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Why Oh Why Arsene??? No More Kids…..

August 31, 2011

At last, no more kids it seems but why did Arsene leave it until now to show some kind of ambition?

Anyway, better late than never but just think if he’d done all he seems to be doing now, back in July…  Ok, I’ll stop moaning now…. But ;)

So, Chu Young Park has signed, he’s out new Number 9, I hope that shirt now ends the curse and this player stays clear of filthy tackles, unlike Eduardo before him.

Who is he?

Chu was born in Daegu on July 10, 1985.

He was the top scorer and voted Most Valuable Player as South Korea won the Asian Football Confederations Youth Championship in 2004.

He was named Asian Young Footballer of the Year in 2004.

Chu scored on his debut for the South Korea senior side, aged just 19, against Uzbekistan in 2005.

In his debut season for FC Seoul, after joining them in 2005, he scored 18 times in 30 appearances and was the top scorer in the in the K-League.

He was voted the K-League Players’ Player of the Year in 2008

He joined AS Monaco in 2007 and, as he did for FC Seoul, scored on his debut against Lorient.

Chu scored at the 2010 World Cup when he found the net from a free-kick in a 2-2 draw with Nigeria in the Group Stages.

He also played at the 2006 World Cup.

He replaced the retired Manchester United midfielder Ji Sung Park as captain of the national team earlier this year.

Yep, I stole that information from afc.com; I was surprised they’d even updated it so soon… ;)

Next expected to be announced should be Andre Santos and Per Mertesacker, both were reported to be in London yesterday having medicals.

Santos is a 28 year old Brazilian left back and in the past, his country has had a few good ones in that position. Roberto Carlos and our once own Silvinho weren’t bad were they? If he’s got the same attitude and ability of those two then we have captured a good un, reports are he’s bloody good going forward, I hope he’s not bad at defending as well. ;)

Mertesacker – well, he’s big 26 year old German International Centre Half who stands tall at 6’ 6”! His signing might just put a stop to all the crosses finding the head of anyone other than one of our defenders; finally we may put a stop to all the critical comments about how suspect we are on set-pieces.

Up the other end, he might get his head on a few of RvP’s corners too – cracking signing in my opinion.

In fact all three (if the latter two are confirmed) are good signings; they are at a good age and come from well known clubs.

So what can we expect today?

Yann M’vila?

Gary Cahill after a battle with ‘Arry?

Christopher Samba after Blackburn agree to sign Scott Dann?

Maybe even Marvin Martin, just to keep Stan happy? ;)

Who knows how today will unfold but it certainly looks as if our squad will be bigger, better and certainly strong by 11pm today..

Just what we all hoped for….

Have a good day all……

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Two New Signings agreed? Cursing Arsenal, Arsene Wenger and their Coffers…….

August 30, 2011

Here we are then; it’s down to the next 38 hours, give or take an hour or so!

After that, we will all know the squad we have and who Wenger has at his disposal each week, depending on bans and injury of course!

Most fans hoped that we’d know that clearly by now and that our season would have got underway with a few good results.  Ordinarily we start the league competition quite strongly but this particular campaign has started the worst it possibly could.

Injuries have already hit us for six and of course and the bans we have picked up has far from helped our cause has it?

Regardless, we all know that despite all of our problems, our squad is still far from deep enough and strong enough to get into the top four, let alone challenge for the title.

Reading around in the blog world and listening to old players and managers, most agree that we still need a leader/organiser at the back, the central defender who would put his head where others will only put their feet.  A left back who won’t miss half the season through injury, a play maker who can link up play and provide the defence splitting pass in a way that Cesc could so often.

On top of that, Robin van Persie is an international game away from injury; it happens every season doesn’t it, what happens if he gets injured in this next fortnight?

I know many will say he’s not started well, but no-one has, I think they all miss our old number 4!

So yes, we need a striker!  Ok, we are supposed to be very close to signing Park Chu-Young but as yet we haven’t and even if/when we do, he’s going to need settling in time isn’t he?

That time should have been in pre-season, not three games in and with us in the mire so early on.

So that takes me back to the last few hours of this window….

Prior to this window opening, many fans hoped and  believed that after the way last season ended and the comments coming out of the club that this was going to be Wengers transfer window, the one we have all waited for and for so long.  Early signings, signings that would show intent to others and with them bring belief back in to every fans heart and mind.

It didn’t happen, nearly three months later – it still hasn’t!

Before anyone starts throwing names like Gervinho, Jenkinson and Chamberlain at me, only one of that three is truly for the here and now, the others I am sure will prove themselves in time but time isn’t what we have.

Same goes for all the other youth signings we have made, they won’t change what is happening now and by the time they get to play we could have a new board, a new manager and life without European Football…..

Seriously, that is how bad it could get if the next few hours don’t bring us good news….

No, I am not a Doomster, nor am I an Arsene Wenger worshiper – I’m an Arsenal fan, have been for many many years, just like thousands of others and no doubt  like most of them, I really worry for the future of our club….

Some may believe that not spending the money we have available is good business and paying off our debt keeps us a ‘well run club’.

I say poppy cock, we are a sports club, a football club and the purpose of sport is to compete, to fight and go all out to beat those you are up against, otherwise what is the point?

No-one want’s us to spend money we don’t have, just spend the money we do have and stop stashing it away in the Arsenal Coffers….

If Arsenal Football Club, well, those who run it right now don’t want to do that, then why don’t they just sell up to someone who does?

38 hours Arsenal, 38 hours, give or take an hour or two….

Red Top Titbits:

Blackburn have agreed a fee for Scott Dann.

We have agreed a deal for Brazilian left back Andre Santos and are closing in on Florent Malouda, another report suggests we are in talks for Chelsea players Alex and Benayoun. Let’s not forget, we have already reported to have snapped up Park Chu-Young. Added to that, many of the papers still suggest we are after Cahill.

I’ll still wait and see anything definite on afc.com but if true, would these signings make you happy?

Have a good day all……

Let’s Pack it All In Now Shall We………..

August 29, 2011

Morning Gooners,

If there are still any out there!

I was shocked by the result at Old Trafford but what did we really expect fielding a team without suspended Gervinho and Song and Frimpong and injured Vermaelen, Sagna and Gibbs?

Now we have lost Jenkinson!

We have played 3 Premier league games, conceded 10 goals and scored 2.

We also played 2 qualifying games in The Champions league with a sending off there as well. We had two holding a suspension from last season and it has to be said that Arsenal football club are the world’s dirtiest team by far and should in all honesty not be included in professional football at all.

Arsenal football club is a disgrace to world football, there has never been a club as far as I know who have a disciplinary record as bad as ours. I have never known a football club to have had two players and their Manager suspended in the first game of a new competition and I have also not heard of a team after 3 premier league games to have 4 player suspended.

I believe I have just highlighted the fact that Arsenal now has the dirtiest team in the world and it can only get worse!

Our manager may still get a 3 match ban for not complying with UEFA rules in our Champions League match whilst banned, Wenger had discarded those rules and will now be assessed by Panel in the UEFA, which will undoubtedly rule against Arsenal.

After all let’s face it if Wenger flaunts the rules, he must off course be punished which really needs to be highlighted, as Arsenal get away with blue murder.

Now in my view and by looking at Arsenals record, Arsenal are in the wrong and should be hit with a very hefty fine and be warned severely that this kind of behaviour cannot  be tolerated.

It may take exclusion from the competitions for it to completely sink in, maybe a ban for 3 seasons would be fair, seeing how UEFA usually do everything in three’s  to make their decisions perfectly clear.

We must now analyze the game against United and find out what went wrong. To start with Chesney was at fault with most of the goals and is not as safe as many have said in support of him, how can a keeper  be lobbed whist standing on his line, the answer to this question is that the goalkeeper is not up for the job and Arsenal must look elsewhere.

I said in a previous post, that Chesney is not the finished article. He may still cost us lots of points and must only be used just as a stand in. Many will say that Wenger is at fault for not buying experienced players, that’s a fair point but they will have to be assessed as our new signings are obviously not disciplined enough and could quite easily be the next suspended player.

The 3 teams we have played have had none of their players suspended, so our disciplinary record will have to be rectified immediately as we are running out of players fast.

8.2 is a humiliating defeat, it’s so bad that managers have been sacked in the past for lesser scores!

Wenger will also need to look for a penalty taker we don’t get to many but when we do they need to be converted and Robin’s effort was woeful, an embarrassment to the travelling fans! Van Persie must feel ashamed at that effort, low and slow was just what the United keeper needed and the prolific Van Persie duly obliged.

I am still in shock and still cannot take in the result, Cesc was worth 40 million how much must Rooney be worth?

We must hold our hands up and surrender, ask the FA to put us in an easier league!

Our fans are silent we cannot fill out stadium and we can’t afford new players  so why continue?

Let’s pack it all in and play golf or a nice peaceful cricket match whilst having a beer in the outfield!

Why waste our time when it’s clear that our team are just not up to the task!

Now that has all been said, let’s look at this sensibly!

Three players suspended and many injured mising through injury yetserday and we have had to field reserves in many of the positions.

United couldn’t have played us at a better time and that always amazes me, so much so that it seems that this is not a coincident.

We are a footballing side, we are not known as a tough guy team and we are also known as not a dirty side but our record would show different.

Top players would look at that game and not want to join us but would jump at the chance to join United.

I suggest foul play; I don’t know why and don’t know who benefits!

I only know that the five games we have played since the start of the season and the sendings off we have suffered have been shocking.

At Newcastle, we managed to draw with a man sent off. Against Liverpool we were never going to lose that game until the sending off but a build up of suspensions in 3 games made it virtually impossible to hold out against the best team in the league.

It has become the norm for Arsenal supporters to see our players sent off.

Look at the second leg against Barcelona and the Robin sending off which again handed the match to Barcelona.

You understand what I’m saying?

Somebody has it in for us and this is the way it’s done, suspensions!

Enough suspensions will defeat even the best teams in the world but do they get them?

Maybe 1 or 2 in a season but us, we pick them up in every game and we are no more physical than anybody else.

In every game we have ever had with United they get 3 to our 1of free kicks against us, usually just outside our box in a central position.

I expect them in every game and the referee never disappoints me, is this a coincidence?

I don’t think so, It will come out later on I’m sure but there is something wrong and it stinks.

Is it because of Wenger? I believe so but why? I don’t know.

I’m convinced this spell won’t change all the time Wenger is in charge but hey what do I know.

United used to get a penalty every time we played them but when we showed the stats they stopped and our suspensions started but you tell me are we a dirty side.

Our boys got hammered out there yesterday but still tried to go forward.

Young guys that showed heart – yes it was a bad defeat but also commendable.

Written by Steve Palmer

Striker Signs and We need a Win at Liverpool Today……..

August 28, 2011

The Ladies are in Liverpool today to for their last fixture in the Womens Super League, a win will ensure they create history and win the first ever trophy of this league.

The home fixture between the two sides saw a comfortable 3-0 victory for the Ladies but their manager Laura Harvey has warned her side against complacency!

We currently sit top of the league and destiny is in our own hands – only they can fluff it up now but these players don’t tend to do that very often, unlike the men. ;)

Harvey spoke to afc.com:

We’ve done our job in the last two games now and we’ve got one more left to go. Liverpool will be tough and they’ll be out to scalp us and we know that. We will have to perform well on the day.

The outcome is in our own hands and that always has to be the plan,If we go on and win the title from here we would have done it through our own merit. No one can punish us now but ourselves.

Good luck to them, kick off is at 2pm UK time but annoyingly ESPN aren’t covering this one today, instead they have decided to show a potentially boring match from The Premier League.

Sky Sports however are covering what could potentially be a cracker from The Premier League and after a confidence building win in the week, I don’t think the home side will truly believe this will be a rollover in their favour.

No doubt you have all read the story by now about how we are about to sign AS Monaco striker Park Chu-Young. The 26-year-old was due to move away from Monaco and sign for Lille but it seems our manager has nipped in and secured his services. Speculation was rife that he travelled to London yesterday for a medical.

Well, late last night Le Grove broke the news that he has signed and that he will be wearing the Number 9!! The rest of that post makes interesting reading as well and we could be in for a good few days….

As yet, nothing has been announced on afc.com…

Back to today:

Lansbury, Miquel, Traoré, Coquelin, Oğuzhan Özyakup and Sunu are travelling to OT today according to Young Guns as Vermaelen, Djourou and Sagna face late fitness tests  – my money is on all three being fit!

Should that be the case we are still without Gervinho, Frimpong and Song who are all paying their penance for naughty tackles, Wilshere and Gibbs are both still missing through injury…

Oh, Squilli and Nik are both out injured too, although I think they are busy hunting for a new club…

We want Cahill, Bolton need a defender – surely they’d loved Squilli.  ;)

That’s a fair amount of players out but we’ll still give them a battle I hope and if we can come away with something, it would be heck of a result….

Manchester United have a few injuries too, Fergie has said that Rio Ferdinand and Antonio Valencia are ‘training well’, while Nemanja Vidic is out for a month and Rafael will miss even longer with his dislocated shoulder – so no Vidic and no Ferdinand and let’s not forget they have a young goal keeper who is always good for an error or two..

Shoot on sight and someone has to be ready for anything he spills… He’s tall so keep the shots low, that’s where he seems vulnerable at the moment, he’s under a bit of pressure, lets help build that pressure.

Kos and Vermaelen seemed to have clicked and Szcznesy is in great form, Nani will find Sagna a different proposition at left back than the departed Clichy who  he used to make look silly and Jenkinson will have a tough afternoon up against Ashley Young but I’m betting on our young defender to win that battle.

Last time we played them in the league, Wilshere and Ramsey bossed the midfield and won the battle on the day, we need another performance like that today, firstly from Ramsey and secondly, from whoever partners him in Jack’s absence.

Will it be Djourou, will it be Rosicky, will it be Coquelin??

If we can win that battle again today, we’ll be half way there, then it’s down to Walcott and RvP to bury their chances..

Another spirited display like we saw on Wednesday and a win today is not impossible, especially if  Howard Webb leaves his AON shirt at home……

Looking forward to it??

You bet…….

Nasri, Adebayor, Clichy – Cheer, not Jeer!

August 27, 2011

Frank Stapleton was one of my favourite players. I loved the guy, great in the air, two good feet, never stopped working for the team, the complete centre-forward.

Many Arsenal fans had doubts about him when he first came into the side as a raw-boned 18/19 year old but I’d seen him in the Stiffs and Youths. There was something about him that I taken to. He had a determination about him, a desire to work at his game and to make the very best of the gifts that he had, and I admired him for that…..

Yes Frankie Stapleton was a bit of a hero to me.

Then 12 months after Liam Brady de-camped to Serie A, Frank deserted us for Newton Heath, and from that day I despised him….

So when, during the 1981-82 season, Frank ‘The Manc’ Stapleton rolled up with his new team, I eagerly anticipated the home crowds reaction.

I had a grandstand view upstairs in the West Stand [can't remember how we got those tickets] and witnessed the most poisonous atmosphere I can ever remember at an Arsenal game.

The frustration of losing our two top players in successive seasons, whilst our Board sat on their hands, buying virtually nobody to replace them, [yes it sounds familiar] was vented on Stapleton that day. Although he must have expected some grief, he actually looked quite stunned at the hatred directed at him.

David O’Leary even motioned to the North Bank to tone it down but to no avail and I felt after the game, a sense of pay-back for his perceived treachery….

Looking back now, a bit older and wiser I wonder what good did it do?

Imagine if all that passion had been used to get behind the team that day, maybe Arsenal would have won instead of drawing…?

Were the Arsenal players also affected by the atmosphere…? They certainly seemed to lack something from their game that day.

And so we come to today…..

Did all the poison directed at Adebayor at WasteLands a couple of years back, help our team???

He certainly had the last laugh results wise!

How will our players benefit when Arabia City turn up at The Grove, if all the focus is on some buck-toothed podgy Frenchman???

Personally all I’m thinking about is beating them and chanting ‘What a waste of money’ at the end….

Why give Nasri the satisfaction and the motivation to put one over us, as Adebayor managed? I’d rather we all ignored the creep and focused 150% on getting behind our team and really hurting Nasri the best way, by taking 3 points off of them…..

That in my view is the priority and the real payback…

Written by allezkev

Wenger in talks for Striker, Cahill offer made and One Defender Departs………….

August 26, 2011

Reports are coming out that Arsenal have entered into the race for French teenager M’Baye Niang. He’s supposed to be one of the best young players right now in Europe.

He’s playing in Caen’s first-team already and he’s only 16 years old.

He's Big......

The 6ft striker his first-team debut in April this year and scored three goals in seven games.

Every other club in Europe are keeping tabs on the Frenchman but we all know how Wenger seems to do well signing the younger players, they know they will get their chance much earlier with us than anywhere else and surely, and young French player must relish the opportunity of playing and learning from Arsene Wenger…

Real Madrid have already made an offer, expect us to make a better one. ;)

So we now know who we’ll face in the Champions League, the group was looking pretty good until Borussia Dortmund came out of the pot – but, I’d rather we were playing them than waiting for the Europa draw and there’s no reason why we can’t beat them, and the other two sides and finish top of the group. Like we said yesterday after the draw, last seasons group was an easy one for us, but we managed to fluff our lines – maybe having a strong side in the group will make Arsene Wenger and the team concentrate a bit more.

Group F for those who missed it

Arsenal FC



Borussia Dortmund

Anyway, not much point in worrying about all that now, plenty of time before the fixtures take place….

Another young defender looks to be off, Daniel Boateng is probably off to Swindon Town on loan, he’ll be working under Paolo Di Canio at his new club.

Back in 2010, Boateng was being hunted down by Chelsea and Milan as his contract was due for renewal but he didn’t mess around, as soon as the new paper was waved under his nose, he signed on for us – wise kid….

Just like Frimpong, he has the option to play for either England or Ghana, the only difference being that Boateng was born and raised in London and England are already hoping to secure his services….

Another one coming through guys and gals…..

Now though, we all know what we need, six days Arsene, six days to just make a few tweaks….

Finally for today, reports in the newspaper suggest we have made a bid for Gary Cahill, if true I think it’s an insult as the offer made is reported to be £6 Million and it’s no great surprise to read that this bid has been rejected. If Wenger adds other £10 Million to that offer, he may just get his man……

Have a good day all….

That’s Our Ticket to The Ball Secured…….

August 25, 2011

A few hours after a certain Samir Nasri was unveiled by his new employers at Eastlands, our moment of truth arrived as we kicked off the second leg of our Champions League qualifier in Northern Italy. Holding a 1-0 lead and sporting a clean sheet from the first leg is a good place to be, but not at all a secure one.

Memories of how Udinese – who’s league season has not yet started – fashioned several good chances (particularly through DiNatale) in that first leg served as a reminder that this tie is far from over, especially as the decisive second leg is on Udinese’s patch…

While the build-up was dominated by Nas’ impending transfer, there was also plenty of speculation regarding who would/would not be available. In his Tuesday afternoon presser, Arsene confirmed that JD and Traore were good to go and that Rosicky would make at the least the bench. Hopes were raised that Jack would recover in time to make the trip and perhaps play a part; as he suffered a setback, he was ruled out and may face an extended period sidelined.

So we lined up Szczesny, Bac, TV, JD, Jenks, Frimpong, Ramsey, Song, Gervinho, Robin, and Theo.

Fab, Traore, Miquel, Rosicky, Arsh, OC, and Chamakh comprised our bench.

The inclusion of Frimpong and Song together was particularly interesting, suggesting an emphasis on solidifying the midfield – an area where Udinese arguably outplayed us last week. The task was simple: win and go through, draw and go through.

A quick start was key to our first leg win, and we started in a similar bright vein, with last Tuesday’s goal scorer (Theo) once again involved early, forcing Handanovic to save just a couple of minutes in. A couple of minutes later, a Ramsey shot from the edge of the box was put behind for a corner which Theo took, but was unable to put a good ball in.

While Udinese had seen little of the ball up to this point, they quickly built an attack and DiNatale smartly finished the move off but he was rightly give offside. This provided a reminder of the danger Udinese posed.

The first 20 minutes saw us move the ball effectively, particularly through Theo and Gervinho, and create the better chances. In once such move, Robin fed Theo with a great pass, but the latter was already offside when he collected it. A few minutes later, Robin headed over from a good Gervinho cross. Udinese immediately countered, and DiNatale got a shot off, forcing Szczesny to save low.

On 25, we had a huge let off, as Isla was given far too much room down the right, crossing for DiNatale, who whacked another low shot off the post. But as the half progressed, Udinese saw more of the ball and were able to slow the tempo down.

Just before the half hour mark, Robin got a sniff inside the Udinese box, but couldn’t make a clean connection and sent the shot high over goal. A few minutes later, both Theo and Robin had chances to extend our lead and get a priceless away goal in the bargain but Handanovic did well to deny them both.

Six minutes before half-time the goal Udinese had threatened since the first leg finally arrived. This time it was Pinzi allowed way too much time and space. He put in a cross with DiNatale met with a firm header over Szczesny and into our net. So back to square one…

We were shaken, but managed the final chance of the half – in stoppage time – as Song headed a Robin corner into the side netting. The whistle went, with 45 (possibly more) minutes remaining and all to play for…

We kicked the second half off with one change, Rosicky on for Frimpong.

As we were unable to keep the door closed in the first half, the situation now dictated we needed at least one goal and had to bring someone on who could create one. A few minutes in, Song became the first player booked, for a challenge on Pinzi.

We then had a bit of argy-bargy when launching an attack with an Udinese player grounded. When play stopped there was a bit of shoving and posturing, with Isla eventually booked for the home side. Our free kick came to nothing. Theo followed that up with a tame shot at Handanovic from our next attack…

While we had not finished any of these moves, they did build up early momentum and ten minutes after the break, we cashed in. Gervinho got free once again and pulled the ball back for Robin to smash into the net. The away goal leveled the scores on the night, gave us a 2-1 aggregate lead and perhaps most importantly, was worth double as an away goal.

The question then came – as earlier on – could we keep the lead?

Two minutes later, Udinese earned a corner. DiNatale took it, Danilo tried to get his head to the ball, but whiffed. The referee suddenly blew for a penalty and booked Vermaelen.

It took a few minutes to sort everything out but the referee awarded the penalty for a TV handball during the corner. Seeing it again, it looked quite harsh to me and I thought there was also a foul on TV as he went for the ball but the referee’s decision is the only one that counts.

DiNatale took the penalty, striking it well but Szczesny quickly got across to his right, batting the ball away to keep it out!

That save lifted our players and seemed to visibly deflate Udinese and we re-asserted control. Ramsey burst into the box and went down under what looked like some contact but the referee did not give anything. Nevertheless, we went right at Udinese, kept the ball and kept them under pressure, looking better than we had at any point during this season.

Udinese made their first change on 63, bringing Fabbrini on for Pinzi but we were in the ascendancy and this did not stall our momentum. Gervinho then forced Handanovic to save his low shot but another Arsenal goal was coming and it duly arrived in our next attack.

Sagna sprung Theo, who went clear, drew Handanovic and finished calmly to give us a 3-1 aggregate lead, and 2-1 lead on the night.

Even after extending our aggregate lead, we still looked for more and should have had the chance to go further ahead 20 minutes from the end. As soft as the penalty given against us was, the one we were denied was almost as obvious as possible. Robin played Theo, and Benatia whacked the latter in the head with an elbow. Probably unintentional but an obvious foul, to everyone except the officials. To make matters worse, Theo was booked for taking exception.

At this point, we started to lose composure a bit, and Jenks then saw yellow for kicking the ball away after a foul was awarded against us but we quickly calmed down, reasserted ourselves, and controlled play. As the game entered the final 15 minutes, we continued to try and extend the lead, with Ramsey and Theo both working Handanovic. At the other end, Szczesny punched a DiNatale free kick clear.

Four minutes from time, Arsene brought Traore on to replace Gervinho, who had an excellent game. Arsh replaced Theo in the first minute of stoppage time and we comfortably saw about the three added minutes. Right at the death, first Robin and then Traore had chances to extend the lead – and perhaps make the scoreline a bit more indicative of our second half performance – but Handanovic denied them both.

No matter, as we completed the job and now await tomorrow’s draw to see who we get in the group stages.

I won’t argue that after all that has – and has not – occurred at our club (particularly during the past couple of weeks) it is easy to paint the picture of us as a club in crisis. Perhaps it is too easy; it makes for juicy headlines, sure but it also underestimates the resolve and determination of our players.

I think this may have been an instance where the constant piling on from the past several days galvanized everyone.

They certainly responded with a performance and result, in a high stakes situation against a quality opponent – what more do you want?

That is not to say everything is suddenly rosy at Arsenal FC – far from it. We are still short (by Arsene’s own admission) in at least one area (I think more than one); our depth is still compromised by injuries, and three key players (Gerv, Song, and Frim) return to the penalty box for the next two matches (Frim’s ban is only one, I think). Who is not on the pitch will get more mention than who lines up for us.

Yet, as we showed tonight, the players are capable of putting in quality performances and winning in difficult circumstances. If they can push on from here, then surely the results will overshadow these other factors…

As always, it will be up to the players and Arsene to deliver and get the results we need.

Bringing in quality reinforcements will be a great way to follow this win up – and push the crisis headlines even further away. We’re in the champions league proper, so if there actually were any targets waiting to see what European competition we qualified for, that is no longer a factor.

We’ll see how it goes…

If nobody comes in, sure I’ll be disappointed but then I’ll put that to one side and support the squad we have. Four games in and the players look committed and determined, even if they have not always gotten results. Surely they are worth backing to the hilt this season?

Anyways, job well done to the players. We have the small matter of a trip to Old Trafford on Sunday – never an easy place to win, and even more difficult when your squad is so depleted. The odds are hugely against our players: the reigning champions were unbeatable at home last season and have started the season with two wins.

Surely such an under-strength side will be mere lambs to the slaughter? Perhaps.

The deck is always stacked against Arsenal at Old Trafford and this time we will be without our first/second choice DM’s, our best creative mid (Jack), our starting left back and our new winger among others. Sounds like just the challenge our remaining players should relish.

Shock everybody and roll the champions in their own house?

Why not? Why not indeed….

Written by oliver


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