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Is Wenger a Fool?

Before all you Arsene Wenger loving fans leave a comment slating the title – read on!

Is he a fool or a highly paid scape goat?

6 million a year buys you an awful lot of silence from a manager to handle all the criticisms while the board ripen to cow, sell and line their pockets…!

For a while I have had my own theory about Arsene Wenger ‘carrying the can’, it’s not one I have just come up with, I have been saying it for a few seasons now.

Then I read an article in one of the daily papers about how the current board (not Stan) haven’t coughed up a penny towards buying new players.

No, they just preferred to sit around on their butts and sting every Arsenal fan in the pocket and use that money to pay for the few odd and sods that Wenger has been allowed to buy over the last few year.

At the same time of course, we have sold a few players for vast amounts of money and I am sure that any of even the worst mathematicians would be able to calculate that the money we have raised through selling players is vastly more that what Arsene Wenger has spent on building a stronger squad and taking our club to the highest level.

The season after we moved to the Emirates,  Arsene Wengers activity in the transfer market changed – as said before, our manager had bought players who left Arsenal fans drooling. Watching us play over the 7/8 seasons after Wenger became manager was just a joy to behold.

We fought tooth and nail with Fergies lot, we wiped the floor with the Chavs sometimes, we battered the Swampies and Man City were never at the races, let alone near the top four!

Oh, those were the days, weren’t they?

Wenger smiled, the players smiled too – they fought hard and seldom switched off until the final whistle blew, fans hardly ever left the stadium early either – all because our side was something special.

Arsene Wenger had fastly become every Arsenal Fan’s ‘friend’ – he got us back to being at the top and in such a short space of time.

Many footballing fans then started to ‘support’ Arsenal because of him – so much so they can see little wrong in him even today, when everything is going belly up at OUR club.

Arsene Wenger showed us what a top manager he really is the day he arrived at Arsenal Football Club.

He has changed though and sadly for the worse.

But – if we could all get to the nitty gritty of Arsenal, is it Arsene Wenger who has changed, or have the Arsenal Board pulled the purse strings in to almost closed over the past 4/5 seasons? Have they told the media one thing about how much money there is for Wenger to spend, but told him different?

Have they been so concentrated on clearing OUR club’s debt they have done it to the detriment of things on the pitch?

If my theory is right, Wenger truly is a fool – why put yourself on the line for them, why leave yourself open to all that comes your way these days?

Just look at what it is doing to the man.

If I am right Arsene, it’s time for you to stop telling us all you still believe in project youth, you know, I know and the true Arsenal fans know it’s had it’s day, it doesn’t work.

Go out there at the end of the season and tell us all you have never had the money to spend since we left Highbury, then tell them you have got some now, then please us all buy telling us:

‘I will be spending it this summer’….

Don’t be a fool Arsene!

You are far too clever and if my theory is right, you don’t deserve to be looked upon as one either……

That’s if for today, have a good one ….

Don’t forget readers, if you have a view, feel free to send it in as a post and let it be discussed among us all….

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167 comments on “Is Wenger a Fool?

  1. Merlin left this comment overnight on the last post…

    Merlin96 says:
    April 26, 2011 at 12:36 am (Edit)

    Let’s make a shock bid for Drogba with a 2-year contract and challenge him to transform this bunch of bottlers into a title-winning outfit.

    We kenw that Van Persie will be out injured for 10-15 games minimum per season.

    We knew that Drogba is that catalyst we need to lead the line with the likes of Theo, Vela and Benik feeding off him…as well as those youngsters learning their trade with Drogba on the training pitch.

    Look at the way that Drogba is playing as a “senior citizen” bringing the forward line into play, creating chances and taking freekicks.

    We need him to put the finishing touch to Theo, Vela (if he is still around) and mentoring young Benik.

    Buy Drogba like what Ferguson transformed his Fergie Fledgings by buying Cantona.

    I would say buying these players will provide that misisng ingredient of “Maturity, Experience and Calmness”:

    Defence – Gary Cahill or Jagkiela
    Midfield – Scott Parker and Micha Richards as well??
    Attack – Drogba and Ashley Young as well?

    40-mil will do nicely to buy these “catalysts” to transform bottlers, french poodles and pretty boys into a title-winning sides.

    And Micah Richards and Ashley Young are Arsenal fans too.

    We need to buy players where Arsenal is their “hoemgrown club” instead of mercenaries whoa re only good for 3 to 4 years and then scampered back to their European “hometown clubs”.

  2. Morning all….

  3. Morning all. Can’t argue with Merlin.

  4. Roger Johnson is a name mention by Ian Wright today, 6′ 3″ CH at Birmingham, 27 years old…

    Drogba is definately worth a try, with Torres there and Sturridge due to return from loan next season, i can see him leaving, and Anelka…

  5. I would take Drogba and bring back Jet and say, watch and learn.

    I would also bring Vela back and…..play him in the MIDDLE.

  6. I’m not sure on Vela, but surely he would have gone by now if he wasn’t part of Wengers plans – wish he had gone to Bolton, he’d have learned a lot more under Coyle and the training would have toughened him up a bit like it did Wilshere..

    Its funny how we have a player like him in our squad yet wenger doesn’t use him…. We have Mexico to thank for that I guess…

    Hope it has the same effect on Hernandez….

  7. I think this article says it all. We have to believe that Arsene took on the crap end of the stick to get the stadium built. The vast money raised selling our top players must have reduced our debt by 30% at least unless the money has gone elsewhere? Now after yet another humiliating season of failure ie; Failure to produce a squad that has enough quality to cover for our traditional major injuries. Failure to buy top quality when needed for 5 years. Failure to accept that certain favourite players bottle it in big and small games home and away. Failure to employ a defensive coach to iron out the fatal flaws that twice has lost us titles when defending leads were needed. Finally failure to bring in UK spirit and pride to fight for ‘our’ club when all about us (especially the press) are hoping for our team to fail. Failure to buy UK players for the same prices who are better than the foreigners purchased ie: Johnson (brum) Smalling (Manure) Johnson (City) Baines(Everton) Cahill, Jagielka, All better than AFC squad players.

    Now a miracle turnabout is needed but not expected ie; Arsene has to have a clear our first week after season end….Almunia, Denilson, Diaby, Rosicky, Eboue, Clichy, Squillaci, Vela, plus at least 6 loanies who everyone accepts will not even make our bench. This will take guts..has AW got it?

    Buys should include players know to be Gunners…Tarrabt…Richards…(Smalling if they can buy from us why not the other way around?) add Cahill and Jagielka and pay for them all by selling Cesc.

    The team for next year could look like this:


    Sagna..Cahill…Vermaelen.. Gibbs

    Djourou Wilshire Koscielny

    Walcott RVP

    Yes I know our present CB’s are listed as MDF but both are quick, both big, both skillful and both can attack. What would you rather have ? another 4 tip tappers who pass 20 times without a shot and a defence that CANNOT defend or a fast skillful team that no forward line would like to face. Another big advantage would be that IF we have major injuries we have a squad that can cover all areas.


  8. I hope Wenger has his transfer targets in his mind now, gets the deals done and dusted in the first month, show the players like RvP, Cesc and Nasri he means business next season.

    No faffing around, pay what the club want for the player and move on to the next…

    Then, once they are bought, start getting rid of the dead wood.

    If then there is still some spare money, spend it…

  9. Vela is not a left winger. Vela is not a left midfielder. Vela is a goal scorer, play him in the middle like a Wrighty and waych him score.

    Does Fergie play Hernandez on the wing?

  10. Spooky GunnerPete

    i hope he does it the other way around, get the players in first – it will make squad players think about their own position, and ask to move on…

    JD and Kos in midfield, not for me personally, again that would be filling gaps with players, Wenger must by the right player for each position rather than just fill the gaps with who we have…

  11. Wenger has done to Vela what he is doing to Theo, it doesn’t work, both are goal scorers not wingers…

    Square pegs in round holes again….

  12. good morning
    Villas Boas (Porto Coach) Liverpoll next year ?

  13. Morning JM, I think Dalglish will sign a permenant contract with Liverpool

  14. If we play Vela or Theo up front, we need to go back to 4-4-2.

  15. Would that be such a bad thing? Unless wenger gets the right players to play otherwise, surely he’d be better playing the right system to suit the players?

  16. And the respective opposition…

  17. Good post Rico, Wenger still has to take a lot of blame though even if your theory is right and it certainly has legs then him being the scape goat would of mean’t he knew the board were fattening the so called cash cow ready to sell and line their pockets which means he’s taken a huge salary merely to take all the stick and not really care about the fans or making a winning team..????? just a thought !!

    How long have I been saying Drogba….. He’s just what we need, Cahill and Johnson would be spot on and Fellaini and Ashley young would do me…! Ok well thats the transfers sorted I’ll have a large GG n lemonade now plz…..

  18. it is a privately owned business, not a club in the real sense. The companies laws compel the board to maxime dividends for the shareholders. Who are the shareholders?

    We face a situation where buying players to win a competition is not in the interests of shareholders wallets, but buying kids with promise for a low price and selling them high is in their interests

    Does Wenger have a few shares?

  19. Hi Rico,

    I was so gutted at the final whistle on Sunday, I hate Bolton **£$ing Wanderers, then I thought at least it wasn’t the Yids or Manure that finish any titles hopes we had.

    Looking at it with some perspective we are soooo very close, yet we all feel soooo pissed off, that’s real support. Big changes coming in the summer lets just hope they are for the better.

  20. I would prefer 4-4-2 to be honest Rico.

  21. I think its a little from column A and a little from column B – in that some of the restrictions are from the stadium move and debt repayments and others are self imposed by Wenger. Wenger has now seemed to have gotten bogged down in that mindset to the detriment of the team even though it does benefit the clubs finances. I think Wenger needs to be more selfish and use the money on the team now (he should have 3 seasons ago) as the clubs finances are well in order, its not needed for him to be so tightfisted now

  22. Hi WATH –

    yep you have been toting Drog for a while, he’s just what we need – I like the idea of Johnson, he wouldn’t cost as much as Cahill would he?

    If my theory is right, Wenger is nearly as bad as the board isn’t he? Most football managers would have told the board to take a hike, unless all they really cared about was their own pocket.

    Pretty much like some of the players who want their pay packet but aren’t prepared to earn it…

  23. Hi amband, i don’t think wenger has any shares…

    Hi george – we ended our own real title chances with all our stupid draws and the inabilty to finish sides off – again that comes down to lack of experience in the squad.

  24. I would also add its not just simply personnel additions/changes thats needed to address the teams shortcomings – its a coaching change thats needed too. The same mistakes are being made over and over – therefore the coaching within the club is missing it or simply cannot impart the needed skills/mindset to the players – then new eyes / methods are needed.

  25. Will,

    I don’t get why we try and play the same regardless of whoever we face, how many sides have worked out how to play us because of it?

    Goes back to having a plan b, but we need to be thinking about a plan c&d too…

  26. Hi Rico, OK thanks for that?

  27. “I don’t get why we try and play the same regardless of whoever we face, how many sides have worked out how to play us because of it?”

    Great point, well made Rico.

    Even just in game change for a short period would have seen us beat those teams who came with a gameplan to counter our usual tactics – get the goal then revert to keep ball because you have just undermined the oppositions whole plan

  28. DG – we need to get Keown on board, let him sort out the defence, and then DB or Henry to show our players how to shoot on sight…..

  29. Will, ‘Identity’ ??

  30. DG, look at Bolton, they knew they would get battered on the attack, they took stock, defended with their lives – everyone of our players joined in the attack. Bolton waited for the chance and hit us hard.

    One chance and they took it…..

    When we played Barca in the first leg, we defended really well then took our chance, our problem for me is that when we press forward for long periods of time, defensive side of game goes to pot because everyone is focussing on attack…

  31. I make you spot on there Rico. Thats why we need a change of mindset / players to a ‘stay home first’ attitude in certain positions. A few players who protect what we have first leaving others to get more. We have too many players who switch off from their main priority – and thats simply a coaching failure

  32. Identity. When Wenger turned up, what was the Arsenal identity? What is it now? Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira, who did they learn from?

    We are losing that Arsenal identity of old, that fighting spirit.

  33. Rico, teams know that if they defend with everyone and get set-pieces, they can win the game as we are not dynamic. Our players would rather pass side-ways and keep the ball rather than take a chance and pass forward.

  34. oops i hit submit in error ** that should have read NOT simply a coaching failure but also a player mentality issue.

  35. I called him ahypocritical snake-oil salesman, i.e. akin to a 2nd hand car salesman.

    DO you trust both of ‘em and their “sales talk”?

  36. I’d get Cahill and Johnson Rico, why not…?

    AW def doesn not have any shares, the club offered him some a few years back and he declined.

    We play the same way Rico cos we don’t really have the players to play any other way.

    Also agree 100% it’s not just about playing staff thats brought in its also very important who comes into the backroom staff, wenger needs to be questioned and challenged and needs someone to drive him on……!

  37. Spot on DG, a ‘you won’t score over my dead body’ attitude…

  38. Ah yes Will, we ceratinly lack that, i didn’t get what you meant, oops…

  39. They also know Will that we are crap at defending set pieces and corners – every team plays for them ane seldom do they fail to captialise…

    That won’t change until we get a defender or two who is 6’3 + and is bloody strong in the air….

  40. our strikers get about 1 goal in 6 attempts. Too many misses

  41. I would get them both WATH, Wenger won’t though sadly…

  42. We have 3 i reckon rico – Szczesny / Vermaelen / Sagna – notice none in midfield!!

  43. Id take Cahil because hes strong in the air, knows the premier league and put himself about and in where it hurts. Hes also quite quick and mobile. A perfect foil for Vermaelen?? With Djourou and Kos as backup. That would do right?

  44. which is why we are all crying out for a goal scorer amband – get rid of Nik…

    One to watch is Sturridge, if the Chavs don’t sell drogba, where will he fit in??

    He said he isn’t waiting around for his chance there for too long….

  45. I think JD and TV are pretty decent in the air but I do think we need a brutal bastard in the Keown/Adams mold. I also think we need a tall/mean central midfielder.

    Ches/ JD or TV, a BB and a tall central midfielder, plus others should help but I honestly believe we need a nasty bastard who will clear anyone in his way when the ball comes in. We get bullied far too easily.

  46. Three isn’t enough DG, TV is a tiddler but has a good leap and is good on the ground, we need a big mother chuffer in there, Cahill and or Johnson are both Pl bred and not too much for us to ask for eh ;)

    Diaby is the most frustrating playing, big, tall but is such a whimp and cannot stay fit…

  47. In response to Wengers recent comments on footballing principles – We ARE a good footballing side and WE HAVE been unstable defensively! The reason…..footballing principles of course. Defending is a part of football that have been marginalised in your philosophy. The answer…..a better standard of defensive player and coaching. Its not abandoning your principles its expanding them to include an obviously neglected element.

  48. Cant ague with Merlin either but i dont see Wenger buying Drogba.
    But then , your other options are very encouraging.
    Micah Richards _ £18m
    Ashley Young – £25M
    Scott Packer – £15
    Cahill – £25M

    I will love all this 4 to come in because they are all English and very energetic and passionate players which means the referees will be tasked into protecting them for the country so we will get fare decision if not partial decisions in most cases.

    But i don’t see Wenger spending £83M on players , he just wouldn’t.
    Sorry Merlin it wouldn’t happen.

  49. I think its time to cut our loses with Diaby rico. Wenger needs to take the kid gloves off when it comes to some of these players and their careers. He was happy enough to cut Eduardo loose when it became apparent he wasnt going to come back from his injuries to be a premier league player. So he sold him on because a less demanding league would see him carve out a successful career elsewhere. Diaby ‘could’ have been a great player for us, he has all the ingredients – all except reliable fitness – and im afraid it will most likely always be so.

  50. We have needed that BB since Paddy left, I honestly think Wenger expected Diaby to be that man but he is never going to be, I’d sell him and get someone who is up to the job….

  51. So.

    Almunia, Squil, Rosicky, Diaby, Denilson, Nik B.

    Anyone else?

  52. DG, agree, same goes for Rosicky, he is never going to be the player he once was, he should have gone a long time ago…

    I felt for Eduardo, not his fault yet lost his career with us because of some thug….

    Just as he had settled in quite nicely too….

    One rule for one and one for another it seems with wenger….

  53. Clichy and Arshavin

  54. I dont think Squill will go as he just got here but id agree with the rest – along with some of our on loan young players that now need to forge a career elsewhere – 18 players on loan!! I dont get that – we must have an inkling by now who is up to standard.

    The reason for keeping Squill – we seem to need 5 centrehalves at least – going by past seasons

    1st choice = Cahill and Verm
    2nd choice = Djourou and Kos
    If and when needed = Squill

    Replace Diaby with one of Ramsey
    Replace Rosicky with Scott Parker
    Denilsons place has been usurped by Jack already

    Sell Nic B and maybe get someone who can play wide right – Wenger seems to think we need that and that Nic B was the answer there – he isnt. Get Ashley Young.

    Play Theo and Vela centrally with VanP or AA23 behind them in the whole in a 4-4-2 when needed

  55. Who do we have worth keeping





  56. Why do people come out with tiresome nonsense about Wenger not having the funds as if it is an excuse for the failures of the current players (& unpopular as it is I included Fabregas & Nasri within that). Arsene had the opportunity of going to Real Madrid and spending all their millions, he choose not too – it is his decision not to spend – it is his decision, mainly, not to buy underperformers such as Arshavin – it is his decision to allow the likes of Wilshire to develop.
    Maybe Arsene knows best, maybe he doesn’t, but don’t try to unreasonable excuses for the situation.

  57. Afternoon all, nice one rico,
    I have read some of your comments and have made my mind up that i am not that keen on any of our players, I try and imagine who i would want to buy if i was a neutral and in all honesty i cannot think of one. The press and media are all ways on about Wilshere but what has he honestly done to warrant all the talk, Rambo has come back, and has been a damp squib Vermaelen has still not come back nor Frimpong, players i thought were promising but in reality just fragile, Song looked a good prospect but has never been able to maintain his proper position, we have problems at the back and play Song forward, We sing the praise out for Czezsney why i dont know he in my mind will ever only be second string, A captain that has his heart elsewhere. Naz who is only a bit part player, Arshaven has spent most of the year playing sixty minutes cause he’s knackered and Walcott that has a couple of burst in any one game, the double d’s should be elsewhere and Eboue enough said. if i have missed anyone out its because they have done nothing for me to remember, so sell them all and start again.

  58. DeiseGooner! sorry but Denilson just signed a long term deal.

    Nic B is out of the door already,
    Rosicky will go like Eduardo
    Diaby should be advertised to juventos
    Sell Alumia or release him

    Buy another Left BAck
    Keep Clichy- extend his contract, good left backs are scarce
    Nasri should be given an extension on time
    Keep RVP- he has the passion
    Play Walcott more in the middle

    Buy Ashley Young , he always plays his heart
    Buy Scott Parker – Song needs help
    Buy Micah Richards or Cahill- i think Micah will be cheaper , he will want to play regular football.
    If Shawn Wright Philips is available on a cheap buy him to cover Walcott.

    Okay We know Fabregas is going now that we have crashed embarrassingly, so sell him now and get £45m and buy all of the above players mentioned and a new Striker which i cant name because all the good strikers are in Good teams, except Benzema is available.

  59. Will, I would sell AA too…

    Denilosn’s has to go, his new contract means we will at least get money for him… Frimpong will spell the end of him…

  60. Hi SD, SWP?? You sure ;)

  61. Nik already out the door?

    Cesc going?

    We don’t know either for sure just yet….

    I think Cesc will stay one more season…..

  62. Pity to see Cesc go, but we could afford others if we sell him, although we should get something for those on the way out

  63. Afternoon Steve, thanks

    So it’s 25 out for you then and 25 in ;) ;)

  64. Got to pop of for a bit, back shortly ….

  65. Mourinho press conference on line!
    Criticism of referes: Favouring of Barcelona against Chelsea and unfair eviction from Van Pierse!

  66. Yeah Rico , i just noticed that we suffer when ever Walcott is out injured because there is no cover for him , Nasri is not good on the right and Rosicky cant just cut it,therefore SWP on £5m will be a decent cover .

  67. I am not a huge fan of a 25 man squad, and yes i could be tempted to get rid of most of ours, but i would probably only go for a smaller squad, having 25 is to expensive and unnecessary. I am also not a big fan of the transfer window, grossly unfair to smaller clubs, I believe that transfers should be in use when a team needs them, a team in trouble through out the year, should be able to negotiate transfers, same for unhappy players, being held to the bench when they could be elsewhere, after all their career’s are fairly short.

  68. JM, have you got a link

  69. Sorry Steve, but the amount that the poorest prem players earn in a year is more than I will in a lifetime – the fact their playing careers are short, tough on them if they have to bench sit for the good of the club.

  70. Mystic, I understand what your saying but it has to be fair for all parties.

  71. To be honest I appreciate the issue for the players, but Arsenal always come first and are bigger than the players.

  72. Hi Steve!
    I listen on Portuguese TV!
    I’ve read all the comments.
    A few points: a) for me we must have a team arround 23/24 players. We can have more, but we must loan them. It’s a good solution, like Aaron this year or Vela. b)If you sell Clichy and Eboué, you must buy, at least, one full-back. I don’t understand some of your ideas. For instance, if Sagna is injury, which player is the right full-back? Squillacci? Kos? Cahill?
    c) The distribution of the palyers: 3 GK;4 full-back; 4 – central-back; 8 midfield; 7 strikers.We must have players who can play in more that one position. The logical, is have 2 players (preference good) for each position.
    How is Vermaelen? In a good shape or one more like Rosicky and Eduardo after injuries?

  73. from http://www.eurosport.com – Paul Parker comment:

    “Arsene Wenger has gracefully accepted the blame for his team’s failings this season after the defeat at Bolton which all but ended their hopes of winning the title. It is good of him to join the club, because plenty of people have been holding him responsible for a while.
    Admitting blame is one thing, but until he can manage to swallow his pride, learn from his mistakes and change his ways then I do not see Arsenal going any further under him.
    It is all very well pursuing his ideal of playing football “the right way”, but that comes at the expense of being able to implement a Plan B when the Gunners’ trademark passing game is not working. Bolton have developed a more aesthetically pleasing style under Owen Coyle, but their two goals on Sunday were both headers from corners. These are just the sort of goals that Arsenal seem incapable of either stopping or scoring themselves, despite having three centre-forwards standing at six feet tall or more in their squad and pace down either wing.
    People like to call Wenger ‘The Professor’, but in recent years he has come across more like a schoolteacher, surrounding himself with obedient young pupils who will follow his every word, rather than more senior students who may be willing to question his decisions.
    Sometimes it is healthy to have a few older, wiser heads in the dressing room to do that. It puts the onus on the boss to justify why he insists on things being done a certain way, but also gives him food for thought as to things he should look at changing.
    When they won their last title the famed ‘Invincibles’ squad boasted the likes of Patrick Vieira, Sol Campbell and Thierry Henry. Two years previously, Tony Adams and Martin Keown were also among the ranks as they won the double. Strong characters such as these are conspicuous by their absence in the current squad.
    Alan Hansen will always live to regret his comment about Manchester United winning nothing with kids at the start of the 1995-96 season, but while that season’s double winner’s had plenty of youth in their side they were guided through by older players who had been there and done it all before.
    Just as in life, every great manager learns from his mistakes, and the first stage is admitting to them. Even Alex Ferguson realised that announcing his retirement during the middle of a season a few years ago affected his team – he won’t make the same mistake again.
    The fact that Arsenal have not finished in the top two in six years should be more than enough to show Wenger that he needs to change his ways. Instead of looking up towards the summit, he will now be looking down at Manchester City, who are eight points behind them with two games in hand ahead of Monday night’s trip to Blackburn. With Arsenal’s next fixture coming against United, the ignominy of finishing fourth and having to qualify for the Champions League via a play-off is very much a possibility.”

  74. The backup for Theo thing is a great point. When he is gone, we have zero pace. I remember when that was pretty much everywhere in the team.

  75. The Man.City thing has been worrying me since the 75th min last night at Blackburn.

  76. Boo

    No pace on the wings, then we should be go getting proper wingers…

    Not using Theo, or Vela….

  77. I agree Rico.

  78. Great minds Will….

    Back in fifteen – rain is coming in, must get the grass cut….

  79. SD-London says:

    April 26, 2011 at 12:01 pm

    Cant ague with Merlin either but i dont see Wenger buying Drogba.
    But then , your other options are very encouraging.
    Micah Richards _ £18m
    Ashley Young – £25M
    Scott Packer – £15
    Cahill – £25M

    I will love all this 4 to come in because they are all English and very energetic and passionate players which means the referees will be tasked into protecting them for the country so we will get fare decision if not partial decisions in most cases.

    But i don’t see Wenger spending £83M on players , he just wouldn’t.
    Sorry Merlin it wouldn’t happen.

    Hi SD,
    We may end up with similar 1998 decision when he sold Overmars, Petit and Anelka and bought Henry, Pires, WIltord, Gilberto and Lauren…perhaps all worthed more than £83M at today price?

    If Cesc is sold for £45M plus that alleged £40M Transfer FUnd..and sold lots of peripheral palyers for say….£20M …then total available transfer funds are 45+40+20 = £105M.

    Assume 15-mil is taken out for new contract extension for Nasri, CLichy and WIlshere…..then 2011/12 Transfer FUnd is about £90M.

    That is, 2011 “Cesc Transfer Fund” has an equivalent impact to 1998 “Anelka Transfer Fund”.

    AFter 6 successive seasons of failures, Wenger should accept that he had built a superb highly technical European side – still short of a few sharp tools to complete it – but utterly unsuitable to grind out result in that marathon of a Premiership.

    That is, what Wenger had done is to breed daintily fine Arabian race horse, excellent over an oval track with an immaculate track surface…but of not have that lungs, guts and muscularity to compete in that steeplechase of a Premiership.

    Wenger had assembled a fine herd of circus showhorses and a few pretty Arabian race-horses…but lack destriers to battle it out on the pitch.

    Pity…Arabian racehorses are delicate and injury-prone too….

    Look at his transfer records from 2004/05 till today.
    He put more trusts in French players – from 16 year old to 30 year old Squilaci and SIlvestre – rather proven premiership players as squad members or emergency covers.

    Ashley Young?
    I thought he was on his last year of his contract and should come cheap.

    Scott Parker?
    He should come cheap if Wenegr can persuade him to join us with a “leadership” role and promised regular football instead of being a 2nd fiddler to Song…..say..Captaincy as well?

    Micah Richards?
    If he is surplus to requirements and Abu Dhabi City is desperate to trim the wage bill to comply with UEFA FFR starting with 2011/12 season, he should be affordable.

    Jagielka? Johnson (Brum)?
    How about Steven Taylor (Newcastle)?

    Wenger should be smart enough to realsie that any title-winning team must be rebuilt from teh back and he got lucky when he inherited Fab-4 and Seaman from GG (plus RIoch “contirbuted” Bergy) and he got lucky by signing SOl on a Bosman, plus emerge of Cashley and the successful covnersion of Lauren into a RB.

    Notice that after Sol is gone, we never have a solid defence..with that key ingredient “English Grits” missing plus the ability to defence against crosses and high balls.

    A thousand miles journey begins with oen step.

    1st Step – FFS! Buy English CB no matter what it costs.

    2nd Step – Buy a Leader like Scott PArker, and not an “on-loan” player from Barca.

    3rd Step – A proven goal-scorer in the mould of Drogba or Kevin Davies or “fox in the box” than a french poodle scared to shoot, good only for 3 months and then MIA for rest of the season.

    One last thing.
    Where is that £40M from sales of Kolo and Adebayor in 2009?
    It was not spend, banked in and supposedly to accummulate to enable Wenger to make one big mega-signing when a marquee player becomes available.

    Tiem to spend it in summer 2011 then.

  80. Hi Merlin

    ‘One last thing.
    Where is that £40M from sales of Kolo and Adebayor in 2009?

    It was not spend, banked in and supposedly to accummulate to enable Wenger to make one big mega-signing when a marquee player becomes available.’

    This is exactly the point of my post…

    Have the board been using all the money from sales to pay off our debt? If so, Has Wenger not actually been given much money to spend?

    If I am right, Wenger has been taking the flack for a board who only wanted to make us debt free and at the cost of all things on the pitch….

  81. Very expensive players for their real performance.with this money going to Brazil and brings up a “basket ” of better players than these. And keep the change.
    Do you really think MU, chelsea, Liverpool,M city, spurs much better than us?
    Liverpool if hadn’t buy Meireles and Suarez will be on 8th,9th position;
    M. city has good players not a team. (Mancini probably goes to juventus).
    chelsea, they will go to make a revolution in his team. Some reasons must have.
    MU is one of the worst team in last 6 years. Lucky and and always benefited from referrals and of opponents’ mistakes. Have you noticed that no club could reach 80 points this year?
    Among others, three points for the failure of this year: a) There was never defined a team basis, starting at goalkeeper b) Bet on a central defender who never played and would be the coordinator of the whole team. Successively postponed his return, without having first, an alternative to c) The absence of such an advanced trust. RVP The solution turned out to be, after having discredited chamack and spaces, NB.
    Today I wonder if we had that strong Brazilian striker (do not remember the name …) on this team, even with the problems of the goalkeepers and defense, but would have been champions

  82. We talk about buying players that will turn us into Champions, some say we only need one to four signings to achieve this. I take it that you mean quality replacements, so what are we talking about sixty seventy million, Forget that idea, that will never happen. yes Wenger will buy,maybe even trade but only to about twenty five mill.Now ask yourselves will we be able to beat Chelsea and Utd when they are at full strength and the answer has got to be No. will we be able to beat Newcastle and Blackburn Tottenham and the answer is No. We are currently fielding a team of losers I hate to say that but its true, they have no Backbone no Heart and no Ideas, a few months rest will not install it either. We will look good and move the ball around well but we will not produce the moves needed to win against the teams mentioned, our tactics wont change, we will continue to take it to the edge of the box and then pass it back until we lose it because that is the strategy that the Manager ever uses, the Blackburns of the league will get in our faces and kick us about and the Referees will continue to give us nothing in the way of protection, we will have runs that might stretch to 2 or 3 games where we might win a few but a Chelsea or Utd game will come up and we will crumble Wenger will kick water bottles and rant and rave at the forth official but at the end of the day it will be like groundhog day. The only chance Arsenal have is if Wenger has a heart attack and has to retire, because the board will back him forever sad but true.

  83. Steve, if wenger has a clear out, he could have 70/80 million to spend….

  84. He would never be allowed to spend it rico

  85. Maybe not under the oldies, but Stan? We don’t know yet….

    He may just unlease the estimated figure of 40 million, and what ever AW gets from sales…

    We have to give Stan a chance…

  86. I hope Stans chance does not stretch as long as Arsens

  87. Evening Gooners. Good post Rico. Some really interesting comments on here today, with an under lying feeling of exasperation throughout.
    Hi SP, where’s your humour gone mate? I need cheering up.

  88. Still can’t see this ‘clear-out folks, and as for Wenger spending £80million+, it’s not gonna happen, Stan or no Stan.

  89. Hi AK it will come back mate hope your well

  90. i honestly don’t believe Wenger has been given the money to spend though Steve, i truly am of the opinion that our bunch of stiffies at the top just wanted to pocket all we made, ready to make money…

    with it came the ebenezer wenger….

    i just don’t get that an intelligent man can go from buying Henry to Bendtner, my theory makes sense, i just wish we all knew the truth…

    If the board didn’t like coming second, spending money etc etc, they would have sack him, they didn’t because the next manager would demand money and break us…

    i doubt we ever will….

  91. Evening, 80mil with player sales and whats in the “bank” would buy us what we needed and if wenger or the club think 40mil wil buy us what we need then they are delusion idiots.

  92. Reckon we might see one marquee signing { hopefully Cahill } and a couple of buys around £8 to £10million if we’re lucky. Hope i’m wrong though.

  93. Hi kev – thanks ;)

    Could be a fun transfer window, lets wait an see who is anywhere near being ‘right’ ;)

  94. AK, who and or what would be a “marquee” signing in your book…?

    The rest of you can answer that one as well………

  95. Thanks SP, yeah chum i’m sound as a pound, you too i hope? I’ve not heard you so down before, just shows what those arseholes do to us. Do they care??? Doubtfull!

  96. I’ll cheer you up Kev…it pissed down in Spain!! Lol

  97. No sympathy Lee you at least got away from watching two weeks of utterly shit football :D

  98. Ha ha ha Lee, where you been, we’re all signing up for a monestry next summer. Want to join?

  99. Benzema, but i’ll settle for Cahill.
    Hiya Wath

  100. Hmmm least those monks are always pissed or making booze I’ll have some of that ;-)

  101. Drogba would start the ball rolling…..

  102. Dream on mate no chance Madrid will sell Benzema….!

  103. Your theory rico dont miss the Wenger bithttp://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/gazidis-arsenal-have-no-property-debts-now

  104. Am with you on that one Lee, Cahill n Drogba to start with and then fill in the remaining missing pieces n sorted…..!

  105. Rico, every transfer window is just one big foofin wind-up. We fret why the Chavs, Mancs, Cittie etc hoover up all the players we want Wenger to buy.
    Re: the Board Rico, the problem is Hill-Wood, i really don’t know what that shitbag does?

  106. I’ll cheer you up as well AK, Schalke will win 3-0 tonight….!

  107. Luckily missed the inept but missed the banter more!!!

  108. Do monks drink/make GG?

  109. Ak, all Dead-wood AKA Hill-wood does is gets pissed at our expense and then calls us all stupid…!

  110. Spot-on Wath, has that useless wino ever put his fat hand in his deep pockets, i’m beginning to despise the man.

  111. Cognac, Benedictine………… I’ll get the GG sent in AK :D

  112. Schalke 3-0, now that would be an effin scream mate.

  113. Wath, would you part-ex Cesc for Benzema?

  114. Agag will want to join if you do that Wath lol

  115. Lee, you on your hols?

  116. Anyone got a link for the Schalke game?

  117. sorry rico the Wenger bit must have been on something else i read, i believe it was for the loaned money from the banks for the stadium. the Banks wanted Wengers confirmation not to overspend for quite a considerable time before they would ok the loan

  118. Can’t see Cesc agreeing to goto Madrid mate but I’d def think about it if they wanted him

  119. Mine would be Cahill WATH, then Johnson, then Melo and then VdW :)

    Add Buffoon and thats it for me ;)

    Oh, maybe Baines and there is a midfielder who’s name escapes me ;) You know the one…..

  120. kev, but this summer could be better ;)

  121. Hi Lee, you have been missed :(

  122. I do hope your right Rico. Is it Fellani?

  123. Melo isn’t good enough Rico…!

  124. kev, he has just signed a new contract i think,

    just remembered, Jarvis, thats his name ;) ;)

    Nor are most of our lot WATH ;)

  125. Jarvis [Wolves], isn’t he a left-winger? Saw him at The Grove, looked a dangerous player Rico, i’d be happy to have him at AFC.

  126. A friend of mine mentioned Jarvis to me kev, she rates him…. mind you, she is no Hope Powell ;)

  127. Song is as good as melo…..

  128. ok, so no melo lee, who is there that would be better than song??

  129. It’s Neuer vs ManUre… You can never bet against those Germans!

  130. Gokhan Inler? M’Vila? Parker?

  131. Rico….. Fellaini !! Jarvis and Doyle would fit in well with us as stupid as that sounds..!

  132. Parker when the hamsters go down…..

  133. Kev I’ve not yet seen “the list did you?”

  134. Doyle, now you are talking, saw him play for Reading, a real nose for goal….

    Parker I’d like too, Inler has been linked to us too often, if wenger was going to buy him, maybe he would have by now…

    What about M’bia?

  135. Fellaini has just signed a new deal i think WATH or is very close to it….

  136. I didn’t really make one Lee, i’m still waiting to see Wath’s.
    I suppose i’d go for Benzema, Gameiro and Cahill.
    I’d sell Bendtner, Denilson, Almunia, Hoyte, Eastmond, possibly Rosicky, Sunu part-ex for Gameiro. Does that make any sense Lee?

  137. I’d bring into the squad Lansbury, Bartley, Botelho and Miyaichi if we can get him a work permit.

  138. Oh and Frimpong/Coquelin as well. Any good?

  139. I’d sell:



  140. It was WATH’S list I was curious about but you’ ll list would do me mate!! Looks like there’s gonna be some additions tho……

  141. Off side, off side… mug

  142. Lansbury, Chuks, Afobe, Freeman, Bartley, Frimpong, Coquelin and Botelho to make up the squad..

    Ryo Miyaichi – loaned…

  143. Punchy Rico…. There’d be a few quid back for that lot!!

  144. Watching United they are going to murder us

  145. Oh, sorry mate, durr….
    Glad Neuer is going to Bayern and not Mancs.

  146. On that note of cheer, i’m off for the day folks – be good, fingers crossed the mancs get thrashed and enjoy your evening… ;)

    Nighty all, til tomorrow :)

  147. Ruthless Lee, has to be done if we are going to be a top notch lot again, that lot out the door should get us around 40million –

    80million in total for arsene to go spend :)

    offski now ;)

  148. Night Rico.

  149. Mighty night Rico….

  150. Night ricolicious

  151. our acquisition last year was Chamack. How much did it cost?
    If we had bought Hernandez (7.5) had the solution to the attack. Up because there is still a large margin of progression.
    Also we were not interested in Newer? Have not we ?

  152. vidic Evra Ferdinand Carrick Neuer a defence you can win things with. But how much

  153. It will be a long time before were in that league

  154. Oh God, Mancs at Wembley. I can see all the media/Sky shite now, 1968 and all that, bollox 0-2.
    May is gonna be a pisspoor month…

  155. Can you imagine those smug tossers this weekend?

  156. Nani goes to Inter or Real madrid…
    Benfica, Porto and Vila Real are better then schalke

  157. AK,Lee, seeing as its a quiet week I’ll do the “list” thursday and we can all have a laugh and giggle through the day with my madness !!.

    Mancs will destroy us sunday. Workrate effort and skill.

    100% correct JM, they got Hernandez we got Chamakh lets try and figure that one out.

  158. When you look at United they have always got a man to pass to. Before we ever think of trophies we should concentrate on beating the likes of them on a regular basis and then we will be champions, now they have got what it takes to beat Barcelona

  159. Wath, i’m back up to London Thursday…. but i’ll be back Monday, so i’ll have a look then.

  160. I’m going on the vodka night all

  161. Cheers Steve, AK, ok maybe do it 2moro then….?

  162. I’m also off for the night catch ya 2moro. Quite looking forward to watching Real v Barca with no stress just to sit and watch would should be a good game of footie and it could turn out to be a cracker.

    Night all, take it easy.

  163. Yeah, do it tomorrow Wath, goodnight mate.

  164. 2moro it is AK……. in the afternoon sometime. Lata…!

  165. Steve Palmer says:
    April 26, 2011 at 7:32 pm
    sorry rico the Wenger bit must have been on something else i read, i believe it was for the loaned money from the banks for the stadium. the Banks wanted Wengers confirmation not to overspend for quite a considerable time before they would ok the loan


    Yes Steve.
    If I remembered correctly, the terms of the Bond is that all trasnfer requests must be approved by RBS Consortium and the amount of transfer fund available depending very much on the successes of the previous season.

    PHW then reiterated: “Funds are available whenever Wenger needs to buy a player. We never truend down any request from Wenger to buy a player.”

    And of course, they trottered out their talking muppet like a broken record: “Why should I buy? I have worldclass players in Cesc, Diaby, Denilson, Clichy, Song, Bendtner, Theo, et al? If I buy an experienced player, it will inhibit the development of my youngsters…… If I buy Carrick, it will not be fair to him as he will be sitting on the bench when Vieira decided to stay..”

    Before signing Reyes, he said:
    “no, I will not sign any palyer in January….”
    After Reyes signed that contract extension:
    The hypocritical snanke-oil salesman bragged: “I will make him the greatest centre-forward…”

    You must understand Wengerese as Wenger will never criticise hsi employer and players in public. Whatever he said in public is just smoke and mirror and you should discard half of what he said, and mis-trust the other half.

    I am betting that he had enough and will perform mass culling this summer a she is obsessed to leave Arsenal as a winner…and not sacked like at Monaco.

    He will spend…like he did when he first joined Arsenal in 1996, 97 and 98.

  166. Morning all,

    New Post up

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