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What next for Cesc Fabregas, dropped?? Don’t get too excited about the summer….

Yesterday we all learned the truth about the Cesc Fabregas interview – what was printed by Don Balon was for real!

No doubt you have all read the interview by now and I think it’s fair to say that most Arsenal fans and I mean Arsenal fans, not Arsene Wenger fans would agree with what Cesc has had to say.

But, we have seen before that Wenger doesn’t take kindly to players talking to the press in such a way. Look what happened to William Gallas. Dropped from the squad and stripped of the Captain’s armband!

The question is, will Arsene Wenger do the same to his golden boy?

Will he now strip him of the Captaincy?

Will he drop him for the game against Bolton tomorrow?

Will he sell him in the summer?

Or, will Arsene Wenger finally listen to someone, not just anyone either it’s his Captain, the player he has spent the five seasons building his team around. If Arsene Wenger listens and takes on board all that Cesc has said it can only be for the best.

We will then see changes in the summer, we will see the experience we all cry out for in the side and maybe just more importantly for Arsene Wenger, he may get to keep his Golden Boy for another season or two….

Talking of buying experience, don’t get too excited about the up and coming transfer window..

Wenger confirmed yesterday that the club is in a healthy position financially – well, we already knew that didn’t we?

He also said that he will be in a position to spend big this summer if required.

£40 Million has been reported as being at his disposal but sadly he said this:

We have not completely checked out our financial position. The only thing I can say is that the Club is in a healthy financial situation and, if needed, we can make a big transfer.

No I don’t expect a busy summer at all, the team is 23 years-old on average so why should we expect to have a huge turnover at the end of the season?

I don’t believe the last bit for one minute……

That’s it for today, tomorrow we head to Bolton….

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161 comments on “What next for Cesc Fabregas, dropped?? Don’t get too excited about the summer….

  1. Morning all…..

  2. Another dreadful article.

  3. Another dreadful comment from you john which says very little, why is the post dreadful???

    William Gallas was dropped, striped of the Captaincy and eventually let go?

    All because he spoke out…

    Cesc has spoken out about the club so what will Wenger do next having suggested the whole i/v was twisted??

    If you don’t like HH, don’t come on here….

  4. Not only Werger but also Cesc also should take responsibility. look at him from the beginning of Barcelona match he is not a good performance. he could not act like captain and so please leave the club go to Barcelona i want 2 thank you!

  5. rico, Gallas not only spoke out but acted like a spoilt brat at Birmingham. That was not leadership.
    By all means offer opinion, but get it right.

  6. john, my opinion is mine, not yours… like i said, go elsewhere if you can’t respect others own opinions…

  7. Morning rico,
    Don’t expect to much, Your headline, Well we certainly haven’t expected or received to much so far and I wouldn’t think things will change a great deal in the near future. As things stand, and with how other teams are building, we could be on the slide for a while, i personally believe Wenger will buy at least one player maybe two, if the price is right. People are saying that two to three players is all we need, i believe we need to go further, we need six to make the difference needed to win things and a new approach.Less than six changes and the incoming players will quickly start playing the Wenger way, but with six they will all start to play differently, those six players need to be strong enough to actually change our style of play, and to take us forward.

  8. Morning Steve

    i don’t mind the ‘wenger way’ as long as we have the right players to play that way…

    we aren’t that far off as showed when we played chelsea, i think it’s important that we just add experience…

  9. Yet another blinkered pathetic comment from Arsene John….! Suppose Cesc speaking out to a foreign magazine is leadership is it…? If you don’t like the article fella don’t read it pretty simple and if it’s pathetic get off ya arse and write something better lets see if you really have anything decent to say instead of your usual wenger bum kissing comments…!

  10. Think your about right there Steve, If the deadwood is got rid off and the youngsters who are never gonna make it and the ones not pulling their weight then I’d say minimum of 4 quality players and we’d be close.

  11. Morning WATH…..

    I don’t get john really..

    Gallas may have ranted on about his team mates but Cesc is challenging the manager and the club, surely the latter is more offensive..

    All i am asking is will Wenger treat the two situations the same or will he do the most sensible thing which is listen to his captain and act…

    For the good of OUR club, I hope its the latter….

  12. Gallas was a decent defender, but tried to put over his personality to the young lads. He probably thought he could impose himself, but their was a divide in the ranks. he was not the kind of leader that we needed, having said that after being stripped of the Captaincy he carried on doing his best for the team, in my eyes he wasn’t liked, but he showed his professionalism and carried on regardless I wish him well. Wenger has not made many good choices of captains recently, but if Thomas Vermaelin ever fully recovers, wouldn’t be a bad choice for his next, unless he buys one in.

  13. Anything over four will be a bonus, GK,CH,CM and a proper striker.

    If we can add a winger after that then fab but i can’t see him doing that – is Bothelo likely to get his visa?

  14. What Gallas said was mostly true as well lets be honest about it……..

    He just did it the wrong way and yet again he wasnt a captains arse but what he said seems pretty spot on to me. Cesc is now saying things that are correct but in a different way so lets see what arsene does abt that..? seems his reasoning is smear the magazine claim its all lies and then he don’t have to deal with it cos Cesc actually didnt say those thing…. Ooops wrong…!

  15. John Surrey, I understand your frustrations, we all have them mate, Not an easy thing writing post that everybody likes, that’s not why there written, you know as well as I, that we don’t have a lot to be jumping up and down about, but were all supporters of the same club, our views differ and that’s why we debate, pity Wenger does not debate with us then maybe together we can make our team the team we want it to be.

  16. It all comes from frsutration i’m sure, any true winner would see that we are short in the squad, but wenger does nothing about it time after time…

    i wonder how many times both gallas and cesc have knocked on his door telling him but only to have their views fall on deaf ears??

    I agree with what they both said, just don’t agree with the way they have done it….

    The biggest problem for me is the timing from both, we have five games to go and we need to make sure we get a CL place at least…

  17. Morning Wath, Hope you well mate, We never get what we need, and I am not expecting to much from Mr Wenger, 40mill never in a month of Sundays

  18. Steve – i hope he sells a few and double that figure, then get on and spend it…

  19. Great article !! I don’t often comment

    I don’t think Wenger would listen, he hasn’t to the fans, he didn’t to gallas, he won’t to fabregas despite him being the “golden boy”. I hope Fabregas leaves, he puts Nasri in the middle and buys a REAL winger, not a converted winger like Walcott, Arshavin, Nasri, BENDTNER, Vela and probably more I forgot about. That DM would be nice as well, as we need a real hardman in midfield, not Song who likes to storm forward with fancy footwork or Diaby who is just clueless and bumbling. Someone like Parker that would get blocks and tackles in. I’d like 1 new CB, as Vermaelen when he ever does come back already has the passion and showed enough leadership when he was on the pitch! Djourou and Koscielny would be good backup and get rid of Squillaci out the window NOW.
    A striker that wouldn’t get injured so often that is a goalscorer rather than a worker like Chamakh would be good as well. But everyone knows this, everyone knows what we need, except the main man/men it seems. I haven’t read the Don Balon interview, but I would assume they haven’t twisted his words as he never made any attempt to keep to his story that they had done in his interview when they said they wouldn’t get an interview from us ever again.

  20. I’m fine Steve apart from listening to miles n miles of wenger drivel making out alls rosy in the garden and we only need a little fertilizer… I’d say we need to get rid of the manure and get in some fully grown plants :D

    I’m with you mate I can see very little happening in the summer to many broken promises and bullshit in yrs gone by and nothing happens.

  21. Morning Gooners. Morning Rico. Awfull post……only joking.

  22. If that turns out to be the case WATH, AW should be on the top of the manure pile… ;)

  23. Hi kev, good break??

  24. To be honest, i never take too much notice of ‘We’ve got this or that to spend’. It wouldn’t make much sense , as prices would go up.

  25. 8 days on the streets Rico, but now i can chill=out.

  26. Wenger says

    “For me we have done well but now, of course, people become impatient,” said the manager. “I can understand that completely because I am impatient as well. That is why you see me agitated.

    “Our target was to build a new stadium without dropping from the top. We knew it would be a difficult period for four or five years so we had to make a decision on how can we stay at the top level with less money available.

    “I feel that recently we have been a bit unlucky as we have had many injuries. For example, Fabregas and Van Persie missed many games. Van Persie has played 15 games and scored 14 goals. That means that he missed 18 games so that makes a massive difference.”

  27. Good, and lovely weather to chill in ;)

    Until the chillin ends tomorrow at 4pm….

  28. Morning Wath/SP. Notice there’s been some talk of Fergie getting shot of some of his dead-wood. He won’t let it drag on, if they’re not up to it…out the door and get someone else in. Wonder if that has anything to do with working under pressure of losing your job?

  29. Rico, i’m fairly sure that Botelho now qualifies for a work permit as he’s gained a Spanish passport [something like that?] and it’s possible that Miyaichi could get a work permit as well. 2 more goals for Feyenoord from Ryonaldo….

  30. kev, good on both accounts but i think they will be the reason wenger won’t buy a winger.

    Botelho could be in the squad but ryo will surely go on loan in the Championship/PL

  31. Gotta say Rico, it takes a lot of courage to do a blog, you’re putting your opinion on the line every day and leaving yourself open to criticism.
    It’s easy to come on here and ridicule what you and others say. When i read some other blogs and their comments, it’s really quite vicious the way people respond to each other. This is a very decent blog where people disagree, but rarely become disrespectfull with each other, and that’s down to you Rico, so i think thet Mr Surrey was very unfair. End of sermon….

  32. Yeah, i still get a buzz at seeing the Kids come thru. I understand Wath’s and others frustrations all the same, we’re oh so close, you can almost smell the silverware…

  33. Thanks kev, it would be a boring world if we all agreed wouldn’t it but i don’t think it ever needs to get personal or sarky..

    That’s opinions for you ;)

    Steve and WATH were covering my back ;) ;)

  34. Saw some brief highlights from the Slum, and i thought chezzer was great, i really like that kid, he has a ‘Presense’…
    Also, although i’ve never been too sure about this ‘Theo the striker’ lark, i’m now coming around to it. Having him roaming across the front line, suddenly bursting thru on goal seems a good idea.

  35. I think seeing the younger players come through is great too, just look at jack – but Wenger just takes its one step too far imho.

    He gets the mix wrong, the balance is all out and the younger player have no-one to turn to, a player who can give them the encouragement, a player they can look up to knowing he’s been there and done it with Arsenal.

    Like WATH says, who is there at our club now telling these young players just what Arsenal Football Club is all about, what it means when we play the swampies etc etc….?

  36. kev, you know i’m in the Theo as a striker camp, have been for ages – and his goal on wednesday said it all…

    Reminded me of a certain other number 14… ;)

    Give him a central role with RvP in a 442 and i think we would score a lot more goals.

    RvP and Theo seem to have a good relationship and understanding right now…

    Just wish Wenger would let Theo go, stop holding him back on the wing….

    I also wish he would stop taking him off when we need a goal…

  37. Alex Song’s Hair says:
    April 23, 2011 at 10:45 am (Edit)

    Great article !! I don’t often comment

    I don’t think Wenger would listen, he hasn’t to the fans, he didn’t to gallas, he won’t to fabregas despite him being the “golden boy”. I hope Fabregas leaves, he puts Nasri in the middle and buys a REAL winger, not a converted winger like Walcott, Arshavin, Nasri, BENDTNER, Vela and probably more I forgot about. That DM would be nice as well, as we need a real hardman in midfield, not Song who likes to storm forward with fancy footwork or Diaby who is just clueless and bumbling. Someone like Parker that would get blocks and tackles in. I’d like 1 new CB, as Vermaelen when he ever does come back already has the passion and showed enough leadership when he was on the pitch! Djourou and Koscielny would be good backup and get rid of Squillaci out the window NOW.
    A striker that wouldn’t get injured so often that is a goalscorer rather than a worker like Chamakh would be good as well. But everyone knows this, everyone knows what we need, except the main man/men it seems. I haven’t read the Don Balon interview, but I would assume they haven’t twisted his words as he never made any attempt to keep to his story that they had done in his interview when they said they wouldn’t get an interview from us ever again.

  38. Hi Song’s hair,

    Sorry for the delay in letting you on, first comments go into moderation, i have re-posted so your comment gets read – i have edited one little bit at the beginning ;)

  39. Steve Bould could, IF, Wenger brings him into the senior coaching set-up. But i know what you mean, he’s made the same mistake Bertie Mee made in the 1970’s, when Bertie cleared out the Double squad too quickly. When i look at how Pires has done in Spain, i think Wenger, ‘what a fool’ for letting him go too soon. And you can probably replicate that with 3 or 4 others released too soon. Gilberto…. what a mug for letting him go? World Cup with Brazil, not good enuf for Arsenal??? Do me a favour. It’s a bloody joke.

  40. Boo!! Some people need a lesson in manners, rico. :) But I suspect some people just don’t have it in them to learn. ;)

    Can’t wait for Bolton! Another chance to make something of the season.

    Hey, AK, howdy?? That’s a lot of driving you do.

  41. Song’s hair..

    Did you see that Wenger says he is as impatient as us fans re the trophies?

    I don’t know why he makes such stupid comments as if he really wanted us to win something he would have made just a couple of changes that we have long needed.

    I can’t disgree with what you have posted, but if wenger and the board want to get the fans back on side, he best listen to his golden boy….

  42. Pires, Paddy and Gilberto….. All could have played on and been there for the young uns..

    Under Wenger though kev, would Bouldy have the free reign, i’d like to think so. Has anyone any news on Pat Rice, so many stories about him retiring at the end of the season…

    If so, let’s hope he is just one of many changes…

  43. Theo, could be a great, What he needs is to be fed all the time, he has the ability but cannot sustain 90minutes hopefully that will come. Granted What Mr Wenger has said has credibility, we have a fantastic ground and we have been at the top for a considerably long time. He has been Magnificent in keeping us where we are. Not many clubs could do the same and that is because the Board and Manager have worked hand in hand. Having said that, that’s all well and good but supporters are not very good at waiting, in twenty years time people will say what a magnificently run football club The Arsenal is, and all this not winning a trophy will only be in the history books, Sadly I will probably not be around to see those headlines and be able to read those history books, so for fcuk sake Wenger get your arse in gear or Fcuk off.

  44. ‘Sadly I will probably not be around to see those headlines and be able to read those history books, so for fcuk sake Wenger get your arse in gear or Fcuk off.’

    Quality Steve, could not be said any other way :)

  45. Got that off my chest and am now off to play golf, hope i haven’t offended anyone but if I have tough shti speak later

  46. Have a good round Steve, especially the 19th ;)

  47. Boo, agag – didn’t see you creep in – sorry :(

  48. Smack those balls Steve just imagine a certain swampies face on em ;-)

  49. Good job there are 18 holes to play WATH, shot or two for each ;)

  50. Just watch out 4 “rico”chets………… ;-)

    Back in a bit gotta go shop, no not that kind of shopping AGAG :P

  51. Boom!Good read rico.if someone doesn’t appreciate your hardwork the highway is open to them.

  52. I’m in and out, rico. Promised my boss I’d finish some things by tonight. ;) Busy bee, me. :(

  53. I’ve been pissed off by the club lately and thats why i’ve been off.i couldn’t stay away for long though as i missed the debate here.

  54. WATH, no need to be so defensive now. No shame in admitting you love the shops, too! :D

    Hey, KT. :) Howdy?

  55. catch you later WATH, don’t spend big now will you ;)

  56. Hi gorgeous.it looks as if we’ll have to salute Wath,the fallen comrade,as he has joined your shopping club…

  57. agag, it’s saturday :(

    Hi KT, absolutely ;)

    I had a feeling they were getting you down, they are doing the same to most fans, some of course still believe Arsene Wenger is getting it all right and coming 4th will be a massive acheivement, well if they want second rate then crack on i say….

    You play sport to win, not come second, third or fourth….

  58. I was so impressed by theo in the first half of the NLD.he looks like he has really improved his close control and decision making.a 4-4-2 with him and rvp up top will definitely work.

  59. rico, WATH might be on a house hunting mission… ;) In which case, let him spend big on… yours. :lol:

    KT, WATH is restocking his warehouse; Arsenal’s performance has driven him to drinking GG as though the world were permanently running out of it. He has momentarily regained sobriety just to buy some more.

    KT, there’s no ignoring AFC no matter how rubbish they are sometimes.

  60. I had promised rico a post and even though i feel like smashing my Tv everytime i see Wenger spout rubbish like ‘mental strength’ i’ll do it.

  61. Thank you Fabregas for telling the boss what we have been saying all along.its among the few positives you have contributed as captain.if Aw really wants to keep his golden boy he’ll have to act and fast.

  62. Well, i’m still here, in and out of the garden ;)

  63. I hate it when Wenger tells us that the team has an average age of 23.didn’t he say in 08/09 that when they reach 23/24 they’ll be winning games comfortably?

  64. agag, he’ll do a wenger, he won’t spend big ;) But i like your idea :)

    KT, i don’t know why wenger took him off, theo may have dropped a little, but he could score at anytime…

  65. Rico theo looked very dangerous.i just hope he would’ve done better after nutmegging dawson to put us 4-2 up.

  66. Afternoon Gooners, had to pop out.
    Howdy agag, how’s your luck?
    Steve.P, @ 11.33, bravo, spot-on.
    Wath, shopping…. nah got to be a wind-up.

  67. hi all afternon, is there anything we can look forward to?

    does anyone think our season is still aalive kickin?

    should we talk about we talk about summer breaks and buys?

    does anyone think that ManU generosity and Chelsea inconsistency can offer us the title on a hot plate?

  68. Got to watch the Press, they’ve got their knives out for Wenger, and whatever you may or may not feel about Wenger and his team policy, don’t forget the Jounrno’s basically hate us and just love shi**ing on our club. They think it’s hilarious when we fall on our faces, so don’t pay ‘them’ too much attention.

  69. Hi AK.what i don’t get is why the press lick red nose’ balls despite him treating them like shit.Aw answers all the journos questions but they treat him like shit.

  70. Osi i don’t think we’ll win the league.that ship has sailed mate.

  71. He will get better in that situation KT, if Wenger would only play him up front more often, he has it, he just needs to be free…

  72. Tomorrow will be survival of the fittest i think, near 30o here right now….

  73. Hi Osi,

    it’s always the same for us this time of the season, a season that offered so much hope – we thought we would be talking about the FA Cup and CC Finals, still in with a ‘proper’ chance of the league, but saldy its all too familiar.

    We are now fighting to keep a top four place and all the other competitions have fallen by the wayside…

  74. kev, agree they love to have a go at us and wenger but wenger needs to change..

    we talked about it yesterday, instead of falling for their stupid questions he needs to start saying he will talk only about things relevant to the up and coming match – if they persist on trying to twist him, get up and leave the interview…

    That will stop them, eventually….

  75. Hiya KT, how ya been mate.
    Yus i agree re; Press, they’re a nest of snakes. But the reason they can’t attack Fergie mate, is that he wins things… and that in the end, is the answer. To be honest, i don’t think Wenger rates our Press, when he gives one-on-one interviews it’s usually to a trusted French journo. He’s kept our lot at arms length since they tried to stitch him up [Kiddie fiddler etc].

  76. Rico, spot on. treat them with the same regard as Fergie and Dalglish. After all, he’s cerebrial etc [yawn] so get it in gear and treat ‘them’ likewise.

  77. KTR7 ARSENAL are showin relagaton form and football; lethargic, demotivated players, frustrated managers. However, if Manu are becoming bottlers themselves then there is slight hope.

    RICo. now i really think that we should get rid of half of our current crop. weeded.

  78. Osi, hi mate. Nope, the EPL is disappearing fast. Looking back, it’s hard for me to remember another season when Arsenal threw away the Title in such a ham-fisted manner. Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws etc etc.

  79. Osi, we can’t, you got to wait until the season ends ;)

    You guys seen the new page on the top bar, just a bit of fun about our summer transfers ;)

  80. kev, it wasn’t that long ago, it all began when we played Birmingham :( :(

    We then went on a run just like we have done this season, it was ours for the taking that season but we fluffed our lines, big time….

  81. Fabregas thinks like an “Iberian”. For a Portuguese and Spanish, it is difficult to understand how a coach is more than four years in a club. Even Guardiola is ending its cycle. That has more to offer? We have won all … And who failed exits.
    Recall: “Who then come, who will say well about me..” (it’s dificult to translate)
    I just saw the Wednesday game. We played well. Not realized because the goalkeeper came out in the 3rd goal and as always, when the 2nd part, we will gain with the safe play, only to shoot back with the result in 3-3 …. And the 2nd goal conceded, we were more in a field!

  82. Yeah Rico, i know what you mean, but we’ve had soooo many chances to take advantage of a poor Chavs/Mancs and buggered it up. Grrrrr

  83. im watching manu playing rght now and they’re not like a trophy winning team. maybe the ref. will giv them something to spark them. if they draw today then Chelsea will have some serious thoughts about winning that THING.

  84. JM, i still cannot believe Huddlestonne managed to score, why did one of ours get in the way…

  85. I want our Capitan sold in thesummer to raise funds to add to existing savings to give som rea deal.

  86. thats true kev, taking just 3 or 4 of those chances would have the league in the bag now….

  87. JM, can’t say i’d like the Iberian or Lusitainian method in this country. I much prefer a long-term manager [as long as he's good].

  88. Osi, and they have to play the chavs yet…

    I’m hanging on a bit for Cesc, if his i/v sparks wenger into summer action then there is a place for him, there are others we could sell to raise the cash we need…

  89. anyone think that Spurs have a star in the making or real star in Adel Tara’abt? he’s tecnically gifted, a fighter and a leader. By the way, Cardiff have equalised

  90. Osi the problem is if we win the league Aw won’t beef up the squad.

  91. Rico, did you notice who was tracking VDV for the Spuds 1st goal….? Yup it was Abou’Silly-Bollox’Diaby.

  92. Why do we concede so many goals from speculative shots?

  93. KTR7 I think he knows that he has to buy whatever happens this season. Arsene said him buying players depends ontheir availability and their class and that made it difficult for himm to sign.

  94. There were times when i was watching the NLD i thought we were absolutely brilliant in that game but we were also fragile in equal measure.i don’t get it why Wenger doesn’t see how close we are to being untouchable.if he really has 40mil a couple of sagna/tv type signings in the range of 8-15 mil will do the trick.

  95. Osi am sure his patience must be running thin with some of these players.he looks agitated nowadays and thats because of how frustrated he is.the big question is though will he act?red nose is absolutely ruthless with regards to under perfoming players.Aw needs to follow suit.

  96. K-TR7 you said:

    ‘Why do we concede so many goals from speculative shots?’

    difficult question that may need another question to be answered: Why do we panic when defending as a team?

  97. He definitely looks like he’s frustraating with many of his players plus he has funds available for him since beforee the Emiates Stadium

  98. Osi when we went 3-1 up at the swampies i had this feeling that at best we were going to draw.it helps having an authoritative leader(s) to help calm down the nerves during periods when we are under pressure.2 goal leads need to be enough to win a game but sadly not in our case.

  99. i had same feeling as well. You know against Liverpool after our goal in the 98 mns I was happy that we closed on ManU, but then I was struck by the quick eqqualiser as if we were bench of Amateurs.

  100. kev, don’t make me have to recall that grrrr ;)

  101. back shortly… :)

  102. ktr7 my opinion is that we’re not good enough but then noone else is good enough to win the title. had it notbeen for ManU favoring bench of refs. we would be leading the table.

  103. In football terms we are so far ahead of the mancs/chavs it isn’t funny but we are sadly lacking in other departments that are vital too.

  104. ktr7 i strongly with that

  105. off-side again!!!
    MU 1 Everton 0

  106. jammy mancs….

    on our day kt i would agree but when the going gets tough our lot bottle it…

  107. Back for a bit… I think, KT and Osi, our results are all the more galling because we know AFC play better football. Having said that, it is the Mancs that get the results. They dig in deep and deliver when they have to; and when they can’t… the refs make sure they get their needed results. :D

  108. if ManU wins this title, they’re well on the way of winning it, it would be because of favorabe refreeing not because of their quality. I’m adding up all the points they got from biased refreein and it standes 9 points for them, and 8poins taken frm Arsenal.

  109. How Beckford didn’t get a penalty I’ll never know….

  110. In fact Everton could have had two… hey ho, that’s manure for you…

    are the chavs playing today??

  111. Just checked, come on you Hammers :)

  112. I wonder if Vela would have done as well as Hernandez has done IF he had been given the chance….

  113. the FA need to look at themselves and reform the way they assess, control, and punish refrees. This is gettng ridiculous. We’re in a title run is ruined by refrrees. Refs. should be subjected to critica analysis, answer questions about their decisions and get punished as every professional.

    A world class bad or biased refreeing cost us 2 poins aganst Sunderland. Look at today’s Chicha goal and look at our disallowed goal against Sunderland and calculate th differentials. Unbelievable.

  114. Chics goal was ok i think, the cross deflected in off an everton player…

  115. byeeeeeeeee everybdy, see you tomorrow

  116. Hey, rico. It’s the swampies’ match that’s on tonight here. :( Eurgh. How are the chavs faring??

    Osi, I’ve been saying the same thing about refs. What are the consequences for wrong decisions??

  117. Greetings Gooners. Bloody Mancs, hate em but admire their resilience.
    Hey agag, how’s the shopping going?

  118. See you Osi, have a good one…

  119. Just had a fantastic bacon roll, with, of course, a luvly cup of char….hmmmmm.
    How’s the garden Rico, think we’re gonna have a great summer.

  120. Poor you agag, not sure on the chavs, not following it but i hope the hammers have turned up at SB….

  121. On a footie theme, you don’t think that Cesc’s interview is the start of him beginning to ‘work his ticket’…?

  122. Blimey, Mannone’s let in 3 at home to M’Boro…

  123. i wondered that too kev but i think he would have said something a bit more harsh than what he has done, all he’s really said is exactly how we all feel…

    i kinda get the feeling he wants wenger to make changes and win us something….

  124. I’m behaving, AK. :lol: We just got our bonuses, and what do you know, I haven’t spent a cent. Hmmmm. I must be sick or something. ;)

    rico, it’s quite painful to have to check on other team’s performances when we really should be paying attention just to ours. Pffft.

  125. agag, chavs don’t play til 5.30, i am such a numptie… :)

  126. No, it’s off-side. Before deflected, the striker is off-side. He can’t get beneficts by his wrong position. Moreover, the deflected was occasional.

  127. rico, I can’t be bothered to stay up that late for the chavs of all teams. ;) Torres must be miserable there…

  128. Whaaaaaat……agag… don’t tell me your turning into saver. I simply won’t believe it. Nope too boring… No i reckon your just keeping your powder dry. Is there a sale pending??????????
    Rico, i do hope you’re right, he does seem to have his heart in the right place. He certainly cannot enjoy being criticised for a lack of leadership, whatever the truth…

  129. Mannone, 4 goals past him, and only half-time…. Not a good day for him methinks.

  130. Oh yeah, notice how Monsiuer Reliable Diaby is out for a couple of games after a record breaking 3 on the trot from our powderpuff midfielder.

  131. AK, I must be on a lucid interval, it’s usually insanity spending in my planet. We’ll see how long it lasts… :)

    Poooooooor from Mannone. But isn’t he just back from injury?? As for Diabolique, surprise, surprise…

  132. That’s more like it agag, i was concerned, hehe.
    Yes, Diaby, flies like a moth, stings like a midge, but i suspect we’ll be in for another 12 months, to look forward to, of his presense. Well, his presense in the Physio’s room…

  133. Still Frimpong/Coquelin should be there or thereabouts next season. So as with Denilson being superceded by Jack this season, and to all intentions forgotten, we may see likewise with dopey Diaby next season?

  134. Mannane was injured and subbed at half-time..! Explains the goals, or some of them maybe?

  135. Righto, must retire to the garden where my fork+spade await. See ya later.

  136. JM, it was the same arguement we had earlier in the season, i wouldn’t have given it but same old manc loving commentators say otherwise :(

  137. agag, its early here but i still won’t be watching the ;)

    happy gardening kev… re cesc, i don’t think he should ever been given the armband….

  138. Every teams crash Birmighan!

  139. bonjour guys..
    good post rico..
    some crazy deluded bastard said pretty much the same yesterday.. ;)
    you can both take your stupid media driven non wenger worshipping opinions and shove them up your arsenal ;)

    its like i said though with the wenger comments, he was clever with them..he normally says he wont bankrupt the club, now hes saying he has funds..
    and we normally make 3-4 changes every season..
    only this time we need 3-4 quality chrachters and not a bunch of players who have just finished their exams need to go out on loan for 4 years..

  140. ktr
    hey mate
    two words iker muniain..

    go… ;)

  141. Afternoon crazy deluded bastard ;) ;)

  142. ;)
    its my daughters 1st birthday today rico…so im just popping on for a breather.. lol
    the all the kids are driving me mad..

  143. Blimey jj, is that a year already, hope she’s having a fab time, no doubt you are ;)

  144. See the scum bums drew at home with WBA….

    JM, apart from us….

  145. Hi jj.happy birthday to your daughter and may she blow many more candles.

  146. JJ The ‘Spanish messi’ according to goal.com.the ‘Basque rooney’ in other quarters…

  147. thanks guys..
    yeah it goes quick..you spend ages trying to teach your kids to walk and talk and then its days like these you want them to keep still and shut up ;)

  148. Aloha y’all!!
    I’m hoping AW gets a brain transplant this summer and buys some decent players.

  149. i caught a glimpse of him the other week ktr i thought he looked pretty good..
    hes another midget but he beats his man time and time again..

    never heard of him before though, thought you would have with you watching la liga alot..

  150. Congrats on your daugther’s 1st birthday JJ, hope she has a swell time!!

  151. T-buzz, i’d reported you missing ;)

    Hows things??

  152. ha ha ha!! Rico!!
    Thanks, I’m fine and doing alright.
    I’ve been busy i have to say, wifey had a baby during the week so I’ve been on my feet. He was born weeks early but both are doing well… :)

  153. I’m gone an hour, and now, two babies! ;) Where does the time go?

    Happy Big One to the baby girl, JJ. :) And TB, have fun with the sleepless nights. :D

  154. Hey, fab new T-buzz – congrats to you and your wife :)

  155. Off to fire up the BBQ guys and gals, catch up in a bit if you are around, if you have gone, have a good one and catch you tomorrow… :)

  156. Benzema is now a different player! What a change for the beginning of the season! Granero is also an interesting player.
    I’d like to watch Scott Parker against Chelsea but he doesn’t play.
    On “my” Tv, all the commentators says the big hope of Chelsea win again the League.
    I suppose, Birmighan didn’t win since the League Cup.

  157. No Scottu Parker, the Chavs will romp it then JM :(

    Actually, they probably have already, just seen the time….

  158. Chavs 2-0, Torres has finally scored a goal ;)

  159. seems everyon e has gone so i’m heading off out the house too…

    Have a good one, til tomorrow,


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