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Wenger in talks for Striker, Cahill offer made and One Defender Departs………….

Reports are coming out that Arsenal have entered into the race for French teenager M’Baye Niang. He’s supposed to be one of the best young players right now in Europe.

He’s playing in Caen’s first-team already and he’s only 16 years old.

He's Big......

The 6ft striker his first-team debut in April this year and scored three goals in seven games.

Every other club in Europe are keeping tabs on the Frenchman but we all know how Wenger seems to do well signing the younger players, they know they will get their chance much earlier with us than anywhere else and surely, and young French player must relish the opportunity of playing and learning from Arsene Wenger…

Real Madrid have already made an offer, expect us to make a better one. ;)

So we now know who we’ll face in the Champions League, the group was looking pretty good until Borussia Dortmund came out of the pot – but, I’d rather we were playing them than waiting for the Europa draw and there’s no reason why we can’t beat them, and the other two sides and finish top of the group. Like we said yesterday after the draw, last seasons group was an easy one for us, but we managed to fluff our lines – maybe having a strong side in the group will make Arsene Wenger and the team concentrate a bit more.

Group F for those who missed it

Arsenal FC



Borussia Dortmund

Anyway, not much point in worrying about all that now, plenty of time before the fixtures take place….

Another young defender looks to be off, Daniel Boateng is probably off to Swindon Town on loan, he’ll be working under Paolo Di Canio at his new club.

Back in 2010, Boateng was being hunted down by Chelsea and Milan as his contract was due for renewal but he didn’t mess around, as soon as the new paper was waved under his nose, he signed on for us – wise kid….

Just like Frimpong, he has the option to play for either England or Ghana, the only difference being that Boateng was born and raised in London and England are already hoping to secure his services….

Another one coming through guys and gals…..

Now though, we all know what we need, six days Arsene, six days to just make a few tweaks….

Finally for today, reports in the newspaper suggest we have made a bid for Gary Cahill, if true I think it’s an insult as the offer made is reported to be £6 Million and it’s no great surprise to read that this bid has been rejected. If Wenger adds other £10 Million to that offer, he may just get his man……

Have a good day all….

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230 Responses to Wenger in talks for Striker, Cahill offer made and One Defender Departs………….

  1. rico says:

    Morning all…

    £6 M for Cahill :eek:

  2. Spendsome£ says:

    another 16 year old how exciting

  3. rico says:

    £ – don’t shoot the messenger ;)

  4. VANMoulds says:

    Cahill in the last year of his contract, its 6mill or nothing for Bolton, which is why owen Coyle has been going on about him all summer, they need the cash.

  5. Bob says:

    £7m for Clichy, last year of contract…League & cup winner and France international….sounds fair to me…

  6. VANMoulds says:

    oh, and he wants a striker, and Forlan is for sale, surely a great back up for RVP?

  7. gazzap says:

    Sorry but that just takes the piss. Wenger should hang his head in shame. Bolton must be pissed off now. Kroenke should take over negotiations.

  8. watermelon17 says:

    why is everybody forgetting cahill has 1 year left on his contrat just like nasri ( greedy wanker) did. He should NOT go for more than £10M.

  9. rico says:

    Van – that bid is still too low, way too low, we just sold Nasri for 24million – he’s in the same circs…

    Forlan is off to Inter Milan, Drog is up for grabs, he’d be better, PL ready…

  10. Ziggy says:

    and why not? it’s Bolton who are jokers here. Cahill is a decent defender playing for a mid-table team, not a superstar from Galacticos. Defenders are cheaper than midfielders or strikers and he is in the last year of his contract. 6 mil is perhaps his true value. Just because Bolton slapped 17 mil tag on him, doesn’t mean that’s what he’s worth. If we get him for 10 mil, that would be good business for both parties.

  11. rico says:

    hi gazzap – i’m with you, 10 m offer and go from there maybe but 6m, thats an insult imho

  12. rico says:

    The Times link us to Malouda, didn’t he once say he’d love to play for Wenger??

  13. maurigunner says:

    I don’t understand AW theory!!! He wants top players but offers only 6M for someone like Cahill? It’s an offense to the quality of this player Mr Wenger, may be you’re making business out of this deal : Resale price in let’s say 3 years can rise to 25M , then huge profit. I wonder if AW was finance minister in any government body, surely the financial crisis would not have existed.

  14. Merlin96 says:

    Morning all.
    Just re-post my take on Cahill Transfer over here:

    “The Mirror” reported that our Scrooge bidded 6-mil for Cahill..lol.

    I believe it is another “Chamakh” scenario or “Sol” scenario like:

    Wenger is tellign Bolton that “Fine, we will wait for January 2012 if you are still interested in selling for 6-mil.
    Otherwise, we are happy to sign a pre-contract with him in January 2012 to join us on July 1, 2012 on a Bosman.”

    That is, what Wenger is doing as follows:
    – Pay Bolton 6-mil.
    – Pay Cahill’s agent a signing-on fee & bonus at 3-mil to 5-mil.
    – Sign Cahill on a 5-year, 4-mil per annum contract = 20-mil

    Total cost = 6 + 5 + 20 = 31-mil.

    Amortize over 5 -year = 6.2-mil, which will come out of our annual “Player Wage” Budget.

    Think again.
    This is how much it will cost Arsenal Inc whenever we sign a marguee players with transfer fee in excess of 20-mil and demanded 5-mil per annum.

    E.g…Eden Hazard or Juan Mata or benzema:

    Transfer fee = 25-mil
    Annual salary = 5 mil per annum for 5-year contract.

    Annual “Salary Wage” = 25/5 + 5 = 10-mil per annum.

    Assuming we sign 3 no. marquee players before Aug-31:

    = 10-mil x 3 = 30-mil per annum for the next 5-year.

    Assuming our existing 2011/12 Salary Wage = 110-mil now (including all those new players and promoted youngsters).

    Assuming pay-rise for Szczesny, Wilshere, Van Persie, Vermaelen, Song and Walcott to entice them to sign a new contract extension = 10-mil more.

    Then, by adding 3 no. marquee players to our payroll:

    = 110 + 10 + 30 = 150-mil per annum.

    Then, with this targetted budget at not more 50% of revenues generated:

    Then, FY2011/12 revenues must be 300-mil generated to ensure we will not have deficit.

    People, I hope you do understand that Wenger is being a responsible “manager” (perhaps due to his Alsatian roots which is more Germanic rather than Gallic) and what we stakehodle said: ‘He has a fiduciary duty to his employer and shareholders”.


    We can afford to sign at least 3 more 25-mil marquee players playing ‘em 5-mil per annum over 5-years.

    Assume FY2011/12 receipts or revenues = £270 million.
    50% of ‘em budgetted as “Player Wage” = £135 million
    Then, annual “deficits” = 150 – 135 = £15 million

    Then, 5 years – 2011/12 to 2015/16 – “deficits” in Player Wage:
    = £15 million x 5 years = £75 million

    That is, Wenger and Gazidis cannot cite “shortage of transfer funds or high salary demands” as reasons as to why they can’t sign at least 3 no. marquee players as that £80 million (sales of Clichy, Eboue, Cesc and Nasri) is more than sufficient to cover “Player Wage Deficits” for the next 5 years basing on an annual gross revenues of £270 million, wiht 50% of ‘em budgetted for “Player Wages”.

  15. Lee says:

    Morning HH, come on Arsene earn your £6m p.a get the cheque book out!

  16. rico says:

    Morning mauri, Merlin

    Trouble is another club will come in for Cahill and offer much nearer the asking price, thankfully Citeh don’t need a defender otherwise i’m sure they would

    The Chavs, well, they are another possibility or Liverpool, we have the right money available, we should sign him up and before Sundoay imho….

  17. Lee says:

    Cahill, M’Villa and Drogba….that won’t break the bank, will it?

  18. arsefan says:

    i think Cahill will come for less than 10 Million, if he does not put pen to paper on his contract which ends next year. We are not ManCity to splash the cash. It depends on the player.

  19. rico says:

    Morning Lee,

    that cheque book has to come out now, we don’t have to break the bank as we all know, the three you mention would be perfect and wenger would still have change to bank :P

  20. rico says:

    arsefan, if no other club comes in for him i can see this being a dealine day deal – bolton cannot afford to lose money, just like we couldn’t with the french poodle…

    Cahill wants to join us, he said so before according to reports….

    Cl footie will now be a major factor….

  21. Rocastle says:

    BREAKING NEWS… After Fenebache were removed from the UEFA Champions league, The Qatar national team have taken their place haha….wouldn’t put it past them!

    Hi all…

  22. stu says:

    6 million is an interesting bid – remember weve been quoted around the £6million mark for per mertesacker

    now if this is true about this bid, i now fully expect mertesacker to be on his way to us instead of cahill

    the koscienly/vermaelen parntership is the 1st choice for wenger, mertesacker will be a very good signing when coming off the bench to defend a lead and with his height he might be useful against the likes of stoke

    hopefully a BIG signing is on his way – EDEN HAZARD!!!

  23. rico says:

    Morning Rocastle, on form as usual ;)

    stu, mertesacker has said ‘in the paps’ he doesn’t want to come to england, i’d rather the next full time england ch in our ranks if i’m honest – also, i can see tv playing at LB, despite sagna doing well there, he’s best on the right…

  24. steve says:

    6 million seems fair because when the window closes and there will be no new signings Arsene can tell us all he tried but the right players were to expensive, heard it all before

  25. rico says:

    SS’s confirm our bid for Bolton and that it’s been rejected…

  26. rico says:

    steve, deep down i think a few fans feel that will be the case, but all the time this window is open, i have everything crossed…

  27. rico says:

    Anyone reckon Cahill will be having an Arsenal medical in 4 or 5 hours time….??

  28. steve says:

    Rico , im just hoping every day to but sadly if you look over the years of transfere’s its been the same answers, to expensive and not enough time

  29. rico says:

    i know steve, history has a bad habit of repeating itself, especially in the case of AW and his transfer ways – but we all know there is money, i hope that adds a bit more pressure on him to spend it…

    don’t get me wrong though, i’m not convinced he will…. :(

  30. steve says:

    Why not buy 2 quality CB’s and play Vermarlin as the the holding midfielder, he has all the ability good passing, defensively minded and also loves to join in attacks and can strike a ball

  31. goonster says:

    I think its just to rile up the arsenal fans…..no way wenger ll bid 6m for cahill

  32. rico says:

    Or JD if things get deperate?

    hi goonster – Coyle has confirmed the bid, it’s real….

  33. goonster says:

    Oh my bad…..where are my manners…..morning good people

  34. rico says:

    Traore could be off to QPR on a season long loan…..

  35. borgybwfc says:

    £6m for Cahill? hahahaha, now I’ve heard it all I’d sooner risk loosing him on a free at the end of the season than take 6m now.

    You paid more for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who’s had no experience at Premiership Level. Nasri had a year left on contract and went for £25m. How can you say Cahill only worth £6m when Jones when to Utd for over 15m, Smalling went for around 10m mark too. Cannot believe this ridiculous offer I can see Arsenal signing no-one in this window and struggling due to the fact no prepared to spend money. Cahill will probably sign a new deal with us if he doesn’t get snapped up in this window because he is a totally honest lad and understand what Bolton have done for him and his career. We paid £5m for him so to give us 1m more for developing the player is never going to happen.

    I think you should turn your attentions to another Centre back in your price range and let Utd, Liverpool, City, Chelsea and even Spurs surpass you even further because it will happen.

  36. goonster says:

    Are you for real…….is IG crazy?

  37. rico says:

    French article, translated by Google :P

    Lille: Hazard agree with Arsenal

    Arsenal sent in vain an offer of thirty million euros for the striker Eden Hazard Lille has already agreed with the Gunners. A new proposal of thirty-five million is approaching.

    As we let you hear before, Arsenal has a proposal of thirty million euros for the Belgian international striker Eden Hazard (20), whose contract expires in June 2015, but without success. A new proposal of thirty-five million is in the pipes.

    Reportedly, the Red Devil has already set in agreement with the Gunners on the conditions of a future lease. Anxiety is palpable on the side of the club president Michel Seydoux.

  38. rico says:

    goonster, i think the offer is an insult…. but I think we’ll go back with another today…

  39. leo says:

    The news about our 6 mil offer came from Daily Mirror. Now that’s an unreliable source don’t you think? As for Hazard, I don’t think Lille would want to lose him after Gervinho departure. Getting Hazard is like a mission “almost” impossible. But Wenger always surprised me with his signings (good or bad). Hopefully, I’ll get a good surprised present within this 5 days.

  40. rico says:

    Hi borgybwfc, we are a friendly gooner site so you are safe ;)

    I agree with you, the offer is an insult to BW and Cahill imho, he’s a class player who will soon push Terry out of the England set up..

    Not sure £17 million is a fair price but somewhere around £15 M maybe…

    But, 6 million, no way!!

  41. rico says:

    Leo, as i have written twice now, Coyle has confimed our offer, and that it has been refused…..

    Forget the papers ;)

  42. borgybwfc says:

    hi rico, I understand it is nice to be able to offer less to a little club like bolton that need the money but that was an absolute insult. I do think if arsenal were to bid 12m plus add ons after international appearances etc. A deal would probably be done swiftly but 6m lol

  43. ArsenalDK says:

    Good morning everyone. Please Wenger, buy some quality players, it’s my birthday today!

  44. goonster says:

    Yeah Rico how reliable are the british tabloids…I mean these same papers have writing shit about us for a long time..the hazard story though looks credible though. Hope we get him.

  45. Micko says:

    Moaning all,
    Its not on, our manager is even upsetting the Bolton fans now, go on Wenger go back in with a proper offer, you know it makes sense, put the defensive issues to bed for once and all !

  46. Micko says:

    Many happy returns DK, birthdays are always good, the more you have the longer you live.

  47. rico says:


    agree, trust me, we gooners don’t get thrilled by own managers tight offers, we are happy to accept big money for players but then a bit relectant to spend the same on quality, and Cahill is quality. I just hope Wenger/IG does the right thing…

  48. rico says:

    Happy Birthday ADK, i hope a few nice signings would make perfect presents for you :)

    Morning Micko, here here….

    gooster, can’t se Lille selling two of their players to us in one window… we can hope though ;)

  49. Micko says:

    Imagine going out one friday night and bumping into Arsene in a bar, you’d come home skint, he wouldn’t put his hand in his pocket all night !

  50. rico says:

    I’d avoid him Micko ;)

  51. goonster says:

    DK my man……happy birthday. Hope we sign someone on your birthday.

  52. Micko says:

    So tight, he wakes up in the middle of the night to check his hasn’t lost any sleep.

  53. goonster says:

    you re killing me Micko…..

  54. ArsenalDK says:

    Rico, goonster and Micko thanks a lot guys :D

    Cahill would be the perfect present right now, but i’m afraid that not even my birthday is going to make him buy anyone!

    But a nice win against United would make my week perfect! COYG

  55. rico says:


    How much do we need a signing on this slow old Friday :)

  56. borgybwfc says:

    wenger is so tight if he went out for couple of pints with you, by the end of the night you can guarantee he will make a profit

  57. EastSidePaul says:

    I don’t understand, Wenger knows exactly how much Bolton are willing to sell Cahill for, maybe its 12m maybe more, if you are really interested, why not offer the money they want, sign him up and be done with it. Why risk someone like city coming in and snatching him up? Like there is offering a million or two below price ro see if you could get away with it, but 6 million?

  58. goonster says:

    Just heard kozzer would be available for the united game…..but we are desperately short in the middle.

  59. goonster says:

    Is it me or did I just sound like wenger……Lord help me.

  60. Moses Watasa says:

    I have always said Arsene Wenger is mug. How can Arsenal who have yet to win a league match or score a goal be looking to sign a 16-year-old? This week-end, with a squad of “fisher-men” an all-wrinkled Arsene Wenger is heading to the “slaughter-house” at Old Trafford. Red-nosed Alex Fergusn realises this is an opportunity to beat Arsenal to pulp and has advised Arsene Wenger not to bow to pressure and sign quality players. Squad strength and depth suggest that one of Liverpool or Spurs will evict the worst Arsenal squad in 15 years from the top four – and deny Arsene Wenger and his greedy Board a cash wind-fall from the Champions League which they love to death. Arsene Wenger and the Board of Arsenal should get-off opium and coccaine ASAP so they think clearly – and in the interest of the club.

  61. rico says:

    :lol: bwfc…

    ESP – excatly, he knows the value, 10M less is just crazy..

    goonster, good news about kos, maybe JD will fill in…

  62. Micko says:

    I think our season begins against swansea, don’t get me wrong,I’d love it if we beat united on sunday but right now a draw would be a fantastic result up there for us.
    They seem to have sussed us out, I can’t put my finger on it, last season we should have turned them over and they came away with the points,

  63. goonster says:

    Hey moses forget about it…..we re getting KaKa and hazard……we ll tear them a new one. Just wait and see.

  64. rico says:

    Moses, this weekend is really going to test us, i don’t think we’ll roll over like spurs did but to get anything at OT, other than a penalty against us will be tough….

    goonster – we wont, remember the Mata talk, don’t fall for it agan ;)

    Micko – evry side has sussed us out :(

  65. goonster says:

    Come on Rico….don’t jinx it for me. Let me live vicariously for pete’s sake. We re getting Kaka and hazard and that’s it. A guy can dream,no?

  66. Micko says:

    ESP, if you get a chance check out Pat Sullivans equalizer for Shamrock Rovers last night, great goal, great achievement for the club.

  67. rico says:

    Ok, you dream goonster ;)

    That was some result last night, first time in history that a non league side has made it thtrough…

  68. EastSidePaul says:


    It was nice alright! I doubt he will catch another one like that anytime soon. It was indeed a great achievement. Shame about the cricket yesterday though ;)

  69. ArsenalDK says:

    Wenger is o tight when he drops a penny it hits him the back of the head.

  70. EastSidePaul says:

    Last nights win was worth at least a million for Rovers, that is huge for them.

  71. goonster says:

    Any news on marvin martin….we need him more than hazard. What we lack now right is a creative force in the middle not on the wings. Gervnho theo ryo and the OX ll be fine on the wings.

  72. EastSidePaul says:


    Why do you rate Marvin Martin so high, he hasn’t exactly set the world on fire.

  73. goonster says:

    Neither did samir hleb or eduardo before they came to us ESP. Am telling you this guy is class. In a couple of years we ll be saying……cesc who?

  74. rico says:

    goonster, you got to stop reading that rumour site ;)

    Apparently, Liverpool are intersted in him aswell as us…..

  75. goonster says:

    No Rico am not reading any rumor site. I have seen him play. He’s awesome

  76. rico says:

    I meant re us signing him goonster, rather than playing, i have never seen him play so can’t judge him as a player..

    The Guardian started that story, but how much truth is in it? I doubt there is any …..

  77. goonster says:

    Le quipe’s been running the story too

  78. rico says:

    We’ll soon see gooster, not many days left to go :(

  79. goonster says:

    am really worried though….the silence is killing! Wish the club ll just announce a signing already. Am so frightened of SEPT 1….never been this scared of a Day this much.

  80. Savage says:

    If the bid truly is 6m, then Wenger’s telling us that he doesn’t rate Cahill that highly, which is what I expected. A strange situation, but let’s see how this pans out, because Bolton have to sell.

  81. rico says:

    i think we are all concerned, our squad is fragile, one or two more injuries and we are in the mire….

    then why bother making a bid at all savage? Dann is a much cheaper option if justs wants ‘any old defender’…

    i think he wants cahill, he’s just chancing his luck to see how much he really needs to bid, i don’t think it will need to be 16million though….

  82. goonster says:

    Yeah savage but not for 6m.what hypocrisy, we sold nasri for over 20m yet wanna get someone else for 6m….how fair is that?

  83. Savage says:

    What’s interesting is that none of the other clubs have gone for Cahill. Not Chelsea, not Liverpool, United went for Jones instead, not City.

    For a start I’m guessing that Jag was the man, and that Arsenal have finally decided that Everton won’t budge, so they’re now turning to the next options down the list.

  84. Savage says:

    Either way, 6m does sound way too low – I’d put his value at 9-12m. Definitely not 15m+

  85. goonster says:

    Yeah but why dawdle. Get the player dammit. No more pussyfooting we need to move now. Now is the time. We play the mancs on sunday for crying out loud

  86. Savage says:

    Well, we’re agreed that 6m is too low. 3 years ago that would have been a fair price, but the market has changed.

  87. rico says:

    I would rather Cahill than jagielka, any day of the week savage…

  88. Joaquim moreira says:

    And the left back? It’s our first priority and the bif gap

  89. goonster says:

    Cahill over every other CB we ve been linked to since sol campbell left. He’s what we ve crying out for. Strong versatile athletic good on the ball and great in the air. He ticks all the boxes.

  90. steve says:

    Just seen the wenger press conference seems the figure of 6m is incorrect but probably not a lot more offered,dont get your hopes up though we bid for Samba in January and walked away, we bid for Jag early in this market and walked away now we are at the end of the window made an offer for Cahill we will walk away again

  91. Savage says:

    Wenger prefers Jag and I’m going to back Wenger as usual. Either way, 6m is too low.

  92. Savage says:

    I honestly haven’t watched enough of Cahill to have make an informed opinion, but as I said, no big clubs are in for him, which is a huge indicator for me.

  93. rico says:

    Hi JM, I’d like us to get Baines but I don’t think Wenger will buy, Jenkinson, Sagna and TV can all play there…

  94. rico says:

    Savag, i think Goonster sums Cahill up pretty well, add to that he’s english AND he wants to play for Arsenal….

  95. Jekyll says:

    Wenger puts in bids he know will be rejected for the likes of Jags and Cahill to try and take the heat off himself with the fans, so he can say ‘we tried’. He has no real intention of buying a CB – neither of the two above would owe their career to Wenger and that will never do. He will think he can get 4th place with the squad he has. Even if we finish 6th he will say ‘that is outstanding for such a young side’. He’ll continue to hide behind youth and the massive profits he makes in the transfer market to keep his £6m a year job.

    There is no excuse for not buying, the ‘limited funds’ argument does not wash. Clichy, Nasri and Fabregas have gone for transfer fees and their wages are off the books. Absolutely no excuse for Wenger not to buy some proven PL players. Judgment should come on 1st September. If he doesn’t buy, he needs to go.

  96. Savage says:

    That’s cute Jekyll. Did you get that from LG, AA, AT or ANR?

  97. rico says:

    Spuds are in talks with West ham for Parker…. Another one we could have done with…

  98. steve says:

    rico i agree we should go for Baines but like you said he wont buy ,disagree with Sagna playing left back he looks uncomfortable there keep him on the right cause Jenkinson is nowhere near ready to play there, it will be carnage at Old trafford if we go with the same set up

  99. Savage says:

    I’m in agreement with everyone that we need a CB. I just think that we may be waiting until Aug 31 for one. I’m fine with our current 3, not fine with number 4, so I’m really keen for someone to come and be one of the 4 instead of that other guy.

  100. rico says:

    Savage, history would suggest Jekyll’s own opinion would be not far from the truth ….

    Look how far apart Cahills valuation is and our offer is….

    Jekyll – i think he’ll get a CH, whether its Cahill of not I don’t know..

  101. Savage says:

    By far our biggest problem right now is the creative midfielder. The problem against Liverpool wasn’t the 2 – it was the 0. If Wenger doesn’t bring in a creative midfielder our season is over. TV and Koz are a very promising pair, one of the best in the league, but our forward midfield is paper thin.

  102. EastSidePaul says:

    Also would really like to see a LB come in.

  103. Jekyll says:

    Savage – do you get your opinions from Arsenal.com?

    Unquestionably backing a busted flush of a manager who is dragging our club down shows far less independent thought, logic would suggest.

  104. Savage says:

    Jekyll is stating that Wenger’s whole approach is to fake that he’s trying to bid.

    That my friend is straight from the sewer and it can go back there.

  105. Savage says:

    Let’s count together 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14. If you said Wenger is being stubborn, I would agree with you without question. If you said Wenger doesn’t bid at market price, I would agree with you. If you say he’s a “busted flush” and “dragging our club down”, I’d say you’ve been influenced by some of the rubbish blogs out there. You’ll need to be more of an independent thinker than that.

  106. goonster says:

    Sometimes I just wanna pluck my eyes out….what in the world is he thinking…why not bid for a CB that is actually 6m. Why bother. He makes us look like fools each time he makes this ridiculous bids.

  107. Savage says:

    Goonster, what do you think would be a fair price for Cahill? Open question…

  108. EastSidePaul says:

    12m for Cahill I think is more than fair.

  109. Jekyll says:

    My opinon that Wenger is fake bidding comes from observing the last few years. It does not follow that thinking Wenger has had his day means you’re following some movement or are in the ‘sewer’ as you like to put it. You wish to still believe in him, fine, the evidence is there for a coherent counter-argument for all to see in the pattern of the last few years, the gradual decline of the squad. That you don’t want to see that and believe any opinion counter to your own is ‘rubbish’ and upsets you so much just indicates your attachment to the man and not the club.

  110. arsenal fan says:

    According to rumours ,wenger has come out and said that we have bid more than 6 million and talks are ongoing….

  111. rico says:

    fair point Steve about Sagna – i don’t know why we should be switching around players anyway, if Traore isn’t good enough to deputise for Gibbs, why do we keep him? its not like he’s young in wenger years….

  112. Savage says:


    “It’s completely wrong and nothing to do with how much we are ready to pay,” he said.

    “I believe the negotiation is between two parties and you only have to sell if you can agree on the price. In this case the information is below what has been spoken about.

    “You can believe me, or you can believe [Bolton chairman Phil Gartside]. I just tell you that it’s not right, it’s not the truth. And if Gartside says I am lying, I’m ready to confront him”.

    Sorry boys, I’m going with Wenger on this one. At least you should be happy that we ARE going for him!

  113. arsenal fan says:

    actually 15 million is the max for cahill……
    actually i saw him against city and i wasnt that impressed….

  114. rico says:

    I’d say between 12-14 Million, baring in mind how much other defenders have gone for but the last year of his contract has to be a big factor….

    SS’s have confirmed that Wenger said the bid was more than the reported 6M

  115. goonster says:

    Cahill in my opinion is worth 10m or so in the open market…..just wish we ll just put up or shut up.

  116. Savage says:

    As I said, all the Cahill fans can be pleased we ARE going for him. I’d be very happy for him to join us – let’s hope this one gets tied up.

  117. rico says:

    Savage, and if that is his opinion he is entitled to it – how many times has AW said he tried…. but we never signed anyone….

  118. Savage says:

    The big question is: where is the 6m quote coming from? Looks to me like someone in the media somewhere has an agenda.

    Bolton better get used to the fact that Cahill is not worth 18m.

  119. oliver says:

    morning all…i would have rolled my eyes as the reports of the cahill bid, but is seems coyle has confirmed the amount on offer…although arsene has since come out and said it was more than amount quoted…

    if i understand correctly, this is an initial bid – so i would expect a subsequent one to be larger. the fact that bolton have gone public with this may mean that they feel they need to sell, and are getting this out in the open as a means of inviting a larger bid…or, publicizing this may be for their support base, perhaps to show them they do not intend to let their best players go on the cheap…

    i expect we have not heard the last of this…for the record, i think 6 million is too low, so i hope this is just a starting point. part of me, however, can see arsene walking away from this.

    the market, we should remember, is driven not by what arsene personally values another team’s player…but by what other players in similar situations have gone for. 17 million, i think we all agree, is too much for cahill…but 6 million is too low, and i hope we can find a happy medium.

    if we don’t come back with an improved offer, i imagine cahill will be sold to another club – perhaps liverpool, or even chelsea – by next weds or in january.

    ricco, i may not be able to do sunday’s report. we are bracing for hurricane irene, she is supposed to pass by this area sometime saturday night. at the moment, we expect to see plenty of rain and winds, but she is not projected to make landfall here…

  120. Savage says:

    Maybe he’s just telling the truth Rico? Maybe he did try and the price was higher than he was willing to pay? Jekyll is saying he actually didn’t try – he was just trying to fake it. Stubborn yes, fraudulent – tripe.

    Simple question: do you respect Ferguson? Because Ferguson respects Wenger and is backing him.

  121. EastSidePaul says:


    Where abouts in the states are you from?

  122. rico says:

    hi oliver, i have been watching the news, waiting for you to pop on, it’s a bad one isn’t it? i hope she steers well clear and fades fast…

    no prob re the post, no doubt that will be the last thing on your mind…

  123. rico says:

    i don’t believe we haven’t made a bid savage, not for one minute, as i said earlier, i think he’s testing the water to see how low a bid he can make to get the player…

    respect fergie, for what he has achieved yes, but his comments, nah, never had, never will….

  124. borgybwfc says:

    arsenal fan, I can assure you cahill is a class act yep we conceded 3 against city but a few teams may struggle against them, i thought his performance was overall excellent. 2 errors none from cahill is the reason we lost. He’s strong, athletic and very composed on the ball. Far superior to jagielka and he’s taller. Wouldn’t surprise me if liverpool make last minute move. You are -2 goal difference at the moment so that would prob say you required more than just a creative midfielder. Utd have gone for youth signing players younger than 20 based more on future having rio and vidic as well as evans. Cahill would expect to play at 25 years old,

  125. arsenal fan says:

    west ham have said that spuds are in talks with scott parker…

  126. Savage says:

    fine rico, we’re on the same page then.

  127. rico says:

    Has anyone seen Wengers i/v – suggestion is he’s said we may not sign anyone :eek:

  128. Savage says:

    Parker is a good player no doubt. I think though that Frimpong’s recent performances have shown we’re okay at DM. Song has moved back into my good books too.

  129. Savage says:

    Rico, if we sign no one at all, I’d be amazed – I would have to shift myself across into the Wenger-is-a-looney camp.

  130. allezkev says:

    Afternoon Gooners
    Great post Rico…..
    Ah transfer business, it’s all a game of poker.
    Wenger bids low… Opening gambit..
    Bolton make public the bid, i raise you!
    That way the pressure is back on Wenger..
    Past experience shows Wenger doesn’t go above £10million for a defender…
    So we await Wenger’s next bid…..
    Probably about £9million…..
    And so it goes!

  131. rico says:

    Had you read my earlier comments Savage, that would have been loud and clear ;)

    ESP – oliver is in Washington DC.. (i think)

  132. allezkev says:

    Clichy was a £10million defender, but we had to let him go for £7million as he was into his last year….
    We need Herbert Chapman to take Gartside out for a few drinks…
    David Jack revisited… ;)

  133. rico says:

    Best you get your bags packed Savage, you could very well be on the move ;)

    Afternoon Kev, thanks – the striker looks a fit lad for his age ;)

    Its all one big game of chess…..

  134. Savage says:

    Remember we started at 6m for Koscielny. Then we went back with 8m, then back with 10m which got us the man.

    2 points from that:
    1) Wenger starts low
    2) The 10m we paid was almost double our starting price.

  135. rico says:

    Gutted Parker is off to the Spuds, we missed a trick there if the reports about his medical with us were not true….

  136. allezkev says:

    Morning Oliver.
    What’s the weather like over there buddy?
    A big depression coming on the Eastern Seaboard..?
    Earthquakes, Hurracanes, thank God i live in a boring climate.. ;)

  137. rico says:

    We haven’t enough time to play those kind of games though, the two clubs need to talk, and fast…

    ‘Arry is starting to wheel and deal, we could get pipped….

  138. Joaquim moreira says:

    No, rico. All of them can play there but with more or lesse 60% of their capacity.
    Sagna and Jenkinson are right backs. They never use the left foot. So, no deeper football for that side because they must use the right foot for everything
    TM plays in Belgium tema there because they haven’t a good left back and 3 good central backs.
    We need a fist choice for the place. And if Traore is loan we must do it quickly.

  139. rico says:

    :) kev, i remember writing about that deal with Bolton, a few extra tipples wasn’t it while our man stayed sober?

  140. allezkev says:

    That’s right Sav…..
    It’s all a game of bluff and counter bluff.
    Ignore the Press, we know they’re just Scum…
    Coyle & Gartside are fighting their corner, as they should.
    Wenger is fighting his corner.
    I’m sure they’ll come to a compromise.
    After all, Bolton need time to do some business as well…

  141. oliver says:

    esp, i am in dc…i work in dc proper, and while we live outside the actual district, we are still within the metro dc area…we are going to get some rain and winds, hopefully not too bad…

    borgy makes some good points re: cahill and i’ll just say that whatever arsene values him at, if he is not willing cross that proverbial line in the sand, that is his choice…however…

    i will ask if the money saved in potentially not going above a certain valuation for cahill will really be worth it in november, when we are rotating song, squil and miquel through the centre-back positions? we have played only four competitive games so far, yet both jd and kos have both been unavailable at different points. and we have a brief – thankfully unfounded – scare over tv following our win at the friuli…if nothing else, our recent history with injuries at that particular positions suggests that cahill is worth more to us than just his fee and wages…

  142. rico says:

    TV can though JM, he’s left footed although he doesn’t want to shift form the centre – agee, we need a LB but just can’t see Wenger going there sadly…..

    If Traore isn’t good enough, i don’t know why we still keep him…

  143. oliver says:

    morning kev…sunny but overcast…we had thunderstorms yesterday afternoon and rain overnight, but right now it is not so bad…it will start to get worse, however, as the day goes on.

  144. allezkev says:

    That’s the one Rico…
    Arsenal got to the hotel early and Chapman bunged the barman to fix the drinks.
    Alchohol for the Bolton directors.
    Mixers for Chapman..
    Bolton still got a record fee, i think it stood for nearly 10 years!

  145. rico says:

    spot on oliver, also, he would be a cheaper and better option than Jags and or Dann….

    Good to hear TV is fit, phew …

  146. allezkev says:

    Oliver, are you safe where you are?

  147. EastSidePaul says:

    Guys I have just heard this from a reliable source, Arsenal FC have taken the money they have recieved this summer for the transfers of their two most valuable players and have researched and perfected time travel and have now lodged a 5million bid for 1997 Ronaldo. Fingers crossed!!

  148. Savage says:

    Agreed Oliver – lost points costs us cash. Our end of season collapse almost cost us 25m.

    I was in DC way back in 1994. We stayed with a family in Fairfax. The father dropped us off at the air museum and then drove around for 2 hours because he was too scared to park his car.

  149. rico says:

    I did a post on him when we faced Huddersfield, crafty man eh ;)

  150. Micko says:

    Kev, just to clear it up,are you saying that we are trying to do a double bluff and shuffle with Bolton.

  151. allezkev says:

    Yeah Rico, that Niang looks a big lad indeed…
    16 is very young, even for Ligue Un…
    Has anyone heard anything about M’Vila, he looks a really good player…?

  152. allezkev says:

    Mick, it’s all a game, but i’m no good at cards, so i couldn’t tell ya.

  153. allezkev says:

    Anyway, Mick & Paul…. Did ya see the cricket? :)

  154. EastSidePaul says:

    I actually missed it! Heard the result alright!
    Our batting has always been a let down. :(

  155. allezkev says:

    Well you won when it mattered Paul, eh?

  156. Savage says:

    I still remember being excited that Senderos had chosen us over Real Madrid!

  157. allezkev says:

    Wenger’s take on the Cahill bid….


  158. oliver says:

    kev, i think we will be ok. the storm is supposed to make landfull up by connecticut. and we are inland, not over by the eastern shore…regardless, it will be pretty tense on saturday night.

    no disrespect to m. niang, and i know our self-sustaining model emphasizes arsenal-developed youth with good re-sale value, but we are probably at a point where we can afford to step outside our model and get some experience in the squad.

    savage, fairfax county is about 45 minutes east of us. i lived in vienna for a few months when i was a kid, and still occasionally get over to that side (eastern virginia) on business.

  159. rico says:

    Sadly, i don’t believe we’ll get a striker – even though we need one :(

  160. oliver says:

    ok, looking back, i cannot see where anyone from bwfc actually states the bid is 6 million – or even 7 million – as quoted in other places…coyle is on record saying that “the word ‘derisory’ doesn’t even cover it (bid)”…but that is all i can see.

    i think outlets such as the daily mail have run with the 6 million figure…perhaps they got that from a source – but such a source may have ulterior motives, such as putting pressure on afc to increase the bid, and may have quoted an amount lower than the actual bid…i think that is kind of what arsene is alluding to…sorry media, must do better than this…

    what is not in doubt is that arsenal have submitted a bid that bolton find unacceptable…that is how negotiations works – hopefully the parties are talking and can complete this to the satisfaction of all parties…

  161. allezkev says:

    Benik Afobe was to be included in squad for OT…
    Sadly he’s out for 2 weeks with a groin injury.

  162. Micko says:

    Kev, I can’t get into the cricket, a lot of people over here just can’t get their heads round it.

  163. allezkev says:

    Kyle Bartley has returned to Arsenal, for treatment on a groin injury.
    Could be out for 2 weeks.
    Maybe we should keep him?

  164. allezkev says:

    Glad your safe Oliver….

    Maybe you should a post on the weather??? :D

  165. rico says:

    Maybe we will keep him, Rangers are struggling ;)

    Guys, got to go off early, night duties call….

    Back later if anyones around…

  166. rico says:

    Barton has joined QPR, bugger, we got to play him two more times… ;)

  167. allezkev says:

    Mick, i think one-day cricket has a bit of a following on your side.
    But Test cricket…..hmm.
    5 days and a draw. Not sure it’ll catch on mate… ;)
    Do you follow any GAA games?

  168. Micko says:

    Rico, we can’t afford to be too reliant on robin, we all know he won’t go the whole season without injury, if we believe what bendtner says then he won’t be here this time next week, vela’s gone out on loan, chamakh looks like he has lost all his confidence, campbell is 19 years old with no epl experience, we must be in for a forward.

  169. allezkev says:

    Agree on forward Mick…..
    But it’s possible that AW sees Gervinho playing thru the middle…
    But we’re very light in that dept, i don’t dare think about what crap we’d be in if ‘You Know Who’ picks up another injury…

  170. allezkev says:

    Ok gooners, see ya all a bit later…..

  171. Merlin96 says:

    I believe Wenger will not meet Bolton price of 17-mil for Cahill.

    Wenger is prepared to wait till 31-Aug to closed this deal at about 11-mil to 12-mil else he will walk away.

    And Cahill will not sign any contract extension knowing very well that there is a big signing-on bonus and a massive pay-cheque as he can choose any club he wishes to negotiate with during January Transfer WIndow and leaves on a BOsman on July 1, 2012.

    DOn’t think so as they got a surplus of CB and Cahill knew he is warming the bench there.

    Nope. Plenty of CB there including Smalling and Phil Jones.

    Maybe, but will Daglish willing to pay 17-mil for Cahill now?
    I suspect their transfer budget had been blown and no more cash in the kitty.

    Maybe to replace Alex.
    But if CHelski is mkaing a move for Cahill, they cna out-bid Arsenal at any price.
    I sense that CHelski is worried over their overblown player salary bills and ABV must sells before he can buy. After all, they bought Luiz last season.

    Therefore, canny Wenger is in pole position and Cahill knew that he will be gettign regular 1st team football as a starter, and not a bench-warmer at ManU, CITEH and Chelski.

    Wenger knew that he cna afford to wait for Cahill in January 2012.

    Failing to get Cahill now may resulted in Wenger buying Scott Dann at 6-mil as an interim measure.

    And wait for Cahill on a Bosman in July 2012…or pay Bolton 6-mil in January 2012……..either way, Bolton is the loser if they closes the deal by 31-Aug.. Wenger knew it and wanted to settle at a fiar price of 11 ot 12-mil instead of paying over the odds of 17-mil for a player which he cna get free on a Bosman in July 2012.

    That deal may be structure like:
    – 6-mil cash upfront;
    – rest of 5-mil depends on performance and appearance in 1st team.

  172. Micko says:

    Kev, all my family are here, I was born in London, but have been in Ireland for little while now but am looking at moving back in the New Year, I just have Arsenal running through my blood, it costs me a small fortune going to watch them.

  173. ArsenalDK says:

    Wenger has just admitted indirectly that he won’t be buying anyone.

  174. Micko says:

    Oh Gawd !

  175. ArsenalDK says:

    Let’s get behind this team guys.. But be ready for a roller-coaster season

  176. oliver says:

    bolton just confirmed dedreck boyata is joining them on a season-long loan from man city…that may mean the question of cahill’s potential replacement has been answered…

    alternatively, it may mean bolton may just be adding to their squad, something i undertand cahill has wanted to do all summer…

    watch this space, i guess…

  177. ArsenalDK says:

    I cannot believe that Boyata, who is relatively unproven, and young would be a direct replacement for Cahill. I would love it, if that was the case, but I just have my doubts.. :(

  178. oliver says:

    boyata does have prem, cl and europa experience for city, i am pretty certain; so i don’t think it is quite that far-fetched…at any rate, it is entirely possible that this is just coyle adding to what he already has, rather than bracing for a key departure…

  179. Joaquim moreira says:

    How much for Ahsley Cole ?
    I prefer A. Pereira no doubts.
    Lukatu loan to Benfica?
    An advide to AW: go fight for the central forward of Internacional
    Cahilll… We need, at least, two more midfields: one defender midfield and a play maker (Hazard ?).

  180. Suhail.TV says:

    Wenger is the cleverest old man exist today

  181. arsenal fan says:

    wenger just said we need a striker….and a defender and even a midfielder……could it be true we could make 3 signings….

  182. arsenal fan says:

    boyata loan could be replacement for cahill…..and even lille got someone in the hazard position…..

  183. goonster says:

    If we don’t sign anyone….am gonna kill myself. Mark my words gooners.

  184. Suhail.TV says:

    Oh goonster.,
    Am Sure we will sign somebody come 31st.Just dont think that’ll be adequate

  185. goonster says:

    Hope you are suhail….cause I ve been having suicidal thoughts lately

  186. goonster says:

    Wow its awfully quiet here……

  187. Micko says:

    Goonster, it could be worse, you could wake up dead in the morning !

    I love the fact that we’re the establishment,
    I love the fact that we’re traditional,
    I love the fact that everyone hates us, everyone wants to have a go at us,
    I love the fact that we’re a very special football club,
    We are The Arsenal.
    I love it.

    Hope that’s cheered you up a bit mate.

  188. allezkev says:

    Stan, what on earth are you going on about, ‘kill’ yourself. :?
    You’ve already had a good try in that bloody car……..:(

    Chill-out Stan, all the pieces are falling into place….


    ADK…… Very Many Happy Returns, a bit late i know, have one for me tonight….

    AF, who have Lille brought in..?

  189. allezkev says:

    You know, i just get the feeling that there are ‘moves’ afoot behind the scenes…

    Wenger has to make selling clubs think he’ll walk away if they try to rip us off.

    Hench some of his comments about ‘maybe’ not buying anyone….
    His comments aren’t always aimed for us, so don’t take everything he says as kosher…

  190. allezkev says:

    Nasri……backtracking and bullshitting….. wanker…


  191. rico says:

    Boo, evening folks…..

  192. goonster says:

    Am not kidding Kev……am gonna jump off a cliff at 12am on the1st of September if we don’t announce any signing…….watch this space.

  193. rico says:

    Nasri was that before his backtracking kev ;)

  194. allezkev says:

    Here’s a striker…………. what do ya think?

  195. rico says:

    goonster, whar have you been drinking ;)

  196. allezkev says:

    Stan, remember me in your will…… :)

  197. allezkev says:

    Rico, how’s your Mum these days???

  198. rico says:

    Cracking Kev, I thought only Nikki could miss from there ;)

  199. rico says:

    Still got her legs in plaster Kev, from Tuesday though she’s allowed to walk properly – as much as she’ll be able to and then the following week its off with both plaster :)

    She’s pretty fed up with doing nothing though and prob eating veggie food :)

    thanks for asking me deario :)

  200. allezkev says:

    Want the CL fixtures Rico?

  201. rico says:

    Just seen the rumour that Nik could be on his way to Bolton :)

  202. rico says:

    Yes please Kev…

  203. allezkev says:

    Sept 13 Dortmund [a]
    Sept 28 Olympi’ks [h]
    Oct 19 Marseilles [a]
    Nov 01 ” ” [h]
    Nov 23 Dortmund [h]
    Dec 06 Olympi’ks [a]

  204. allezkev says:

    That sounds very promising Rico…..
    Good news re: Mum…..
    You can soon put your feet up… :D

  205. allezkev says:

    Arsenal get their two most difficult away games outta the way, when Wenger is taking the games seriously….. No resting players..

    Two nice warm trips away to the Med’ during the winter.
    Players can get some sun on their backs….

  206. goonster says:

    Don’t worry kev you ll be getting my grand pa’s pipe. Its been in the family for generations.

  207. allezkev says:

    I bet the first thing your Mum will do, when your back is turned, is have a massive bacon sandwich…. :D

  208. rico says:

    Thanks Kev :)

  209. allezkev says:

    But Stan, i don’t smoke………
    Well, i only smoke what Lee grows…… Enuf said.. ;)

  210. goonster says:

    Just really frustrated guys…..he said we are short number wise yet he sits on his hands. Am losing it gradually.

  211. rico says:

    I think he’s supposed to be in the deal kev, only rumour though but its funny that wenger has today said nik is likely to leave….

  212. rico says:

    Kev, please note the new widget in the side bar ;)

    yep, good nes and fingers crossed the x-rays are all clear and no more plaster…

    shes had her fair share of meat, don’t worry, she hasn’t been deprived ;)

  213. allezkev says:

    Rico, Nik for Cahill certainly has a nice ring to it….

    In fact Nik for anyone has a nice ring to it….

    Maybe that Japanese guy… :D

  214. allezkev says:

    Glad to hear you’ve been feeding up yer Mum…. ;)

    How does this line-up grab ya..?


  215. rico says:

    Sure does Kev ;)

    The Jap guy :eek:

  216. rico says:

    Blimey, watch out Barca with that line up……

  217. goonster says:

    M’villa is on his way……and that my friends is the only major signing. we ll get a CB but only a back up for the first choice defense pairing of TV and kozzer.

  218. rico says:

    Can’t see it goonster, i’d love M’vila but where would wenger see song and frimpong fit in??

  219. goonster says:

    Watch this space……if we get hm you bake me a pumpkin pie. Deal?

  220. allezkev says:

    Can’t see anything happening this side of the weekend, not now.
    Could be a very busy Monday through to Wednesday though.

    That’s me done…

    See ya Stan
    Goodnight Rico…. see ya tomorrow… :D

  221. rico says:

    Me neither Kev, nighty night to you :)

  222. rico says:

    stan – time will tell…

    I’m heading off for the day too – chat tomorrow all…..

    Nighty Night..

    Oliver, hope all is calm in dc ….

  223. goonster says:

    G’nite mama bear……kinda bummed out that the spuddies are doing their bit to make sure they finish above us……am not overly assed with them acquiring ade the whore but am milfed that they might be getting a decent player in Scott parker and for cheaps too.

  224. Joaquim moreira says:

    Barcelona won 1-0,,,,

  225. PistolPete says:

    Come on Arsenal close the deal. I tust Wenger , but if the window closes and he has not made the necessary purchases for new players, there will be hell to pay from the fans, at the next home game. COME ON YOU GREEDY BOARD MEMBERS SORT THIS OUT NOW.

  226. rico says:

    New Post Up

  227. frogs and Africans,and African frogs. Hopless

    Typical Wenger

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