may also opt to offload four of the Frenchman’s former team-mates in a bid to generate some income.

    Van Persie has already been linked with Bayern Munich and Internazionale, while Walcott and Vermaelen would not be short on suitors. (Daily Mirror)
    Johan Djourou is added to the list of potential transferees in The Sun, although Arsenal boss Wenger is unlikely to lose too much sleep over his – or, for that matter, Arshavin’s – departure.
    Meanwhile, Wenger is keeping tabs on Valencia midfielder Dani Parejo, according to the Daily Mirror.

  16. Hey, does anyone have a good link to the game?

  17. Same old story… hopefully was can hold on and grab a point from a team that we will be battling with to avoid relegation come the end of the season.

    JM- I honestly don’t fear losing any of those players, RVP is world class when he plays, and we never know when the next injury that will keep him month for a season will occur, same with Vermaelen, another sick note that hasn’t played for well over a year, not too worried about losing him. And Walcott and Arshavin…. neither lived up to the hype, both and leave.

  18. Guys how well are we playing

  19. There are players with no confidence. There is no joy to play.
    It’s very complicated because the players do not believe in themselves.
    We stopped being a club that creates many scoring opportunities for these very scarce.
    Players to be bought or borrowed or equip themselves?
    I do not understand how so you can replace Fabregas, Nasri, Denilson, Eboue, Bendtner … injured players and still claim to have ambition to win anything.

  20. RvP!!! I luv you. :)

  21. Come on guys fill me in. What’s going on? Am not watching the game. Am attending a wedding.

  22. 1-0 RVP…..Bolton down to 10 men wheater sent off……

  23. Jääskeläinen having the game of his life… again.

  24. Was it a dangerous tackle? No injury I hope.

  25. RvP for his century!!! :)

  26. 100 up for RVP!!

  27. Thank you rvp!

  28. 2-0… RVP 100 goals..

  29. Goonster, we’re winning… So far. ;)

    Lee, quite a lot of shots we were unable to put away. :( That will be my only complaint if we win.

  30. Great!!!! 100 goals for RVP. Three points and a clean sheet. Men I couldn’t ask for a better birthday present.

  31. Song!!!

  32. Hope theo is ok :(

  33. Song? Wow now I ve got the perfect birthday present. COYGs.

  34. How many shots did we have in the entire match?

  35. We are staying up, say we are staying up ! liked that from the crowd.
    Lively second half, helped with bolton being down to 10 men but you still gotta kill them off.
    Looks like Walcott could be out for a little while now.

  36. at the 75min 21 shots

  37. We’re up to the heady heights of 12th, I feel a nose bleed coming on.

  38. Theo bar finishing was class.he absolutely torched that bolton left wing.

  39. Miko, we’re twelfth now??? Let’s throw a Party. :D

  40. And yet again, Theo’s injured. I marvel at his capacity to find injuries…

  41. i’ve started putting the bunting up…..

  42. Agag, the bouncey castle is out, happy days.

  43. Gerv really needs to sort out his first touch.

  44. We all have to get down on our hands and knee’s are pray RVP can stay injury free this season, he is so important to us, our centurion.

  45. TR7, its still early days re Gerv, but I would say I’m more concerned about his final ball, he doesn’t always pick out his man, hopefully that will all change the more they practise together.
    I’m just happy we got the 3 points.

  46. So I need to stay away on match days ;)

    Afternoon all, did we play well?

  47. In the first half we were pretty dire but in the 2nd we were like duracell bunnies :) Theo and rvp in particular.

  48. yes, but the match turns definetely, when we started to play versus 10

  49. Game of two haves rico, RVP is worth his weight in gold.

  50. Thanks Guys – So we all know what the reports in the press will say then ;)

    Who cares right now, you can only play against what you face…

    RvP and Theo stood out then? And was Song’s goal as good as 5live suggested??

    And just how many did we miss?

    Defence solid?

  51. We were great in the second half, rico. Theo was good in support; less effective with his attempts on goal. Despite everything that may be said about Theo, he can certainly run defenses ragged. :) I hope he is not out for too long. He seems to have done his hammy in. :(

    And RvP, oh my. What a class, class act. If by some miracle he stays injury-free, he may salvage our season yet. I’m impressed by how technical Arteta is. He’s turning out to be a good buy. And Merte was solid in the first half when we were struggling to find our footing; held his own against Davies, definitely. Songinho is back too, it seems. I’m not complaining.

  52. At least Theo backed his words up on the pitch it seems, at long last….

  53. MU…0-1 Nani…
    The game start with a good save for our goalkeeper.After that, Bolton had another opportunity maybe arround the 75th minute, where the score was 2-0 and we lost the ball after a corner.
    Why Cahil didn’t paly ?

  54. Hi agag, thanks – didn’t realise Theo had gone off injured :(

    Looking forward to watching the game later, and RvP is 100 today, that’s a whole lot of candles :P

  55. JM, probably down to him wanting to join us ;)

  56. Rico we created so many chances in the 2nd half especially.theo had one shocking miss where he was released by a perfect pass by song.Gervinho was also released by a slide rule Arteta pass and it was only his 1st touch that messed up a certain goal.

  57. JM, it was reported cahill was not very well, a bit strange.

    Walcott pulled up with about 2 minutes to go, think its a knee problem, not a hammy but I could be wrong, didn’t look good either way.

  58. maybe…. however there are now more european clubs interesting in him.

  59. Thanks Kt, i can understand the misses if i’m honest, confidence is rock bottom, this win will hopefully do us the world of good and those chances will soon start to go in.

    RvP getting his 100 could also help, he may have had that on his mind….

    Bummer about Theo…..

    I reckon Cahill has really been affected, he wants to join us, he has said so – i still believe wenger let him know he wants him too by making his bid – i honestly believe we will get him for half his valuation in jan.

    JM – can’t see him going abroad, my only fear is the chavs… I also reckon Arry wants him but the player said no thanks….

  60. Wereally have to be putts on goal; 14 on tashoting away our chances. 25 rget acording to the Bolton website. That’s a lot not converted.

    Yeah, Theo was hobbling, Micko. Not good at all.

  61. We drew Bolton at home in the next round of the CC…..

    That will be interesting….

  62. I meant to say: We really have to be putting away our chances. 25 shots on goal; 14 on target according to the Bolton website. That’s a lot not converted.

    Yeah, Theo was hobbling, Micko. Not good at all

  63. Bolton are now bottom of the league, that could have been us, it’s dog eat dog, a really important win today, some tough games coming up.

  64. I’m off to celebrate with a few lemonades, have a good evening folks.

  65. Don’t forget your party hat, Micko. ;) Enjoy!!

  66. AW interview: 22 shots on goal.
    Attendance: 59,727 (I don’t believe in this number. Probably they sold this number of tickets but I watched at tv a few random free places arround the Stadium)

  67. Song made some passes that were really cesc-esque.training with cesc has really had an impact on him.also Arteta showed some pretty impressive passing range.

  68. Have a good one Micko, at least three lemonades, one for each goal :)

  69. mancs 1-1 Crouch…..

  70. In case you are wondering rico why in the match reports there are no mentions of kevin davies ‘putting himself about’ its largely due to mertsacker.he absolutely owned him.mert also has unparalleled composure in defence.he is settling in well.

  71. JM – they count ST’s rather than bums on seats

    Kt, not bad for a DM then, but i guess Bolton going down to ten allowed that?

  72. I was surprised Davies didn’t start – was Merts better than of late, from what you say, he was?? Good to hear….

    Davies likes to elbow the oppo, wouldn’t have had so much impact on on our 6′ 6″ centre half’s hips ;)

  73. Stoke… they are stronger than last year. they draw in kiev

  74. Pullis has got a good side…..

  75. JM, you watching? They could have had two in the last ten mins, they look really good….

  76. How the heck did we lose 8-2 to this manc side, they are cack today….

  77. yes I’m watching the match…
    The 8-2 was past like we won in 1952 with the same score.
    I’m commit with next two importanta games: Olynpiakos and spurs.

  78. Took them a long time to get their own back JM ;)

    The commentator here think the mancs should have a penalty and the offside was irrelevant – how biased…

    Yep – with you there, we now need to win the next two games and we’ll truly be up and running…

    Adeybayor is a huge worry though…. Merts will need to be at his best…

  79. rico, the commentator it’s right… i’m the same opinion and the local commentator too

  80. Hi rico…..didn’t see the game so can’t pass judgment. What do you think? Any improvement

  81. but what about the offside JM??

    Hi goonster – i didn’t see the game either so i can’t comment… but the result, thats a whole lot better :)

  82. Oh well…..what about the mancS. What’s their final score.

  83. First time this year I am looking forward to watching Football First.

  84. 1-1 for the Mancs.

  85. Madrid are losing at home to Rayo Vallecano who i believe are newly promoted to la liga.they conceded after 23 seconds :obelieve are newly promoted to la liga.they conceded after 23 seconds :o

  86. Great the media will see it as a point gain in a difficult place. What muppets they are

  87. rico,
    Has no interference on the play. is an off-side positional.

  88. madrid 2-1 … off.side… :-(

  89. Ok JM ;)

    ESP – you and me both :)

  90. Maureen on his way out then….sweet

  91. I’m off again guys, need to eat and have a glass of wine :)

    Catch you all tomorrow – could be a late post as I have an Airport run at silly o’clock….

    Night guys and gals….

  92. They scored! Awwww men. Arrgghhhhh

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