Is this the End for Thomas Vermaelen??

Thomas Vermaelen played the full ninety minutes for the reserves on Thursday, came through unscathed and has declared himself fit for the last few games of our campaign. I bet deep down he is desperate to play for the first team, no doubt he has watched every game we have played in whilst he has […]

The Mighty Transition: Why Arsenal Haven’t Won Anything In 6 Years

I had this sent to me by someone who wishes to remain anonymous, it’s a bit of a long post but it’s worth hanging on in until the end… Arsenal dropped out of three competitions in the span of only 14 days, which of course means a massive blow to morale within the team. But […]

This two to go first? 'New signing' to play tonight and knee injury may force Pat Rice to retire!

Two stories broke yesterday, the first we all discussed and probably will until the day OUR club announce the sale of our number 4. We went through it all last summer during the transfer window and no doubt we will go through it all again. Unless the deal is done and he leaves as soon […]

Forget the maths – let's just forget this season….

Short and sweet today folks, another one from my own view, feel free to tell me your thoughts… Arsene, forget the maths, forget this season and stop feeling sorry for yourself about this one. Four games to go so just make sure we are in the Champions League next season! Smash the Mancs at the […]

Is Wenger a Fool?

Before all you Arsene Wenger loving fans leave a comment slating the title – read on! Is he a fool or a highly paid scape goat? 6 million a year buys you an awful lot of silence from a manager to handle all the criticisms while the board ripen to cow, sell and line their […]

“We still lack something called maturity, experience, or calmness'…….

Before we even discuss Sunday afternoon’s events, may I take the opportunity to wish all readers a Happy Easter. The weather in Lancashire looked beautiful, and it has been a warm, pretty day here in the Metro DC area. The task was evident as we lined up at the Reebok – scene of some previous […]