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Midfielder Signing Confirmed! Wenger say’s more to come, However………

If you believe The Daily Star this morning, Wenger is reported to have told Robin van Persie he is happy with his current squad! The report is from a source in Holland although it’s probably from 2004! ;)

Young Guns report that Arsenal have agreed to sign Olney Soccer Club midfielder Gedion Zelalem, following a trial. The 14-year-old will join the Gunners on his 16th birthday, in January 2013.

He’s not what we need now and this news doesn’t excite me one bit but another one in the bag for the years ahead, one that suggests Arsene Wenger is going nowhere for a long time.

With just eight days to go until ‘that day’ Wenger has suggested yet again that he’s prepared to re-enter the transfer market before the 31st August:

Yes overall we will buy. Maybe people feel I am stubborn, but I am not, I just want to do the best for the team and buy the right players.If I have shown one thing in the last 15 years, it is that I have brought in good players.

We will bring as well experienced players. People just say ‘buy’ but it is to buy the right player which is difficult.

Yep, he’s right, he has brought in some good players, very good players in fact but he’s also signed a few shockers! I hope he steers clear from the latter in the next eight days.

Yep, eight days, that’s all there is left for him to get a player or two to make us complete.

Where has this transfer window gone, it seems like only yesterday it opened and yet here we are, just a few days away from in slamming shut for another four months…

Then, what we have is what we have…..

However, if Wenger is truthing, that won’t only be what we have today, we’ll see, eh?

Today should be interesting, the travelling squad to Italy should be known later today prior to tomorrows massive fixture against Udinese – and no doubt most Gooners are wondering not only whether Samir Nasri will travel, but will he play…

If he plays, that’s it, no move to Man City or indeed any club that features in the Champions League no doubt, also his value will decrease hugely.

Will Wenger take that risk on a player who will walk for free next summer?

Will Nasri play and then surprise us all and sign a new contract?

I think if he travels he’ll play from the start, why would Wenger bother taking him otherwise?

The Football Network have further reported on the alleged divide between Wenger and The Board, have a read.

Got to leave it there for today, few internet problems, bloomin weather!!

Have a good day all….

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469 comments on “Midfielder Signing Confirmed! Wenger say’s more to come, However………

  1. Good morning Rico!

    Life’s tough being fan of Indian cricket or Arsenal Football :-)

  2. Morning All….

    But it’s great if you follow English cricket bnsb ;)

  3. So the divide at board level has been denied by the club, they were pretty quick to respond to that….

  4. ..as if they would gladly admit it, The masters of obfuscation that they are

  5. No smoke Rico…..

  6. that’s true bnsb, in fact i don’t believe anything that comes out of our club… i know some will suggest all is rosy etc etc etc, but i really fear for us this season…..

  7. without an inferno Lee….. :(

  8. Morning Rico. Oddly hurtful to hear Mata say that Cheleas’s footballing ambitions were the reason he moved there and not to Arsenal. It shows that the farcical way the club has gone about it’s business lately has farther reaching consequences than just pissing off it’s fans.

  9. RICOO….you got me going there. Actually thought we signed someone during the night….why you little……morning all.

  10. AFC RIP, you comment is in moderation right now – calling fans what you have won’t get you on here – if you want to particpate, do so constructively please…

  11. Morning Rico
    some interesting stuff yesterday on Arsenal Times, semi-backed up by Myles Palmer.
    It made very interesting reading

  12. FInally we have signed Gedion Zelalem! I have been following him for the past 8 years now! Might explain that time I did in jail a while back……

  13. Adam – indeed! I haven’t a clue what is going on at board level, but to get to this stage of the window and still no sign of a defender or any defence minded players being signed is not good. I know he’s signed players but….

    this is a massive few days for us…..

  14. goonster, we have, a 14 year old ;)

  15. SYG, but who is truthing, AFC or what has been reported by the FN, as Lee said earlier, no smoke without fire…

    ESP :lol:

  16. SYG. Just a suggestion as I know Rico frowns upon overt criticism of other sites but Myles Palmer is notoriously wayward with his utterances and it would be unwise to consider him a reliable source. I think I will leave it at that.

  17. Can’t wait to see the lads tomorrow…..COYG

  18. I haven’t seen the article on ANR

  19. I’ve come to hate THE DAILY STAR, I really have!!! It is there to spell doom for Arsenal all the time, and it is a shame! I wonder how professional journalists who work for a professional newspaper can begin to write rubbish! First, it was that paper that reported the ‘news’, [I don't know if I would be right to call it so], that Van Persie was going to hand in a transfer request after getting disgruntled with Wenger’s transfer policy, something that was clearly untrue and was vehemently denied by the Dutchman. Now, without quoting anyone, anywhere, they are saying that Wenger has told Van Persie that he won’t sign anyone!! Wenger has just said that he is looking to add in his midfield and defense. [refer to the Arsenal Website] When and where then did Wenger meet Van Persie that THE DAILY STAR was that others weren’t? This is totally ludicrous of them! Please, if you don’t have anything to write, just keep quiet other than writing rubbish. Besides, Arsenal isn’t the only club you can write about, there are others. Keep your rubbish to yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Rico. I don’t think you have to see it to know what it says, or should I say, suggests. I will give you a clue though. Positive? No.

  21. Seems no one wants to take skillesss shit from us….yet you wonder how he got into our first team. WOw

  22. Kiku – The Daily Star and many others I’d say….

    If it’s the one about Stan being in town, it doesn’t even make a lot of sense Adam …

  23. Anyone excited about tomorrow?

  24. Goonster….beware the wounded bear!! I’m really looking forward to tomorrows match.

  25. Hiya Adam – I never critise other sites and I certainly wouldn’t critise ANR.
    “One person’s caviar is another person’s fish eggs”.
    It doesn’t do to be the same.

    As I site, it shoots from the hip and is extremely anti-Wenger and at times anti-Arsenal. A lot of what it says, I feel the same.

    Although I don’t know him -as a person I would probably despise him. A petentious up-his own-arse closet Man Utd fan who likes to name-drop. Delusions of grandeur maybe?
    The thing I hate is that he calls players of other clubs by their first names or nicknames – Stevie G, Wayne, Rio etc and at times refers to them to warriors…etc

  26. I’m looking forward to tomorrows match, but i don’t feel very confident….

  27. I am Will, can’t wait!!

  28. Rico. There is an air of resignation hanging over the Arsenal blogs at the moment. They see what is happening to the club but just can’t quite believe it. As deadline after deadline passes the press are sharpening their claws for a feeding frenzy. Still, that 6% rise seems like a good idea now doesn’t it.

  29. of course will am all fired up….can’t wait hey lee didn’t see you there. What’s happening my man?

  30. Kiku- The Daily Star can never be considered a paper – never mind a sports paper. It was shit when it first came out an it’s shit now…
    If we are being honest, which paper is worth reading?

  31. SYG. Up to a point you are of course correct. But, if it looks like shit and smells like shit, then it generally is.

  32. Adam – Nice one.

    Did you read Le Grove re: Man Utd’s deal with DHL?

  33. I have a feeling it will be a “once more into the breech” type of games.

  34. I am not sure how a training kit that is never to be seen can be sponsored to be honest.

  35. I think you are right Adam, the gutter in the press no doubt all hope we lose tomorrow – hope the squad can shove that back in there faces and get a cracking result in Italy….

  36. You cannot polish a turd….however you can roll it in glitter!!

  37. Winterburn reckons Wenger will be in the dugout tomorrow…

  38. Good moaning all,
    A 14 year old, you couldn’t make it up.
    Slim chance Wenger may be in the dugout tomorrow night, lets hope its true.

  39. AFC have requested that UEFA delay the touchline ban, we all know what their reply will be….

    I reckon AW should promote Banfield for the night, get him alongside Rice if Wenger cannot be there….

  40. what would be funny would be to fit the entire dugout with bluetooth headsets.

  41. We should grind out a result in Italy. 0-0 or 1-1

    They aren’t that good. We just made them look half decent.

  42. Micko, i still think tomorrow is the key factor over any signings…

  43. Its got 2-2 written all over it.

  44. Rico, better make sure they all get an extra weetabix in the morning then.

  45. Semaphore permitted? Carrier pigeons? Smoke signals gotta be a no no….

  46. It is an absolute joke that Wenger complied with their rules and still gets banned.

    I hope Arsenal appeal and get it over turned and show up Uefa as the Barca loving twats they are.

  47. Will, uefa wont overturn jack-shit!

  48. I’d take that result :)

  49. Or course they won’t Lee, that would show them in their true light.

  50. Hiya Miko – Have we got two goals in us?

  51. :) Micko…

    Ufea won’t help us out in any way, Rice looked lost last week, absolutely lost – and what concerns me is how that will imapct on the players…

    But, the good news is that JD and Jack will be in there…

  52. they are oxygen thieves….THE END!

  53. Guys, would you start with Nasri tomorrow??

  54. I woould start Nasri. Those mercs in the north have had more than enough time to meet the asking price.

  55. SYG, definately, its just the other end that worries me, you just know its gonna be one of those nights where your on the edge of your seat, we never do it the easy way do we ?

  56. I can’t see nasri starting, how has it come to this.

  57. I would start him.

  58. Definately start Nasri, who the fuck does mankini think he is issuing ultimatums…

  59. Some fool on LEGROVE is hoping the mancs and udinese stuff us! Can you believe that? What kinda fans do we have?

  60. We have had some of that on here Goonstar.

  61. Me too, if Mancini wants him, he knows the price….

    Maybe this is why AW will include him… Force the deal, or not as it might be…

  62. Anyone read ian wright in the sun today???

    He sound’s like he dosent have a clue about Arsenal sometimes.

    Nasri is off mate,no doubt about it.We can get by anyway and i fully expect us to win in italy tomorrow.

  63. We really need to be tougher with other teams.

  64. Yeah will and it hurts…..my dad till his death was a preston ND fan. Am not sure they ever won anything but you wouldn’t hear him and his friends wishing their club bad. Am so disappointed. Are we actually fans or mercenaries…bummer.

  65. @Adam . That’s a lie. He said, he was not interested in the bids of Spurs and Arsenal. “BIDS” not “AMBITIONS”

  66. My team would be:


    jenkinson jd tv sagna

    ramsey song wilshere

    walcott rvp gervinho

  67. Yeah mr is, wrighty was a legend on the field but a bit of a plank off it, he don’t half spout some shite about us, it turned a bit sour at the end for him and he’s never got over it, thats my take.

  68. We don’t look that bad at the back
    the 0-2 reverse the other day was unlucky and due to 3 things: a) the sending off b) the O.G and offside and c) us trying to equalise and getting caught. Apart from that, we coped well defensively until the sending off.
    Vermaelen and SZC were sound and Sagna, even though he was out of position did more than ok. And when the fixtures came out bot Miguel & Jenkinson wouldn’t have dreamt they’d be playing in that match – And they didn’t look that out of place.
    Frimpong was keen and unlucky on his debut. But as I recall so was Ray Parlour, who also had his debut in a 0-2 reverse at Anfield. If Frimpong is as good and as convicted in his approach to a match as Parlour was, then I can’t see any fan grumbling.
    At the back we coped and Liverpool are a damn sight better side that Udinese.
    As for Djourou, I’ve never been a fan. Injury prone and like Song – a lack of attention re: his job and position.
    It’s the up front bit that worries me.
    I like RVP however as a main striker with a powder puff support – I don’t know??????

  69. Now Press and Fergie praise youngsters but when Wenger uses youngsters then we say he has no ambition

  70. Goonster best thing to do is give those people no time at all,
    You are feeding them by worrying about them.You will still be a Arsenal fan in 15yrs and they will be supporting the chavs lol

  71. Hi Mr Is – I don’t doubt he wants out but we need this deal to be done if he is going, that’s why i think he’ll travel – i don’t get why all the faffing around by the player and citeh….

    Is he re-thinking? Just a thought…

  72. Afro – i was thinking the same, listening to SS’s go on about them blah blah blah yet what did we get…


  73. SYG, come on, you know we’re gonna concede, we just gotta out gun them, i think Kolo Toure also made his debut at liverpool at left back and had a nightmare, conceded a penalty, I could be talking rubbish but he went on to do quite well for us as well.

  74. Micko plus the fact that we didnt sign swp and he has always been bitter about that.He is so out of touch and just sound’s so sour and say’s how much he loves the club.

    As much as i love Wright,he said he would have chose chav’s if he had the chance.

  75. I would have thought that any conversations that Arsenal have with FIFA or UEFA officials from now on should be recorded and witnessed before being held by a legal official. Rico. Perhaps you are right and tomorrow will decide transfer realities. But, it didn’t have to be this way did it?

  76. IAN WRIGHT hasn’t a clue full stop.

    A great Arsenal player. But a player, and that’s all.
    Tony Adams. A great Arsenal player. But again, a player and that’s all.

    Just because a guy is/was a great player, it doesn’t mean he knows what he’s on about.

    Look at Chris Waddle. He can’t even string a sentence together.

    There are some great former players than put over great points of view, but Ian Wright isn’t one of them.

    SkySports – The former line up of Le Tiss, Charlie Nich, Big Frank, Rodney Marsh, McInally etc… I could listen to them all day.. Marsh in paticular… But George Best???

  77. Hiya Micko – Toure made his debut in a 1-1 at Stamford Bridge I think – Left midfield as an early sub.

  78. Rico,

    I’ve heard it’s agents fee’s but it will all be ironed out in the next 48 hours.Nasri will defo be a city player sad to say.

    I would rather he stayed and we could add to the team instead of just losing players and having to try add more.

    Intresting about wenger trying to get offer’s on squlliachi??
    Maybe he know’s that one just didnt work out???

  79. Kolo Toure made his debut against Liverpool in the FA Community Shield in August 2002 :)

  80. Bollox, I’d hoped he was having a rethink Mr Is and signing a new contract – then, we could sell him for twice the price next summer …..

  81. Apparently hazard has ruled himself out of ever joining us this season

  82. Well, there you go i was talking rubbish after all,

    I remember the day Wrighty signed for us, it was all over the news, exciting times for an Arsenal fan, well it was for me anyway.

  83. Sorry Rico – I must be thinking of his first goal then – the header – Did Zola score with a flukey 45-yarder? Another one that eluded the great Seaman

  84. Mid-Morning Gooners.
    Hi Rico, a very good post boss.
    Stan, your Dad supported the original ‘Invincibles’ then?
    They won The Double in 1888-89…

  85. Reports are coming out that Jack Wilshere won’t be travelling to Italy….

  86. SYG,

    Your bang on matey,Merse is the same i’m afraid to say.
    Used to be my favorite player year’s ago magic merse,but he has just jumped on the ss bandwagon of bashing Arsenal on there.
    Charlie nicholas is the only one that has he own opinon.

  87. Wrighty was such a great player thou,it’s only that Henry took he’s shine away for me.

    That’s sad news on jack rico,maybe best not to rush him back.

  88. Kev my man….are you for real? Wow at least my old man won something too.

  89. Ha ha guys, i was just being a pedantic old git re Toure :P

    Not sure who his first goal was against, he got two in the 02/03 season….

    All I really know about him is he takes slimming pills ;)

  90. Morning Kev, bit af a naughty one re the midfielder though, although it is true :)

  91. Re the Wenger ban, Winterburn says the club contacted Uefa at half time last tuesday and they were given the gree light about the way they were comunicating….

    I blame Rice, the way he pleaded towards wenger for help….

  92. Micko – Ian Wright. A great signing.
    But when Wright joined it made the team more reliant on him as a striker …. I bit like when Arsenal bought Malcolm MacDonald…
    Sometimes a player like that – although his return is good at 25-30 goals per season – it doesn’t show the bigger picture…

    I remember in an interview with Alan Smith (Who hit 20-25 goals per season regularly in his first few seasons) – the BBC/ITV mentioning it to him that since Wright had arrived his goals had dried up …. Credit to Smith in that he said “It wasn’t Ian’s fault”.. but looking back at it, he’d probably tell you that although it still wasn’t (Wright’s fault)….. having Wright i the team definitely dis have something to do with it ..

    RVP got a lot of goals at the back end of last season, put as a team we were shite…

    You sometimes sacrifice a good team and results to play through a “star striker”….

  93. Kinda wish we had cesc for this trip it ll be so easy knowing he’s on the pitch.

  94. Talking of cesc didn’t he score last night.

  95. That is food for thought SYG…..

    And when the only star striker you have is off for, you are snookered when you don’t have another goal scorer in the side…

    But, we need to stop playing RvP up front on his own, it just doesn’t work…..

    And walcott needs a kick in the pants……

  96. he did Micko, i didn’t want to mention it… :(

  97. I think Smiths goals dried up due to the fact that Wrighty would have stepped over his own mother for a goal! I have never seen a player who scoring meant so much to him, its something we are really missing at the moment. Two most important things to Wrighty, scoring and putting the boot into Peter Schmeichel!

  98. SYG, didn’t smitheys only yellow card come in his last game for Arsenal, went out with a bit of a mean streak !

  99. Stan Preston also won the League in 1889-90.
    They won another FA Cup in 1938, when they beat Huddersfield Town [i think] with a penalty.

    Rico, whatever is happening, or not happening, with the first team, the Academy still has a job to do, and that is signing youngsters.
    All clubs do it, but it seems the Press only ‘dig-out’ arsenal for doing it.
    Part of the campaign by the Press to poison the minds of Arsenal fans against Wenger…

    As far as Ian Wright is concerned, a great player for AFC, but it’s always been a case of me me me with Wrighty….
    Tbh i find him a bit of an embarrisment, ditto Merse, it’s a shame really as all they do is lose the respect of the fans who loved them….

  100. Micko
    I was at wembley to see his yellow card (although We got caught in the traffic jam on th M1 and didn’t get there until just before half time ..).. Don’t think it was his last game though … We did the ECWC the year after and he scored the winner in an Ian Wright-less line-up.

    Great goal.

  101. Rico I agree we can’t expect RVP to be a 30+ goal a year man, he is a number 10 and a good one at that. I believe with the current set of players its not possible though as we don’t have two midfielders good enough to play in the Centre, Jack is good, but can’t put Ramsy (waste of space in my book) or Song beside him because the midfield would be too weak. We need a commanding CM player to play along side Jack.

  102. Hiya Kev…
    Wrighty – Yeh you’re right … or Wright…

    Welcome to the Ian Wright Show
    starring .. Ian Wright
    Co-starring .. Ian Wright
    and introducing .. Ian Wright
    with special guest stars .. Ian Wright

    Directed and produced by .. Ian Wright

  103. Stange isn’t it?
    Arsenal won the League in 1990-91, losing only one game.
    Ian Wright arrives early in 1991-92 and Arsenal become a ‘cup-team’.
    We didn’t win another title until Wright was no longer a regular in 1997-98…
    Then he strops off to West Ham in the summer of 1998 instead of staying to fight for his place…
    Therefore giving up his only chance of playing in the Champions League…!

  104. Thanks kev…..that meant so much to me knowing my dad’s club is way better than the swampies down the lane. Did you see how flat those mugs were last night. Without fugly faced modric they are nothing.

  105. I know kev but…. ok, i won’t ;)

    I loved Wrighty v Schmeichel, Paddy v Keane, Keown v Horsey – oh to have a bit of that spirit now….

    Still, Frimpong gives hope ;)

  106. SYG… :D
    He was great for us, a real showman. Loved the fans, and we loved him, but brain cells were never his strong-point…

  107. I know Rico but… no don’t… :lol:

  108. Rico, don’t forget Afobe, and Coquelin might just suprise us all.
    And about time too. We have this much vaunted Academy, and so they should begin to provide us with some home-made players, players that’ll give us more loyalty and effort than some of the mercenaries brought in recently…

  109. One of the Arsenal lads actually said when we won the first title under Wenger that “Arsenal could never win the league with Ian Wright in the side” – It wasn’t said like that, but words to that effect…

    Although that season we were on fire with him in the side, the winning streak that took us to the title was done when he and Platt were out injured…

    RVP is more like Bergkamp than the archetypical predatory striker

  110. Good morning everyone!
    When the good news start ?

  111. I know Kev, but what about the here and now?? – Ok, i won’t go there ;)

  112. Spot on SYG, what we now need is the perfect striker to play alongside RvP, look at who DB had up there with him….

  113. SYG, a switch back to 4 4 2 and RVP slips into the ‘hole’ like all the best No.10’s.
    Maybe once Gervinho has fully adapted, he might become the striker we need.
    It takes time to adapt to the EPL, i only hope Wenger is given the time to work with him….

  114. Good Morning JM, good to see you back, nice holiday??

    Good news will hopefully begin tomorrow at 10pm Uk time wehn we get the right result in Italy :)

  115. Good point there kev, Gervinho showed what he is capable with his two goals in pre-season – this stupid sending off won’t help him…

    Tomorrow though, I bet he’s chomping at the bit to get a few goals….

  116. What was I saying EARLIER today about Myles palmer being a closet Man Utd supporter ….and his references to “wayne” and “warrior” ???? He’s a marine now – Jarhead..


    We live in a world of spin and PR.
    Man Utd are the world’s best.
    The biggest football club in the world.
    But only the biggest since the late fifties and early sixties – when Myles Palmer first supported them. I wonder why?

    Maybe if Arsenal dump Udinese out of the Champions League, our young exciting team might get an away game in Yugoslavia and travel back with RyanAir… and within years maybe we could be as big as United ?
    Maybe Myles Palmer might start caling our lads by their first name?

  117. hi guys…
    saw the manu game yesterday…..
    they to had so many problems startd the likes of cleverly,jones ,smalling,welbeck….still beat tottenham hands down…..why dont we win when we play with kids…..?

  118. Did wilshere suffer a set back?

  119. I know i shouldn’t, but, oh, here goes…. One for you Rico… ;)


    Don’t shoot the messenger… :)

  120. yes, thanks.
    I’ve watched Liverpool match on tv … and the goal and a shot resume of Udinese match (ufff…)
    All the names on the “stars” last few weeks are out. We need quickly, a left back (alvaro Pereira – Fc Porto ?) , a central forward (Leandro Damião – International – Porto Alegre -Brasil ?), two midfield (Hazard? Fernando ? …) and a central back (Cahil ? )
    Last year, our defeact was the goalkeeper; this year, is only the position that we are up the low level… without buy anyone…
    If AW don’t want to buy good players with credits (but expensive and mostly can’t now not playong in european competitions) I give him a suggestion: go to Brazil and buy a packet of six players !
    (not very expensive, they can play in all the competitions and we can award money in sell them in the future)

  121. If you trawl thru many AFC blogs SYg, i think you’ll find the consensus on Myles Palmer is that he’s a no-nothing tosser.
    Of course that’s only my opinion… :D

  122. SYG – that’s just why I don’t read ANR

    Hi af – their kids aren’t as good as ours ;)

  123. Know-nothing tosser that should read, SYG…

  124. There is nothing too closet about that guys support of Man U.
    United could put out an over 65s team agaisnt spurs and still hockey them. Spurs have done nothing but roll over and get their bellies scratched playing united.
    I wonder if they will play the same team against us?

  125. point taken kev ;) ;)

    see, their kids aren’t as good as ours…..

  126. JM, there are plenty of players available but i think they are waiting to see if we can offer CL footie first…

  127. The one difference with us and United is that their team is full of winners and I am afraid ours is not. its simple, they aren’t as good as footballers as our players, but they know how to win.

  128. SYG, Myles Palmer is a dick and so anti-Arsenal that I have stopped reading him.

    As for Frimpong, he will be a beast by the end of this season and will be scaring the everloving shit of of every midfielder we play.

  129. ESP –

    yep, sadly that is the case, their winning mentality runs down through the ages – had we had the right youndger ones coming through back when we were winning and going unbeaten, we’d have that mentality too but, and as we all keep getting reminded by the scummie press, its been a long time….

    We have to start doing what we did last tuesday, grind out a win and hold onto a lead, then the belief will come back into the players minds, and of course the fans….

  130. I think Frimpong is a beast already……

    Got to pop off for a bit, back shortly….

  131. Imagine Frimpong with experience and pitch know-how.

  132. Will – I have to agree – first impressions he – EF26 – looks good…
    The sending off – unlike Gerviho and Billong – he wanted to do well and impress…. Gervinho and Song were both mugged into retribution..
    …Not acceptable as there’s a tunnel and car park for bitch-slapping.
    EF26 was a positive as were Vermaelen & SZCY.

  133. yes, rico but we that idea in mind and/or high wages, we looose all the interesting players: Lukatu, Mata, Young, Falcao. etc… and the crucial error (the same last 3-4 years…) in not buy one player at January for still strike for the League, cups and at least, be 1, 2ª ou 3th in the League and play directed, in the CL.

  134. I still think it was a shit booking for the first one. A decent ref would have had a word with the kid, not got his card out as fast as he would his todger in a brothel.

  135. Will – you’re right – Gerrard would have got off with a word.
    Different rules for different players as the rules are for different teams… When was the last time we had a penalty at Old Trafford or Anfield?

  136. SYG, it is more the fact the ref should have common sense. You have a 19 year old kid making his home debut and he was rushing around like a lunatic. A quick word with the player and the captain and a warning.

  137. These pricks want to make names for themselves…

  138. This could be speculation but a 14-year-old would be a typical Wenger signing. In fact, saying Arsenal FC faces a grim future is an under-statement. Today, a post-2005 vulgar obsession with profits than striving for trophies has painfully caught-up with Wenger + the Board of Arsenal FC. Even the previously loyal players like Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri figured out Arsene + Board and realised that with them in charge, they risk retiring trophyless. Today, such stars are fleeing Arsenal FC like a plague, dropping the club like a red-hot potato. With just a week at Barcelona, Cesc Fabregas won the Spanish super-cup. Arsenal’s remaining few stars like Robin van Persie must have take note and are “jealous” of Cesc. But how long can the Arsenal sustain even the profits they love to death with the continuing exodus of the club’s best players? With performances like the sleep-enhancing draw at Newcastle and a diabolical home capitulation to Liverpool there is no way this Arsenal squad can limp into the Champions League again. With such humiliating home defeats, I doubt fans can continue filling the 62,000 Emirates Stadium so Wenger + Board can cream-off and chew the gate collections perpetually. What about the jersey and stadium sponsors? No quality players will sign for Arsenal when the ones at the club are fleeing. Juan Mata’s ducking of Arsenal FC is the latest demonstration that ailing Arsenal cannot attract such player any more. But the man says he signed Ryo Maiyaiki, Joe Campbell, Oxlade Chamberlain and Carl Jenkinson – all below 20. He won’t say it but Wenger’s eye is on the money again because he will also sell these players when they peak in 2014. If a miracle happens and he doesn’t, the players would be at a stage when they want to win trophies (and do a Nasri or Fabregas) on Wenger. It’s nerve-wrecking with the transfer window closing in seven days but the gang in-charge of Arsenal insists that it’s “working hard” to recruit quality players. How these chaps cannot realize that the club is on a dangerous path defies conventional logic. Could Wenger + Board be smoking something unusual? It will be extremely difficult for Arsenal to return to the EPL top four once they finish about 6th this season. The appropriate action would be to arrest the septic decay of Arsenal i.e. immediately flash-out the garbage + fungi (Wenger + Board) + bring-in quality players by 31st August 2011. But who would drive-out this rapacious gang, driving their claws deeper into the soul of arsenal FC? Arsenal fans who participated in London’s riots passed an opportunity to liberate the club from Wenger + Board. RIP Arsenal FC.

  139. I agree, I remember seeing Wrighty booked and Vieira boooked and you just knew the ref was trying to get his name in the papers.

  140. *****Terms agreed, Nasri off up to manchester for his medical… ***

    That threat of selection worked then…..

  141. Its painfully agonizing supporting arsenal .Full of potential but sorely lacking evperience and with the lost of cesc and possibly nasri it makes you wonder if the board and manager are interested in a succesful club on the field by winning premier league or being the best financially prudent losing club with a great balance sheet but an empty trophy cabinet is this a football club or a financial entity

  142. Ah Moses, still trolling the internet.

    Frimpong’s red was coming. Everybody could see the signs right from his first few games with us. Wenger needs to make a decision on whether he wants a player going in for risky tackles.

    I remember this issue when everyone was crying out for us to sign Cana two seasons ago. Those types of players will win some tackles, but miss games for you as well.

    Wenger will have to make a choice either direction. Pity about the timing with Song being out as well though.

  143. Finally confirmed on dotcom. I’m just glad it’s over.

    Does this mean we’re no longer a big club, as Wenger originally said we couldn’t afford to lose both players?

  144. I think it does Savage.

  145. BBC “understands” we’re going for Hazard. Lille have said no, but all the hacks and doomers say money determines the deals – let’s see.

  146. I have to say, my feel good feeling is leaving me.

  147. This is funny…

    I click on a BBC newsnow headline saying Nasri is travelling with us. But they’ve changed the title to indicate the sale.

    Just shows… they don’t know nuffin.

  148. Come on Will, you can’t start losing your Arsenal mojo!!!

  149. Will, I just feel like this is a fresh start for us.

  150. We truly have overhauled the squad. A very different set of options to what we had at the beginning of last season, with plenty of new faces to make an impact.

    We’ll obviously need 2 or 3 signings, but apart from that, I’m feeling positive about the future now.

  151. We now need two or three very experienced players in toot sweet.

  152. it’s official

    Nasri is on his way to Man City

  153. Wiil, not now. We must do it before. Now, it’s to late.

  154. Don’t worry about a thing guys! I have just in fact notified Mr. Wenger himself about this 6 year old kid who plays a bit of footy with his dad down in the park. Now he is not so much into football as he is into pretending to be the red Power Ranger, but he has bags of potential! Sign him up Arsen!

  155. For the sake of continuity, I do wonder now if it’s not worth keeping NB?

  156. Nothing is worth keeping Nik B for,

  157. so the club has announced that we have agreed a fee for nas and that a medical will be done later today?

    so much for his getting on the flight to italy…

    ok, so this will be done and we will be finished with the distractions…what next? will the proceeds disappear into a black hole?

  158. Is Everybody Happy..? :)

  159. Oliver, only Wenger and his mates know what’s going on – he’s not even communicating his signings to his players.

    We’ll know on Sept 1 where we stand, but I imagine maybe 1 or 2 known players to come in, and then a surprise signing like Lucho Gonzalez. With our extra cash, you’ll probably see a big bid for Hazard, an increased bid for an English defender, and a relative unknown to help in midfield. That’s my completely clueless guess.

  160. i didn’t think we would play him tomorrow night anyways – even if he flew out with us…we may have called city’s bluff and pushed this through, but i suspect that arsene was over-ruled on this…

    fee is mooted to be about 24 million…that is roughly 50 million – give or take a few – in proceeds from the sales of two of our top players…should we come up short tomorrow night, that money will serve as our hedge against the lost cl revenue.

    as cynical as ever, i don’t expect a penny to be invested in the squad.

  161. Nope, we have sold our two best players, along with that any experience that was in the squad with nothing to show for it. I feel we are weaker now than we were at the start of last season, while the teams around us have gotten stonger.

  162. Either the will pay off the remaining debts or we will buy the team to win us the league.

  163. my best guess is we won’t be buying anyone…

  164. unless we buy Hazard, Cahill and M’Vila we are in a very very bad position :(

  165. Just because Samir played against Liverpool, and did ok, we all lulled ourselves into the false optimistic hope, that he might stay…

    Well Gooners, £185k pw is a lot of lolly to turn your back on, and realistically we shouldn’t have imagined that he would.

    Even i thought he might give us another year, sign a 2 year deal and then bugger off next summer.
    We should all have known better.

    Filthy lucre always has it’s way i’m afraid.
    That’s why those dullards in the Boardroom have got to realise they have to increase their wage ceiling to recruit/keep the best players…

  166. There’s no doubt we are weaker right now. The only question is where we stand on Sept 1.

    My understanding is that Wenger and the board have delayed the new signings as long as possible to force Barca and City to raise their prices. It’s a risk they took and I think it’s cost us 4 points and a potential UCL place so far.

  167. i hope so, savage…but i am skeptical that anything will be done with the money…

    we have loads of youthful talent – when these players are not injured or suspended – but we keep losing the experience in the squad…at the moment, i think we are asking too much of the likes of frim and miquel…

    there is something going on at the club that we are not seeing…as stubborn as arsene can be, and as much as he like to develop young players, i find it very, very difficult to believe that he is so dead-set against investing in experience…perhaps the board are keeping the transfer proceeds as a hedge against potentially missing out on cl revenues…whatever it is, it is not putting us in a good position to mount credible title/trophy challenges over the weeks and months ahead.

  168. Kev, would you be happy with season ticket raises so we can pay Man City and Chelsea wages?

  169. Anyone think we have a timid board and owner?

  170. -Will

    Do City or Chelsea fans pay the same prices as Arsenal fans do for their wage structure?

  171. Nasri on his way out….yipee!

  172. Will, i don’t think Arsenal have to raise ticket prices, a bit more effort in other departments of the club, sponsorship, can bring in more cash….
    And i’m not suggesting paying anyone £200K…
    But £90k gets us what we have now, an exodus of our top players.
    Are you happy with that?
    Do you think it’ll end this summer?
    Or will it be an ongoing problem?

  173. It makes you wonder whether top clubs can operate without sugar daddies or special favours from the government (Barca and Real). ManU are the exception because of their huge commercial revenue – maybe that’s the only working model we can match?

  174. EastSidePaul says:

    August 23, 2011 at 2:18 pm


    Do City or Chelsea fans pay the same prices as Arsenal fans do for their wage structure?

    Do Arsenal have someone who is willing to bankroll the wage bill?

  175. Plus the point I am trying to make is that we have the second richest man in the UK behind us, we should be well capable of competitng with Chelsea or City, if we wanted..

  176. Wow all my favorites guys in the same place at the same time. Hi ya kev DK will lee. How’s it going? Nasri is gone now lets go get hazard or martin.

  177. -Will

    Alisher Usmanov

  178. If what those rumours say are true, that Wenger thinks the Board should raise it’s ceiling to £150k, for ‘certain’ top quality players, then you have to go with AW Will….

    You have been supporting Arsenal long enough to know what tightwads they are…
    Surely you cannot disagree with that statement Will..?

  179. Football is no longer football.

  180. Oh bugger, just heard the news !

    Will, without doubt Bendtner is the best Danish striker in the premiership, you can’t dispute that.

  181. Hi Stan, the reserves are losing 1-0 at Wigan, just to cheer you up.. :)

  182. I think we’ve mostly wanted to avoid the oil millionaires – I’m just wondering if you can compete at the top level without them?

  183. No I can’t but maybe there is a reason for that.

  184. For the first time since I have had a season ticket (33 years I feel absolutely at the lowest ebb as a Gooner.

    The heart of the team has been ripped out and sold to our rivals. I used to have faith in Wenger but over the last 4 years he has sold our best player and replaced them with greedy little youngster whole done care about the club. Eboue, bendtner, nasri, clichy (C****). Even Fabregas. IF he wanted to go to Barcelona so badly why did he sign a 6 year contract. (Did you see him kissing the C***alona badge this week. 1 year after kiss our badge.Selfish little prick). What price loyalty.

    So they put the price of my season ticket up by 6.5% and tell me we have a great squad. Then they sell all our players and buy more unproven kids. Is that false advertising. Should get a refund on some of the cost.

    Sorry had to get that of my chest.

    We are now becoming the Nusery club for Man City. Our great club with more history that Citeh will evey have and we are being looked down upon by them.

  185. well, for better or for worse, this drama is just about over, so we can put it behind us and concentrate on tomorrow night. we know nas will not be involved and we will no longer have to worry about whether to play him or not…

    the club will either use the proceeds – or part of them – to strengthen, or stash them away for the proverbial rainy day…for the moment, what we have is what we have, so best to focus on that…

  186. Hey Savage, I think its already been proven that we can’t.
    I would love to see Usmanov take control and wipe out the board to bring back David Dein!

  187. The Nasri situation, as we all agreed several weeks ago, was an avoidable scenario.

    People inside the club, responsible for contractual matters, should never had allowed Nasri to get down to 1 year on his contract.

    It’s symptomatic of the amaturish way our management dept run things.

    They leart fcuk all from the Flamini fiasco…

  188. They ll be fine….we ve got afobe and miyaichi.

  189. Don’t loose your sense of humour will ya.

  190. Haha, David Dein the miracle witchdoctor – oh yes, bring him in and let him roll the bones.

  191. latter please Will, and fucking lively!!!

  192. More good news on the injury front, Mannone off at Wigan Res…..

  193. kev, how bad is mannone hurt? if he goes down, then al will be back in the squad…not good, not good at all…

  194. kev, you can’t stop someone from seeing out their contract. The only thing you can do is sell them, which we’ve done with Nasri. In fact you might not even be able to sell them if they insist in sticking around.

  195. Right, this could be the catalyst of getting in the players we need.

  196. Morning Oliver, i don’t know bud, Wigan have had 2 goals disallowed and hit the crossbar. Arsenal also with disallowed goal. Wigan 1-0… McDermott on for Mannone…

  197. Agreed Sav, we bought him for £15million and despite some really low offers, £24million isn’t bad for a player on his last year….

  198. Hi Kev. Any “super class” players arrived yet. Or have I just had a deja- vu moment?

  199. Miyaichi has had a quiet 1st 45, up at Wigan…

  200. Hiya Adam. They’re all in the pipeline mate… :D

  201. Flamini made a dumb mistake. He sacrificed his position as a first team player and a France regular for what?

  202. Yeahhh. Sanchez Watt equalises… 1-1.

  203. For money Sav, unpalitable, but a fact….
    Tbh Flamini is probably the one i regret most losing, up to this summer.
    He was looking a real player before he left…

  204. kev, Nasri hasn’t done nothing wrong, he’s been a model pro, didn’t feign injury pre-season unike cesc and also played a few games as well, the money citeh are offering him he can’t turn down 180- 200 grand a week unbeleivable, like you say the board should have sorted all this out last summer, makes you wonder how Gazidas gets away with it, he’s clearly not doing his job properly,

  205. To be honest, I’m really glad Nasri didn’t go to United. I personally don’t rate Mancini as a coach – he’s had enough time already to do something with all that talent. Wenger won the title in his first full season.

  206. I really worry for us!!


  207. Kev. Like Diaby, the good ship Arsenal is injured and will I fear, require substantial surgery before it can compete with the sleeker liners in the flotilla. Whether you feel it is holed below the waterline depends on two things. How much you trust your own judgement and how much credence you give the extensive range of opinions you can read, including the trolls. As ever, the results will tell the full story of the season. Our job is to shout support and pay up because there are apparently thousands waiting to buy our season tickets according to the Port- sodden Hill- Wood person. Oh, and we’ll have to be bloody patient.

  208. Micko, what should the board have done about it? Apart from trying to win titles obviously. What specifically regarding Nasri could they have done?

  209. i’ll agree on savage’s last…i think nas would have filled a clear weakness at united and would have made the already-strong reigning champions even stronger…

    at city, he will be more of the same…i think they have weaknesses, which adding nas does not directly address.

  210. at least were still above the spuddies :-)

  211. apparently neither nik and lansbury are in the squad either…

  212. No Bendtner. No chance.

  213. Ditto Mick, the fault was with AFC letting his contract run down.
    Are we going to see a repeat next summer with Theo & RVP..?

  214. Will – Fck the Lazy Dane off

    SLG – Ok Man City have had Toure, Adebayor, Glichy & Nasri – a feeder club?
    Nasri being the exception, it’s just somewhere we dump our shite – and get nearly £70M in return.
    Toure and Glichy were going backwards and Adebayor in truth was a lazy bi headed bastard. In truth Nasri had half a good season in 3.
    I just wish they’d take some more shite off our hands …

    Granted, no-one wanted to see Fabregas and Nasri go – but we did need a clear out… I’ve said before – getting shut of Eboue and Denilson was a statement…

    I suppose we can moan come Sept 1st about our short comings if nothing happens.

    I still like the idea of Jagielka no matter how much Myles Palmer cock-scks Phil Jones and his beloved MU.

    I didn’t know enough of Mata to recognise his value, alhough Chelsea did.
    ….Us buying Spanish players looks as dodgy as a de-da family from a council estate in Sheffield who holiday in Benidorm …..they all seem to want to go back…

    Hazard now seems the obvious replacement for Nasri.

    We still need at least 4 good/super quality players.

  215. Adam, Diaby is one player i totally disregard when i’m considering our midfield pros & cons.
    The bloke is a total joke….
    And as soon as he can, AW should get-rid…

    PHW, another comedy act…

    But the Kids give me hope Adam….
    I know it’s probably more of the same…patience…
    But i’ll be patient for our own lads, in a way that i would not for the likes of Denilson, Diaby, Song, Eboue and Bendtner….
    That lot are like England’s ‘Golden Generation’….

  216. No Lansbury… :(

    He’s off then.,…..

  217. Oliver, Lansbury isn’t playing for the Stiffs at Wigan…!?

  218. AllezKev – agree entirely.

  219. Auclair says Nasri has a sell-on clause, so Marseille will get some of the dosh.

  220. it seems so, ricco…too bad, he never really got an opportunity here…kinda like vela.

  221. is he, kev? i am unable to follow that game from here…

  222. Oliver, according to UEFA, Lansbury is registered to play for AFC in the CL.
    I wouldn’t be suprised if he turns up in Udine tonight or tomorrow or whenever.. :)

  223. Another Arsenal goal disallowed at Wigan, that’s 2 each..!

  224. hi oliver, yep and that narks me…..

  225. The way that football is structured and with the advent of the mega-rich clubs Arsenal will be seen as a feeder clubs for the big buck wage payers. This is only if the club can maintain it’s CL status and as we are seeing, with our current fiscal policy, even this is highly doubtful year in, year out. Nasri has said that he wanted to make his name under Wenger at Arsenal and then move on. This he has done. A 19 or 20 year old French, Belgian or Spanish player is unlikely to have Arsenal in his blood. The more money these rich people pump into the clubs the more it gravitates one way, into the players pockets. If we start each season thinking that, realistically the only thing we could win is a cup and a scrap for 4th place, well how interesting is that going to be? FFP will fail because of the money involved. Fans will loose interest because no-one wants to watch the same film every week. Football will become even more predictable than it is now. Sure, there will be hiccups along the way but Redknapp was probably correct in his assertion that Man City could field 2 teams that might finish in the top 4.

  226. With nearly £50 million in the Arsenal coffers from the sales of Nasri and Fabregas, Wenger was asked on Tuesday, ‘You’ve lost two great players, will you replace them with two great players?’, to which he replied: “I’ve bought some great players. We’ve bought [Alex] Chamberlain, you’ll see that he’ll be a great player. Gervinho too will be a great player.

  227. Kev. At over £50k a week Diaby is one hell of a joke. Guess who that joke is on.

  228. Wenger said he’d bought two great players.
    He didn’t say he’s bought Nasri’s replacement…
    More Press/media spin.
    Adam, have a word with your mates……. :D

  229. i see the link ricco…i take it that is from arsene’s presser today…

    so now oc and gerv are nas and cesc’s replacements, then? jenks is clearly eboue’s replacement. so where have we strengthened and added to the squad? we haven’t…

    we have seen this pattern before – he is basically saying don’t expect any more signings…

  230. Citeh are certainly heading towards that Adam….

  231. Adam, maybe we’re seeing a repeat of where LaLiga was about 7 years ago?
    A Barca/Real cartel killing Spanish football.
    A Chav/Cittie/ManUre cartel beginning to kill the EPL…?

  232. Kev. We must stop listening to what Wenger’s and the club say. I believe the evidence of my eyes. My mates, as you call them, see the way things are going. We can all surely see that regardless of some silly people claiming that the Earth is flat. The problems we see now for Arsenal go back years. Remember the rabbit that Wenger pulled out of the hat last year to address our long-standing defensive problems was a bloke called Squillaci.

  233. We are so weak now!
    Go to the market now… it’s too late !
    Arsenal has a sports policy of acquisitions and sales wrong.
    Still did not realize that English football is now a showcase for the whole world and the prestige gained in securities and above all the joy and love to see Arsenal play with their football, regardless of not winning titles, make truly desirable.
    Arsenal can not compete with clubs with so much money, but can earn much money with them.
    Nasri, gave the club three years and many joys. Today, being 3 years in a club is excellent. Buy and sell for 10 to 20, is the future of Arsenal.
    What is wrong is to realize that this was desenlance (long …) and did not advance guard for him.
    Arsenal had set eyes on Porto. This year alone has already made 60 million in sales coach (15 million) and players (Falcao, Michael R. ..) and can reach 100 million by selling a few more. Only for example, before selling Falcao, had purchased 1 or 2 players for the event to sell it. Falcao cost about $ 2 million and sold a year later for 40 million … The team lost a great player, but others will emerge quite naturally. And the Port continues to be strong and fight in all competitions.
    Now, not team players and poorly structured, we will try to arrange one or more players …. we will not have a team. Perhaps a “patchwork” to mend the successive errors!

  234. Oliver, that’s my take on it…..I really hope I’m wrong….

  235. We have to get real about the game with Udinese- we are in a shocking state and cannot put out a competitive side. Getting booted out of the ECL is collateral damage as a result of Ivan Gazidis and Arsene Wenger’s incompetence in the transfer market and preparing this team.
    Perhaps Ivan should spend the next 3 months on placement learning at Manchester United and see how a club with genuine ambition runs its transfer business.
    In reality Gazidis offers this club nothing except weasel words and American business bullshit. We don’t want brands, bullshit asset stripping strategies dressed up as sustainability, Arsenalisation, hideously shallow American corporate culture or Flags on seats- we want our departing stars replaced.
    We could be forgiven for thinking that Arsenal FC don’t have any billionaires on our Board. The difference is ours don’t invest in the team- they sell the team.
    If we sold just a few more players to Manchester City (RVP,Walcott, Wilshere) perhaps we could sell our identity as well as our best players-they could change their name to Manchester Arsenal. Even better perhaps we could apply to the Football league to become their official reserve side.

  236. To be honest oliver i don’t know what to make of it, he does say he doesn’t want players who are not committed to his club, all i hope is that he finds one or two that are, and very soon….

    Guys, I’m not sure we are in for any more new signings………

    Even though he’s got 50 + Million in his back pocket….

  237. Lee – thats also my take on it, deep down….

    I’m even more worried than i was before….

  238. Fans will loose interest because no-one wants to watch the same film every week. Football will become even more predictable than it is now????????

    Every club below us do worse than us year in year out… Same film?
    As stated, when we were shite – I mean really shite – I still wanted to catch every clip of Arsenal on the telly, every report from the papers…
    Following a football team is unconditional love … a bit like having a problem child … You might not like what they do – but you always love them

  239. goonerboy – i’m not sure any of them earn their money….

    What must RvP and his fellow teamates be thinking??

  240. Kev. Good point. The Italian league dissolved into a fiasco of low attendances and corruption. Italian football is crap. Unless the governing bodies of Professional Sport maintain competitiveness through legislation we will carry on this path. Don’t forget that PL said Shinawatra was a fit and able man to run a football club. Abramovich was just the thin end of the wedge and it’s carrying on through Spain and France now. When enough people get pissed off and cancel their Sky Sports subscriptions it could be interesting. Until then squeeze tight mate.

  241. Squillaci, yes Adam, that was a disaster mate.
    But the real disaster was losing Vermaelen, nobody could forsee that.
    I was joking, i know they’re not your mates, your too honest for a start.. ;)
    I just think that there’s more to all this, than what we know…
    A good friend of mine told me that the Mata deal was in the bag, but that Gazides fucked-up… Now was that a money-related fuck-up?
    Wages? Agent fee?
    Was that the reason we lost Alvarez???
    Also Jones???
    I don’t trust the Board. I never have. And i never will…

  242. Freeman has his 3rd goal disallowed…….

    Watt plays in Aneke…… Arsenal Stiffs 2-1…..

  243. SYG. Clubs beneath us have no real chance of winning the CL or the PL. They don’t have 60,000 seater state of the art stadiums and they don’t pay anywhere near the season ticket prices we do. We have the infrastructure to be a European super power in football. We just don’t have the ambition. Correction. The board don’t share the fan’s ambitions. Our love for the club is given. I don’t question that. Unfortunately that won’t buy us the players we have needed for so long. The same film? If you watched our last dozen games you must know what I mean by that.

  244. Chavs have made an offer for Porto’s Alvaro Pereira……

    Over to you JM……

  245. Neither do I or will I kev…..

  246. There is one advantage that Porto have over Arsenal.
    They can pick up Brazillian players & don’t have the work-permit problems Arsenal have.
    JM does that apply to all South Americans in Portugal..?

    Imagine if Arsene could hoover up a few Brazillians, safe in the knowledge that he could guarantee them work-permits?

  247. Adam – I know what you’re saying mate…

  248. My love for the Club will never die and I would never give up my season ticket. I am just very frustrated at the way the club is being run and being asked to fund the amditions of aother clubs.

  249. It says something about the state of affairs at Arsenal, that we can’t attract big name players to want to join us. Mata is the latest example. He wants to win silverware, so what does he do ? – he joins Chelsea. Fabregas said “we need to decide if we want to develop youth, or win things.” Clichy and Nasri have left to win trophies. This indicates they know we don’t have the ambition and the intent, to seriously want to win things. They have no confidence in the way the club is being run.
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  250. Think about it guys, Man City are single handily paying off our debts.

  251. We may not like Manchester City, but they certainly demonstrate AMBITION. And are prepared to back it up by spending. Of course they’re super rich, and on the EXTREME END of the spending scale. But the principle holds true that you need to spend money to obtain ready made, experienced quality players. You can’t win the league on the cheap, as we’re trying to do. And don’t say we don’t have the money. We do. And now that Nasri’s gone we have at least 100 million of it. Hell, that’s dare I say it – approaching City’s spending power, ( at least temporarily ).
    But considering the most we have paid for anyone is 15 million ( Arshavin ), I wouldn’t hold my breath expecting Wenger to spend more than a fraction of it.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  252. Even Ian Wright, formerly a staunch defender of the manager, is speaking out ; http://www.emirates247.com/premier-league/wenger-has-got-it-wrong-says-arse
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  253. Spectrum, you don’t know that is entirely true, reports suggest that we had all but agreed a deal for Mata only to muck it up at the end – Mata was more than happy to join us

  254. Rico, this person goes on all Arsenal blogs and peddles his utter tripe and gets told to do one off of every single Arsenal blog.

  255. And Spectrum, when a club has a mega rich owner, it’s easy to show ambition in the way Citeh are – we don’t have that amount of money so how can we be compared…

    What AW needs to do is spend the money he does have, not just buy for buying sake as they are doing….

  256. Will, and please let me deal with that if it gets to that point, you need not get involved, please….

  257. Just giving fair warning.

  258. Re the paying off debts Will, AW can’t afford to do that with the money he now has – he has to re-invest it otherwise we won’t make the CL next season and that’s where the mega bucks is…

    I’m just praying that the club needed the money before they buy, although i’m not convinced….

  259. I know – i’m not shopping ;)

  260. No only wit Brazilian players.
    anyway, Porto, last year, has more Uruguayan players than Brazilians
    However, AW can go to France and buy a packet of french players, or to spain, or to Holland… and Brazil too. The politic, in my own opinion, is not buying players like Kaka (very expensive and in a deadline carreer) but buying “hidden” players (and there are a few in France, Holland, Portugal etc ), playing in teams out of the european competitions, with ambition, youngs and wants appears in others Leagues. One example, was Gameiro. Why we were not make a deal on January for he be integrating in our squad on august ? His performance last season, grow up his price, the interesting for others clubs and the opportunity was gone.

  261. And this Uruguayan seems to be on his way to chelsea, was onl a matter of time for the chav manager to dip into porto…

  262. Spectrum – read what’s been said of Ian Wright’s comments already. Most of what he says is bollocks. He could do with starting a blog!

    Glichy – He was going backwards. Like Toure. It was time to get shut.

    It’s not Man City that demonstrate ambition – it’s the Arabs that own it that want the glory … I wonder if they’d buy Chamakh.

  263. How are the reserves doing kev??

  264. I agree he has to re-invest but you can see the board taking the money and then showing a huge profit at the end of the season.

  265. Ryo, Chuks and Watt all score today….

  266. they’re playing tomorrow night now Rico! ;)

  267. That’s what worries most, that is why fans get so angry – if we spend all our income on clearing debt, by the time we do clear it we’ll be in Div two….

  268. ricco, it finished 3-1 and miyaichi got our third goal.

  269. Older gooners like myself will tell you that the current problems at Arsenal have been there since the mid fifties.The Hill wood dynasty have never liked spending money on big players.16 years of purgatory from 1953 till 1969 ,with the ground looking like a bomb site from lack of investment.Im sorry to say nothing is going to change till we invite someone with the desire to spend some cash on the board.Also Wenger keeps talking about his great signings ,can anyone compile a lst of crap players that he has bought in his time Starting with squillaci

  270. Lee – comment of the day, cracking :P

    Just checked oliver, thanks …

  271. Anyone know the travelling squad???

  272. Wigan Res 1-3 Arsenal Res. Watt, Aneke, Miyaichi…..
    Yes siree Ryo has got his first goal…

  273. First there was Silvestre. Remember him ? Now there’s Squillaci. No wonder no-one else wanted him, until our Great Leader saw something in him that other clubs couldn’t. Now Wenger’s woken up to his poor judgment – but surprise…….. !…..http://www.sportsvibe.co.uk/news/football/wenger-desperate-to-get-rid-of-french-international-defender-10226/
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  274. This is one for the books. Wenger has said that the sagas of the Cesc and Nasri transfers has been draining for the team. You really couldn’t make it up. Do I sense the seed of an excuse being planted?

  275. A. Pereira to chavs? brrr….
    More 20 millions to Porto…
    But they have yet a player for replacing him. It’s the difference beetween Porto and Arsenal. Before selling, they were preparing for the replacing and then it’s a natural movement whitout implications in the squad. And the profits are higher!.

  276. I take it Ryo wasn’t named in the CL squad beacuse of visa application, if we get through tomorrow, can we add him for the group games??

  277. Spectrum, we have already been there…

    What point are you making, if wenger kept Squilli you’d moan, now he’s wants rid you are still moaning???

  278. I think someone needs to remind Stan of just how big we are and that if he wants to make serious money, he needs to spend it.

  279. Rico, where has Spectrum gone, i wanted to talk to him about The Ashes…… :lol: :lol: :lol:

  280. Apparently Wenger won’t strengthen the defence until he has found a buyer for Squillaci. He wants £18 million but Squillaci’s wage demands are thought to be stumbling block.

  281. AK, lets hope he’s not too knackered for tomorrow night’s game…. keep thinking of the scene from Carry on up the Khyber, phw, grazides et al sitting around the board room table sipping G & T’s as its being bombed!! (lol)

  282. Dont you check your emails anymore kev ;)

  283. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  284. :lol: kev

    Lee, who re tomorrow?? You saying one of the reserves is going to play tomorrow :eek:

  285. Wenger was seen earlier sitting in front of Mancini, swinging a crystal on a chain saying, in a deep Gallic tone,”You will buy Squillaci, you want a Squillaci, he eats less Colonel Sanders than Kolo”. We await the results with trepidation so our spending can begin.

  286. Exactly Will, just what we have been saying all summer – no-one expects 50 M Torres kind of signings, just good players who will improve our side….

    Adam, you are running Lee close with that comment on Squilli :P

  287. Surely Ryo won’t play tomorrow will he, you are teasing me ;)

  288. JM, Porto can also shop in France, Holland and any other EU country.
    The reason they don’t is simple…cost.
    If Arsenal could scout in South America and know that they could pick up players and get work permits, do you think Wenger would bother with France, Spain or Holland…?
    Arsenal were the first club that i read about, linked to Neymar, when he was about 14 or 15….
    No chance with the UK’s rules on work permits…

  289. £50m on 3 players, that’d be a start…still have dough over!

  290. Sport Newspapers:
    a) “Juan Mata says André Villas Boas was instrumental in his decision to leave Valencia for Chelsea.
    “Fernando Torres had an influence on my decision, but the decisive factor was the conversation I had with Villas Boas. He explained that his style will be based on a 4x3x3 system, and stressed the importance in my want for the team “, said the Spanish midfielder was quoted by The Sun
    The former Valencia player explained further that his admission to the Stamford Bridge club was not due to financial issues: “My motivation is to win titles”. ”
    b) The Germany midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger, Bayern, is now touted as possible to strengthen the Arsenal.
    According to the British press, the German international Bastian Schweinsteiger is the list of Arsène Wenger.
    c) Danilo Pereira, average Portuguese who was nominated for the Golden Ball World Cup Under-20, is attracting interest from English clubs.
    According to Italian media, the benefits of Parma player in the competition held in Colombia, not lost to Arsenal and Liverpool, who ponder move for his signature.

  291. rico – Can’t get any plainer than this; ( quote ) “I want to come to England to win trophies – and that’s why I accepted Chelsea’s offer.” source ; http://www.emirates247.com/premier-league/chelsea-s-new-mata-dor-hungry-to-win-trophies-2011-08-23-1.414750
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  292. Even more surprising Rico. Diary is being ferried across Europe as we speak to be ready to make up the numbers. If necessary he will play on crutches in an effort to emulate Squillaci.

  293. Exactly…


    Ooops, sorry, that’s four ;)

  294. Diaby obviously. Who else would sacrifice so much?

  295. I’m off to cut my cord, the end is nigh! Catch you true gooners later! ;)

  296. Jeez Spectrum, do you expect him to say any different now he’s signed, Valencia sold him to the highest bidder… They are skint…

    ‘For sure he’s going to say how he was excited at the prospect of playing under Wenger but Valencia wanted to hold out for more money which is in my get out clause….’

  297. Have a good evening Lee….

  298. Wenger calls for unity. He wants his £6 million to be paid entirely in $.

  299. Adam, who is this guy called Diaby??

  300. Sorry Rico, i’m in and out of the kitchen….. multi-tasking.
    It’s my feminine side you see… ;)

  301. :lol: Kev, pot noodle tonight then ;)

  302. He is the forgotten man Rico. I can assure you that, upon his release from a hospital near you, he will be like a new player.

  303. There are our two new super class players. Diaby and Unity.

  304. rico – We could have a mega rich owner AND in addition to that, he has said he sees the problems at the club, and wants to invest in the squad. But because his name is Usmanov, many of you don’t want to consider him.
    But surely he’s no worse than our current billionaires who clearly won’t put their hand in their pockets. To those who oppose him, I say give him a go – we can’t be worse off.
    We’re not spending, we’ve no ambition, we’ve become a feeder club, and in Wenger’s words, “we can’t pretend we’re a big club if we don’t keep our best players”. So we’re not a big club anymore, either. What have we now got to lose ?
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  305. I miss him now denilson is gone Adam….. ;)

  306. Spectrum… McGrath gone, Warne gone, Lee finished, Langer gone, Gilchrist gone, Gillespie gone, Hayden gone, your all washed up…
    England will be stuffing you home and away for the next 20 years.
    We’re gonna make you grovel…… :lol:

  307. Spectrum – If AU wants to buy out Stan, he’s only got to make him an offer….

    And on here, if you read, not everyone is against AU…

    Don’t you want players who want to play for us wearing the shirt?? Obviously Wenger does, so Nasri, who doesn’t want to play for us, has been sold….

    We have eight days left in the transfer window, if Wenger hasn’t spent the money he now has, then you latter comments maybe justified, until then, YOU nor I know what will happen…

  308. Spectrum, nobody is taking you seriously until the transfer window is closed.

  309. Mincemeat…..hmmmmm. Not Quorn i’m afraid :(

  310. Unity Mitford Adam…..??? ;)

  311. No chance with the UK’s rules on work permits…Unless you are Man Utd ;-)

    We need a top class centre back and a top class striker.

  312. Bit early for mince pies kev ;)

  313. 1516 FOOTBALL: Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong in response to team-mate Jack Wilshere’s tweet: “Pffffff come on Jack.”

    1511 FOOTBALL: Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere on Twitter: “Good luck to my friend @Nanas08 (Mr Nasri) learnt a lot from him. World class player! Will be missed!”

  314. Our reserves, at leat, scores goals!

  315. At least Will, we also need a playmaker now, and with Song and Pingpong out, a DM…. But, i guess that Donkey Diaby will be back shortly so no doubt he’ll manage to participate in a game or two before going back to the sick bay….

  316. rico – On Squillaci. My point is that it demonstrates Wenger’s poor judgment on both Silvestre and now Squillaci. Reinforced by the fact that no-one wanted him when he was first available, but Wenger. Now he can’t get rid of him ! LOL.
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  317. what squad number do you think j. campbell will get now? both 8 and 9 are now available…

  318. Ha ha Rico, it’s lovely with baked bean and boiled pots…

    And a pint of course.
    You want a pint Spectrum?
    How about a pint of Ashes…. :lol:

  319. The work he’ll have to do, he’ll wear both oliver ;)

    No 9 i reckon, unless another striker is on his way in…

  320. Spectrum, at least he trying and not persisting with him, eh….!

  321. allezkev – I live in Australia, but have stayed a British citizen. So I support England. Doesn’t make me popular with my Aussie mates, but as with Arsenal, I have the courage of my convictions. Great that we are now top of the Test rankings. Let’s hope we can stay there.
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  322. :lol: kev…

    Right my duties begin again so got to go off for a bit ….

    Back later though :)

  323. Denilson, Denilson. Mmmm, even the name makes me miss him. We should sign his brother Unity Denilson.

  324. Yeah, i bet you wasn’t saying that when you was winning Spectrum.
    I bet you was at the SCG giving it ‘Come on Aussie Come On’..
    Oliver/ Will, i’m offski, i’ll leave you to the Aussie….

  325. Adam.. :lol:

  326. Rico, I don’t think we should buy a DM as we have two and once they are back, it will be wasted money.

    I am wondering who will play CB tomorrow.

  327. the end to nas’ transfer saga overshadows arsene’s admission that jack broke down in training…no official word on when he may be able to resume training, but it is difficult to see him being fit for old trafford…if we are looking at an extend period sideline for him, that significantly adds to our current problems…

    and, if jack is out for a long period, that will only add further fuel to the perception that we – once again – rushed a key player back before he was ready, and ultimately lost him for a longer period. that does not say much positive about squad depth and quality…

  328. allezkev – To clarify ; I emigrated here in 1966. I like the place, and am happy to live over here. But I believe your heart is where you’re born. I’ve always supported England in whatever sport we play. It’s been tough doing so of course, as we rarely have success. Which is why Strauss’s boys have made me so happy.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  329. will, it will be jd alongside tv…arsene confirmed the former is back…as is traore…and rosicky will be in the squad, although maybe not starting…

    i think we will probably look something like this:
    szczesny, traore, tv, jd, bac, ramsey, song, rosicky, theo, robin, gerv

    bench will be fabianski, jenks, miquel, frim, arsh, oc, chamakh…

    just a guess, we’ll know for sure in another 26 or so hours.

  330. The bookies are tipping Udinese to win the second leg, but for us to go through overall ( qualify ). How does that work ? Assuming the Italians do win, how could they NOT go through ?
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  331. I think we Gerv and Theo up front, we need to hit back to front a lot quicker and play fast counter attack football. Get a goal.

  332. Sagna again has left back? It’s wrong!!! He only use the right foot. He must plays ont he right; if not, not deeper for the left side.

  333. Arsène Wenger says it’s time to focus on the future after the Club agreed terms for the sale of Samir Nasri to Manchester City.

    The Frenchman has signed Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ryo and Joel Campbell in recent weeks but has also bid farewell to Cesc Fabregas and Nasri.

    Wenger acknowledged it has been a blow to lose two of his most influential players but he is concentrating his mind on those currently at the Club.

    “The summer was difficult because we had Fabregas and Nasri on permanent transfer negotiations and that is draining in the end,” said the manager.

    “We lost two great players and that’s the sad side of the story but at some stage it has to be over because we want to focus on the future.

    “Overall what you do not want is to have players who play and think they go the next morning, that is not ideal. You want players who are completely committed to the long term, to defend our chances.”

    Wenger would prefer to have resolved the futures of Fabregas and Nasri earlier than August but he explained that the timing was out of his control.

    “It is not naive [to think it could have happened sooner] but what you forget is that it does not depend only on us,” he said.

    “We wanted to sort all these cases out very early after the summer but it wasn’t possible and the pace is not only dictated by us unfortunately.”

  334. the one thing that makes me sad is that wenger said that yesterday or day before………that a deal for nasri is not close at all and here the next day the official site confirms a deal has been agreed for nasri to city…..

  335. that is the key – get a very quick goal, like we did at the ems…all the pressure suddenly shifts to udinese and should give us counter-attack opportunities…and if we can convert a few of those chances, we can have this all wrapped up within an hour or so…that will, of course, be a pretty big if.

    but i expect that arsene will name an attacking side. that is what he belives in, and i am pretty certain he will stay true to that…it will be up to the players to follow instructions and make this happen.

    udinese looks good and dangerous in spells, but overall, i didn’t think they were any great shakes…even with our depleted squad we should be the better side over two legs…whether that will be enough to see us through or not remains to be seen.

  336. Exactly that Oliver, get the early goal and force the Italians out.

  337. arsene can tell us to focus on the future all he wants…and certainly we need to plan for the future – any responsible club should…but consider that our best players (robin, tv, bac) are at/near their prime…do you think they are so focused on the future? all of them should – barring serious injury – have a good amount of years left, but all their clocks are ticking, and every season where the emphasis shifts to tomorrow, likely becomes one more unfulfilled season. at what point do our best players say “what about today?” our former captain said as much in that interview last season.

  338. The problem is, the goal posts have shifted and most un-educated fans see the likes of Man City and Chelsea spending obscene amounts and think that is what makes you a great club and a club with ambition.

  339. -Will

    So fans that want to see Arsenal competing with the likes of Chelsea and City are uneducated now?

  340. will, if we don’t get an early goal and start out already tentative and withdrawn, it could be a long night. i cannot think arsene…err pat…will send the team out to cling to a wafer-thin lead…they have to attack, be direct, pressure udinese and draw them out…

    we cannot afford a performance similar to braga away…

  341. I suppose old Arsene has to put the most positive spin on things but it’s all spiralling out of his control now as the end of the month approaches.

  342. arsene wenger will only buy 14 to 17 year old kids simple.then sell them at their peak for top fees.forget winning keep on dreaming.there will no league may be for ever.only c.league if lucky.i think they will get knocked out tomorow.we knew cesc and nasri leaving for a long time where is the replacement no more excuses please fed up mr wenger this team is not good enough

  343. Evening all,
    I must admit these post’s seem to be all the same “when is Wenger going to buy” and it is now getting very boring. Wenger will only buy when he finds sombody that suits Arsenals Pocket and the boards approval why get yourself wound up. The more important matter that should be brought up everyday is the witch hunting by the media in all its guises, and why we have yet to play a game without our full squad being available, why the FA and EUFA are banning our players quicker than we can field them, and taking advantage of our Manager. This in my mind is a total disgrace that one team in the English Premier League is being treated like this. Our first two league games and three players suspended while other teams are getting away with far worse than our players. Our Start in Europe and we start a new competition with two of our top players suspended and our Manager not being able to do his job, that is a complete disgrace in a new competition in a different season with new teams in it, thats a disgrace, And to top it off they have lied that Wenger never asked if he could comunicate by a third party, do you honestly think that Wenger made that up, and now they want to ban him for the return leg and the next game after in case we get through, and if not for our first game in europa league, how the fcuk can they get away with this shti, and you all want to pile pressure on a man that has done nothing wrong, Support your Manager and ask the questions, How can they make us play with ten men in every game we play, why are you not asking the questions. Its as clear as day for me they want us out of all the competitions, and have made sure, by crap decisions for the last few years. Honest supporters will see, we are not a dirty team and don’t deserve these crap decisions. We are the only team that plays all our games with ten men, and i expect we will end up the same tomorow , please lets start asking why, not asking but demanding

  344. i don’t think that way at all…and i’ll repeat, i never, ever called for us to spend the kind of money man city and chelsea routinely spend – that is well beyond our means…

    but the other side of the coin is that we will not be truly competitive if we keep investing almost exclusively in youth/unproven potential and perpetually promise tomorrow…

    there is a middle ground between the two extremes of the argument, and that is what i wish to see…continue our emphasis of both developing youth for the future first team – and future sales under our self-sustaining model. but put a little more emphasis on experience and quality for the here and now. if we have a chance to get a player to cover the dm or cb spot, a player who will have no future reasale value but can do a job for us – particuarly when suspensions and injuries bite, why not? is that really too much to ask?

  345. Discipline problems (in two games, 3 red cards), no goals (2 games – 0 goals), 2 matches (one draw and one defeat at home – look at the statistical in arsenal site today), no team, no replaces, a weak team.
    Last year, at this time, we won 6-0 versus Blackpool. Fabregas and VP was in the bench at the start. No red cards. No yellow cards. The performance was high. We were security in LC. The fans were with the team and with the players (even all we knew a new goalkeeper and a central back). Level confidence of everyone was high. We looked at the fixtures and we were at the top position.
    Those are the differences. Now, we have no team, the Arsenal community is not commit with the team, the manager and the board; we are at the tail of thr League. No goals and 2 red cards. Many players injury. Everyone talks about new players until 31th August. On the 1st September, we can be out of the CL, maybe out the League, low confidence level, without a team, a squad and the fans withtout commit with the squad. A dark future.
    We must forgot last two/three months of last season and unfortunatelly, the problems were the same and worst.
    We can be focus on next season but the turn should be done this season and preference, for the beginning.

  346. Savage, we brought in Gazidas and his cronies to specifcally thrash out these deals, he needs a big kick up the arse, how much are we paying him a year 1 or 2 million.

  347. I dp Paul if they think we can spend the same as those and that buying anyone you can makes you a great club.

  348. arsene’s appeal was deferred…we will be permitted to manage tomorrow…

  349. It made sense for Man city to drag the Nasri transfer into next century. No 2 ways about it they could of done it in the blink of an eye. However they fully understood that should AW want to look for a replacement, that by dragging it out to this time in the transfer window it has given practically no time for AFC to find a replacement…nothing short of dirty tactics!!

    Then again I also heard a rumor that the board went to Wenger quite early in the transfer window and asked him directly what he wanted. Wenger apparently swept them to 1 side and said he really didn’t know!

    I guess the fans will never the truth although the Football Net ball link does stink of some truth: http://www.thefootballnetwork.net/main/s378/st170548.htm?

  350. correction…”he” will be permitted to manage tomorrow.

  351. Uefa has delayed their disciplinary procedure against Arsene Wenger, allowing the Arsenal boss to take up his seat on the bench against Udinese on Wednesday.

    Arsenal appealed against the Frenchman’s two-match Champions League touchline ban on Tuesday, causing a postponement to the punishment.

    Wenger was punished for communicating with his bench from the Emirates stands whilst serving a previous suspension in the first leg against Serie A side Udinese.
    Arsenal lead the Champions League qualifying tie 1-0, but bring a depleted squad to Italy for Wednesday’s return leg.

  352. I bet Pat Rice is a happy man.

  353. hahahaha…probably so, micko…i certainly feel better knowing that arsene will be able to direct things from the bench/technical area instead of the stands…

  354. Oliver,he did look like a fish out of water the other night, at least we should get to see some of the game tomorrow now as all the camera’s won’t be focusing on Wenger as they were last week.

  355. Oliver. Don’t waste your time. If you think Arsene should spend some money you will be accused of wanting to bankrupt the club, told that you should go and support another team and have your love and affection for the club insulted. And that is a very personal and hurtful thing indeed.

  356. No one is saying we shouldn’t spend but we shouldn’t spend on a Chelsea level.

  357. this does mean, however, that uefa will hear the appeal at a later date…and i think there is a reasonable chance that the ban will be upheld…meaning we will have a good chance of seeing pat running things from from the bench in our next two cl or europa league games…

    i think our club should be able to work out a system where arsene’s directives can be communicated to the bench without being so obvious. perhaps next time, he won’t sit in the stands, but monitor the action from an enclosed area where the cameras cannot pick him up…

    i would have his instructions go through someone other than boro as well…someone on the bench, but not the obvious choice…

  358. What you didn’t mention was that when the appeals commitee sits if they do not agree, Wenger will have another four game ban

  359. As I said Oliver, they should fit all people on the Arsenal bench with bluetooth headsets.

  360. Oliver. What about morse code?

  361. And i bet a penny to a pinch of Shti it goes against

  362. adam, it’s all good…will/steve and i a dimaetrically opposed regarding how we see certain things, and i am fine with that…

    will, i agree completely that we shouldn’t spend on a chelsea level – in fact, i don’t recall ever saying we should. but i do think we can spend at a level between what we are now and what these clubs are doing, and remain competitive without completely mortgaging our future.

  363. or nudge nudge wink wink, it would be too risky using a chinese whisper.

  364. four games? i thought only the prem slapped extra games on for frivolous appeals? and in no way would i say this appeal is frivolous – despite uefa’s ruling, there is clearly still some confusion about what the uefa delegate actually authorized. if this appeal will help clear this up – and hopefully get arsene cleared – by all means this is worth our while.

  365. But can we, we lost Nasri because one of those teams offered double what we are able to offer.

  366. will, i think we can, absolutely…

    i think it is more a question of do we want to, whether the hesitation comes from arsene or the board.

  367. Will, we’ve made approx 60 million on sales alone this summer, would you be happy to spend that on 3 or 4 replacements that we so desperatley need ?

  368. I don’t think we can, let’s say we pay our top 6 players £185k a week. How much is that a year?

  369. I’m just curious how much you would be happy to see the club spend as you keep banging on about money, so how much then ?

  370. i think we can…and i don’t think that just because nas went to city for that amount, that every player we try to sign will ask for the same…or that every player we are interested in will demand the same…or that man city will try and gazump on wages for every single experienced, established player we express an interest in…

  371. If we have an A level of pay structure, everyone of that standing will want that wage.

  372. again, my bottom line is that i think that a middle ground does exist between the two extremes, and that arsenal football club has not been that effective in trying to orient our transfers towards this middle ground.

    i consider gervinho’s signing an example of this middle ground, and i think we can do more in this area.

    i appreciate you see things differently…no harm, no foul…

  373. not necessarily…

  374. At your place of work, you find out a guy on your team earns far more than you but does basically the same work, do you ask for a wage rise or say, well, that is life?

  375. I heard that on the radio Oliver i am not sure thats right thou, Oliver you and me do see things diferently i must admit, but i do respect your views, at the end of the day we both want whats best for Arsenal. I feel that media and the press are trying their hardest to get our manager sacked, this has been done several times to other Managers in the past, and i dont like it, some of those Managers never had much success and every body was ready to jump on the band waggon, But Wenger in my mind is by far the best man we have had “i think” i don’t like snidey crafty ways, thats why i despise Twitchy, he’ll make comments and stab you in the back and i believe he has done that to Wenger, Himself being a gypsy going from club to club showing no loyalty and will jump ship at the first port, i believe we have the right man, with perhaps the wrong board.
    Wenger has kept us as a top team by spending very little, while Arsenal have grown in stature and wealth. Wenger will spend when he is given the ok from the board .and that ok seems slow in coming

  376. it depends…i want to be well compensated, but there are other things i consider important as well.

    and i think players are the same way. sure, some will jump at the highest level of compensation; but other players may consider other factors, such as style of play, location, manager…a million different things…i don’t think we can simply say that because city pay the most or can afford the highest transfer fees that we have no chance of getting quality players…financial compensations are not the only factor i weigh in my work situation – and i suspect many footballers are the same, where money is only a part of it.

  377. Hey, play there or come here for an extra £4M a year or £16m over 4 years.

    Yeah, never going to happen Oliver.

  378. Off to the gym to train a couple of friends, back soon.

  379. I feel that city are taking players off of the market only to stop them playing for their opponents. they don’t need them as they have many, but thats like a millionare with many cars but you can only drive one at a time

  380. Guys/gals have you seen eto’s deal…£300k+ net per week to Anzhi Makhachkala in Russia….they could of had NB52 instead!!

  381. Another problem that we now face as a club, is the inability to attract top talent without paying them crazy wages. Why would top talent want to come to a club that can not offer them silverware. We no longer have a track record of winning trophies. We no longer have established stars at the club to attract top talent. Man City was in the same boat but they were able to offer crazy wages. =

  382. what did they pay for him Lee

  383. Benik Afobe is rumoured to be in the squad for tomorrow.
    Some ppl may laugh, but that Kid is gonna be shit-hot..
    Remember Anelka was only 17 when we signed him and a Double winner at 18….

  384. What are you saying then AK

  385. I’ve got one for you AK, Who’s going to get a red tommorow

  386. Hi SP, i’m saying that Wenger has a history of bringing kids into his teams ‘if’ they are good enough, and i think our Academy is finally producing the kind of quality he used to get at Monaco…

  387. Well, if Frimpong plays, you can bet that every time he tackles anyone, those canny Italians will be throwing themselves all over the place…

  388. ounds good to me blood them early

  389. I suppose Song is also a good bet for a red…

  390. Traore is also in the squad i think. He’ll know all about Udinese after a year at Juve…

  391. Where’s RizLee gone?
    Don’t tell he’s at the counter in the Bombay Palace ‘again’…..
    Oh goodness gracious me….. :D

  392. SP, €25m…..

  393. Had a work out….feel fresh as a daisy!! :)

  394. See that Jack is injured again.
    Apparantly his foot is in a ‘boot’ once more.
    So that could be another 2 or 3 more weeks out!

  395. lets hope so, were getting a bit thin on the ground

  396. I haven’t been over The Grove yet, so i don’t know what the atmosphere is like.
    But my eldest was on the phone tonight, and i’ve heard him so downbeat about the team.
    I keep telling him to ignore all the shit in the Press/media, but it has a drip drip effect.
    Those fcuking c**ts in the Press/media have a lot to answer for.
    They’re only happy when their poisoning fans minds…
    Notice those arseholes never dig-out their old mate Harry..?

  397. ‘never heard him so downbeat’

  398. Looks like i’ll have a job on my hands lifting his spirits when we go to the Swansea game.
    A couple of Kroenenbergs should do the trick.. :)

  399. Maybe a Jalfriezi after the game, to celebrate a resounding win….. :D

  400. There’s some tasty curry houses down Holloway Road now…
    Good place to eat these days….

  401. I listened to talk shite on the way home they had an afternoon downing us but not to many gooners were tempted to ring in , i thought i would give them some of my thoughts but then thought fuck em

  402. Lot of money wages for a 20 mill player no wonder we struggle

  403. AK, I went to the udinese game…..was so flat it was unreal, quite sad really…. The grove needs to be a fortress. We need some quality signings to get a feel good factor back….also these young players coming through need encouragement not boos plus add some experienced players and all the pricks dissing us, will have eat humble pie!!! COYG!!!

  404. Heard on the radio that jack may have been included for tommorow that looks doubtful then

  405. SP, I listened briefly, screamed a few expletives at the radio and then put 909 on!! Daren gough supports two teams FFS and knows fuck all…

  406. Apparently that guy that was killed by a shark in the Seychelles didn’t suffer that much…. he was only married for a week!!

  407. even when theres 60 thousand it seems quiet, few times i’ve been there we were outsung nothing worse and we were winning

  408. Boo, has that french poodle gone yet ;)

    oliver – i totally agree re the middle ground spending, we don’t need the big paid, big egos, just players who love to play football and want to sign for arsenal..

    One we all know, Cahill, he’d do for starters :)

  409. Probably why i can still feel the pain Lee

  410. Hi Steve – sorry the posts are boring these days, but that’s all that is in the news, who we will or won’t buy….

  411. Lee, that’s naughty, but very funny …. :P

  412. That wasn’t a dig at you rico, just that i believe the witch hunt is gettind worse and no one seems to care, wenger has not had a break since he went to SA and i don’t think the board are helping

  413. Been moonlighting.
    Interesting Lee.
    I was listening to some player on 5Live, and he said all the departures could be having a psychological effect on the Squad.
    He said a couple of quality signings would not only be beneficial from a playing strength perspective, but would also give everyone a boost and a mental lift… Or words to that effect.

  414. We win tomorrow, we’ve got to buy, surely? The Europa would really fuck us too…..

  415. Mind you if we brought a decent player he would only play one game in three

  416. Arsenal squad to face Udinese:

    Wojciech Szczesny
    Lukasz Fabianski
    Carl Jenkinson
    Bacary Sagna
    Thomas Vermaelen
    Johan Djourou
    Armand Traore
    Ignasi Miquel
    Andrey Arshavin
    Emmanuel Frimpong
    Aaron Ramsey
    Alex Song
    Theo Walcott
    Tomas Rosicky
    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
    Marouane Chamakh
    Robin van Persie

    Can they, will they get the result we need?

  417. That doesn’t look a bad squad Rico..
    Should be strong enough to ‘do-a-job’…

  418. When will these arseholes be happy? When they’ve driven AW out? The bloke has revolutionised the EPL and all they want to do is bury him at every conceivable opportunity! It’s sickening….

  419. The witchunt is getting worse as the club are feeding them the news to do it Steve.


    Three first team players gone, one squad player gone….

    It’s big news….

  420. Thanks Lee.
    I just got a thump for that shark joke…… :)

  421. Replace the want-aways with some hard grafting quality….players want to wear the canon on their chest!!!!

  422. That makes two of us!! :)

  423. I just wish i was as confident as you guys……

    Lee – Wenger doesn’t read the papers thankfully, and he’s a bigger man than them, he won’t be driven out by a bunch of idiots…. But, a quick three signings would be a good way to shut the F*****s up ;)

  424. So, seeing as you are all confident about tomorrow, who wants to write a motivating post for the morning :eek:

  425. Shameless heading!!!! Hit whore!!!

  426. Not me… It was my fault we lost to Liverpool… :D

  427. Watching villareal v Odense….Marcos senna still going…..

  428. 2-0 villareal….cracking second goal, guiseppe Rossi!!!

  429. Kev, fair do’s ;)

  430. They mean nothing rico Cesc was struggling last year and i don’t think it will be to long when he struggles again unless he was faking but we all knew after eight years he wanted to go home we couldn’t do anything about that, Clicky had a bit of stick from fans an he did make a few bloomers and Nas had made it clear h wanted money so all those players wanted out, plus last year all those players were shit acording to the press and media but as soon as they leave they are superstars. It was their time to go and we have replacments in rambo jack frimp Germ myachi and jenks we got rid of some of our deadwood and i don’t see us worse than last year, i must admit i have been dissapointed with Theo and Arshavin they still play like novices, and i don’t think Theo will get his chance up front we may lose him too, but i dont see that mad exidus hurting to bad

  431. Hi guys looking forward to the game,no? We ll go through forget about it.

  432. Quality May, i don’t think so!!

    It’s true, not my fault it’s a 14 year old….

  433. My team would be.


    Sagna JD Tv Traore

    Song Rambo Frimpong

    Theo RvP Gerv.

  434. May 2689…… Pillock…

  435. Can’t argue with that team Will….

  436. I’m not so fussed about them going Steve, honest – and i’m happy with who he has bought, honest, but –

    It’s what we have lost and not replaced and that’s experience in the PL, experience in football – and apart from Gervinho the others haven’t got that, yet.

    We so often say that we should expect too much from the younger members but, we are going to be expecting an awful lot of them if this squad now is what it’s going to be until jan at least.

    Theo and AA were shocking against Liverpool……. but then so was RvP up front alone….

  437. Hey Will, now I agree big time with that line up…

    Traore is the weak link, but with the honey monster in front of him, he’ll get buscket loads of help, in fact, i doubt they’ll get passed him :)

  438. As Lee would say Kev, his village is out looking for him now ;)

  439. May2689 = Wurzel Gummage

  440. Right i’m offski.
    See ya tomorrow Rico…

  441. What’s Robbie Savage gotta do with anything….?

  442. Jon Pertwee – loved it, loved him as The Dr too ….

    Who ;)

    He’ll be long gone now…..

  443. Me too…..nighty night Gooners!

  444. With a player like frimp, i think him and virmin will inspire the youngsters they see the commitment and will respond, i like your line up too Will but i would swop Theo with Ryo, Theo seems to have lost that spark to go forwards and seems to favour the pass straight back from where it came from, he’s not taking on his man but the rest of them spot on

  445. A strong midfield but all of them can break forward on a drive.

  446. Night Kev, rest well, you’ll need the energy for tomorrow night ;)

  447. Same goes for you Lee, nighty night….

  448. Yeh good Will, I’m off to Night night all

  449. Good point Steve, it is annoying that someone with that pace never knocks the ball past the defender and runs.

  450. I wouldn’t Steve, Ryo hasn’t travelled ;)

  451. Rico makes a stronger point Steve.

  452. Will, or cut into the box, i don’t get that either – how many penalties would he win??

    Seeing as you are all going, so am I – i need sleep to get some inspiration ;)

    Omly kidding, its in hand…

    Night all,

  453. :lol: Will…..


  454. I honestly wish someone would tell Theo, when you have 40 yards of open grass behind the fullback,knock it past him and go, no defender can keep up with you.

    Well, I guess I should turn the lights out on another productive day at Casa Highbury.

  455. rico, you forgot Denilson !
    So: Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy, Eboue and Denilson. Five players in normal 15 players. It is too much.
    I watched Vila Real. Forgot the dream in anay player of Vila Real. They go through CL.
    Apoel (Cyprus) go ahead too. Two Bazilains scored the necessary goals. Like I said before, AW bring 3-4 Brazilians cheaper…

  456. Arsène Wenger intends to plug the gaps left by the departures of Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri before the transfer window closes.

    The French midfielder is on the verge of signing for Manchester City after Arsenal agreed terms with their Premier League rivals on Tuesday. Nasri’s move will go through subject to a medical and registration processes.

    Wenger is currently in Italy for Wednesday’s Champions League Play-Off against Udinese but the manager is determined to reinforce his squad when he returns.

    “What is at stake at the moment is for us to qualify tomorrow and we can only do it with the players we have at the moment,” said Wenger.

    “They are good enough to achieve that and therefore after that we will see what we can do. We are working very hard on the transfer market.

    “We brought in [Alex Oxlade-] Chamberlain – you will see that he will be a great player. Gervinho will be a great player for this club too but we want ideally more. We are short in midfield at the moment and that is where we want to strengthen.”

    Fabregas and Nasri’s departures have coincided with the start of Arsenal’s campaign but Wenger believes that the rest of his squad will rise above recent events to get the right result in Italy.

    “There is always a concern [that players can be affected] but it is not an excuse,” said the manager.

    “You are always concerned about the consequences it can have on the team. It can have a positive consequence as well – if you are strong mentally it can increase the solidarity, knowing you have to fight more.

    “That is ideally what you want from mentally strong players.”

  457. sorry i had to break the discussion off this afternoon…while in progress, we were hit by a 5.8 earthquake here in dc, and had to evacuate our building…even though the quake lasted only about 30 seconds, it did cause some damage (ceiling tiles and water pipes) and we were not allowed to return to work…

    it wasn’t a pleasant experience by any means…we could actually feel the building (a large one) shaking and swaying…fortunately, it held and we are able to get out on to the street fairly quickly.

    i’ll be quite happy to never do that again…

  458. Arsenal needs some good players. The current side is a weak side. It cannot beat top teams in league. So there must be new additions, not 14 year olds but some good ones of proven quality from 25 or more year old.

  459. Morning all, New Post up

    oliver, if you read this later today, that experience sounds awful, just glad that you and all your colleagues are all ok….

  460. A.Wenger is a top top manager.It was clelsea,Real madrid now M.city destroing football.Paying excessive transfer funds and wages.This should stop asp.It looks to me part from very few players eg Cesc,Messi,Xavi,Inestea,Scholes,G.neville maybe few more they all play for money not for the club.That is very sad.

  461. This “signing” confirms that the more the situation @ Arsenal FC “changes”, the more the status-quo replicates itself. But Arsene “Gaddafi” Wenger should stop glossing over the “fluke” victory at Udinese and sign a minimum of three quality players by 31st August 2011. For instance, there is another grueling match for Arsenal at Old Trafford on 28th August at which he risks being beaten to pulp if he dares take Arsenal’s “squad” as it is today. Many continental sides should be praying that UEFA draws them alongside the shadow that Arsenal FC is now. Arsene “Gaddafi” Wenger must be grinning since progression to the group stages of the CL comes with another cash windfall for him + Board “devour”. But he must realise that the current gunners’ squad WILL NOT beat Liverpool and/or Spurs to the fourth spot next term – the top three slots will be for Man Utd, Chelsea and Man City. And Arsene “Gadaffi” Wenger has five days to recruit the quality players that he has been signing using “his mouth” since June 2011. If he remains typically obstinate, he will for instance (after the EPL match at Old Trafford), still be “boasting” of a single point and ZERO goals scores. Arsene “Gaddafi” Wenger’s “spokesmen” can as well descend upon me but i stand by my views.

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