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Massive Boost ahead of Tonights Game! Unlikey Source Helps us Out…..

Today is not about Samir Nasri, today is about Arsenal Football Club and those who want to be part of it, not those who want to seek pastures new for a bigger wage packet.

Today is about OUR club getting a cracking result in Italy, we have done it before when no-one expected us to and no doubt those same doubters expect us to fail again but like that night, we’ll get it right again later……

Having watch Pat Rice look more lost than John Locke last Tuesday night, finally we had a bit of good news yesterday and from an unusual source in Uefa.

The appeals body has granted a stay of execution to the appeal lodged earlier today by Arsenal and their manager Arsène Wenger. The appeals body will take a decision in due time, but not before Arsenal’s Champions League game against Udinese Calcio in Italy on Wednesday.

Following the play-off first-leg match between Arsenal and Udinese last week, the control and disciplinary body banned Wenger from carrying out his duties at Arsenal’s next two Uefa competition matches and fined the club €10,000 [£8,740]. Without today’s decision by the appeals body, the manager’s suspension would have taken effect for the play-off second leg at Udinese.

Well, blimey riley, finally we get a decision in our favour from that lot based in Switzerland….

Anyway, the team have their manager sitting in the dugout barking his orders and that has to be good news…

So, who’s it down to then tonight, who is going to be the player or players to take this game by the scuff of the neck and ensure we come away from Italy, safely in the draw for the group stages the following day?

Will Le Boss get it right from the off and will he make the right changes at the right time?

This is the travelling squad….

Wojciech Szczesny
Lukasz Fabianski
Carl Jenkinson
Bacary Sagna
Thomas Vermaelen
Johan Djourou
Armand Traore
Ignasi Miquel
Andrey Arshavin
Emmanuel Frimpong
Aaron Ramsey
Alex Song
Theo Walcott
Tomas Rosicky
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
Marouane Chamakh
Robin van Persie

Is there enough there to get us the result we need?

Will they roll over and die?

Will it be one man who steps up and takes the plaudits at the end of the game?

Or will it be a group of players, youth and men combined, who will go out there tonight and give everything they have from their head to their toes, work as a team, defend as a team and win as a team and show themselves to be so proud to play for this club?

What will it be? ………

We’ll soon find out, that’s for sure and I know which of the above I hope for………

Here’s hoping……

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365 comments on “Massive Boost ahead of Tonights Game! Unlikey Source Helps us Out…..

  1. Good morning!
    I’ll hope too.
    yesterday, the big clubs and maybe the favourites go ahead. Let’s wait will be the same today.

  2. Loved “Having watched Pat Rice look more lost than John Locke”.
    When you write that squad down on paper I am a bit worried for tonight….
    What a huge game we have on our hands this evening.

  3. Morning all, if you are wondering where oliver got to yesterday afternoon, have a read…


    Thankfully, he and all others are fine…..

  4. Well Nasri showing his true colours like all the players at Man City. Not one of them made the move for footballing reasons, they are all lured by money.

    Unfortunately it is the mentality of the professional footballer today, money money money money. Not one of them has stopped to see what is going on in the real world at the moment and how all of us are struggling to make a living, while all they want is more more more. It is the reason I will no longer watch professio0nal football. They are all grade A scum, and yes I include Arsenal players in that as well.

    Bring back wage capping. I think £2000 a week is enough for anybody to earn, and boy do I wish I was on that!!!

  5. Morning JM – Hope is all I have, I’m not confident…

    Morning ESP – Huge game, not such a huge squad, guts are needed tonight, a never say die attitude….

  6. Finally some good news for Arsenal FC (however small it is). We need to rally behind our players. I am sure if they put their best performances (esp. Arshavin) we will definitely give Udinese a run for their money (and with 25M pounds at stake, i mean that literally)! Thumbs up guys

  7. Hope for

    Theo-Ramsey (or Rosicky)-Gerv

  8. JSP –

    i second that, well they can’t all play, just look at Adebayor, he didn’t last long, they will an unhappy camp full of ego’s, all they will have to chat about is how much they earn.

    Wage capping has to come in to the game soon, for the sake of the game, either that or stick the rich sides in their own league for a battle of the financial bulge, and let the football sides get on with it…..

    Mind you, AU is still sniffing around, it could be our turn one day ;)

  9. Tonight will be massive. would not be surprised to see Arsene playing both Song and Frimpong, with Ramsey further forward. The wingers have to perform, Gervinho and Walcott. A draw will be great.

  10. with only a left-back position doubtful, I can’t see us losing tonight. let’s not get carried away by media scare mongering as they mostly biased against Arsenal.

  11. forgot to add, Nasri is a c**t.

  12. morning to those joining HH today…

    kc, i hope they both play, we need a strong defensive display me thinks…

    ziggy, if frimpong plays on the left midfield he can protect the LB, unless Sagna plays there again…

    Anyones guess who wenger starts with…

  13. Ah now guys don’t be so hard on Nasri, I heard as a young child his one dream in life was to make 180k a week and live in a damp dark city with 4 restaurants. I give him a max tow seasons before he is off on laon somewhere, and talking about how much of a mistake it was to leave Arsenal and all that stuff we have heard from passed players that have left.

  14. Good moaning rico,
    Is Blimey Riley related to Flaming Henry by any chance.

  15. :) ziggy, money grabbing git i think, head turned by £ signs rather than football – even wenger says so ;)

    ESP :)

  16. Morning Micko, i wish and i wish we could play him… :)

    Flaming Henry i mean….

  17. Lets wait & hope for the best as fans

  18. I think I’m more confident than hopeful: 60% / 40% that Arsenal will qualify.
    I don’t see arsenal losing; we’ll either win or draw.

  19. I’d be happy with either Kay, i worry though who will get our goals…

  20. I think this line-up would RAPE Udinese :





    ———-ROBBIN VAN PERSIE—————

  21. I ‘m not scared. Arsenal are winning 2nit. Though, the squad need reinforcement. Up gunners! I ‘m not scared. Arsenal are winning 2nit. Though, the squad need reinforcement. Up gunners!

  22. Morning Lee, did you see the link first thing :(

  23. Arsenal will stick it to them tonight,i think we could have a stormer.

  24. Yeah Rico, on the train this morning at 5.30am…

  25. Like carolyne says tonights game is worth 20 – 25 million to us, put that on top of the fab,nasri, eboue, jet, clichy deals and thats a cool 80 mill, we need to splash the cash on at least 3 quality players, it would be criminal if we didn’t, only problem the clock is against us.

  26. Rico

    I feel the same about the current squad, there are times during a match when I can’t see where a goal is going to come. Previously with Henry, Bergkamp, Pires or Ljungberg on the pitch you were never worried about scoring, but we all see it these days when we are camped outside the oppositions box passing side to side for twenty minutes, there is no real threat anymore.

  27. Morning again to those just coming on…

    Lee, that’s early :(

    We’ll need to Mr Is

    Whenthey played ESP, i never thought we would lose a game, they just oozed confidence, not only for the team but for us fans.. If RvP is up on his own, i just think we’ll struggle a bit….

    Defence have to be strong tonight…

  28. -ArsenalDK

    Fegie clearly no longer sees Wnger as the Competition, no way would he have said that in 04! Kind of sad really to hear such comments coming from him.

  29. Regarding Nasri and his pay rise, if reports are to believed, he will be picking up an extra £4.3M a year which over a four year contract results in an extra £17.2M in his pocket. Anyone really want to debate why he went there?

    The problem I have is the unfair advantage Man City have as they can pay these huge, obscene wages without actually having made that money and they can’t really go bankrupt paying them as they have the Abu Dhabi royal family bankrolling them.

    Until the FFP rules are stringently enforced we are always going to struggle to attract the very top class players as teams like Man City and Chelsea can offer wages we can’t touch so Wenger is right in what he is doing, building from the bottom up.

    Now, onto the game tonight, I would start Gerv and Theo and tell the players to constantly run behind the Italian’s defence and worry them because all it takes is one mis-timed offisde step up or, a great times run and pass and we have two of the fastest players in football charging through onto the keeper.

    I would also play Rambo in the middle of the three so we can allow him license to roam and have Song and Frimpong by his side offering a shield but from what I have seen, all three can battle and all three are more than capable of taking the ball and driving at the opposition defence.

    Imagine if you will, the Udinese defence, Gerv and Theo pulling you in all kinds of directions and your fullbacks not knowing if they should go with the run or play for offside. Van Persie coming deep, does the centre back stay and let Van Persie turn with the ball 25 yards from goal with two speedsters on the wings or does he go with Van Persie, leaving a bleeding big hole and then having one of the midfield three charging through with the ball looking for the one-two pass or even to have a pop himself.

    I think we need to attack froom the first whistle, get the early goal, setttle our nerves and force the Italians to have to come out and not play for the draw or hope to nick a winner at the end.

  30. Paul, opposition managers used to say the worst thing you can do is get a corner against arsenal, we used to break away so quickly, next thing you knew Henry was putting the ball in the back of their net, game over.

  31. Morning ADK, i still hate Fergie ;)

  32. Will, no-one is debating why he went there, I don’t care how much is he on up there, like i said yesterday all you do is bang on about money, all I care about is us spending the money we got for him on a quality player that wants to fight the cause for us.

  33. Those were the days Micko but we can get them back, if Wenger sorts the squad out and the way he spoke from Italy, he plans to….

  34. Will, i think we all know why he’s joined Citeh…

  35. All I do is educate Micko.

  36. Listen people, the world has changed since the days Wenger would pick un a virtual unknown for nothing and suddenly that unknown is Henry.

    Because of Wenger’s success, all big clubs now scour the world looking for that world class unknown and then they offer stupid amounts of money.

    I am for one, backing Wenger and the way he does it.

  37. Will, we don’t need ‘educating’ – we are able to think for ourselves…

    And, no-one is not backing wenger here this morning, this is not a day for worrying about the money grabbing git who is departing its about who we have today and winning tonight….

  38. I am picking,maybe hoping,Frimpong to gave a massive game.
    I believe,and again,hope,he learnt a massive lesson on the weekend.
    One thing I do know is that his heart is with the club,and he will do evrything possible to repay the club for his indiscretion.
    1-1 draw is my tip.

  39. Micko – i’m with you on that – we all know how much we have generated from sales, give or take a milion or two – now it’s about re-investing that money on the pitch, NOT clearing debt, the debt will take care of itself…..

    Match Days pay that off…..

  40. My predictions for the night, we scrape a victory maybe a 1-1 or a 2-1 to us.
    Walcott runs into defenders evertime someone looks to pass a ball to him, is ineffective put plays for 80 minutes.
    Ramsey gives the ball away a lot passes it sideways as much as he can then pulls out of any 50-50 tackles, but we all say he played well… I’d prefer Rosicky (Is he fit?)

  41. Scott, Frimpong will have learned, Jack did in a similar way after his red card – just hope he gets his chance tonight ….

  42. Unfortunately Rico, some do.

  43. Rosicky is in the squad, so can only presume he’s fit and ready to start…

  44. Arsenal must vary their tactics from game to game. It should not be 100% attack with a hdl.Football is a team game. Every player must attack and defend as a unit.If the gunners go kami kaze on the they could be easy pickings for a fast counter attack team.
    The Japs used kami kaze ie sending a plane loaded with bombs to attack US ships in WW 2.They were literally shot down and thousands of young Japanese died. Despite causing damage to US ships,they lost the war.
    Arsenl should try to score first.If that happens,the whole team could relax a bit and play better. I expect Udinese to win 1-0followed by et and penalty kicks.

  45. ESP I never though of it that way, kinda thought it was a bit strange, with Ferguson coming out and praising him like that.. but Don’t we play best when we’re underdogs? won’t we be underdogs for many games this season?

    Rico, even if he sold us Nani, Rooney and Vidic for free, i would still hate him ;)

  46. Not here, not this morning, they don’t – as i keep saying, no-one is asking for 50m signings, not on here….

  47. ADK, mme, i might have to think about that one ;)

  48. Rico, do you reckon we will sign somebody well known?

    I don’t know why, but I cannot help but think, that wenger wont reinvest :(

  49. Rico, the villa game at the end of last season said it all for me, when the players came out for their lap of honour or whatever you want to call at the end, 3/4 of the stadium had already left, that never used to happen, the fans would love to see some top players come in now with the sales that we have made, the money won’t win us anything stuck in the bank, the mortgage is managable, its over 17 years, the signings would give everyone a buzz again.

  50. But they are the players who will make us dominate in the short term. Wenger is playing the long game and that has to be seen.

    Now it is very hard to unearth the Henry or Anelka in modern football simply because all of the huge teams have an army of scouts watching pretty much every game all over the planet.

    I “bang on” about money simply because that is the deciding factor in modern football. Tell me, how much have the top three spent over the last 5 years? Gone are the days a tactical, clever manager can come in a build a team that can win leagues and European cups. Gone are the days of Clough and Taylor, GG would struggle in this football. It is no longer about the manager and tactics and now about who can put 17 top class internationals onto his team sheet every game.

  51. Possibly not ADK, maybe Cahill, maybe Dann but I’m not confident we’ll see a Hazard kind of signing – but I do think we’ll sign maybe 2 players.

    He’s certainly hinting at that and to be honest, I think he knows if he doesn’t they’ll be a backlash from the fans…

    You can’t sell Cesc and Nasri and think all is ok, and i don’t think he does

  52. Micko, and what happened at Villa will get worse if we go on a bad run, this squad can’t be expected to compete with the top, things need to be done and quickly. Get tonight out the way and we’ll see what he does in the next week…

  53. Will, I don’t want the board to bankrupt us, just to spend the money we make on sales and not stick it in the bank, we also put money aside for transfers each season as well, every club does.
    I think you may have a blind spot mate, its not rocket science.

  54. Will,

    the money arguement is boring now – we all know we cannot compete financially with the rich clubs, as i keep saying, we just need to spend what we have available and from player sales alone this summer, thats 50-6o- Million…..

  55. Name the world class stars that would not go for the money and come to us who would make us instantly challenge the top three.

  56. SAMIR NASRI has been blasted by a current Gunner after ditching Arsenal for Manchester City’s millions.

    Emmanuel Frimpong, 19, hit out at the Frenchman who will now rake in £175k a week.

    Midfielder Frimpong tweeted: “Money is the root of all evil,” after Arsenal announced the move on their website yesterday.

    The rookie Gunners star, sent off against Liverpool on Saturday, was still seething at Nasri later in the day after team-mate Jack Wilshere wished him all the best.

    Wilshere said: “Good luck to my friend Mr Nasri.

    “I learnt a lot from him. World class player. Will be missed.”

    But Frimpong tweeted back: “Pffffff come-on Jack,” implying he will not be missed by many players at the Emirates.

  57. And who is asking for world class???

    Anyway, i am not going down the money route again, we’ve all been down that road too many times….

  58. So you don’t want world class players at Arsenal?

  59. If nasri was such a pain in the ass for everyone at the emirates, surely we will now play even better, as moral will be higher?

  60. I want what we can afford, guts and heart over anything else, that is what wins games, passion and the will to win…..

  61. They don’t have to be world class altho that would be very nice, just better than we have at the moment, you must agree the squad needs strengthning, Wenger will do that but like I said earlier the clock is against us, one thing for sure we have to win tonight as champions league is important if we’re looking to attract top quality players.
    I think you are stuck in the 70’s.

  62. It does need strengthing yes, but seeing as Chelsea and Man City are buying very top class talent, who do we buy that makes us able to challenge them?

  63. Ask the scouts, that’s what they get paid for, if wenger didn’t always talk in riddles and was a bit more open with the fans I might have been able to tell ya.

  64. Come on, you lot are saying we need we need we need or we are dead. WHO DO WE BUY THAT MAKES US BETTER?

  65. Rico. Amen to that. It’s a tried and tested route for those who think everything is well. The fact is that the football terrain has shifted with the arrival of Abramovich and the Sheikh at City. Players will come to us to play under Wenger but we have become a launch pad for their next big move. Witness one Samir Nasri. There is also concern that Wenger has lost the plot and this will see RVP and TV move next season I would imagine. Who will be the next club to be taken over by a multiple billionaire? We already have one of those as a major shareholder but he can’t even get a place on the board. Self-sustaining? For who? For Stan it seems. We have a new owner who is living up to his nickname of “silent” but we have a manager who has us on a path to somewhere. Where that is is still unclear.

  66. Its like banging your head against a brick wall !

  67. Bollox to the Chavs and Citeh Will, they can buy who they like, we can’t and we don’t need to although as Micko says, it would be nice to have world class players….

    But, as so keep on trying to tell the world and its dog, we can’t afford them…

    etc etc etc

    World Class, maybe only RvP, but they didn’t cost us 50M but they are bloody good players with heart…..

    All we need as I and most others here keep saying, is strengthen with players who are good as those listed or better – it’s not rocket science!

  68. Isn’t it just….

    For someone who gets annoyed about fans going on about Wenger out Will, sometimes you can be equally annoying banging on about money…..

  69. Micko, step up son, you are on here banging on that we need tpo buy and I am giving you the chance to show the internet world you actually know what you are talking about. So, stop deflecting and tell us who you would buy that would make us able to challenge but not bankrupt us.

    Step up mate the mic is yours…..

  70. Morning Adam, spot on….

    why do half the players join Arsenal, Arsene Wenger and when they are young they know they will get their chance….

  71. Because Rico, mooney has changed the game.

  72. Rico. It is true that we have go another route but that will only get you so far. Apparently Usmanov is now the richest man in the UK. Even if Stan took the money and ran, what would happen then?

  73. So what???? It’s all legal, you have to learn to live with it Will….

  74. -Will

    You say Wenger is looking long-term… how much longer? another 6 years maybe? Youth is fine, but we need solid experienced players in now.

    In my own opinion I would like to see Samba, Leighton Baines, Yann M’vila, Yoann Gourcuff and a striker brought in.

  75. We’d be just like the Chavs and Citeh i suspect Adam….

    I’d rather they both worked together….

  76. rico says:

    August 24, 2011 at 11:06 am

    So what???? It’s all legal, you have to learn to live with it Will….

    And so do fans who expect and demand that we win leagues and leagues. It is not going to happen while you have teams who can afford to bankroll squads of 25 top class internationals.

  77. on a different note, does anyone remember that old classic cadburys advert “everyone’s a fruit and nutcase”

  78. Rico. Egos would prevent that from happening I would suspect. Mine is bigger than your etc.

  79. I preferred the one with the gorilla Micko ;)

    Maybe Adam, but thats not going to happen though so for now we are stuck with the tight one at the top, SS….

  80. You guys seen the Dutch fan in a league two game. the ref was shocking so he attacked him…

    The fan though was in a mobility scooter – classic :)

  81. Baines,Cahill,Hazzard and Drogba

  82. All for less than what we have made Lee….

  83. Frimpong is gonna be a beast and save AW a few quid…

  84. Did anyone watch the bayern vs zurich game last night, was surprised to hear Ribery was the oldest bayern player at 28 ! Schweinstieger (?) is one hell of a playmaker.

  85. Hazzard £25M, Cahill £17M, Baines £10M and I am not sure how much Drogba would go for.

  86. Agree Lee, i worry though about him and song out for 2 & 3 matches….. and no Jack for 3-4 weeks…

    I didn’t micko, rumours were rife about Ribery joing us this summer…

    Drog is 3M i heard….

  87. Hi all……today is the day..hope we stuff them. Then go sign marvin martin yann m’vila and eden hazard and a CB.

  88. I’ll take Drog for 3mil.

    Okay, 65m from transfers this summer and i’ll say 20mil we had to begin with thats 85mil.

    Samba 15m Baines 10m Gourcuff 20m M’vila 20m and Drogba 5m. 70m there, still have 15 left over? How could anyone complain with that??!

  89. I would take that Paul.

  90. hi goonster, stuff them yes, make those signings…. nah ;)

  91. We should get them all with the exception being hazard….I don’t see Lille letting him go.

  92. I think Hazard could be on the cards – IF we get through tonight…

  93. Rico, your 11:23…fucking hell I knew he was tall but…..

  94. Arsène Wenger will look for internal and external solutions to his squad requirements this season.

    The Frenchman has brought in five players so far this summer – Gervinho, Carl Jenkinson, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ryo and Joel Campbell – but wants to add further reinforcements following the departures of Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri.

    Wenger has a reputation for promoting from within and has struck gold in recent years with the emergence of Jack Wilshere and Wojciech Szczesny. And, although the manager is in the market for new players, he intends to give young players like Emmanuel Frimpong the chance to show their quality.

    “There is an opportunity for others and I believe that life is made of that,” said Wenger.

    “When a big player leaves, there is an opportunity for someone to come in and show how good he is. I am long enough in the game to know that and to know my players are strong enough to deal with that.

    “When the players are strong, it increases even more their determination and solidarity and that’s what I expect from my players.

    “I believe we have always promoted players from inside. That is what we will continue to do. If we find the right players to strengthen our squad we will do it no matter the result on Wednesday night. We will be in the market to find one or two players to strengthen our squad.

    “But we keep our basic values no matter what happens with the promotion of internal young players. I am sure by the end of the season you will know one or two players you don’t know now and will be surprised about their quality.”

  95. ESP, those additions plus what we’ve got and we’d kick arse!!

  96. Sorry rico but my sources say he won’t he joining us champions league or no champions league. He’s staying put.

  97. Stan, what you reckon for tonight?

  98. If I got those players in I would play 4-4-2

    Szczęsny (6’5″)

    Sagna (5’9″) Samba (6’4″) Vermaelen (6’0″) Baines (5’7″)

    Gervinho (5’10”) Gourcuff (6’1″) M’Vila (6’0″) Miyaichi (6’0″)

    Van Persie (6’2″)

    Drogba (6’2″)

    Anyone have problems with that team?

  99. We ll go through Lee. The buggers ll have to score three if we score first. I think arsene ll go there to attack anything less and we might go out. But I have a hunch we ll go through.

  100. ESP, we would be awesome, but right now i think our transfers depend on tonights result….

  101. Paul, you would start Miyaichi over Jack or Frimpong?

  102. You know we have the answer to goals being created and scored…….apparently its all about Ryo (Dinio).

    When does he get a start or a game? He had a full season at feyenord. No time like the present especially off the bench.

    Any thoughts?

  103. -Will

    Yeah I think I would, But jack and Frimprong are Centre Midfield players and I think Miyaichi would do a good job at left midfield. I just feel 4-4-2 is the way to go if we have the players to play that formation.

    Of course you will have the likes of Jack and Frimprong on the bench in case of injuries or rotation for the two Centre players, and they are both still very young.

  104. Ryo didn’t travel did he? He should have been sent on loan where he ll gain valuable experience. Sitting on the bench I fear for him. Vela comes to mind!

  105. How many trophies have Man City won in the last six years ?

    Were we having to compete with Man City’s money when we plucked our first choice goalkeeper from the Spanish Third Division ?

    Were we competing with Man City’s money when we turned to Silvestre and Squillaci to solve our defensive problems ?

    In the last few years we have managed to offload three unwanted players to City and in return we received buckets of cash. All we lacked was a manager with the ability and the balls to re-invest that money properly.

  106. -Goonster, I think Ryo should be starting ahead of Walcott this season, I feel he is more of a threat and has more end product than Walcott.

  107. And best wishes to the team this evening – you can do it !

  108. No He aint on the bus goonster.

    This is my point. Theres history of players kicking ass when 18/19 as they havent manifested the fear of losing so much (eg owen) some push on well (roony) but I really think its an excellent gamble to use him for the last 30 minutes. Fresh and creative and has the raw minerals to take them all on and stick it straight on to gerv or RVP’s boot/head. Get him in ASAP.

  109. Nt tonight though Ryo is in England ;)

  110. Ryo isn’t in this squad as when the players had to be named, he was still waiting for his work permit…

  111. I think so too ESP but that’s not going to happen. I actually think we should revert to our normal classic 4-4-2 which was so devastating during the 02/03 and 03/04 seasons. We ll get the best out of walcott and RVP. The problem is who misses out in the mid field

  112. -Goonster

    Well I posted my dream team in 4-4-2 a few posts back! You’d be surprised who misses out in my midfield!

  113. rekon he shd have gone……ahh well.

    just hope arshavin saves the vodka till after the match. If he fires on all cyliders we’ll be sweet.

  114. Who did you leave out ESP? Just curious.

  115. Well if its just the permit then we have it all to look forward to.

  116. Well this is the team I posted, spending 70mil on new transfers.


    Szczęsny (6’5″)

    Sagna (5’9″) Samba (6’4″) Vermaelen (6’0″) Baines (5’7″)

    Gervinho (5’10″) Gourcuff (6’1″) M’Vila (6’0″) Miyaichi (6’0″)

    Van Persie (6’2″)

    Drogba (6’2″)

  117. Chores to do, back later….

  118. You left out jack?! I wouldn’t leave out wilshere for gourcuff.

  119. - Goonster,

    Yeah I would leave him out for Gourcuff to be honest I think Gourcuff is a better player, and it helps that he is 6’1″ also! But thats just my own opinion.

  120. Yeah but we need an english spine in the team….besides jack ll only get better and he’s a local lad and a gunner.

  121. I have no problem with him being in the squad, and I know everyone wants the team to be as english as possible, but as long as the team is winning I don’t care.

    I agree Jack will get better, but I feel for this season i’d play Gourcuff if we bought him, which is never going to happen, so Wilshere will be a starter, I’m just saying if I had other options I would us them.

  122. I don’t think gourcuff fits into our team..he ll be better off playing for the chavs or manure. If we are going get someone I ll rather we get marvin martin.

  123. right esp,
    time jack took rest in some games…hope that setback of his is nothing serious…..remember vermalaen from last season….so much pressure already……

  124. morning all…

    i hope our young, relatively inexperienced squad looks at tonight as a real opportunity to start to make a name for themselves. a win – especially in the current atmosphere surrounding the club – can be viewed as a statement, and hopefully the start of something big for this team. getting through to the cl group phases has to be the primary emphasis, followed by keeping our available players fit, then winning outright, and then looking good in the process.

    it will be difficult, but certainly possible…

    classic from frim – he went up a few notches in my estimation…

  125. Can’t hang around, busy today.
    Good post Rico….
    Nice to see you still with us Oliver….. ;)

  126. I think everyone has to be on the top of their game tonight, we can’t afford to carry anybody, I’m sticking with 2-2.
    Rvp to step upto the plate.

  127. my biggest concern is that the pressure and sour atmosphere around the club will get to our players and they freeze…i don’t think they will, but it is something to consider…

    if they can just put everything else to one side for the 90-plus minutes and focus on scoring and preventing goals, i think they will get the job done.

  128. Agreed, if we get an early goal, it will take the pressure off and they will need 3 to go thru.

  129. Hi oliver, think you are in for another bumpy one today ;)

    I know i shouldn’t jest, just glad you were all safe…..

    Two early goals, Theo and AA who both owe us big time for two shockers against the dippers…..

  130. Catch you later Kev….

  131. morning ricco, morning all…things are stable here – so far…

    i’d like to see robin get off the schneid tonight…i know we cannot rely on only him to score, but the fact is that right now, nobody is scoring, least of all him…and we are really not creating too many chances…

    we need to get everyone going, but robin first…

  132. Agree re RvP, but tonight i don’t care if we go through by an own goal ;)

    Good to hear all is settled, lets hope no re-occurance oliver

  133. Is there anything to be said about Trying AA up beside RVP in a 4-4-2 formation?

  134. ESP, isn’t that AA’s ‘proper’ role, it’s wenger who has changed him and personally speaking, i think it’s ruined his game…

  135. Well I would say his proper position is the number 10 position behind the main striker, but we have RVP for that. I just feel we have wasted his talents out on the wing.

  136. Paul, i reckon AA will be on the bench tonight with theo and gerv on the wings.

  137. possibly…our former number four made the 4-3-3 tick, and without him it clearly is not that effective…

  138. -Oliver

    Well we changed to 4-3-3 to “build” a team around him, and that failed miserably, so I think it time Arsene swallowed his pride and reverted back to 4-4-2. Having RVP as a lone striker does not make sense!

  139. - Micko

    I think you are right, AA doesn’t really get the starts he should, played in his prefered position I think he could be a super player.

  140. When he’s in the mood he’s great to watch, should really get more goals for us, having said that he does set a lot up, a big game player.

  141. How about playing him in the Fabregas role?

  142. ESP, that’s what I meant – the number 10 ;)

  143. esp, i think robin can play the lone striker well, but i have two arguments as to why we will probably be better served by moving away. the first is we do not have a provider on par of our former captain, and the second is that we get so little out of our other supporting players, particularly our other forwards…

  144. oliver – agree, now i think our game would suit a 4-4-2 more, RvP and Theo up front – AA is the most frustrating player, one moment magic, the next he can’t pass a ball to a team mate for love nor money and is as bad as Theo is for running into oppo’s players and losing the ball….

  145. Arsenal linked with £30m Bastien Schweinsteiger move.

    Will never happen..

  146. hahahah…….comparing AA to Theo, that made me laugh, I got this funny picture in my head.

  147. I was saying earlier I was watching the bayern game last night, that bloke is class, bayern would never let him go.

  148. schweinsteiger has no reason to leave bayern, does he? he’s an excellent player, but i cannot see it either.

    heynckes is back at bayern for, what, the third time now, right? i think they will have a very good season, especially after all the drama with van gaal during the past few seasons.

  149. Nah it would never happen, if Chelsea got a sniff that Bayern were willing to sell they would be all over him like Garfield over lasagna.

  150. Or Citeh :lol:

  151. The french poodle has offically gone, all the the best Samir, break a leg….

  152. one word…’bye.

  153. I find it an odd coinsidence that all these high profile players have recently only relised their long seeded desire to play for City and Citys sudden good fortune on the financial side of things.

    Also odd that these players including Nasri, Clichy, Toure and Ady didn’t sgin originally for City insted of Arsenal? Anyone know what ever could have changed? Because I mean… done of those players left for the money right?

  154. Dont start on the money ESP ;)

    I have two words oliver, but too much of a lady to type them ;)

  155. Football 365 is horribly anti-Arsenal.

  156. he’s gone…his choice, a choice he is perfectly entitled to make. no reason to discuss either him or this summer’s high-profile departure any more…

    we have a huge game, need to boost the players who have chosen to remain, and need a big result. i have no interest in wistfully wondering what might have been with these (departed) guys…

  157. I was listening to the two newspaper reporters who are out in Italy – they were not too bad, they really want us to get a result – one, who’s name escapes me said he had been text by a fan and told to lay off wenger….

    he said, he is not on wenger or arsenals case, it just they are looking in trouble…. and woders who we will buy to replace those gone…

  158. honestly, ricco – i don’t think we will buy. i think our squad is desparate need of experienced, credible, first-team ready reinforcements – and i think we can find such players if we are really interested, but i don’t think we are. i think we will continue to promote from within, and our squad will get progressively younger…i don’t think it has to be this way, but i think arsene and/or the board choose it to be…

    that is something to worry about after tonight…nothing – absolutely nothing – is more important than getting a result tonight.

  159. I differ from you oliver, i think he will buy, who though, goodness only knows…

    I can’t see who he can promote from within, they are already playing…

    Seven days left, that’s all…..

  160. fair enough ricco…my thinking is that once our suspensions for gerv, frim, and song clear, that is three more back in the ranks for domestic matches. oc and miyaichi are already in the first team squad, and if campbell does get a work permit, i expect he will be integrated as well. i think we are still light in midfield – and i think arsene conceded this the other day – so if there is a purchase, i think it will be there.

    notice how the talk of another defender coming in has more or less ceased abruptly? i am guessing that miquel not looking overawed against liverpool has something to do with that.

  161. the number eight is officially vacant on dot com…

    looking at our squad reminded me that we have have a certain vassiriki “abou” diaby here…i don’t know how close he is to returning, but he is potentially another reason (or excuse) for arsene not to buy a midfielder…

  162. we still need a CH, LB and a creative player though oliver, strong suggstion is that wenger is ready to make a bid for cahill….

    and a goal scorer….. if nik goes…

  163. i don’t disagree ricco – i think we need experience and maturity in several first team positions…but – based on recent seasons and with hand on heart – are you really that confident that arsene will go out and try and get these players?

    i personally don’t think he will. i think he will say the squad is good enough, that the quality he is looking for is simply not available and that will be that…it’s not what either of us want to hear, but that is how i think this will play out…

  164. Ding dong the fat ponce is gone…..yipeeee! Now let’s get martin and m’villa plus a CB then we ll really tear them apart.

  165. he’s not back until september oliver, he’s not even training yet…

  166. but september is only a week away…and didn’t arsene use tv’s impending return – even though there was no specific timetable – as one of his reasons for not investing in a defender (samba) this past winter?

    the situations are not quite exactly the same, but i will not be surprised if the explanations from arsene are…

  167. We have been for 13 years in the groups phase of CL. Last four seasons, we must played a match before comming in. If my memory is right, the sequence was D. Zagreb, Sparta Prague, Twente and Celtic. We won the challenge and reach our goal. CL is the show of European football and the right palce for win aditional money for the club. Of course we win much more more money if we can reach the final or be close it. So, is good for all: the Club, the players, the fans, the image of the club and for win more fans and players would like to play for us.
    In Europe, there are not many Clubs that can say the same and with the pride of playng 13th succesive presences in it. This, belongs to the history of the big Clubs. In the good and not so good moments.
    For all those reasons we need to be there. We are in advance in the fist leg. I hope Friday morning know, what are ours three others opponents.
    In other point of view, I’ve just watching a short resume of the first leg. We were very lucky. Now, we need 6 players: 1 left back, 1 central back, 3 midfield players and 1 central forward. Walcott starts the season like finished last one: in a bad moment. Chamack is in the Ramadan month.
    I’m going to watch Kazim… however, I think we are a bit lucky because we play versus Udinese., even be Italian.

  168. i know oliver – we all know what we need, sadly it seems gulfs apart from what wenger thinks we need or will buy no doubt, we have to just hope he finally gets off his butt and spends this money he now has…..

  169. goonster – £24 million is a good deal…

    re Diaby, it won’t be until late sept oliver, and don’t forget, he’ll suffer a set back in training ;)

    Wenger has said he will strenghten his midfield, for once i hope he is truthing…..

  170. Really looking forward to the game guys…with nasty gone the team ll be fired up for this one. They ve got to show the world that arsenal is more than nasri and fabregas…..COYG’s

  171. we’ll see. no sense in worrying about it at this very moment. nothing can happen until we negotiate tonight’s hurdle…that is the here and now priority.

  172. Hi JM, tonight we must make that fourteen :)

    It’s funny, all the media now want to say is how good it is that we have just got £24 Million for Nasri but then feel the need to add, If we don’t qualify tonight then we will lose a similar amount…..

    How exactly can you lose something you haven’t had in the first place??

  173. Joaquim says : Chamack is in the Ramadan month ! Is that really true or a wind up, or am i just not keeping up.

  174. goonster, matters not how fired up we fans are, we need the players to feel that way… I think a few might put in a good shift as if to say ‘up yours’ to the departing chunky…..

    agree oliver, today is about nothing else, other than Udinese….

  175. It’s true Micko, he’s muslim…

    11th Aug – 10th Sept

  176. I’m gobsmacked, I’ve heard it all now.

  177. I believe Arsenal have booked Diaby’s next operation for the 26th October. Seems that if you book early there are discounts available.

  178. Wow in three years we made a whooping…..ermm how much was it again guys. We sold ade the whore, toure, clichy and now nasri. That is a whole lot of money.

  179. Adam, I think you were given some bum information on squillaci’s older brother the other day, I scoured the papers and couldn’t find anything to back it up !

  180. Micko. Harry Squillaci is currently in a bunker in Libya or at London Colney. No one can be quite sure. I have it on very good authority, from a rather gaunt Frenchman, that he is a super class player and an adequate replacement for Igor Stepanovs.

  181. I thought there had to be a very good reason……nice one.

  182. Goonster. Shame on you as you have forgotten the self-sustaining model. They sell the players, we sustain the club by paying through the nose for season tickets, meat pies and Stan’s new syrup.

  183. Goonster, money talks, money talks, dirty cash I want you, dirty cash I need you whoa…….thats all I know.

  184. Micko, i don’t think he is alone, a few of our players will be respecting Ramadan – i think…..

  185. Rico, you learn something new everyday, no wonder he’s knackered, who wouldn’t be.

  186. I think someone once suggested that should be FIFA’s theme tune :)

  187. our captain converted to islam a few years back. he is married to a daughter of moroccan immigrants.

  188. Some great news guys, well, for the English fans here, Frimpong has been called up for the England under 21’s – as has Lansbury and our new boy, Chamberlain :)

  189. I don’t think RvP ‘respects’ ramadan though oliver

  190. are you certain, ricco? it may be he modifies the routine somewhat on match day (such as taking food earlier than sundown), but i’ve never heard anything to indicate he does not take the time period and practices seriously…

  191. guys abt couple of hour to go, this match could shape our season ,our transfers and future of our club….
    keep the faith…

  192. i think so oliver, i read it somewhere, but, i’m not sure…

  193. The Ramadan ends the 30th of august. That is probably also the reason he’s not doing well. Traoré is also muslim..

  194. evening all, nice post rico,
    any new news about tonight ?
    Listening to talk sport this morning and they said on there that the FA have made enquiries for Wenger to take over the England Job, makes you wonder if they would want us to get into the Champions league, or have a good run in the league. Makes you wonder about some of our decsions with all the associations being linked, or is that me with a devious mind.

  195. Have a good evening Gooners where ever your watching the game.

    C’mon Arsenal.

  196. When asked… Robin said…

    “It’s not true. I am not a Muslim, nor a Christian or a Jew. I have been raised liberally. If you want to become a Muslim it should come from the heart. I would not do it just to please my wife. To believe for me is a quest for being a good man.”

    Anyway, does it really matter – he’s Robin, our dutch master and now our captain and tonight he will lead us to victory…..

  197. Hi Steve, thanks – it was just for you :)

    Wenger for England, wow, the press would hate that ;)

    Wenger won’t leave us until his contract expires or he is sacked… And no way will this board sack him, they’d be too sacred the next manager will ask for money to spend on players….

  198. You too Micko, hope its the right outcome…..

  199. What i hope from tonight….?

    A Fair ref
    Two fair lino’s
    A gutsy performance from our boys

    oh, and a win for the away side……

  200. Religion has no place in sport in my opinion, theres enough rule to understand and keep to, without religion poking its nose in

  201. it’s not so much religion Steve, it’s what comes with it – ramadan affects the players, can’t be good not eating all day and then playing…. just hope they gobbled loads of pasta before dawn ;)

  202. RVP’s a muslim? Wow now I ve heard everything.

  203. Wow.. If he gets capped for England, we will never lose him to the ACON :D

  204. Makes you wonder if thats why the FA are sniffing round Wenger best part of the future England team will be Arsenal players and the press are slating us off as having no ambition

  205. If we defeat tonight, Udinese will be for the 1st time in groups phase of the CL.
    Kazim 1 Lyon 1. 3 minutes till the end)
    Lyon go forward. 12 years

  206. ADK, nothing against African countries, but from a selfish Arsenal perspective, it’s better for us that the likes of Afobe, Frimpong, Aneke & co. play for England

  207. I have somthing against them AK, they want to take our players away

  208. Thanks JM, you really cheered me up amigo.
    Personally i don’t give a fig about Udinese.
    For me it’s all about Arsenal, Arsenal and more Arsenal….

  209. Well you can’t blame them for trying….
    For me, the people to blame are the idiot English FA.
    Those FA mugs should ensure that any talented youngsters, from an immigrant family, are made to feel welcome into the England set-up and therefore, that those kids want to play for England…

  210. Oi Kev, keep up, read my 5.37 ;) ;) ;)

  211. Rico, i’m a bit behind…. No tome to catch up… :(

    Is that right?

    Frim, Song & Aaron in M/F…

    What we have, we hold….

  212. Well, i have had my bowl of pasta, now i’m ready for the match ;)

  213. Just jesting with you kev ;)

    I hope that is right about the midfield…

  214. Team in full:

    Szczesny, Jenkinson, Vermaelen, Djourou, Sagna, Song, Frimpong, Ramsey, Walcott, Gervinho, Van Persie.


    Fabianski, Traore, Miquel, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Arshavin, Chamakh.

  215. See, and i asked myself what did i know when suggesting Pingpong and Song should both start :P

  216. What We Have We Hold………………… 8)

  217. You should be on the Coaching Staff Rico… :)

  218. i’m back…a pretty inexperienced midfield, but one that should have a more defensive look, and will hopefully be more solid. creativity has been a problem, but rosicky has given us little in his competitive appearances so far this season, so i think arsene made the right call…and if he needs to change things, he will have rosicky on the bench…

    i don’t think 1-0 will be enough – and neither should arsene and our players…a quick start and an early goal or two are critical…

  219. :lol: kev – not so sure about that ….

    oliver, inexperienced yes, but will it have heart and passion, yes, i think so………

  220. You seen the comment from Nasri??

    Patrick Vieira convinced him to join Citeh…..

    I can’t believe Paddy has said/done that, what a git – he was once something in my memory, now he’s just a money s**t……

  221. i have no doubt they will, ricco…i am worried about their guile, however…the last thing we need is to go down a man because of “youthful exuberance” or serial fouling…picking frim and song together has its risks. if they can stay sound and responsible, they can potentially dominate that area tonight…but they will have to reign some instincts in.

  222. Vieira is doing his job…..
    Why didn’t we get him back to AFC…?


  224. i see fener have been ejected from this season’s competition proper. so there may – just may – be a way in for us, even on the back of a loss…

    best not to think as such, and certainly best not to leave anything to chance…

  225. spot on there oliver, hence my comment about a fair ref – we have to hope we see frimpongs desire, but not his late tackles….

    i know the answer to that kev…. ;)

  226. We’re off……. Come on boys……

    catch you at h/t….

  227. ok, we are starting positive, just like last week. theo has already forced handanovic into one save…

  228. This could go either way.

  229. We have the first we all wanted – a very very good referee at the moment….

  230. Really Will ;)

  231. Fenebache have been oiked out of the CL, if we lose, we could still go through …. lets not go that route though, eh ;)

  232. We need to make a bid for that lightening Columbian.

  233. Living on our luck.

  234. Flip, that was bloomin close :(

    Come on afc, get back into this game…..

  235. I thought the same Will, if we progress….

  236. Just listen to their fans, if only the ems would sound like that…….

  237. We need to be first to the ball, we are sloppy at the moment.

  238. This ref misses nothing….

  239. this is starting to resemble the first leg…bright start and then fade…

  240. It’s been coming and we are not good enough up front.

  241. Where was JD on that ball?????

  242. We need H/T….

  243. I just don’t see where we will get a goal :(

  244. What the hell is wrong with our forwards walcott is useless and VP looks knackered get the ox on

  245. I am really sorry guys but if I was wearing the number 14 shirt we would have a goal tonight.
    So my prediction of both Walcott and Ramsey doing fcuk all, has come true, neither player is good enough to wear an Arsenal shirt, and WHY is Song playing as a second striker. Also how does a player who looks to be at max 5’8″ score a header???!

  246. Nor me Rico, I don’t think we can buy a goal.

  247. Theo should have buried his chance……

  248. fifa have decided that another turk side will take fenebache’s place, we need this win….

  249. I know its hot and sticky but our forwards lose the ball easy and then stand still no tracking back at all

  250. I hate to say this but Wenger looks done for.

  251. there keeper looks iffy at least work him

  252. Theo has almost begged to go forward and then he plays like this weres the ox

  253. ESP – it looks that way :(

    Song, well i guess he’s pressing forward as Frimpong is behind him…

    Sorry guys, but i have a horrid feeling here…..

    Rosicky coming on for Frimpong….

  254. Will, your 8.44, what do ou mean??

  255. sigh…

    the goal was coming…we should have scored a few minutes before that, but not taking our chances has been one of the stories of the season.

    so we are back to square one…but one side has the momentum now, and it is not us…

  256. See you at F/T guys, i don’t think we’ll be happy….

  257. And now the Italians return to type.

  258. Re: my 8:44. he seems confused and seems to not know what to do.

  259. song the first booking…


  261. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Skippy :P :P :P

  262. 35+ minutes to hold out.


  264. No Will, 35 mins to get one more and bloody secure this tie…..

  265. Whose heart is racing?

  266. Here we go, fucking ref’s yet again.

  267. Chessssser :P :)

  268. Fuck you ref. fuck you off yuou wanker.

  269. penalty? for what?

  270. szczsney…what-a-save!!

  271. Will, this ref is on the money, wait to see the replay first……

    Its handball by TV….

  272. Handball oliver… just seen it on the replay, both arms i think…
    Outstanding save by the Pole :)

  273. Ball to hand Rico.

  274. it looked ball to hand to me…not only that, but did someone foul tv as he went for it?

  275. that penalty save has given us life, while it looks like some is draining from udinese…right now, we look more likely.

  276. I don’t mind our number 14 ESP :lol:


  278. Has Rosicky made the difference?

    I think so..

  279. Thats a red card !!!!

  280. What is the point of those behind the goal lino’s?

  281. Rico, still stand by your comment that we are fairly treated?

  282. I didn’t say we were Will, you assume that….

    I just don’t always agree with the things you see….

  283. My MOTM – Jenkinson……

  284. You have gone against myself and Steve when we have said that we are on the end of more wrong decisions than other teams. You have said we are wrong, well tonight is a small show of how we seem to always get the dirty end of the stick.

  285. Or Chesser :)

  286. Anyway who cares tonight.

    I wish we would play more forward passes, this is how we let in late goals.

  287. I call it when i see it Will, that’s it… I won’t blame the ref for our failings and just because yopu and Steve see it one way, i dont have to!!

    I am not a sheep!!

  288. Boo! At last, something to wake up at an ungodly hour for. ;)

  289. boo agag, 10 mins to go yet, lets not get ahead ;)

  290. Come on Rico ,play fair, ball to hand given as a pen, blatant elbow to the face ignored???????????????????????

  291. rico, don’t jinx it. :P Nice by Theo.

  292. See my 9.22 Will!!

  293. me too Stve, but not as happy as i will be when that whistle goes….

    agag, just keeping my feet on the ground ;)

  294. Tomas has been class since he came on…..

  295. I will have to say you are wrong Rico and you take the ideals of fair play a tad to far and leave it there.

  296. Will, you have driven me to the point that i don’t give a toot what you think – and that has been a long time coming!

    Sorry guys and gals…..

  297. Then have a great blog and goodbye.

  298. Ok Will, if that is your answer, goodbye – all the best to you……

  299. done! fine work guys, excellent second half performance…

  300. Great result, great team effort, great night….

    I’ll sleep well now…

    Nighty all……

  301. we just won a hugely important match such as this – under these conditions and all we can do is have a pop at a fellow supporter because she does not see things exactly the same??

  302. whatever…night ricco…great win, great second half performance and we’ll see who we are paired with.

  303. exactly oliver, you writing that one up??

    with a big smile…..

  304. Well fuck me i’m releaved well done Arsenal beers all round and a nice bonus

  305. thanks oliver, i hope we get a soft group now :)

  306. Another 25 mill in the old sky rocket Now get Cahill

  307. A nice glass of vino, rico. ;) Well done, Arsenal. oliver, this would be a happy write, at least.

  308. i got it ricco…

    hiya steve…hiya agag…something to smile about now…

  309. Job done, lads did well,

    Even though he scored, walcott was awful first half, much better the second, same for song, when he actually decided to do his job he did it well.

    Chezzer, what can you say? What a stop. We had a stone wall peno denied, ref didn’t call the peno against us either.

    Rosicky played very well when he came on.

    Was jenkinson booked for kicking the ball away? Why does that rule only apply to us?

    Also can I asked why Wenger took Gervinho? He is suspended, why not take a player off who has to play on saturday.

  310. Whose having a pop at who? I am saying that Rico takes the ideal of fair play to far.

    Are you saying that I have to tow the party line and lie? In EVERY game we have dodgy decisions that cost us games and I will not shy away from saying that.

    It was never a penalty, Fuck me, if Tommy V has reactions like that, he should be in goal and the fact that Theo gets a forearm smash in front of the 5th official and gets nothing shows exactly what I was saying.

    Two sending off, fined for failing to control players when it was the opposition assaulting one of our players who indecently was defending himself when he was sent off.

    Frimpong booked when he should have been talked to and calmed down.

    Anyone else want to say we don’t get a fair shake of the whip?

    I have tried and tried and TRIED to get a positive vibe on here like it was when I first started coming on but more Anti-Arsene people came on and dragged it down to the point it is depressing to read most of the comments. I have actually read on here that Arsene is killing the club on purpose.

    Anyway, I have been insulted on here and one said anything so Steve P, it’s all yours mate.

  311. Evening oliver,
    this is one post i am realy looking forward to give that press a bit of stick son

  312. Thanks oliver – happy writing no doubt :)

  313. ESP, Henry was out of games for 80 mins, but then…… ;)

  314. we get it ! :-)
    Di Natalie would be a nice player for us :-)
    And the young brazilian central back more the young Ghana player

  315. Now we are through, Wenger has more pulling power in the last seven days of this transfer window…

  316. Theo didn’t get a forearm in the face….. he caught an elbow behind the player. Was accidentel.

  317. Wojiech ‘Safe-Hands’ Szczesny……. get in..!

  318. I’m def off now…..

    Nighty all……

  319. esp, i am not sure why gerv was the second one off. it may have been because he felt that was the best position to put traore on to shore up the defence.

    steve, i’ll add a word or two about how a crisis foretold is not always a crisis realized.

  320. Evening Gooners
    Afternoon Oliver.

    Gotta say, i thiought Rosicky had a great 2nd 45.

  321. And tomorrow, at 5 pm I will be commit to the challenge to the next round

  322. Hello Rico
    Goodnight Rico…. Sweet Dreams :D

  323. The lads continue Arsenal’s great record in Italy…

  324. Now, i wonder if Arsene is gonna pull a couple of rabbits out of his hat in the Transfer Window?

  325. Will, don’t you even think of not contributing especially now were in the champions league, thats what this and other blogs are for , i feel we get the wrong end of the stick in every game anybody that knows anything about football can see that. You make your observations the way you see them i often see it your way, but others dont, wouldn’t be right if we all see it the same, we wouldn’t have anything to debate about would we. Don’t take it to heart mate, your an Arsenal man and we never give up, even when theres contraversy we will still be in there fighting and biting.

  326. evening kev…big win, we needed this…probably none more than arsene…

    uefa may well uphold his suspension, but at least we are in the competition…if we can get a decent draw, who knows what we can do…

    i think we can be justifiably be proud of winning both legs against the team that none of the seeded teams wanted to play. we truly did it the hard way this time out.

  327. Arsene Wenger 15 years on the trot in the champions league and some want him gone, leave it out gooners the a legend and we will upset a lot of people this year and i can’t fucking wait i love this club ha ha

  328. Oliver, of all the 5 games we’ve had/have this month, tonight’s was the most important.
    You may laugh, bUt i don’t give a toss about Old Trafford.
    Tonight was as big as it comes buddy…

  329. Kev, our result against United will show truly how strong we are…

    Some say Hazard is joning us, as well as M’vila..

    I would’t get my hopes up

  330. Night all i’m going on the vodka fuck how i feel in the morning fuck em all ha ha

  331. Are Arsenal still a big club?
    from http://www.eurospot.com by Early Doors
    !Things they wish they had never said, no. 376:
    “Imagine the worst situation – we lose Fabregas and Nasri. You cannot convince people you are ambitious after that. You can’t then pretend you are a big club because a big club holds on to its best players and gives a message to all the other big clubs that they can’t come in and take our players.”
    That quote from Arsene Wenger, blurted out last month, now adorns the back page of every newspaper, taken as proof positive that Le Professeur has lost it.
    It even provoked Sky Sports News’s Charlotte Jackson, only half joking, to say: “It’s official. Arsenal have announced they are no longer a big club.”
    Yes, Wenger’s ‘big club’ prouncement could go down with Neville Chamberlain’s promise of ‘peace in our time’ as a moment calamitously lacking in foresight.
    Not that ED would equate Arsenal dropping out of the top four with the Second World War.
    Of course, Wenger is not the only man looking a bit silly this morning.
    How about Samir Nasri himself, who said last October: “We have more merit as a club than those who have built their teams with millions.”
    In other news, Nasri has just penned a £175,000-a-week contract with Manchester City.
    Still, as one hero leaves, another emerges – step forward Emmanuel Frimpong, the mohawked enforcer that bossed Arsenal’s game against Liverpool on Saturday.
    Or at least he did for 70 minutes, until he received a red card that had, frankly, been coming since the opening whistle.
    ut what has really endeared him to Gooners is his on-the-button reaction to Nasri’s departure.
    It has become the customary to wish your ex-team-mates all the best, even if you hated their breathing guts.
    Cue Robin van Persie: “All the best @Nanas08 @ your new club Thanks for the good stuff!”
    And cue Jack Wilshere: “Good luck to my friend @Nanas08 (mr Nasri) learnt a lot from him. World class player! Will be missed!”
    And cue Emmanuel Frimpong: “Pffffff come on Jack”
    What a legend.
    And to top it off, Frimpong aimed this barb at Piers Morgan who, when not listening to voicemail messages left by ex-Beatles, likes nothing more than a bit of Tweet-jousting with Premier League footballers.
    @piersmorgan Ur my bestest Friend If I ever score ill dedicate it to you :)*hugs*
    What’s not to love about him?
    On his Twitter profile, next to the unexplainable catchphrase #DEEEEENCH, Frimpong declares: “I Love Arsenal F.C more than The Person That Founded it”
    Noble sentiments, but they could look a bit silly in 18 months’ time when he signs for Manchester City.
    As for whether Arsenal are still a big club – ED would merely point out how much everyone is enjoying their suffering.
    That’s the true mark of a big club.

  332. Cheers Steve!

  333. ADK if AFC get a result at OT i will be ‘Dancing on the Ceiling’, but i don’t expect it and won’t be desperately upset, if we lose.
    We’ve had a terrible start to the season. Everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong.
    But this result, by our young ‘Cesc-less’ team, has given me a wonderfull lift…
    Also i had a fantastic curry while i was watching TV.
    It doesn’t get any better than that.. :)

  334. Stevo, haha, have one for me…. nite mate..

  335. ha ha :)

    I am, as well as you, lifted by our performance tonight. Jenkinson looked great. So did Gervinho, Walcott and Szczesny. I actually think that we can get a good result at OT, IF we play without pressure. The pressure will be on United, and that is our advantage.. I think that we should concentrate on the domestic cups this year IMHO

  336. Agree ADK, the cups sound good to me.
    Chicken Jalfriezi, very very nice.. ;)
    Thought Jenkinson had a huge game, sagna was superb, linking beautifully with Walcott, especially for his goal.
    Song had a massive 2nd 45 after a quiet 1st 45.
    Chezzers save was Seamanesque…. What a player, i love him!

  337. RVP seems to be getting up to speed after a slow start to the season.
    Gervinho gives us something different, not always looking to lay it off. His dribbling could bring us a few penalties?

  338. I guess it’s not all doom and gloom as Wenger says it himself ;)

    I’m goning to bed as a happy man!

    Good night Kev, enjoy your chicken! ;)

  339. Thought the back-four looked very sound tonight.
    Udinese’s goal was a bit of class, i wouldn’t blame any defenders, maybe you have to look at the build-up to their goal, could we have done better in preventing it there?

  340. Good night ADK.
    I ate it ages ago…. :D

  341. And i gotta say, i thought Ramsey had a good 90mins.
    He may not always catch the eye, but i did notice that he did a lot of unselfish work.
    I certainly wouldn’t compare him with Denilson, imho Ramsey is a far better player now, than the Brazillian, and i think he’ll improve with regular football.
    But please don’t expect him to replace Fabregas, it’s not fair comparing those two.
    Give him time….

  342. Nice result with a much more astute and aware second half. See there has been. Bit of a ding dong on here tonight. Well done Rico. With you all the way. Has he really gone?

  343. Wenger, post-match with his Press ‘chums’…


  344. Hi Kev. Just off to bed as I have to drive to Salisbury tomorrow. I see that charming fellow Nasri just couldn’t resist having a pop at Arsenal fans could he? What a complete tosser he has shown himself to be.

  345. Hi Adam. Have a listen to this ungratefull slag….


  346. Ah, see that you must have seen it Adam.
    Goodnight mate.
    Drive safely tomorrow.
    See ya later…. :)

  347. Can’t hear it on the iPad Kev. Probably best I don’t before nodding off. Can’t remember the last time I went to bed after an Arsenal game without the hump. Good night mate.

  348. @ allezkev:

    Agree about the back 4, but that goal was on Djourou. He didnt cover his man. Watch the reply, he never even looked to check where his man was. Lapse in concentration. But he was good overall.

  349. Morning all, we happy :)

    Good to see the Paps having to take a u-turn :)

  350. Morning Rico,

    Now iIf only Indians could win one day series :-)

  351. Morning Rico, yeah the gutter press having to do a massive “U-TURN”…haha! Nasri showing his true colours, glad we’ve got shot of the prick, he’ll fit in nicely with all those egos in manchester….Cahill, M’Villa, Baines & Drogba and let the trophies roll :) :) :)

  352. Hi Guys,

    I’m still beaming with smiles, cracking night eh :)

    bnsb, it’ll be a close one, ruined by the weather ;)

    Spot on Lee, gled the poodle has gone, add his money to what we earned last night, those four you name would be easy to buy :)

    Come on Arsene, get the cheque book out ….

  353. New Post is up now :)

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