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Why can’t we score? – Are we wasting Theo’s talent?

I have been looking through recordings of some of our games this season, hoping to find reasons why were not scoring more goals than we are. We create plenty of chances but when it comes to actual scored goals, we don’t score half as many as we should.

I know that the statisticians’ out there, will throw figures at me to show that we are up there with the top teams, well that’s not my concern. I believe the chances we create should produce many more goals.

Now I don’t claim to be a tactician, I don’t consider myself an expert but having played local football for over thirty years and watching Arsenal for fifty odd, has given me the right to criticise a little.

I love our club and I want us to win everything and I may be a bit touchy after a bad result. At times I want a new Manager and players but most of the time I just want to see more goals, spectacular goals, tap ins, headers, I don’t care how they go in!

Watching us play for ninety minutes then a 0-0 result does my head in, especially when I’ve watched chance after chance result in misses.

No doubt like all fans, I believe we could so easily have a winning team if we lose a few players that have not really made the grade and replace them with players with the skills we need. I am not talking major changes, just in the areas that we all know we are weak in but that’s getting away from my point about goals.

I think you would mostly agree that we move the ball reasonably well from the back through to the attacking midfielders, albeit with less pace than I would prefer. Up to this point our possession stats suggest that we are doing ok but I think it’s at this stage we begin to stutter, through no fault of our midfield.

We all know we have good attacking midfield unit in Cesc, Nasri, Song, Jack, Rambo AA and Theo must come in there as well. That little group of players is quite formidable, so why can’t they move the ball forward to the forwards to allow them to score?

Well for a start, the forward players do not work very hard in finding space for themselves, making it difficult to slip a pass in to them.

More often than not they are not in the positions they should be in to receive the ball and quite often they can be found on the wings or in midfield positions.  Hardly the positions to score goals from is it?

Our forwards should be in a position which allows them to clear their defensive marker and be free to collect a pass from our midfield players. When an attack is in motion our forwards do not get in the box quick enough and very seldom do we have more than one player in the box which again limits the option for our midfielders.

If players want to be called forwards then why are they not adopting the correct position?

If we use three forwards, then that three should be ready to go as soon as we break – so often play has to be held back owing to a lack of forward options and this should not be the case.

Whether this is the managers choice or not I am not sure but a goal scorer out of position is about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

We are in need of at least two instinctive strikers, strikers that are both footed can shoot on sight and be accurate. Far too many shots end up being closer to the corner flag than on goal. A true goal scorer would rectify our problems and put us in more positive positions.

To hear a commentator say, it fell to his wrong side is not an excuse for a miss, if a striker cannot kick instinctively with either foot then he should not be used. Now this statement may enrage some supporters as their favourite striker is being criticised but look back on some of the games this season and look at the misses we have had, it may make you think differently.

Just a footnote:

Theo Walcott is a striker, a pacey one at that and he can use both feet. My view is we are wasting his talent shoving him out on the wing. I don’t know where his preferred position is, he’s possibly happy playing anywhere but, should he be seeking a striker role in order to fulfill his needs, will we see him playing there for someone else other than Arsenal?
I hope not…..

Written by Steve Palmer.

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166 comments on “Why can’t we score? – Are we wasting Theo’s talent?

  1. Morning all, very good post Steve,

    I’m with you on our strikers being stuck on the wings and i think it’s wengers silly idea of playing 433 all the time. I’d rather we went back to 442 with central striker in the box ready to score….

    I’m also in favour of Theo in the middle, he’s not, never has been and never will be a winger… just hope wenger soon does as he said he will with him and move him into the strikers role…

  2. On a side note, i’m not including an injury updates until the internationals are over, don’t want to tempt any fate ;)

  3. Everyone forgotten to put their clocks forward??

  4. I agree with the formation comment. Wenger’s persistence on playing 4-3-3 is mind boggling and frustrating, especially when things aren’t going to plan and we need to mix it up a bit. I’ve bored many people banging on about how I’d love to see Van Persie and Theo at the top of a 4-4-2. I really think it would bring out the best in both of them. VP is clearly a goal maker as well as a taker, like Dennis was, and Theo can be frighteningly good in front of goal given a few opportunities to get clear. How can that not be more efficient? With the guys we have in midfield backing them up I despair that Wenger doesn’t try it.
    Also, I think the time has come to ditch my boy. He’s crap.

  5. Hi Bendtner, can’t disagree with anything you have said, especially the last bit ;)

    Wouldn’t mind seeing the RvP and Theop combination in the last few matches either, could be deadly…

  6. If we played 4 4 2 we would be regularly overrun in midfield. What we do is fine. Yes we all want more goals but how many sides have scored more ?
    We are ok, and will be great once the injuries are over.

  7. seeing as everyone is still in bed, i’ll be back in an hour or so.. :)

  8. it has happened too often not to be AW’s instruction. its the idea of total football. trouble is when you look at other top clubs they get more in the box, we often end with 1 or 2.
    i dont think we play 4-3-3 at all its more 4-2-3-1. we have a lack of width and pace.
    i am not a fan of TW, he is primarily about pace, and not successful at going past players. if we use him it has to be the ball behind defenders. this would not work in a packed middle of the park

  9. I would love to see arsenal play 442 at times ..

    line up:
    sagna dj vermy clichy
    nasri fab song gibbs
    walcott/arshavin rvp/nikki b


    sagna dj vermy clichy
    wilshare cecs song
    walcott rvp nasri

    we still dont have a natural winger on the left side dont know if gibbs or pedro (who is on loan) can actually play that well out there.

    we need a def mid better than song inler would be so awsum.

    and a def but if vermy can stay fit then we dont a def coz we have bartley who can step into the first team next season

  10. Morning all.good read SP.When we have all our players the 4-2-3-1 works like a charm as evidenced by how many chances we create and how solid at the back we look.our inability to finish off chances has nothing to do with the formation but the players.of all our players rvp,AA,nasri,theo and diaby are the only ones who seem to be ice cool in front of goal.thats what Aw should work on.

  11. A 4-4-2 would be a good plan B but we risk getting overrun in the middle because most teams nowadays play variants of the 4-3-3 formation.in our team only jack,diaby and denilson can comfortably play box to box CM and we all know 2 of the above aren’t exactly favourites.we also don’t have traditional wingers to play out wide and thats why we want wenger to invest there.

  12. There might be an obvious connection to not being prolific in front of goal. Should the emphasis in training be put to swift-passing-only,then most players would be happy to pass another too many rather than thinking of shooting or scoring. Definitely there is no coaching to nurture the killer instinct which should be hard drilled into players,especially when half chances present themselves. Until AW intends to adapt,most players would be happy not to take on the responsibility of the final shoot for goal but pass again even with glaring scoring opportunities. That is why not many players are rushing towards goal when Walcott or Sagna crosses from byeline,they just stand there to receive and pass. Even the final shoot more often exhibits a passing movement instead of power and drilled precision. Reliance on natural killer instinct is not enough. Goal front aggression must be built in.

  13. Boo! Good morning, everyone!

    Great write, Steve. We miss chance after chance after chance. I’m not sure how many times Robin has hit the post while playing for us, it seems countless. And I think Theo has done interviews where he has expressed a preference for the striker role. Certainly has the speed for it.

  14. I know most fans would love to see theo through the middle but not me-at least not yet.i prefer to see him starting out wide making diagonal runs inside to space vacated by rvp dropping deep/wide.this way rvp drags defenders creating space for theo.that partnership has produced loads of goals this season and i see no reason to change it.müller plays the same for Germany with klose but still ended up as top scorer at the WC from a wide position.villa plays to the left of barca’s attacking triumvate but due to his movement he still ends up in goalscoring positions.at the WC all of villa’s goals came from wide left but scored none when playing through the middle.most teams play very deep against us and playing theo through the middle will render him useless since he doesn’t have the dribbling/link up play to play there yet.

  15. Great post, I too plead with Wenger to fulfill the promise that he made to Theo two years ago that he will be moved to the striker position, Ryo Miyachi who seems to be developing really well is being touted as a natural winger, I know he’s young and inexperienced but if we can get his visa asap, it riles me we are watching him playing in another league when we should be honing his skills here, maybe next season, the future looks bright what ever happens.

  16. Sandro Rosell the Barca president has said that they won’t up the cesc bid from their initial offer of €40 mil.he has also insisted that their relationship with us is not good adding that us snapping up Toral hasn’t helped…it looks like cesc may stay after all.

  17. Hey, KT. I am interested to see Theo start in the middle if only to see whether he can play better there. And I really hope he works on his dribbling and crossing. He has shown this season he’s capable of improving, and I hope that continues.

  18. Barcelona, at every given opportunity, has brought up the Cesc transfer. Directors, players, et el. Boring, boring, boring. It is beyond tiresome. So much class on the pitch, so little off it. Tut tut.

    Most of us would want Cesc to stay, but I don’t think any of us would be surprised to see him go. He’s certainly made no secret of his desire to return. It would be nice if he won in our colors first though.

  19. Hi Aga-gorgeous.id like to see that in preseason to know the extent to which he has developed but not now as the margin of error is slim.for now id only put him there when we are counter attacking against teams playing a high line.

  20. I wish the media would tone down the wilshere hype.we know he is good but the number of articles written about him are staggering.they are putting too much pressure on a teenager and thats not fair to jack.let him develop at the rate Aw has set for him.the media will destroy him once he commits a mistake or gets involved in a scandal.if i had a choice id rather he didn’t play for England at all.

  21. Hi Guys, busy in the garden for a bit but will be back soon ;)

    Welcome to those just joining us for the first time, sorry for the delay in getting on….

    Back in a bit…

  22. I wish wenger would take a punt on Scott Parker.he is such a good player to have.

  23. Jack showed ramsey yesterday how far he has developed.ramsey has to work really hard to displace him now.

  24. According to Barca fans Jon Toral Harper is a hybrid between keita and Lampard.

  25. It seems no one is around.im off…

  26. Stop shooting at the keeper.

  27. Soooo quiet.

    KT :) You’re right of course. We can experiment with Theo’s position when there’s not much to lose. A proper break for all our players, and a good pre-season. Nasri is proof that some time off and serious, committed work to improve his game does a player loads of good.

    How young is Toral? Is he one for the future too?

  28. Will, that’s particularly applicable to Cesc. :D In Robin’s case at the crossbar/uprights. ;)

  29. Agag he is 16.

  30. Afternoon all,
    everybody still in bed

  31. Another young ‘un, I see. In ten years, he’ll be the business…

    Good one, Steve. :) One too many drink for one too many of the bloggers, methinks. ;)

  32. Hi Agag, maybe so,
    Ide settle for a couple of experienced players with a lot of talent, these youngsters are good for the future but for now a couple that can mix it a bit

  33. I know, Steve. If only we would buy a few ready ones. :( It’s puzzling really. Some of our players are really just a waste of wages.

  34. just watching Brazil against Scotland at the Ems and the forwards all rushing to get in the box, everyone wants the ball.

  35. Here are the problems.

    Our passing is to square.
    No movement from forwards, as in, no one running behind the defenders looking for the slotted ball.
    No high line pressing. Meaning we get the ball back at our 18 letting the other team park the bus.
    Strikers who are afraid to miss so they shoot at the centre of the goal.
    Strikers who are simply not good enough.

    I think that covers it.

  36. In A nutshell Will,

  37. Thank you Steve. It really is that simple. So why can’t Wenger see it?

  38. Will, years ago he did, he’s turned into a dinasaur, not prepared to change with the times, he’s been an icon in the past, but that was then, years ago i could take his sermons of Belief & Motivation but today i need action, when its called for.

  39. We need a CEO that tells Wenger he is a genius but we are missing something and it needs fixing.

  40. So many brezilians at Emirats!!! All of them live in England?
    As anybody watching NB yesterday ?

  41. Will,in all honesty i think we have a pretty good team, bar perhaps a few changes, but overall not bad, but they appear lazy, and they get very sloppy, i can only see that the overall management allow this to continue. these players go down very easy in my mind, and if they miss a couple of games feel as if they will get back in as soon as they are fit again, where as not so long ago you had to work your way back in, Cesc is a good example, two or three games in the reserves before they are risked in the first team should be a must.

  42. Hi JM, never saw him, how did he do

  43. I agree Steve but we have players who are not good enough and someone needs to tell Wenger this.

    No JM, how was he?

  44. I think he knows Will even he’s not that thick is he?

  45. NB was good yesterday.
    Arrested the two central defenders and created space for players to attack faster or shoot. Does not like to defend.

  46. Steve, how often does Denilson play?

    JM, you are saying Nik B was good?

  47. To often for me Will.

  48. Boo, afternoon all :)

  49. So Steve, what does that tell you of Wenger’s intelligence?

    Hi Rico.

  50. Hi rico,Will i make no bones about it, i would like to see change, but i know it wont happen. The shilling is bigger than the prize.

  51. Nikki B – good, you sure JM ;)

    Good read Steve, thanks – just in case you missed my earlier ;)

  52. Afternoon all.i have another gripe i have about our attacking play.Barca have just showed us recently how effective seamless switch of play from one flank to the other can be.i have seen on countless occassions clichy/sagna being completely free but we don’t take advantage.it helps stretch play that can be very effective against the parked bus.the defense gets stretched creating space for our attackers to run into.

  53. I didnt miss it rico Thank you as normal,KTR blinding comment, i couldnt agree more, to often though the ball goes wide to a lone player but the midfield very often dont back this player up so he either runs out of space or gets closed down and robbed, very lazy play, so easily fixed if players thought ahead, so often once they make the pass they stop, thinking they have done their bit. Backing up your team mate is as important as laying on the pass, dosn’t the manager explain this to the players.

  54. If we did use them, they can’t cross anyway Kt ;)

  55. yes, in my opinion NB was good.

  56. Thats good news JM, hope a lot of other managers saw that.

  57. And, we never have any strikers in the box…

  58. I hope he comes back in the same form then JM.

    Did he play central where he should play?

  59. Rico if we switch play like that and as Steve.P/will have said we need more runners into the box.this way sagna/clichy can have targets of a low/high cross at near/far posts or a cutback to a runner(s) at the edge of the box ready to pull the trigger.there is no way clichy/sagna can mess up having all those options to pick out.if you watch barca closely most of villa’s goalscoring chances come up through this tactic.when defenders stretch to mark him messi makes those runs unseen in between defenders watching villa.all villa has to do is thread a simple through ball for messi to chip/tap in.madrid were torn apart by this tactic.

  60. I agree though Kt, it’s just who will do the running to be on the end of the balls they play in? And who is clynical enough to finish those chances? You know how we play, someone will pick the cross up and look for yet another pass…

    As said already, we need to start shooting as soon as we see the goal, they’ll soon start going in if we do…

  61. The Barcelona president Sandro Rossell, acknowledged an interest in signing Cesc Fabregas of Arsenal, but warned it will not go into ‘madness’to ensure the transfer of the Spanish international.

    “Barcelona has no money required to pay 50 million euros for Fabregas. Guardiola If we insist on trying to negotiate his contract, but never entering into madness, “he stated Sandro Rossell, speaking to Sport.
    Barcelona president acknowledged that recruitment may not occur next season: “If the transfer is not possible, we will wait for other opportunities

  62. Sagna has very good deliveries nowadays.he hit some blinding crosses at OT in the FA cup that we didn’t take advantage of.

  63. Probably because there was no one there KTR

  64. Juventus are interested in signing Arsenal defense Gaël Clichy and might even come up with an offer of 15 million euros for the services of the French left side, according to news this Sunday the Italian newspaper Tuttosport. ”
    According to the publication Alpine, Fabio Paratici, director of the Bianconeri, will already be in London to open negotiations with the Gunners.
    Clichy is 25 years old and have long since Barcelona is also spoken as a possible destination.

    Liverpool are looking for reinforcements in large herds of Spanish Real Madrid and Barcelona.
    According to reports in the Spanish and British media, Kenny Dalglish follows with particular interest Sergio Canales (Real), something already reported, and Jeffren (Barcelona).
    Canales also of interest to Arsenal, which runs from last season.

  65. I hope fans who want AW to purchase Per Mertsacker of Germany watched him yesterday.he was given a run around by kazakhstan.he is too damn slow.

  66. Steve, that’s is exactly what I’m saying, same as you point out in the post – Clichy and Sagna get forward plenty – but when they are ready to deliver their cross, who is in the box?

  67. Canales is a very good player JM.he was the best Spanish player at the U21s Euros.he went to madrid so early and Mourinho doesn’t gamble with young talent.its sad because he looks promising.Jeffren on the other hand looked very promising at the tail end of last season.he even looked superior to pedro but his progress seems to have hit a snag.another player in Jonathan dos santos is also on his way out.he brother to Giovanni dos santos of the spuds and its only a matter of time before we get linked to him.

  68. Mertsacker has the turning circle of a sinking oil tanker. We need to stay away.

    What we need rather than focus on crosses is to have some of the wide players drive behind defences giving the top class passers we have, something to aim at.

  69. Evening all…

    Why can’t we score you ask………?

    Cos we only play with one striker…! Simple as that !

    Mertesacker has the turning circle of an oil tanker, spot on Will, question is if he’s cheap you just know wenger will be interested.

  70. What do you think of Pedro Botelho?he is finally going to join us.from what i’ve seen of him he is sort of a bale type winger.if he does well in preseason wenger may not buy a winger.

  71. Why are we always linked to players that are not realy household names, why cant we link ourselves to players that play and know the Premier league, players we know what they can do, Scott Parker would do me Cahill Van da Sar would do me for a year or so, ide make him an offer he couldnt refuse, i’de even offer a bid up for Charlie Adams, not fortunes and you know what your getting.they will work their socks off all season for you.

  72. Least he left footed KT which gives us proper balance not a right footed left winger etc etc…! Did you watch teh England game KT…? What did you think of Ashley Young..?

  73. Hi WATH – i think can of plenty better than Mertesacker too, if he was that good, Citeh would have bought him by now – in fact if he was half good they would have blown 20M on him already….

  74. Good point Steve, players who will give you 100% week in week out nothing fancy just do a proper job which as what we have said all along from day one…!

  75. England game…Miss Wales…blank!

  76. I thought Botelho was a LB?

  77. We love players like Song Wilshere Sagna Vermin why because their grafters thats why. not because their fantastic players, because their not, give me a keeper thats not on twitter or facebook telling every body how good they are, Just a bloodygood keeper that you can trust not to mess up when you lease need it

  78. Miss Wales was the best thing abt the welsh team KT ;-)

    He was a left back Rico they been playing him left midfield left wing

  79. I would take Parker tomorrow.

    Imagine a midfield from:


    Name a better midfield squad.

  80. Seriously speaking i thought he was excellent.young looked like the 08/09 player who M.O’neill premature described as ‘little kaka’.his directness and pin point delivery was very good.problem is that now he has become more expensive after yesterday.

  81. As good as any player is Steve the thing we want is that they also bleed red adn white for us and thats the point, most of this lot dont and also don’t look like they give a shit win lose or draw the players you mentioned graft and get stuck in and that makes all the difference. The fact Jack is brilliant as well is an added bonus, 2b fair RVP gets stuck in and cares as well…… Cesc I would of added as well but not sure lately.

  82. She couldn’t even sing WATH…

    Ah, so he’s another Mr Utility then ;)

  83. Wath Miss wales hips were doing denilsons as she walked and i thought the same.she was the best thing about the welsh side.

  84. Rico are you jealous…who cares if she can sing;my eyes and ears would disagree with you.

  85. I’d love to see Sott Parker in red and white Will…

  86. I used to like Young from Watford days KT and thing he sort of wasted at Villa, another team who plays a right footed player left wing…. He was very quick very direct and played the line extremely well yesterday, I watched the game and thought hmmmm Young right wing Theo in the middle with RVP that could work big time and with Young being an Arsenal man he’d work his nuts off for an Arsenal shirt….. yesterdays display has def made me want him !! think he’d be good right midfield/wing….! 4-4-2 of course…! :-)

  87. Imagine how much cash we would save for other areas if Botelho and vela deliver?Scott parker would be one of my main targets.

  88. Rico, that chest sang extremely well I’ll have you know…! ;-) Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  89. KTR7, and theres me moaning the other month of Arsenal players turning up for games in tracksuits and earphones and then theres the tart who turns uo in ripped jeans and a tee shirt to sing the nation anthems who feels a pratt now.

  90. Steve u fart, you’d not be complaining if she turned up like that to sing for you eh…??? ;-)

  91. How old has Scott Parker?
    yes, I know Barça and Madrid players. I follow spanish league since a long time ago. The center forward? Lorente (Bilbau). I have no doubts about that. second: Falcao (Porto and Colombia). We (AW also) must keep an eye in the second choose of Barça and Madrid, like Van der Vart,etc.

  92. Here Here Steve, a disgrace in jeans….

    WATH, i expected little else from you ;)

  93. People, stop getting hung up on formations. They make no difference.

  94. Very true Wath, she was a looker i must admit

  95. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Steve two very predomiant thing I was looking at………… 2 stunning eyes..!
    So amazing couldnt take your eyes off them…!

  96. JM i belive Parker is 30.

  97. Sorry Will but I disagree on formations making no difference mate… think they make a huge difference depends entirely on the players that you put in those positions…! if the players a re right then a formation works if the players are wrong a formation will fail.

  98. I’ll have to play it back again Wath i was watching somthing else

  99. You have another look Steve, stunning eyes mate….

  100. And isn’t that why we fail?? Wrong players being asked to play in a wrong formation?

    Trust me boys, no need to replay, she was definately wearing jeans ;)

  101. I thought they were cords…………….

  102. Thats right rico. i was getting side tracked

  103. She was wearing jeans.am sure since i never listened to her singing as i was checking her out the whole time…

  104. Wrong formations wrong positions…………… Wales does have a few rock formations !! sorry I digress…!

  105. Wath what are the odds that the uniformed men were pitching tents in their pants as she stood there?…

  106. Anyway, her singing was cack and she couldn’t keep up with the players singing ;)

  107. Hello all

    wots occurin’ Rico?

  108. Yo, 4pigs – the boys are discussing the welsh singer, no doubt you were eyes on too…..

  109. I have to disagree will.a formation gives the team a structure to work with.you just can’t send out players and hope for the best.they need that structure and instructions to go along with it.

  110. I think the players were singing quickly Rico to get a look at her walking off….. ;-) KT…. good job the shorts were baggy. . . . . .

    Hey 4P… how’s you…?

  111. Hey, i’m good.

    The “Welsh singer” was apalling. I could have got up there and belted our National Anthem out with more spirit than that….!

  112. Rico that Miss Wales is lucky you aren’t Welsh as it could’ve been a whole new discussion here today…!

  113. 4P………… I think your missing both points….! re the welsh singer….!

  114. ;-) Nice one KT but have you ever heard Rico sing……….. hmmmmmmm enuff said…..! End of conversation

  115. Was watching the Brazil Scotland game, and was supprised to see players slideing over quite a lot, i know they water the turf before games but i would have thought that their studs would get a better grip.something must be wrong as i have seen this happen quite a lot lately at the Ems

  116. Hi 4pigs.im sure she wasn’t chosen to sing.maybe they hoped Terry would get sidetracked by her leaving England with 10 men…

  117. Wath we’ve heard her answer door bells…maybe thats why she takes too long to answer?she scares off visitors and spents the entire time waiting for them to come back.

  118. KT…………… Cashley would of been first in line to see if she was “availalble” followed swiftly by Terry and lampturd… Obviously she was far to young to tempt Rooney although her Gran might of been on the sidelines giving him a cheeky smile ;-)

  119. She sure is KT ;)

  120. WATH, you have never complained, especially first thing ;)

  121. Kt, you are learning too much badness from WATH :)

  122. Cheeky smiles and “both her points”….. I didn’t notice them! Where’s the “heart!”

    Rico sing? I’m sure she can!! Mmmeeee get her on you tube!

  123. Nice one wath.am sure Wenger did not see her…!

  124. Terry would only want her when somebody else was grooming her, cashley has had her already probably whenshe was twelve Rongkey would only consider her if she recieved a pension and lamturd is to far up Abramowiche’s arse so its down to Stuart Pierce to knock her into shape

  125. I don’t complain when the breakfast is getting cooked Rico, gotta get your priorities right and in anycase its when the ear plugs come in handy…!

    Who needs heart when you got chest 4P…??? ;-)

  126. Wilshere would’ve courted her with the handbrake on…

  127. Wilshere would never get her home he can never get a cab

  128. Wath more like her pair of lungs.

  129. If we stuck her behind the goal ou lot might even score……………

    Top goalscorer gets her at the end of the season…?????????? That aint a bad idea surely…? :-)

  130. Nice one steve.Rico i have a dark side.

  131. I wasnt looking at her lungs KT :D

  132. But you never compain with two sunny side up in the morning, singing or no singing WATH ;)

  133. Thats bad news for the World’s best striker,His Royal Pinkiness,Nicklas Bendtner.

  134. Ah now you never mentioned that before Rico I thought that was our little secret the two suns always up in the morning looking happy to see me…! :D

  135. Then you did not have the mental strength to do it wath.

  136. His pinkbootiness ain’t got a hope in hell KT… it’s the old saying of not scoring in a brothel comes to mind with him…!

  137. You are so so naughty WATH ;)

    On that note, I’m off for the day, need to be up bright and early to get the breakfast on ;) ;)

    Nighty all, be good if you can and catch up tomorrow :)

  138. Would never work with nick anyway they would both be fighting for the mirror

  139. Be a good girl Rico and get my side warm for me pls… I’ll be up in a bit…! ;-)

  140. That’s funny Steve, he’d def spend more time in the mirror than her…!

  141. Wath id say Sky sports also hire eye candy presenters…they know jack all about football but they’ll bring in paying customers.

  142. WATH – told you before, the kettle is there, get your own warmer…..its called a hot water bottle ;)

  143. They wouldn’t – Niks would be higher on the wall, hers would be at about 4 foot…. checking out her sunny sides ;)

    Def off now, night all….

  144. I’m off all, nice chatting with you, till we do it again nte nte

  145. Cheers Steve, nite Rico, stop playing hard to get….!

  146. Spot on there KT, some very nice looking ladies on sky sports and most know naff all about sport but as you say who cares :D

  147. Miss Wales>>>>>Denilson

  148. Nite rico/steve.

  149. KT, go wash ur eyes out, the lady was a zillion times better looking than denilson…! ;-)

  150. We’d also win a lot more games with her in the midfield than himas well lol……..! fact..!

  151. My mistake Wath…Bale>>>>Denilson.

  152. KT, Both very very ugly men………

  153. Training bib>>>>Denilson.

  154. Anything is better than denilson KT…..!

  155. Did you read the story that balotelli was throwing darts at youth players at city?

  156. KT, the bloke is a lose cannon and a complete fruit loop…! Everywhere he has been he’s been a problem don’t think he will ever be any different just seems to be the way he is. What a waste…!

  157. He has the talent to be a complete striker but its a shame he has the brain of an 8 year kid.

  158. Mourinho of all managers couldn’t stand him.that speaks volumes of his character.

  159. I think your being harsh on 8yr olds KT ;-)

    Spot on… bundles of talent but a complete and utter knob…!

  160. There is also a hat he has resembling of a chicken’s head that he has.i also bet that right now he must know who jack wilshere is.

  161. Wath don’t point the 8 year olds to my place.i don’t want to sleep in the cold.send them to wenger’s place…he won’t see them coming.

  162. He’s so arrogant KT I bet he’d still ask who is Wilshere. . . . . ?
    I’m off mate, catch you 2moro, have a good evening..!

  163. Morning all

    New Post up

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