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Want out?? Then pack your bags and go… NOW!!

June 30, 2011

Well surprise surprise…

Just as the manager and the board have started agreeing with what supporters have been asking for, which of course is better players and to strengthen a wilting team, we hear that the club are now suggesting that one of our best players and captain to boot, is being allowed to leave if Barcelona are prepared to up their offer of £27million!

At the same time they are also considering Manchester United’s offer of £20million for Nasri who so far has declined to sign a new contract.

If reports are right, his terms to sign a new contract would be to increase his £70,000 a week to £120,000!!

If claims like that are true, there can only be one end result can’t there, after all this is Arsenal were talking about isn’t it!!

Anyway, reading between the lines it appears that instead of adding to our present talent, we will be letting two of our better players leave – at present it’s just paper talk and we know they love nothing better than to throw a spanner in the works but the strange thing is, the club are not denying either of the stories!

Doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence over their futures does it?

The way things stand at the moment is that we have been linked with many players and if all of them were true, I honestly don’t know where we would put them but again, we hear nothing from our club!

Something has been nagging me for a while, so I thought I’d write about it…

So often recently I have read about how certain players are getting frustrated playing for Arsenal, they want to be winning trophies and 2/3 have even suggested they would try and seek that piece of silverware at another club rather than stay with us.

Well my view is, if that’s the way they think, then they should just go and go now!!

In my view our club will never win silverware with players that aren’t ready to fight for all they are worth to create a winning team.
I also feel that even our very best players feel the same they should not bother hanging around, they should just go and go now!! Yes, that may mean we lose quality players and it may even put us back a bit, but I truly believe that we only need players who are prepared to fight for the honour of the red and white of Arsenal Football club.

Many supporters are also feeling frustrated, often after a bad result our Manager gets the blunt end of the stick off of the Arsenal faithful and many call for him to be axed by the board.

I have been guilty of this too but in hindsight he did get us to The Carling Cup final, he also lead us a long way in the Champions League, only to lose to the team that finally won the competition. He also led us to at one stage leading the Premier League by quite a few points only to finish the season in fourth place but was that the Managers fault? After all, he’s the one that picks the team, he’s the one who holds the responsibly of getting the best of the team…

My answer to that is No, we have players who suggest they are so desperate to win trophies, well they are the ones guilty in my eye’s – they had the chance to win our first trophy for six years and blew it, that’s how much they wanted a trophy!

The same players were leading the Premier League but surrendered it with ease, that showed how much they wanted to win!

Then there was the Champions League, they did try in that one in my opinion but when bad decisions came their way, their heads went down all too quick.

So no, it’s not the Managers fault…

Everything is down to those so-called superstars who feel as if they have to go to another club to get the trophies they crave for but perhaps some of them do not realise that you have to fight for things in this world and just because you’re earning between £50,000 to £120,000 a week, it doesn’t mean you deserve reward – you only get that through hard work, effort and total commitment.

The average hardworking supporter probably earns a lot less than that a year let alone a week but he/she knows that you have to work hard for that…

Until some of our players realise just how lucky they are and learn to give 100% week in week out for the red and white of Arsenal, the club we all love and support, we will continue to struggle.

If they can’t do that, then they should just go and go sooner rather than later and let Arsenal Football Club move on……..

Written by Steve Palmer

Couple of tit-bits to add, Barcelona are reported to have upped their bid for Fabregas to £35 Million plus ‘add ons’ and Old Red Nose has reported to have been given the all clear to make the offer for Nasri. We know Fabregas wants to go and I think this offer will be accepted but Nasri – like Steve says, if he really doesn’t want to stay then I hope an overseas club come in with a higher offer than £20 Million, then let him go and move on.

Seems I have got my dates all in a muddle, tomorrow is the 1st July, not today ;)

Have a good one…..

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Two things on my mind and they don’t involve Cesc Fabregas……….

June 29, 2011

One: How to stop the trading of kids.

I think football needs to police itself here and ban any trading of players under the age of 16. At that age, clubs can decide if they want to release the player or, offer them a reserve contract. My plan if that every professional club in the world game must have a reserve side staffed with players from 16 to 20 years of age.

At each age from 16 to 20, the club must raise the pay level of each player so for example, at 16 each player in the world earns the equivalent of £1000 and can earn their club a tribunal decided fee because they are under contract. Then, for each year until 20, they can double their money. So, 16 years old equals £1000 a week, 17 years old equals £2000 a week all the way to 20 years of age where they will earn £16000 a week and they can then ether walk on a free if their club don’t decide to offer them a professional contract or, sign on for their club.

This for me is a way of stopping big clubs from plundering the youth set ups of small clubs (yes, I know we gain a lot from this but it really isn’t ethical) and also make sure that if at 16, a player wants to leave to a bigger club, the parent club gets properly compensated. Yes, I know there are flaws but it is a step in the right direction and it does lead nicely onto my second point.

Two: The Arsenal youth set up:

We have this “famed” youth academy but apart from Wilshere, who have we actually produced and not just taken from other countries or smaller clubs? I think it is time for a totally new way of looking at it.

I think it is time to build a La Masia style boarding school and really produce home-grown players of skill and technique. From the ages of 9 years old to 14 years old, we keep the academy as is, kids coming in after school to learn but I think the entire focus of these ages should be technique.

No leagues, no real games except small sided games between themselves. At these age I want the players to learn about the history of the club as well, learn what it really means to represent the old Bank Of England club, the club of Chapman, who revolutionised the game with the WM formation.

The club that first used floodlights, the club of Bastin and James. The club that even managed to get a London Underground station to change its name. The club that has 13 league titles, 10 FA cups and the club of so many world famous players you can’t do a best of without mentioning us.

Then from 15, the go to the La Masia style boarding school and everything changes for the kids. They are now fighting for a contract, they know learn the need of winning as well and continuing their education on technique. They learn nutrition and are now physically trained with weights and state of the art trainers. Yes they continue their education just in case but the learning is more intense. They are around football 24 hours a day, no hanging with their mates, no getting into trouble and most importantly, no getting poached.

This would mean, at 16, only the very best kids get a contract to move on with their footballing education. What 15 year old won’t want to be the very best if it means getting a contract for the next four years and £1000 in the pocket a week?

Then, the reserve leagues can be set up by Fifa and the FA. As I have stated, every professional club should have reserve sides so leagues can be set up as they are now, promotion, relegation and European cups for the winners. This will provide the youths with the need to win and also reward them. Clubs can charge a nominal fee to watch games, say £5 and this will help pay for the boarding school type academy.

What do you Guys and Gals think?

Written by Will

‘Explosive Arsenal’ and finally a rumour that has to come true….

June 28, 2011

I got home yesterday to find the new Kit Catalogue, ‘Explosive Arsenal’ on the doorstep – I had a browse through, not with any intention of purchasing anything I hasten to add but as I turned the pages something struck….

Page one – Jack Wilshere, Kieran Gibbs, Aaron Ramsay and Wojciech Szczesny all lined up in the new away kit in a double page spread.

Page three – Alex Song, Jack Wilshere and Theo Walcott lined up in a few training shirts and tracksuit tops, again in a double page spread with a few t-shirts thrown in.

Page five – Jack Wilshere, Wojciech Szczesny, Theo Walcott and Robin van Persie lined up in our brand spanking new home kit and another few t-shirts on the page.

On the front page is Thomas Vermaelen….

No Cesc Fabregas in the photos and no Samir Nasri or Gael Clichy either….

Ok, I know there are other first team players missing but other than Bendtner, Clichy and Denilson, no others have been linked to leaving nor have they asked to go – well, not as far as I know anyway, so their absence from the new 2011 clothing catalogue is nothing much to shout about.

But does the absence of the three mentioned tell us something??

I’m not suggesting that all three are on their way out, all I’m suggesting is that maybe their Arsenal futures really are unclear?

Right now we all read that Fergie is going to bid £20 Million for Nasri, Barca are going to step up their offer for Cesc Fabregas and while that is all going on, Clichy is still being linked to a move away, so who knows….

No doubt all will become clear as the weeks go on, all I know is, it’s not looking as rosy as some may have thought..

Well, not yet…..

Wouldn’t you like to see this next season??

Looking Good....

The Daily Express this morning reports that Arsene Wenger has finally opened talks with Bolton about Gary Cahill. The English central defender is on most Arsenal fans summer wish list and £17 million is all it will take to make him ours. He’s 25 years old, 6′ 2″ tall and is the future of the English defence. He’s probably got another 7/8 seasons at the top and I don’t think that price is too high, not to get a bit of British steel in the defence.

Suggestion is that we are going to offer one or two fringe players to Owen Coyle in the deal, this is one story I hope has some truth in it and I hope it gets sorted soon. The race seems to be between us and Man City but again, suggestion is Cahill doesn’t want to join the money bags!

My fingers and toes are firmly crossed on this one….

1st July is nearly here Guys and Gals ;)

Has Wenger gone where no Premier League Manager has been before??

June 27, 2011

If your reading this you are probably an Arsenal Fan, maybe a season ticket holder or even an overseas fan who supports from afar but whatever or whoever you are, you probably watch as much of the Arsenal action as anyone –  whether it be live, streamed or through one of the television channels.

You may be British or perhaps an expat or maybe one of the increasing foreign supporters we are accumulating, the one thing we all have in common is we love the Arsenal and the style of play.

At the moment I would have thought many of you feel a bit let down with how the transfer situation seems to be dragging on and without to many expected signings. I also feel that Arsenal seem to be a bit slow off of the starting blocks but with promises from the Arsenal hierarchy of a busy summer window, I suppose we shall have to wait and see what they come up with.

Ricardo Alvarez, the Argentinean midfielder has been strongly linked to be a future signing – we have read that managers abroad  are suggesting he has already signed for us but as of yet this has not been confirmed by the club.

Since the window has been active, our Manager has been on a scouting mission to South America and we all know that’s a place which is renowned for spectacular footballers, Pele, Maradona… far to many to name but you get the picture.

Most Premier Managers do their transfer shopping from home, buying ready-made players from the top teams, good players that have caught the eye but all too often they come with a hefty price tag. That seems to be the way things are done in England and that is usually why the wealthiest clubs end up with most of the spoils at the end of a season, because they can afford the prices others cannot.

Arsene Wenger believes that South America has huge potential, they produce many of the players that play for European clubs, and as we all know Wenger has a knack for finding young talent from Europe but now, other managers have seen what he has achieved and have started to sent scouts to search in the same places.

This in turn cuts down the talent available and more often than not, other managers find out who Wenger is interested in and up goes the price!  Wenger is not interested in a bidding war, so his interests moves on to the next.

I believe that Wenger has seen this transfer window as an opportunity to get one over his rivals, I believe he is boycotting the normal processes and will do something completely different.

I think he has tried to get a look at talent without others waiting to upset his apple cart, yes we know he has gone to South America but we don’t know where and we don’t know for how long and we don’t know who he’s looking at. What we do know though is that there wont be to many Premier Managers bidding on any players that he might find out there.

Arsene has always been a forward thinking Manager, he has been a pioneer with some of his idea’s and techniques and I believe he may have just tapped into a resource that he nor any other Premier League Manager has yet exploited.

Maybe this new avenue that our boss is going down will produce the talent needed to make us a much stronger side, a winning side and at a realistic Price.

I may be wrong and he may be just soaking up the Argentine or Brazilian sunshine and having a nice cold drink on a well deserved vacation away from prying eyes and a chance to get out of the spotlight, away from Barcelona’s constant claims that Fabregas is their property and they want him back.

Strange though isn’t it, as that was exactly how Wenger found Fabregas in the first place, getting in first before  any other Premiership Manager to secure his signature at an early age!

Wenger maybe a genius, he may just get lucky every now and then – I’ll leave that for you to answer, where ever you are…

But I know what I think.

Written by Steve Palmer

Arsene to bring home the new boys??

June 26, 2011

I have always tried to be optimistic as far as The Arsenal goes but I must admit I am beginning to have a worry….

Defensive frailties were our undoing and we are in no uncertain terms in the deep stuff!

Wenger and the board have stated that in this transfer window we will endeavour to strengthen up in this area  but up to now we have purchased one youngster that plays in defence but he is not experienced and would not be able to offer the first team any improvement, he still has a long way to go.

We have been looking to strengthen in the centre back position as this is one of the positions that has been our Achilles heel and most supporters expect changes and as of yet we are still waiting.

As the transfer window opened, two centre backs were linked to us straight away  – Cahill and Samba.

Both players were optimistic that we were going to make offers for them and include them in our plight for next season but, to date both  players are still attached to their own clubs. If the reports are correct offers for Cahill have been submitted from other clubs but Bolton appear to have turned their bids down.

Who knows if that is true…

What has surprised me the most though is,  as soon as the transfer window opened Mr Wenger decided to travel to South America, on what we understand to be a scouting mission, although I haven’t heard officially its a scouting mission, it could be just a well-earned holiday.

Either way, with a team that has big problems at the back which need sorting, it was a strange time for our manager to go abroad but as we all know Arsene works in mysterious ways!!

We have Nasri in the last year of his current contract, he’s been asked to extend this for a further few years but he’s dragging his heels and is yet to sign before he becomes a free agent and leaves. Arsene Wenger has this transfer window to either sell Nasri or get him to sign a new contract as after this window the likelihood would be that he’d leave it to the end and walk away for nothing!

Suggestion is that talks are to carry on this week, who knows what will happen….

Cesc Fabregas is another player who seems to cause concerns every transfer window, it is clear to all that Fabregas is a player that Barcelona have shown interest many times and it has not helped the situation that the player himself has shown interest in going back to the club that put him on the path of greatness but it has to be said that Wengers guiding hand has made Cesc into the player he is today.

In these days of big money transfers and the fact that Arsenal Football Club is well-known for its frugal spending, Cesc has been used as a pawn. Supporters can see that if Fabregas was sold, the money made on him could finance new players and although fans know this, they would still see Cesc as a major player for us and seeing how he still is under contract for some years, they believe he will stay.

We are almost halfway through the transfer window and although we have been promised a busy time of it, it still seems very quiet.

Arsene not being here has not helped and maybe some Managers are waiting for his return in the hope that he will put offers in for their players?

If that is the case Wenger could be in danger of missing the boat as these managers who have to sell will want to do so quickly and in time to bring in replacements. Wheeling and dealing in transfers takes time  and they won’t want to leave it to the last moment and perhaps missing out on their replacements.

Or maybe all this talk about being busy this summer is just an Arsenal ploy to get bums on seats in the sixty thousand seater stadium?

Wengers mysterious disappearance and the lack of any Arsenal news is beginning to weigh heavily on supporters minds! Past seasons in the transfer window come flooding back, excuses that the right players are unavailable or deals fell through at the last-minute, or that the second string have been readied to bring us through these worrying times, we’ve heard them all haven’t we?

I hope that’s not the case but it makes you wonder, things are awfully quiet aren’t they….

Maybe I am worrying when needn’t, perhaps Wenger has struck his deals and they are just waiting for his return before everything is finalised, or maybe as soon as he returns, he will announce what we have all waited to hear.

We all seem in a quandary and unsettled, maybe Arsene’s return will put paid to all our worries, I certainly hope so.

Then hopefully we can look forward to the start of the season.

Written by Steve Palmer.

Arsene Who??

June 25, 2011

A lot has been written about our current Manager but what do we really know about him?

Many older supporters will probably know a fair bit but for our younger supporters I thought I would take this quiet spell as a way of showing you why this popular Arsenal manager is so highly acclaimed.

Arsene Charles Ernest Wenger: OBE, was born in Strasbourg France on October 22 1949.

Hhe has managed Arsenal Football Club from 1996 and is the longest-serving manager the club have ever had.

He has a Bachelors and Masters degree in both Electrical Engineering and Economics respectively from the University of Strasbourg.

He had a short playing career which spanned eight years and finished his playing days with RS Strasbourg in 1981 his position Defender.
He obtained his managers diploma in 1981 and took up his first post as coach to Strasbourg youth team, then after that joined AS Cannes as assistant manager in 1983

In 1984 he took over at Nancy-Lorrrain then onto AS Monaco in 1987 which was his start to success, winning the league in his first year, and the French Cup in 1999. He then went to Japanese side Grampus eight where he won the Emperors Cup and moved their bottom position in the league to third in eighteen months.

Wenger had met David Dein prior to his appointment in 1988 when Arsenal played Queens Park Rangers and they remained friends until 1996 when Bruce Rioch got the sack as Arsenal Manager. Wenger was then recommended to David Dein the then vice chairman of Arsenal FC by Gerard Houllier, the then technical director of French football and through that recommendation Wenger was appointed Manager of Arsenal football club 30 September 1996 and took up his post in 1996.

Arsene’s Arsenal appointment made headlines in the national papers seeing how he was a virtual unknown in England at the time and the first Manager in Arsenals history to be appointed from outside of the British Isles. The headlines were “Arsene Who”?

Well they certainly know who he is now. With Three FA premier titles in 1998, 2002 & 2004  Four FA Cups 1998, 2003, 2004 & 200505 and Four FA Community Shields 1998, 1999, 2002 & 2004 he has certainly made his mark on English football.

Arsene Charles Ernest Wenger is also recognised worldwide here are some of his awards.

IndividualFrench Manager of the Year: 1988 & 2008

League Manager of the Year: 1995

Officer of the British Empire: 2003

Onze d’Or Coach of The Year: 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004

FA Premier League Manager of the Year: 1998, 2002, 2004

LMA Manager of the Year: 2001–02, 2003–04

BBC Sports Personality of the Year Coach Award: 2002, 2004

Freedom of Islington: 2004

FWA Tribute Award: 2005

English Football Hall of Fame: 2006

Premier League Manager of the Month – March 1998, April 1998, October 2000, April 2002, September 2002, August 2003, February 2004, August 2004, September 2007, December 2007, February 2011

World Coach of the Decade

Arsene Wenger is not finished yet, he is at present scouting for new talent in South America.

The Transfer Window is open and Wenger is about to return, will he bring the talent back with him to put a few more trophies on his impressive list? I wouldn’t bet against it.

His searching shows he is still enthusiastic and hopefully he still possesses the power to see a bargain and future superstar. We look forward to the new season ahead and a return of Arsene’s winning ways.

Arsene Charles Ernest Wenger OBE – a true Arsenal Legend in every way.

Written by Steve Palmer

Nothing like a bit of Dutch in our game…..

June 24, 2011

I meet a fair few Dutch people in my job, driving in London. I like Dutch people, they have a good sense of humour, like a beer, have fantastic coffee shops and make reasonably good footballers…. I don’t think that I’d be alone among many Arsenal fans if I said I’d be very happy to see 2 or 3 more Dutch players in the Arsenal squad.

Dennis Bergkamp is an iconic figure for us Arsenal fans. It’s difficult to look beyond Bergy when the question of who is the best player to have played at Arsenal since the War comes up. My hero is, and always will be Charlie George, but Dennis has to be the best I’ve seen in an Arsenal shirt.

One goal of his, sticks in the mind, I believe it was the FA Cup 3rd Round Replay at Sunderland. The tackles were flying, studs up, from the men in the red stripes, but with all this mayhem going on around him, Dennis still had the poise and coolness of mind to deftly drag the ball back twice, with each foot, sending Sunderland players hurtling into thin air as he calmly bent the ball beyond the bemused Sunderland goalkeeper.

A bit of Double Dutch.......

The man was a genius…

But Dennis wasn’t the first Nederlander to play for Arsenal. That honour goes to Gerry Keyser, who played the opening 12 League games in Arsenal’s record-breaking championship team in 1930-31. Keyser was actually Arsenal’s first ever overseas player, 60 odd years later Glenn Helder arrived. He initially looked good, then he had a serious haircut and was never the same…

During the late 1970’s Arsenal were strongly linked to Rudi Krol a stylish centre-back and the fantastic Johann Neeskens, a powerful dynamic forward cum attacking midfielder. We never were really certain, in those days of Dutch ‘Total Football’, they seemed capable of playing anywhere. Anyway in traditional Arsenal penny-pinching fashion The Board lost both because they wouldn’t pay the going rate for quality.

Sounds familiar eh..?

Marc Overmars had been linked to Arsenal several years before he arrived in 1997, he was one of Arsene Wenger’s first big signings. Injuries had blighted his career, but he showed us what a quality player he was, in the three years he was a Gunner. You never had to worry about over-passing with Marc in the team. If he had a chance or a run on goal… boom.

I was sorry to see him go.

Gio Van Bronckhorst was a solid, versatile and dependable player. He filled in many crucial roles for Wenger before following Overmars to the Camp Nou where Arsenal send all their old players ‘out to grass’…

Nacer Barazite didn’t make it, due to a bad case of the Abou Diaby’s. Oguzhan Ozyakup and Kyle Ebecilio have a lot of promise.

And then we have Robin Van Persie…

Robin oozes quality, has a swagger about his play, and he shares his goal celebration’s with the fans, making us feel part of it. A true Dutch Master. If he could stay fit for a season, then 30 EPL goals would be there for the taking.

‘Dank u wel Holland’.

Written by allezkev


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