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Five steps Arsenal need to take to progress.

Number 1:

The first and most obvious step is, stop buying for the future for one season and buy experience and I don’t just mean older journey-men but battle hardened, top class 28-30 year olds. The kind of players who know what to do when things are going wrong. Players who the younger guys can go to and ask questions. Just like Van Persie had Bergkamp, who do our players have?

Number 2:

Buy one or two players from the top table. Not only for the obvious on field benefits but for the hidden benefits such as shirt selling and raising our ever falling world profile. Remember guys, the more shirts sold, the more we have the better we can buy. Seriously, who has Diaby, Denilson or Eboue on the back of their shirts? Who are our marquee players? In time gone we have had Ian Wright, Theirry Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira, Ljungberg, Limpar, even Adams and Keown. Who do we have today?

Number 3:

Make the youths actually have to fight. How many times do you hear that the academy is not about winning or results but creating players? What? You can not expect a player to come out of the closeted world of fluffy pillow football and straight into the shark infested waters of the premiership. I think a change is needed and that change is to get the U16’s, U17’s and Reserves into a winning mentality. We want to win those respective leagues and cups. If we are to continue with this youth project the young players need to know what pressure is. They need to fully understand there are consequences for losing and they need to have that winning mentality drilled into them. In short, they need to be toughened up.

Number 4:

This ties into number 3. ENOUGH WITH THE 20 LOANS A SEASON. If the players are not good enough and battle hardened by the time they reach the first team squad, they are not good enough. If the kids from 15 years of age have had the winning mentality drilled into them, they will fight to get into the first team and this (in my opinion) is better than any loan. They know what is needed to win, they know what happens when they lose and they should be ready to step up. I would rather have one player come through from the academy who is ready to step up and play than the scatter gun 20 “prospects” approach.

Number 5:

Be tougher with players. If after 2 seasons the player has not reached the level a title chasing team requires, sell them. No, “next season” bollocks. Football at first team level is not about next season, it is about this season and if after 80 games you have not shown you can compete with the teams around you, we don’t want you. This again ties in with the hardened “winning” mentality that all top players have. When we are under pressure, how many of our players do you see screaming at team-mates, diving into tackles, putting their bodies on the line in the name of the cause? We need to instil a winning mentality from 15 years of age, this is beyond dispute for me.

Written by Will.

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83 comments on “Five steps Arsenal need to take to progress.

  1. Morning.good read will.direct and straight to the point.

  2. Thanks for your comment jack, shame it wasn’t constructive – every fan has their view, perhaps you would care to keep yours…

  3. Morning all, i’m off to read the post now…

  4. succinctly put Will…

  5. Nice one Will, i especially agree with the 20 loans comment, how many have we got on the books who keep going out on loan but will prob not make it with us?

    Its a waste of our money and the players deserve to be told in order to find themelves first team football…

    Surely a loan is for the season before they play for us in the first team, just to get them used to playing week in week out at the right level.

    How many of ours have shone on loan? Bartley and Lansbury, any others?

  6. Wenger should know what to do. Every spring the gunners seem to commit harakiri not one or two seasons but the last six seasons. This is criminal and totally unacceptable. At any other club,Wenger would be hauled to explain.
    The next season should see no more harakiri. If it happens and the gunners fail again,Wenger should be axed.

  7. That’s when the older experienced players come in AT, right now when we look as if we are really in with a chance, we wobble – older/experience players will know how to get through those times…

  8. The Benzema comments from Wenger make me chuckle, no way will he buy him….

  9. Rico, lots more Benzema talk today! :)

  10. Hi Lee, I seen it, it’s all about ST sales I am sure, If Wenger gets Benzema, i’ll need to call me an ambulance ;)

  11. What’s our latest list of players out (rumours)


    Nine rumoured to be going…… :eek:

  12. Oops, forgot the main one, so with Almunia, that’s ten…

    Still, we have signed Jenkinson ;)

    Hope Wenger is getting busy busy…

  13. Morning guys.

    Thanks for putting this up Rico.

    Just needed to get it off my chest.

  14. Hi Rico, You’re right no chance Benzema will come. Anything more than £5.50 is too much! Who do you think we will actually get?

  15. good morning
    Good post
    I’m going to work.
    See you later

  16. Morning all.
    No messing about there Will,
    Good post mate, Definitely time to get tough with the youngsters without a shadow of a doubt, i agree with you Will two seasons and you have had the best chance you will ever have. Wenger in my mind has been far to lenient with these so called stars. A major shake up is what is needed and Wenger will be Judged at the start of next season. We have enough players that have not shown the commitment so now is the time to release them and to claw back some of cost, and hopefully improve on future incoming Arsenal stars.

  17. Will, thank you for writing it :)

  18. The whole academy thing gets my goat Steve. What is the point of producing amazing footballers if they don’t have the winning mentality put in them.

    They get told, “hey, it is ok to lose, just make sure the performance is good” No, that is not good enough. Make sure you know how to win as well as pass.

  19. Morning steve, JM

    Got a bit of a busy couple of hours, but will be back early afternoon, hopefully we’d have signed someone by then ;)

  20. Hi Gooner Sam

    I have no ide who he will get, i know who we all want him to get but i don’t think they will be the same ;)

  21. Got to dash, laters…

  22. I must admit Will, i think Wenger is responsible for instilling in them when he fits them into the team, these young players have come through his system and have shown promise in the reserves and from loan spells if he believes they are good enough for the first team he should instill what he wants from them, and if after a few games they don’t measure up out them. Also with the so called senior players, Arshaven was dire for a very long spell and he persisted with him, he too should have been outed. I don’t think its fair blaming players who are obviously out of form. Thats the Managers job. Arshaven was bad and Vella on loan doesn’t make sense. With Bentner not being good and JET scoring for fun in the reserves beggers belief, i know where i put the blame

  23. I agree, Vela and JeT being put behind Nik B amazes me.

  24. Morning all,

    Well said Will a loosing is ok even fron the youths….! What a great mentality that is to teach players.

    Pathetic, nearly as pathetic as wengers Benzema spin just before ST remewals are due, more empty promises…!

  25. Our first signing Carl Jenkins 6’1 right back has played right back, but can play anywhere in the back line, has had 30 games, and as far as i know hasn’t been injured, sounds like a possible good signing, 19 years of age has played for England under 23 but has also played for Finland as well, as one of his parents is Finnish, born in Harlow England, and hopefully not a nightclub user.

  26. manu to go for nasri 30mil and de gea 20mil
    and we thinking about alvarez free and afamalito free

  27. sorry Jenkinson

  28. if bendtner leaves then he may sign benzema
    or he may try and convince bendtner to stay hopefully it isnt the case this time

  29. Nikki b, clichy, almunia, rosicky, denielson, diaby, squllachi,chamak should all leave or want to leave….
    lansbury, pedro are ready to be promoted to the first team…. frimpong needs a loan spell… he has been injured and just returned from injury…
    we need a classy def mid.. we have no wingers at all… thats been the biggest problem for us…A.young would be a nice pic he has premier league experience and is in his last yr. of his contract… the onli quality mids we have are cecs, nasri and wilsahre….
    rambo is gona get der soon but not yet there… song is a good player but not a world class def mid… but he is very important to our lightweight midfield…
    i would want a hard tacking mid like melo in the team…
    2 winger 1 could be ashley young and the other i dont mind the kid from southhampton… ya and if we both chamak and nikki b go then benzema can be brought or any other good striker….
    and we can also use arshavin as a second striker where he is actually aewsum playin at.
    also def i would go for either cahill or jones i know he is young but he plays better than cahill for me at the age of 19 just imagine how good he could bcome..

  30. news: a) The Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger believes that his team can secure the signing of French striker Karim Benzema, Real Madrid.
    To ensure the hiring of Benzema is not impossible. He’s played one of which I like. It is intelligent in its handling, is capable of combining with other players and makes a difference, “said Wenger, speaking at The Sun
    The pass to Benzema, who noted 26 goals in 48 games for Real Madrid, is estimated at 40 million.
    b) Bayern withdrew hire Fabio Coentrao (Benfica) due to high values ​​desired. The option is Clichy

    In my opiniom Benzema is a problematic player. Can be a good option or a compelte disaster…

  31. Another good article by newspaper “Marca”
    Apologies to the end
    The championship is over and Mourinho said. Little, but he spoke. After three weeks of silence, appeared on the television channel of Real Madrid to bid farewell to fans. He did so with a straight face and with the usual speech: references to obscure intrigues and UEFA Barcelona against Real Madrid. Not an ounce of self-criticism.
    Mourinho is among those who never lose. There is always an external factor that attributing the defeat. This privileged life, the most powerful club coach in the world, the highest paid coach in history, de facto president of Real Madrid want to appear as a victim of the endless conspiracy that allegedly have against him. In psychiatry there is a term for this type of conduct.
    Your message has been accepted on a mass scale by Real Madrid. It is an easy speech, nice to hear, is cohesive and responsibilities away. History is full of fanatics with a special ability to generate unbreakable adhesions and feed sectarianism. Something that happens in Madrid, where you disagree with Mourinho immediately converts a antimadridista, a conspirator, an enemy.
    The last few games have served to Madrid to make up their numbers and appear as an overwhelming team. True, it was when the League was lost and the team is freed from the shackles that bound, when it appeared the immense potential of the best squad in world football. Each game was a festival of goals: six to Sevilla, Getafe four to eight to Almería. The team played so well that deserves to wonder why it failed in April, at a key moment of the season. Lost in the Bernabeu against Sporting Gijon and Zaragoza – two clubs who lived near the relegation throughout the competition – and tied with Barcelona, ​​in a disgraceful challenge.
    “Why is the 102 goals for Madrid, with a devastating Cristiano Ronaldo and a vibrant game, played against a team like Barca to small and aterrrorizada? This is not obeyed no conspiracy: it was the result of a bad calculation Mourinho surprised 5-0 of the Camp Nou, a result that marked the game. Digesting so bad that that defeat, for no reason, accepted the inferiority of Real Madrid against Barcelona.
    In the famous series of four consecutive games, Barcelona Barca seemed to all life, despite its problems: a short squad, several injured players off the usual position and a visible exhaustion. The Madrid did not appear at any time with the latter Madrid, fearless, ambitious and goal scorer. It was tense and a team that revolved around Pepe, a central “transferred” to the midfield, instead of putting the focus on Ronaldo, Benzema, Özil, Xabi Alonso or any of the wonderful athletes who abound in Madrid. This message ultraconservative meant a tacit recognition of the inferiority complex that Mourinho sent.
    It is true that won the Cup, but Madrid has hired Mourinho to win the big titles, the League, the Champions League and end the hegemony of Barca. He did not succeed and his apology was well received by adherents Madridistas and most of the press. You better escape from reality to face it. And Mourinho is a master at it. The same coach who celebrated the swell of goals in recent games do not argue that the tactics used against the ultradefensivas Barca, especially at the Bernabeu, where Madrid betrayed its history and has become a crude and cowardly team, thanks for your coach to recognize the superiority of the old rival. Then lost the league and the season. The rest are wasted words.

  32. Liverpool, Juventus and Inter, will make proposals for Rolando (Porto) of around 30 million Euros (the termination clause). Rolando cost to Porto, 2 years ago, 400 000 euros …

  33. Afternoon….

  34. I wish someone would shut Evra up….

  35. Rico, the arsehole is a real waste of internal organs!

  36. Evra likes the sound of his own voice.

  37. I would if i could, no not that, hit him with a plank! ;)

  38. he is a plank…

  39. Will, a good straight talkin’ one, Will! :)

    Evra is hateful and not nearly as talented as he believes.

    Hey, rico and Lee. Howdy?

  40. Howdy Agag, Will do you think there’s any possibility that we could sign Benzema? Or just another season ticket sales pitch?

  41. Hi agag, Evra is a horrid idiot, i hope Nasri signs soon to shut him up!

    Lee, ST sales pitch….

  42. I’m well, Lee. It would be wonderful if we could sign Benzema. :) I honestly don’t think Nasri will leave; much less for United.

    I have managed to catch up with work, rico. Whew. ;)

  43. We go to Malaysia and China! I thinh will be only Malaysia

  44. Good to hear that agag, ready now for the next break without guilt ;)

    Other than those like Randall, i cannot see any of our players leaving for another PL club, other than maybe Eboue who it’s rumoured will travel just up the road from where he is….

  45. China in June is during the typhoon season..and plenty of rain.

    June in Malaysia has the SOuth West Monsoon….plenty of rainfall.

    High probability of all those matches being washed out….****grin****..with Football Gods showing their ollective fingers at those money-grabbing suits.

  46. Here’s one for you all then and i look forward to the replies, but please keep them clean… ;)

    Joey Barton will not be given a new contract so he’ll be off somewhere else this summer….

    Any takers :lol:

    By the way, no from me ;)

  47. You feeling happy today Merlin?? ;)

  48. Thug, not for me….

  49. Of the first degree Lee…

  50. Barton??? Eeeeeek. Ahaha. And I can’t say I’m bothered by Eboue leaving.

    It’s always guilt-free, rico. I. Cannot. Wait.

  51. :lol: agag, neither am I and as for the guilt, just jesting you ;)

  52. Lee, have you ever seen Wenger say that about a player before?

  53. Will, Benzema??

    You think we are in with a chance of signing him?

  54. No, Wenger never says who he is going to buy.

  55. That’s what i thought Will, it’s a spin, he’ll be looking at some different….

  56. Yes, throwing people of track.

  57. Exactly – we’ll sign a few unknowns, maybe one we have heard of and i hope that isn’t Stewart Downing!! or Owen Hargreaves!!

  58. 0% chance of us going after Benzema.its a diversion.

  59. Evening all,
    Board room tussles still feuding, apparently Usmanov has just bought £2million worth of shares over the last two weeks and is now holding27.37 percent of the shares he has pulled a bit of a flanker, Kroenke was offering£11,750 for any loose shares and Usmanov has gazzumped his offer with £14,000 per share

  60. God no to either of those.

  61. Hi Kt and Steve,

    Usamanov is not going away is he? To offer so much more for the shares shows he is determined….

  62. If Usmanov could secure all of the rest of the shares which is pretty unlikely, it would still only amount to 35% which still does’t give him much authority in the club, but it would sill stymie Kroenke. Has anybody got any info as to who would be best for us

  63. I think he’s holding out Steve, to one day buy Stan out…

  64. i think the next twelve months will tell us if stan is any good, he certainly didn’t waste time in getting us away from a pre season in Austria….

  65. Apparently Aguero is heading to madrid as his teammates have disclosed…

  66. If madrid add aguero they’ll have a scary squad.

  67. They must be selling Kt to buy him….

  68. Will, he never blabs about who he’s buying, this is a smoke-screen….KT I thought I’d read somewhere that tevez was being lined up by Madrid too…..

  69. Falcao then….. closely followed by Cahill, Parker and Young…… :)

  70. forget Falcao and Benzema, think chamberlain is on our radar or what ever his name is

  71. I think we are going to sign Gervinho

    £10M is the kind of price AW will pay…

    Steve, Alexander Mark David “Alex” Oxlade-Chamberlain ;) ;)

    – isn’t he valued quite high??

  72. Lee,

    I think Samba is a done deal, I just pray Cahill is on AW’s radar, if we get those two and a goal scorer we are on our way, keep Nasri though….

    Then, if Clichy goes, get a LB, I read the new kid was a left back but it seems that he’s a RB???

  73. plays anywhere in the back line apparently rico, alex oxlade watch this space!!!

  74. There was me thinking he was a winger, but not in ‘wenger world’ ;) ;)

    Steve, your post is up tomorrow :)

  75. I’m done for the day guys,

    Catch you all tomorrow, have a good one…

    be good ;)

  76. nte nte ricolicious

  77. frin dauily.mail:
    Arsenal midfielder Alex Song is the subject of interest from Inter Milan, with the Italian giants weighing up a £15m bid. Arsene Wenger is unlikely to be open to offers for a mainstay of his side this season.

  78. rico:
    Austria is a great place to “oxygenate” to recover physically and gain endurance. It is a local mountain in the middle of woods, with healthy air, mild temprature and moisture away from London, the daily routine. Malaysia and China have a horrible climate, very damp, intense heat that is not meant to “oxygenate”and gain physical freshness. It’s just a matter of marketing and deployment location.

  79. Evra does not make these statements when it is in France A selection of why?
    Ashamed to take over as qualified for South Africa? Performance in the World Cup? Or by telling the truth with “broad shoulders” as the MU is protected, he always plays with more security because there are external forces that push for (s) win (s) and therefore for success?

  80. A little history:
    The biggest trophy in the world and “master of tactics” Herbert Chapman
    Ran a season and FC Porto 1947/48 Arsenal invited, then considered the best club in the world for a particular game. It was May 6, 1948, at the Stadium of Lima and was 3 FC Porto – Arsenal 2.
    Lived is still the post-war period, when the ‘Gunners’, taken at the time the best team in the world have traveled to the City Invicta to make a friendly against the blue and white.
    At the time everyone believed that Porto would not have the slightest of chances to take the expiration of a set that consisted of some of the best players on the planet, and driven by one of the greatest “masters of tactics” of all time: Herbert Chapman .
    Nothing less than the coach who had invented the tactic of WM
    It was the largest tactical revolution of the first 50 years of the twentieth century. Remained up to 50 years in many countries as the main tactical system. It fell into disuse with the popularity of the Hungarian and Brazilian 4-2-4 (which would then form the 4-4-2 and 4-3-3 from the 60s). And work has resulted in an exceptional mind that resulted as key tactics in the evolution of the game. The implementation of the WM was the key to success gunner. That and the insistence on surrounding himself Chapman of the best. The coach was soon in a few years to make his winning model. But when he gave the team the right key will never disappoint him. He hired the best, created a generation of unique talents as Highbury would never know. And dominated the First Division for years. For the story was his role as manager of Arsenal.
    Arsenal this year, came from a 100% successful tour, by several countries of Europe … and only fell at the Stadium of Lima against FC Porto.
    The city is decked out and caught the interest of lovers of a sport that still took its first steps in our country and it was not least, the city of Porto got the best team in the world at the time, coming from the country that invented football (England), against the club for their city.
    To the surprise of many, perhaps all the dragons escaped the humiliation announced and won 3-2 in a match played at the old Stadium of Lima. FC Porto had the coach Eladio Vaschetto the Argentine and the markers of the goals that sealed the historic victory was Correa Dias (2) and Araujo. At 30 minutes, the portistas already won 3-0 and then was only to withstand the constant bombardment of the guns in London.
    Despite the friendly nature of the strife, the triumph was also a special flavor because it was achieved shortly after the selection of England have crushed 10-0 by the Portuguese.
    Victory in Lima gives right to acquire the biggest trophy in the world
    Already one year after the completion of an unforgettable duel with Arsenal, FC Porto some members understood perpetuate done by making a trophy. They decided to call it Cup and Arsenal after a public subscription to which hundreds of supporters joined, was collected enough money to do something majestic about his title.
    The trophy is divided into two parts: the reliquary, which weighs over 120 pounds and is 2.8 meters tall, and within, a bowl full of silver.
    In total, this group of associates invested 200 stories in the old currency in the year 1949. A fortune is good to see. Note that this huge number can still be seen at the Museum of FC Porto. Finally, let the names of six members that have moved to public subscription and have made it possible to offer the club who entered the ‘guiness’ trophy for being the largest in the world.

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