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Striker Signs and We need a Win at Liverpool Today……..

The Ladies are in Liverpool today to for their last fixture in the Womens Super League, a win will ensure they create history and win the first ever trophy of this league.

The home fixture between the two sides saw a comfortable 3-0 victory for the Ladies but their manager Laura Harvey has warned her side against complacency!

We currently sit top of the league and destiny is in our own hands – only they can fluff it up now but these players don’t tend to do that very often, unlike the men. ;)

Harvey spoke to afc.com:

We’ve done our job in the last two games now and we’ve got one more left to go. Liverpool will be tough and they’ll be out to scalp us and we know that. We will have to perform well on the day.

The outcome is in our own hands and that always has to be the plan,If we go on and win the title from here we would have done it through our own merit. No one can punish us now but ourselves.

Good luck to them, kick off is at 2pm UK time but annoyingly ESPN aren’t covering this one today, instead they have decided to show a potentially boring match from The Premier League.

Sky Sports however are covering what could potentially be a cracker from The Premier League and after a confidence building win in the week, I don’t think the home side will truly believe this will be a rollover in their favour.

No doubt you have all read the story by now about how we are about to sign AS Monaco striker Park Chu-Young. The 26-year-old was due to move away from Monaco and sign for Lille but it seems our manager has nipped in and secured his services. Speculation was rife that he travelled to London yesterday for a medical.

Well, late last night Le Grove broke the news that he has signed and that he will be wearing the Number 9!! The rest of that post makes interesting reading as well and we could be in for a good few days….

As yet, nothing has been announced on afc.com…

Back to today:

Lansbury, Miquel, Traoré, Coquelin, Oğuzhan Özyakup and Sunu are travelling to OT today according to Young Guns as Vermaelen, Djourou and Sagna face late fitness tests  – my money is on all three being fit!

Should that be the case we are still without Gervinho, Frimpong and Song who are all paying their penance for naughty tackles, Wilshere and Gibbs are both still missing through injury…

Oh, Squilli and Nik are both out injured too, although I think they are busy hunting for a new club…

We want Cahill, Bolton need a defender – surely they’d loved Squilli.  ;)

That’s a fair amount of players out but we’ll still give them a battle I hope and if we can come away with something, it would be heck of a result….

Manchester United have a few injuries too, Fergie has said that Rio Ferdinand and Antonio Valencia are ‘training well’, while Nemanja Vidic is out for a month and Rafael will miss even longer with his dislocated shoulder – so no Vidic and no Ferdinand and let’s not forget they have a young goal keeper who is always good for an error or two..

Shoot on sight and someone has to be ready for anything he spills… He’s tall so keep the shots low, that’s where he seems vulnerable at the moment, he’s under a bit of pressure, lets help build that pressure.

Kos and Vermaelen seemed to have clicked and Szcznesy is in great form, Nani will find Sagna a different proposition at left back than the departed Clichy who  he used to make look silly and Jenkinson will have a tough afternoon up against Ashley Young but I’m betting on our young defender to win that battle.

Last time we played them in the league, Wilshere and Ramsey bossed the midfield and won the battle on the day, we need another performance like that today, firstly from Ramsey and secondly, from whoever partners him in Jack’s absence.

Will it be Djourou, will it be Rosicky, will it be Coquelin??

If we can win that battle again today, we’ll be half way there, then it’s down to Walcott and RvP to bury their chances..

Another spirited display like we saw on Wednesday and a win today is not impossible, especially if  Howard Webb leaves his AON shirt at home……

Looking forward to it??

You bet…….

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424 comments on “Striker Signs and We need a Win at Liverpool Today……..

  1. Morning All….

  2. Morning Rico & HH, so we’ve snapped a striker then? NB plus a few million for Cahill then? ;) was I dreaming or did AW say he wanted three more signings?

  3. Morning Lee

    He said those words – things looking up a bit, as long as he’s truthing ;)

    Got to dash, be back around 11.30…..

  4. GO GUNNERS GO……Come on!

  5. @Lee….
    I musta had the same dream too..
    Three more signings?!? Will wait and see… ;)

  6. good post…
    hi guys….
    anyone looking forward to park chu young…im not..at the moment..

  7. Hi AF……I am as a matter of fact. A friend sent me a couple of his games from the world and asian cups respectively …..seeing him from close quarters I ll say he’s way better than our second and third. strikers. Chamakh can shoot a ball if he’s life depends on it and nik is clumsy and his first touch let’s him down…….this korean dude is also a dead ball specialist. Two footed and scores from range. Moreover he’s happy to come off the bench…..he’s a reliable second choice striker ladies and gentlemen.

  8. hmmmmm…..
    hope he is good….wenger does have a knack of buying players who fit in really quickly……hope he is one of them

  9. He is AF…..I forgot to mention that he’s quick too

  10. Hey HH…….why am I on moderation?

  11. Morning Rico. I see Howard Webb is playing in United’s midfield today.

  12. -Adam

    Has Webb been announced for todays game? If so, if things aren’t going united’s way they can always stick 12 men behind the ball.

  13. ESP.When was the last time Webb had a bad game for them. But with Old Mother Riley in charge is it any wonder Webb got the nod. After all, who can forget Riley’s performances at OT? The whole thing has a nasty whiff about it especially after Fergie’s recent rant about how badly his club are treated. Timely or what?

  14. I fear for us guys even if manure don’t wanna win this game coward webb won’t allow it. I hate playing the mancs. This might sound like a sacrilege to you older gooners but I hate those lying cheating bastards more than the spuds. I hate that red faced bastard fergusnose. What a turd.

  15. Why the hell am I on moderation……arrghhhh.

  16. -Adam

    Agreed, United know nothing of being screwed by officials. Wait until they have a player sent off for touching a ball after the whistle went.

  17. Morning again all, sorry for those in moderation….

  18. goonster, don’t know why you went into moderation, you are free now :P

  19. Ahhhh finally……felt like being in jail in here…..hi guys.

  20. Bellamy and Kaka to join Arry’s lot :eek:

  21. What……..kaka to the spuddies……yeah right like that ll ever work. How are they going to afford his weekly wages. Not gonna happen my friend

  22. i know stan, just made me chuckle, they always seem to be linked to the same players we are – also, reports suggest they are going for Cahill…

  23. Why is arry always after our targets and ex players? Inferiority complex anyone?

  24. Perhaps he trusts Wenger scouts more than his own ;)

    Any news on the late fitness tests??

  25. Big game today COYG

  26. Quiet old day for a match day…..

  27. I also dislike united more than spurs, probably because I don’t live in London and prob because I never saw spuds as a threat. We always seem to get an all mighty dicking over when playing united, wheather its an official “blunder” or a mistake from a “goalkeeper” or a LB deciding its time to slip at the vital moment.

  28. Sagna definetly out

  29. Rico, it aint quite …not the strongest squad

  30. ESP – I can’t stand either…… but if i had to choose, it would always be that lot down the road…

    Howdy Erick, that news is not good at all, whats wrong with him :(

  31. Sagna out….oh man….what do we do for a right back.

  32. Morning Rico, I hear he’s sick bed ridden apparently..reliable source

  33. Think our backline will look something like this Jen,kos,JD and TV

  34. :(

    Coq to come in as DM then no doubt, has TV been passed fit?

  35. Boy are we in trouble….I don’t trust JD he’s an error away from ruining our season…..

  36. Not sure re TV bt Aw said he was ok, think he will play Coq I hear is better than Frimpong and more experienced

  37. Goonster agree with you mate, he has been making mistakes every game…today any mistake will be punishedwill be punished

  38. I fear for us today, this could be the nearest thing to a public execution this side of Saudi Arabia.

  39. And womens football is for girls !

  40. Micko, Aw has done everything wrong this window..what do you expect

  41. What kills me is the fact that while they can cause us problems at the back we can’t cause them any….gervinho ll be a huge miss.

  42. Not sure about Coq, haven’t seen him play recently, at least TV is fit but JD worries me too……

    Micko, we’ll get a point today and the Ladies will get all three, trust me, it’s not for girls ;)

  43. I don’t hold great expectations for us today, as long as we keep it from getting embarrassing I will be happy.
    I really hope we can get ourselves european football next season. But hey! Won’t those accounts look all nice come the end of the season!

  44. Erick, i would have expected better.

    ESP, you wouldn’t say that if you’d been down to the Lane, you can’t get the smell out of your clothes or hair for weeks after.

  45. Micko same ol same ol..Rico the goon blog and youngunz all agree Coq is a better player. Think it will be a boring game unless we score first *don’t shoot*

  46. If we harry them, chase down every ball, win the ball quickly in their own half then hit them on the counter we could get a result. Don’t forget their team’s overconfident coming into this game. We have nothing to lose. They have tons…..they ll come for the kill all we need to do is wait and them “BAM” stab for their jugular. COYRGS……we can do it. Come on.

  47. Theo got to wisen up and take his chances they will be a handful tbh

  48. Goonster, were you watching a Quentin Tarantino movie last night.

  49. That’s good then Erick, let’s hope he shows how good he is today :)

  50. Yeah actually watched ”dawn to dusk” all over again. Cool movie…

  51. Hoping for a good result today…..its not everyday i celebrate a point but that ll do for today……come on.

  52. Looking at the table however early it is (we are in trouble)

  53. yes, like I said since the end of the season: we need a left back and a central back. And we are only in the end of august…
    why I’m not Arsenal coach? :-)

  54. Do I dare ask if anyone wants Totts to beat Citeh today ;)

  55. -JM

    Most of us have been saying that for the past 4-5 years! Maybe Cahill will join on the final day, but no chance of a left back joining.

  56. A draw with lots of card plus a red for Na$ri would be acceptable

  57. Relax erick we are still in august for crying out loud. We ll be alright. As long as we get another CB and a creative mid fielder. Some how I believe we ll be better than last season. Injuries permitting…..

  58. And a striker JM ;)

    You should apply ;)

    Erick, get today out the way, the new players in and the banned and injured back, hopefully things will look brighter….

  59. Traore not good enuff, Gibbs – always in hospital

  60. Okay people am relaxing but our rivals are 6 points and we have one :-(

  61. Back in half an hour….

  62. rico, the striker is comming on. We need a central back, aleft back and at least 2 more midfield players, 4 players more. For me, we need one more.

  63. JM its not going to happen, two more maximun I think

  64. Phew, the fastest i have ever cut the grass, in the rain ;)

  65. I agree with you in what we need JM – but, look at our squad, Wenger will look to bring a few players in from the reserves to fill those gaps…

    What we should be doing is buying a couple of bloomin good midfielders who have one/two seasons left at the top…

    The rumours today link us with Adam Johnson of Citeh – now he really would be a great addition….

  66. Rico that was fast…City would never sell to a rival

  67. Your right Erick, we all know its a long season, but if it does go tits up today we could well end up ruing our start, Liverpool will be one of the teams we need to finish above and they have got off to a flyier.
    To think we’ve had all summer to prepare for this on it looks like we will be doing our business on lastminute.com now.

  68. Micko we are far from good but you can’t question the spirit of the team..hope it gets us thru’

  69. Micko – that is what pees me off, big time….

    It’s not like our club needed two and a half months to realise we needed to buy…..

  70. So do I or there will be a lot of supporters hitting the spirits tonight, some sore heads in the morning.

  71. Part of me thinks we’ll get a point today, another part of me thinks it could be a thrashing…..

  72. Those parts are called the head and the heart rico.

  73. Na$ri with the assist for city…

  74. I know Micko…

    Just seen his cross, after he’d been hobbling around with an injury that would have seen him off when he played for us….

    Na$ri Indeed………..

  75. ESP, i can’t bring myself to watch it, will probably catch the last 20 down the pub surrounded by all the northern monkeys.

  76. Another a$$i$t from Na$ri. When he goes home, there will be a new level on his house.
    Not a chance could I watch the game in the pub Micko, more manc supports there than in manchester.

  77. Afternoon Gooners…
    Nice post Rico.

  78. Tell me about it, but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.
    Just need to find my tin hat.

  79. Hi Kev, you know what, not a sniff of the ladies game anywhere today, not even on the arsenal player…..

    sexist if you ask me….

  80. seeing the city game…….nasri man….too good he and silva same as fab and nasri for us…..

  81. the second goal….super…

  82. Micko you are a brave man, a very brave man……

  83. So Sagna is out…..
    My son texted me last night and reminded me of that 6-1 drubbing we took up in Salford a few years back….
    A very big chance for Coquelin today.
    Webb will probably send him off..!

  84. Rico, have you tried the comedy channel……just asking like.

  85. Rico, I’m not that brave, my cousin will be with me.

  86. Traore & Jenkinson as full-backs….
    It’s gonna be a long long afternoon….
    A good day for Szczesny to show how good he is…

  87. Mick, you asked me if i was a season ticket holder..?
    Yes, i got two seats in the ‘singing section’ or whatever they call it now, North Bank, Laundry End, Spion Kop?

  88. 1-0 to AFC Ladies :)

  89. Crisis at White Hart Slum…….
    Wonder if the effin Press will dig-out Harry….?
    No chance…

  90. Nasri is a fabolous player. Clichy plays very well.
    Mancini prepares his team like Arsenal and explore our gaps: a good and a strong central forward; a solid defense with two quicly and forward full backs; a strong central midfield and a strong bench. where he can’t find players for replace Arsenal players he bought the Arsenal players.

  91. Nice one kev, I’m very close to the dug out myself, I’ll have to google emirates and singing !

    Anyway, i’ve got to skadoodle, if ever we needed a gee-up it’s today.

    C’mon Arsenal.

  92. and I forgot the winner mentality .

  93. Fcuk me…… They are EPL contenders, that’s for sure.
    Quality quality goal…..

  94. aguero………..wat a goal…….. 3 assists he got one for us….

  95. Citeh have conceded a goal, they best go buy a defender ;)

  96. and Tots are very strong…

  97. Kev – I think they will win it, and i wouldn’t even rule them out of winning the CL on debut…

    But that is what money and a manager who is prepared to spend it means…..

    And we sit with £80 Million in our bank…… (ish)

  98. Hope they don’t go after Cahill, Rico.
    Quick sell them Squillaci……

  99. Bet Arry doesn’t hang about in the transfer window after today….

  100. Im jealous of city.watching na$ri,cesc and mata do well is bloody painful :(

  101. Citeh won’t but i bet Arry does Kev……

  102. Ladies are 2-0 up…. :)

    Yankey with both …..

  103. Rico, even if the scum go after Cahill, i think he’s made up his mind to come and join his mate Jacky Boy.

  104. Hi Kt – I know how you feel – wonder how many gooners wish AU had bought us out rather than Stan????

  105. yes, and we sold Nasri so cheaper..
    more news:
    Leandro Damião (I told this week was the right central forward for us…), spuds is running for him but Porto maybe ahead… 20 millions euros
    Chelsea again to a. Pereira (another one) with another offer upper 20 millions…
    and the brithish press link Moutinho (Porto) to chelsea but the cluse is upper 40 millions…
    Miss 4 days until the end…and we are very weak

  106. I do………
    Then Dein would be doing the transfers and not that idiot Gazides.

  107. But we have to offer the right money for him Kev, will AW do that??

    Cahill wants to join us, there is no doubt about that but, it’s not down to him until Jan…

    I just hope he wants to join us bad enough that he refuses to go anywhere else…. In fact, maybe that is why no-one else has made a bid, maybe Coyle knows he will only sign for us??

  108. Should have been 5

  109. Tell you what i think re Cahill – he’ll put in a transfer request before tuesday if bolton don’t sort it out…..

    JM, the prices you report are enough to suggest wenger won’t buy :(

    Kev – I knew you’d see things my way before long ;) ;)

  110. Should have ben ten by now ;)

  111. Fingers crossed Rico

  112. 1-2 Ladies :(

  113. Arsenal

    Szczesny, Jenkinson, Koscielny, Djourou, Traore, Ramsey, Coquelin, Walcott, Rosicky, Arshavin, van Persie

  114. 1-2 ? Uff…. What time is it now?

  115. No TV????

    That line up cannot be right….

  116. Hope your all sitting down…………………………………….

    Sagna AND Vermaelen have failed fitness tests….

    Djourou and Koscielny to start…..

  117. Maybe it is right….

    Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeet :(

  118. JM, that’s the Ladies score, i’m a big fan…. ;)

  119. 5-1, jeeeeeez……

    Hope Will hasn’t watched this game…..

  120. Dzeko again…

  121. Rico :lol:

  122. I just our lads give a good account of themselves.
    We’re gonna lose, but as long as our players give everything for 90mins then i won’t complain….
    Tottenham bottom of the League……
    That’s where Harry came in..!

  123. I remember a team since a few years scored many goals until this year…
    yes rico, I can’t follow it. Are in the 2sd half ? 1-2? or 1-3 now? :-)

  124. Oh my :( is that our 11?Oh my :( is that our 11?

  125. I love Edin Dzeko :D I hate Man. City!

    They are looking horribly good :(

  126. Kev – as long as we don’t get battered…. sounds negative but, i’d say it’s being realistic….

    However, young players, point to prove, Coq has just had a great tournament, JD needs a great game….

    Mancs could be sat wetting themselves with laughter at the team, maybe we’ll shut the arrogant, ignorant gits up and cause a shock ;)

  127. How can we have so many injuries when we are going to OT?what have we done to deserve this?;(

  128. Ladies 3-1 :)

  129. Whose the subs Rico?

  130. I’m off to the pub to watch the game…..chat later!! COYG!!!!!

  131. Kt, it can only happen to us…….

    Utd will be out to prove something to Citeh…. :(

    Do I watch, or do i drive to Beachy Head ;)

  132. We’re that thin on the ground AK, you better give your boots a polish!!

  133. Good luck Lee ;)

    Kev, don’t know yet….

  134. LF OXO MC HL IM Ozyakup Sunu

  135. Either that team provides the ultimate shock or we get destroyed…im not feeling confident right now :(

  136. 5 players on the bench who have never started a PL game :o

  137. Well it’s good practice for the Carling Cup… :)

  138. I’m afraid… at lest we still winning in Liverpool?

  139. Ok. see ya all at full time.
    Stan, don’t forget. Take a cab…….

  140. As David Haye so poetically put it, this is going to as one sided as a gang rape =(

  141. I am now dreading this……..

  142. I have my doctor on speed dial #1 ;)

  143. :lol: Kt ….

  144. AA really is low in confidence – his passing is shocking

  145. Walcott – get the fricking ball, pass it ahead of you and beat your defender – it’s bloody simple!!

  146. Ooooo errrrrr Arshavin…..

  147. Bollox…..


    JD again……

  148. Bit of a spat between Theo and Jenkinson…..

  149. Get Arshavin off – he is dreadful….!!

    Mind you, who would come on ;)

  150. Theo needs to do the same agin, let’s get Jones sent off ;)


  152. AA is a very very very lucky man – get him off now AW……

  153. Who in then AF??

  154. 3-0
    wenger out

  155. Oh dear oh dear oh dear…….

    This gets worse and worse…….

  156. loiu van gaal
    carlo ancelloti
    dennis bergkamp
    even mourinho would come for 7 million rico

  157. One person to blame.

  158. Im callhng my doctor now…i can’t take this shit anymore :(

  159. 6-1 is on…
    These guys are a bunch of jokes, the worst team I have ever seen.
    Wenger either spends all he has before the weekend or the fans need to be singing for his sacking.

  160. If that was at the other end, no free kick. And Robin could take another 99 penalties and never hit one as tameley as that.

    Arsenal fan. I reckon you should add the words ‘since Wengers been in charge’ to your screen name.

  161. I wonder what difference that penalty would have made….

    Wenger out right now would be so so wrong…

    What we need is ‘Wenger – go spend the money we have’

  162. Rico. Spot on. Don’t need a change of manager we need a change of philosophy.

  163. Our fist goal is not to be relegate this year…
    AW out quicky…
    Jenkinson is not a player for Arsenal team
    I repeat the same: 1 central back, 1 left back, 2 or 3 midfields and 1 central forward.
    It’s impossible now running for the title. We are clearly worst then both Mancs, Chelsea, Liverpool, and spurs, we are at level of the others. This is the reality. Why that? since July we know Fabregas,Nasri,Clichy,Denilson, Eboue.. maybe out and we only bought a good player.

  164. ESP – I agree, they are not doing well, but – just look at the side we have out there..

    We have No


    I’m not sure if all all them were fit/able, we’d be losing this game….

    I know, I know, we should have a squad to deal with it but……

  165. What’s the score of the ladies?

  166. The fecking board need to wake up Rocastle and tell Wenger to get on and spend….

    Get M’Vila, get Hazzard, go get a bllody striker who can score goals… One who could actually be bothered to get on the end of crosses…

    Jeez, Theo gets blasted for his crossing, but when he put the perfect one in today, what did we have – nowt!

  167. They are the first winners of the WSL JM

    Great day for the Ladies……

  168. Also, Djourou is fast becoming Squilli!!

    We need two CH’s now……

    Get AA off and bring on someone who actually cares about our club – in face bloody sell him……

  169. Oh, and in my post i said De Gea is dodgy on the ground – Theo proved my point……

  170. I can’t feel my legs guys…..WHY OH WHY….

  171. AW agian on the pitch… one more sent off… :-(

  172. He’s ok JM….

    Come on AFC, one goal and game on…….!!!

  173. Lansbury warming up – hoo bloody rah – get the russian off…..

  174. The away fans put the home ones to shame……

  175. What difference can he make Rico…..what difference

  176. AA – how……. how on earth did you miss that… :(

  177. Chamberlain coming on for his debut…..

  178. About time too…..get that fat russian out….

  179. Bollox yet again……

    JD, you fool…..

  180. he’s still on stan….

  181. Yeah, wenger needs to sort this but there’s no way we dwarves this. Both free kicks were dives.

  182. WTF was all that about – Webb and Rooney side by side, chit chatting as they head back for our corner……

    Bet he’s got a AON shirt on underneath his ref top

    I dreaded this result…….

  183. am out Rico…..heading home……we ll chat when I get home……

  184. This has got to be the worst Sunday in my life…

  185. JD’s was Rocastle – it was really really niave of him…..

  186. This is just horrid to watch, just so so horrid…… :(

  187. Rico, I have turned off the TV. This is just too hurtful to watch…

  188. ADK, it is for me too now in my AFC world…..

  189. go steady goonster….

  190. 6-1???? :'(

  191. I wonder that Wengers comments are going to be after the match..

    We need Messi, Ronaldo, Villa, Macherano, Pique, Benzema and Kaka to help us out of this.. Not Park Shung Mung Chong, and other “quality” players as Wenger says…

  192. He’ll blame injuries and red cards.

    And another red card………….

  193. Rushed home to witness a mauling… :cry:

  194. Wasn’t there an offside on chicarito?

  195. hi agag, it is shocking, just shocking…

    i feel so so sad……

    three days for wenger to sort this out – will he, i don’t think so……

  196. WENGER OUT!!

  197. don’t think so ADK – i thought you’d switched off ;)

  198. I did rico.. But then my mate said we scored,.. and that brought my hopes up :(

  199. Not now ADK, there is not enough time for a new manager to buy players – results will dictate what happens to wenger i fear……

  200. penalty.. so 7-2, is that a new record loss for us?

  201. rico.. can you see us in the top 6 with this team?

  202. God, I feel sick.

  203. yep, 7-2……

  204. 7-2.. Am I just having a bad nightmare? Is this our Arsenal? Is this really happening :(

  205. And very, very angry.

  206. No ADK, and who would want to sign for us right now???

    agag – you and me both……

  207. rico, ADK :cry:

  208. It doesn’t matter what happens after today I can never forgive Wenger for this humiliation. How can any of the players pretend that they still believe in him after today.

  209. I bet Na$ri is laughing all the way to the bank…..

  210. Am not even angry.its a comedy out there :(

  211. Steve – we are all pissed off, but it’s not wengers fault that we have so many injuries and bans….

    I’m not far from thinking like you though…..

    Biggest three days of his footballing life….

  212. No arguments, no regrets, no good-byes, just go now !

  213. Fucking Heck – 8-2……..

  214. Rico.. Can we all expect a riot at the club?

    Would United ever lose that much, even if they were playing with their second string ?

  215. 8-2? excuse me.. i’m just gonna shoot myself…

  216. ADK – YES, big time …..

  217. rico, it’s a dark day indeed when ordinary United team just rubbished us completely. We do not need any more of these learners. Our board and coach should buy some f-ing experience, and pay good money for it.

    I am heartbroken.

  218. I can’t wait for the Swansea game…. 8O

  219. I’ll never forgive wenger for this.

  220. Don’t shout at me….. But maybe this will be the catalyst that’ll get Gazides to stop fannying about and bring in the players we need.

    If we make top four this season, it’ll be a miracle.

    Dalglish must be rubbing his hands….

  221. Anyone got Sam Alladyce’s number ?

  222. Rico –

    Its Wengers fault that he hasn’t bought players in, we always have injuries.
    The club needs to drop 150m in the next three days or enjoy mid-table.

  223. Le Grove must be exploding….

  224. We have conceded 10 goals in 3 games!!!a quarter of our last season’s tally :(

  225. This guy should have been sacked at the end of the season, this is unbelievable.

  226. So few of our boys emerge from this with any credit. Well-done to the away fans though. AW gets a lot of stick, which as we speak, are being sharpened into stakes… But he’s done so little to help himself, AW. :( :(

  227. Lack of pride.
    Lack of fight.
    Lack of guts.
    Lack of professionalism.
    No excuses…….
    The senior players were an absolute disgrace…….

  228. I feel for all the players and the fans who travelled. Yes, we have injuries and suspensions. But, as Wenger’s masterplan has revealed itself is there anyone who now thinks that he has done the right thing for Arsenal Football Club since the last ball of last season was kicked? I feel a sense of betrayal and I think that his attitude and stupid reluctance to address our problems is insulting and demeaning to all who love our club. Make no mistake, this is not a great Man Utd side but we are ridiculously poor because of one man. At this rate we will be scraping about in the bottom half of the table. Who would want to come to a club so obviously in decline? This evening I am at a loss.

  229. We have 4 suspensions after 3 PL games :o

  230. Errors have been committed over the years that have paid dearly.
    We have been on top since the last title and why not bet on the market in January, lost titles. And therefore, players no longer believe that we have team to beat. Staying well is not ranked win.
    As I said, we have no team. The problems of the end of the season to spread this with the added difficulty of having players run out of base. We are not candidates for anything. Thus, the aim is not relegation.

  231. If Arsenal had anything about them they would refund all those travelling supporters. The fans were great.


  232. Arshavin plays brilliantly two or three times a season, and think he’s earned his paycheck. Even RvP was disappointing. :(

    This is an unmitigated embarrassment. Grrrr.

  233. Kev – did IG really need this result to tell him that we need players??

  234. ESP – i posted earlier, the away fans put the home ones to shame

    I am stunned really, i thought we’d get beat, but 8, fecking e goals conceded…..

    Who was it that told me we didn’t need two defenders bought in this window…??

  235. No Rico, but the pressure it’ll bring might just get him outta his armchair and doing his job….

  236. Rico. Don’t worry though. When Diaby comes back, he will….you know the rest. I just cannot even bear to hear his excuses. I am sure it will be something like how spending does not always guarantee success. It’s like watching a car crash. One that happens over and over again. Still, it’s gonna cost the whole of the fee we got from Nasri to sack him Yes folks. Good old Arsene, the footballing genius, will get over £20 million if the club sack him. For that amount I could come up with a load of old bollox.

  237. Kev-

    we all know it won’t.
    As long as that board is there, things will never change.

  238. I just had something to mellow me down; and now think that since we have hit rock bottom so early in the season… There can be no other way bit up. ;)

  239. Rico. I believe it was that expert who went by the name of Will who insisted our team was fine and that we were all disgraces for daring to criticise Arsene.

  240. -Adam

    He was here to educate us if you remember

  241. Well done the ladies.

  242. I doubt kroenke will be fussed.he probably thinks football works like basketball.he will think the mancs had 2 3pointers and a single 2pointer :(

  243. agirlgunner. Nice sentiment but don’t be too sure. The pit is virtually bottomless.

  244. Btw

    What player of quality would join us now??

  245. ESP. Yes mate. He certainly taught me a lot.

  246. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I wonder what RVP is thinking now? As I said last week, the worse things get, the better the bottle of wine I will open. I am just off to uncork a Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1961. I may not be back for some time. Love to all Gunners and a have as good an evening as possible. Just keep away from the TV.

  247. Did I just witness this or was all that a terrible nightmare……I don’t think drinking myself to death will ease the pain….what happened to this proud north London club. Where did it all go wrong? Where are our past heroes? This has got to stop….

  248. How the hell am i supposed to face those gloating mancs now?

  249. Still in shock.. Just watched the worst show
    of arsenal in my life.

  250. adam, that took quite a few glugs of GG. To sustain that state, I’m sure I’d need WATH’s warehouse.

    KT, thank God, there is no work here tomorrow… :(

  251. Just back from the chimpanzee’s tea party.
    I said last week this is the weakest squad i can remember and was told i was talking rubbish.
    When was the last time we let in 8 goals, is there anyone on here old enough to remember it happening, i think not.
    We all know wengers achelles heel, he has the money and chooses not to spend it.
    Its really sad to see what is happening to our club.

  252. Never wanna see JD again!!

  253. As Paul Merson just said – the club and the manager have been in decline since David Dein left.

  254. -Micko

    It sure wasn’t me who disagreed with you mate.

  255. hi all,
    Anyone crying here?

  256. Paul Merson’s an idiot, how can you trust his judgement?

  257. A team that has two straight defeats with two direct rivals no longer a candidate for the title. In late August, we are away from the title, discredited, sent off four players, two goals, conceded 10, no team and no direction.

  258. Something has to change Kev…

    agag, i’d cut our loses on AA – he is s***e…. and wenger has done that to him….

  259. In Arsene I trust

  260. Absoulutely right Micko.. Eight ****ing goals !!!!!!

  261. Micko – it is so so so sad – i don’t recall in my life time seeing such a sorry state of affairs…..

    am i not a young one either……

  262. Those of you who wanted Nasri to leave the club because you thought we couldn’t turn down big money offer, what do you think of his stellar performance today and the Arsenal blunt midfield mess? That money couldn’t save us today as our team completely collapsed.

  263. Merse is hurting too Osi…. He is right, how many sides would lose by 8 against them???

  264. Money couldn’t save it because it was never spent, and I never wanted to sell Nasri.
    Its really sad to see Wenger in the post match interview, but he has done it to himself, why hasn’t he spent? Arsenal need to spend every penny they can in the next few days. If they have to pay overprice for players, then so be it.

  265. my friends….al mu and chelsea fans are harassing me on fb and my phone….wat to do help

  266. But we didn’t loose by 8 brother rico, it was only 6 six goals as far as I can see.

    Then we’re missing 7 of our starting players and we played ManU team who’s buzzing and had luck on their side with goals.

  267. I left when it was 4:1……..who got sent off……God help us

  268. Ashavin is going nowhere this season, wenger brought him on in the last minute against Udinese, he looked very lethargic today, but it would be wrong to pick him out, we were carrying to many passengers.

  269. ESP Arsene wanted to keep Nasri and even Fabregas but it’s the board who insisted that have to cash on them, that’s known fact. Spending money is not easy. Tell me who could replace those 2 players. Yes, we could have bought a defender early on but we were also unlucky to have all our defenders getting injured at once.

  270. -AF. Turn the phone off, log out of FB and just relax for a bit.

    Osi –

    You happy with the result? I mean, not bad right??

  271. Not bad at all, ESP!

  272. I’m sure if Arsenal had paid the money Mata would be playing for us.
    I’m sure Everton would sell Arteta for 15m.
    There are players out there, we just don’t want to spend money, so we can flaunt about saying how we’re doing things “the right way”, while our club rots.

  273. “I know in England when you lose a game, signings are a solution, but first we have to get our players back. We had 8 out today”

  274. you heard the interview….he still says he wont sign…

  275. AF……switch the damned thing off……I did that when it was four and stormed out of the pub amidst jeers………I have a lot of mancs as friends…..boy am I in for a rough week…

  276. Osi, tell that to the 3000 arsenal supporters who travelled up to Old Toilet to witness that.
    They didn’t deserve it, it was shocking.

  277. Goonster you still hurting? I don’t anymore. You know I died just before half time and I couldn’t die twice, could I?

  278. We have won 3 games in all comps since the carling cup defeat.

    This is NOT Wengers fault, the board will not adjust the wage structure and he is getting blown out of the water on all transfers. Young, jones, mata. He cannot compete, and he has said it many times…..I WILL OBLY BUY PLAYERS WHI ARE BETTER. Cahill and jag are no better than TV5. He wants the step above. Hummel, subotic, chiellini.


  279. Shocking or not fans must be prepared to loose that’s part of life. The world doesn’t end here.

  280. But I guess you were well burried after halftime ;)

  281. -Rocastle

    We don’t have two TV5’s though, we need a 2nd and 3rd CH, an more, much more.
    Cahill won’t need more than 70k a week, within the wage structure.

  282. Osi, I feel like my guts have just been ripped out, how are you feeling.
    Sorry, but that is not acceptable if you are an arsenal fan.

  283. ESP – agree, whatever we have made on sales, we need to spend…..

  284. What the hell are you talking about rocastle……we just got whupped and here you stand saying its not wenger’s fault….whose fault is it then? RVP Theo and Verm ll leave next. Mark my words.

  285. Osi – i also feel like i have been punched in the stomach and just when i was able to get up – i got punched again…

    Today has to be of the worst days in a long time for a gooner – i don’t care who wenger wanted to keep, he didn’t and he knew he wouldn’t – he should have spent the money he knew was coming his way and a long time before today……

  286. BUT 8-2 SCORING NOT EVEN EMBARASING,its not like it was such a bad side 2 cbs who played whole last year our forwards were 1st teamers,jenkinson was our new buy thats wengers fault,acc to wenger traore is our no one lb……no tactics even at ht nothing

  287. Theo leaves? I would sell him straight away he’s useless.

  288. Rocastle – when i say wenger, i mean all of them at the top – the whole board are wet lettuces when it comes to transfers…

    We read about the divide, about how enger wants players but the board won’t pay the wage, then we hear the board deny this…

    Just who is to blame for us not replacing the players who have been sold??

    I don’t know……

  289. Back to the original article. Is this the new no.9 we need ?

  290. I’ll sit in a darkroom tonight and drink alone.

  291. Do you know what, I should have taken someone else’s advice earlier and watched the Arsenal Ladies game instead !!!

  292. It wasn’t televised Micko ;)

  293. Rico I don’t think you can put all blame on Wenger; he’s not one who negociate he only gives green light to sign players. Then it’s not his fault if they club failed to keep Nari&Fabregas. Every big club keeps his existing players and add some quality over that, but Arsenal failed to do because it’s a strategy of the club. Plus one signing or two couldn’t change anything today. players need to gel with others and train with them to be able to change something.

  294. osi, your embarrassing yourself now, where would we be without theo’s goals this season ?

  295. Where’s Kev……is he alright? Somebody make sure Will is alright…and hey Lee too.

  296. Rico I have no doubt in my mind that the current wage structure is the design of board who are responsible for strategic decision-making of the club. Wenger maybe some responsibility in that he get along with this strategy but it’s naive to argue that it’s his own making. Otherwise what’s the point of having an executive board.

  297. Miko embarrassing myself? now we’re talking. What goals youre talking about? 2 against Udines. He might have scored two goals and won us few quids but It’s not a player that is used to make the difference for us. If you think he’s been consistent enough to be missed then you’re wrong. I don’t know about the future improvement but at the moment he won’t be missed as we missed Nasri and Fabregas.

  298. Gazidas and his cronies can’t seem to close a deal quickly, our 3 signings this summer all dragged on for weeks, he know has 3 days to pull his finger out.
    Gawd help us.

  299. Osi shut the hell up…..we are hurting now the only person responsible for our pain is wenger……

  300. Arsenal Arsenal.com
    Wenger’s press conference is now over. Full transcript to follow on Arsenal.com
    30 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply
    Arsenal Arsenal.com
    Wenger: “We collapsed physically more than anything else”
    31 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply
    Arsenal Arsenal.com
    Wenger: “We have to sort out our problems and, at the moment, not speak too much”
    32 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply
    Arsenal Arsenal.com
    Wenger: “No truth in the links with Arteta”
    33 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply
    Arsenal Arsenal.com
    Wenger: “We are close to signing a striker at the moment but we are still looking for a midfielder and a defender”
    33 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply
    Arsenal Arsenal.com
    Wenger: “The players who were out today was too many. We didn’t expect to have all these players out. It is too many”
    34 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply
    Arsenal Arsenal.com
    Wenger: “I am very open to signing players if we find players who can strengthen the team. We have a lot of people working on that”
    35 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply
    Arsenal Arsenal.com
    Wenger: “We suffered physically in the second half. They have class and they punished us. We opened up and were punished”
    36 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply
    Arsenal Arsenal.com
    Wenger: “After a game like that, it is terribly painful. It was a special game and it hurts.”
    37 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

  301. Gys, Guys Guys, argue but no insults please, no telling others to shut up…..

  302. Osi – I am not placing all the blame on wenger – it’s a simple process really

    Wenger tells the board, I want x y and z

    The board then do all they can to sign theplayer/s

    However, that should have all been done two months ago, not now, with three days to do our business…

    It’s wrong….

  303. Goonster if you arguments and discussion of Arsenal FC makes you hurting then go. I’m here to make my point whether you like or not. And please don’t empty your swearing vocabulary here.

  304. Osi, 25 million and champions league football.
    A few quid, are you a comedian, don’t give up your day job, that qualifier was a huge game for Arsenal football club, are you for real ?

  305. Kosienly made a cc remake today, error prone djorou had his part in atleast 4 goals,Jenkinsen wait for 20 seconds before his each pass,No words for traore also.From where arsene assembled such a back 4

  306. goonster – deep breath and chill out please …. :)

    You and Osi, stop fighting….

  307. Sorry Rico……didn’t mean to sound rude but men am so angry….somebody better tell arsene to beware walking alone in dark alleys cause I ll be creeping on him soon…..sorry osi. It was a rush of blood to the head I guess…

  308. It doesn’t serve any benefit to anyone, if we all start turning on each other……..
    It’s a shit sandwich, but it’s not the first and by golly it won’t be the last.

    The person i feel sorry for is Oliver……..
    I would not want to be writing a post on that pile of crap…
    Good luck…

  309. rico, your 7:15 made me smile. :)

  310. Micko, that worries me too – three days, feck, they can’t close a deal in three months…… why though, that is what i don’t understand – it can’t be wenger, DD and him didn’t faff the way the club do now…..

  311. I feel silly now, ribbing my mates on FB. I think I’ll unfriend a fair few tonight… Then when the smoke clears, I’ll add them again. ;)

    Hey, AK. :(

  312. Kev, oliver is not, it’s down to me, I feel for oliver tough as Hurricane Irene is near his home, hence I’m writing… :(

  313. Rico it’s frustrating to see people making assumptions about who decide for what and is not doing his job when we in reality we don’t have inside information. However, knowing the way businesses are run it’s inconceivable that a manager of football club has all those powers we’re talking. these issues are strategic and the executive board are the ones who have the full authority to take them. Also the shareholders who are now mainly 2 contribute to the vision making. that’s how business should be run, anyone else who claims otherwise should bring some evidence.

    Also if you go back and analysing statements made by Fiz, Hill Wood, David Dein and Wenger over the years you can deduct that the transfers money was enough to buy big players and that the club wouldn’t buy big wage players.

  314. agag :lol: :lol:

  315. Rico, its just one big mucking fuddle !!!!!!!!

  316. Rico I’m not the one who’s fighting and I don’t know why some people just accuse as if gave penalties against Arsenal.

  317. Rico, why would’nt you decide not to write a match report and write some thing else tomorrow ?

  318. Rico, i blame Wenger for the way we played today…

    The Board i blame for the lack of transfer activity.

    That’s how i see it….

  319. Osi – hence my comment about i blame them all but, i am fed up with wenger and his comments about buying, i’m fed up with the board…..

    That stuff about players cost and wages has been denied by the board Osi, they are pointing the finger back wenegr…..

  320. Wow I wouldn’t wanna be an AKB on legrove right now…..go check it out guys….its frightening…..those guys wanna drink wenger’s blood. I just wanna punch him on smug face….what a sick bastard.

  321. agag, how are ya doing [er silly question]?
    What’s happened to the pictures???

  322. So as you said osi Muck the board and Duck Gazidis

  323. Kev – I agree somewhat with Merse about today Kev, why an attacking side, when we were so depleted??

    And yes, i blame the board for not being more pro-active …

    So, we are singing off the same one then ;)

  324. Not on here Osi, thanks….

  325. Just a few questions.

    Why do we play such a high line?
    Why have we stopped putting a player on the post for free kicks?
    Why are we starting a player who until 8 months ago hadn’t played non league football?
    Why does Ramsey have to turn on the ball every time he receives it?
    Why does Arshavin bother making himself available for games when he clearly could not care less?
    Why was said player left on so long after he should have already been sent off?
    Why are we so awful at defending? I hear we have one coach that does everything, thats not how coaching works.
    Why wasn’t Myiachi not even in the squad?

  326. Guys,let’s not ‘diss’ another site here please….. the bloggers on LG have a voice, let them be…..

    Moving on swiftly…..

  327. Number 3 should be “hadn’t played league football”

  328. Kev, I agree with you I blame for today’s defeat but others things I am not sure.

    Anyway if, as claimed usually on AFC fan blogs and the media, wenger have all those powers and he’s the one refusing to change wage structure, the relatively bigger transfer targets, I would still blame the board because they’re the ones force to sign and change things or make him resign.

  329. Would anyone blame Szczesny for any of the 8 goals..

    Btw, i did see someone post that the last time Arsenal conceded 8 goals was in 1896…

  330. ESP – that question should be emailed to AW – it’s a very good one…

    AA was yet again awful, he is not happy anymore – let him go play for a club that willplay him where he is best played…

    High line – lord knows as that is where we always get caught, i would add, why do our defenders let the ball bounce, have they not got a head???

    Ryo – again, no idea…

    As for the defnce coach…

    Bring back Keown!!!

  331. Miyaichi is injured Paul…..
    He wouldn’t have made any difference anyway.

  332. This 4-2-3-1 thing is getting futile

  333. Rico I have no respect for people claiming they’re fans of AFC while Arsenal loosing makes them happy because they think Arsene should resign. That’s outrageous. How can you say support Arsenal while their defeat is your happiness. If they have a case against Arsene then they have to show the information that proves them right otherwise they should just shut up.

  334. Just to think that a few hours ago we were laughing at the spuds…now the jokes on us…..thanks wenger thanks a lot.

  335. Time to stop Osi. many fans including me tells this every time we lose. Every one held accountable

  336. I think i know how a duck in a shooting gallery feels now.

  337. Suhail don’t get your point?

  338. Osi, i don’t think there’s anyone on here who is happy when Arsenal lose.

  339. Manager Board and the Owners..

  340. Acc. to J.Sanderson, we’re approached HSV for their dutch winger Eljero Elia

  341. I think we need to stop crying, relax and just try to discuss maybe what went wrong tactically or technically. We all feel humiliated but I think it’s not the first time and it wont be the last. in 2001-2 Arsenal team more mature lost to ManU by 6 goals. Today was different because we missed almost our best defensive players.

  342. Kev, please no more wingers.

  343. Micko I’m not talking about here I was talking about LG.

  344. What did you guys think of Francis Coquelin today?
    Do you think, all things considered, that he has any potential?

  345. Did Oxlade-Chamberlain do anything when he came on?

    I’d turned off by then!

  346. Osi – it’s all said because they could see it coming, so could I – could you not??

    We are in a pickle and i for sure don’t know how we will get out of it…

    Yes, I know things will be better when all our players are fit and un-banned but in the meantime, fans emotions are running high – i suggest you don’t read LG if you don’t like what is being said ;)

  347. Kev, today I couldn’t see an Arsenal player I just saw Kos against about 7 ManU players, and maybe Walcott. I don’t think anyone else did anything today.

  348. Micko, you and me both….

  349. Gents, come on, don’t get all fighty.

    To be fair, there were too many players out, and some of the seniors, who should have kept their head, lost theirs. :( But really, we have three days to sort his out. I hope our Board do not get any sleep for the next 72 hours and get a few top quality signings in.

    Heartbroken and woozy from the debacle at OT, AK. :)

    rico, would you please send AK the photos I sent you of my last trip? :)

  350. agag, of course i will :)

  351. Kev, He gave a brilliant pass to empty area after a fantastic dribbling

  352. Kev, there’s no doubt about his potential, but I wonder what today has done for his confidence, I reckon some of them lads out there today are inconsolable right know.

  353. kev, he did ok, when he went off we lost it big time…..

  354. Djourou again showed his limitations as a defender.
    One of the commentators said he was pencilled in for the def/mid job until Vermaelen went down.
    Think he can still do a job in that position but as a centre-half…nah….

  355. Wonder why Lansbury didn’t start.

  356. confidence – i think if this team had any, its been shattered today…

    kev – my last was about coq, no idea on chamberlain – i’d given up too….

  357. Lock me in a room with AW right now.about time i tested how effective my gym work has been ;) effective my gym work has been ;)

  358. because he’s english……

    jd was dreadful, he always lets the ball bounce instead of attacking it…..

  359. Anyway, i’ve finished venting my spleen, catch you all tomorrow.

    Its been emotional.

  360. i’d rather a dark alley with gazidis kt……

  361. Rico I don’t read LG, the Gooneronline magazine, and Palmer’s Arsenal news review. I am an obstinate guy like Wenger so if I don’t understand people I don’t participate in their discussions. You wouldn’t see my nickname there.

    I don’t know as well how we get out this situation but I am sure we can improve when our players are back with the additions on the way.

    People we’ll say oh Arsenal youngs were beaten by ManU youngsters but I don’t look at it that. Someone of our missing youngsters were the best performers of our team; I can argue that with Wilshere, Frim and Gibs we could have done much better. So while I only have to be optimistic and hope for more signing.

    If we talking about holding WEnger and the board accountable then we should see how the season goes, and then ask for clear explanation of the way forward and how things went wrong. The Trust can do that for us anyway.

  362. So in essense, the players the kids should look to, for help, let them down…..

    Arshavin is a luxury player, he’d be great for Cittie, with 10 others doing all the work for him.
    But when were up against it i’m afraid he doesn’t do enough.

    Rosicky did great in europe, but he wasn’t at the races today.
    Maybe Wenger should just save him for the cups…

  363. night micko…..

    emotional – more like painful….

  364. See ya Mick… I’ll give ya a wave at the Swansea game…

  365. Thanks, rico. :) AK, JD was a disaster. :(

    Kt, I think, it’s the Board you should be looking to beat up.

  366. Gazidis is a smooth talking f***er rico.he is even better than wenger at that.

  367. Today I don’t remember our players making successful tackles were all over the place. The only who made tackles and headed the ball to clear was Kos, even our Chesney was all over the place today. It was obvious that he was hypernervous from the start when he almost passed the ball to a ManU player in the penalty area. From that point I feared the worst for our Chesney. I hope he recovers well, he’s strong psychologically.

  368. Yes that’s the confusion AGAG.. Board or Wenger. For the time being I think we all should beat ourselves ;)

  369. Osi – it’s been like that for five years now……

    kev – agree re AA and Rosicky – AA though i would let go, he must be on a good wage, too much for a club like ours, Rosicky though, i bet his wages are much lower… especially after two years out just before he signed a new one…

    KT, i know, he;s a smug F****r ;)

    Shame it’s now the international break, we really could have done with a quick game, maybe shrewsbury at home ;)

  370. Board for me too…..

  371. We have nothing with Wenger the board is responsible. If they think HE’s responsible then they should just sack him. Either way, I am holding them responsible because they’re the ones represent the shareholders and stakeholders legally and organisationally.

  372. Oh God I have problems writing comments. I think I’m angry inside and that shows in my writing.

  373. STV, we’re angry but not that angry… ;) How are ya?

  374. If i was wenger i wouldn’t sleep for the next 3 days.i would’ve called Gazidis even before reaching the OT tunnel.that loss hurts like hell :(

  375. Did Traore do enough to show why Juventus didn’t want him?
    Any objections to loaning/selling him to QPR?

  376. Overall, what did you all make of Koscielny today?
    Was he particularily at fault for any of the goals.
    If we signed Cahill, would anyone drop him?

  377. Kev, interesting questioning? We’re thin and I think he can be useful against lesser side as we have another injury prone player Gibs in there.

  378. We need a CB,LB,AM,ST and WF at minimum.

  379. It’s a tough call today Kev, JD was the shocker and Traore was run rings by Nani… Young was given too much space and three free kicks gifted them three goals (or was it two) ;)

  380. Kos was the only defender in there today to be honest and had not been for his interventions we could have conceded more. He was partly responsible for the first goal, but in all honesty he rushed back when he saw DJ failing to clear the ball.

    Any proper defender could have helped today.

  381. Rooney was exceptionally clever today as well and Young was exceptional.

  382. I’m heading off guys, and don’t expect too much tomorrow….

    I really cannot stomach going over all that again……

    Night all – I hope some of us get some sleep…..

  383. I hear what you all say, but to me Djourou was culpable for the first goal. Instead of attacking the ball he tried to hold off Welbeck, it was rank poor defending.
    After the first goal went in, you could see the confidence drain out of the team.
    I simply cannot remember a more mentally fragile squad of players as the squad we’ve had for the last 4 years…

  384. How much did we miss song,sagna and vermy at the back?:(

  385. For that, i blame Wenger. He is too soft on his players.
    Can you imagine the ManUIre players capitulating the same.
    And Why????
    Because they are afraid of Ferguson
    Our players don’t have that same respect….

  386. Wenger, Will you….

  387. We missed Song, we missed sagna, we missed Wilsh and we missed vermalaen. And even Gibs we missed him.

  388. Fine,thanks AGAG. What kindd of penalty RVP taken today..

  389. It’s all my fault…I walked in the pub and said as long as we dont get beat 5-1 like the scum….we were truly outplayed & outclassed, young and jones, two we were after, I thought looked great…is the marquee Korean gonna help our cause?? Sign some experienced players you tight arsed French fuck…the money is there, use it!!! It’s not like cesc fucking off was a bolt out the blue….where’s RECTUM??? Only a matter of time….

  390. Kev, strong disciplinary methods don’t work or motivate all players. Since we have young players we need to be careful about how treat them because they can become rebels.

    Also we don’t compare the two teams Wenger never had a weak team like this having to compete with 3 giants clubs in the world football. When Wenger had weak team 2003 he had many issues with his players and David Beck wasn’t impressed. It’s luxury to have quality players all the time.

    However, today I think Wenger should have at least make some defensive changes at half time to contain ManU me think.

  391. It hasn’t been fun being an AFC fan for sometime now. But the game earlier?? That was painfully embarrassing. I only hope the young ‘uns aren’t that traumatized.

    Good night, rico!!

    Seen ‘em AK? Now go book hat flight.

  392. Lee – Rectum is in the bin ;)

    STV, soft and far too fluffy…..

  393. Kev sorry I meant Ferguson never had a weak team like our current team and he had issues with Beck.

  394. An interesting transfer rumour… Wenger to PSG !

  395. I’ll have a look later agag, cheers….
    I live 5 mins from the beach, during the summer it’s fantastic.
    But no coconut trees :(

  396. What happened to JD?he is totally lost nowadays.he is clueless.he is no better than squid.

  397. Am out. See u all

  398. I know what your saying Osi, but Ferguson teams don’t capitulate quite like Wenger teams.
    Why is this???
    Do our players give up easier because they know Wenger won’t bawl them out.
    Can you imagine Ferguson’s reaction if his team lost 8-2…?
    Some of those players would never pull a ManUre shirt on again. Ferguson would be ashamed and made sure his players felt the same and came out at the next game breathing fire.
    How do you feel our ‘softies’ will respond???

  399. AK, don’t do a reggie Perrin mate!! Fucking embarrassing….and to think three world class signings would make all the difference!!! RVP must be thinking….what the fuck!!

  400. Madrid winning 5 nil.kàkà has scored a scorcher.no way will they let him leave now and why would he even want to join us?:(

  401. Kev, there are multiple techniques to motivate, reward and punish to raise the performance of a team; each of these techniques has its own advantages and downfalls so you have to try them from multiple perspective view and not stick to one method all the time. Wenger also had sometimes according to his former players had harsher punishment but that doesn’t always work one way or another.

    They only I think I saw from Ferguson is that he easily moved on his players whenever he thought they cannot be motivated by his methods anymore. He had money for it which can not be said of Wenger.

    Also you have to consider the fact ManU have always had great teams and great players in their ranks that can motivate the rest by their presence and contribution. That wasn’t the case of Arsenal. So in the end it’s about the quality of the players you have. You cannot change anything from the fact that Traore is a bad defender, and that Coq is only a child, and that that….

  402. Personel terms and medical sorted out for Young.
    Just some formalities left….

    Hope he’s the first of 4 signings…..

  403. Kev, do you trust Young as striker?

  404. On that showing who’d want to join us? This whole situation has been on the cards for a while…something can be done about it but fucking about fannying in the transfer mkt over a few million quid will be our down fall….surely the board can see that???

  405. Be nice to finish a PL game with 11 players….

  406. Osi, he’d not be in my top 10 strikers I’d want to see at the arsenal……

  407. I take your point Osi. But we are not a poor club and if a player/players are not up to the required standard, then they should be moved on, the same applies to motivational techniques, the smallness of our squad encourages, if players don’t respond, you get rid….
    The mental frailities we see come from a weak spirit among too many of our players. Wenger should have weeded out these players long before now.
    One rotten apple syndrome

  408. I’m waffling to myself, pissed and angry, something’s gotta change and fucking lively…….night all, COYG!!!!

  409. Osi, re: Young. don’t know enough about him mate, but all the Koreans i’ve seen have a good work ethic and don’t give up……

    No curry tonight Lee?

  410. Osi, we’re just chasing our own tails.
    A bad day at the office my friend.
    But i’ll still watch match of the Day.
    I’m gonna sign-off.
    Goodnight Lee/Osi/Rico.

  411. kev, I agree Koreans, Japanese have all high work ethic.

    Kev, you read the Guardian Amy Lawrence article on the Guardian? It’s very interesting article I don’t usually rate her as writer but on this occasion she writes with some insightful information and analysis. I’m reading still.

  412. Why would you Kev? Enough humiliation!

  413. good night kev

  414. How many players, between injuries and excludes, have we been out today? 12? 11? 13? (don’t count Nasri, Fabregas… even Nasri was played the first two games).
    My opinion: a) we must have 2 players for position, more 3 Gk and more 2-3 players (one defender,one midfield and one forward) for “attack” all the competitions. b)Our season were start early. We are at the end of August. We can be out of LC and we have played 3 games in the League. We still in all the competitions, but we haven’t a team, a squad and probably the League it’s a mirage; c)But an ambitious team must have real 2 good players for position. They must rotate the team. In five games, how many players have play yet? 25? 23? How is it this possible? d) If new players come the integration it’s much more difficult now, when we have almost 2 games a week; e)We have been in CL during all those years. The CL were made the diffrence of the teams at the top and the others ones, except in special cases like M.City. What we have done with all the money and these aditional profits? f) Arsenal football was based on ball possession and no faults. When we finish with 11 players on the League? This, it’s a question of debility mentality,physical shape, confidence level, nervous and colective strong. g) Those problems are not new and they start since last season. The things still the same, except we loose our best players.
    Note: Hazard is playing today with Lille v Marseille (3-2) at the moment

  415. i dont know what to say.

    i feel so sorry for Wenger but he should have seen this coming , if he didn’t , then we are in trouble because that means he has lost touch with reality.

    What do we do then ?

  416. wake up and be united for change the things.
    Hope better days will come soon…




  418. New Post up…..

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