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Defence is Solid say’s Arsene Wenger and He’s One of The Best Managers in the World……..

So says Owen Coyle ahead of our battle with Bolton tomorrow.

In fact, the criticism Arsene has received is absolutely ridiculous. He is one of the best managers in world football. Always has been. Always will be. The nature of the league we are in, with its global coverage, is that everybody has an opinion and sometimes there will be criticism.

If someone asked me which team I wanted to go and watch, I would choose Arsenal, the way they play football is so pleasing on the eye. They have unbelievable players. They have pace. They are dynamic. Free-flowing. But sometimes people have to be careful what they wish for.

I feel he is the perfect fit for Arsenal though, given their history and tradition and the way they have evolved over the years.

Spot On Owen, Arsenal and Arsene are the perfect match, the club want to save money to clear debt and Wenger doesn’t want to spend it – just purrrfect!!

The other bit in Owen Coyle’s interview suggests that he expects Wenger to make another offer in January for Gary Cahill.

1)      I hope he is right.

2)      I hope it’s an offer that ensures the Centre Half is soon playing in the red and white of Arsenal.

As we keep saying though, we have who we have and can’t change that so the only thing we fans can do is hope Wenger has had the squad staying behind for training this week – they certainly appear to need it.

Wenger has reassured us all that defensive training does take place, despite some doubting it:

We work on it every day and practice, I believe that we have been solid quite recently – in Dortmund but not at Blackburn. There is a lot to improve in our defensive consistencies.

The modern game is a team sport more than ever because everybody has to defend completely. All the big teams do it. You do not get away with just seven or eight and the rest watching.

If you don’t do it as a team it doesn’t work. On the day at Blackburn I believe we were a little unlucky and certainly a bit naive as well – we have to concede that. We have played five games, but we started our season basically two weeks ago.

Two weeks ago, Arsene it started on the day we played Udinese……

Wenger has also been talking about the massive influence the fans can have on a game and now calls for the team to start giving something back to them. The only way to do that is to start finding some form:

I always feel that the vibes have to come out from the team, If the vibes coming out from the team are right, the crowd will follow and support us.

So let’s focus on us being right because the crowd feels that. We believe they have to trust us on that.

Amen to that Arsene Wenger, this side of ours does need to start finding some form starting tomorrow and cutting out sloppy naïve mistakes will go a long way to making that happen.

Either that or make sure when we have twenty shots in a game, we convert them all, then it won’t matter so much… ;)

Have a good day all…..

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105 comments on “Defence is Solid say’s Arsene Wenger and He’s One of The Best Managers in the World……..

  1. Morning….feel brand new!! How’s Stanley???

  2. Morning Lee, glad to hear you are feeling a lot better, I dread to think how stan feels…. ;)

  3. Quiet old morning……

  4. “I believe that we have been solid quite recently” He is crazy…..

  5. Hi ESP – i thought the same, if that is being solid then Lord help us….

  6. I really wish he hadn’t said that, it doesn’t fill me with any confidence.. I’d prefer if he told it like it is, that we have been shocking defensively.

    Dennis Bergkamp back to Arsenal? Yes please!

  7. DB and Keown/Bould, that would do me….

  8. Yeah I would love to see Bould and Keown step up as coaches, or for Adams to come back, would be nice alright, really wish Vieira came back last summer.

  9. Wenger will use DB as defensive coach….. ;)

  10. Morning good people…..I see wenger has been running his mouth again. I ll rather he stops talking to the press. Anyway here’s hoping we put more goals into bolton’s net than they do ours. And mama bear yesterday was UNBELIEVEABLE! I was on a roll ladies and gentlemen. Lee my man thanks for the tips…..it worked wonders.

  11. Not fussed on Vieira, but the three old english boys, that day can’t come soon enough..
    :lol: Lee, he’d probably do a better job….

  12. Hi goonster – how’s your head today??

  13. Never been better……I could have gone on and on but my girl stopped me and besides I ve got work today.

  14. What do you know! Its friday ain’t it? Oh boy there’s gonna be a whole lot of drinking to tonight people. Got to make up for yesterday’s loss. Yipeeee.

  15. Good to hear goonster, sensible drinking ;)

  16. Sensible shmensible…..am gonna have my fill tonight. Sorry ma’am but this dawg is due a real drink.

  17. Good moaning,
    Some good news at last, if the season only started 2 weeks ago that means there are a few of us on here due some money back on our season tickets, wenger needs to cut the blarney.
    Goonster, good to see you have come out of your self induced coma this morning.

  18. Morning micko…..induced what? I didn’t even get me a real drink. That’s what I intend to rectify tonight.

  19. Your poor liver stan ;)

    Hi Micko – another daft comment from the boss, our season started long before then, if that is him trying to ‘justify’ our losses and the fact the new boys only came in after the manure defeat, what garbage, we should have been better prepared and those players should have been bought in june……

  20. He should be gagged or something Rico. One more word out of him and am gonna lose it. All this talking do is alienate the fans and inflame the anti wenger fans and media. He’s only shooting himself on the foot. What a tool!

  21. JD and Yossi out for tomorrow, Diaby is another four weeks at least :eek:

  22. You should be used it it by now goonster – trouble is he makes so many random comments i think he actually thinks what he says is right….

  23. No Rico the boss said diaby should be back after the international break. When is that by the way?

  24. And wengers right, we have been quite solid recently, its just the 14 goals conceded that have let us down, people need to get off his back !
    Look at the way Djourou and kozzer have started, they’re setting the league on fire, everythings fine.
    Its crazy to suggest we need to shake the team up and inject some fresh ideas, people don’t realise how lucky we are to have wenger, the guy is irreplaceable, if he left us it would be the end of the world.

  25. Micko are you trying to get work with Arsenal?! You could handle press!

  26. that’s it now I think I ve had one drink too many! Did I just heard micko say all that or was I hallucinating?

  27. My nurse is late this morning, she’s usually here by 11.

  28. goonster, four weeks time ;)

  29. I fear for our defense tomorrow. Kevin Davies ll be rubbing his hands in glee. We need to put them to the sword early then sit back and hit them on the counter. We need to score ten though cause we ve seen this team ship in four in 20mins so I guess we need to score ten and hope bolton only score 4!

  30. Well no JD tomorrow so Wath will be pleased and with Squilli injured, Miquel should be on the bench, unless TV is in for a shock return

  31. :) Micko, tell it’s Friday…..

  32. Good grief rico JD is an accident waiting to happen. I have always supported him but I think its time we cut him loose. He’s too clumsy and injury prone. He’s been with us now for how long? Yet he can’t stake a claim for a starting berth? He needs to go.

  33. rico, no matter how bad we’re doing, still can’t wait for saturday 3 o’clock to come round.

  34. Make sure there is no repeat of Blackburn game.If the gunners leak goals again and lose,I shudder at the thought.

  35. Six seasons goonster, and he’s still only 24 years old…

    you and me both Micko, and each time just hope for a change in fortune when things are down…

    can’t believe i have to be out all day tomorrow, won’t be back until after the game and have no internet access either :( :(

  36. Me too micko….I just can’t wait. I must admit the feelings still the same all those years ago when I started supporting the mighty arsenal. Once the “wonder of you” starts blaring out of the speakers back then in highbury….I get goose bumps. Seeing paddy v lead the team out of the tunnel. Ahhhhh glorious days.

  37. So its just vermaelen, wilshere, yossi, djourou, squillaci and diaby we’re waiting on, don’t think I missed anyone.

  38. Rosciky afobe and man almunia.

  39. Yeah paddy vieira and roy keane kicking off in the tunnel goonster,
    that was great tv.
    rico, you’d think out of common courtesy they would have changed it to an evening kick off for you, never mind you’ll hopefully enjoy it all the more on match of the day.

  40. These European Ladies are playing the Solheim Cup as Arsenal would – 2 up, 3 to go and then lose by 1 shot. grrrrr

  41. Those were the days micko. Not sure that rivalry means much to both teams anymore. We are now a smaller club I guess.

  42. You’d have thought so Micko ;) Sky Footie first for me or whatever its called…

  43. welcome gunner4ever – we’ll see tomorrow if we have done anything to try and stop the leaking of goals….

  44. I don’t think those days will come back goonster, not until we have a proper leader wearing the armband….

    and a few arsenal men around the first team squad….

  45. You better take that back Rico….we ll have those days back real soon. When verm is captain or lil Jack wilshere.

  46. That is what i said goonster, not until we have a proper leader wearing the armband….

  47. Oh sorry thought you had given up on us.

  48. The guys need to win tomorrow and win big. We have olypiacos mid week and then we face an adebayo inspired spurs shit. Its a huge week. We lose to bolton and all that might come crashing down. So COYGs.

  49. Never goonster, it’s not an option to give up on Arsenal….

  50. hello,
    Everybody is expecting for tomorrow

  51. Hi JM, don’t know what though, i used to feel confident when we were facing Bolton at home, oh how things change :(

  52. We ll thump them tomorrow. I have a feeling the players ll wanna win this for wenger. Just like the Blackburn players did for steve kean.

  53. Gervinho RVp and arteta with the goals…I see robin getting a brace maybe a hatrick.

  54. I thought they would have wanted to do that last weekend goonster in fact, every game….

  55. They started well rico….the first 20minutes was a joy to watch then we switched off and they hurt us. Bolton don’t have younger pacy players like BB so we are safe from counter attacks. What we need to do is be alert for any ball coming into the area. if we can do that I see us winning by a whooping 4 goal difference. The fluency is back our passing game is getting better. What is lacking now is the pressing when we don’t have the ball.

  56. Well, they need to start a lot better and finish a lot better, and be better in between both goonster ;)

    Got to go walk the mutley, back a bit later…..

  57. Alright gotta go take a leak too…..oops did I just share too much. Oh well later mama bear.

  58. that pacey BB player “the yak”…..

  59. Stanley, what’s the plan tonight? To invertium and beyond…..your kidneys will be like fire lighters!!! :)

  60. good post…
    shish arsenal match isnt being telecast here…
    cricket takes prime time..

  61. I reckon Stans on the piss already Lee…….!
    You’ve given him far to many norti ideas.

  62. WATH, yeah I cant help but think Stan’s at it as we speak….

  63. At what though Lee, thats the problem :D

  64. I’m jealous….

  65. U behave your still recovering from wednesday night…….! means you prob need to go out and top up 2nite…!

  66. Afternoon folks…

  67. Morning Rico ;-)

  68. Morning Wath, how’s you :)

  69. You going tomorrow?

  70. Ahhhhhh that was a long piss! Hi guys, what’s new?

  71. yellow card stan ;)

  72. I see rosciky made it. Good I ve been looking forward to seeing him play alongside arteta. He ll complete our spaniard very well much like Steven pineear used to when they were both at everton. Hope he plays tomorrow. What ur team gonna be like tomorrow rico?

  73. Here’s mine….woijech sagna mert kos santos song ramsey arteta theo RVP gervinho…..theo is walking a thin line. The ox ll soon take his place if he doesn’t step up.

  74. I would look to have that rescinded goonster, its not as if you could tie a knot in it !

  75. Yeah micko….a guy’s gotta piss!

  76. Just caught the end part of wenger on sky talking about the invincibles, I often wonder whatever happened to him and what he might be up to these days.

  77. He’s probably still lost in time…

  78. I miss the invisibles micko. I miss ljunberg marauding through defenses like they weren’t there. Pires ljunberg henry and bergy were a joy to watch.

  79. or abducted by aliens, will the real mr wenger please stand up.

  80. Hey micko who’s your favorite player of all time? Mine’s DB10? He’s everything a footballer should be! Classy with a mean streak. I remember seeing him hurl himself two footed into an opposing player. Denis bergkamp is GOD!

  81. goonster they were dismantled far too early, we’ve played 3 finals since then and lost the lot of them, I’ve forgotten what a trophy looks like, the CC slipped through the net last season.

  82. No final hurts like the CC final last season. I wept openly. My chavs mates teased me for weeks on end. I was devastated.

  83. Tony adams, Dennis Bergkamp, Terry Henry, Dave seamen and Ian Wright are all up there for me.

  84. I didn’t see much of ian wright but from footages I saw he looked a handful for most defenders he came across. Tony adams to me ll always be a legend. He should take over after wenger leaves. He’s arsenal to the core. A local lad and ex captain. I don’t get why most gonners are against him taking up the post. He’s a better man now and those drinking demons are way behind him now. I ll rather an ex player managing us than a bloody foreigner who knows nothing of our beloved and wonderful history. COYGs

  85. How could I have left off Rocky, watched him make his debut at Highbury, fantastic player, cried his eyes out when he was told he was being let go.
    I was in the Gunners pub before a game when the news broke that he had passed away, everyone in the pub rose their beers to him and sang his name.

  86. sorry, phone rang ….

  87. Caprice reckoned Big Tone was more interested in playing his piano than going out with her, I could never quite get my head around that one, she was a real stunner at the time, they broke up not long after.

  88. For real? Rocky cried! Goddamn what I ll give to have a player of his caliber playing for us.

  89. Balled his eyes out goonster, he was arsenal through and through.

  90. Wow……did he come up through the ranks?

  91. Micko, i remember that with Rocky, a real real afc man with every bone in his body – may he always RIP…

    If we could have a few players with half the love for our club that he had, we’d be on to a winner…..

  92. Where did he end up? He definitely loved playing the spuds don’t he?

  93. i’m having internet connection probs :(

  94. I bet he scored a few crackers against them. We need real gonners playing for us. Like jack wilshere the verm lansbury VP and yes bacary sagna. Did I miss anyone?

  95. Goonster, have you ever been in the Gunners pub, its worth it just to look at all the old photo’s, you’d come out of it on match days, turn right and there at the bottom of the road is the East Stand, it was always a great site.
    I’m off for the evening, have a good one all, up the gunners.

  96. Night micko…..thanks for the history lesson. Made my day.

  97. Off the day guys…..let the drinking begin. See ya Rico.

  98. back online now but guess you have all gone…

  99. Night Micko, Night goonster – have a cracking evening…..

  100. I’m off too – nighty all….

  101. In 1952 Arsenal won 8-2 against Manchester United. It took them 59 years….
    good times!

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