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Why Oh Why Arsene??? No More Kids…..

At last, no more kids it seems but why did Arsene leave it until now to show some kind of ambition?

Anyway, better late than never but just think if he’d done all he seems to be doing now, back in July…  Ok, I’ll stop moaning now…. But ;)

So, Chu Young Park has signed, he’s out new Number 9, I hope that shirt now ends the curse and this player stays clear of filthy tackles, unlike Eduardo before him.

Who is he?

Chu was born in Daegu on July 10, 1985.

He was the top scorer and voted Most Valuable Player as South Korea won the Asian Football Confederations Youth Championship in 2004.

He was named Asian Young Footballer of the Year in 2004.

Chu scored on his debut for the South Korea senior side, aged just 19, against Uzbekistan in 2005.

In his debut season for FC Seoul, after joining them in 2005, he scored 18 times in 30 appearances and was the top scorer in the in the K-League.

He was voted the K-League Players’ Player of the Year in 2008

He joined AS Monaco in 2007 and, as he did for FC Seoul, scored on his debut against Lorient.

Chu scored at the 2010 World Cup when he found the net from a free-kick in a 2-2 draw with Nigeria in the Group Stages.

He also played at the 2006 World Cup.

He replaced the retired Manchester United midfielder Ji Sung Park as captain of the national team earlier this year.

Yep, I stole that information from afc.com; I was surprised they’d even updated it so soon… ;)

Next expected to be announced should be Andre Santos and Per Mertesacker, both were reported to be in London yesterday having medicals.

Santos is a 28 year old Brazilian left back and in the past, his country has had a few good ones in that position. Roberto Carlos and our once own Silvinho weren’t bad were they? If he’s got the same attitude and ability of those two then we have captured a good un, reports are he’s bloody good going forward, I hope he’s not bad at defending as well. ;)

Mertesacker – well, he’s big 26 year old German International Centre Half who stands tall at 6’ 6”! His signing might just put a stop to all the crosses finding the head of anyone other than one of our defenders; finally we may put a stop to all the critical comments about how suspect we are on set-pieces.

Up the other end, he might get his head on a few of RvP’s corners too – cracking signing in my opinion.

In fact all three (if the latter two are confirmed) are good signings; they are at a good age and come from well known clubs.

So what can we expect today?

Yann M’vila?

Gary Cahill after a battle with ‘Arry?

Christopher Samba after Blackburn agree to sign Scott Dann?

Maybe even Marvin Martin, just to keep Stan happy? ;)

Who knows how today will unfold but it certainly looks as if our squad will be bigger, better and certainly strong by 11pm today..

Just what we all hoped for….

Have a good day all……

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404 comments on “Why Oh Why Arsene??? No More Kids…..

  1. Morning!
    Would like to see four signings announced today. Who do you think will leave today? Super Nick? Super18, Chamakh?

    Also, isn’t the number 9 jersey cursed?!

  2. Morning all

    Nikki seems to be off to Stoke :eek:

  3. ESP,

    it’s about time the curse was lifted, let’s hope Ju (as he is know) puts an end to it…..

  4. Ribery to the Chavs :eek:

  5. Rico, today is the longest day of the seasson!!

  6. Morning all. Bendtner to Stoke? How are the mighty fallen? Rico, do you think this flurry of activity is as a direct result of the Man Utd debacle? Let’s hope that Wenger doesn’t coach Per’s natural defensive abilities out of him, or play him wide right. Also, Wenger must sign a midfielder or two today then at least we will have some competition in the squad. I am still hoping for someone exciting to arrive.

  7. good post….
    hi guys…..
    i want hazard and m villa…..if we get those two..
    we still have a chance for the league….

  8. Is it true that Chu has to complete his national service in 2 years time??

    If so, how long does that last?

  9. Robert has a lot of baggage these days after the under- age sex thing and the pimping stuff. Don’t think he has been so good since all that came out.

  10. Sorry, Ribery. Bloody predictive text.

  11. Hi STV – but for once it could be good viewing for gooners….

    Hi Adam, part of me thinks so, why didn’t all what appears to be happening take place a couple of moths ago?? Had it, that drubbing may not have happened….

    I’m hoping for another few, other than Pers and Santos :)

  12. Not that cursed but it ain’t that preecious too as other clubs (at least for last decade or so)

  13. Hi Panic, yes its true and i don’t think he’ll be back afterwards, that will be when his contract expires, must be why he’s cheaper…

  14. so waht about park ji sung isnt he of south korea as aswell….

  15. +samba can give us a real beast of defence.

  16. I hope chelski get ribery, anyone thats watched him over the last 2 seasons will know hes a greedy little bast’d and a proper billy big bollocks and yet continuously doesnt perform…sounds like bentner.
    I hope Dempsey is our guy by the end of today we need a player with that kind of fight, he seems to acheive through pure will power and effort. Or as I like to say, we need a little less skills a little more giles. c’mon you gunners!

  17. I’m hoping for Samba, Arteta & M’vila on top of the Mert and Santos deals.

  18. Morning people. Apart from the confirmation of the Mertenator and Holiness, everything is a guess.

    I’m expecting one more signing today – the midfielder Wenger himself has stated we need…

  19. morning HH, M’Vila and MM to follow…?

  20. Arteta works too…

  21. Is there rumors that santos has decided to stay in Turkey?!

  22. he is af, our man replaced him as captain of his country, it’s in the post ;)

  23. not seen that ESP…

  24. someones not paying attention…tut tut!

  25. I just read it on LG hoping its not true, we really need that LB!! Also Rico, I see you haven’t updated the result at OT on the fixtures! ;)

  26. Dontno weather this Marek Hamsik rumour is true..

  27. ESP, don’t say that, surely he hasn’t had a change of heart??

    Agree STV

    Hi Sketchy – thats a lot of money they are paying for an old has been….

  28. yep…sorry rico…
    marek hamsik…..thats just rumours…..yossi benayoun it will be but i dont want him

  29. Honda??

    How many miles would we get out of him each week…

    H’s rumoured to be in for a medical today :)

  30. Wonder why afc.com haven’t announced the Merts and Santos deals yet??

    af, just kidding with you ;)

    Morning Savage, i reckon we’ll get more than that ;)

  31. Morning Lee –
    :lol: re your 9.48….

    I wasn’t paying attention either, didn’t see you sneak in ;)

  32. Yeah, I think two more signings Rico..

  33. After all sTOCK is where one of the world’s best ended up talking !!

  34. I wish the club would get on with them Lee, can’t be sitting here all day waiting ;)

    STV, you mean Nikki B?….

  35. Take the one signing as par for the course. Everything more than that will be a birdie, eagle or albatross for me.

    Would be very disappointed though if the Santos (Holiness) deal doesn’t happen. Watched his goals clip last night – Clichy can only dream… Winterburn wondershot wonderdays back again? Gotta luv em Brazilian fullbacks!

  36. Barca or stoke….??

  37. i can see why he’s gone down the stoke route…

  38. Lee :lol:

    Makes me laugh, his father said they had had so so many offers, yet he looks like going to Stoke…. What a joke, he’ll get battered in training….

  39. I always saw him as a flanker….

  40. yes Nikki ‘am the best’ bntnr

  41. Finally though we’ll have a tall defender to take on those Stoke aerial bombardments.

    A landmark moment for us?

  42. Bendtner fits the Stoke bill perfectly I think.

  43. Lee, you struggling with your spelling this morning :oops:

    Savage – yes

  44. Yes Rico where he can date the towell lady.. lol

  45. Moaning all,
    No-one knows what goes on in Wengers head, its like trying to read the mind of Jabba the Hutt, yes he should have moved sooner but the most important thing is that he is riting his wrongs.

    Next up a top quality playmaker please………..keep them coming.

  46. In 2 year Park will be leaving for military service. If they don’t medal at the Olympics, so that is probably going to be the curse. He turns out to be steel and has to do military service and we have to find another striker.

  47. park of MU and all other south korea squad were given exception who went thru to wc semi in 2002 were given exception not to join military service. its compulsary for all south koreans. its 2 years. very unfortunate for our chu young

  48. Shawcross and the rest of the Stoke thugs will feel honoured to be playing with a world- class player. Well, according to Bendtner anyway.

  49. Morning all.good read rico.i must admit am getting chubby because of all the excitement :) is this how chav/mancs/city fans get to feel like twice a year?

  50. KT, Christmas allover!! :)

  51. I watched Stoke vs Chelsea and I thought to myself at the time: This is a pretty decent side, but the weakest player on the pitch is Walters up front.

    So I do think NB will improve them, and I won’t be surprised to see him make a decent name for himself there. I wish him all the best – of all the failed kids, he was one of the closest to actually making the grade at Arsenal.

  52. morning micko – agree, just wish he;d done this earlier though

    morning, Kt, all chubby – i like that ;)

    Part of me still thinks we are going to get cahill ….

  53. :lol: STV

    John, but i don’t think we paid much for him and i doubt he’s demanding a big wage, if he gives us two great seasons, we’ll all be happy….

  54. I have a feeling the spuds will get Cahill..

  55. After doing some research i’ve found out that ju park is very quick (100m in 11secs),very good passing and excellent at off the ball movement.if that turns out to be true coupled with the rumours of us going after m’vila could arsene be going back to the invincibles blueprint?power in the middle and lots of pace and movement up front?…today’s midfield signing will give us a clue.very quick (100m in 11secs),very good passing and excellent at off the ball movement.if that turns out to be true coupled with the rumours of us going after m’vila could arsene be going back to the invincibles blueprint?power in the middle and lots of pace and movement up front?…today’s midfield signing will give us a clue.

  56. Hargreaves has passed a medical at City.

    And they say our medical staff our incompetent?

  57. I used to think that thomas bendtner was a bit of a numpty but he’s really gone up in my estimations now.

  58. Guillem Balague says Hazard has put in a transfer request for an Arsenal move.

  59. ESP – for once i hope you are very very wrong ;)

    I guess it’s down to Cahill, he could refuse Spuds and stay at Bolton, then we get him for free next summer – it’s us he wants to join….

    Savage – don’t tease us about Hazard….

  60. Kt, i think someone mentioned his speed yesterday, he looks to be a potential cracking signing and he’ll never stop running that’s for sure…

  61. Apologies, the Beeb now say it was a fake “Guillem Balague” account :)

  62. Yellow Card Savage ;) ;)

  63. Yet another fast player? So now the fans are going to start picking on RVP for being the slow guy holding up our play…

  64. bummer…that would be a cracking signing!

  65. What to make of the Honda rumour??

    SSp’s are obsessed with Arry Redcrapp…. all they report is what he is up to…..

  66. Guilty as charged, your honour.

  67. Just coming through there..young mr. campbell going on loan to Lorient? I hope it’s true I wanna see this guy play some 1st team football somewhere. He could be a very good striker in a few years.

  68. its like football manager its great :P love arteta and mvilla and thats it then

  69. Morning guys……is it christmas? I hope so…….honda ll go well with my toyota thank you.

  70. Its not a yellow for savage rico…more like light red ;)

  71. :P Savage

    goonster, morning to you – MM on his way yet??

    I was tempted Kt ;)

  72. As usual, the quality of refereeing is bordering on mafia levels.

  73. morning barry and funnergunner… good to see you guys/gals heer, what took you so long ;)

  74. Re Campbell – oliver mentioned him yesterday, hopefully his visa will be granted in time to take the number 9 shirt from Ju, who will then be off home..

  75. Savage just needed a stern talking to, no need with a card guys/gals!! ;)

  76. Man U are about to make another signing, reports say it’s going to be a good one :(

  77. I’m sorry, i went to the Atkinson school of running blogs ;)

  78. Hi Rico am just struggling to keep up with the transfer activity…..where was this all along….if we wenger succeeds in getting honda then I ll forgive and will be over losing mata to chelsea.

  79. Honda? I know he’s a “known” name. But good enough for the Arsenal? It’s an open question, I know little about the player.

    The Beeb have nothing on United – seriously hope they don’t land Sneijder.

  80. was just going ask the same question, Savage…..

  81. He’s better than what we have now savage and a step in the right direction….he’s an experienced international… you know we ve been lacking those for a while now.

  82. So much optimism….haven’t felt this good about arsenal since the invisibles…..COYGs

  83. So we’ve chucked our first three fixtures so we could queue up for the end of window bargains.

    We’ve had 20 people working day and night to find the cheapest option for each position we needed to fill.

    Wenger is still running the club his way, nothing has changed, and we still won’t win a trophy.

  84. Goonster, I’m loving it. I’m a pretty useless employee right now. My concentration span is somewhere between 2 and 3 minutes.

  85. goonster – i also don’t think Honda is that good – if we get him, it’s for shirt sales imho….

  86. I’ll be glad when the two defenders are confirmed, starting to think they will fall through…..

    Steve – i understand why you say that, i agree all this should have been done ages ago…..

  87. If we’re going shirt sales, how about the Chinese and Indian captains. We could shift a lot of shirts…

    Like Mert, Honda has been linked with us for many seasons now. Might be good for Ryo to have a fellow countryman around. Also imagine the possibility of forming a good partnership on the pitch between the two.

  88. Why is Arsenal buying now when their seaon is over???

  89. Why is Arsenal buying now when their season is over???

  90. Hallo gunners. Honda is a good addition. He has a tremendous long distance shooting ability and quite fast. Do u prefer Yossi 31 years old injury prone Chelski’s reject? The man played just one game last term..

  91. No Honda after all.

  92. Its all a bit quiet on the signings front today, these transfer windows are rubbish.
    Thought we’d have a long line of them by now, someone needs to stick a rocket up wengers arse !

  93. Today its been so quiet.hope it won’t be a disappointing day :(

  94. Honda is class Rico not in FAB class but better than Ramsey for now. Would you we rather play ramsey and rosciky the whole season or a turbo charged HONDA! Think about it.

  95. Micko – you and me both, i thought we’d have lots of news breaking and a couple in the bag by now…. :(

    Ok goonster, i’ll think about that one… ;)

    Stoke have confirmed they do not have any interest in Bendtner….

  96. KT, another two on the way hopefully, maybe a good idea to get 40 winks in if you can, might be a long night ahead.

  97. Joe Cole has signed for Lille….


    Surely not, could we???

  98. Keep the faith rico…..don’t jinx it we might still get him

  99. Tim Payton – what a guy, he’s been on SS’s, telling it as it is….

  100. I don’t see Stoke dropping NB – where’s that? I do know they’re taking Jerome though. And Cole signs for Lille, meaning … oops, I’m on a yellow already.

  101. On SS’s Savage, they have had confirmation from Stoke…
    No reds on here today, you are safe ;)

    goonster, i’m not sure, lets hope for him and M’Vila ;)

  102. There’s a story making the rounds that santos had decided to stay back in istanbul……he has already signed a new five years contract apparently.

  103. That was aoround yesterday goonster, dont think its true though….

  104. thanks Rico…..that took a huge load off me head……

  105. Don’t take my word goonster, but i think SS’s would have leaked that one by now if it were true…

    fingers crossed…

  106. The club has also had long-standing interest in Rennes midfielder Yann M’Vila and Sochaux playmaker Marvin Martin. However, both players are at Clairefontaine with the France squad, and it is thought that neither of their respective clubs are willing to sell so late in the window

  107. See Grimandi says that every one of the players we’ve signed (including Mert and Santos) was in the plans before the United game.

  108. I dont care that Wenger has left it for late and i am glad and grateful to those fans that went to the Man utd game who still chanted “in Wenger we trust”.Those fans should be written into our history books for saving our club in the last minute.
    I believe they might have made an impression on Wenger and jolted him to action.

    It was Wenger who showed the likes of Man utd ,Chelsea ,Liverpool to look beyond there noses and buy footballers with great footballing skills , height and ball holding capability.
    It was Wenger who showed all that you can play beautifully and win trophies at the same time.
    It was Wenger that showed others how to marshal a deffence with no nonsense CBs and the most fire blazing speeders of a left backs and right backs.

    Yes it was Wenger that brought in the likes of Henry,Pires,Wiltord,Gilberto,Ashley Cole,Kanu,Viera,just to mention a few.

    Yes it was same Wenger who was able to coach successfully , greats and stars like Bergkham,Keown,D Seaman,Tony Adams, just to mention a few.

    He is best at this job of spotting quality and buying them at the right price and he is doing that right now .
    He might have just few hours left , maybe that was his plan all along because we have got a bargain forward, Pet Metsercker is coming (a bargain as well) who is way better that Cahill in my opinion,Santos might come in , he is going to set the PL alight going by what i have seen.
    To add to it who knows we might still get Hazzard and if not i am sure we will get M’Villa who is a top quality.

    Look my people , everybody has pissed Wenger off now and he is very angry and now wants to show what he is made up of.

    I will say this only once ; thank you Man utd you have no idea what you have done , opening the pandora’s box? and it is coming to bite you all in the PL oh oh oh the GUNNERS are coming :) :)

  109. Arsenal turkey fans confirm the move. Santos will be an Arsenal player !

  110. Really looking forward to dotcom announcing Mert and Santos. Happy days!

    Lille have told BBC that Hazard not leaving, despite Joe Cole’s arrival.

  111. morning all…so is nik off or not?

  112. No idea on Nik – I’m not gutted if he stays though. An extra body will be good, as long as he doesn’t stink the place out with his attitude.

  113. if he stays, then don’t play him on the flank…i’ve said many times that i think we get so little out of him because we mis-use him…play him in the centre and put balls into him, and we’ll see what he can do…

    if we keep him and continue to shift him out wide, we will just be wasting his and our time…

  114. Classic from an afc fan:

    Asked who we should buy:

    ‘A player called Eden Hazard, not many people would have heard of him but he’s quite good’
    :lol: :lol:

  115. savage, but we have not signed neither mertesacker nor santos have we?

  116. Ho oliver – it’s off..

    Hi JM – Good news..

    Hi SD – i would much rather Wenger hadn’t made us all suffer that defeat, it’s not as if he didn’t know how fragile our squad was this season, its been obvious since early January, if not before….

    And, he knew Cesc and Na$ri were leaving…..

  117. I think we are done in the market :(

  118. morning ricco…i would imagine he stays then. at this point he is a better option than chamakh, but i suspect that park may already be ahead of both of them…

    no news on dot com yet…

  119. Hi ADK, exactly, neither have been confirmed and that can only be because wenger is waiting to announce them and one or two more at the same time… ;)

  120. howc sure are you lady rico? ;)

  121. Parker has joined spuds – be interesting to see if he passes one of their medicals ;)

  122. ADK, I am not, just hoping like us all :)

  123. Honda is staying at Moscow…..

  124. :( II hate getting my hopes up…

  125. From BBC: “Senior Lille official said they have not had any conversations about Hazard with any agents or clubs the entire summer”

    Utter tosh! Those boys at Lille are lying through their teeth. Hazard is a wanted man.

    I do genuinely believe we’ll sign a midfielder. Notice there’s no rumours at all about Benayoun even though he confirmed he’s in negotiations. The pot is still boiling… tea anyone?

  126. so…uh…who is being productive at work today? i know i am not…

  127. oliver – i’d rather they both went to be honest and we bout another player, someone who wants to play for us….. and does what he’s paid to do….

  128. I’ve had a shocker. My end product is about the same as … er … Nicky B’s.

  129. i would too, but i should be surprised to see both move in this window…not saying they won’t, but i don’t expect it…

    i can hardly look at chamakh at this moment…he’s become arsenal’s jason bay…

  130. i am oliver, done all the housework, got dinner prepared for later and the washing all done and outside on the line :)

  131. i just don’t what has happened to chamakh, other than vegas ….

  132. that’s good, ricco…you can kick it and wait for the news (we hope!) to roll in without distractions…sadly, i have other concerns, some of which i am rather adeptly neglecting at this moment…

  133. your boss will forgive you just for one day oliver, it’s worth it ;)

    i was meant to be going to my mums to do her dinner but no internet connection there, instead i’m bring her to me, don’t want to be missing anything ;)

  134. http://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/2896/premier-league/2011/08/31/2644442/brazilian-full-back-andre-santos-arsenal-move-has-nothing-to

    Santos deal looks on to me. BBC reckon Yossi to Liverpool. No doubt this window is going down to the wire…

  135. Get emvillaa.. we could give diaby as compensation. Is that prudent rico?

  136. Yeehah!

    Santos has gone all official on us. Welcome to the club, and score some long-range crackers why don’t you?

  137. dot com has unveiled santos…that’s two official.

  138. santos will wear squad number eleven.

  139. giving santos that number says all we need to know about a certain carlos vela’s long-term future with us…

  140. Wenger has confirmed the Santos signing…

  141. oops, sorry, should have F5 :)

    Go arsene, few more please….

  142. One thing without doubt … our defense is stronger than last season.

    Keeper position sorted out, with Fab as a capable deputy after shaking off his initial problems.

    Sagna = top right back
    Jenk = hopefully a scarce deputy, but better than Eboue I think
    TV = top class, all-rounder
    Mert = top class, good for tall attacks
    Koz = a very decent 3rd choice, gives us a mobile option
    DJ = not a bad 4th choice at all
    Squid = not a bad 5th choice in my opinion
    Miquel = up and coming, back to reserves?
    Santos = Brazil defender, nuff said
    Gibbs = future England regular, now has quality cover

    That is a really good set of options.

  143. STV – very ;)

  144. hopefully mert will become official shortly…with a few more to follow.

  145. JD and Squilli are not good enough Savage, not anymore…..

  146. just popping off for twenty mins…..

  147. Be nice to squeeze Cahill in there somehow, I know its looking very unlikely, I’ll be gutted if he goes to the scum.
    Mertsacker is the stand out signing so far, where’s our play-maker.

  148. Striking nott a worry as long as RVP is fit !

  149. i’ll agree with ricco on squil. i think he is finished here anyways, and may end up as an almunia-like presence: still listed with the first team squad (taking up a number and getting paid), but nowhere near the actual first team…

    jd, i am not so ready to give up on…but he has been awful since the spring…his display for switzerland against england (just after the season ended) was one of the worst i have ever seen from a defender…

    what is it with us and players who go into prolonged crises of form…first chamakh, now jd….i hope he can get it together…he can be a very valuable member of our first team when fit, on-form, and confident.

  150. And Santos, number 11, do me a favour, maybe i’m just old fashioned.

  151. Not pleased with the number either! Same as when Gallas signed, and took number 10!

  152. four would be a good number for santos – i would like that number to be taken as soon as possible…eight is also vacant…perhaps eleven holds some personal signficance for him…

  153. may be some one to come in for that two.I hope MVla and MM

  154. Why arsenal is that hopeful and spend 8m for that clelsea waste. like there is nobody else.

  155. Haha, Rico – classic Arsenal fan. I give you a long list of names and you look for the one or two you like the least and make that the only thing you comment on. Not cool.

  156. kaka in heathrow… spurs?

  157. Rico. Of course Squillaci and JD aren’t good enough and neither is Chamakh. Depending on exactly what did happen in Vegas, I can understand it might be a little distracting. If, as Grimandi says, our new players were all targets before Man Utd, then why have we left it so late to sign them?

  158. how many will arrive within 8 hrs :o

  159. That’s Mertesacker confirmed, now they are free to go on the hunt again, seven hours Arsene…..

  160. mertesacker confirmed………yes atlast

  161. Savage, I knew you’d bite ;) ;)

    Cahill, I want Cahill :)

  162. mertesacker “set” to join…that is official enough.

  163. the official site has crashed…..

  164. dot com first team roster now has both santos and vela occupying number eleven.

  165. I would love to know that answer Adam, I’m not sure Grimandi is truthing, he’s just another AW yes man…..

    JM, i can’t see him at Spurs, he’s too good not to be playing CL footie, maybe the Chavs, or even us ;)

    MM, Hazard, Cahill and M’Vila, then if any money left, Arteta and Fellaini…

    I know, I am living in Citeh land for just a moment, but it’s fun wishing :lol:

  166. Sunu gone – another kid that didn’t make it. Our academy hasn’t been as productive as we hoped.

  167. Lansbury off to the Hammers on loan…..

  168. vela is on loan though oliver (as i know you know ;) ) maybe he’s just borrowing his number ;)

    is Sunu confirmed??

  169. .com says Pers to join, thats good enough ;)

  170. When the dust settles, we’ll see clearly !!

  171. acc to matt law….we are signing montolivo….

  172. Boo!! Exciting times!! Now get Hazard, AW! :) Hello, all. I should imagine we’re all in a better mood now (if not exactly productive at work).

  173. He’s a DM af isn’t he??

  174. same with denilson, it seems…with santos, however, the club announced that he joined on a long-term deal. somehow, i cannot see him just wanting to borrow number eleven and then return it to vela, no questions asked, at the start of our next pre-season. i am pretty confident this is further corroboration that vela has no future here.

    i’ve seen that sunu will join lorient permanently. perhaps lorient will confirm that together with campbell’s season-long loan…

    sunu may have not made it to the first team here, but if we were able to sell him on for profit, he still fits within our self-sustaining model’s parameters.

  175. Montolivo attacking mid Rico,

    M’Vila is signing lata 2nite…! ;-)

  176. I always thought Sunu would make it with us, big, strong and French – maybe he’s just anther Nik….

    I can’t see that happening either oliver, it’s more likely to be that Vela is on his last chance loan, if he comes back he’ll get another number, but that IF for me is huge….

  177. lansbury’s loan to west ham looks confirmed…sorry ricco…

    or, perhaps double-sorry, considering fat sam now gets his grubby mitts on our player…

  178. Deep lying midfielder i read Wath, afternoon to you ;)

    More to the point, is he any good??

    Hope you are right re M’vila but we need more than him….

  179. As mad as it sounds Oliver Sam might actually put some fight into Henri and add something to his game, a bit of bite that we could do with maybe ?!?! time will tell, shame he never got a proper chance unlike denilson n diaby !!!

  180. just think, by loaning lansbury there, we almost certainly helped push the spuddies deal for parker through…nothing like helping out our enemies…

    i thought wolves were also interested? i’d much rather lansbury play for mick instead of fat sam – and not help facilitate the spuddies strengthening their midfield…

  181. Totts are really trying for Cahill…. :(

  182. Montolivo is supposed to be a very good player Rico….. Not seen much of him but very technical…! Him and M’Vila would be pretty good going…! If no M’Vila we still a quality centre back short…! The spine still weak for me…..! and greetings to u 2… ;-)

  183. I’m just glad it is a loan and glad he’s staying in London….

    can’t stand the manager but he certainly knows how to get a bit of steel in his players…

  184. actually, ricco, i think vela is finished…i suspect – much like denilson – if we could have found a taker, willing to meet both our valuation and the player’s wage requirements, then vela would have moved permanently during the summer…

    the opportunity was there for him last season, but arsene didn’t seem to even acknowledge he was part of the squad…if not then – under those circumstances – then when?

  185. good point, wath…hopefully lansbury will knuckle down and come back a man…i think there are better managers to help him along with that, but it is what it is, so we hope for the best…

  186. it’s all gone quiet on the nik front…

  187. Rico. Personally I am looking forward to Denilson coming back next year.

  188. Hee..yy WATH.. how is the going !!

  189. Lansbury on load to WH? Maybe good for him
    yes, I listen something about Montolivo. I like this player but also Aquilani is very good and do nothing at Liverpool
    The others squad are very strong and in the market…

  190. me to adam…..denilson could come good….he has neymar and ganzo for company there….

  191. i think our first team squad has some other players – we all know who they are – who need to be moved…kenny has already gotten j. cole, poulsen and ngog out of there. i’d like to see a couple of our surplus-to-requirements-big-earners shipped out.

  192. Unlike aquilani, Mvilio works hard.. he is payed in centrl mid lately.

  193. How u doing ST…. I hope for M’Vila have done for months he’s just want we want big stong and technical and adds to the spine to make it far stronger. Time will tell…!

  194. Adam, I think Denilson will also come back a worldbeater maybe then we can send em Diaby and Almunia :-)

  195. Sunu definetely to Lorient; Campbell on loan to Lorient?
    Augusto (Leverkusen) – > Arsenal ?

  196. Just heard on the radio we put in an offer for Arteta last night, Everton turned it down, you guessed it, they said it was a very derisory offer.

  197. Metro says MVla transfer now freezing :(

  198. Adam, you are on your own there then ;) ;)

    I don’t think vela will be back either oliver ….

  199. Micko, Just beacause they are in derisory situation does’t mean it ;)

  200. He’s so tight, he could peel an orange in his pocket.

  201. Shame about Lansbury, rico. :( :( And Vela.

    We still need our super suuper quality signing. I hope we get him.

    Hello, all.

  202. STV, Metro are rubbish, honest…..

    Micko, why does that not surprise me….

    Montolivo – so we’d be happy with him then if it transpires??

  203. WATH.. You missing Denilsen :P

  204. Totts say Cahill deal is 50/50 – you know that means he’s on his way there :( :(

  205. Hi agag, Henri is only a loan which is better, he’ll harden up, prove his worth and come back i hope….

    Mind you, isn’t he in his last year of contract, maybe he’s signed a new one now??

  206. metesacker wore squad number 29 for bremen…chamakh currently wears number 29 for arsenal, so i imagine that mert will have to choose a new number…

  207. rumours are we are very close to signing mikel arteta……i dont want him.

  208. now the link with arteta is getting a bit more traction…he makes sense for us, although that does not necessarily mean we will make a bid…kenwright himself said they are in dire need of money, so…

  209. Back in a bit guys…

  210. Do you know what, the more I think about it the more i can see Arteta joining us.
    Got this feeling in my water !
    I wouldn’t be exactly over the moon about it.

  211. i wouldn’t mind arteta…not that old, plenty of experience over here with (glasgow) rangers and everton, creative mid…he is not at the level of our former number four, but will certainly fill a glaring need in our squad. and i think he will be fine when the likes of jack and (if ever) diaby are fit again…

  212. if lansbury gone to west ham on a years loan and i think hes only got a year left on his contract. does that mean hes like a free transfer.

  213. Renato medical ???

  214. We can hope, rico. ;) It would be a shame to let someone so Arsenal go.

    I’m not exactly thrilled by this Arteta link, oliver, Micko. Is he not injury prone??

  215. agag, i dont think arteta is any more injury prone than the player who’s position he would fill has become…

  216. Oliver, arteta would do well with us, but I would have thought the one area where he really would have pushed the boat out to get his man was cesc’s position, it needs to be addressed.

  217. Arteta is a very good player but we still lack the steel in midfield, all out talented players need a quality ball winner and bottom line is Song isn’t that player…! Typical Arsenal get in 60million plus for cesc n nasri and try replace with 10million on Arteta…!.

  218. Fair enough, oliver. The one with the dodgy hammy. ;) And who can’t stop tweeting about AFC, you would think he hadn’t just moved to another club. Haha.

    Who’s Renato, STV?

  219. Boo, WATH. How are you, GG man? Been on hols??

  220. micko, i think arsene is looking specifically to fill the void created by our former captain’s departure…but – not surprisingly – i think he is finding that particular need the most difficult to fill…

  221. Yep been off galavanting AGAG and yes I can confirm copious amounts of GG passed my lips along with outrageous amount of vino….. Someone has to do it…! I’m fine apart from the obvious things that upset me on a weekly basic for approx 90mins every weekend…!

  222. Oliver, I don’t think we need to replace cesc like for like at all I’d of preferred a man of steel in the middle to give the other flair players more chance to create and take the pressure off them winning tackles getting back etc etc and now hopefully we can get rid of this dross 4-3-3 rubbish and get back to 4-4-2 now we have decent wide players…! we simply do not have the players for 4-3-3 we aint barca….!

  223. Chat in a bit lata when we know we’ve signed five more players…..

    Oh sorry Aug 31st not April 1st my apologies…!

  224. arteta is shit…if its fellaini then ok…

  225. My side of the planet? I bet you had a good time. No other way to do hols, sir. :D Well-done you. I’m sure vats were consumed last Sunday. Sigh.

    liver, Cesc is a one-off. :cry:

  226. Arsenal fan said it. he got 0 national team appearences in and is on 30.

  227. STV, how good is he? I have never even heard of him. I wouldn’t be surprised if we buy him though. Under the radar (and inexpensive) types seem to be our club’s expertise.

  228. Not so inexpensive.I’ve only gott one report, donno it’s true


  229. STV, we won’t get him then. ;)

  230. Think Arteta is a done deal.Really wishing for another attacker.

  231. We signed anyone else yet…..??

    I’m hoping he’s signed a new contract agag and he’ll be back….

  232. rumours are that arteta deal is off……hope its true….i still dreaming of m vila or augusto

  233. Stock signs jerome leaves bentner searching

  234. at the moment:
    Out (signed): Samir Nasri (Manchester City, £24 million); Cesc Fabregas (Barcelona, £35 million); Emmanuel Eboue (Galatasaray, £3.1 million); Carlos Vela (Real Sociedad, loan); Pedro (Rayo Vallecano, loan); Mark Randall, Thomas Cruise, Roarie Deacon (all released); Gael Clichy (Manchester City, £7 million); Denilson (Sao Paulo, loan); Jay Emmanuel-Thomas (Ipswich, undisclosed); James Shea (Dagenham and Redbridge, loan); Armand Traore (QPR, undisclosed); Gilles Sunu (Lorient, undisclosed); Joel Campbell (Lorient, loan)

  235. And Almunia, he’s still lurking around…..

  236. If we sell Alumunia, that will be the final straw for me !!

  237. I have just spoken to a friend of mine who is a big fan of Fenerbahce. I asked him about Santos, and he says that he is a really good player, he loves to bomb forward, but he’s not that exceptional when defending. And he’s also a bit arrogant, like Ibrahimovic, and that can let him down sometimes. But all in all a great player!

  238. He is offered position of chef rico

  239. If we don’t get M’Vila and/or Hazard in this window, then the Arabs/Russians will grab them at the next two windows. You have to gamble with these guys before the Filthy Lucre boys wake to their potential and financially blow us out of the water.
    Didn’t those pillocks learn anything from the Mata debarcle?
    Work today has been a total waste of time.
    I’ve done bugger all. :-)

  240. Sounds good to me DK, anyway if you wear the number 11 on your back then you expected to bomb forward aren’t you ?

  241. I guess that is his main job Micko. Typical of Wenger to buy a defender and still focus on the attack ;).

    But can he be a worse crosser that Clichy? ;)

  242. Kev, no chance of Hazard if you ask me.. With M’Vila I would be over the moon.. A potential world beater.. Essien wasn’t as good as him at his age…

  243. We are in talks with everton to sign mikel arteta…..we ve been granted permission to talk to him apparently…..come on arsene weave your magic!

  244. On the plus side Kev, swansea looks more appealing, it was looking like the hotdog at halftime was going to be the only highlight this time last week.

  245. Hello, AK how you doin? There’s been a lesser spotted WATH on here today! ;) I concur with your take on M’Vila & Hazard… we alert these arseholes to certain players, then they don’t fuck about over a few million, they just buy em!!!

  246. Arteta? He’s a dead ball specialist! ;)

    But I would much rather have Fellaini :(

  247. Did anyone know that Fellaini is 6ft3?

    He and Mertesacker would ensure that no one scored from set pieces on us!

  248. M’Vila’s a lump too…?

  249. M’Vila is 6ft

  250. Hiya ADK, Micky. I’m sorry but Benayoun doesn’t do it for me.
    Hey RizLee. Howya doing. It dead in the Smoke.
    I might as well have stayed at home.
    Micky, look to your left to the left of the goal. About in line with penalty area. 13 rows back and look for the lunatic Sat’ week. That’ll be me….

  251. Arteta over benayoun but I’d prefer Hazard or MM…..

  252. park, arteta, benayoun.. :(

  253. guys guys guys…..relax go get some beers or something. Its all happening today and its still a Loooong night. So I suggest we all go grab some beers cause man its never been this exciting since the 2000/01 season. Wait for it my gut feeling is we ll nip a player or two off madrid at the last minute…..kaka ozil khedira alonso……any of those guys will do.

  254. Goonster, I hope you don’t end up crying in your beer, it wouldn’t be a very pretty site.

  255. Beer, cracked open…..

  256. Beer, beer, we want more beer, get another round in.

  257. Who wants what?

  258. kaka ozil khedira alonso? goonster, maybe you should cut down the beer ;)

  259. Micko, your “man in the garage shop on Christmas Eve” cracked me up!! :lol:

  260. Lee, I’ll have an extra strong Guinness please.

  261. Absinthe more likely!!

  262. Now, I would of put my house on that Micko!! ;)

  263. Back home now, i have a glass of beer too San Miguel :P

    STV, Almunia would drop all the food ;)

  264. Arry did it last year and got VDV….what’s stopping us…..come on guys

  265. Not a single midfielder

  266. I don’t think our window is shut yet, I really don’t…..

    One big one, i can feel it….. ;)

  267. Signing I mean :oops:

  268. No Arteta deal, it’s off….

    Sunderland in for Nikki B on loan….

  269. We need an AM….

  270. Rico, do you have a late bar tonight ?

  271. Looks like its going to be benayoun… we don’t need him though, he’s nothing but a crock…

    For sure Micko…

  272. benayoun?? no no no nooooo :'(

  273. It shows Wengers desperation…

  274. Nah, no Benayoun, no Arteta – all smokescreen…

    M’vila and Hazard ;)

  275. Did I see Kev earlier, come back Kev, don’t bother with work, it’s DD ;)

  276. well, no arteta it certainly seems…and now they are talking simply a loan for benayoun…if we get him, we get him, but i will not pretend that i am not disappointed…i never rated him, and he is an established crock…

  277. We are in talks with Benayoun :(

  278. OK. So after this crazy day, does anyone have a handle on who we actually signed, if anyone?

    Confirmed on Arsenal.com:

    Rumors that seem likely:

    Pure Gossip and Fantasy that will never happen:
    Clint Dempsey

  279. oliver – if it’s a loan, not as bad, i’d rather a pay as you play deal, IF we have to have him, i’d have rather Hargreaves than him…..

  280. Hi Doc, you’re 3 ???

    Gary Cahill
    Hazard or MM

  281. it seems it is ricco…perhaps a factor to consider is that the real target is unequivocally unavailable at this moment, so the interest in benayoun is as a placeholder. even so, i don’t think he is that good…

    and if the above were true, why would we try to buy arteta outright? i would be shocked if he is actually the real, long term replacement for our former number four…

    still a few hours, perhaps the “rabbit from the hat” will still materialize…

  282. Benayoun would be a bum signing. It says it all when we want to loan a player from Chelsea… If he was that good, they wouldn’t want to loan him to an alleged rival

  283. At £10M Arteta could be considered a good buy. Stick him in decent team and he’d flourish

  284. oliver – i don’t think he is either, don’t know why but i think there is a rabbit coming, the one to amke fans happy…..

    SS’s suggest Arteta either has medical problems or the terms were no agreed but they do suggest everton accepted the offer…

  285. Guys,

    If Arsene Wenger makes that one signing later to surprise us all, who would be your choice??

  286. SYG, i’d rather Fellaini if we are to deal with everton….

  287. that’s what i heard…wages and contract length the two aspects apparently unacceptable to team arteta…if that is true, i can live with it…

    w ham have announced lansbury’s loan deal…

  288. Bendtner – Porto ?

  289. lionel messi is not available…unfortunately…

  290. Bendtner – Sunderland

  291. JM – really??

    oliver, trust you, nice answer ;)

  292. It seems to be a done deal that we can’t flog Bendtner – 12 month loan – the Mackems

  293. Yann M’Vila…

  294. Me too SYG…

    and Cahill and Hazard :lol:

  295. Goal have got a decent piece on him which just flipped up via newsnow…

  296. I reckon Arry has got Cahill, he’s talking on sky and saying they couldn’t do a deal…. Lying toad…..

  297. The thing about Harry Redknapp he talks to the press and lets the public know his feelings – I can’t fault him for that… I just wish Wenger was more forthcoming

  298. Just sticking my head in the door, any whispers ?

  299. Says it all we make a shit load of money and look to make piss poor signings at cheap end prices rather than buying the quality we crying out for…! We’re a joke when it comes to transfers and getting in what we need !!

  300. Arteta deal is back on…..

  301. I think i may have to take back my 10.46.
    Thomas Bendtner looks like he may be a numpty afterall.
    I don’t see any of these big clubs coming in to sign his lad.

    My 5.22 might still be on i hear.

  302. Wath – SS’s say that Arteta is reconsidering his terms, he wants to join us and the deal is back on…..

  303. Kaka is going to be the tiny totts big signing…..

  304. Thomas Bendtner is indeed a twurp, having said all summer that many clubs want to sign his son, we can’t even give him away….

  305. Rico in all fairness I like Arteta he’s a decent player BUT we should be signing M’Vila and players that will change our team and also give us value IF we sell in 4 years and at 21yrs old the boy will be worth 40mil when he is 25/26 IF thats how our tight club want to look at things…! we needed signings to show ambition and intent and all we have done is stuck the pots of money made in the bank yet again and stuck two fingers up at the fans…! Shameful…!

  306. c’mon ricco…spuddies are not signing kaka…

  307. Can’t see Kaka going to the scum, he’ll want champs league football i would have thought.
    Arteta will need to get on his bike if the deals gonna go through.

  308. Wath, i know – but i was just clarifying the Arteta situation :(

    You wait and see oliver ;)

  309. so how many teams has nik alone been linked with today? you know he is going nowhere…the mackems wouldn’t even (allegedly) have him on loan…

  310. Arteta. Good player.

  311. Kaka won’t be signing for the spuds rico…..no chance a former world player of the end with the swampier? No way….artera back on? Nice…

  312. I lost count before you were out of bed oliver ;)

    SYG – he is but we need M’vila and Cahill or Samba too…..

  313. Arteta has asked to leave Everton……

    SS’s updates

  314. Why are we yet to announce Mertesacker……

    If that deal falls through…….

  315. Wow so nervous can’t even type right…..lord help me

  316. Arteta and M’Vila, come on Arsene FFS!!!!!

  317. Arteta force moving on to Arsenal.
    Crouch ->Stoke

  318. On a side note – Lansbury isn’t in his last year of contract he signed a new long-term contract in January 2010.

  319. I think the Lansbury to hammers will certainly toughen him up!!!

  320. Palacios (Totenham) -> Stoke…
    kaka – spurs ?

  321. Seems Wilshere wants Arteta by his latest tweet….!

  322. Don’t worry rico…we are probably waiting to announce both deals. Am sure all the paper work’s been taking care of as we speak……getting a beer now doesn’t sound bad now, does it?

  323. Stan, you go for it mate!!

  324. Amen to that Lee…

    I don’t know why he hasn’t bought one or two real quality signings, how much money do we have????

  325. Mertesaker gets no.4

  326. I like him Lee a very good player but for me we still short of a ball winner in midfield no good having all these flair players as I still say Song is too inconsistant and is good BUT not great we need great which is why I wanted M’Vila…!

  327. On dotcom. The German. our no4

  328. Lee, i need some blow

  329. Frimpong too raw? I think he’ll be the nuts and song has gone backwards….

  330. Deadline Day and my poxy radio isn’t working.
    Woe betide the cyclist that cuts me up tonight…

  331. I just have… Things looking very good, through my haze!!! :)

  332. Arteta looking very good … Odds are dropping

  333. Arteta and Yossi probably in
    Samba, Kaka, Cahil – > Arsenal. spurs, chavs ?

  334. Bendtner to Sunderland

  335. Number 4 :( :(

  336. From The Rumour Site – nothing to do with me :lol:

    All i know is i just got a text from a former Uni house mate who’s doing work experience in france that M’Vila’s price has been agreed on. However they don’t know if he will get his medical done in time. They are thrashing out the contract via fax. M’vila’s agent has stayed in Rennes to do this whilst M’Vila has gone to London with his father.

  337. Bryan Ruiz (Twente) Fulham :-( (good player)
    Drenthe (R. Madrid) – Everton
    Fulham spend 16 millions…
    Dempsey (Fulham) Arsenal? probably…

  338. Night Lee…..

  339. Cheers Lee……… Take it easy mate when u wake up 2moro to find out we got Messi Subotic and M’Vila your gonna be so chuffed….. ;-)

  340. independent saying we got the israeli

  341. Rico i pray your friend is right.
    The Chuckle Brothers [messrs Law&Gazides] need to get M’Vila, to save their arse. They should be sacked..!

  342. Not sure how much longer to stay awake… well past my bedtime :)

  343. Dempsey probably JM, where did you hear that one please??

  344. Remember I was only bargaining on the one midfielder – looks like we got two. Happiness. Not monster signings, but solid, depth.

  345. That is just a fun thing Kev from the ‘off the wall’ site, it won’t be true…

  346. Do you all think the last weeks business will get us back into the top four?
    Forget the title, that’s already gone

  347. Can’t say I am over the moon Savage – we haven’t signed anyone today have we??

  348. Depends on Arteta I think. We need chance creation, otherwise it will be tough.

    I do think our season will depend on injuries still. Lose RVP or Jack for a long time and we’ll be on the edge.

  349. The Arteta deal might not go through either. Yossi will.

    This could be like the Arshavin deal, but worse.

  350. No kev, we still have a weak midfield, as it stands we have no playmaker and no big lump in the defensive position and we are still a central defender short imho….

  351. Raul Meireles has put in a transfer request at liverpool, what a bizzare time of day :eek:

  352. Nah, Rico. We’re fine in defense now – I’m really pleased with the progress.

    And between Song and Frimpong we’re sorted too in that area.

    Defense is not the problem – it’s attack. That’s what cost us points against Pool and Newcastle. Those dreadful home draws last season were far, far worse than the 4-4 at Newcastle.

  353. Yossi has tweeted he’s signed for Arsenal….!

  354. ossi Benayoun tweets: “I sign with arsenal,very happy and excited about it

  355. BBC – Benayoun a done deal.

    Nice to have that extra depth and experience. Well done to the team for pulling it off.

    And welcome to the club. Now score us some goals.

  356. Well i’m glad he’s excited…
    I’m underwhelmed

  357. How can attack be the problem Sav when we just conceded 8 goals on sunday…? Song is not good enough am afraid and Frim is still a baby far to much pressure to put on the kid to carry the midfield. We needed a ball winner and a player with physical presence…! Sadly lacking…! We’ve added to the defence but still with JD looking worse than Senderos ever did we’re still one injury away from problems yet again.

  358. Notice something … Mert, Santos, Ju, Benayoun, maybe Arteta … all older experienced players. Good stuff.

  359. TV, Kos, Mertesacker – one injury and we are in the mire…..

  360. You and me both Kev, totally underwhelmed….

  361. WATH, put in one column all the points we dropped because of defence and in another column all the points we could have gained with more goals. You’ll be surprised at the result, very surprised.

    Which of the following defensive players was playing against United:

    Song, Frimpong, Diaby, Sagna, Vermaelen, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Santos?

  362. Good night you lot.
    I off to run down a few cyclists

  363. Deep joy……….Yossi Benayoun, we really are spoilt at Arsenal.

  364. Meireles is with Portugal national team now in Cyprus.

  365. Kev, make sure you dont get your number plate stuck it their spokes.

  366. Jack has tweeted that Yossi is a massive signing and pure class, Jack seems very happy… I agree the bloke is a good player, well he was b4 the injuries lets hope he stays fit for a season…! Cahill to us in Jan anyone… least the fella seems to of turned the yids down he obviously has sense…!

  367. Rico, I’m glad I don’t play for you. I could do 10 things right and 1 thing wrong, and you’d kill me for it. Balance? Nah.

  368. Bolton now know that they weren’t asking for a market-related price. The market has spoken and told them they wanted too much.

  369. See you kev, keep in touch :)

  370. Mertesacker and Santos hardly count Sav, we had our 2nd n 3rd choice centre backs playing and we got terrorised…! We’ve been poor for seasons at the back and only now does wenger decide to buy Mertesacker….! You build from the back not from the front, our spine been weak for years…! Sure we had injuries and suspensions but so did the mancs and they played us off the park…! Shows in reality how poor our squad is…! maybe these 3/4 signings will make a difference I hope so for all our sakes…!

  371. Wath, i am glad about that, i really worried that he would join arrys lot …

    Nah Savage, i just used to be a ruthless boss – if you are not up to it, out…. but that was over a period of time, not just a one off…

    to faff around with players/staff that are not up it means you are not getting your moneys worth… it’s simples….

  372. benayoun on loan to us, It’s sure.
    Meireles – > chelsea ?

  373. Arteta for us could be a real make or break signing as mad as that sounds…! lets hope we get it done in time…!

  374. arteta – done

  375. Breaking news: Sky Sports sources understand Arsenal are set to confirm the signing of Mikel Arteta in the next couple of minutes. The paperwork is being prepared.

  376. Another Arshavin saga Wath….

    AST are confident the deal is done…. I know what you mean, he’s a good creative player, now wenger needs to kick backsides in the defence…..

    If he does that, we may just sneak into the top four…..

  377. Cesc just tweeted this to Jack…..
    Cesc Fàbregas Soler I dnt undrstand fans telling me we need a replacement after my departure when weve 1 of the best 3 young players in the world

    Has cesc not realised he’s left Arsenal… whats all this “we” stuff…?

  378. Tottenham have become a selling club after today :lol: :lol:

    Oh, and they kept a player who will now be grumpy ;)

  379. rico are you happy with the business done this window?

  380. Wath, thats not the first time he’s made a comment about us, calling arsenal ‘us’….

    quite nice really, he did and still does love us, just like henry…

    but very unlike vieira!!!!

  381. even with per coming in we are down to bare minimum already as tv5 is injured and like i said before dejavue (exact injury same time last year)

  382. hi coadsi, yes and no…

    gutted we didn’t get M’vila and Cahill…

    Bendtner has joined Sunderland on loan, so that’s good news ;)

  383. Right you all, i’m gone for the day, exhausted through excitement :)

    Rest well all, fingers crossed the Arteta deal went through ok…..

    Nighty night….

  384. k rico, i am upset at what they have done to our club……………happy that you and the other optimist here are happy about something, regretably i am not.

  385. Jacks just tweeted this………..

    Best news of the day! Brilliant signing! Welcome to Arteta! Great day all round for #AFC this is why #ILoveAFC. Come on you gooners!!!!

    Top lad is our Jack…!

  386. You’re right WATH. He’s a top lad ….

    Did you know there’s a WATH in South Yorkshire?

  387. Don’t tell Rico there are two of us SYG, I am bad enough on me own :-)

  388. Nice one…..

  389. Now to get jack fit and back out on the pitch SYG, As Savage said earlier least all the players bought have experience. I just hope TV isn’t out for another 6 months with an injury that was a ten days thing like last season…!

  390. Meireles – Chelsea :-((

  391. Bendtner on loan to Sunderland
    Orlando Sá -> Fulham

  392. Seems like Meireles was def tapped up by Chelsea JM… that went through very quickly indeed….!

  393. We can upgrade the left column:
    In (signed): Carl Jenkinson (Charlton, undisclosed); Gervinho (Lille, undisclosed); Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Southampton, undisclosed); Joel Campbell (Deportivo Saprissa, undisclosed); Park Chu-Young (Monaco, undisclosed); Andre Santos (Fenerbahce, £6.2m); Per Mertesacker (Werder Bremen, undisclosed); Yossi Benayoun (Chelsea, loan); Mikel Arteta (Everton, undisclosed)
    Out (signed): Samir Nasri (Manchester City, £24 million); Cesc Fabregas (Barcelona, £35 million); Emmanuel Eboue (Galatasaray, £3.1 million); Carlos Vela (Real Sociedad, loan); Pedro (Rayo Vallecano, loan); Mark Randall, Thomas Cruise, Roarie Deacon (all released); Gael Clichy (Manchester City, £7 million); Denilson (Sao Paulo, loan); Jay Emmanuel-Thomas (Ipswich, undisclosed); James Shea (Dagenham and Redbridge, loan); Armand Traore (QPR, undisclosed); Gilles Sunu (Lorient, undisclosed); Joel Campbell (Lorient, loan); Nicklas Bendtner (Sunderland, loan)

  394. we miss two midfied players…

  395. All done JM, just for you… :)

  396. New Post up….

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