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Another Injury, Big Tony talks Relegation and that Weasel Barton talks B****X……

Two stories to talk about today, the first has to be the biggest load of poppycock I have ever read – and that is Joey ‘Thug’ Barton reckons he was in with a chance of signing for us and he’d been in talks with Arsene Wenger in August. He goes on to suggest that the incident with Gervinho put a halt to any chance of a move to us……

All I will say is that he is not speaking with forked tongue, then big thanks have to go out to Gervinho.. ;)

Onto the second:

Old boy Tony Woodcock has come out of the woodwork and seems to have jumped on the ‘Let’s talk about Arsenal’ bandwagon…

We’ve seen over the years that clubs can go down that are not expected to, It’s early days, only a few games. This togetherness, this determination, if you haven’t got it to pick a trophy up then how’s it going to be to get away from the relegation zone?

I hope I’m not right, but I don’t want to be sitting here in three or four weeks and they’ve let some more goals in and they haven’t picked up any points. We’ve gone six years without winning anything and are now in this tricky situation.

I’m hoping it’s going to be a bit of a kick up the backside for everyone.
But Woodcock was quick to point out there are currently plenty of positives surrounding the North Londoners as well.

The club are very stable, have got a fantastic stadium, have a fantastic training ground, are making a profit. Although we’re not very happy with where Arsenal are at the moment, there are lots of pluses and positives that have been happening at the club.

It’s not all doom and gloom. There’s a bigger picture there as well.

Tony Woodcock was born and bred in Nottingham, so why does he say ‘We’ – he played for us for four seasons between 1982 -1986 so he is hardly Mr Arsenal is he?

Maybe a few things he says hold a little bit of truth but where was he when we were winning under Wenger, did he speak out then?

No, I doubt it, I guess he’s just another in a long list of ex players who need to earn a bob or two…..

Talking about being relegated so early in the season is just daft, relegation form yes but things can change quickly in football. We haven’t become a bad side over night, we are just down on confidence and if Wenger can sort out the defensive problems, we can soon start to build that confidence back up again.

Little bit of bad news, Yossi Benayoun said on Twitter on Wednesday evening that he is: “Very disappointed as I have a strain and will be out for a week or so.”

Hopefully he won’t be out for long, we need every bit of experience we have in this squad right now.

Benik Afobe has also out with a groin strain, he’s likely to miss the next four months according to Young Guns. What is it with injuries to our young players, just as they get their chance for the first team, injury hits…..

That’s about it for today, have a good one all….

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199 comments on “Another Injury, Big Tony talks Relegation and that Weasel Barton talks B****X……

  1. Seems everyone is having an early night, while goonster goes on a sree ;)

    I’m heading off too – be good all and chat tomorrow..

    Nighty night….

  2. I’ll be watching Lee :)

    See you AK, have a good one….

  3. I’m offski for the night.
    Cheers Lee….
    See ya later Rico…

  4. Just on my second “mongoose” waiting for the ruby….according to my little Bangladeshi friend we’ll win on sat!!!

  5. Til tomorrow Micko, and i am off for dinner, back shortly……

  6. Take care Mick…

  7. Kev, I won’t bother asking you for your thoughts on the pizza delivery guys if that’s alright.
    Another day at the fun factory is over, catch you tomorrow.

  8. Mick, i also cycle, i enjoy it.
    But i’m old school. I signal. I get in the right lane. I stop at traffic lights. A bit novel i know, but i can’t help myself.. ;)
    Once you’ve had a cyclist pull up alongside you at a junction on your left. And just swerve across the front of you to do a right, it makes ya nervous.

  9. Agag, check this out. It’s brilliant.
    I want to drive in the Philippines!

  10. agag, i have no claim to fame :(

    Spot on Micko, back to this season and praying for a good result on Saturday, that’s the best way forward….

  11. Kev, I try not to over complicate things.

    I got knocked off a bike about 5 years back, the driver never stopped but the old bill caught up with her, I gave her the option of paying for a new bike or going to court, she paid up, never been on a bike since.

  12. You’re terrible, Micko. Ahaha. I hear Almunia is inside that mascot these days though. :D

  13. Mick… :D

    No mate, if you drive in London, and one of those wankers jumps the lights or comes the wrong way down a one-way street towards you with that ‘I couldn’t give a fcuk attitude’ it kinda colours ones opinion. Know what i mean… ;)

  14. Mick, i think it has a lot to do with the lack of English/British players in a team coached by a Frenchman/Bosnian/Irishman.
    Typical anti-foreigner hype in the British media.

  15. I suppose the big question everyone is asking is did Kev have a bad experience with a cyclist when he was a kid !

  16. Agag, gunnersaurus is available for a photo shoot every other saturday if you could get yourself over here.

  17. A lot of it is envy, not many clubs have the history and tradition we have.
    We are “The Arsenal.”

    Now back to this season, if we don’t start bucking up our idea’s we may find it hard to get the players we want in January as I’m sure most of our targets will want champions league, if we don’t make top 4 we will see where our boards loyalties lie, they will have to come out and show their true colours then, it could all end in tears.

  18. AK, that’s “leisurely” driving here. :) Catherine Zeta Jones, eh? Niiiice.

    I haven’t met any celebrity, rico. Just Patrick Rafter. :oops:

    I guess, rico it’s really because there are a lot of Johnny Foreigners in our team. Which is silly, really. Micko, we are superduper special. No point checking out other teams, really.

  19. I didn’t know it was so simple Micko – all down to being jealous then, no wonder they are on such a witchunt now, now that we are having a wobble….

    We need AU to come in, bring in a few Gooners then we can ram it all back down their throats, and they can learn to hate us more…..

  20. Rico, the answer is simple, because we are a very special football club, no more, no less.

  21. Hey Micko, but why do they hate us quite so much, that is the bit i don’t get – can’t all be down to when we got promoted and accused of cheating for it….

  22. Its us against them, i wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Even when the FA docked us points we still won the league, loved it.

  23. I like Cage as an actor but he looks a sulky one, Teddy, well i would have taken him do a different location and dumped him…. :P

  24. John Cross, Amy Lawrence are the only two i can think of Rico
    KZJ was a bit of a babe.. :)

  25. Nicholas Cage got in with a mate, but didn’t speak.
    Richard Dreyfuss was a really nice guy, and so was his family.
    Teddy Sheringham got in wearing a poncy suit with 3 poncy mates… I ignored him.

  26. Are there any Gooners out there who report on football??

    I don’t think there is, they are all anti us but to this day, i don’t really understand why they all hate us so much….

    So, KZJ then AK ;) :oops:

  27. Rico, me??? ;)
    Chris Martin of Coldplay was a really nice guy.
    He gave me a couple of signed CD’s, which my son nicked.
    Cyril Smith MP. He was a funny guy.
    Katherine Zeta-Jones was pleasant [and single at the time ;)]

  28. You know, Rico, i used to get the Times/Sunday Times, but that Matt Hughes always seemed to be making snide comments about Arsenal.
    And now i know why. He’s a Chavs, the tosser…

  29. Exactly AK….. K***s……..

    Who’s the most famous you have had in the back AK, and i don’t mean that literally ;)

  30. Agag…. what a great bit of film.
    I was laughing my head off.
    Those coaches, ha ha , i would have smashed into them, :D.
    As for the cyclists/motorbikes, what a great challenge… To see how many i could wipe-out… :)

    Reminded me of Camden Lock on a Sunday and Victoria Coach Station.
    Got anymore?

  31. Rico, typical Press garbage…

  32. I don’t get all that AK, what a buch of twurps, i don’t mean the blog, the article in the times…..

  33. Traffic rules and regulations are taken as mere suggestions here. :D Check this link, AK.


  34. Fork handles…? :)

  35. I think so agag ;)

    AK – I was thinking ‘for kandles’ ;)

  36. Wonder if the club are [at last] responding to all the negative reporting with some ‘positive’ spin of their own?


  37. Laters Lee, hope you feel better soon ;)

  38. Agag, that sounds like my kinda town… :D
    Rico, depends on the size of the candle… ;)

  39. Is it true, did we sign Laporta’s boy, rico? That is soooo odd. But stan might be expecting the other kind… Haha.

    WATH, it’s okay, you know. Age is just a number. We don’t discriminate against the advanced in years. :D :P

  40. Not what I would call Barton agag……

    Oops, I should have realised re the tart ;)

  41. I see Cesc has set a new record for the stains… :( And that PHW has denied Barton’s claim. Barton is ick.

    rico, :lol: I meant the dessert type of tart, of course. ;)

  42. Coyle mind games ahead of Saturday?

    Still think we should have gone in with a proper bid in the summer, we should have got rid of Nik, Denilson, Almunia and Squilli’s wages and just paid a sensible amout, jeez, we are still sat with £50M to spend…..

  43. I’ll file that away for future reference, Lee. Sleek website. Maybe, some of those liqueurs for “baking”.

    In Manila, you’d get away with EVERYTHING, AK. :D

  44. i’m gonna get the train…laters good people!

  45. I’ve heard it’s pretty good Lee I know ppl that have tried it I shall partake in a little sip shortly and report back to you on its quality.

    Media-ish slander I would say Lee… As for Rico not sure she’s actually got off the floor if thats where she ended up laughing… I reckon the laptop now on the floor with her…! ;-)

    AGAG your a typical spin Dr…. when I was 30 you were 28 so stop kidding yourself….!

  46. Lee, you have just made my day :)

    Vodka is just yuck…..

    You suggesting my pizzas are small AK ;)

  47. Just thinking (painful btw) if I fall asleep on my train tonight I’ll end up in Harwich or Ipswich….shit!

  48. Do you think stan is old enough for a tart agag ;)

  49. Hey Rico, that’s it, send Stan one of your pizzas with a candle on it… ;)

    Agag’ there’s cctv cameras everywhere in London these days, it’s like North Korea. I couldn’t get away with it even if i wanted.

  50. a pal of mine swears by it…

  51. have you seen this English vodka? Supposed to be the nuts…


  52. Media-esque allegations towards you….tut tut!!

  53. WATH, that’s sooo exagg! I’m not THAT bad. ;) And I wasn’t even a glint in my father’s eye when you were thirty. :P I m kidding. I am kidding.

    rico, you should send stan some of those tarts you bake. :) :)

    AK, just make sure nobody sees you. :lol:

  54. I see so Lee, bloody liberty if you ask me…… I’m sensative to those kind of insinuations I’m gonna have to go open a bottle of GG now as me heart is racing… purely medicinal you see….!

  55. WATH, seems the ladies are doubting your integrity!!

  56. Now i am off the floor, having rolled around laughing at Wath’s ‘i’m not a drinker’ comment :lol:

  57. I like the sound of that Lee…
    Not had a ruby for awhile….
    Agag i’m off up to London for a few days tomorrow.
    See if i can run over a few suicidal cyclists, help them on their way to the big cycle way in the sky. ;)

  58. Hi agag – i too hate that bastard c word – evil bloody disease….

  59. Says Granny AGAG…. you should know dear its why I’ve had birthday cards off you the last 50…..! ;-)

  60. The Long Island Iced Tea (LIIT) is the basis of many elaborate mixed-drinks. It dates to the 70’s, named after the continental USA’s largest island Long Island, in New York. Although it doesn’t contain tea, it’s taste is similar. The drink sits in the top 5 of most popular cocktails and is regularly mentioned or seen served in television and films (worthy mentions are The Simpsons, Sex and the City and Cruel Intentions).

    Scale ingredients to servings
    1 part vodka
    1 part tequila
    1 part rum
    1 part gin
    1 part triple sec
    1 1/2 parts sweet and sour mix
    1 splash Coca-Cola®

    Mix ingredients together over ice in a glass. Pour into a shaker and give one

  61. WATH, you’ve been thirty the last thirty, years. :P Micko, :lol:

  62. Thats really bad Micko………… grab us a 6pack when ur out pls…!

  63. Him and keeping AGAG off the net doing her pre-Xmas online specials shopping and maxing ALL the cred cards…!

  64. Oh i can see a lawsuit coming out of that…. dead cobra in Monngoose mouth is asking for big poo….!

  65. Young Stanley….funny! He’s the one that’s gonna be trouble at the HH Christmas bash!!!

  66. Hello agag, the postman put a leaflet through my door last week, it read if you have a drink problem ring this number, so i did, turned out to be the off licence…….i’ll get my coat on the way out.

  67. Ice-tea Lee….. whats that…? surely a complete waste of a yorkshire gold tea bag…?

  68. AK, you gotta try this new Indian lager “Mongoose” it’s bloody lovely, propper dig at cobra…on the bottle there’s a mongoose with a dead cobra in it’s mouth!!

  69. It wasn’t for you Lee ur a piss head I was trying to educate young Stanley…….. ;-)

  70. I was being facetious WATH……

  71. Good stuff, bad stuff. Crazier day than usual, AK. :) You on break? Lee, your 3:52 is funny. :)

  72. what a fucking shit disease….let’s hope he’s ok!!

  73. I’ve never been a drinker AK, only medicinal purposes I’ll break my rule ;-)

  74. Lee, the sugar in alcohol makes us dehydrate hence we are always thirsty when we wake up… Ask AGAG she is the expert on all things alcoholic :P

    Stan as old as me, a mere whipper snapper then…! When are you 30 Stan….!

  75. I had dinner with a good friend just now, and her father has just been diagnosed with the Big C, Lee. :(

  76. Hi Agag.
    I’m good thanks, you too?
    Stan is there a pub down by the Azores?

  77. long island ice-tea total…. ;)

  78. Hey Stan, how are you gonna get to the pub from your trawler???

  79. Boo! Everyone has it in for us, rico. Nobodies, Non-Entities, Thugs. Tut tut.

    Great news about your mum, Lee! :) And happy birthday, stan. Birthdays are for misbehaving! Enjoy, you. :) :) You’re getting as old as WATH :D

    WATH, teetotal, ha! Liar. :P

    Hi, AK and Micko. How are you?

  80. Hey Wath, when did you join the Temperance Society?

  81. we should all guess…answers on a postcard please!

  82. Another thing…how comes you can drink like a fish all night and still wake up thirsty? ;)

  83. Happy Birthday goonster….

    How old today then?

  84. Saturday….hahahahaha! Also might have a few Mongooses whilst waiting for my takeaway ruby tonight…whilst getting shit off the waiters about The Arsenal!!

  85. And Stan….. promise me you’ll get a cab home… ok

  86. Lee, can’t say i approve but admire your honesty !

  87. Afternoon……

  88. Hey Stan, Many Happy Returns.
    A packet of sedatives are in the post for your match days.
    lee is gonna send you a jamaican Woodbine.
    JJ is getting his spandex on as i speak [write]…. :D

  89. As you say Lee, getting 2 old, til 2moro night mate then you’ll be on it again……….!

  90. 8yr old boys cage fighting….WTF is that?

  91. big & clever springs to mind…

  92. got home at 1.30am up for work at 5.30am….small boozey drive to the station and now i’m beginning to feel really horrible!
    Cannot wait to fck off….. I’m too old for this, well until next time!!

  93. Disgraceful behaviour Stan I can’t condone all that drinking I’m teetotal meself I lead a clean and healthy life………..

    Am sure you gonna have fun though….

    I hope the drums are banging Lee… :-)

  94. You said WATH….its gonna be a wild wild night. Just me and the boys draining the pub of any available liquor. Then head home with my gal…..you do the rest!

  95. I was out and about last night, feeling extremely hungover now! Hitting the 2.30 wall….at pace!

  96. Yeah lee…..stop trying to lead me astray.

  97. It seems like it’s not going to take much in anycase and I do believe he’s going to have a mother of all hangovers 2moro…!

    Self inflicted no sympathy at all….!

  98. Stop trying to lead him astray Lee…… :D

  99. Thought it was ok to get someone else in the shit….it’s normally me!! :)

  100. No way WATH…..we ll probably be drinking together anyways. So there you have it. Goddamn how I wish today was Friday. I wouldn’t have to bother about work. Oh well its my luck I guess. Bummer.

  101. If you drink that much Stan your Gal will have locked the door and you’ll be outside on the patio with your drinking hand lol……

    Stop giving him bad ideas Lee……!

  102. You are reading my mind pal…..then I ll get some loving from my gal I guess.

  103. That’s a plan I like the sound of mate….followed by curry/kebab/fight?

  104. Nothing man…..that’s the plan. Just drink my own weight in beers.

  105. what’s your plan Stan? Apart from getting off your cannister….

  106. Thanks lee…..its gonna ne a long long night. Can’t wait to get off work.

  107. Happy Birthday Stan….cheques in the post mate!

  108. So ungrateful Stan………. lol

    Hey Lee, really chuffed to hear the good news about your Mum mate, thats brilliant….!

  109. Eeeewwww not a big sloppy kiss! Yuck and definitely not from jj! Maybe rico and agag but not jj….never jj!

  110. If you want a big huge sloppy kiss JJ hasn’t been around for a while but I can organise something for you :-)

  111. Don’t think I forgot u WATH…..am expecting something huge from you my man….thanks by the way.

  112. You know me micko…..am painting the whole goddamn town red and white…

  113. Happy Birthday Stan, am sure AGAG will buy you a nice cup cake with a candle on… the rest of us will buy you a pint down the local that we will then drink to your good health ;-)

  114. SDL, forgive me, for i have sinned !

  115. Happy birthday Goonster, I ‘ll pop a bottle of martini in the post for you, will you be painting the town red tonight or is that a silly question ?

  116. Easy Micko, he is still the best coach we have had.

    I wouldn’t rate Mancini who said they need to buy more players in the January windows because they drew in the weekend.What kind of coach is that , with all the players he has in his team.

    Nor do i rate a Ferguson that pays astronomical amount to assemble a team in the region of £250Mil every season .

    The only reason i rate Morinho is because he coached Porto with an average team and won the Champions league.Everything else he has done doesn’t count in my book.His present team is close to £260 mil at present.

    So please let us pay more respect to the Wengers,the Vilas Boas,the David Moyes and the Roy Hodgsons of this world.

    If Fergie can do what David Moyes has done at Everton with the budget and the team he has then i will rate him.

  117. These clowns only offer up comments because some wanker journo sticks a microphone in front if them.
    The media truly are the scum of the earth.

  118. Hi guys did I mention today’s my birthday? That’s right people every 22nd of september is my birthday. So I ll be expecting a few presents from you guys. Lee ak rico agag TT micko sd kt oliver….hmmm who did I miss? Yeah my man DK! Speaking of which…..when was the last time anybody saw DK? Oh well so come on guys send down those presents pronto!

  119. or tell him not to jump in the river thames with arm bands on !

  120. yes , exactly,

    Wenger , you are fine and you don’t need a Keown or any Tony A.Just do your thing by yourself.

  121. or tell him he doesn’t need a defensive coach!!!

  122. Even Harry Redknap has even advised Wenger on how he can solve the Arsenal defensive problems: He said we Wenger should get specialist coaches.

    Now i want to say this , can this people just shot up and stop trying to teach Wenger what he should do because if if they are right , that is exactly what Wenger is not going to do.

    Wenger hates given people the satisfaction of being the right one , so please stop telling Wenger what he is to do unless you are a staff and a fan.

    Therefore if you are the press,rival coach,rival fan,TV pundit and referees now making mach analysis, please shot up and mind your own biz waz.

  123. hello!
    I remember Woodcock too.
    We can’t expect we have all the squad fit for the next match. The injuries and the exclusions will be constants. Specially in those periods, we have players play twice a week.
    Worrying, is talking about relegation. We can think and be advice of tahat; other, is write or say that in an interview. Not make goos sense for the moment. And I hope never will make any sense.

  124. Good moaning all,
    Tonys right, we have a fantastic stadium ,we just can’t fill it at the moment, the natives aren’t happy.
    Woodcock was a good striker for us in his day, he scored 5 goals against villa in one game for us, not many players can say they’ve done that, quite a feat.

  125. Got to pop out, Sainsbury calls…..


  126. ‘Me in the korma’

    That’s bloomin funny :lol: :lol:

  127. Everybody Hurts Sometimes Lee :lol:

  128. Like it Lee!

  129. That’s me in the korma.

  130. I fainted in the curry house when I heard REM had split up.

  131. Def not Stoke, home or away…..

    Agree re Chamakh and hopefully Park will settle soon

  132. Ships in the night, AK! We must meet up!! Or the Harold Wood ruby!

  133. We’ll have to meet up for a pint sometime this season Lee…
    I’m going to Bolton, but my lad is going to the CL.

  134. No AK….Olympiacos yes!!

  135. We certainly don’t want Stoke away Rico…. :(

    Yeah, we’re still too light up front.
    Can’t expect Oxo to take up the slack.
    Chamakh simply has to deliver more.

  136. OH……. sorry Rico.
    I’m just becoming Mr Cut & Paste these days…. ;)

  137. :lol: I forgot that kev, stoke dumped them out…..

  138. Lee, are you going saturday?

  139. My tusk tusk was that it’s in the post and the link ;)

    Four months – that’s nearly the rest of the season and just as he was about to get involved more with the first team.. :(

    Should get both next summer..

  140. Rico, i hope we get the totts away….. they’re out.. :lol:

  141. Afobe’s injury is a bummer.
    Some good performances in the Carling Cup would have brought him into the senior squad.
    I just hope they can get a work permit for Campbell and/or Wellington next summer.

  142. Bet we get the Mancs, Chavs or Totts, away…..

    But, any club outside the PL at home would be nice….

  143. How bizzare, i’d have thought blue was the worst, especially if it has Samsung written on it ;)

  144. Yeah Rico, Fulham will never beat them, they have a terrible record against the Chavs…

    We need a home draw. Aldershot would do for me….

  145. See the Chavs got lucky last night….

  146. I did read somewhere, that kit manufacturers like blue shirts as a 2nd kit, as they match up well with jeans [!] and are therefore fashionable and make for better sales…

  147. Yes Rico, i liked that kit.
    Arsenal played in white during the 30’s 40’s 50’s and 60’s. So it isn’t new.
    I think that Everton were the first team i recall wearing yellow + blue.
    We adopted it around 1967-68.

  148. Lee – you lost me on that one….

    Tusk Tusk allezkev, Tusk Tusk ;)

  149. Yeah mate, Oct 5th to see an orthapedic surgeon.
    She’s got knees like Paul McGrath… :(

  150. Somewhere Kev, might be in the attic gathering moth holes though :)

    My fav is my white pin stripe, with Theo and Cesc’s autograph on it :)

  151. Get Mrs 47 sorted in a couple of weeks too!!

  152. Rico, you have that kit…!

    Well according to Lee, that makes you a little raver…. :lol:

    And yes, a big win this weekend for Lee & family…

  153. What great news Lee, may the boys get a big win on saturday just for your Mum….

  154. I think I have a pair somewhere kev, and the shirt :lol:

  155. Lee, that’s fantastic amigo. I’m so pleased for ya…

  156. 1992-93, that was a turgid season in the League.

    But a fantastic season in the cups…

    Happy Days at Wembley… :)

  157. All good mate, mum got her bone marrow results & they were clear!! Not got to go back for 3 months!! So happy days!!!!

  158. That why i wished i’d got myself a pair Lee… :D

  159. Lee, how’s things with you buddy?

  160. looked like something a raver would wear!!

  161. No Rico, i got a pair for my eldest. But i wish i had got a pair for myself… ;)

  162. Morning Kev, i bet you still have a pair ;)

  163. Lee, i wouldn’t wanna live in ‘their’ world mate… ;)

  164. Talking [writing!] of shorts, do you remember that yellow + blue kit we had in 1993.
    The shirt was a bit cosmic, with a very strange pattern.
    The shorts were of the Alex James baggy variety..

  165. AK,it’s bad for your health that LG!!

  166. Good Morning Gooners.
    Nice post Rico.

    Ah those shorts, those were the days.. ;)

    Just had a peek a LG, now i’m gonna slit my wrist.. :)

  167. I failed Adam, sorry ;)

  168. I am a little disappointed that his shorts are not tighter in those clips Rico and that there isn’t a bit more “bouffant” to his hair. Just shows how time distorts one’s memories. Ah wel…..

  169. Thanks g, i think we all needed a day off from the bad stuff ;)

    Hi Lee, bad barnet, bad shorts ;)

  170. nice to read some as it is comments other than doom and gloom only m u sticking out at moment and all teams have bad periods arsenal have time to get back in pack

  171. I think one only came here to leave a link and go….

  172. Ooooh Rico. You make him sound quite lovely.

  173. Lol Adam you discriped him perfectly and if memory serfs me right did he not leave us for Germany only to come back?

  174. Blue Adam, thanks for popping on to leave your link….

  175. Two Adams posting could lead to confusion.

  176. You should see him now, his hair is full of long flowing curly locks :)

  177. TT. I remember him as having a kind of Demi-Permed white man’s affro and an inconceivably small pelvic girdle crammed into micro shorts. I also remember that he fell over a lot. As for the nature of his genitalia I can only speculate.

  178. Sure do Adam, and the tighter ones before his ;)

    TT – i thought he used to runn a bit strangely ;)

  179. Morning TT –

    Re the injuries, rotten for our kids though, i don’t care about the others ;) ;)

  180. Wenger was born in France , Rice in Ireland,George Graham in Scotland,Chapman in Yorkshire… this bit about Woodcock being born in Nottingham is plain stupid regarding his supporting Arsenal or not – Wenger was never an Arsenal supporter – he just supports himself – along with his AKB of course.

  181. Rico. You remember then?

  182. Was that so he could show off his WOODcock adam?….;)

  183. Morning all

    Very Tight Adam ;)

  184. Morning rico.

    A least Gervinhos’ red card came with a silverlining;) Doupth though the manager was ever interested in signing that lil shit, if he was he should be sacked on the spot for bringing the club into the gutter. As for injurys to our youth players are they getting injured more than othere? We only hear about whats happening in our own youth setup but is there any more injuries compared to other clubs?

  185. Morning everyone. All I remember about Woodcock was that he wore shorts so tight that it didn’t make sense.

  186. morning Gooners….

  187. Morning good people…..ben ayoun out for a week. Great just what we need right now. Another injury. Oh well at least we ve got the OX.

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