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Time to rough up the refs, Dimitar Berbatov is up for grabs, anyone interested?

It seems Dimitar Berbatov’s days are numbered at Manchester United. Despite being Manchester United and the league’s top scorer last season he was left out of the Champions League team and didn’t even make their bench.

He’s suggested to be up for sale for just £7.5 Million.

I know he’s a bit of a sulk and often looks as if he’s not interested in playing the game but every now and again he wakes up and finds the back of the net. We once had a striker like that and look how many goals he scored for us in his Arsenal career. ;)

I am not comparing the quality of the two though – Berbatov is nowhere near the quality of Henry….

At thirty years old is his passed it or does anyone think he could be just what we need for a couple of seasons?

Aston Villa have slapped a £16 Million price tag on Ashley Young – With Liverpool and Manchester United in the chase to secure his signature, surely if we are going to show that we mean the business next season it’s time for Wenger to get in there first and sign him. That amount of money isn’t a rip off, he’s young, English and has a great future ahead of him and he’s an Arsenal fan so what other signing could be better?

Roma and Seville are interested in Denilson so the papers report – personally I am not fussed where he goes as long as we get a decent price for him.

Jack Wilshere has been talking about next season and how it would be a disaster if we don’t finally win a trophy. He reckons we are too soft and need to get tough, not just on the playing side of our game but with the referees. He was speaking ahead of the England game on Saturday:

We know that. The fans feel it. We feel it. We just need to win a trophy. Arsenal are a big club and we need to be winning trophies. We need to win them to keep our big players.

We must be more aware and have a bit more aggression. We’ve got some players that can do that but we have to go as a team.

It’s no use just Robin van Persie going because it looks like it’s just him having a go at the ref. If we all get round him…You just see the other teams do it and you think ‘we need to do it as well. Man United are the best at it. They get round the referee.

We have to be more of a team and be more aggressive and show more authority.

I’m not sure I agree with him about having a go at the referee, when I see other teams surround them and protest at decisions it looks awful. In fact I often think ‘If I was that ref, I’d send a few off’.

Surely the best way is for the Football Association to sort the standard of refereeing out, if they started to be more fair and dealt with every incident the same regardless of who is playing, there wouldn’t be the need to question so many decisions on a match day.

In any case, if we start doing that we all know what would happen don’t we?

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131 comments on “Time to rough up the refs, Dimitar Berbatov is up for grabs, anyone interested?

  1. Regarding the ref thing: If i were a ref, I would tell the players the next one to say anything will get booked and then book them if they say something.

    I am looking forward to the transfer window.

  2. Morning Will and all

    I’m not for surrounding the ref either, book em i say…

  3. hello
    when is window starting tomorrow or july 1st

  4. I think one lazy Arsh in the side is more than enough without having an even lazier ex spud ambling around the place. As for Jack, I love his fighting talk but agree that going after the refs is daft and has always annoyed me to see Man Ure and the chavs do it. That’s best left to us fans. :-)
    Also, I’d take any sum of money to get rid of Dudnilson and if no-one wants to pay up let’s start offering to pay them to take him.

  5. Berbatov and Arshavin in the same team?
    And people wonder if AKB…

  6. scholes retiried
    sniedjer in

  7. Hi Bendtner,

    Looks like AA is staying too, in some ways i’m glad, he’s yet to hit the heights he should be, maybe his season will be next one – it would help if he were played in the right position….

  8. D98,

    The post is asking?

    I wouldn’t want the ‘stained’ man either – but, you, I and all arsenal fans know how our manager works – cost firs, quality second ;)

  9. Going after the refs is perhaps not orchestrated.
    Maybe it just shows more hunger and desire to win.

    I hate manu but would admire them for fact that they can overcome a technical deficit (when compared with Arsenal) through mental and physical toughness.
    Pound for pound we are more talented but they beat us hands down in the heads

  10. arsenal fan – in all honesty i am not bothered what the mancs do, i’m just hoping wenger does better…

    scholes gone, giggs almost finished, that’s the heart of the side (dressing room)…. ;)

  11. D98, but, by the law of the game, it is not allowed and it doesn’t look professional – refs should start being a bit more accountable and raise their own standards.

    we seldom get any major decisions go our way, in fact the opposite, look at how the ref ‘let’ necastle back into the game at 4-0, i think there was two crazy penalty decisions he got totally wrong

  12. Rico –
    Wenger does not pursue those “luxury” players at whatever price.

    He invests in youth and technical ability, he rarely buys a ready made player because it is so hard to reeducate them to play the arsenal way. Berbatosser would have to unlearn the way he plays and play a new brand of football and if the Arshavin experience thought us anything – you can’t teach an old dog new tricks…

    I think he should be looking at experienced players of 24/25 years.

  13. Rico – i agree re refs – The newcastle game was a disgrace as were many crucial decisions this year. The refs and the FA have a vested interest in Man U doing well.

    and lets face it what ref is going to send off a manu posse giving him hell when the golden boy rooney is leading the charge.
    Its far easier to send off johnny foreigners like van Persie or Song

  14. I think his days of signing youth could soon be put on hold D98, and about time too.

    Totally agree with you re the age group, or a bit younger/older if they are already proved to have what it takes…

  15. sorry gang,i’m all for surrounding the refs & giving them tons of gbh on the ears!those f**kers have stitched us up countless times!it’s not pc to say it & nor is it something i want like.but MANURE & the chavs are at it non stop & get away with it costantly-just watch “shrek”for 10 minutes!nothing ever get’s done & nor will it,just watch pikey terry..sam e thing-just watch bacon face on the touchline & at halftime with his intimidation.we on the other hand,rvp aside just stand there silently like a bunch of pathetic wimps getting the piss taken out of us!take the newcastle away fixture..fat phil dowd got away with rape & murder!i can guarantee you.he would never have reffed another MANURE game in his life had it happened to them.there would have been a public enquiry… wee jack is 100% right-we need to wise up & fast….rant over!

  16. Does the transfer window open tomorrow or july 1st??

  17. Although i am really excited at the raw talents of Miyachi and Wellington. (Although wellington would want to shape up)

    Lets hope they are not more Velas.

  18. Hi KG, thats a good rant ;)

    wouldn’t you rather see the fa put a stop it all and start dishing out a few red cards to chavs and mancs?

  19. Wellington needs to get to Arsenal and get a boot up his jacksie, if then he doesn’t shape up, get rid of him…

  20. yesterday in a interview he said we only will sign worldclass players and it seemed after a long time wenger speaked good sense on all the issues….

  21. which i/v was that??

  22. Let’s get down 2business by signing quality playaz..starting 4rm 2mrw..mr wenger plz b quick in d 1st month.b4 oda clubz wl start flirting around ur targets.

  23. Morning all,
    good post rico,
    I was looking at some stats yesterday and noticed that when Henry signed for us he went eight games without scoreing by the end of the season he was a man in despare he considered re training because he felt it had all left him but as we all know overcame his phobia and slotted in well. We have Chamakh, he came for a lot less than Henry and started scoreing straight away, until robin and bendy came back on the scene, chamakh was looking to be a high scorer, but went to second fiddle, now fans are even calling for him to be sold. I would just like to remind some of the doubters that Henry had some exquisit players behind him in those days and he struggled and Chamakh has had lesser players, Berbatov will score goals where ever he goes he is quality lazy at times but still quality, but don’t you think we should get some decent defenders and perhaps more quality in midfield before throwing Chamakh to the wolves

  24. Morning Steve

    Good comment, people forget about how some of our greats struggled to adapt at first, didn’t Bergkamp also take a few games to find his first goal? And Bobby P had a really hard time in his first season, easily pushed off the ball and i honestly doubted he would stick with it (Reyes?)

    But, look how thay all turned out and that’s exactly why i hope Chamakh sticks it out too, i just have a feeling he will come good, very good and will become a 20 goal a season striker….

    If we could get our crosses in the right place, he’ll do the rest with his head…

  25. Hmmm jack doesnt seem very intelligent coming out with a comment like that. I somehow dont see how surrounding a ref is going to help us win a trophy. Also its a bit ironic jack playing the innocent card. I saw him whine at referees a lot more than any manure player last season. Maybe he should concentrate on improving the dynamic of the side instead of showing us up to be mentally weak yet again.

  26. Chasing referees around the pitch shows immaturity, the referees decision is final that’s the rule, the FA only needs to bring one rule in to stop all that, and that is to move the play up field five or ten yards and that would stop it. refereeing in this country is appalling and should be addressed. But firm refereeing is vital for the future of the sport.

  27. There’s a very good winger up for sale rico we just have to bid.

  28. Who’s that then Steve ;)

  29. Benik Afobe:

    “It’s made me realise how much three points can mean. In a Reserve game it’s all about the development side but there [in League One] if we win ugly no-one cares as long as we get the three points.”

    Spot On, go tell the first team …

  30. All quiet here so i’m off for a bit, back later….

  31. Before any one here blames jack for making the surrounding the ref comment, we must remember that Chelsea and Manu over the last six years they have won trophies through intimidating refs and touchline match officials! Ferguson does it, his players do it on the pitch, terry , lampard, drogba, Ashley and the rest do it! We used to do it and nobody messed about with us…look at Barcelona with all their quality football’ they wave imaginary cards, they harras refs, they go on the ground every sec.

    I am not saying surrounding the ref is a great idea, am just saying all big teams do it, and they get decisions…,if they are doing it why nor arsenal?? Being soft has not won us trophies. Trust me, if it was manu against Newcastle where dowd messed with us, he would not have refereed any other Manu game! But Many times refs are biased because they know we are soft! We need players who are going to complain and surround those bastards!

  32. sorry but a few of u guys are missing the point young jack is trying to make! in instances where a ref is about to/and possibly can make a game changing decision ie. penalties, send offs n so forth, we as a unit go limp an let other teams n refs walk over us, where we really should be around the ref showing our concern.. for instance i remember watching liverpool thrash manure 3-0..the incident involving nani n carragher.. so many manure players wer quik to surround d ref n possibly hinder his decision in that split second until liverpools boys finally showed some balls n wer quiker to push the manure players away n show their own teeth to the ref and it bloody well worked..kenny D instilled that fightn spirit.its all down to heart and desire but also to do it wiseley,by that i mean,our boys must do it collectively as a group.i agree its ugly but refs can get intimidated n WHY NOT get in there first..but it MUST be done collectively otherwise risk the ref turning on any one or two player(s) deemed to be backchatting n mouthing off..works 4 barca n all the other clubs that are lifting trophys these days. N IT WORKED 4 us back in the days we were proud to lift silverware..weve been crying 4 passion guts nd a backbone n well done jack boy i see your point of view!!

  33. wenger says we need PL players or players with PL experience and is then on hols in Sth America to also scout players he says…..

    Man speak with forked tongue…..!

  34. thanks rico,oh sasha & steve in an ideal level playing football epl i would agree with you but we don’t & haven’t haad one for a long time.the manure/chav intimidation ahs been at “it” for a long time & unless the spineless fa wise up & introduce the no nonsense approach of rug wise upby refereeing it’s NEVER going to change,therefore we had better up & deal with the siuation as it stands.meaning bend the b’stards ears!!!

  35. p.s that’s meant to be rugby no nonsense referring,sorry1

  36. Does anyone really think ref’s will get tough when players surround them? I wish they would.

    This is what I would love to see.

    Ref: Free Kick.
    Rooney: Fuck you ref you fucking wanker
    Ref: One more word and I will book you
    Rooney: Fuck off
    Ref: you are booked, one more word and you are off.
    Rooney: Are you fucking kidding me, do you know who I fucking am you fucking wanker
    Ref: Off you go son.

    Man Utd players surrounding ref: Fucking hell ref, the boss will kill you
    Ref: Next player to talk gets booked and then sent off.

    Does anyone think this would actually happen?

  37. Welcome Tony and Jrock..

    Hi WATH – i really don’t get why he is taking his vacation now, why not later when he’s sorted the squad out?

    I heard a little rumour that Cahill is on his way and we’ll find out after the england game….

  38. Will

    That is what should happen but will they ever send off Rooney or Terry, Englands golden boys, never….

  39. i would love to see it.

  40. So would I Will,

    the FA should sort this out, the refs need to start applying the laws and to everyone…

    Refs like Dowd should be sacked….

  41. thanks rico.. recently ive read alot of blogs with people being a little unhappy with the thought of samba putting on our beautiful red n white..some saying hes too slow.. i jus dont get it at all.. weve all read the stats and even winterburn has said that majority of our goals conceded last term were from set peices and aerially..i for one think hed be a great pair up with tv5..hes a monster of a man and not many get past him in the air!! is he slow? maybe! but so is per mertesacker and zi germans have no problem covering that lack of pace with the likes of lahm n co.. n we do to in theo, which he should never be in the box of either end at set peices!!! than of course the arguement that there are better quality defenders.ie cahill, jagielka..well we arent missing that mould defender wen we hav tv5, whos 3 wk injury turned in2 a freak seson ender…by the way, adams n co were all very slow, but they wer the solid rock at the back we are so desperately missing now..we also cry for leadership, I THINK SAMBA WEARS THE CAPTAINS ARMBAND at B/burn.wink wink n mertesacker well i tell you that no one in our current squad will test him with attitude..are you listening diaby n co?????

  42. I agree, Dowd is so biased for Man Utd, it is not even hidden any more.

  43. its good to see you here tony,

    i’d love us to sign Samba, he may not be the quickest but Big Tony wasn’t exactly mr speedy ;) he’s no nonesense and strong in the air, just what we lack..

    we need another too as you say, cahill would be the one for me…

  44. Its not just that Will, he was shocking for half and hour yesterday, gave every decision against Reading despite them getting fouled time after time, that gave Swansea the edge and during that period they scored…

    He’s a bad ref, regardless of what game he referee’s….

  45. You are right Rico, just when I see he is the ref, I know we are going to lose.

  46. Sacked, that what should happen, the lower leagues don’t deserve such a poor ref either…

  47. Got to pop off again, back in a bit….

  48. I think anyone that doesn’t want a player like Samba is completely missing the point. We have more than enough players with technique we are lacking players with guts passion commitment and the thou shall not pass attitude…. He like Cahill would be spot on in out team and we actually need 2/3 more like that and we’d start winning things.

  49. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has revealed that discussions with Samir Nasri over a new contract extension have slowed down due to a ‘little’ disagreement over the financial terms offered to the 23-year-old.
    Nasri has just one year remaining on his Gunners contract and while talks have stalled recently, the possibility of a move to Old Trafford has been reported in the French media since last week.
    Speaking with France legend Bixente Lizarazu for radio station RTL, Wenger said despite problems over the terms of Nasri’s new contract, he is still confident of sorting out a new deal.
    “We’ve got a little financial disagreement but I’ll try to make him [Nasri] sign a new contract. I’ll work on that this summer. What is certain is that we won’t be selling Nasri to Manchester United.”
    Since joining from Marseille in 2008, Nasri had struggled to make his mark after suffering a spate of unfortunate injuries. However, this season he has established himself as one of the Premier League’s top stars being rewarded with a place in the PFA Team of the Year.

  50. this Nasri stalling on signing his contract over a financial dispute shows he has Arsenal flowing through his veins and his a real Arsenal boy, yeh like f–k

  51. thats a good one wenger…
    hope we sign samba or mertesacker they may be slow but mostly all defenders who are tall are slow even ferdinand is slow he cant catch most of the players that beat him on the other hand vidic and the rb help him out…..

  52. Steve, he could be asking for his market value.

  53. good all!!
    Berbatov – Newcastle?
    Barcelona news:
    Barca won the Champions League, but does not rest on your laurels. His coach, Pep Guardiola, has said he would like to see the extended squad, and that is what focuses the club, particularly to strengthen the front line team.
    There are four names on the table, so, presumably, two vacancies.
    Giuseppe Rossi, Villarreal, is the most talked about names, with a shift to involve Bojan Krkic power to facilitate the deal, since the base price of the Italian around 25 million.
    Italian league two foul names: Alexis Sanchez, Udinese’s Chilean who has just been chosen as player of the season in calcium, but with clubs like Inter, Juventus or Manchester United also interested and the president of the Italian player said that the “valley of the same that Leo Messi ‘is a business that is also not easy to guess, and Pastore, Argentina at Palermo. The interest is no less, with president Maurizio Zamparini to ensure that the player is followed by several clubs, launching Real Madrid in particular for air, that name should sound alarms in Barcelona.
    Ukraine is the last candidate, the Brazilian Wilian of Shakhtar. It is not the first time the player is associated with the Catalans, but the Ukrainians do not need to sell itself out of necessity, the business, even the least media coverage, it is not easier than any other.
    It is therefore time for reflection in Barcelona, at a time if that makes a kind of casting to see which players best fit into the club and the team’s style of play, with the value for money being the deciding factor. To Guardiola, more tant, however, that the technical quality of financial matters, is the value of human athletes, and what they can bring to the ‘force group ‘. For technical ‘rather, is priceless. ”

  54. The Wolfsburger Allgemeinen Zeitung reports that the Swiss international keeper (Dieglo Benaglio) could be on his way to the Emirates, with Manuel Almunia going the other way as part of the deal.
    Before Wolfsburg was playing at Nacional (Madeira). Is agood goalkeeper but is not taller enought…

  55. Jm, sounds like another shot stopper but rubbish with high balls in the box.

  56. hi evening morning night all, b erbatov is great player who would fit arsenal. He’s not lazy, but moody. I saw him in many games and his ruuning and work rate were unbelievable. It’s unfaair to compare him to AA who’s the laziest player I’ve ever seen on pitch.

  57. No to Berbers please.

  58. Boo! rico, where do you keep popping off to? ;)

    Osi, I think Berbatov certainly has great skills, but I’m not sure we can afford another one who has a propensity to coast.

    Oh, and really, Nasri should sign. He’s not exactly in the best bargaining position. And owes AFC much.

  59. Agag, Nasri is in a decent position to bargain. We want him and he knows he can stay one more year and go for free.

  60. Afternoon all.good read once again.going by AW’s interview this morning we’ll buy an EPL defender to deal with long balls/setpieces and improving the attack.he is in South America on holiday and scouting.the Ricky Alvarez rumour is now looking solid.

  61. Anyone think the love in for Paul Scholes is a little OTT?

  62. Afternoon…

  63. Will, if the second half of his season was as stunning as the first, half, I would agree. But he faded in the latter stages of our campaign, and that has taken his stock down a bit. That said, I really hope we keep him. He has shown how brilliant he could be. And I’ve always liked that he has that edge to him.

    Hello, KT. How good is this Alvarez??

  64. Boo agag, had to visit the family :)

  65. Will, re Scholes, it’s inevitable, he’s had a fantastic career and he’s english ;)

  66. hi rico im not recommendin berbato to Arsenal as we have enough moody sulky players, all im saying is that he’s not as lazy as AA.

  67. He looks good agag.Wenger has said he’ll bolster our attack and i think alvarez is a realistic target.

  68. Hope you enjoyed it. You always seem busy, rico. :) Have we bought anyone yet??

  69. Hi Osi, me neither – but on a no news day, the question had to be asked ;)

    We haven’t confirmed Alvarez signing have we??

    agag, two kids from Barca ;)

  70. I’ve been doing my research, and he does look good, KT. :D Lol.

  71. rico who’s Alvarez i know nothing about that guy? im not following news and rumours of transfers these dayss. I’m not in a mood to look at Arsenal news at the moment, im still bit upset about how things went in April and May. The Emirates Tournement may re-start my engine.

  72. Osi,

    he’s an Argentinian, winger/striker i think, i don’t know much about him either other than he’s pretty big and strong…

  73. Howdy Doody everyone, how are all you Gooners doing???

  74. Very interesting comments about referees today, gotta say if our boys don’t bully the ref we’ll just continue to get the bums rush.

  75. Boo, AK! How are you? I missed your debut post, but I remember being impressed by all the shopping references. :D When’s your next one coming out?

    I feel, we’ll get the raw end of the deal were our players to put the ref under pressure a la Man United. A lot of refs are so egregiously biased against us, that cannot possibly help.

  76. AK!welcome back man.

  77. I think we need more technical players, courageous type of players who can take people on and forward looking. The myth that big players are better in premier league is being discredited. the most successful performance wise premier league players are not big, look at Rodic, Sylva, or Gary Nevil, Giggs and Scholes, Nasri, Wilshere, and Fab. And if one look at Barca players they’re full of small but very tecnical players who have vision and mouvement.

  78. Hi kev,

    you have been missed, hope your week was fun ;)

  79. Agag, ha ha, how ya been. I’m gonna do a post on Selfridges, just for you…. oh, and boooo.
    Referees are scared of Fergie. They want to referee at OT etc. But they’re not scared of AFC… Maybe Wenger should cultivate a red face and wino nose?

  80. Hello KT, u ok mate? What’s the sp on Falcao???
    Rico hiya, great post 28th [lots of catching up]. London was manic, Obama, Champs Lge, busy busy busy…

  81. Ah, the youth one kev, thank you :)

    Looks like it was read by wenger, he’s having a clear out ;)

  82. Rico, got an idea on a post, i’ll do a re-write and send it over.
    Some great posts btw, but who is John [Arsehole}???

  83. I’ll tell ya what Rico, if that French twat let’s Lansbury go i’ll bloody explode… After all the rubbish we’ve put up with from Denilson and Wenger’s indulgence of him, i shall not be a happy if Henri leaves…

  84. Hey Osi, how are ya doing? I know what ya mean about technical players, but we’ve got loads of them already, what we need is some warriors, players who put their body on the line to defend…

  85. Osi i wrote something similar yesterday.most manc fans want their club to sign sneijder/modric if they want to win the CL.its a common myth that barca are weak down the flanks and that direct wingers are effective against them.what most forget is that to counter attack barca your midfield has to be able to beat their pressing.thats why jack looked spectacular against them as he had the ability to beat their players opening up space to counter.the likes of carrick/fletcher can’t do that.Wenger just needs to follow up on what he has said today morning and we’ll be fine.

  86. john is a knob from surrey who always has something to say if wenger is mentioned in a post and he doesn’t like it – it’s love kev ;)

    and re Lansbury, i’m with you, i’ll be gutted, absolutely gutted – he is what we all cry out for, an arsenal man who will put in 100% until he drops….

  87. KT, what’s the latest on Alvarez? I did hear that, far from being a Bosman, that he had 3 years left on his contract…

  88. You seem a very busy man, AK. :( Well, I hope it’s been a good kind of busy (i.e., of the holidaying kind) :) And I shall wait for your Selfridges post.

  89. Which goes back to what WATH said earlier about our defence – we the technical, now we need the raw, no nonesense defender…


  90. No team came closer to eliminating barca than we were.just a few ingridients needed.

  91. I heard his club have put a price for his signing, how can they if he is free??

    Good news re your post kev :)

  92. Rico Wenger this morning has said that we need defensive solidity.he has said he is looking within the league for defenders that can deal with the long balls/set pieces.that is a clear indication that rumours about samba/cahill aren’t far fetched.

  93. AK the last i heard was that we had sent a club representative to negotiate.now that Wenger is in South America something is definitely cooking.

  94. Hi Kt, I didn’t see his i/v this morning, good to hear he finally sees what we all have for the last 3/4 seasons….

    We need both….

  95. Agag, it’s just my work, i’d luv to sit about all the time, but i have to pay the bills. It was a good week work-wise, how’s things on your patch? Do you think you’ll be able to get to either of the pre-season games out your way?
    Gotta say i’m suprised that AFC didn’t take in a game in Japan… Good PR and all that…

  96. Good news re: Alvarez KT, do you think there’s any truth in the Falcao rumours, or just an agent at work?
    Gotta say i kinda think Gervinho is the boy for Arsene…

  97. jacks spot on
    and no to berba..hes good but hes too lazy..

    alverez could be well on his way..will cost around 10mil though hes not free

  98. I don’t think we are after Falcao AK.

  99. So Rico, we snapped up two more Barca babies, no doubt the boys already in the Academy will be delighted by that news…
    Actually, from what i read, it seems that AFC have some fantastic 16 year olds. So next season we should see a special group in the Academy league…

  100. AK, I’d love to see our boys in Malaysia, but the timing is awful! Midweek. I can’t do a fly in fly out either! :( :( And I am off some place or other almost every month, my boss will kill me. Although, I’ve been seriously considering availing myself of my entitlement to three days of paid “emergency” leaves. Haha.

    Is there any news on Henri’s contract, rico? It would be awful if he were to leave.

  101. To be honest KT, that’s what i thought as well, you know, flavour of the month and all that crapola.
    Hiya JJ, yes mate, Jack is spot on…again

  102. Oh no agag, i was gonna ask ya to get me a programme…hehe.

  103. kev, you shouldn’t be so young, old farts like me just sit around ;)

  104. Haha Rico, your just a nipper.

  105. I think some girlfriends are able to go; (that is if they can manage some time off); so I’ll do my best, AK. :)

  106. gervinho is ivorian..
    we’ll lose him for acn

  107. Are we jumping the gun with this Alvarez guy?

  108. i dont think we are after falco either
    more like gamero
    but id take bent

  109. allezkev thanks im fine, we need warriors but technical warriors not the type of Park, but Modric type, the ones who are technically accomplished and can dribble forward and pass fast. We have Nasri and Arshavin who can dribble but the first lacks fight and stamina, and the second lacks determmination to continue to go forward. I mean you see Nasri’s ability on the ball and you think he can do more and dribble the entire defeence team but he doesn’t. if he does that so often he’ll make big difference.

    We need players who more like Nasri, can keep the ball, great firstt touch, dribbling ability and quick little mouvemment to give options to the passer.

  110. k-tr7 i didn’t your article but you;re spot on about the Whilshere success against Barca. Wilshere is technical and a fighter and that’s the combination we need to succeed not Strong Hoof the ball Type of Player.

  111. :lol: kev…

    hi jj, i’d like Bent, Doyle or even Sinclair ;)

    Drog looks like he’s staying with the Chavs….

    re the Argie, i think we are jumping the gun, lets wait for afc.com, could be long wait ;)

  112. they’re 2 players who I think are underrated in the premiership; Doyle and Scott Parker. They can both succeed in Arsenal in my opinion.

  113. Just been watching goal of the season on Arse.com, that’ll cheer you up Osi.
    Wouldn’t it be ironic, if after all the Press garbage, that AFC keep all our best players, and maybe add 2 or 3 quality ones to just push us over the winning line?

  114. No to Doyle. Not quick enough in the brain department.

  115. bonjour my good ppl

  116. Osi there is a reason why barca are more dangerous than us.apart from pressing a team in their half is that they have iniesta and messi.those two are fantastic dribblers.these dribblers accelerate play in and around the penalty area.they beat players opening up space for villa/pedro/alves to run into with xavi making that final pass.we on the other hand only have nasri who is very inconsistent.Alvarez fits the bill as we need more of those direct and explosive players especially against parked buses.

  117. Will, we will have to agree to differ – he is clinical in front of goal and w need a goal scorer…

  118. Osi – great minds re Doyle ;)

  119. Clinical when the focus point of attack maybe, does he have the ability to stay with our quick minded passing?

    As for KT, you are right, we are way too slow around the box so defenders don’t mind tackling us there. Speed the ball up and run in behind them at pace with the ball moving quickly and they won’t want to stick a leg out.

  120. Do we have quick minded passing anymore??

    If we did, my answer would be yes, his game is similar to Torres, the difference being Doyle scores …. ;)

  121. have we signed anyone yet??
    barton, bothroyd, hargreaves.. ;)

  122. Evening all…………

  123. Jack is only saying what a lot of people already think about ref’s, they are weak and influenced when surrounded by players, the thinking being that a ref will not book 5 or 6 players at once, I know it is unpleasant, but that is the reality of the PL today both manure and chelsea do it~ if you count up the extra points manure have collected this season (take our collapse out of the equation) I wonder how the season would have finished, the fa are gutless, and will not change, no better than fifa really, we do need to harden up a bit, and get a bit clever, I am not an AKB but believe wenger will try and make the right signings to move us on a level, I could handle having pretty boy drogba for a couple of seasons, but Berbatov, no no no, tooooo lazy!

  124. Evening WATH :)

    jj, don’t tempt fate ;)

  125. Hi again goonergal, good to see you back here

    I think we are all agreed, no thanks to the ex-scum boy… ;)

  126. I’m off guys/gals – soap week – and no i don’t mean a wash ;)

    Catch you tomorrow….


  127. Must be ur birfday then I take it :P

  128. A very interesting read on swiss ramble concerning AFC’s finances and transfer budget. I’m sure a few of you out there will find it revealing…


  129. Morning all…..

  130. New Post up….

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