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Wenger tables offer for Falcao, Kalou and Downing linked, One down, three to go….…..

Amongst all the will he won’t he stories surrounding Cesc Fabregas stories, yesterday AC Milan ruled them out of any chase saying he was too expensive. If my maths is right, that just leaves Real Madrid, Manchester City and Barcelona to go. City we all know will probably pay silly money for him but Cesc has already said he won’t play for another English club.

That story has a long long way to go yet until we find out whether he’ll be playing for us next season or not. What will be, will be….

According to The Metro, both Wenger and ‘Arry have tabled offers for Falcao. The Colombian striker has just had a pretty awesome season with Porto, scoring 39 goals in 41 games. That’s just the kind of goals to game ration we miss up front, let’s hope this rumour has legs. The story comes from the player’s agent so whether this is just one of many we have come to expect remains to be seen.

The player is still in talks about renewing his contract with Porto, so no doubt this is all spin in attempt to get a pay rise….

Another player, who the same paper suggest we and Liverpool are ‘On Alert’ for is Stewart Downing – the Villa midfielder won’t commit to a new contract with his current club and has suggested he is at a crossroads in his career. Champions League football is something he wants at this stage in life so we will have the edge over Liverpool should Wenger decide to put in an offer for him.

I would love us to sign an Aston Villa player, just not this one!

Finally there is the Chelsea player who seems to be on his way out of Stamford Bridge, no not Drogba, it’s Salomon Kalou. He’s waiting to see how he fits in when their new manager is appointed and if he doesn’t, he’ll leave.

Wenger was interested in Kalou a few years ago but Chelsea didn’t want to discuss any kind of deal, they wanted to keep him.

Well, all of the above is pure speculation but onto something that isn’t.

Yesterday it was confirmed that we had finally secured the services of two fantastic players from a Spanish club. Not just any old club I hasten to add, it was none other than Barcelona, the Catalan Giants. No finances behind the deal have been released but the ‘package’ did include diapers for free until no longer required!! The players, both 16 years old are Jon Toral and Hector Bellerin.

Come on Arsenal, I know you want to look to the future but please, give us all just a little bit of news to make us believe you want to look after the present too.

The window may not  technically be open yet but we can secure players from within the PL can’t we?

And lets not forget we need to secure one or two of our own either, especially those who have shone while out on loan.

Henri Lansbury has just completed a loan season at Norwich, helping them to secure Premier League football next season.
He’s one player I truly hope we don’t see move on, suggestion is he has been told ‘sign or be sold’ – all he wants to do is play for the club he loves. Denilson, Diaby and a few others have been given their chance and they have not failed to disappoint, Henri deserves his chance too.

Henri Lansbury won’t disappoint, certainly not in the heart, passion and commitment to his club department, you won’t see him being overtaken by a referee! Not unless it’s up the M4 of course. ;)

Arsenal need to do all they can to reassure him that his future is with us, be assured, many a club would love to have him in their side, just ask Delia….  ;)

'Henri - Let's be 'Avin Ya'......

That’s it for today, have a good Friday…..

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167 comments on “Wenger tables offer for Falcao, Kalou and Downing linked, One down, three to go….…..

  1. If we keep Cesc we can kiss goodbye to any mentioned above

  2. Morning all…

    alan, not if wenger gets rid or denilson, diaby, nikki, rosicky, almunia etc etc…. and we have some money too….

  3. pique and puyol taking the piss at colney…..

  4. Morning all.i wouldn’t pay €30 mil for Falcao.if we needed a player similar to him why not sign Bent?

  5. You do have to wonder what Wenger see’s in Denilson.

  6. of all people not kalou pls……..

  7. Lee i saw what pique and puyol were doing.its sickening how much disrespect they show us but we still help them.we are a classy club i know but this is too much.Barca are probably laughing and pissing themselves right now.i bet cesc is their guest of honour at Wembley.

  8. we could get even benzema for that money

  9. No to kalou.

  10. KT, classless arseholes! Actually, that prick evra would slot right in with them…

  11. nice work Rico

  12. Hi Guys..

    We don’t need Kalou or Downing… Do we??

    As for the Barca players, they are doing what they do best – they are not worth mentioning… Classless, spot on…

    And why are we letting them train at our club after what they have been doing re Cesc??

  13. Hi Evo, how you doing??

  14. Hi Rico

    Yes, but they won’t spend it. It goes into the pockets of the owners after a couple of cheap purchases

    All they need to do is get about 4 big names on long term contract and sell the ones they don’t need. However, they are not interested

    I think Kalou would perform well with RvP using two strikers

    falcao perhaps should be brought in with his team mate who together have kicked 72 goals this season

    “The young Porto coach André Villas Boas, has paired Falcao with the Brazil striker Hulk this term and the move has paid off, with the duo scoring a remarkable 72 goals between them.”


  15. Why does Wenger listen to cries of arsenal fans?Too many young ones.Why try the inclusion of experienced star studded prayers.

    tMy comment should have read;Why does Wenger NOT listen to cries of aresnal fans?

  17. To be honest alan, i don’t think what Falcao agent is saying is true, the player is trying to sort out a new deal with Porto and this spin is to get a better wage…

    I don’t see Wenger spending in excess of 15-18M on any one player….

  18. Hi japhet,

    because he’s a stubborn man who won’t listen to anyone imho, he has his way and that’s the only way…

  19. falcao is great bt kalou and downing….pliz spare us that!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Hi pato – i echo that….

  21. let wenger buy mature & experienced player from within EPL .we dont want heartache next season

  22. We need Young from Villa, not Downing, but, I bet Wenger tries for him, English, cheap, experienced international etc etc….

    Right up his alley….

  23. Hi herbert muganda

    any player in particular on your mind, Ashley Young and Gary Cahill would be a good start from the EPL…

  24. doing well thanks Rico, you?

    so hopefully the ins are: Hazard, Falcao, Mertesacker and benzema. Jenkinson and those 2 barca youths already in

  25. Good thanks Evo, don’t see you around in the blogworld much these days??

    I’d rather Cahill or Samba that Mertesacker, and Young rather tha Hazard, but that’s just a personal opinion…

    Oh, and drogba on a free :)

  26. bellerin already says he would again like to join barca someday-what is this

  27. Yep, what a prat he is, exactly why we should steer clear from these kind of signings….

  28. Christ Almighty, get rid of this bastard Wenger & the board that encourage ie

  29. i’d like to see the i/v in full where he made his comment though, bet some dreadful i’v asked a stupid question….

  30. did you see how this kid can cross??

    shame he’s not 26…..

  31. im not keen on samba or cahill. young is ok, but not too sure on our formations going forward into next year.

    the last good winger we had was perhaps Reyes dare i say it….

  32. What is it pique and puyol were doing?

  33. Spot on re reyes, good player bullied out of our club by the Neville sisters and a sulky stare from Henry…

    Great shame….

  34. Japhet, the board wants profit in their pockets, Buy youth low and sell high. That’s what they are doing

    It serves them no purpose to listen to supporters

  35. Reyes was a good player I’ve always thought

  36. I don’t think we need too many in, just a top class striker who can take the weight off of Robin, a strong def mid and an organiser in central defence.

  37. Most Gooners love to moan. Last season everyone was moaning that Wenger didn’t buy any English talent or players with proven premier leagu experience. Kalou has premier league experience and Downing is English. And anyone that says that they wouldn’t improve things at Arsenal is an idiot. Kalou scores quite a lot, and given a regular place in the team he will improve so much. Downing is a player with experience of the league, he comes from a team who knows how to defend, and he plays the English way. Just because they aren’t all doing step overs and flashy s**t it doesn’t mean that they wont fit in, it just means they ould give us a depth of styles. You all want a plan B right? Personally I think both of these players are steps in the right direction and as it stands i’d much rather have those two in the squad thatn Falcao. How do we know he can score in the PL? This may sound ranty but its so annoying to here ‘fans’ going ‘sign players Wenger….not that one, not that one, not that one, not that one, not that one….if hes not worth a small island we don’t want him. REALITY CHECK: We’re in the premier league. Players used to playing in this league are what we need!!!!

  38. Andy, whilst at LC training ground they got a picture of cesc and photo’d themselves holding it – than plastered it over twitter….

    all about ‘getting cesc fabregas’….

  39. No thank you to Downing.

  40. No matter how much i detest barca i hate evra alone more than the entire Barca team.i would give anything to see him cry on Saturday.

  41. Kalou got 10 goals in his 16 games for Chelsea, often as a sub

    He will have a point to prove to the Chelsea bosses and we can supply that chance, unless that dickhead AW tells him how to play differently

  42. No to Downing.

  43. Thanks Rico. What a pair of pricks those 2 are

  44. Matt,

    That is the good thing about football blogs – we all have our own opinions.

    The difference here on Highbury House though is I and most won’t call you an idiot for having your views.

    So please don’t call us idiots for having our own views, otherwise maybe it’s best you blog somewhere else.


  45. Pleasure Andy,

    We will get it every transfer season until Cesc finally joins them, they make themselves look exactly what they are, Classless!

  46. Kt,

    did you see my comment yesterday about the ‘hand picked’ referee – this CL Final is set up for a Manc win…

  47. first of all sell squillaci,denilson,rosicky,bendtner and almunia,
    bring back vela,vito manone,ryo maiyachi
    keep nasri,clichy,fabregas if possible or bring in their replacements and buy one consistent striker,good Defensive midfielder and a good centre back.

  48. alan, if Kalou isn’t good enough for the chavs, he isn’t good enough for us….

  49. Hi mark

    from those you mention, only Squilli looks like staying…

    Nasri will have to be sold if he won’t commit to a new contract, finally the club have seen sense and are not prepared to lose him next summr for free.

    same with Clichy and Lansbury, the latter we need to keep, he’ll do what Parlour used to do so well…

  50. There is one problem with Kalou. He will disappear for the ACN for 6 weeks

  51. We are so close to winning and dominating.

  52. That won’t matter soon alan, as it’s changing to the summer…

  53. Good morning
    Falcao: 40 millions since yesterday…

  54. But not close enough Will and if Cesc and Nasri go we will be further adrift…

  55. Rico, the same could be said about Benzema, who’s a sub at Barca

    I think there is talent within Kalou. Certainly he is better than those kids on the youth programme. Sadly though, that is where the profit is for the board members

    One thing I will say for Barca, they are owned by the ordinary members. Publicly owned. If we were too, we could kick the buggers out at the AGM or a and extraordinary AGM

  56. Morning JM

    Any more news around in Portugal about him – is he looking to move or just increase his wages at Porto..

  57. Hector Bellerin out!telling your new club of your intentions to use us as a door mat are enough for me to view you as a mercenary.no way should we continue to sign these la masia kids.

  58. Alan i agree kalou has talent in spades.Wenger could certainly help him especially in decision making which lets him down.however we need ready made players now.

  59. alan , Real Madrid ;) ;)

    But he’s not playing because Moanrinho doesn’t like him, he’s 23 (i think) and is sheer class, Kalou though worries that better players will come in…

    To be honest, all i have said all along is we need better than we have and Kalou is better than Nikki ;)

  60. yes Get rid of Bellerin if that is his attitude. However, it should be said the club will sell him anyway in the future. That is their intent. That is the personal profit motive for the owners comes in

    wait till Wenger leaves as manager and gets kicked upstairs. It won’t finish with him leaving the manager position

  61. Kt, i’m sure he was lead during an interview…

  62. Rico

    Oh shite, I meant Real Sorry, Now I look like a boofhead! LOL

  63. sir alex said he cant sell any of his players to his rivals,so please dont give him samir(his own game)

  64. Its unforgivable rico nonetheless.i f****ng hate how our players get linked to barca all the time.the moment Bellerin stars for us he’ll be off.no way should he be allowed anywhere near London Colney.

  65. I agree KT, these Barca kids are the ones who are “killing” our youths.

  66. now checkout such a squad;ALMUNIA,sagna gibbs,SQUILACCI,koscielny,DENILSON,DIABY ROSICKY,ARSHAVIN BENDTNER, CHAMAKH really these men whose names are in capital letters, can they really combine?wenger must sell some of them to reduce the every-season heartache,mo so the disgruntled denilson who speaks less sense than nonsense and claims that he is a ‘winner’

  67. Bellerin you Ballerina get out of our club!id rather randall plays than him.

  68. Bellerin will kill Aneke just like Alonso killed denilson…oh wait.

  69. :lol: alan, i knew who you meant…

  70. Time to kick Denislon, Diaby and Rosicky and give the young guys that Wenger didn’t want to “kill” a chance.

  71. Hold on to that topic guys, its given me an idea ;)

  72. So, moving on ;)

    Pato, I would give Chamakh one more season and that’s only as he was our saviour at the beginning of the season….

  73. I would give Chamakh another season as well.

  74. Chamakh saved us early on. admittedly our season amounted to nothing so there wasn’t much saving to do, but he kept us in the hunt early before getting burnt out.

    i reckon he’ll be super fit come season start! jury is still out, but bright prospects

  75. hi robert,

    shame he gave us silvestre…. but no, we must not sell nasri to them…

  76. I think next season if nasri and fabregas remain at the emirates they should be used in the midfield with a defensive midfielder just like d combination of iniesta and xavi ,I think they combine well,would be more creative and make d it difficult 4 d opponents 2 have d ball,just a suggestion.

  77. Morning all, evening to some….!
    I wonder if we offered more than a tenner for Falcao..?

  78. Chamakh hasn’t had enough run on time

  79. i think Wenger needs to stop playing players as utilities, whereby they are moved around the pitch to multi-tasking positions.

    just play the midfielders as midfielders! if we need blokes to play on the wing, then buy those players! Dont put Nasri, Eboue, Bendtner, etc on the wing, that isnt their best positions. We need a ray parlour and Antonio Reyes if we are going to play with Wingers. currently walcott is the only guy who could play there and he is touted as the next up-front striker!

  80. I’m with KT, I’d rather get Benzema but can’t see that happening either and I def don’t want Downing, the thing someone forgot earlier when going on abt Downing was injury prone and average needed to be added onto his CV, Young over Downing all day long.

  81. Morning WATH, just ;)

    Tenner, that much??

  82. Chamakh is far from the greatest, but, as a 3rd/4th choice striker, he isn’t that bad ;)

    Didn’t Downing miss most of last season through injury and thats what kept him from going to the WC (World Cup, not toilet ;) )

  83. Evo,

    def, too many square pegs in round holes, time to get the right players to fit the empty gaps, and stop filling them with Eboue….

  84. Wenger plays people out of position and stalls their careers. He’s a fuckwit

  85. no downing no kalou ,,,,yes falcao yes hazard,,,,,2 spanish 16 year olds and a 19 year old brit / fin ….its a very bad start to the summer and if it continues like this until july its time wenger fucked off and counted pennys elswhere,,,,,WERE IS THE FUCKING AMBITION !!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Alan, wenger has ruined AA………….. he’s half the player he was since he joined us and I don’t mean he has shrunk either…!

  87. hi irish,

    the window for buying outside the PL hasn’t opened yet, in any case we cannot announce signings of any players who are currently under contract, until the 1st July…

    but i totally agree with you, he has to soon start showing a bit of ambition, otherwise we are going to go backwards, other clubs will soon start buying….

  88. WATH, another player played in the wrong place, why buy him and then stick him where he isn’t going to perform to his best – now his confidence is gone and i can’t see him recovering either, not with us…

    no wonder players seldom do well after leaving us, its because wenger has knocked them of confidence….

  89. Begs the question, would Bendtner have improved had wenger played him as a striker and given him a good run in the side???

  90. Got to pop off for a bit, back later….

  91. Rico, Bendy would score more playing centre forward but he’s hardly still gonna set the world on fire…!

  92. W.A.T.H

    yes AA is a fine player. Worth keeping if he’s plays the game he plays without AW’s interference. Fair enough, there is a game plan, but AW has it all wrong and the players and club suffer

  93. Irish, we have as much chance of getting Falcao as I have of getting a 12 inch dick. Most unlikely

  94. Yesterday, I asked if anyone knew that English clubs were interested in this player:
    a) Spurs are close to securing the signing of Brazilian international striker Leandro Damião, the Internazional (Porto Alegre).
    According to British media, representatives of the ‘spurs’ will travel to Brazil to try to close the deal, a transfer that could fill the coffers of the Brazilian club with about 11.5 million.
    The manager Harry Redknapp was impressed with the numbers of advanced, 21, who scored 22 goals in 24 games.
    The player also had pointed out to Benfica, Manchester United, Arsenal and Barcelona.

    My opinion: good player and not expensive
    b) Falcao, likely to leave in Portot where it feels good. In addition, Porto straight into the group stage of CL. (not the same with Arsenal and spurs)

  95. Totally agree Alan, AA is a great player ruined since he came to us played incorrectly, we been saying for yrs far to much of this square hole round pegs scenario instead of buying player to play in correct positions and wenger wants to turn everyone into a jack of all trades master of none, beggars belief really…!

  96. AA played his best when at euro behind the main striker here he plays on the wing , n he is also that fit

  97. He’s wasted on the wings Arsenal fan, he’s like Theo he ISN’T a winger simple as that…!

  98. if we cant get benzema we should go for edison cavani
    tall,good header of the ball,good long shot…
    good world cup , 30 goals this season
    22-25 million

  99. Once you have confirmed that is output from Arsenal midfielder Denilson is designated as a target of Seville for next season, a transfer that should be around 7 million. The contract will last four years.

    According to the site footballpress.net, the player is also wanted by Roma and Wolfsburg.
    To Sevilha, for win titles?

  100. JM, anyone that offers more than 3million for denilson we should cut their hand off and say thank you thank you thank you….! anything above 5 million is like stealing their money…!

  101. Afternoon….

  102. WATH, Bendtner couldn’t set anything on alight, even if you gave him a box of matches ;)

  103. I could help him on his way by lighting a rocket Rico ;-)

  104. Boo!! Falcao sounds like quite the buy! I don’t think we’ll land him though. His pricing now must be silly. The diapers bit made me laugh, rico. :lol: As for Lansbury, he really deserves a chance. Denilson, on the other hand, should not change his mind about leaving. He can’t possibly! He’s still with us and already we are happy about his departure!

  105. Right up his doo daa WATH :)

    Boo to you agag, i’m glad someone liked the diapers bit ;) I hope Wenger is reassuring Lansbury as we speak….

    Denilson will go, surely he has to after all his comments…

  106. Our players should be ashamed of themselves, a 19 year old wins the player of the season in his fist full season…

    Well Done Jack Wilshere :)

  107. Man City are ready to table a bid for Cahill, guess we can forget about him now then :(

  108. ye, but is a home player.
    Nice, Denilson has market.
    Have a look to the sport newspapers.

  109. Says it all in his first season that Jack wins it and its not cos he’s been brilliant its that even when he’s not been great he still shows effort and commitment.

  110. If Cahill goes to citeh Rico yet another wenger fuck up procrastinating AGAIN…………..

  111. Benzema says he’s staying. So he’s out

  112. So much for wenger spin on Benzema to get the ST’s sorted, only 2 days lata and Benzema says he not moving…. Oh well lets hear who’s next on the wishlist then

  113. call me a cynic, but they are not fuck ups. AW does this on purpose so he doesn’t have to buy. He claims he’s after ” ol wotsisface” knowing competitors will go after him with more money and AW knows then he can’t get him.

    AW gives the impression to shut us up, and the youth wagon rolls on

  114. Lansbury is a success story as far as loanees go; he really should be pushing for a place in the first team, rico. The rest of the rubbish and all the wantaways can leave. (Oh no, that’s half the team!!)

    Hola, WATH, old man. Howdy?

    Hello, alan.

  115. correct girlgunner. Those that want out, let em go

  116. Alan, I agree with the Benzema things as pr bullshit but with Cahill we had the chance to buy him in Jan and wenger fucked about and now cos he fucked abt in Jan he will lose out now and his reason will be “Cahill was to expensive” what shit, he wasnt in Jan if you’d of paid the going rate of 15mil and shown some ambition and intent for a change…!

  117. Spot On WATH, he always looks like he is giving his all and you can see the hurt on his face when things are not right – how many others can we say the same about??

  118. The only thing about Cahill is, he may not want to move to a club where he will be behind a few – with us, surely he’d be TV’s partner?

    But yes, we could and should have got him last summer and then again in January….

  119. Talksport have just said Young transfer to Man U completed in a few days

  120. agag, that’s what it needs, half the team out and replaced with players with balls, excuse the expression ;)

  121. rico, the ones you want are being snapped up! :( And you’re excused. ;)

  122. a)English press: “Lukaku soon to Chelsea”
    According to the English press, Anderlecht and Chelsea would have a deal about Lukaku. The Daily Telegraph announces that Lukaku, De Bruyne, Neymar, Van der Wiel and Sanchez are top priority.
    The Daily Mirror writes that the London club offered 25 million for Lukaku. De Bruyne, of Racing Genk and also followed by Anderlecht, would be bought for 14 million euro.
    Several newspapers also announced that the deal would be finalised after Belgium-Turkey on June 3.
    b) Van Holsbeeck (Anderlecht Coach) still negotiating with Arsenal
    Arsenal and Anderlecht still want to cooperate. The Mauves are interested in several young talents of Arsenal, namely Wellington Silva and Oguzhan Özyakup. Also Carlos Vela is on the wish list.
    The first two would be eager to join Anderlecht, but Vela refused for now.
    A deal would also mean that talents are going from Anderlecht to Arsenal. The English are especially interested in Lukaku, Musonda Jr. and Dennis Praet.
    Arsenal already have similar deals with Salamanca and Celta de Vigo, but those are not going so well. Since the club is only allowed to have a limited amount of non-EU players in their team, a cooperation would be a good idea for them.

  123. ” Oguzhan Özyakup ”

    Is that a name or a tropical disease?

    See how they can have limited non EU players? How about a minimum of half English players

  124. Bollox alan, that has really peed me off…

    agag, looks like it doesn’t it – 15M for Young, why the heck hasn’t Wenger got in there first, my language could soon get worse ;)

  125. Young is off to Man U according to talksport. “fergie” has him

  126. We won’t be left with anyone worth buying… Again. ;)

  127. talksport aren’t the most reliable and i’d have thought the club are focusing on the CL final but…. i bet this one will come true..

    Only because, it seems Villa are sorting a few things out, they have released ten players today…

    Sir Bobby Pires being one….. :(

  128. The 25-year-old winger, who joined Villa from Watford for £9.5m in 2007, has just one year left on his current deal and has made it clear he wants to go to Old Trafford, despite interest from Chelsea, Liverpool and a late bid from Manchester City.

    The minor details of a £15m move will be finalised shortly and the England star will provide competition on the flanks alongside Nani, Antonio Valencia and Ji-Sung Park.

    The capture of Young is likely to be Manchester United’s second signing of the close season with Atletico Madrid keeper David De Gea also expected to arrive in the next couple of weeks.


  129. How can an Arsenal Fan want to play for the Mancs??

    Because he knows they will win something I guess….

    I am no longer of the belief that Wenger will change, two players that we truly needed – both English and going elsewhere….

    I hope he has a few rabbits ready to pull out of the bag…..

  130. Evening all.
    Anything occurring, any more kids in the crèche.

  131. All quiet I thought not

  132. Evening Steve, hows you?

    No news other than Cahill seems to be off to Citeh and Young to the other side of Manchester…

  133. Anyone think Wenger already has his signings in the bag and is waiting for the start of the transfer window to show them off?

  134. I have a small, sneaking feeling he may have and that is why he is hinting at an active summer.

  135. I was hoping for Cahill and Young Will, i’m gutted….

  136. So you are believing the media?

  137. On these two, yes – Citeh will out bid us for Cahill, unless Coyle really wants vela and Young is a winner, why would he not want to join the mancs….

    I so hope to be wrong but wenger won’t pay the amounts their clubs are asking… :( :(

    Scott Parker is off to the Dippers….

  138. Do City really need another centre back?

  139. That is why I hope Cahill will say no to them, (hence my earlier comment) with us, he could be our main man with TV…

  140. I don’ know why but I have a sneaking feeling that Wenger has already signed his players.

  141. I don’t Will, but like i say, hope i’m wrong…..

  142. I have no idea why I feel like this but I have a feeling it will be like the summer we signed Sol only bigger.

  143. Hope you are right, otherwise next season will be much worse than than last – and just recall the comments we all made through that one…..

  144. If nothing changes, I will be the first to call for Wenger to leave but I have a funny feeling about the transfer window.

  145. Everton and Tottenham leading race for Klose
    Miroslav Klose’s contract with Bayern Munich expires this summer and after both sides failed to reach agreement, the future of striker will undergo England.
    According to the Daily Mail, Everton and Tottenham are the teams best placed to ensure the advanced age of 32. According to the newspaper, the team of David Moyes wants to acquire a quality player to the front of attack and Klose name is listed first. The fact that the striker be at end of contract with Bayern could facilitate their entry in Liverpool.
    Regarding the Spurs, Harry Redknapp did not like the provision of advanced had at his disposal this season (Crouch, Defoe, Pavlyuchenko) and sees in Klose, who has also come to be appointed to Benfica, the right name to lead the attack Tottenham in the coming season.
    Juventus and Valencia are the other teams interested in the advanced German, which is the second best scorer in the history of the final stages of World Cups, exceeded only by the Brazilian Ronaldo, with 15 goals

  146. Evening all.looks like vela is staying after all.his brother who is also his agent has said he expects him back for preseason after the Copa America.

  147. Will, then fingers crossed you are right…

    JM, they are welcome to him ;)

  148. According to YG an Arsenal official is in Argentina to negotiate the transfer of Ricky Alvarez who is valued at €12 mil.French sites are reporting we have put in €40 mil bid for Gervinho and Falcao.

  149. Kt, good, he’s another player who deserves a chance to prove….

  150. Falcao i don’t believe anymore Kt but Gervinho? Maybe… but i doubt it :(

  151. I think we’ll get Alvarez instead of Gervinho.

  152. I thought we had got him… He’s free so how come 12€ is being talked about…

    exactly why i don’t belive anything on NN – Not even what I write :lol:

  153. Alvarez i mean….

  154. Samba and Downing I reckon Kt….

  155. i’m off guys and gals, catch you all tomorrow….

    night night

  156. Rico id not be happy if we signed downing/samba.not good enough for us.

  157. You can say that again KT.

  158. Alvarez is a winger; Gervinho plays center-forward. Any news about Gameiro ?

  159. Oğuzhan Özyakup has signed a new two deal with Arsenal. The Dutchman had previously turned down two offers from the club, but Arsene Wenger stepped in to secure the 18-year-old’s services.

  160. I’m not agree with everything…
    Um Arsenal and failure foretold
    by Porres – 26/05/2011
    A new campaign without a title and go online, questions are growing. The season began with a startling reality, Wenger had virtually no defense and goal strengthened again to pray. The result could only be in goal will provide four different names, the last of them was the young Polish Wojciech Szczesny, none could pass safely. In the problems were worst defenses to begin exits Silvestre, Gallas Campbell made it very touched and central defense, and this is compounded by the serious injury he suffered Vermaelen, our best central, nothing more than start the season.
    And again the defense was
    The result was being forced to try a couple Koscielny and Djourou, the duo did not give any facet security or action games, or cons, nor on the output of the ball. Only kocsielny could evolve positively and achieve an acceptable level on the end of the season where his profresión places him as a good alternative towards the future. For the opposite happened Djourou, started the season badly and ended worse, and it is to have the Swiss in the starting lineup was to start losing by one goal. Squillaci was not much better, the only signing of the defense. Despite the problems on defense the team reached the second half of the season likely in the 4 tournaments, a finalist in the Carling Cup, second round of the Champions League, FA Cup quarter-and apparently the only one who could discuss Premier Manchester United, Wenger table showing its best side in late January and early February.
    Damn youth
    Yet again mental aspect was key, it started with the newcastle 4-4 comeback after the Londoners were up 4-0, from that moment the team was never the same. The final blow would fall against Birmigahn in the final of the Carling Cup, after that the team finally came down, knocked out of the Champions, removed from the fa cup and a string of bad results that would lead to the fourth position. There were also problems in attack, only Van Persie saved, Arshavin and Walcott do not totally fit. The Russian never got the mental speed of this team, is a short circuit in the wiring of the equipment, too uses the individual maneuver, loses too many balls.
    Walcott is flashing, you can make a great move as the draw against Fulham well as disappearing all game against Stoke City. He is a player who needs a team working for him, little work without the ball, it offers little, only appears active in the counter-very little for a team that most of the time is dominating the meeting. Chamakh Bendtner and never quite fit into the 4-3-3 posed Wenger, they feel more comfortable in the 4-4-2, that option out of his best games, allowing them to be more participatory, find the band more retrasarswe to connect to the midfield and not just be pointed towers waiting for a hit.
    But if the errors themselves were not enough luck has also played an important role, injuries at key moments (the absence of Cesc in the Carling Cup final and during the MYORES part of the second leg against Barcelona), refereeing errors in key moments as invented for the Liverpool penalty and deportation to Van Persie strange. If something hurts is that errors and flattens luck combined to make us lose a tremendous opportunity in a season where the Premier level of the overhead was very bad (Chelsea and Liverpool away from their best, the United aging, a City that most of the season is not wise to play at Tottenham and it took its toll their participation in the Champions)

    Continue with or return to the 4-4-2 4-3-3
    On the change of tactics which gave the team Wenger has said many things, some say he did it to be more happy with Cesc Fabregas and give it a more prominent PAPL, another was to accommodate the Emirates Stadium, a bigger stadium Highbury EXII an evolution in the style of team play. But for most it really is why the change was the fascination that Wenger felt the Barcelona game. Rikjaard whole began to achieve success and admiration throughout the world, Wenger has always professed his admiration for Barcelona and football model, but is from the Barcelona Rikjaard still a wonderful club and nothing more to be synonymous with football, the expression of footballing perfection.
    And it is from their defeat in Champions League final when Wenger decided to change tactics and begin to imitate some tactical aspects of the Catalan club without leaving the essence of an English club. At first the crowd was excited about the idea, was to give the final step to reach the top. 6 years later the Gunners fans would sign back to the old system, that it took Arsenal to the top of the Premier and get his first Champions League final. And that is despite having añois playing 4-3-3 the players still feel more comfortable in the 4-4-2, more tactical freedom, more room for the bands, football faster. Weger now have to decide whether to go for the MIMS way in recent years or return to the traditional system so well that gave the London club. In my oponión should return to the old system while maintaining the 4-3-3 as an alternative, useful for cooling and controlling games from the possession of the ball.

    But not all bad news
    Wilshere confirmation is the best news of the season. The young midfielder was the great revelation of the season in English football (with permission from Gareth Bale), and promises to be one of the banners in the future not only of the arsenal, but also for England. With names like Wilshere, Cesc, Ramsey, Nasri, Roscisky, Diaby, Denilson and Song Arsenal can boast the only comparable to the Barcelona midfield. A few months ago a valuation Wenger exaggerated to say that today was the best squad in club history. What if I could say is that currently has the best midfield in the Wenger era.
    On the other hand is just the jinx of the matches against the big boys. This season Arsenal beat any big team that was in front llamese Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City and Barcelona. In fact this season leaves two curious statistics in the first Arsenal was the best in direct clashes between the top 4 Premiership (Arsenal is first with 10 points, cuddles than United but got over it better goal difference Chelsea third and fourth with 9 City to 5). The other says that Arsenal are the only team that won this season’s two finalists in the Champions League, Barcelona and Manchester United.
    The Arsenal also can boast of being the only major European debt free, the economic situation is more stable than ever, which presumably could push to make some investment Wenger moderately higher than in recent seasons. The template requires significant reinforcements in defense and in goal, and a differential quality striker this summer begins way back to glory

  161. New Post up…

  162. Hi Joaquim

    Being debt free has no relevence to us whatsoever

    I have just heard Stan has made an offer to take over 100%. Shareholders have 2 weeks to accept or decline offer

  163. “We will continue to grow the Club’s presence globally while also adhering to the Club’s self-sustaining economic model. The Club has funds to invest and will do so wisely. Our constant aim will be to compete for silverware and championships.


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