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Life’s about to get rough at Arsenal, bring it on I say…….

So if you believe the Daily Mail this morning, Aaron Ramsey has had this to say:

‘Jack took my job and I want my shirt back’.

Finally, we have a battle in our midfield for the right to start, a battle between two British footballers who both want to play for Arsenal.

It’s not arrogance, it’s not nastiness it’s just pure passion and desire to play for the club they signed for and it can only be very very healthy.

I’m not sure though as we watch their careers unfold, that it needs to be one or the other, I honestly believe in the seasons ahead we will see them playing alongside each other rather than one or the other and boy it’s going to be good isn’t it?

It’s quite likely the two will go head to head this Saturday when England face Wales and how refreshing it is to have two good reasons to watch an International match, I’m sure every Gooner will be watching.

Rambo has been talking about his time on the side lines:

‘Have I thought about the fact that it could be me out there?

Absolutely. I thought before my injury I was just starting to kick on. I started six or seven games on the bounce and I felt like I was going to stake a claim for a place in the first XI for Arsenal, but these things happen.

I’ve got the rest of the season to show everyone what I’m capable of. I want to prove to people that you can come back from injuries like the one I had and still be the same player.

I’m still trying to bounce back. I’m confident in my ability and I know I’m capable of playing week in, week out for Arsenal.

It’s been a long road. I’ve had a couple of loan spells and I’m starting to feel like I’m really back to where I was. I’ve had about 10 starts now and I feel good and ready to go again.

As for Jack, he has come in and done really well. He went out on loan last season and I think that helped him. He has put in some really good performances for Arsenal. He’s no different on the training pitch from what you see in games. He’s very comfortable on the ball and there’s no doubt he’s a good player.

Put 'em up Jack....

On his injury:

Obviously, when it happened, your career just stops and is put on hold from that moment onwards for a long time.

I thought I dealt with it pretty well. I had my friends and family around to take my mind off it. Another thing was that a few people who had injuries like mine previously were kind enough to ring me. So now, I can’t do anything but take one game at a time.

And I’m definitely looking forward to this one. Not because it’s England but because it’s the next one. There have been a lot of changes with Wales.

I’ve found it difficult watching Arsenal and Wales because, basically, I’ve been off for a year.

And what if he comes face to face with Wilshere?

We have had some banter already, I’d better keep it to myself what was said.

You can bet he will want to make up for lost time by doing his talking on the pitch….

So Gooners, it may be a boring old International two week break but on Saturday we have something to look forward to, I just pray that neither of our bright stars pick up an injury as they are going to play a massive part in the rest of our league campaign and the return of a fit Aaron Ramsey is very welcome.

Now let’s get Alex Song, Cesc Fabregas and Theo Walcott back fit and take the Mancs all the way to the final day of the campaign if we have to, then win it!!

Well done to the Arsenal Ladies who secured their place in the Champions League semi-final after a 2-2 draw with Linkopin. They went through on the away goals ruling.

Also, well done to our youngster Jack Jebb, he scored for England last night in a 3-0 victory over Ireland. So we have got a goal scorer, he’s just a bit young ;)

That’s it for today, have a good day all…..

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115 comments on “Life’s about to get rough at Arsenal, bring it on I say…….

  1. Morning Gang, It will be nice to see Rambo vs Jack go head to head but Ramsey needs more time still in my books

  2. Morning all…

    What a change it will be to sit and watch England play – can’t wait to see both Jack and Rambo….

  3. Howdy Erick, i think he’s ready and desperate to play, Dave Jones at Cardiff says he was awesome when on loan, not just for his minutes on the pitch but his attitude and comittment in training….

    Timely return though :)

  4. Lee posted on yesterdays post that the crocks could be back for B’burn….

  5. Morning All,

    Rico, woooooooooooooo

    I had given up on this season but my ears have been full with my mates in the office telling me chelsea will overtake us…BOLLOCKS…we are winning the league

  6. Hi everyone, little debate here,
    Do you think Ramsey will be as good as he was before, suffer any niggling injuries like Eduardo or he will be the same player as before?

    Medical opinions welcome


  7. Rico lets wait and see…Cesc said he will have a fitness test

  8. I’m with you Rico, I struggle to get excited with an England team with terry,shrek & cole in it, but sat will be good to see jack v rambo..

  9. Morning didee,

    I am suddenly filled with a bit of confidence, the croscks are coming back, Rambo ready and waiting to play, if Squilli can perform miracles and Chesney’s finger heals, we can do it…..

  10. There are more then enough room for both of them with rosicknote,denilshite and Abou Babou hopefully set to leave.

  11. hi john, i think his injury came at the right time (if there could be a right time) all the signs are he has not mental block and isn’t frightened to get stuck in to a challenge (dave jones) unlike Eduardo who started to pull out of tackles…

    I think he’ll be fine…

  12. Erick, he’s still got a few days to get fit, i’m keeping fingers crossed :)

    DG, agree, its not as if the way either play reflects their age, both have mature heads on them….

  13. John I hope am wrong but its all in the head mate and if Rambo can get over it am sure as Danish gooner says we have more than Enough room for Jack and Rambo to flourish together

  14. Lee, its been a long time since i watched england, well prior to the last one when jack and theo played…

  15. Rico more than a week will do hope Theo and Songinho can return, we have some hope.

  16. Rambo will return to form, cos he much younger than Rosicky, and Eduardo when they suffered their injuries. youth allows injuries to heal faster and completely. am praying the same will be true for the verminator

  17. Mornin………… I also think he will be fine John, he has the right attitude and mentality and is young enough to heal strongly, don’t forget Wrighty broke his leg twice and that was when he was lot older than Aaron.

  18. We need that ‘first eleven’ back, to have a chance, though squilli and almunia worry me big time…

  19. Morning GG man still punishing your liver ha ha ha Didee I had forgotten about the Verminator lol we need him back

  20. Morning WATH, i forgot wrighty suffered a broken leg, certainly didn’t stop him crunching into Schmeichel :)

  21. I’d forotten about TV too and i keep forgetting Carlos Vela….

  22. What Aaron really should of said is denilcrap and diabolical have been doing a real crap job at trying to replace me so now at least I am back so the fans never have to put up with them in an Arsenal shirt ever again… yes spot on Aaron and your dead right, thanx :D

    Nothing wrong with the liver Erick ;-)

  23. He broke his leg twice when he was at Palace Rico

  24. look at our future midfield….
    cecs rambo jack frimpong song lansbury nasri…
    man this could be the best midfield in the world any team has ever seen… hope frimpong does an essien.

    mayachi and walcott our 2 wingers… they have the potential tobe one of the best in the world..

    we need a leader at the back we have vermy, kozzer, jd and bartley.

    wingbacks sagna and clichy (very good players)

    goliee Chesney’s (definately gona b world class)

    rvp, arshavin, vela (he has soooooooo much potential but not made for 433 jus like arshavin), nikki b … im not a big chamak fan… but jet has d potential(i would play him as the 3rd striker)

    we should play 442 and 433 and rotate the squad coz we have so many good players.

  25. how could y’all forget the Verminator, the season reeks of his absence

  26. didee, the season reeks of wenger not getting in cover for the verminator….!

  27. Thats why he walks funny then WATH ;)

  28. Didee am thinking so much about Djourou than TV think we all had a feeling it was over for him this season….Wath ha ha ha ha ok ok Champ

  29. hi terry, the future sure does look exciting, but how many seasons have we been waiting for our future to arrive??

    Yes we have some quality coming through but we still need players in who can make a difference next seaon, players who have been there and got the t-shirt and know their job.

    Players who would, if the chips are down, rally the troops and claw a win…..

  30. WATH – roger that

  31. I think Djourou will be back for the last 3/4 games, 4 weeks recovery from one week ago, squilli just needs to pull his socks up for four games…..

  32. Erick, yeah everyone knew TV’s season was over, everyone except AW

  33. Terry I think the future is bright, the problem is now or 2nd April against BB three points are vital mate

  34. Didee, thats what really works me up Aw is sometime too stupid or arrogant we needed cover as Wath said but he ignored it totally

  35. Gotta go peeps, nice chatting with y’all

  36. Ctach you soon didee, be good :)

    Erick, spot on, every man and his dog could see we had a problem at the back before the season, let alone in jan when we all knew TV was struggling….

  37. didn’t aw say he suspected tv’s season to be over way before jan window? and still did jack-shit about it….

  38. Yep, he did Lee, just a few weeks ago… what does that say about how much he cares about us winning?

    He though was quite happy to rely on Squilli and Miquel, its just so wrong….

  39. Morning peeps

  40. 4pigs long time mate hows the going?

  41. Rico Aw really buffles me..wish i understood him

  42. I’m good thanks Erick how are you?

  43. howdy 4pigs, long time and all that….

  44. Erick, I don’t think any of us will ever understand his methods….


  45. Oi Piglet hows the scrumpy going mate… ;-)Save some for me…!
    Fair points Terry but Cesc might be gone soon so then we another quality player short, can’t believe you missed out D&D….! I aslo think we need to go back to 4-4-2 as this 4-3-3 crap is far to easy to sit as a 4-5-1 and then we don’t attack at all as the players are all wrong for 4-3-3…!

  46. 442 – agree re that WATH, we havn’t got the players to play any other way really…

  47. Nope…………! Agreed Rico, quiet day 2day and still long way off before we get proper footie back next weekend

  48. Its always the same in the breaks, boring really ;)

    Then will come the silly season :)

  49. Popping off for a bit, later all….

  50. I saw today that Sporting received 1,5 million euros with Figo (Barcelona) in 1996, Cristiano Ronaldo, with 17 years in 2003 to 15 million to MU, which seven years later sold him for 94 millions to R Madrid and Nani, in 2007, 25.5 million to MU.
    There were others, but now the three “pearls”are: Carriço (central defender), Rui Patricio (goalkeeper) (to be sold this year) and Diogo Solomon, the new Ronaldo, probably next year.

  51. JM, are those three players all at Sporting…? Would any fit in well at Arsenal or they stil a little young..?

    Hey KT hope all good fella.

  52. Hi wath.we have won 71% of our games in the PL when Song starts and 0% without him.

  53. Thats cos D&D can’t make a single tackle between them mate and as we’ve said for yonks we need another defensive midfielder as those two are clowns and Song isn’t a robot…!

  54. Song is really underrated.he has been immense for us especially in the league.hopefully he’ll be back fully recharged after being out for a month.

  55. Ramsey to captain Wales against England.

  56. rico, finally some reason to wathc England play footie. Without ours, I can’t watch any of it. I watch Rooney and Cashley and Terry and The General Rubbish, and I break out into hives. :)

    Hello, all!

  57. Good for Rambo, should fill him with confidence! And KT, I like Song; we’re so much better with him I don’t really like him going all Songinho though.

  58. Qatar are creating artificial clouds at a cost of £310000 each to cover training grounds and stadiums during their worldcup due to the high temperatures they experience in the summer.

  59. Be cheaper 4 them to make big balloons KT ;-)

    Greeting AGAG my sexy lady ;-)

  60. Qatar is craaazy wealthy. And already building like mad…

  61. Id be surprised agag if some poor fella from Qatar was under your spell buying you shoes and handbags…

  62. KT, I can assure you I am not from Qatar….! I also make AGAG buy her own shoes ;-)

    As really chuffed for Aaron….! Well done Gary Speed great choice of Captain.

  63. Hola, GG Man!! Howdy? :)

  64. How’s u AGAG…? All well I hope…!

  65. Ahahha. I don’t know any Arabs, KT. :) Oh, and WATH is tightfisted. I have to be the one to buy him GG. What he doesn’t know is that I nick GG bottles from his warehouse. ;) :P

  66. Only cos I let you steal them from my warehouse ;-)

  67. Well done, Rambo!! :)

  68. Agag did you know that Women are twice as much as men likely to regret about the decisions of their personal life?…i found that bit of research fascinating.

  69. And only cos you know, those GG bottles will end bottoms up at your hands. ;)

  70. KT, that sounds pretty spot on. :)

  71. rambo captain on sat?

  72. Women worry too much agag especially about the one that got away…we on the other hand get over things pretty quickly.

  73. Yes lee.its official.

  74. New ‘Arsenal’ Captain then, well done Rambo :)

    Afernoon all….

  75. Luis Figo, Cristiano Ronaldo and Nani were all from Sporting. There’s more … Simão Sabrosa (A. Madrid now Besiktas), Joao Moutinho (FC Porto, since this season. Vila Real is interested in it. It is a good medium and it was the great revelation of the Portuguese championship two years ago)
    Rui Patricio: it is new star and is the goalkeeper of the future Portuguese national team. It has presence in goal. It is safe and will evolve further. Within two years, will surely be on of the best goalkeeper in Europe; Carriço: good central defender, but is relatively low. It’s strong, jumps well and provides safety defensive. Diogo Solomon is new (17 or 18 years). It’s fast, stir well, technical player with “flair” to score. It will probably be the new Ronaldo / Dani. These players are already refences by many European clubs.

  76. Oh, I don’t worry, KT. I’m the one who got away! ;)

    Nice, JM. Maybe AW should stop looking to mine gold nuggets in France. We have too many players who turned out to be fool’s gold. Maybe he should look to bring in some Portuguese. :)

    Hey, rico. Howdy?

  77. Wow JM. your knowledge in Portuguese football is impressive.i’ll keep an eye on your aforementioned players.

  78. If i was Aw id be scouting Germany,Belgium,Serbia and Slovakia for new talent.there are lots of players coming through there at the moment.

  79. You name a few good prospects JM, i like the sound of the keeper but no doubt wenger wouldn’t even entertain buying another one…

  80. I’m good thanks agag, finally getting some strength back in my legs after the virus, couple more days and i’ll be running a marathon ;)

    Hows you??

  81. Definately think Wenger needs to leave French players alone for a change….

  82. So all’s well, rico?? :) That’s nice to hear. I’m great. Busy with good things for a change. But bored to death with intersnooze. You got top hits on NN. Great job!!

  83. Hi ricolicious.speaking of the marathon;Arsenal is a marathon runner without a sprint finish kind of like Paula Radcliffe.

  84. Thats good to hear too agag, i love this time of year, tomorrow i start planting my veggies and get the potatoes in too – spring is truly here and summer is not far away thanks goodness….. No more log fires and big heating bills :)

    Yes, i saw that for yesterday, must have been people think denilson had been called up for Brazil… As if ;)

  85. I like the story that Nikki’s dad is not happy about his son not playing – i hope he is finding his son a new club :)

  86. It’s La Nina here this year, rico. So the annual forecast is rain, rain, and more rain. Strange not to be dying of heat in March. March and April are customarily the best times to visit the south cos that’s the sunniest of our (year-round) summer.

    Nik’s always injured; and doesn’t always have the goods to back the sales talk. I wish his father would shut it.

  87. But i bet it’s warm though when it rains – here in the uk, its just rain and cold ;)

    His father has always got a lot to say, i just wish the pair of them would shut up and leave England…

  88. We are very lucky to have both jack and ramsey playing for us.they’ll be 2/3rds of our future midfied but in my opinion ramsey will be a better player than jack.

  89. ‘Liverpool’s new director of football Damien Comolli claims the club are already looking at summer transfer targets’.

    Why can’t we have a director of football doing the same ???

  90. Agree KT, hence todays post :)

    I honestly believe our future will be built around them, especailly once cesc has gone…

  91. The 19-year-old left-back recently broke into Chris Powell’s first team but now looks set to leave The Valley at the end of the season with his performances having reportedly caught the eye of Gunners boss Arsene Wenger.

    “We’ve worked hard to convince Carl that he would be a key figure in Chris Powell’s plans going forward,” chairman Michael Slater told the club’s official website.

    “But regrettably Carl will not sign the contract and has indicated he wishes to leave the club at the end of the season.

    “Having been with the club for 11 years and recently described his run of games in the first team as ‘a dream come true’, it is a real shame that he appears to have decided his future lies elsewhere.”

    Better news for the Addicks is that 20-year-old right-back Chris Solly has agreed a new two-year deal.

  92. Here, it’s hot and hotter, rico. :)

    I still think Cesc is the best of all our players (and Robin), but I have every confidence in the talents coming through. And rico, Lansbury is doing you proud! I’m now glad for his loan spell. Hopefully, AW can see that there is more drive and talent there than in a few of in our first team.

    If we had secured two or three quality signings, we’d be top of the league now.

  93. Rico did you see the Song stat?

  94. Agag the thing about cesc that is very rare is his football brain.he is a genius at what he does.AW said cesc had nothing to learn technically when he first arrived.he seems to have a CCTV image of the pitch very similar to xavi in that aspect.id be absolutely gutted for him if he left us without major honours as he is an absolute marvel of a footballer.

  95. :lol: agag, keep drinking the water …..

    Some don’t think Lansbury has what it takes, i strongly disagree, that celebration after scoring against the spuds told me he has what it takes to play for arsenal…. i love him….

    KT, I did but to be fair, stats don’t tell it all, in Songs case he’s better than his stats – he is immense and when he doesn’t play we lack that something rugged in the midfield….

    Not only that, it’s the gulf in quality when he’s out, we have had nothing anywhere near as good as him in reserve…..

  96. KT, i loved your marathon comment – i’m still hoping the crocks will come back and be our Radcliffe ;)

  97. Jack is different from cesc as he is more of a dribbler but he can still pass.ramsey is the closest to cesc with also the ability to make driving runs like Gerrard.in terms of football brain cesc is superior to them both.

  98. Have said the same KT, thats why i don’t think wenger will worry when cesc does finally go as we have Rambo coming on

    i also still believe that is why cesc comes back early from injury, wenger knows he is off one day and he wants to make sure that when he does go, he’s not half the player he used to be… fitness wise…

  99. Rico i was referring to my 1:47pm comment;we have won 71% of our games with Song in the league and 0% without him.

  100. I know KT….. :)

    I always get carried away about Song, he is so so under rated…..

  101. You remember his Nike ad, KT?? With numerous screens showing his options? Perfect advert. No one can spot a pass quite like our Cesc. I hope we keep him; I hope he keeps his patience in the team. I would be devastated if his first proper club trophy is not won in our red and white. :( :(

  102. Time seems to stop when he is on the ball.its such a shame because if we had won more trophies he would’ve been mentioned alongside messi right now.

  103. i don’t think that will ever happen now KT…..

  104. I forgot Paulo Futre… yes, I know everything about Potuguese football. Keep an eye in F.c. Porto, Benfica and Sporting players (at least…). Portugal is an open door to Brezilian ands sud-american players (Argentinians, Uruguay, colombia…) players. Usually, is a not a different football, easy adaptation (language,way of life, food…). The school boys of those 3 big clubs is very important. The scouts form the big european clubs are everywhere in Portugal and in stadiums of the big and regular matches of the 1st division. Arsenal has too but is not very strong comparing to MU, barcelona, Inter, Real Madid, Liverpool, M city, german teams…A big mistake and something to keep in mind and replace in the future.

  105. JM – KT loves his Euro footie and writes posts for HH, how would you fancy writing one about the Potuguese league etc, an who we could look to buy??

  106. Rico it will happen.he is playing with a ballon d’Or contender Vassiriki Abou Diaby.

  107. I love your humour KT, Diaby will only ever blow up a baloon, he’ll never win one, thats for sure….

  108. I used to watch lots of Portuguese football a while back but nowadays am more into the Bundesliga.when i watch that league i love watching Benfica play.Coentrao is a really exciting player.di maria was also a big loss for them.i remember watching Quaresma tear defences out with simplicity.i’ll keep an eye on the league now that JM has raised my curiosity.

  109. By the way JM what happened to Joao Moutinho?he looked really promising and was almost a carbon copy for Deco.whats up with him?

  110. I’m off for the day guys, catch up tomorrow…

    be good, nighty night…..

  111. Joao Moutinho plays in Porto. It’s one of the most important players of the team in the midfield Next match Benfica-Porto may decide the title. Porto and Benfica are now very strong in the League and in europe. Coentrao maybe go to Real Madrid, M united or Bayern. Quaresma is in Besiktas. Grimandi is the scout inFrance for Arsenal. Who is in Portugal ? anybody knows?

  112. Morning all

    JM – i’m not sure who is our scout in Portugal, not even sure we have one there..

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