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Defender In, Walcott Out & New Signing on show today in Germany.

Reading through my local paper and it was there in black and white; Theo Walcott is no longer the quickest over 100 metres at the secondary school he attended, so he’s out of their record books!

The young lad who has broken his record is Joshua Willock, he knocked 0.07 seconds off of Theo’s 11.58 time.

Some of you will wonder why I am interested in this story, let alone writing about it, so for those of you who don’t know, Theo Walcott went to the same school as I did; only I went there many years before him…..

That’s my claim to fame ;)

On to today, we are in Germany to face FC Cologne in the next step of our pre-season workout.

Gervinho is in the squad, as are a couple of reserve players. Conor Henderson boarded the plane as did Benik Afobe which we strongly suspected after him being withdrawn from the reserve game in the week. Frimpong and Jenkinson also travel as does the bright new star in the making Ryo Miyaichi.

Young Guns report that Henri Lansbury’s absence is down to his fitness, I really hope it is nothing more than that. Regulars here will know I’m a massive fan of Lansbury and I truly hope Wenger can see what this player could give us – he’s another Jack Wilshere – heart, head, soul and body believes in Arsenal Football Club – we can’t let him go……

One good thing about today’s game, which kicks off at 2.30 UK time, it’s being shown live on ESPN unlike last weekend when they just showed the game later in the day.

So, Conor Henderson :

6’ 1” midfielder, born in Sidcup but after a brief spell for England under 17’s he quit and chose to play for his country of his grandparents at international level – who could blame him ;)

Conor was on the bench for the games against Wigan and Blackburn in the 2009/10 season but didn’t make it onto the pitch. We didn’t really hear too much of him until March this year when he played the whole game against Leyton Orient in the FA Cup.

Wenger said after that game he expects Henderson to be a part of our clubs – so here he is today…

Then we have Benik Afobe:

18 years old, 6 feet tall and born and bred in London – music to me ears!! He’s been with us since he was six years old, yep, six years old – this lad is a Gooner and it’s great to see him in the first team squad, he deserves it….

Afobe has been out on loan with Huddersfield Town and their manager has been full of praise for our youngster, calling him ‘Another fantastic young player from the Arsenal production line’.

During his time on loan he picked up four man of the match awards in a row so pretty impressive eh? This included 5 goals and a number of important assists which helped Huddersfield to an unbeaten run of 24 league games.

Despite Benik’s and Huddersfield’s great form, they narrowly missed out on automatic promotion, losing play-off finals.

In total, our man-made 32 appearances, scored 8 goals and recorded 10 assists for the Terriers.

So, we’ll no doubt see a bit of them today……

Couple of snippets to end with, afc.com has an interview where he says one more defender will definitely be brought in before the season starts and he’s trying hard to sigh him. Well, not hard enough in my book, we know of three for sale IF Wenger pays the right price so I don’t get what the hold up is.

And Nasri has yet again hit the back page headlines: The Sun report that he will not sign a new improved offer and he is prepared to wait a season and leave us on a freebie. This situation must be sorted out and before the close of this transfer window!

That’s about it for today, enjoy the match later….

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161 comments on “Defender In, Walcott Out & New Signing on show today in Germany.

  1. Morning Gooners, guess its decide Nasri signs or gets sold..nice one

  2. Morning All

    Howdy Erick, you been tweeting ;)

  3. Yap Rico always on twitter :-)

  4. And FB Erick ;)

  5. Will you get chance to see the game today Erick? Looking forward to seeing Gervinho make his debut…

  6. Morning Rico. Ok, I know that there’s a lo of paper talk plus the usual stuff on Arsenal.com about adding a defender but it seems to me that things are looking somewhat dire this morning. Cesc will either go to Barcelona or remain discontented at Arsenal. Not a good state of affairs in my book. Nasri apparently won’t sign so does it really make sense to keep an uncommitted player for another year only to loose him for nothing next year? That’ll cost the club about £25 million. Good business? No, not at all. One defender coming in? We need a LB and a CH at the very, very least. Wenger tells us we have a huge squad. In numbers maybe, in quality, I don’t think so. The general overview I see is that we are once again sleep walking toward under achievement. Wenger has allowed two players who don’t want to be here any more to set the agenda for the whole of the summer with no satisfactory end in sight. He himself is still clinging to the idea that Financial Fair Play will ride into the picture and all will be well. That is incredibly naive as Man City have already shown us. He also said this is the last season the club will be able to spend big. The way things are going I doubt that will happen. Yes, I know we mustn’t really judge his transfer dealing until the end of August but we have been here before haven’t we? And what happened?

  7. He beat Walcott’s time by 0.07 not 0.7

  8. Morning Adam

    That is exactly why tension is running high, we have been here before and more than once.

    one defender is nowhere near what we need and thats before nasti and fabregas leave.

    like you say, big squad but far from a strong squad.

    nasri has to be sold if his threats are for real…

  9. Nah nt really tbh busy busy bt got my phone will be keeping updates ne will be keeping updates

  10. Thanks Conor, you really need to get out more though.. ;)

    My local paper got the time different, i’ll write to them and let them know…. Not….

  11. Quiet morning……

  12. Rico. Problem is that time is running out which is probably what Wenger wants. He is too busy playing his one-man game of poker. I would love to see an Arsenal manager get pro-active and set the pace and agenda himself. I don’t want an accountant/ philosopher manager. I want a bloke who sets out aggressively to win things with much more ambition than Wenger is showing. He is old and I think, stale now. He will not be swayed and the more that fans and observers (and even the board apparently) point out ro him what is needed, the less likely he is to do it. Just what are the arguments for keeping Cesc and Nasri against their will? I just can’t see them.

  13. We must let Nastri go and get some money to buy a replacement as soon as possible! No other PL club would allow themselves to be put in this postion – if he stays and we get no money next year – does Wenger really think he will be busting a gut to try and win something next season. Also he will have a bad ifluence in the dessing room – more Wenger madness!!! Fabregas has to go as well providing we get around 33 million pounds from Barca – how can you have a captain who desperately wants to be away from Arsenal playing another season with regular injuries and at half steam – can you Imagine Ferguson putting up with that situation!!! Also why are we back to our old practice of offering unrealistc amounts for players from other PL clubs?? In any event the CB from Everton is not what we need – he is shorter than Vermaalen!! Why the delay in getting players into the club if we keep hearing that we have money to spend!!

  14. Agree Adam

    Wenger knows that both Nasri and Fabregas wll more than likely not be with us next season – he will also know a rough amount of money he will get for both – if i were him i’d go and sign the players i know we need and then sell them both…

    We can’t keep either player now surely and especially as Barca have already put Fabregas on their website wearing a number four shirt, ready to sell when he signs…

    I’m still hoping that the story about the board pushing him towards buying players is true but as more and more time passes, i fear it’s all spin…..

    I just wish Wenger would go back in time and be the manager he was when he first arrived, not try and be everything else…. Its not his money so just go and spend it….

  15. M90

    In a word, No!! No way would Fergie have this – he wouldn’t faff around with transfer targets either, he’d just get on with it as proved with his new signings..

    Cahill, Samba – both are available for the right price, what the heck is the hold up, he cannot want either….

  16. Rico. I saw him going on about selling both of them sends out the message that we are not a big club. Can he not see that one of the reasons they want to go is that he hasn’t managed to put together a trophy winning team through his own arrogance. Who gives a toss if others point out that we are not a big team because our best players want to leave. Having those players staying against their wills will ensure we don’t win anything. The whole bloody thing is a self- fulfilling circle of failure for me. I am sure that, like me, you can see one or both going and not being properly replaced with the excuse of not enough time rearing it’s ugly head again. Make the transfer window work for you rather than be a slave to it. Anyway, as ever, the results will decide his future rather than anything said on th net or in the papers. Surely Kroenke won’t let him keep Nasri with the financial losses involved.

  17. I don’t think either need to be replaced like for like Adam..

    Personally, i would sell them both which would give around the 60M mark – buy Samba, Cahill and a goal scorer – then with the money he has already, get a big strong DM…

    If he doesn’t get two defenders, then Cahill/Samba and a LB

    I can’t see Stan allowing Nasri to leave for free, he’ll over rule Wenger I’m sure…

  18. That particular conversation between Stan and Wenger could herald the parting of the ways. After all, we know that Arsene likes total control.

  19. Que Sera, Sera Adam….

    Wenger could be the author of his own destiny then :)

  20. Seems that way perhaps. But I agree with your like for like comment. I think you are forgetting though that, when Diaby rises Lazarus-like from his sick- bed, he will be like a new signing.

  21. Fabianski is in the squad for todays game, he must be fully recovered….

  22. Don’t Adam, he’s one i wish we would offload, he’s injured more than he is fit, he’s not even that good when he plays…

    Brain and Feet just don’t ever seem to work together…

  23. :lol: he doesn’t fill you with confidence then….

    Wonder where everyone is today, seems it’s just you and i….

  24. I think I’ll go wash the car and think back to Bendtner’s moment of destiny when through on goal against Barcelona. That’ll cheer me up. See you later Rico and keep up the good work.

  25. I’m off to get the Dyson out aswell Adam, will be back later for the game….

    Have a good one and don’t think of that moment, you’ll only get depressed……..

  26. Benik Afobe – 8 goals in 32 appearances. That’s nothing impressive. In fact, it’s quite… crappy. Or am I missing something here?

  27. The idea Mark was to show what he’d been up to, not to judge him, he’s 18 years old…..

  28. Nice to run fast, however what’s count is running fast with the ball, let’s the young guy devellop and we will talk about it later.

    I hope Lansbury will be ok (and remain at Arsenal) I rate him high also

  29. Hi Greg

    The kid in the post is not a footballer, he’s a school boy athlete who goes to the same school as Theo did and has broken his 100 metre record.

  30. Sell Nasri, 1/2 season good but over-rated player. Seeing as Wenger is unlikely to re-invest much of the incomming money, it would be extremely pointless to release Cesc from his contractual obligations unless the bid was sufficient to meet Arsenal’s highest valuation, no negotiating makes sense.

    Bearing in mind for 2 summers Barca clearly haven’t made Cesc their number one target, do people really believe that he will be anything other than 100% commited if he stays at Arsenal – anything less and Barca would place him even further down their list and might not even want him when his Arsenal contract is finally coming to a close.

  31. mystic, barca will get him this time…

    nasri needs to be sold to the highest bidder….

  32. New Boy starts :)

    Team in full: Szczesny, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Walcott, Ramsey, Song, Wilshere, Gervinho, Chamakh

  33. rico, where I can watch the match in Internet?
    from http://www.eurosport.com inquiry:
    what should Arsenal do about Nasry?
    a)Sell him ASAP, doesn’t matter who – 61%
    b) Let him rol in the reserves – 11%
    c) Offer him a £200k a week – 16%
    d) Pretend nothing has happened and let – 11%

    Santi Cazorla – Arsenal ?
    AW: run for A. Pereira! Liverpool maybe have two of the most importants players of Uruguay team.
    Midfield: J .Moutinho (chelsea? I hope not), Defour (St. Liege) … AW run for one of them

  34. Sorry JM, i’m not sure, it’s live on espn if you have access or the afc player??

  35. Be interesting so see if Nasri features today…..

  36. Sloppy start.

  37. Is it just me or do we in no way get anywhere near as may fouls as other teams?

  38. Boo! Howdy, rico? I like your claim to fame! ;)

  39. Geronimoooo!

  40. Nice run, pass and finish.

  41. Not a bad start for the newbie….. :)

  42. Already I like this purchase. :)

  43. Boo agag, me too ;)

    Song still commits the silly tackles……

  44. Song’s been super silly, rico. What on earth. First touch and a goal. How about that for the new buy?

  45. Defendng is farcical though.

  46. Our defense needs sorting. And not a moment too soon.

  47. I love when people state that Nasri has had “1/2 a good season”. I hope people can appreciate that Nasri is a centre midfield player, who has been forced to play out on the left, I would like to see how many good seasons Fabregas would have under his belt playing wide left.

    I just saw the starting team today and recoiled in horror at how poor it looked, I know it is only a preseason friendly, but we all know that will be close to what starts in the Premiership this season. I hate being all doom and gloom all the time, but if new players aren’t brought in soon we will be looking at another season of mediocrity.

    Why, does anyone know, is Wenger insisting that Phil Jagielka is his number one target to solve our defensive problems, when we all know he won’t, although none of us have spent a half a day as a top level coach, so what do we know right? We are only the ones who said that Vieira had to be replaced (never was), and screaming for years now that our defense needs a tall physical player like Chris Samba! Has it got to the point where Wenger is doing the exact opposite to what the fans what, because that’ll show us who the boss is?

    Arsene, just spend the money on the players we need, spend it. We know the players needed, you know. If it fails, at least you have shown us that you are listening to us and that you really did try this season. What more could we ask for.

  48. WOW!!!!

    Has Wenger bagged a good un???

    If so, sell Nasri and fabregas and go get another three Wenger….. ;)

  49. Niiiiice. Geronimo has scored twice and could have scored two other times. Excellent!

  50. One central defender who can handle high balls and organise though around him, a defensive midfielder who knows positioning and maybe not a striker now.

  51. Hi ESP,

    Nasri playing where he does is down to Wenger, he does it with too many players imho – AA is another….. and Waclott and looks like he’ll do it this season with TV…

    What annoys me about Nasri is he played so well in the first half of the season but faded when we really need him….

  52. Will, i think we have found our goal scorer…

    Does anyone else get the impression that Gervinho and Theo could just get on mighty fine up top…

    I know it’s early days but…..

  53. Do the Germans know it iis a pre season friendly?

  54. No nonsense Jenkinson….

  55. We need them to play hard Will, we need to get used to it….

    After all, we don’t tackle in training ;)

  56. Gerv and Theo either side of Robin?

  57. Huff, i didn’t want Gervinho off already ;)

  58. I think he is on the end of some rough stuff.

  59. Not for me, Theo in the middle with RvP and Gervinho doing what ever he wants :)

  60. Just tuned in, why has Gervinho been taken off?

  61. Excuse me but


    Thank you.

  62. Just an early run out for him ESP, not injured or anything….

  63. agag, you still here??

  64. I like the new banner, btw rico. :)

    It would have been nice for Gervinho to have netted a hattrick.

  65. Rico, I would rather have Robin dropping off and pulling the strings.

    Imagine you are central defender, do you go with the runners which will allow Robin time to drop off and turn and have a pop or, do you go with Robin, thus allowing two speed merchants the space to run into where Robin can pass round the corner to them?



  67. Theo – that was such a wonderful move, be more positive…..

  68. Will, chill a bit, what’s with the caps????

  69. Angry Rico, three times now they have passed when a shot is the far better option. bad habits are born of practice.

  70. That’s why i asked if you were still here, i know you would have seen it, just like i know you read the posts ;)

    Glad you like it…. :)

    sadly the yellow kit is no longer so I hd little choice, now to find some backround for the blog ;)

  71. That’s down to the manager, you know the man, he walks on water ;) ;)

  72. We need a left back as soon as possible…..

  73. We need to get into the habit of shooting when that is the better option and not try to pass it in.

  74. Jenkinson – Oops… :oops:

  75. Paul, less a left back, we need a DM who can stay in postion and we need a CB that will organise.

  76. Just been busy, rico. Bad kind of busy always precedes a good kind of busy. I’m holidaying in two weeks, so I’m trying to get a handle on work. :) But I’m always reading. ;)

    Will, relax. ;)

  77. We need a LB, CH and a DM…… Minimum……

  78. Agag, I can’t because this not shooting bollocks is what costs us games. If we shot more, we could win games 3 or 4 nill but these games we lose one nil because we don’t shoot, opposition know this, back the defence, get a set play and score.

  79. Holidaying again, my they come around quickly, good for you agag but not good to hear you are so busy :(

    Still, somethings got to pay for the vacation ;)

  80. I’m quite sure where are the “gaps” of this team…

  81. Afternoon all.good read rico.i hate to brag but i told you Gerv is very good.a quick and direct player.i know its still early but he is promising so far.

  82. I’ve been away for sometime as the rumours were doing my head in but i just couldn’t resist blogging.

  83. A.pereira for LB.

  84. -Will

    Ha, we need all those and more! I think Jenkinson looks solid enough, apart from the freak own-goal.
    Song beginning this season where he left off abandoning his defensive duties, if “that boy” Theo had an end product he would be dangerous.
    Nice to see Miyachi getting another run, hope we can hold onto him for the season.

  85. Will, you’ll die an early death if you keep that up. Save it for Newcastle! ;)

    rico, I have resolved to take it easy next year. :) It’s a nightmare catching up with work. Plus lately, I feel like I’ve been working only to fund my hols. Not good. :( ;)

  86. If we had a proper DM, Gibbs would not look so bad. He has no defensive support from the wing or the centre and fans would be the first to moan if Gibbs was not over-lapping the winger so he is in a no win situation.

    If we had a proper DM, it would not look like Gibbs was being caught out os position so often.

  87. Boo, KT! How have you been?

    Hello, ESP.

  88. Hi Kt, I think we all read that Gervi is quick but didn’t realsie he had such a good finish on him – on half an hours showing, he looks good, very good….

    We ar still dreadful in defence but like ESP, i like the look of Jenkinson, pretty quick getting back and will certainly be a good back up for sagna….

    Song however really worries me….

  89. Hi JM, I wish you would let Wenger know ;)

  90. agag, is there any other reason to work ;)

  91. That’s the real AA….. Shame about the cross…

  92. Still weak against the ball over the top.

  93. We knew that yonks ago Will and so did Wenger, he hasn’t got long left to rectify it though has he, when does the season begin??

  94. Am good agag.i’ve just been off the net due to the rumours circulating.its also nice to see you are on holidays as i think you work too much.

  95. Put yourself in my shoes Kt, I have to read all of it and then write about it, you got it easy ;) ;)

  96. We are shocking at the back.

  97. Miyaichi/Gerv/walcott/AA…That has the making of a counter attacking machine.if only we could defend…

  98. Will, i repeat in response to your last comment

    rico says:
    July 23, 2011 at 3:51 pm (Edit)

    We knew that yonks ago Will and so did Wenger, he hasn’t got long left to rectify it though has he, when does the season begin??

  99. We need an organiser, we have too many ball chasers.

  100. We are shocking at the back, that’s why some fans are getting irate – we can all see it, we knew it it Jan, we see it again now – why has this issue not been resolved???

    Wenger is crazy not to have sorted this out by now!

  101. Our defense is having a torrid time. Tut tut.

    KT, good to hear you’re well. I have to wait another two weeks for my break. :( ;) You can never stay away from AFC for too long. Can any of us?

  102. Thats why we love you rico.

  103. Jepps, Rosicky has had a shot from distance, then Arshavin and Gibbs…. Hoorah ;)

  104. You young smoothie Kt ;)

  105. Jesus, a simple pass and we are all over the shop.

  106. rico, you are approaching three quarters of a million hits. Sweeeeeet! :) :)

  107. You guys seen the story in The Metro??

    It suggests that Wenger has said that Nasri will either sign a new contract or be sold to Man Citeh…..

  108. agag – i didn’t see that, and it’s HH birthday soon :)

    Cool eh ;)

  109. Way too many ball chasers.

  110. Very cool. HH is a luvvly home. :)

    Nasri’s such a disappointment. I didn’t think he was the type to be just after the money. :(

  111. Does this ref play for Koln?

  112. RamalangaFrimpong.

  113. Thanks agag :)

    I don’t even know why Nasri is out there playing, if he won’t sign, i’d stick him in the reserves until he’s sold…..

    Money grabbing toad…

  114. Rosicky hasn’t had a too bad a game….

  115. The curse strikes again?

  116. Bloody heck, another young one who looks to be finally getting his chance looks done, that looked horrid, very horrid…..

  117. That’s ligaments Will, looks really nasty…..

    Frimpong last season, now it looks like Conor Henderson this season, poor kid….

  118. Poor Henderson. :(

  119. We seem to get 2 or 3 long term injuries a season.

  120. Well guys what did you think?

    I can’t see Gibbs being our LB, it would be defensive suicide. TV and Koz played well in the first half, the two second half were awful. Rosicky didn’t play too poorly, very lively at the start, narsi was quiet. Some nice touches from RVP.

    Also did anyone notice Rosicky having a crack from outside the box? I’m sure he will get an earful from Wenger over it in the dressing moves, I don’t know why a player would shoot when a sideways pass is on?!

  121. :lol: ESP re the shooting…

    I think we could have been be a lot better defensively throughout the game – Song worries me, Kos still worries me and Gibbs, well, i’m not sure he’s ready for a full PL season….

    CC and FA Cup imho…..

  122. The second half was just


  123. The first half team was better especially in attack.lots of pace in attack is what we should have.we’re still not convincing at the back and its a worrying sign.

  124. What date is our CL qualifier??

    Three weeks until the first PL fixture….. I’m far from convinced by this teams defence………

  125. Our CL qualifiers are after the Newcastle and pool games midweek.the draw for the games is on August 5th.

  126. Thanks Kt, busy month then is August……

  127. Just seen on afc.com – 16/17th is the first leg of the CL qualifier…

    So, Wenger has just three weeks to sort our defence out!

  128. Going to play Devil’s advocate for a second.

    I think you alot are WAY to harsh on Gibbs. He really works hard and is always an outlet for the winger when we are on attack. Now, I ask you, how many of you wouldd moan if the winger cut inside, looked outside and there was no over-lapping fullback? I can tell you, most of you would be moaning like hell but hardly any moan that the winger doesn’t come back and help with the oppositions fullback which leave not only Gibbs exposed, but also makes him look awful as he is usually left two on one.

    Yes, his positioning is suspect some times but tell me one of our players who is not caught out of position during a game. What Gibbs needs is a winger who is willing to work and cover back and/or a DM who stays just in front of the defence and can cover him when

    A: He helps out in attack
    B: he is being double teamed in attack while the winger jogs back.

    He also need a centre back in the Adams mould who is constantly talking to the players around him and knows how to defend and position players, we don’t have that.

    And to finish, he is 21 years of age, how many of you were top of your chosen career paths at 21?

  129. Where are Eboué and Diaby ?
    We need tomorrow:
    A left back : my suggestion: Álvaro Pereira
    A stronger defender midfield: high, stronger, faster. the problem Is not in the cental backs. Is the first man who strike the ball when we lost it in front and penalize the other team. They are a few, but why not Meireles from Liverpool? Is not taller enought but give us another important thing: the shot outside the area.
    Hazrd (from Anderlecht was another solution but is now in Benfica)
    but we need one midfield defender and another playmaker. Figth versus Chelsea for Moutinho (Porto) or the captain of Standard Liege.
    A player who is an asset on set pieces. The faults must be marked with or made strong shots, corners, etc..
    The set pieces must be played in goal for Arsenal predictable and are not. Not because we haven’t players who believe in theirr kick and powerful shot; the team is short of stature and the corners are more moves to pick up the team and allow dislodgment played most dangerous adversaries

  130. Barça have just ripped off Roma in the Bojan deal!

  131. JM – Eboue is off to Turkey and Diaby is in….. The Sickbay for a change….

  132. Will, you have focussed on how good he is going forward, he’s a defender who today got caught a few time too far up the pitch….

  133. Did he, or was the cover from his team-mates just not there?

  134. JM, i would rather a PL ready player like Enrique or Baines…

  135. Yes he did, he often does – he’s more like a winger imho – and, he is not reliable for his fitness – i love the kid but he’s not ready imho….

    Also, he should know if he has cover, if he hasn’t he should be intelligent enough not to venture so far up the pitch…

  136. Seems you all gone then…. ;)

  137. Am around rico.

  138. Barça have sold Bojan to Roma for €12mil.Barca have inserted a buy back clause at the end of 2011-2012 season that they can buy back Bojan for €13mil.they can also buy him back in 2012-2013 season and if Roma are to block that transfer they’ll have to pay an extra €28mil…and barca have the nerve to bid only £27mil for cesc.its an insult considering that they put in a release clause of £80mil in pedro’s contract and £90mil in Thiago’s contract. d a buy back clause at the end of 2011-2012 season that they can buy back Bojan for €13mil.they can also buy him back in 2012-2013 season and if Roma are to block that transfer they’ll have to pay an extra €28mil…and barca have the nerve to bid only £27mil for cesc.its an insult considering that they put in a release clause of £80mil in pedro’s contract and £90mil in Thiago’s contract.

  139. I saw that one Kt, crazy option in the contract, you see Hector scored in his first game??

  140. I saw rico.from what i’ve seen Hector’s Barca DNA will soon send signals to xavi’s phone.

  141. I’ve also heard that they wanted to insert such a clause into Romelu’s contract when chelsea sign him but the chavs have rejected it.however we know that if he comes good they’ll just spout their usual Barca DNA rubbish to the media.

  142. By the way how good is jack?he has set such high standards that we don’t expect nothing less.

  143. To be honest Kt, I don’t give a hoot what the chavs do, i’m far more concerned about what Wenger is going to do and right now that seems very little….

  144. Jack is just awesome, his attitude, his comittment, his style of play, desire etc etc – and all from an 18 year old – he puts some of our players to shame…..

  145. :lol: re your earlier about Hector Kt, we have a few years until that happens….

  146. It seems JET is being sold…

  147. That’s me done then, I’m off for dinner and a bit of relaxation….

    Have a good evening KT, catch up soon…..

    Nighty all…

  148. No way, I wish JeT would be given a chance.

  149. -Will

    Hey Will, you suggest that Gibbs didn’t have cover when he ventured forward, In my own opinion, Gibbs should never push that far forward, you say we would moan he he didn’t support on the wing, but that is not his job, right now we attack with 5 even 6 at times, there is no need for Gibbs to join in.

    We have a notoriously bad defense, we should be working on making it as tight as possible, Gibbs was caught out numerous times today. Now he is obviously not 100% at fault here, he is merely a solider following orders, Wenger is the one who is obviously encouraging him to get forward at every available opportunity, which is more worrying than anything else, lets sort our defense out before we start asking full backs to join in the attack. I might sound a bit old school, but a defenders job is to defend not act as a second winger.

    Shame to see Henderson injured today, which brings me to a new point, more than one of our players has complained about the medical staff at Arsenal, and I have always wondered how United can have their players back playing a lot sooner with the same injury than our players.

  150. EastSidePaual, like Hardgreaves???
    I ‘m waiting for 2-3 more important signs

  151. so you went to the Downs School? Whemn as I went there aswell.

  152. Hi Richard,

    You tell first – when did you go? :)

    Just a quick one Will, all seems unfair, JET gets little chance yet so many overseas players get game after game after game….

    And they never improve…..

  153. JM, so am i waiting……

  154. -Joaquim moreira

    Hargreaves is a special case, we have had our share of long term injuries too, but in general United seem to have their players back on the pitch asap. How many times have we heard that either Shrek or Vidic will be out for 6 or 8 weeks only to see them back in 2 or 3, where as our players will be out for 10 days and miss the next few months.

    I have heard that the pitch is too hard at the Emirates and causes a lot of problems for the players, i’m not sure how true this is, but there has to be a reason for our awful medical record, and its not coincidence.

  155. I wonder if Wenger reads any blogs. If he did surely he would understand our frustration. This will be Wenger s last season with Arsenal, and he no it. He has been given far to much power at this football club and conducts himself as the manager, director and CEO of the club. This is not his fault , but the boards who are to scared to comment on the decisions he is making which are just crazy.
    I think Wenger has been a great manager for Arsenal , but the time has come to part ways and we need a fresh start with a new manager, with new ideas.

  156. Morning Gooners.
    A solid defensive display [yes really] by the Stiffs at Stevenage.
    No Miquel, Bartley or Emmanuel-Thomas.
    Lansbury worked hard but seemed to lack a bit of his usual shapness.
    Aneke had a good game in central midfield scoring an excellent goal. He retained possession despite some strong challenges before bending home a crisp drive.
    Freeman looked lively down the left wing, putting over some quality low crosses.
    Galindo had a steady game in central midfield.
    Stevenage put the young Gunners under intense pressure for the closing 15mins of the game. But our youngsters showed a resilience that we could only dream of from the 1st XI. Reice-Cook made a series of outstanding saves. Daniel Boateng battled as if his life depended on it, making some superb last ditch tackles and headers as Stevenage threw the kitchen sink at us. Great defending for a change.Nobody ready for the first team unfortunately, but half-a-dozen candidates for the Carling Cup.

  157. Morning all

    Howdy Kev, you got to see the reserves then??

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