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Two New Signings agreed? Cursing Arsenal, Arsene Wenger and their Coffers…….

Here we are then; it’s down to the next 38 hours, give or take an hour or so!

After that, we will all know the squad we have and who Wenger has at his disposal each week, depending on bans and injury of course!

Most fans hoped that we’d know that clearly by now and that our season would have got underway with a few good results.  Ordinarily we start the league competition quite strongly but this particular campaign has started the worst it possibly could.

Injuries have already hit us for six and of course and the bans we have picked up has far from helped our cause has it?

Regardless, we all know that despite all of our problems, our squad is still far from deep enough and strong enough to get into the top four, let alone challenge for the title.

Reading around in the blog world and listening to old players and managers, most agree that we still need a leader/organiser at the back, the central defender who would put his head where others will only put their feet.  A left back who won’t miss half the season through injury, a play maker who can link up play and provide the defence splitting pass in a way that Cesc could so often.

On top of that, Robin van Persie is an international game away from injury; it happens every season doesn’t it, what happens if he gets injured in this next fortnight?

I know many will say he’s not started well, but no-one has, I think they all miss our old number 4!

So yes, we need a striker!  Ok, we are supposed to be very close to signing Park Chu-Young but as yet we haven’t and even if/when we do, he’s going to need settling in time isn’t he?

That time should have been in pre-season, not three games in and with us in the mire so early on.

So that takes me back to the last few hours of this window….

Prior to this window opening, many fans hoped and  believed that after the way last season ended and the comments coming out of the club that this was going to be Wengers transfer window, the one we have all waited for and for so long.  Early signings, signings that would show intent to others and with them bring belief back in to every fans heart and mind.

It didn’t happen, nearly three months later – it still hasn’t!

Before anyone starts throwing names like Gervinho, Jenkinson and Chamberlain at me, only one of that three is truly for the here and now, the others I am sure will prove themselves in time but time isn’t what we have.

Same goes for all the other youth signings we have made, they won’t change what is happening now and by the time they get to play we could have a new board, a new manager and life without European Football…..

Seriously, that is how bad it could get if the next few hours don’t bring us good news….

No, I am not a Doomster, nor am I an Arsene Wenger worshiper – I’m an Arsenal fan, have been for many many years, just like thousands of others and no doubt  like most of them, I really worry for the future of our club….

Some may believe that not spending the money we have available is good business and paying off our debt keeps us a ‘well run club’.

I say poppy cock, we are a sports club, a football club and the purpose of sport is to compete, to fight and go all out to beat those you are up against, otherwise what is the point?

No-one want’s us to spend money we don’t have, just spend the money we do have and stop stashing it away in the Arsenal Coffers….

If Arsenal Football Club, well, those who run it right now don’t want to do that, then why don’t they just sell up to someone who does?

38 hours Arsenal, 38 hours, give or take an hour or two….

Red Top Titbits:

Blackburn have agreed a fee for Scott Dann.

We have agreed a deal for Brazilian left back Andre Santos and are closing in on Florent Malouda, another report suggests we are in talks for Chelsea players Alex and Benayoun. Let’s not forget, we have already reported to have snapped up Park Chu-Young. Added to that, many of the papers still suggest we are after Cahill.

I’ll still wait and see anything definite on afc.com but if true, would these signings make you happy?

Have a good day all……

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280 comments on “Two New Signings agreed? Cursing Arsenal, Arsene Wenger and their Coffers…….

  1. Morning all…

    WTF is Wenger doing in France????

  2. Morning all. I would welcome signings but, leaving things this late, has the smack of desperation about it and seems to have dragged Wenger out of his comfort zone. But, I guess it must strengthen the squad and who could be opposed to that?

  3. Morning everyone, If blackburn are signing Dann, lets take Samba, Happy to har news of a LB coming in.

  4. What is it with Arsenal tranfer policy?
    Trying to sign Gøtze, one of Europes most promising youngsters, in the last minute: ” Sorry mate you are our last choise, will you join us?”
    Which youngster want to go to such a club?

  5. Morning!

    WTF is Wenger doing in France????

    Tying a deal for Hazard and M’villa – hopefully

  6. Hi Adam, ESP

    Santos would be a good addition imho, Gibbs is obviously first choice in Wengers eyes so he’s a good back up…

    Agree re Samba, Alex and Benayoun have seen their best days and surely we don’t want them, desperation indeed….

    Malouda, i’m not sure….

  7. Morning HH, bring on the signings AW! Let’s get busy…

  8. Still waiting for the midfielder.

    But Santos sounds like a great signing to me. I wonder if this has always been in the pipeline or if Wenger has only recently changed his mind on the left back situation?

  9. arsenal do not need chelsea’s rejects

  10. bnsbb – if he does, i’ll forgive him ;)

  11. Rico – hopefully signing M’Villa.

  12. morning Lee, Savage

    Amen to that Lee

    Savage – I think he’s seen enough to know that Traore isn’t a LB, and he isn’t – he’s more of a winger than a defender

  13. The only thing I think that might save our season is two big name signings to lift the fans and the players. Santos is a good start, but Park Chu-Young certainly doesnt lift my spirits. Where is the CB, Djourpoo is so bad I am fed up of complaining about him. I lost my Faith in the wenger master at Old Trafford when I had to sit through that beating…….he is not bigger than the club. Time for him to go, write the season off and start again in Jan-July.

  14. Morning to those joining HH today…

    SER – I hope so too…

  15. A right old shambles at AFC these days. And im not just talking about our defence. I have no idea whats going on at the club and from wwhat i can make of it all neitherdoes anyone else.
    Any signinbgs will be made in desperation and fingers crossed that they work out. Gervinho has been the only worthwhile one made so far to help us to try and keep our top 4 spot.

  16. Maybe there are some nervous people around.

    But honestly, this is going to be one of the most exciting transfer window finales in many years. For once we know we are really going to be making some signings.

  17. Djouropoo..

    His play dropped after his injury last season and as yet, he’s not been able to the level he showed prior to then, if we get Cahill/Samba, he’d be further down the pecking order…

    I still think we need two CH’s….

  18. It’s hard to get too excited isn’t it? For a start I’m not convinced we will sign that many players. Malouda? Dream on. Even if we get them all you’ve already pointed out they’ll need time to integrate. 5 years we’ve spent seeing this coming and still we find ourselves in a very unenviable position. At least the games we’ve lost have been ones that would be among the toughest at any time in the season. Perhaps there’s hope yet. God knows hope is all we seem to have at the moment.

  19. ..do it now and bring the spirit back.But, we need more.

  20. wenger should go for martin,Hazard,Cahill,Andre Santos that is all we need now

  21. Andre Santos from Fenerbahce? I would be very very happy if that was true…

  22. Hi Bendtnersgoing…

    Why haven’t you gone yet?? ;)

    At least they are PL experienced.. ;)

    Suggestion is Chamakh is on his way to PSG before the window closes… Does that mean Nik will stay?

  23. If I was RVP I would have liked to have got all the squad tgether and had a deep hard look at the team and asked players to forget about saturday, and stand up and be counted. Arsenal cant as they are away on internation duty.

    I have stopped believing all the rumours as I just dont believe it any more.

    Some one needs to read the riot act to the current players, if your on a yellow you need to be very careful, if you at utd cover your position this isnt the training ground.

    Changes also need to occur in the trainers/coaches and at the board, and yes Ivan I include you in that reorganisation.

    Silent Stan if you ever bloody say something say it it now show some leadership, like the Liverpool owner.

  24. Hope springs eternal. You just need to hang around positive people.

    Already we’re making two signings, so this is big progress. And Santos is a really good signing from what I can see – he just ticks so many boxes: experienced, international Brazilian, good price, fixes an obvious problem for us.

  25. I just love that at last something is happening. Very tired of reading posts when I knew they were not accurate now I have hope for even the most unreliable story. Very exciting

  26. Hi PR

    Problem is, they have all gone off on international duty…..

    Worst possible time…

  27. How amazing would it be to see Chamakh gone? How about him plus 14m for Sakho?
    Would love to know why Wenger is in France. Anyone know where abouts?!

  28. I’m really pleased that the transfer window close coincides with international week – it lets Arsene focus on the signings. Only problem is getting players in for medicals when they’re on international duty.

  29. Savage – its alright to make signings, but they need to be right, Benayoun and Malouda are 31 years old and Benayoun is seriously injury prone….

  30. ESP – Just been reading LG’s post and they suggest he is there trying for M’vila….


    Lukaku is in talks for a loan move to Stoke :eek:

  31. Savage, international camps are allowing medicals or players release for medicals… The England Camp have confirmed that players will be freed.

    Come on Cahill…..

  32. I do agree with the writer all the way, specially the fact that Arsenal are signing players (if they are) at zero hour. No matter how good these players would be they need some period to adjust, and by then it will be all over!

  33. We’ve known about MVila for a while. This deal sounds very similar to the one for Essien. Similar price, similar player, similar negotiations. In the end Chelsea paid 26m for Essien, which was a lot more at the time.

    I don’t know the player at all, but I’m reading that he’s more defensive, and I imagine our greater need is creative.

    Either way, you know I back Wenger to make a good judgment :)

  34. Mertesacker signed apparently, just the midfield now

  35. Wath has hoped we’d get him all summer, he’s meant to be absolute top quality. If Wenger pulls this one out the bag, even I might trust him….

    For a split second ;)

  36. Morning to those just out of moderation…

    Mertesacker :eek:

    Now just cahill or Samba then that’s the defence sorted :)

  37. sunday was one of the worst days of my life!!!

    I’m just waiting in hope that wenger does the right things,We need this to be right more than ever.

    Wenger and the board as Arsenal fans need you to turn this around and bring back some pride to the club,we have sank very low and now the building starts again.

    Well done to the fans that went up there,your a great credit to the club.And we fans get slagged of way to much,because if they had been liverpool they would have been raving how good there support is.

  38. Seriously? Mertesacker would be a marquee signing for sure. It’s all happening. My impression is that L’Equipe have been a reliable source for us.

  39. Savage l’equipe is a very good Arsenal source.

    I’m not being negative,but from what i have seen from mertesacker,he will struggle with the pace in england.
    But anything’s better than jd i suppose.

  40. Morning Mr Is

    It was also my worst day in my Arsenal life!

    Utter Humiliation, it’s all very well Wenger buying now, if he does, but had he got off the potential players we could now buy, bought before this crazy day, that humiliation may not have happened, nor would we have lost to Liverpool…

    That’s what makes me bitter and twisted…

  41. At least he might head a few crosses away from goal ;)

    What is he, 6′ 7″ ??

  42. Mertesacker is to big and slow for me, but at least if he comes he is recognising our frailty in Defence finally. I would like to see English signings personally……..

  43. Morning rico,

    I feel exactly the same,but now is not about the if’s but’s or maybes.
    This is about now,we are faced with this and it’s all about how we respond and how we recover as a club.

    i think this end of the tranfer window has to be the biggest window for Arsenal ever.We really do need the right moves for us now.

    Best we not discuss any knowledge of sunday,bloody right laughing stocks.

  44. Looks like it is all happening today, alright who is betting this day ends and we still haven’t officially signed anyone?!

  45. The Macari story of Stoke not capitulating like that is such tripe. There are only 2 or 3 teams in the league that would not suffer with 9 players out. And Stoke is not one of them.

  46. Djouropoo – he and either Cahill or Samba and I’d be over the moon…

    Mr Is, i know, but it doesn’t stop me being pissed off ;) I’m done with sunday too, we need to move on and fast – the sclock is ticking by…

  47. Good moaning all.

    Come on Wenger reel them in.

    i’m hearing the same news on Pers Mertesacker as well, its being reported in the french newspaper l’equipe that we signed him yesterday.
    However no conformation from the clubs as yet so make what you will of it.

  48. Rico, they would be perfect for us. I still think Scott Parker would be great for a couple of seasons and would give us depth and experinece in midfield.

    EastsidePaul I bet your right……

  49. I wonder why dotcom are so slow to announce Park (aka Young)?

    The sooner they can announce it the quicker we can forget about Sunday.

  50. I’m hearing mixed opinions on whether we should sign short-term experience to carry us for a season or two?

    Yes to Parker but no to Malouda? Surely one rule should apply?

  51. Nor me i’m very p’d off and angry what happend.
    But as you say we don’t have much time and we need some new heads to freshen up the place and give us a lift.

    I have taken some stick on this site over questioning wenger about making signing’s,On sunday we was proved very right.
    Now everyone’s screaming about new signing’s when we knew we needed players all along.

  52. Mr Is, we’ve always agreed that new signings are needed. There’s no way we could sell Fab or Nasri and not replace them.

    I think the prime difference has been believing that the club have a transfer plan in place, as opposed to some believing that Wenger has completely lost the plot and needs to go.

    He took a gamble by having a gap between selling and buying, and the gamble smacked him square on the jaw. 9 players out was going to hurt for sure – I’m not sure we could have foreseen losing so many at once in such a massive game, but it was a risk taken and the worst case scenario materialised.

  53. Morning Micko, i hope he’s got his rod out ;)

    Djouropoo, Parker looks to be set for the Toots, but Livermore has rejected the player/swap move – we could do with him….

  54. Savage, i reckon wenger wants to announce signings all together, looks better for the fans… ;)

  55. Re Malouda and Parker, one is a tad younger and more like what we need and that isn’t Malouda ;)

  56. I seem to remember we announced a bunch of signings together when we signed Sol Campbell?

    I’m not sure we need Parker though – we have one very decent defensive midfielder, and one very promising one. Malouda can help us in the creative area, and Yossi too. I was quite disappointed with Arshavin on Sunday.

  57. Mr Is, i’m glad i wasn’t one of them ;)

    Savage, if wenger has had targets, why wait until now?? The prices are inflated as time goes on, especially for us as they know we are desperate…

    AW could and should have done any deals in June, let the squad gel and we probably wouldn’t be sat where we are in the league….

    But, that’s done, and the clock is ticking for him and the board….

  58. Parker is quality savage…. and a bit of english steel in our midfield would be good, he’d help Frimpong big time… and west ham only want to loan him for one season i think….

  59. Savage i’m not one of those calling for wenger’s head and i’m still not doing that now.My gripe is that wenger and the board should have put the fan’s minds at ease by making a couple of signing’s earlier.

    I think he thought nasri would stay and that really hinded he’s plan’s.But as a club we should have never been subjected to being down to our bare bones like that.We knew for a very long time that we needed even some experienced back up players.We sold a few squad players and without making any moves that cost us.

  60. Parker failed a medical ;)

  61. Inflated? I think it works the opposite way. It peaks for a while, while the selling club says no (eg. Arsenal and Nasri) and then it drops when the selling club realises they’re not going to get a deal (Madrid and RVDV).

    There is no way that Bolton are going to cling to their 18m if no clubs are coming in for the player. Their price simply has to come down.

  62. All my qpr mates were really hoping they were gonna get parker, but sadly it looks like he is moving to the scum, I think he would have been good for arsenal, the youngsters would only have benifited from him being around, he has epl experience coming out of his ears.
    See sky have finally caught on.

  63. Savage i still think cahill we be our’s.
    I’m with you on the whole price issue,they will have no choice but to sell.If they don’t the price will go down in janaury and they will lose him for nothing.

    Cahill will be wearing the red and white i believe.

  64. I’m honestly surprised you didn’t think our transfer delays weren’t related to getting the best price as they come down.

  65. Mr Is, i recall that about parker ;)

    I’m in the same camp as you, not calling for his head, yet – but i wish he’d done all his signings early on and showed balls – and showed the fans he means business….

  66. The real question is: what is the cost of points lost while we wait for the price to come down? Price gained versus price lost… We saved money by getting Chamakh on a free, but what was the cost of league points dropped while Arshavin played target man?

  67. That’s interesting Mr Is !
    He has had his fair share of injuries.
    When did you hear that ?

  68. Savage, i have to disagree, as soon as other clubs knew we had money, they could add a bit to the price tag, they know we are now desperate, the only real bargins will be struck tomorrow afternoon when clubs are desperate to get a big wage player off their books….

    Cahill is different, he’s in his last year of his contract and Bolton will be in a situation like we were with Nasri, luckily though, it was Citeh who wanted him, no-one else would have paid 24 million for him….

  69. Savage, spot on re your last….

  70. This happend a few weeks back,they bought him in and he failed a medical.It’s all been hush hush and westham wanto to sell the player.

  71. Morning all.good read.BBC confirm we’re in advanced talks to sign mertsacker.ead.BBC confirm we’re in advanced talks to sign mertsacker.

  72. Morning Kt, keep up ;) ;)

  73. I believe the club has had a logical transfer policy, but the policy has backfired. I do think having so many players out for United was very unlucky, so I don’t blame the club as heavily as others.

    I looked at United and I thought to myself: their kids are better than ours. United went with youngsters too, but it appears their youth gamble paid off better than ours.

  74. United went out and paid 18million for each of their youngsters, easy to have a good young team when you’re dropping huge money on them!

  75. is that the Mertsacker twins??

  76. Things are happening rico.it also seems we are very keen on mvilla.

  77. Awesome news on Mertesacker – that’s the end of Squilaci for sure – now he’s 5th choice at best.

    I was concerned for a moment that our “defender” was going to be Santos, but now we’ve got a new left back and a new defender.

    Mertesacker is 6’6, an established international, a club captain, hugely experienced, a marquee signing, and at an excellent price apparently (6m).

    Sounds like a terrific signing!

  78. Let’s get an attacking midfielder now…

  79. :lol: Lee

    Savage – we haven’t signed anyone yet, according to afc.com – all these talks may turn out to be nothing..

    until they are confirmed, there is still chance for Gazidis to f**k up negotiations….

  80. Kt, M’vila and Cahill are the two i really really want us to sign….

  81. Haha, rico … you may be right, but is that a little bit of “doomer” creeping out there?

  82. I don’t have a label Savage, i don’t need one… My head is not in the sand, we have seen too many times that we offer too little when it comes down to the nitty gritty and deals fall through….

    af.com and i’ll believe a signing, until then….. i’ll just hope

  83. Rico, where’s your PMA? Come on Mademoiselle, get with the programme!! ;)

  84. True, at this stage it’s just “in talks”.

    Honestly though, I can’t see Cahill happening if Mertesacker works out. TV, Mert, Koz, Djourou – that’s a very decent set of CB’s.

  85. Mvilla is a very good player rico.we have cash get him and a classy AM and all of a sudden we’ll look much much better.nd a classy AM and all of a sudden we’ll look much much better.

  86. positive signs are that we are making moves,i’d still sign cahill…what a defence we will have.

  87. Lee – PMA?? ;)

  88. Savage, I would, JD is just not good enough, we need four good CH’s to compete in all four comps, and now I am starting to worry about TV’s injury….

  89. Kt, the nearest thig to Paddy in years, if we nab him, wenger has pulled off a master stoke….

  90. Nasri needs a slap in the choppers…..

  91. Rico,

    Get rid of jd mate,simply not good enough.I realised that when i saw england take on switzerland and he was the worst player on the pitch.Kos is a very good defender and he’s defence around him let him down sunday.

    Get rid of jd or use in midfield.

  92. positive mental attitude

  93. Whats Na$ri saying now?

    I would use JD as a DM.

  94. citeh have spent £1.003bn in three years…£210m takeover £360m wages & £433m signings, wow!!!

  95. Juventus have won the race to sign Eljero Elia from Hamburg for 10 million euros. Arsenal unwilling to pay more than 9. (Gazzetta dello Sport)

  96. - Lee

    Then you have the 400m of dirty money they paid themselves.

  97. He’s better than Squilli though Mr is – just ;)

    Lee, ah, sorry – i’m just keeping my feet on the ground, you know we have seen the talks before and too often they break down…

    The Santos and Young ones seem to be almost done though, hows that for me being positive ;)

    ESP – he says we cannot compete, how training is better at Citeh and how he is glad we got a nice price for him….

  98. One thing I’ve learned about negative fans – they will always find someone to pick on, like a weakest link syndrome.

    JD was one of our big improvers last season – what’s with this over-reaction?

    Very keen for JD to stay and continue his excellent progress with the club. The one who can move on is Squid.

  99. Hi guys….is wenger in france for real? Niceeee! now lets get marvin martin and we are set for the season. Look out world the gunners are back in town.

  100. I’d laugh if they win nowt this season, sadly though i cant see it, with their squad they’ll probably swoop all fours competitions….

  101. I suppose that signing Mertesacker might mean that we stop playing our suicidal high defensive line.

  102. Mertenator and verminator in CB…Germany and Belgium captains…sounds good :)

  103. Since his injury last season he has been poor Savage, he needs a bit of help from Keown….

  104. “Why didn’t I extend at Arsenal last autumn? They made me an offer and my advisers made another one”

    “Then, it lasted. When they came back to offer me again in June, I made my decision. In my mind I wanted to leave, above all after the very difficult end to last season and I also already had nice contacts”

    Sorry, but….. He may as well have said, city offered him a contract while he was still at Arsenal… What does a team need to do to be done for tapping up?!
    He all but said he was tapped up.

  105. Blackburn and QPR want Lansbury – looks as if he’s going :(

    If he really wants out, use him to get Samba….

  106. -Adam

    I really hope so!
    And can we please put a defender on the post for free kicks?!

  107. We never complain though ESP, we sit back and let clubs do this – look at Barca with Cesc, Barca with Henry and Paddy, Citeh no doubt tapped up Kolo and Ade too….

    We are too soft as a club….

  108. Stan, you’ve got a thing about MM! :) Is he that good? I’ve not seen him tbh…

  109. morning goonster…

  110. ESP. That is far too sensible a suggestion.

  111. Adam, I think people over-react regarding the high-line. Commentators go overboard about it. Truth is that it creates more dramatic football, but it gives the keeper a lot of time to react and Chesney reads the game pretty well. The trouble for us was that Clichy kept playing the runners onside – he was by far the worst culprit in that respect.

  112. I hope so too Adam, he’s a bit slow to be chasing back ;)

  113. Don’t forget Cole by chelsea too, We did tap up Chamakh though…

  114. JD for me is never going to be anything more than a second rate CB. He is ok as a backup…….. Maybe he has been thrown in to young but comapred to other young CB’s, Jones, Smalling etc he is miles away.

    Does anyone know anything about Young? is he going to be able to replace RVP when/if he gets injured??

  115. Park definitely coming then if you follow the SS agent interview.

    My hope is that he’s a busy striker who gets around a lot and finds ways to make space between crowded defenders.

    By the way, his signing will do wonders for our commercial revenue in Korea :)

  116. Pedro at LG is reporting that santos and mertsacker have been booked to have medicals today. medicals today.

  117. Hi lee…..they don’t call him”petit xavi” for nothing…..he’s class I tell you class….if we snap him up now we ll probably regret in a couple of years time….he ll complement wilshere well……and hey they could be our very own”xavi and iniesta”……come onnnn!

  118. Ha Ha i’m negative because i just don’t see Jd cutting the mustard at Arsenal.Give me a break savage.

    I’ve been a Arsenal fan for too long not to get hyped up newspapers and the media.I’m going on what my eyes see and that’s jd is not a good enough centre half for Arsenal football club.

  119. Meant “If we don’t snap him up”

  120. And Silvestre to Werder Bremen.

    ESP, I’m not a fan of the zonal marking either.

  121. ESP, i forgot Cole, but with Chamakh he was free to talk to other clubs wasnt he?? or did we start tapping him up before the january?

  122. Djourpoo, not me, never heard of him but his international manager rates him highly… As for JD, 5th choice ch is ok ;)

    Hope Pedro is right Kt, but we still need one more CH, Samba or Cahill…

  123. Yeah this zonal marking is complete nonsense, when did we start this? When Campbell left??
    Would really like to see Arteta join.

  124. -Rico

    I’d say we were in his ear before the end of his contract, we all knew he was joining months before he did. Not really a player to be done on tapping up charges for!

  125. hi guys…….
    mertesacker and santos…..but is it too little to late….

  126. Santos scored 25 goals in 98 games for corinthians and 10 goals in 52 games for Fernebahce:o

  127. We are getting the 1st choice German CB and 1st choice Brazilian LB for under £15mil :oan LB for under £15mil :o

  128. ESP, worst kept secret in footie history was Chamakh arriving ;) agree, that would be embarrasing if we were done for tapping him up, any more news that he could be on his way to PSG??

  129. Traore to QPR, done and dusted, confimed he’s another Goner…

  130. If anyone know german, read this http://www.sport1.de/de/fussball/fussball_bundesliga/newspage_447948.html

    Mertesacker is definitely on his way..

  131. City, United, Chelsea, Liverpool and The Scum have a more valuable squad than ours..


  132. hi af, it’s not too late, not if we go on a long winning streak – yep, any signings should have been in earlier but they weren’t and now we have to hope taht all these stories bare fruit…

    Hi DK – you know i’m a cynic ;)

  133. -Rico

    I have no idea! But if he needs a lift I will gladly drive him to Paris myself!

  134. Sorry ESP, my car is already full with fuel and ready to go ;)

  135. The Mertesacker deal is more advanced than I thought. This one is looking good.

    The midfield position is the final mystery to be solved … over to you Arsene.

  136. Joaqim löwe the German coach has all but confirmed mertsacker is ours.ed mertsacker is ours.

  137. I agree Savage, maybe it isnt as bad as we all thought. 4 players coming in ( if we sign a class midfielder) who knows…..

  138. morning all…so now things are actually moving? it’s a real, real shame that it took sunday’s result to get things moving…the speed with which we are apparently doing these deals gives lie to arsene’s repeated suggestions that signing players is a difficult process…it’s not that difficult at all, if you set your mind to it, negotiate in good faith and decide that getting the player you want is more important than paying a little bit over the odds…

    if only this urgency was present sixty days ago – what kind of a squad would we be looking at now? how many points would we have through three games…

    i’ve heard the park deal is done, that he is now back training with his national side and that he will be introduced following the int’l break…

  139. Sanga, Mertesacker, vermaelen, Santos

    That sounds like an alright back 4.

    Back up of

    Jenk, Kos, JD, Gibbs

  140. Kt, i’m waiting for afc.com ;)

  141. traore is officially a qpr player…thanks colin!

  142. Arshavin -> Galastasaray?
    Chelsea gave up A. Pereira? great ! :-) keep an eye in him AW
    Leandro Damião – Spuds? Internacional wants 20 millions and spurs want to pay… I hope not… can be our goal in january … attention board and AW
    I’m agree with my two posts from eurosport post yesterday night.
    Now, very medium player is wellcome… we must overcome this terrible phase quicky.

  143. Hi oliver

    If the stories are to be believed, it certainly looks like we are on the verge of a few signings…

    This urgency that is reported to being shown should have been shown back in june/july – wenger didn’t need to see sunday take place to know what we needed – we all saw it a mile off but…

    Better late than never i guess is all we can say right now and thankfully it’s only three games into the season, just hope sunday hasn’t really battered the players too much….

    Signings should lift them as well as us fans…

  144. goal.com says we are also interested in clint dempsey…

  145. Okay How is this for a starting line up, we play 4-4-2

    GK: Szczesny
    RB: Sanga
    LB: Santos
    CD: Mertesacker
    CD: vermaelen
    RM: Gervinho
    LM: Miyaichi
    CM: Wilshere
    CM: M’vila
    FW: Van Persie
    FW: Park

  146. Hi JM, i hope that AA story is true, he is in a terrible place in football right now and deserves to be with a team that will play him in his proper role….

    So, Pers Mertesacker has a free day away from Germany and he’s expected to return tonight – we should get some news soon then ;)

  147. Here’s one then:

    How about we get Crouch if we can??

  148. af, he’s a friend of Makepeace isn’t he ;) ;)

  149. hi ricco…i think many of us feel that way…we are rushing to get business done now because the result forced us into it…but if we are able to do business now, why were we not able to do it at the start of july?

    one of my biggest worries is that arsene did actually need sunday to convince him of what so many of us have seen and maintained for a while now: that the squad lacks quality, experience, and depth and that stocking our squad with boys and asking them to do a man’s job sets us up for failure…

    i am sure there are many that would say we are over-reacting to sunday’s result…i don’t think so…few expected us to get a result considering who we have out – i certainly didn’t…but there is still a big difference between losing a match and getting embarrassed like that…and looking so inept, clueless and lost defensively…

    you concede eight goals, coming on top of our overall form since the carling cup final, our poor summer, and having to, once again, throw players who are not ready for this out there because so many of our first teamers are injured/suspended, and things cannot stay as they are…they just cant…

  150. Guys.. I don’t think we need attackers..

    Walcott, Arshavin, Van Persie, Afobe..

  151. Joe cole going on loan to lillie???….i’m i reading to much into that deal???….Hazard????

  152. From JS at YG: “He said he’ll sign another defender, and it seems like it will be a centre half who can play full back. Vermaelen is versatile and Jenkinson can cover at left back, so I’d be surprised if he signed another full back, but we certainly need one.”

  153. Stoke are showing an interest in Nikki B…..

  154. geoff:
    Jamie, do you think Arsenal will sign Per Mertesacker?

    Monday August 29, 2011 19:11

    I don’t think so, and I’m glad. He’s tall and experienced, but very slow and lacks intelligence on the ball.

  155. thats exactly my view oliver, if we can do it now, why didn’t we do this two months ago….

    i don’t see this as wenger over reacting, just doing what was needed but sadly three games too late….

    Mr is, i think you maybe ;)

  156. adk, but we aren’t putting the ball in the net and we could still see nik and chamakh go today/tomorrow – that should give us about 15-20 million…

    that makes two players in wenger ways….

  157. Agree rico, but since henry left, we haven’t had anyone of top class up front, except for VP.

    Is there anyone you would wish for? Realistically?

  158. Drogba or even Crouch :)

    Moussa Sow was on Wath’s wishlist but i can’t see Lille selling us anyone else this season….

    especially after the Chu-Young stuff….

  159. abofe? i think we need some more experience than that…

    i am getting the sense that afc may have been holding nik’s transfer up – perhaps holding out for a certain fee…but it makes sense to push that through as well, as he does not seem to have a future here. get him off the books and get something for him…

    i would be surprised if chamakh went so quickly, but perhaps it is best for him…right now, he does not even resemble a professional football players and perhaps a change of scenery would be best for him. i argued last week that he should probably lose his first team place and work on regaining confidence and form in the reserves…but perhaps this is unsalvageable at this point…

    whatever happened to chamakah, i think we can all agree that the chamakh we have now is not the chamakh who did so well for us during the first half of last season; today’s version gives us absolutely nothing, so perhaps now is the time to move him…

  160. park apparently will start his national service sometime in 2013…perhaps the club feels j. campbell will have a work permit and be ready for the first team squad at that point.

  161. oliver, thats why someone like drogba would be good, he’s nearing his end of his playing days but could still give us 2/3 good seasons – this will give players like afobe time to be intruduced, play cc games and learn from a proper goal scorer…

  162. i feel for theo being part of the england squad…..

  163. Drogba to arsenal? A dream, even at his age, but highly unlikely…

  164. Park Chu-young’s agent has shed light on why the striker decided to go to Arsenal when he appeared set for a move to Lille, describing the opportunity to join the Gunners as too good to turn down.

    The South Korea international had been given permission to leave Monaco this summer following their relegation from Ligue 1, and French champions Lille were close to finalising a deal.

    However, it emerged over the weekend that Arsenal were set to sign Park, much to the frustration of Lille.

    A transfer to the Emirates Stadium has still not been officially announced, but it is expected to go through before Wednesday night’s deadline.

    The 26-year-old’s representative, Maurizio Morana, has now revealed exactly what happened to change his client’s mind.
    Military duty

    Morana has also spoken about Park’s excitement at the prospect of joining such a club at this stage of his career as he must return home for two years’ national service before the age of 30.

    “We could not imagine what happened. On Friday, Arsenal contacted Monaco to know if an agreement had been found with Lille about a transfer,” Morana told France Football.

    “As it was not the case, Arsenal started to negotiate, then asked to contact the player.

    “Could you imagine how a player from Monaco could refuse such a club?

    “As he should come back to his native Korea later in 2013 for military duties, this could be his last contract in Europe.

    “When Arsene Wenger directly calls a player and asks him to join Arsenal, it is difficult to refuse.”

    Morana also rejected suggestions that Park’s conduct demonstrated a lack of respect to Lille.

    “We are sorry for the Lille officials who acted in a very professional way, but I can’t agree when I hear Park has no sense of morals,” the agent stated.

    “There is no link with moral sense or honour, it is only football.”

  165. ADK, a girl can dream ;) ;)

  166. rico.. are you a girl!?

  167. hi all, I thought this talk about going into the national service for a professional footballer while he’s contracted to a club was joke. Will Arsenal be paying him during his service then? Is there not an exception?

  168. ADK :lol: I thought you knew rico is indeed an old gal….

  169. Osi, from reading the article i think his contract will be up around the same time, maybe that’s why he’s valued at less than he would be otherwise….

  170. ha ha :) I never associated the name rico, with a girl :P

    Well that explains the ban of the C word :P

  171. Who would like Owen Hargreaves on a pay as you play deal??

  172. Rico the player [Santos] we reportedly bought is a classy player, very technical and I’m surprised his actually a full back. If we have someone like it’ll help our attack improve.

  173. Osi – i’ll be excited when he’s announced, I know I will…
    :lol: Lee – have you seen he could be off to Citeh, they are obviously broke now ;)

  174. Seeing as Wenger is making a move in the transfer market, i’g going follow him…

    I’m off to Lidil for me veggies ;) ;)

    Back shortly…..

  175. Hargreaves? please rico… I can be commit to Arsenal masters but Hargreaves?…

  176. If it’s true that bought Park and Santos then we added 2 quality players to our squad. I hope we add 2 more quality players.

  177. Sporting Lisbon signed 16 (!!!) new players this year… far away are the (recent) times of Futre, Figo, Ronaldo…

  178. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/14717213.stm

    mertesacker is confirmed i hope by this…..

  179. “The move [Mertesacker, Santos] by Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger to bolster his defence comes after they were hammered 8-2 by Manchester United in the Premier League on Sunday.”

    What a rubbish biased reporting. Arsene was linked and said to be interested to sign him this summer. He was also interested in Left back from the start. It has nothing to do with defeat. He’s moving quick because, idiot, it’s the deadline date already and he has to sign. Someone’s doing their job properly.

  180. Nasri says politics are ruining Arsenal transfer policy. Anyone agree?

  181. KT, have you seen this…Arsenal have made a bid of 40m Euros – approximately £35m – for Borussia Dortmund wonderkid Mario Gotze, according to German publication Kicker.

  182. Just been listening and reading up more. It looks like there were no offers for him and Werder have reduced their price, hence our delay.

    The guy on TalkSport reckons this is a better deal than getting Cahill. Telegraph say though that we’ve made offers for Cahill and Samba yet again. Who knows…

  183. santos n mertesacker…am i in dreamland or what..

  184. Yip, Nasri was the chief political instigator. Revolutionary and aristocrat rolled into one.

    You can be sure the grass is greener in Manchester … it rains more there :)

  185. Gotz who? £35ml? That’s a lot better than Hazard’s reported valuation. He cannot be better than Hazard, can he?

  186. I should have a job in the metro…Look at there latest post :lol:

  187. Mr Is….verbatum!! Hope it’s true, what you reckon?

  188. I am not i any way excited about this guy Park…

  189. Lee i don’t reckon it will happen,but i’m hearing that there in for kalou aswell????…..so who know’s??

  190. Spot on DK, Nothing more than a symbol for asians I guess

  191. who we not in for??

  192. same here doesnt look that great at all…..not what we need at the moment….

  193. I mean kalou to lillie,so hazard is defo not out of reach.

    Scott parker failed a medical at Arsenal and now i’m hearing the same thing has happend at shyte hart??

  194. Welcome to the club, Ju!

  195. Mertesacker = club captain, Ju = national captain. More captains, more leadership, all the better.

    Go and score us some goals :)

  196. That parker to the spuds could be a load of bull thou,heard it from a couple of people at work,but i can’t find no link’s??

  197. dot com has just confirmed park is going to be signed. includes quotes from the player himself. he gets the number 9 shirt.

  198. Sky now saying the cahill deal is dead in the water !
    I’m a bit miffed with that, sorry if i’m not keeping up.
    I’ve been talking him up all summer.

  199. Wenger must see something in the player that nobody else does. He’s good at that some times, and also bad at that some times :)

    I’m looking forward to seeing what he contributes to the team.

  200. Hi oliver, He is a good capture though for that money no? What is the case for btnr

  201. Sweet justice for Bolton – playing hard ball with us and we go and sign a superior player for less.

    They better wake up to the fact that we’re not all tobacco-chewing on oil money.

  202. I think you covered all your bases there Savage.

  203. Lets sum up this whole debate about cahill and mertersacker.
    one player cost’s 17m has no champions experience and hardly any international caps and the other guy cost’s under 10m has loads of caps for his country and has some champions league knowledge…..which one would you choose??

  204. I think he’ll go free and bolton wil be ….ed.

  205. Both :)

    I do understand the hankering for some local players. But in my mind, Germany is a superior team to England, and I expect their first choice defender to compare comparably with Terry and Ferdinand in that case.

    And if that’s true, then this is a helluva deal.

    But I’m open to being proven wrong.

  206. Are the spuds really a step up for cahill thou???….he’d be better of not signing and what it out to the highest bidder.

    Come on Arsene tap him up :lol:

  207. No Cahill coming in then :(

  208. And Savage I saw him doing a lot better than them in south Africa

  209. It reminds me a little of the Vermaelen deal. We tend to underrate players from other leagues, particularly France, Germany and Netherlands.

    I bet you’re all like me in being a little bit surprised at how well Gervinho has done so far. He was a cog in a league-winning team.

  210. hi stv…i know little about park, to be perfectly honest. 25 goals in 91 appearances for as monaco…captain of the republic of korea national side…not a kid, and he has some experience…my big question is how will he function in our system?

    lotsa speculation about nik…i think stoke afc remain front-runners, but who knows?

  211. i am not sure cahill is done and dusted…

    if we sign mertesacker, perhaps we should turn our attentions to tim cahill, instead of gary?

  212. and now hazard deal is back on.. All of the sudden it looks pretty good nw

  213. if everything is true is not so bad.
    After August 31, are there any chance to repeat the three League games? :-)

  214. :) JM… I wish..

    Got to go again, back later, maybe another announcment by then :)

  215. AW in Lidl, Rico?? ;)

  216. 2 more medicals tomorrow…
    my guesses
    hazard/goetze and mvilla

  217. Rico, in that case, I’d prefer yu off and on all day :)

  218. Raul Meireles -> Chelsea?
    Chelsea have submitted a proposal amounting to 9 million, which included the pass player Israeli Yossi Benayoun, but Liverpool declined the offer outright.
    Once you have tried unceasingly to the hiring of Luka Modric, Tottenham this summer Andre Villas Boas has said it needs a medium. The BBC moves that will come to Anfield another proposal soon from Chelsea

    9 milion and a player? An interesting player

  219. ju is on our first team roster, dot com…wearning arsenal kit and all…

  220. ARSEnalfan, is that apart from Park?

  221. Finally, something to lift the gloom. I know nothing about Young, but Mertesacker is a good buy. Come on AW and SS and the Board, get some more super super quality to sign on the dotted line!!

  222. Hi guys what’s happening…….what’s the latest can…..fill me in guys

  223. hi agag/gs…ju is confirmed, and the only one at this point…several sources (or one source being circularly reported) say that mertesacker and santos had medicals at arsenal today…supposedly we have walked away from g. cahill for good…traore’s transfer to qpr was confirmed…nik looks to finally be on the way out, sources saying most likely to stoke…

    maybe we are back in for hazard, m’vila, and marvin…or perhaps not…

  224. It’s suddenly become exciting(ish) for me, if AW is indeed in France, trying to get Hazard, M’vila, and Martin, oliver. ;)

    goonster, not bad, eh??

  225. Arsene Wenger is like a man at the petrol station on christmas eve.

  226. Evening all.
    Cahill for 14 mill Mertsaker, Park, and Santos , how many do you want. Gervinho Jenkinson Chambelain

  227. amidst all the transfer movement and non-movement, confirmation of our league cup third round opponents is kinda flying under the radar…we get shrewsbury town at home on september 20…

  228. Steve, I want ‘em all. ;) Pluse GvdW. :)

    Hello, micko.

  229. Evening Agag, Just read a report, we have them all bar Medicals and personal terms

  230. Bendtner -> stoke
    Lazio interesting in DJ
    Chamack -> Lille ? Hazard -> Arsenal ?

  231. :D steve and why shouldn’t we? We are The Arsenal. Jm, I like the Chamakaka to Lille, Hazard to Arsenal bit.

  232. Agag if this is true, Wengers a genius, i always said he was

  233. Wow thanks Agag…..hope we marvin martin though he’s CLASS.

  234. How do agag, just waiting on that super quality playermaker to come in now and i’ll be happy.
    Could still be a couple of surprises in the pipeline tomorrow.

  235. Happy to see JD out. plus adding Cahil will not be greedy

  236. Wonder what would happen if we lost 3-2..

  237. I think we can afford all of the trf fees, steve. The wages, probably not. But hope springs eternal. :)

    STV, are you Suhail?

    micko, maybe we’ll get Hazard.

  238. I wasn’t sure. ;)

  239. You are not in GG, are you AGAG ;)

  240. Owen hargreaves joins citeh on a pay as you play contract rumoured to be worth £00.00 over five years.

  241. it’s also reported that Diaby, Rosicky, Chamakh, has been ordered to sign play as you paid contract.

  242. yes, Hargreaves City
    Benhauyoun Spurs? -> Modric Chelsea

  243. Parker definetely spurs

  244. STV, diaby would injure himself playing tiddlywinks !

  245. Juan Manuel Vargas on the way ?

  246. Boo, evening guys and gals :)

  247. Message sent to me, by Arsenal-Turkey fans about Santos:
    “Yes certainly. He has a quality. He will be beneficial for us. He is good at attack.”

  248. Lee – he beat me to the last cauliflower, even though he offered less ;)

    It was a french import and wanted to be boiled under Arsene Wenger :lol:

  249. Telegraph says in for Samba

  250. Steve – we got Cahill as well??

    I thought we’d given up on him….

  251. Hi STV – i’d be happy with Samba :) Apparently Scott Dann is joing B’Burn…

  252. JM, but can he defend ;)

  253. Wenger: Cahill move is not dead……

  254. These CB’s are like buses….. ;)

  255. Cahill is in talks with Arrys lot…. :(

  256. :lol: Lee, you see my lidil comment … ;)

  257. still only one signing confirmed, yet i can no longer see a scenario where that will be the extent of it…i think we will have at least a few more confirmed by the end of tomorrow…

    we can have some real competition for places starting with the swansea game…

  258. Sorry Rico, yes but was rushing with the bus gag…. :) :) :) apparently AW in france to cover their international….let’s hope he sorts out M’Vila & MM, WATH / Stan will be chuffed…

  259. I do think Cahill is a no no now….sorry Rico!

  260. And now Clint Dempsey?

    How I love the last 24 hours of the summer transfer window – no offense to Dempsy, he’s plenty tough and he does score on occasion.

  261. oliver – hopefully they will be announced in the next few hours or early tomorrow, we’ll need the medical room for more tomorrow ;)

    I know Lee, looking les and less likely unless Wenger nips in – Bolton have rejected their player offer and it’s now down to cash…

    M’vila would be just the icing on the cake….

  262. He was mention earlier Doc, he’s the American at Fulham isn’t he, don’t know anything about him though…

  263. Mertesacker has agreed terms, should be confirmed soon…..

  264. Juan Manuel Vargas is another we are linked to….

  265. All quiet here now so i’m heading off out for the day – let’s hope for more good news tomorrow, on D-Day ;)

    stay safe all, nighty night……

  266. The left-back Andre Santos, Fenerbahçe, arrived this Tuesday in London to sign contract for four seasons with Arsenal. Due to the crisis experienced by the Turkish club, the former Corinthians player was free to negotiate with other teams and come to terms with the Gunners quickly.
    – The business started last night (Monday) and I came running to sign today (Tuesday), as the window closes tomorrow (Wednesday). Andre is already here in London. It is a very good contract for him. Go up to 32 years – said businessman Carlos Leite, who represents the side.

  267. have you seen Samba this weekend… penalty for Everton

  268. Lets hope we get M’Vila, Cahill and Martin 2moro JM as well as Mertesacker and Santos, then I think we’ll be competative again with those players brought in…! If not we’re bang in trouble and a lot of questions to be asked as to why the 60million from cesc and nasri wasnt spend to replace them…!

  269. Bendtner stay chamack out Granada ?…
    Lansbury -> QPR on loan ?
    Campbell on loan to Lorient ?
    Dempsey in ?

  270. Morning HH….two more signings!!

  271. A. Pereira goes to Chelsea
    Kaka – Spurs?

  272. Morning all….

  273. New Post up ….

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