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2-2 v’s Boca. That Display should give all Gooners great confidence going into the New Season


Ok, we should have had a penalty in the first few minutes but Atkinson waved our pleads away.

A super goal by Robin van Persie after a great bit of play from the new man Gervinho put us 1-0 up and a wonderful strike by Ramsey made it 2-0 in the second half, again, some great play preceded the goal but this time it was by Carlos Vela.

So, 2-0 up and cruising really…


In the first half we were caught out yet again a few times with a ball over the top but Boca were poor and missed their chance.

Second half highlighted once again that we have serious issues in defence, we were beaten in the air on corners and both Squillaci and Djourou committed howlers to gift Boca a goal on each occasion.

Our defence is poor and if we head into the new season without adding a centre half and a left back, we will get slaughtered….

Sorry that sounds so negative but that’s how I see it! Ok, I know TV wasn’t playing but will he stop the ball over the top, will he stop others from making gaffes?

At least Jenkinson looks like we won’t have to worry quite so much if Sagna gets injured or rested.

Wenger gave his view after the game:

When asked about letting in two second-half goals…

You never want to concede goals, but overall I do not give too much importance to that. What is important for us it to find a collective rhythm. When we could we managed to play at a good pace for 60 minutes, after it was much more difficult. It was expected, we came back from a training camp in Germany with heavy work and I knew that the second half would be much more difficult.

Boca Juniors are a good team and we got caught counter-attacking when were 2-0 up and we tried to build up the game, but when you are tired you miss some passes and were a bit more under threat.

And about the lessons he has learned:

That we can score goals and Gervinho is a good addition to our squad. He is very interesting because he gives us options on both sides and through the middle. He can integrate well with our team. Also we have some improvements to make in some areas, especially the way we win the ball back. On set pieces we were not convincing today, but overall it was quite positive.

Arsene Wenger is right, Gervinho is a very good addition to our squad and on set pieces we were far from convincing but yesterday we were also very poor at defending in open play, something which many have suggested hasn’t been a real weakness.

Just sort out the set piece weakness and all will be ok, well today showed that that isn’t the case.

We were not caught on the counter attack for their goals, we were sloppy and sub-standard!!

Doesn’t give too much importance to conceding goals?

Well that comment stuns me, maybe it’s about time Wenger did give a bit of importance to conceding goals because if we stopped conceding, we’d start winning!!

He says we need to make improvements, well I for one hope he means signing players that will stop our defence conceding stupid goals rather than burying his head in the sand and thinking we will improve at the back.

How long have we been vulnerable??

It’s great to be linked to the likes of Juan Mata but right now I’d just rather we signed Gary Cahill…..


Today we should see our favourite Thierry Henry play at The Emirates, I hope he doesn’t do to us what he once did for us against others, but then again, if he does……..

That’s it guys, not very positive I know but I’m sure you will all tell what positives there were….

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202 comments on “2-2 v’s Boca. That Display should give all Gooners great confidence going into the New Season

  1. IMHO we played some really eye catching football yesterday, and offensively we looked really good. But as you say, in the defence, we looked terrible. Our rivals won’t be generous at letting us outscore them, which seemingly is wengers tactic. I have already lost hope in us buying quality defenders, we don’t even have a proper left back!

  2. good evening/morning

    Sorry, I’m not convinced

  3. Morning……… You failed to mention yet another insult to Arsenal fans everywhere… nasri getting the captains armband….? What a joke…? wenger at his best pampering his wantaway players..! Does captaining Arsenal Football Club not mean anything anymore, ovbiously not…! As for no much importance on conceding goals that just about sums up the way wenger now thinks and his level or arrogance.

  4. I’m with you WATH, Wenger is treating the players as if they were bigger than the club!

    We all know, he is desperate to keep his best players, but instead of humiliating himself, the club and the fans, he should go out there, and spend the money needed, on the necessary players..

  5. Morning Guys….

    Ican’t believe what our manager said after the game…. WATH, i missed the captains armband going to Nasri, talk about an insult!!

    Busy morning so back in a bit….

  6. Arsenal, can kiss champions league Good bye… Please get rid of wenger before he turns this club into a unless team. How can a manager be sEdeno cheap and careless. Sell wenger, djouru, bendtner, cesc, diaby.. Replace them with Harzard, Samba, mata and Tevez.

  7. ADK, wenger needs to show some balls and get rid of these pampered wantaways, he needs to get players in now and stop this penny pinching bullshit. Replace the players and then let them go… Simple. The captains armband thing is just beyond belief…! As for the defending well its hardly gonna improve when it’s the usual suspects at the back, same staff and same training it seems. We seem clueless and once again highlights the zonal marking doesn’t work for us and the high backline is a nightmare waiting to happen…!

  8. wenger needs to see a shrink!

  9. On a positive note, Traore looked good in left back (better than Gibbo I would say) but he’s not ready yet. We really need a left back and CB to partner Vermaelen. Another positive, Koscielny was brilliant yesterday when he was on the pitch, he looks to have stepped up his game. Now if Vermaelen or new CB are injured we wont have to worry about swapping in Kos. Gervinho was standout again yesterday, with brilliant, quick, and direct runs. Wilshere as solid as ever, and Chamahk was working hard and even coming back to defend at times. RVP was sub-par apart from the goal, but thats ok because he usually doesnt have the greatest pre-seasons, and hey, he scored. Arshavin, did nothing out of the normal, but he did look fitter and leaner today. Vela had a brilliant run to set up Ramsey, but not much after. Ramsey went quiet after his goal. Fabianksi had nothing really to do in goal, while there was nothing Mannone could ahve done to stop the other two. Jenkinson looks to be solid after a season or two, and is a good backup for Sagna. Nasri was really poor, slowing down the play, not taking shots, and worst of all, GIVEN THE CAPTAINS ARMBAND?!!! Now onto our brilliant centrebacks, Djourou does make mistakes but not offen and he is a decent centreback, but not one to solve our problems. Squillaci is a walking disaster, period. Personally, I believe the armband should go to RVP, or Sagna.

  10. To all those people who thought Wenger might change this summer – there was your answer.

    The only thing I feel confident about next season is Arsenal will not win another major trophy with this manager.

  11. Rather than blame the defence, look at the midfield, how many of them do you see busting their arse to close the ball down once it is lost?

    The defence has to push up to the halfway line when we are attacking or we invite their forwards to goal hang and the only true way of stopping the ball over the top is to stop it at source, which my friends, we do not do.

  12. It took us a 25 minute to register a single shot at goal,it is gonna be dejavu all over again.As soon as we come up against committed opposition we will be in serious trouble.It is not rocket science,Wenger doesnt teach new things and he havnt got a clue on how to teach defense,ergo the same.


  14. buy quality established players.. Kids will bring Arsenal and the fans disgrace… BAU always the same crap…. Get rid of the french man now.. Wenger is doing the French FA good by raising the players from France. Not an drop of sense in this team. Theo has pace no skill!!!!!!!! Nasri overrated, cesc needs to go. Spend money or lose your fans.. Who makes the club, wenger’s money or fans? Can all Arsenal fans go on strike.. Lets see who will buy season tickets now.. As Wenger keeps taking the piss…

  15. In wenger will die!i rest ma case

  16. Die? Really?

  17. this club has no ambition. Selling every summer, does barca sell their established players? No, but arsenal say they play like barca, but yet no balls to say no and pay these boys a decent wage to keep them. Arsenals solution; bring in Ray Palour, Nigel WInterburn and Martin Kewon into the back room. Add more still to the defence, get rid of wenger fast, buy player, Adam Johnson from Man city decent player, mata, Eden Harzard, Cahill, Phil Jags, Samba and Enriquie…. Sell the unfaithful ones..(Judahs)

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  19. i didn’t see cesc leave at half time, whats that all about then….

  20. He must have seen squilli coming on and decided enough was enough….! :D

  21. I’m off Rico time to hit the pub ready for the match…….. catch ya lata 2nite…!

  22. :P WATH

    Enjoy the game, if you can ;)

    Henry is rumoured to be playing for us in the second half… :eek:

  23. If only Rico.

  24. That’s what i thought Will – apparently the refs won’t allow it…

    Matt Law from The Daily Express tweeted that fans are in for a surprise today so i guess that is where story began….

  25. I really need a Twitter account so I can follow these guys and get the inside scoop.

  26. It’s easy Will, if i can do it, anyone can…. :)

  27. I think I will do that this afternoon.

    So, are you excited about today?

  28. Yep Will, England are batting well, Bell has just passed 100 and KP his 50, 100 odd runs ahead now…. ;)

  29. Ah ha.

    I want to see how our defence does against Thierry. Also, I would really like to see a forward three of Gerv, Theo and Robin.

  30. Theo isn’t playing Will, he’s injured and out for ten days..

    I’d really like to see Bartley start in defence with TV….

  31. Blimey, it’s a bit radical on ‘ere today…
    Afternoon Gooners…
    How are we all today???
    Is everybody happy???
    looking forward to another rip-roaring season…? :)

  32. Forgot about Test…
    Rico, what’s the score?
    And hello…
    What was the joke Will? Let me in on it… :lol:

  33. Afternoon AK, 219 – 3, 152 ahead now with Bell on 124, KP has just nicked one to the keeper….

  34. I’m dreading our season if i’m honest, IF we start with the crop we have right now…..

    Reckon that was Fabregas’s last trip to the Emirates or will he be there today i wonder……

  35. AN injury at Arsenal, going into the season, surely not?

  36. Shit…! Thought he was on for another daddy 100.
    Trott fit to bat, is he in next???

  37. yep Will, he had a scan, that was all in a post too, see you don’t read them ;0 ;)

  38. Rico, i think we’re gonna be ok…
    Don’t ask me why, i just have a good vibe about the season.

  39. Good post Rico, but i can sense your unease coming through.
    31 days to go. Plenty of time to snare a couple of players. ;)

  40. Not sure Trott is fit AK :(

  41. I hope we do kev and i don’t want to see Squilli play ever again ;)

  42. PSG are 2-0 up agains Boca :)

  43. Rico, on ECB website, they said Trott is fit to bat.
    Looks as if he’ll come in next wicket down [hopefully tomorrow ;) ].
    Morgan needs some runs, i hope he’s in the mood and has some luck [of the Irish :lol: ].

  44. I was being sarcastic again Rico. Has there been a season in the last 5 we have not started without at least two injuries.

  45. Good kev, i didn’t see that – saw him in the nets earlier and he could hardly lift his bat… Need these two to see the day out, then we can push hard tommorow, get a lead of 350/400 and declare :)

  46. Why can’t Squillaci do his cruciate?
    Then Wenger has no choice but to buy!

  47. :P re squilli, never works out that way, knowing our luck TV is more likely….

    You trusting JD this season so far??

  48. Sounds good to me Rico. Hopefully the wicket will start to ‘perform’ on the 4th day and maybe the 5th.

  49. Well at least the attack looks good. Praying and praying for center defense.

  50. I can fully understand the fans being unhappy with Djourou at times. But cast your mind back to last season when Squillaci and Koscielny were giving us palpitations. Everyone was delighted when Johann was fit, and came into the team, because he was the best we had in the air…
    Yes he is a dozy git, but he needs someone in his earhole all the time and Squillaci is just hopeless as a partner for him.
    As you said, and i said early this morning, i hope Wenger gives Bartley a start, or at least a run from the bench.
    Wenger knows what the others can do, so don’t waste this opportunity and give Kyle a game alongside Vermaelen…
    You never know, they might just look the biz?

  51. need the weather to change kev, sun to go in and clouds to cover – then swing jimmy :)

    Hi Doc, def need at least one, hopefully two but can’t see the latter happening….

  52. I think JD could be a defensive midfielder.

  53. Hi y’all. mixed feelings aboiut the game yesterday. First half was ok and so was thhe 1st 5 mins of the 2nd half. After that it went down hill. Nasri wasnt that interested in the game but gervinho was encouraging.

    Hilight for me and my son was seeing David Dein walk past us!! What a gentleman he was, took pictures and chatted with us that he was impressed with Gervinho and hoped there were more players in the pipeline.

  54. JD went off a bit after his injury late in the season and doesn’t seem to have got back to where he was:


    Sagna, Kos, TV Gibbs

    Song Wilshere Rosicky Ramsey

    Gervinho RvP

  55. That’s his true position Will

    Hi T-Buzz, good for DD, lets hope he has some inside info from his buddy Arsene – maybe they chatted while holidaying together :)

  56. 3-0 PSG, now we need to beat NYRB’s ….

  57. lets hope so lol

  58. I’m watching the game on al Jazzeera.
    The commentators certainly make more sense than the prats we have to suffer in England..!

  59. Just about to watch kev, no doubt it will be that idiot Burley…..

  60. Let’s hope we come through with no injuries.

  61. Guys, do you have any links, I can’t find any.

  62. It’s great Rico, i can’t understand a word of Arabic, but not having to listen to some failed manager/pundit telling us the obvious is very enjoyable.
    Mind you the commentator sounds a bit like a Saudi Andy Gray. :lol:

  63. Scrub that, I think I have one.

  64. Subs: Nasri, Vela, Djourou, Fabianski, Arshavin, Jenkinson, Eboue, Chamakh, Afobe, Frimpong, Bartley

  65. :lol: kev, that’s better than the real Gray ;)

    What a welcome for TH – bought a tear to my eye…..

  66. What Will, an injury or a link ;)

  67. Blimey, you dont hear the fans this loud in a PL game…..

  68. Wilshere off injured, Afobe on…..

  69. JAck off injured?

  70. I wanted to see Benik get a game, but i hope it’s precautionary..

  71. Bad limp though, but glad he’s straight off…

  72. We are definately shooting more…

  73. Afobe looks nervous.

  74. MLS has come a long way in last 5 or 10 years. But remember they are mid season fit, and I’m quite sure this game means more to them than us.

  75. Rosicky is looking pretty good…….

  76. I thought Afobe was doing ok Will…

    Doc, a very long way, you hear Burley’s stupid comment about why their players are playing in the MLS??

  77. Still too many players wanting ball to feet.

  78. Hi guys have we signed MATA yet…am caught up at work so am not following the game…could u guys keep me abreast with the latest score line……

  79. No, hadnt heard. what comment?

  80. Too narrow, too many players in a small space.

  81. Guys what is the state of play….RICO what’s going on? Are we playing well at all.

  82. whats the score now,can anybody tell?

  83. Doc – He was incinuating that the players are all past it and no much good!! Whata jerk, Henry is better now than he ever was….

    stan, no Mata and doesn’t look like there ever will be :(

    0-0, we are better than yesterday… a bit.. Jack is off injured

  84. We are playing at walking pace with no real threat.

  85. Could be because its hot Will?

  86. Nice goal, a good set piece.

  87. Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner is all set to complete a move to Portuguese outfit Sporting Lisbon and thus end his time in England. Sporting had originally offered £7m but it is thought a bid of £9m was enough to seal the move.

    Bendtner was spotted in Lisbon today presumably finalising the deal. Reports in Portugal suggest that Bendtner will be unveiled on Saturday prior to Sporting’s friendly with Valencia.

    Despite Bendtner’s ridiculous self-belief, the Dane has failed to make any impact on the Arsenal team, with a goal-scoring record of worse than one in four games.

    The news of Bendtner’s departure will come as relief to fans of several Premier League clubs who were loath to see the striker join their club. Everton, Newcastle and Aston Villa had all been linked with loan deals for the frontman – none of which were welcomed by supporters.

    These moves were mere talk because Wenger had always favoured selling the Danish international rather than loaning him out, lest to a team in the same league. Despite holding out for £12m, Wenger will be satisfied with the fee received.

    Bendtner’s fate was effectively sealed when Wenger swooped for Ivorian forward Gervinho.

  88. Now we are playing with purpose. My mind has been changed, Afobe has settled well and yes, Rosicky is looking threatening.

  89. Rico – even if its true that there are a lot of “retired” players in the MLS, it’s still good for the American players to share the field and learn. As I spend a lot of time in the states, I’d love to see the MLS develop and become a good feeder league for EPL players.

  90. Rico take it from me…MATA ll sign! He doesn’t wanna play for the swamp dwellers said he ll rather stay back at valencia……according to him the spuds are not European class.

  91. Great goal, great free kick from rosicky, rvp should never take one again ;)

  92. Good news Will, wonder if Wenger will replace him?

    Doc, agree, good the the MLS I say, they are doing well to attract players who are near the end of their careers and other younger players can learn a lot from them…

    Amazed Wayne Rooney’s brother is out thyere at 20 years old…

  93. Why don’t you listen to al Jazeera, those guys talk a damn sight more sense than Burley [who?], even though i haven’t a scooby what they’re actually saying.

    You don’t some shithead commentator to tell ya what your seeing.

    Rosicky is showing some neat link-up play. I like him in that role.
    Gervinho looks a threat whenever he’s close to goal.
    Afobe has done quite well. Makes ya wonder if he’s actually in Wenger’s plans for this season.

  94. Wait. So if the score stays unchanged we win the Emirates cup right?

  95. No place again today for Lansbury in the squad :(

    AK, i reckon he is…. and why JET was allowed to move on….

  96. Stan, i don’t think Mata will go to the swampies but not sure wenger is really after him, i hope to be wrong though and we get him….

  97. Lansbury will play when he signs that contract extension.

  98. Rico, he certainly is a big lad, i think he could easily hold his own in the EPL.
    And you should see Aneke, he’s a monster..!
    Boateng’s a big lad as well.

  99. Doc, yes…

    The winner of this game wins…

  100. Best he get on and sign it then Merlin… Afternoon to you :)

  101. Merlin, i think you may have something there…
    I’ll see Lansbury at Dover Ath this Weds’, so i’ll let ya know how he does Rico.

  102. Calm down people.
    Wenger is still experimenting with his line-up without Walcott, Arshavin, Nasri and Cesc.

    More and more, it looks like 80% of our team then.

    Still tough aorund the edge with no linkage and understanding between MIDFIELD and ATTACK.

    It came alive in last 10 minutes with Rosicky taking control of MIDFIELD>
    Ramsey still raw and has little influence in MIDFIELD.

  103. I think Mr wenger is part of a scam, trying to kill P. League elites. Arsenal will end up 7th this season.

  104. I think so too Kev, if only the three you mention were a couple of years older ;)

  105. I do hope that Wenger gives Bartley a run-out…
    Btw, two games at home and two stone-wall penalties ignored by our useless officials.

  106. You just wait and see…..we ve got mataaaaa

  107. Thanks kev, maybe a reserve match report ;)

  108. I’m calm Merlin :)

    Joe, that is one random comment, you any proof he is on such a mission??

  109. Burley has now said this game is no more than a work out and NYRB’s would not even be in the PL if they were in the English league….

  110. Rico. I supplied Joe with a link to follow earlier.

  111. Van Persie is sublime.

  112. Bloody hell, did you just see that?

  113. Bartley coming on – hoooooooooorah…

  114. I saw Will, i’ll say no more….

    Bartley is Huge!!

  115. Getting your wish Rico and he is a big lad.

  116. that balague guy says we have got mata…….

  117. Eboue……………………………………………WHY…?????????????

  118. He is Will, not just tall either ;)

  119. af – so does Hunter

    Kev – Lord only knows, crazy…

  120. Rico, you naughty, naughty girl.

    I like Eboue.

  121. Eboue has put a bit of weight on….

  122. Someone has to Will, good on you…. ;)

  123. is that rooney?????????lol

  124. Am I missing something re Eboue? No deal then?

  125. He was subject to the most un-Arsenal treatment I have ever seen a player receive.

  126. 1-1 ,still no mental toughness…

  127. Boooing? Really?

  128. Henry telling Nasri not too leave.

  129. wow booing in preseason only,under extreme pressure already…..spend some money….

  130. Well, i’m going to have a pop at Bartley for that own goal, the camera shot of static players around him says it all…

    It’s the same old thing up front though, once the main players go off we have nothing much to offer on goal…

    The form of Chamakh is worrying and Rosicky cannot manage 90 mins yet….

  131. Its that time of day for me, duties to be doing but will be back later….

  132. im getting really scared for the season now, we are leaking goals easily at the emirates now,now that is a real concern……

  133. Bloody shame for Bartley… talk about sods law.
    Thought Ramsey had a good game…
    Afobe looked very good.
    Question: Who was more effective… Afobe or Vela..????
    And lets not go overboard….it’s still only pre-season…

  134. Oh, and btw again, did i see yet another penalty not given in the 2nd 45… Three in two games….

  135. @ Rico, I hope you’ve seen the proof yourself!! What is this all about messing about with loyal fans. I am gonna start supporting Spurs. Arsenal no hope wait of time and space. As Wenger always says we have quality!! What quality. Rubbish..

  136. Once again, Arsenal figures out how to give away points. We are actually quite experts at it.

  137. Doc, there wasn’t any points at stake mate. They were playing for an old tin pot.
    In an EPL game, Wenger won’t be making 5 substitutes, that’s what disrupted the team…

  138. Will, what was that address again…?
    Put it up mate..!

  139. Allezkev – Arsenal has a habit of finding new and unique ways to lose games – whether it’s a bizarre cock up in the carling cup final, or a collapse against new castle aided in part by Diaby and the Ref. Taken individually, we can say each result was just unlucky. But looking at the whole, there is a trend – and that trend is that Arsenal will always find a way to give up points. Other teams, like Man U seem to always find a way to win. We used to be the kind of team that always found a way to win. But now we are the opposite.

    It happened in china. It nearly happened against Colgne. It happened yesterday. It happened today against an MLS team for gods sake.

    Of course it’s just preseason and none of this really matters, but I am concerned that we are seeing more of last season from Arsenal. I think it’s more than fair to have that concern. And by the way, I can Haifa tee you that none of the Arsenal players or staff will be OK with this result.

  140. Uh “Haif tree” in the last sentence there was a bizarre iPad autocorrection of “guarantee” – sorry about that.

  141. “We have nothing more to offer at the moment. Hopefully that will change in the next two weeks.”


  142. Hi Guys..

    Joe, not wishing to sound rude but a True Gooner would never even give a split seconds thought about a) supporting another team and b) mentioning the swap dwellers down the road in that thought…..

    Really off the wall comment imho….

  143. Rico/Will, you about?

  144. Doc, i fully understand where you are coming from.
    I, like you, want to see my club winning things, as i have got used to seeing in the last 24 years.
    But basically, i am fed up, feeling fed up, and i simply will not allow myself to feel pissed off anymore.
    If Arsenal win something this season then i will be totally made-up.
    But i will no longer allow the lack of silverwear to spoil my football.
    I am approaching this season, detirmined to enjoy my football, win,lose or draw.
    I will not allow some fcuked up sports journo to mess with my head and turn me against my club.
    I am sick to death of all those media cnuts whose sole aim is to sew discourse among Arsenal fans.
    *I know that everything at Arsenal isn’t perfect, but it’ll do for me.
    I don’t expect other fans out there to agree, and that’s fine.
    I am going to enjoy my footie this season and sod everything else….. :P COYG

  145. Hello Will, sorry about the rant… ;)

  146. Hey Stevo, how ya going buddy/

  147. you know Steve/Will, i read some web sites and, “My God” do these guys really like football…?
    I’m as obsessed about my club as the next fan, but some of the stuff i read is pure evil…

  148. Hey nurse, how ya doing?

  149. Hi Steve, thanks for the email – big help :)

  150. Rico/Will/Steve, when i first came onto this fantastic website with it’s fantastic Arsenal fans, i was a bit of a moaner.
    But some of the drivel and poison i read has sent me the ‘other way’…and that’s not the way i walk.. :)
    I’m becoming more AKB than i ever thought i could become, because when all is said and done, and for all his irritating faults, Wenger has been a fantastic manager for us, and he still is…

  151. :lol: Kev…

    It’s not the lack of silverware that bugs me if i’m honest, it’s the lack of heart, passion and comitment we see from a few players last season and the promises from the manager which fail to be backed up with actions…

    You know, I said a few weeks ago, had Wenger and Gazidis not promised us busy transfer window, i wouldn’t have moaned half as much as i have this summer…

    I just wish they had said nothing and then any signing would be a surprise…..

  152. Well said that man, I have been disapointed for quite a few years, it hurts everytime we lose, even a friendly Ems Cup pisses me off big time, but if i live another 60 years which i won’t, support another team, you must be out of your fucking mind, and Joe if you think its better down the road that is probably where you should have been in the first place, hopefully after this defeat is a distant memory you will come to your senses and realise you are still supporting the best club in the world.

  153. And yes, i have had a couple of pints tonight. And a very nice meal. :P

  154. I have a horrid cold actually kev and fed up with sneezing :)

  155. You an AKB kev :lol: :lol:

    Now way ;)

  156. Bravo Stevo, i love your posts. When i read them i feel like cheering.
    Rico, i also love your posts, but i really love your pizza…hey hey

  157. Indian Kev?? :P

  158. Well said Kev, there is not another manager in world football who can do what Wenger does and all of these “fans” who demand titles really don’t understand football. Wenger is his own worst enemy.

  159. Rico, ha ha, no , not really, but i love my footie and i’m bloody well gonna enjoy it.
    And when Joe is 30 years older, and grows up, maybe he’ll feel the same.
    Joe, football is there to be enjoyed son, it’s not there so you can hate…!

  160. No Rico, it was a chicken dish in a lovely sauce.
    But…. if i’d had my way, it would have been a curry… :lol:

  161. Rico, you not well boss..?
    Honey and hot lemon. Always does it for me…

  162. Sorry all, Hi rico, and welcome back Ak, lots of people are trying there hardest to down Arsenal and their fans simply because we do things the right way. Wenger believes the right way is to run the club within what you earn and he mentions it all the time, which makes him sound a skinflint, and it also ruffles feathers of some supporters, who are envious of big spending clubs, the people who own our club are just as wealthy but we run as a self sustaining business, i miss the big signings as well but i prefer the club to be stable and when we do win which will be very soon it will be within our means

  163. Will, i think that far from being a liar, as one idiot calls him, he is too honest for his own good.

  164. Blimey, a Wenger love in on Highbury House ;)

    Surely we have to be realistic and a bit more honest?

    Wenger was brilliant from 1996 – 2005/6..


    He is not perfect these days, if he was, he would have address our defensive frailties 3/4 seasons ago and he would bought us a clinical goal scorer and a defensive midfielder.

    And then what about our keeper situation over the last few years??

    I don’t hate Wenger, I just get frustrated with his empty promises….

  165. Rico, ha ha, a summer of Wenger love… :)

    I know exactly what you are saying Rico, and you and Wath are totally right. But he is a bloody stubborn and at times stupid Frenchman. He also believes that he is doing the right thing. He simply will not pay inflated transfer fees for good to average players, who mostly are over-rated Brits, and i don’t blame him.
    Listen to than fat bastard Micky Quinn on Talk Shite. These are the kind of morons our club are up against and the poison they spout.
    Well lets see where those Wheel steeling tossers end up this season. because they will be below the Arsenal, so will the Yids..

  166. He pisses me of big time with some of his comments and he seems to work in mysterious ways so mysterious that i don’t understand what he is doing, i see frailties in certain places and know we are strapped for cash and he buys forwards, now if he goes out and buys a decent defender things may slip into place but having said that Jenkinson and Bartly even Traore don’t look to bad

  167. Btw, my friend in Malta texted me something about ‘Arsenal have got Jagielka’, don’t know where he got it from, hope it wasn’t that NewsNow or whatever that mob of cowboys call themselves…
    Any news your end???

  168. Steve your so right mate [imho :) ].
    The only defender i really have no time for is Squillaci… er, well two, Squillaci and Eboue. Both are clueless.
    But our other defenders are decent, and yes, they will make mistakes. But that is football ffs.

  169. kev,

    i agree with his views on spending 30, 40, 50 million pounds on players, it’s not right – and i don’t knock him for that.

    What i think is daft is spending money on players like squilli when an extra few million would get a better player…persisting with players who just won’t give their all for OUR club…

    Standing by Almunia and Fabianski when they were shocking, playing Denilson when even a referee over takes him he’s so slow…

    Personally i hope he never breaks the bank for a super duper signing like the citeh have just done, but 15 -18 million for a quality CH is not going to do that.

    Why also let 20 Million go down the pan by keeping Nasri, Wenger would get two players for that amount of money….

  170. So many rumours Ak i decided i would wait for wenger the player and the shirt before i believe it, Wenger loves leaving it late and i expect the same this window

  171. As has been said on here, Wenger respects the spirit of the game and runs us as a self sustaining business, unlike a few other teams who would be gone if not for their crutches,

  172. Steve

    I really like the look of Jenkinson ( Wilkinson ;) ) and Gervinho…. Traore did pretty well yesterday and Gibbs had a good game today… I actually don’t know how they got that goal today, and like i said earlier, i’m not going to beat Bartley up for it…

    Could be a blessing in disguise, same for Jenkinson – two on debut =two own goals – get over it boys and youll be fine…. and they will

  173. I figure he is bideing his time with both Cesc and Nas, he knows what their worth and i think he believes he will get what their worth, i also believe we will to, no point saveing money on buying when you give it away selling

  174. Rico, i agree, i really do. He drives me around the bend at times.
    Squillaci strikes me as a bit of a panic buy. I don’t think he’ll be with us much beyond this season.
    If Wenger does have a big fault, it in not being proactive enough in moving players on.
    EG… Eboue. He’s finished at AFC, so why the hell does he keep on playing him? Unless it’s to show any interested clubs that he still rates him, even if he doesn’t…

  175. I am going to wait untill i see a team that plays 90 minutes with the same players before i make any rash judgments, but i do like the look of Geronimo and wilkinson jenkinson what ever his bloody name is two or three games and if he keeps playing the same the whole country will know who he is

  176. Good points Steve, i’ve felt that myself.
    Why should AFC sell their players on the cheap?
    Yes, we all get annoyed with them and say ‘get rid’, but the club has to maximise it’s assets.
    Maybe Mata will sign for us and Nasri will leave?
    I really don’t believe that Wenger will let Nasri run down his contract. It’s all a game of bluff and counter-bluff.

  177. I get the feeling when he brought Squill and kosy he believed he was getting another two Vermaelens, it hasn’t worked out but he does seem to show loyalty to his players, plus these guys have contracts that need honering as well

  178. Remember in both games, the team went tits-up after a raft of substitutions. Wenger is still concentrating on fitness and getting most of his players through pre-season, fit and well for Newcastle.

  179. If he has a plan i hope it works better than his ones before, i am wondering if he is flying by the seat of he’s pants at the moment

  180. Not that they really went tits-up today. too many players failed to clear the ball properly and poor old Kyle is the villan of the piece.
    I still think he’s a good defender, but his face at the end..!
    I really felt sorry for him…

  181. Guys, i really want to stay up and carry on this debate but i cant keep my eyes open :(

    I have to go up the wooden ones, sorry… :(

    Nighty all…..

  182. Steve, in 31 days it could all be hunky dorey. I really don’t think he won’t bring in two more quality players.
    Afobe is a real bonus. He looked great. And we have so many more good youngsters waiting for a chance…
    Denilson, Eboue, Almunia, Bendtner gone [almost].
    Diaby, almost a fringe player now.
    Time for some of our talented Kids to breakthrough.
    That’ll do for me Gooners

  183. night ricolicious, you have a good nights sleep and make sure that Wath doesn’t snore in your ear

  184. Good night Rico. You have a good kip boss.
    See ya fresh as a daisey tomorrow… ;)

  185. Where is Wath????
    Surely he’s not still in the pub…?

  186. Love chatting to ya Ak but i have had a busy day myself and have to get up early catch you later me old buddy.

  187. Yeah, goodnight Stevo, talk to ya lata mate.

  188. Will, you gone to bed as well, i’m on a roll on here tonight.

  189. Ah well, good night all.

  190. Good morning all, I am still getting over “fans” booing a pre-season game.

  191. Morning Will.
    A pinch and a punch, for the first of the month, and no return… :D
    Not read any papers, i rarely do these days, just hate them.
    Not read any web sites, so, is there any ‘good’ news today…?

  192. Morning Guys, it won’t be long ;)

    A pinch and a kick Kev ;)

  193. Ouch….. :P:

  194. New Post up guys….

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