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New Signing in and a shock International call up for our Brazilian midfielder!

No no, not Denilson, I’ve got more chance of getting called up for Brazil than he has but our young 18-year-old Wellington Silva has been called up to represent his country at the relevant age group.

Now this kid has been in the papers recently, apparently he’s been given a rollicking by his current manager and he’s been told to cut out all the tweeting and chomping on Pizzas. Well, he’s a kid, he’s just eighteen and tweeting and eating naughty but nice foods is all part of growing up isn’t it?

Wow, think I'll give that a try.....

Get yourself a serviette son........

I say let him get it out of his system, leave him be and let him grow up, he’ll soon learn that if he wants to make it he needs to keep an eye on what he eats, he certainly will if he has the right attitude long-term and wants to be a winner.

Maybe he knows that Wenger wouldn’t take too kindly on his eating habits so he’s getting away with while he can.

Regardless of his chooses to munch on, the Under 18 International Manager for Brazil thinks he’s good enough to play for his country and he’s been called up to represent them in the up and coming Mediterranean International Cup.

We are crying out for a winger and in Wellington we have just that and add the young Ryo to the equation, we may just have what we are looking for – obviously we need them both to obtain a Visa first.

Wellington first came to attention of Arsenal when he played in the Nike premier cup in Manchester in August 2008 – he helped his side win the competition and got presented with the player of the tournament award. He scored the first goal in the final and he is described as being gifted with a ‘fantastic turn of pace’ as well as being a ‘fantastic dribbler’.

In January 2010 Wellington played for us in a ‘behind closed doors’ friendly match against Dagenham and Redbridge, he scored two goals and set up a third, after 70 minutes he came off. Ok, it was only D&R but we have played a few sides this year who sit a long way below us in the league but could we find the back of the net? No, we created the chances didn’t we but failed to convert them.

Wellington was set to join us in the following transfer window, January 2011 on a ‘Special Talent Visa’, but, and typical of the ‘Arsenal hating FA’, they changed their mind and backtracked on their original decision. (Bastards!!)

The result of all that was our young Brazilian was loaned out to Spanish La Liga side Levante. How long he is there for now is anyone’s guess…

Wenger has not signed many Brazilians, we’ve had Edu and Gilberto who I thought were quality signings, then he signed you know who, so the question now on everyone’s mind is, will he prove in time to be a future Brazilian great, or will he be just another Denilson…..?

Wenger believes ‘Wellington is a raw talent who is ready to play at the top-level despite his age – he has quick feet, he’s very fast and has great skill with the ball. He is known for his fantastic dribbling and finishing’.

He also says he will be a big part of Arsenals future and his career will flourish once he gets his Visa and plays for us.

This move will change his life – we have some of the best young talents there is and our scouts have worked very hard for Wellington and Ryo Miyaichi because they were being chased by many clubs; Barcelona, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan,Etc. But they chose Arsenal.

So, regardless of what is going on at Levante, Wellington looks to be a bright prospect and by the time he joins us he’ll probably be 19 years old – let’s hope that if he is good enough, he’s given a chance….

Hasn’t Jack Wilshere proved that age matters not, after all he’s one of a few who can be proud of his performances this season….

Finally, Arsene Wenger has signed a centre half, he’s a fifteen year old kid from Hertha Berlin, he’s already 6′ 2″ tall and described as being  ‘dynamic, strong and good in one-on-ones.’!! Shame he’s not ten years older!!

That’s it from me for today, have a good one all…..

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118 comments on “New Signing in and a shock International call up for our Brazilian midfielder!

  1. Morning all….

  2. It’s a quiet one here today :)

  3. Looks like Wellington managed to get his own bib on….

  4. It’s quiet as ppl have all keeled over reading Brazilian called up and they can’t quite understand how it would be denilson…..!

  5. Hi Lee, WATH..

    What do you guys think of all the fuss made over his diet, he looks pretty trim…

    I’m not going to mention Denilson today ;)

  6. Actually Rico I was gonna say for someone supposedly pigging out on Pizza he hardly looks tubby does he, ain’t an ounce of fat on him….! At 18 he can run a pizza off in 15mins….!

  7. I wish some of our players would tuck into a bit of Pizza WATH, they might build themselves up a bit then and stop getting injured so often, I’m sure its their stupid diet thats responsible for their flimsy bones….

  8. Amazing how wenger buys yet another player for teh emirates creche and yet never a mention of a 16yr old stopping the progress of a 16yr old already on our books…? Just shows how flawed his argument is about a 24yr old stopping the progress of a 19yr old…!

  9. They need raw fillet steak more like Rico……..!!

  10. I couldn’t believe it when i read we signed another kid, i know he needs to look to the future but hows about Mr Ebenezer looks to the present for once… I know he can’t buy right now but i sure hope he’s looking ready to do so in July…

  11. Raw steak, that is disgusting ;)

  12. From Levante site:

    Name: Wellington Alves da Silva, W. Silva 11
    DATOS DEL JUGADOR (Dates from the player)
    Lugar de nacimiento F.Nacimiento / Edad Pais (place,born,age,country)
    Rio de Janeiro (Brasil)
    06/01/1993 / 18 años
    Nacionalidad Altura Peso (Nacionality/heigt/weight)
    Brasil 169 cms 65 Kg
    Demarcación Temporadas Procedencia (Place on the field/Seasons/last team)
    Media Punta Centro (midfield -right/center) 1 Arsenal Football Club
    Trayectoria deportiva – (sport history)
    -Temporada (Season) 2010. Fluminense FC (Serie A-Brasil)
    Partidos jugados (Matches)-17 / Goles (Goals)-1

    We is Silva and also Alves da Silva !!! Maybe from my family!!!!



    -Temporada 08/09. Internacional con la Selección brasileña Sub-17.
    Partidos jugados-11 / Goles-5

  13. Morning all,

    Can’t believe we didn’t think Cech was good enough but Almunia was? Anyone make sense of that? Then again, this is the same manager who turned down the chance to sign Drogba for £100k! Sort of sums us up doesn’t it.

  14. Morning JM, HCAA

    I don’t believe all that from Cech, mind games as the chavs try and hunt us down – something like that has been reported before about us supposedly going for him, same with Ronaldo…

  15. Poor Denilson, come on you nob. Prove us all wrong.

  16. Gooner4life, i hope thats denilson you are calling a knob ;)

  17. Lol, it is. Come on Diaby as well. Enjoy the break, train like mad and then come back and destroy all our opponents. To have a good run now would prove they actually have some mental strength.

  18. Gooner – sadly i don’t think they have it in them, i’d love to be proved wrong but they haven’t shown mental strength since they’ve been here, hardly likely to start now…..

  19. Rico – Hope is all we have left, so I’m clinging to it for dear life. The team has managed to get this far, only they can make it count for something tangible.

    They need to remember the times they played well and try to better that, they aren’t complete crap so they can do it. I shall pray I guess.

  20. Rico,

    I’ve seen the Cech thing before, something about not getting a work-permit. Wenger has admitted that he was only a few grand short of signing Ronaldo.

  21. I’ll be praying with you Gooner – i’m also hoping that Cesc, Theo and Song will all be back after this break, if we can get our best eleven, bar JD we have a real good chance… Also hoping Chesney makes a sudden recovery…

  22. HCAA – did you see the wengerand fergie i/v – they both talked about the Ronaldo situation with us, both just laughed when wenger said he was a few thousand short in his so called bid, fergie said ‘how much short arsene’ wenger just laughed and said, well a lot off really…

    or similar.. :)

  23. Lee, how bad?? Just his ego bruised maybe….

  24. bloody Wenger. Why don’t people just Boycott the games?

  25. W.A.T.H says:
    March 23, 2011 at 10:15 am
    Amazing how wenger buys yet another player for teh emirates creche and yet never a mention of a 16yr old stopping the progress of a 16yr old already on our books…? Just shows how flawed his argument is about a 24yr old stopping the progress of a 19yr old…!


  26. Hi amband, Will…

    You think the board would care if they did amband?

  27. Hi Rico.

    Anyone else getting fed up with us buying for the future?

  28. To be fair Will, i wouldn’t be fussed about us buying for the future if the present was is good order but right now it’s still 220K we have paid out and on top of that his wages…

    Why let a player like Nordveit go for free then pay out for another kid though, it baffles me some what…

  29. Exactly Rico. It is like he is conducting an experiment and Arsenal are paying for it.

  30. What do we make of the ‘Tottenham flop wants to join Arsenal’

    Dream on I say…..

  31. Not good enough for them, what makes him think he is good enough for us?

  32. Absolutely Will, no chance and what about the one i mentioned yesterday, see Sky are running with it today..

    Mehdi Benatia, the 6′ 3″ defender……

  33. Maybe Sky read this blog?

    We need to get experienced players in who can do the job from minute one.

  34. Haha Will, i think the Daily Mail had the article yesterday so they are just copying…

    But he’s French, young, inexperienced, the only thing missing is an injury… otherwise its got wenger all over it…

  35. When will Wenger see, if he doesn’t take care of the now, there will be no future?

  36. I don’t know Will, we keep banging on about it and why he can’t see it is anyones guess…

  37. This is why we need a strong chairman.

  38. i just read on news. daniel de rossi is fedup with life in roma. why cant arsene just sign him up before someone else does… he is more than the player Song+diaby+denilson will ever be.

  39. Right now we just go round in circles and we know Ivan is in for the long haul, as is Wenger….

    In fact the more we discuss it the less likely i believe changes will happen….

  40. Hi KC, money bags citeh or the chavs won’t hesitate if thats true….

  41. Boo! Quiet day today! rico, I’m amazed you manage to put a post up even on intersnooze. ;)

    Back in a bit!

  42. Boo to you agag :)

    Had to pop out but back now, it is quiet, maybe its the glorious sunny day we have here in the UK, everyone is gardening :)

  43. I’m not gardening thats womans work….. that and sewing and washing up and ironing and hoovering….! have i missed anything…. I reserve the right to update that list ;-)

  44. De Rossi would be suspended for half the season if we bought him…!

  45. Twelve mins after my 3.20 comment and neither of you two have made a response….! I’m very disappointed…. :D

  46. What is there to say, you missed out the cooking, or can men manage that ;)

  47. not even a nibble WATH….

  48. Mind you, I expect your idea of cooking is throwing meat on a BBQ :)

  49. I know Lee, pretty sad really, cor hark at Fanny Craddock there….. salad sandwiches don’t count :P I left out cooking cos most of you are rubbish at that so I’ll rather cook myself dinner :D

  50. Don’t you make him any worse Lee ;)

  51. ROFLMAO at your last, men, cook, ha ha ha ha …..

  52. See Lee all defensive now mate ;-) lol. . . . . can see me getting banned in a minute for telling the truth :D

  53. Cutting up lettuce and tomatoes doesn’t constitute cooking either madam Rico :P

  54. Men being good cooks is almost as funny as Nik Bendtner saying he’s a quality striker :)

    Tomatoes and lettuce, what are they??

  55. i was gonna mention the “why women have smaller feet anecdote…”

  56. but decided against it…

  57. Ooops thats you in the dog house Lee ;-)

  58. Well don’t Lee ;)

  59. tomatoes n lettuce are what Rabbits eat Rico…..

  60. Go on Lee you know you wanna :D

  61. What’s up doc’ ;)

  62. WATH, you’re proving yet again that your lot don’t do anything. :D

    rico, not of much use to us, are they? ;) 8)

  63. apparently, it’s so that women can get closer to the sink, in order to do the washing up….

  64. Glad to hear about your good weather, rico. It seems perpetually cold where you are :)

  65. No they are not agag, unless the car needs filling up with fuel, cleaning, or taking for a service ;)

    Mind you…. I do all that too….

  66. I knew you couldn’t resist Lee….. Bit like AGAG can’t resist walking past a shoe shop ;-)

  67. lol Soooooooooooooooooooo predictable…………

  68. the infamous “petrol fairy!!”

  69. A bit of a curve ball, but what do think of Ray Wilkins…just reading about him praising wilshire!

  70. With the comments in todays red tops what you reckon on Maureenyo Lee…??

  71. Nooooooooooooo… NEITHER!! :)

  72. rico, ah, what we are made to put up with. ;) But seriously, they’re good for so few things. :D

    WATH, before you binned me for no good reason when you were playing Deputy, I had not shopped for shoes or trips for three months. I should charge you. ;)

    Hello, Lee!

  73. we’d see how good a manager he is, with the use of the AFC non-existent cheque book….but i think he’d be good

  74. Typical woman always looking to blame someone else… I didnt bin you either I came and saved you so there stop your crying :P

  75. :lol: agag

    Lee, that is what would concern me, its one thing to have an open cheque book but on the budget we have he’d struggle…

    However, if it is to believed that we have money and its just old Ebenezer wenger who won’t spend it, Moanrinho would certainly would….

  76. Arsene wenger please just leave .go now while people still have respect for you.

  77. Afternoon all.

  78. I don’t like Mourinho, Lee. He’s self-absorbed, says unnecessarily offensive things, and seems like he will bail the moment another club offers him more money.

  79. Not to mention rico, the things they think they’re good at. ;)

    WATH, if you’d not put me there, there would’ve been no need for your so-called saving! :P

    Hey, KT. How are you?

  80. Am good Agag.its just boring abit.

  81. Hi Mickeyk, i think a lot have already lost respect for him to be honest… keep saying on here, just want the old wenger back….

  82. AGAG, it’s because your were a norti lady so the system binned you….. I then raced in to save you…. Boy did you moan…! Oh I forgot your a woman…! ;-) Least you got to buy shoes so you should thank me more, didnt even get a thanx for getting you out the bin :D

  83. Who wants Moanyho at The Arsenal?

  84. Hi KT, it is boring during the break, its either we are linked with some old dross or Nikki B has an injury….

  85. Will, not me…..

  86. KT, the news is all snooze. Boring, boring, boring.

    Not me, Will. And you, would you want him??

    WATH, you get top marks for pinch-hitting :) ; zero points for binning me :x ; hmmmm and no gratitude either :P . Haha.

  87. One thing is for certain;im no good in the kitchen.most of the time the kitchen ends up in smoke.

  88. Agag is something else wath…i remember her describing vermaelen as coffin hot…take care of her please.

  89. KT, you have to hope you find someone who won’t mind making you breakfast. Alternatively, take cooking lessons. :P And TV5 fits the bill ;)

  90. Me take cooking lessons agag?no way!its like telling denilson to make a forward pass.im also sure you’d love to make me breakfast…

  91. Mourinho next year, go to Manchester?
    NB is injury? is bad? I’m not agree… he is not a fantastic player but sometimes, maybe the solution. Which do you prefer, NB or the new Liverpool english center forward?

  92. I think you may be right JM, if not the utd side of manchester it will be the city side…..

  93. Ah, probably Carroll right now …..

  94. Wenger wants the last 3 PL games to be played silmutaneously.

  95. He’s dreaming we’ll be well out of it by then anyway making himself look stupid…!

  96. JM………….. I think NB is useless but I would not compare him to want Carroll either but there a re plenty others I would prefer over NB and no your right Carroll would not be one of them. English and 35million is just madness.

  97. That Wellington is a bit shit apparently…we should give him the boot!

  98. He’ll come in handy in the rain gambon….!

  99. I have doubts about Wellington too.

  100. Hi gambon, he’s just getting bad press because of his pizza habits……;)

    i’m reserving judgement til he gets here, if hes another denilson, he can take his pizza and naff off ;)

  101. Guys and Gals, i’m done for the day, catch up tomorrow – be good and nighty night…..

  102. Rico, typical media bollox who don’t eat pizza at 18… not like his Mum can cook him an evening meal she’s a bit to far away…!

  103. I don’t think there’s any danger of him topping the achievements of Ronaldinho, but I’m sure with a slice of luck he will earn plenty of dough. I hear he has good delivery.

  104. I’m a bit peckish he can pop one round to me…!

  105. There is no way I would want Moanyho. He would spend £100m a year, tell everyone he saved Arsenal and then fuck off leaving us in serious debt.

  106. Article in http://www.eurosport.com

    The trouble with Arsene
    ShareretweetEmailPrintTue Mar 22 08:42AM

    You don’t get any prizes for suggesting Arsenal could do with an upgrade at the back.

    So obvious and long-standing has been their deficiency in goal and central defence that pointing it out has passed from opinion into a bald statement of fact.

    And for the sixth season in a row, their defensive frailties look set to leave them trophyless.

    The phrase ‘Arsene knows’ used to symbolise Gooners’ total faith in their manager, Arsene Wenger.

    Now it seems everybody in the world knows except Arsene.

    It is a minor modern tragedy. Wenger is so brilliant a spotter of talent, a purveyor of such thrilling football, that his genius can hardly be questioned.

    Yet he appears unable – or unwilling – to see his team’s biggest flaw.

    That assessment is not entirely fair. He is at least trying.

    This season Thomas Vermaelen’s season-long absence has hit hard, and Johan Djourou’s injury heralded the untimely return of Sebastien Squillaci.

    But the writing was surely on the wall for Laurent Koscielny soon after he signed, when he said: “I don’t have much experience, clearly, but you can’t refuse Arsenal … If I don’t make it, it just means that the step was too high.”

    If your £9m defender doesn’t even rate himself, you’ve got a problem.

    In an interview to be published on this website this week, Tony Adams says that if he could sign any player, past or present, for Arsenal, he would pick himself.

    It sounds boastful, but he’s right. Experience, leadership, passion – the early Wenger teams boasted these in abundance, but now lack them horribly.

    Arsenal are a team in perpetual transition, always looking to the future rather than the present.

    Last month I spoke to some Arsenal fans who praised goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny for going six games without a major error – compare that to Edwin van der Sar and Petr Cech who drop roughly one clanger a season.

    In any case, it turned out Szczesny was saving his party piece for the Carling Cup final.

    Is Szczesny the one? Maybe. But why even run the risk that he is not up to it? Just sign a proven keeper. It’s not that hard, even on a budget.

    Wenger himself paid a pittance for Jens Lehmann in 2003 and got five years of good service.

    It did not matter that Lehmann was occasionally erratic in both his goalkeeping and his behaviour. Crucially, the German had total faith in his own ability, stood up well to pressure and inspired confidence in his defenders.

    Nor were the Premier League’s other top keepers expensive – Van der Sar (£2m), Cech (£7m) and Pepe Reina (£6m) all cost less than Koscielny.

    It’s not like you have to buy Gianluigi Buffon or Iker Casillas. Just get someone decent, like Aston Villa did with Brad Friedel or Everton with Tim Howard. It is a knack that comes so easily to Wenger in other positions, but not in goal.

    Arsenal are not far away. At the turn of every year, they look well-placed to land silverware, and every year they fade down the stretch.

    Since their first-leg victory against Barcelona on February 16, they have won just two of eight matches, and none of their last four. Now Chelsea – dead and buried four weeks ago – look more likely than the Gunners to catch Manchester United.

    Last season Birmingham’s bizarre late equaliser at St Andrew’s sparked a ruinous sequence of one win in eight that saw the Gunners exit the Champions League and slump from one to 11 points behind Chelsea.

    The year before a run of five draws in a row, four goalless, killed their title hopes off.

    And they were top in 2007/08 before a disastrous trip to Birmingham on February 23. Eduardo’s horrific leg injury and William Gallas’s sit-down protest destroyed the squad’s confidence. They won one Premier League game out of eight and finished third.

    You get the idea. The spring swoon is an established pattern. The deeper into the season they go, the more vulnerable Arsenal get.

    Mounting injuries to key personnel leave their young and fragile players exposed. The games against top opponents come thick and fast. And the pressure of that trophy drought gets more intense every year.

    At the Carling Cup final, I was shocked by how gutted the Arsenal fans and players were at the end. This was no ordinary defeat. They looked emotionally shattered.

    And this was a competition that served for years as a playground for Wenger’s second string – one he refused to take seriously, to the point of picking a weakened team for the 2007 final against Chelsea (true, the stiffs did pretty well to get there).

    Given his track record and his exceptional abilities, it would be bonkers to call for Wenger to leave the Emirates.

    Equally, he has been allowed total autonomy over first-team affairs and that regime is not working. Arsenal need a trophy, and Wenger needs help.


  107. Very good article there JM.

  108. A spot on article…………

  109. [...] New Signing in and a shock International call up for our Brazilian midfielder! No no, not Denilson, I’ve got more chance of getting called up for Brazil than he has but our young 18-year-old [...] [...]

  110. Kids. kids and more kids everywhere.Yeah I know and all gunners fans know they will take the world by storm once they have matured and developed,blah,blah.
    The thing is these kids need to play in the epl where the tackling can send players into walking zombies.Sending them on loan to other inferior leagues won’t help. He might be the terror in the Dutch or some other insignificant leagues,but will become a baby in the epl.
    Once the season ends all eyes will be on Wenger irespective of whether he wins the title or not.If it’s more kids I believe the gunners ill go into terminal decline.

  111. Morning all…

    Hi Anthony, i think we are all fed up with the amount of kids coming in, would be ok if we had a few mature one as the same time but we don’t, and thats what we need right now, 2/3 older heads, winning heads and a menatility within the squad to finish sides off…

  112. Morning all, looks like positive news re: song,cesc and theo..could all be back for blackburn!!

  113. Morning Lee Cracking news :)

  114. finger’s crossed for the others out on international duty…

  115. Here here Lee….


  116. Morning guys.

    All we need are three proven players. Players who can teach the younger ones,well, maybe four experienced winners.

    We need a keeper. As good as Ches is going to be,he is 20 and will make rookie mistakes.

    We need a central defender. Someone who can deal with the physical battles and organise when we are under the cosh.

    We need a central midfielder. Someone who is also physical and can protect our smaller players and also break up play. A modern day Vieira or Gilberto.

    We need a striker. Someone who can put away half the chances we create. How many of you are fed up seeing us create 12 to 15 chances a game only to score 1 or 2?

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