Want out?? Then pack your bags and go… NOW!!

Well surprise surprise… Just as the manager and the board have started agreeing with what supporters have been asking for, which of course is better players and to strengthen a wilting team, we hear that the club are now suggesting that one of our best players and captain to boot, is being allowed to leave […]

Two things on my mind and they don't involve Cesc Fabregas……….

One: How to stop the trading of kids. I think football needs to police itself here and ban any trading of players under the age of 16. At that age, clubs can decide if they want to release the player or, offer them a reserve contract. My plan if that every professional club in the […]

‘Explosive Arsenal’ and finally a rumour that has to come true….

I got home yesterday to find the new Kit Catalogue, ‘Explosive Arsenal’ on the doorstep – I had a browse through, not with any intention of purchasing anything I hasten to add but as I turned the pages something struck…. Page one – Jack Wilshere, Kieran Gibbs, Aaron Ramsay and Wojciech Szczesny all lined up […]

Has Wenger gone where no Premier League Manager has been before??

If your reading this you are probably an Arsenal Fan, maybe a season ticket holder or even an overseas fan who supports from afar but whatever or whoever you are, you probably watch as much of the Arsenal action as anyone –  whether it be live, streamed or through one of the television channels. You […]

Arsene to bring home the new boys??

I have always tried to be optimistic as far as The Arsenal goes but I must admit I am beginning to have a worry…. Defensive frailties were our undoing and we are in no uncertain terms in the deep stuff! Wenger and the board have stated that in this transfer window we will endeavour to […]

Arsene Who??

A lot has been written about our current Manager but what do we really know about him? Many older supporters will probably know a fair bit but for our younger supporters I thought I would take this quiet spell as a way of showing you why this popular Arsenal manager is so highly acclaimed. Arsene […]