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Szczesny believes we will win tomorrow, he’s crazy! Samir agrees new deal.

Well our young Polish keeper says he’s a bit mad and with it comes great belief in himself and the team ahead of Sunday.

This time last season we were all crying out for a new goal keeper, both Almunia and Fabianski were displaying their weaknesses – every keeper linked to us raised hope but we didn’t forget about our young Pole who was showing his class on loan at Brentford. ‘Too young’ some cried, others disagreed citing Real Madrid’s Iker Casillas – others meanwhile kept belief in what we had!!

Who would have thought back then that it would Szczesny playing in the Carling Cup Final tomorrow…

Picture from afcnews.com

Who's Mad, Me??

Many a time we have heard the old saying about to be a great goal keeper you have to be ‘a bit mad’ and Jens Lehmann was/is living proof of that and Szczesny agrees with that theory.

All the top goalkeepers are crazy, you’ve seen in the past where they are a little bit bonkers so maybe I have a piece of that, nothing worries me, not really, I am just very confident, I keep my feet on the ground.

I was born this way. I believe in my own ability and that’s why I’m confident that every time I go out on the pitch, whether it’s Stoke and we have to face a lot of crosses in the box or Barcelona and the best strikers in the world, I believe in my ability and I am confident before the game.

I love the atmosphere, I love the surroundings and I’m just looking forward to playing at Wembley. It’s a massive occasion but I believe I’m going to enjoy playing there. You always dream to play at stadia like that, so when you do get to play there you have to enjoy yourself.

We maybe the bookies favourites to win but that will mean nothing tomorrow, it’s a one-off do or die match which both sides will be desperate to win. There is no taking this game for granted, that’s for sure.

It’s hard to talk about favourites in the Cup because for Birmingham it’s the only chance they get to win a trophy this season, they will be up for it. It’s hard to say who is the favourites but we believe we can beat them and win the trophy.

It would be a massive boost and I believe if we do win the trophy we will have more desire to push on from there and win all the trophies.”

Szczesny will be watched by his biggest fan on Sunday, his father Maciej who himself was a great goal keeper in his day and represented Poland; he remains the only player to have won the Polish championship with four different clubs.

Most would be nervous playing at Wembley and in front of their idol but not our Chesney, he believes having his greatest fan in the crowd along with a few more members of his family will spur him on and give him a greater incentive to win his first piece of silverware….

So, a bit of craziness from a young man who firmly believes in himself. In front of him will be a very strong back four and another fab six!

Birmingham’s Cameron Jerome may think our defensive unit is our weakness, I however believe they may just turn out to be our strength…

The red tops are reporting that Nasri has agreed a new five-year deal with us and gets a pay rise with it. Good, he’s worth every penny! AFC.com are yet to confirm that piece of news but Wenger has expressed his ‘delight’ that Jon Miquel Toral Harper of Barcelona has decided to join Arsenal. The young midfielder is poised to join us in the summer. Always nice to get one over the Catalan Club isn’t it…

That’s it for today! Have a good Saturday, tomorrow is Cup Final day and we’re in it…..

How good does that sound?

Don’t forget our regular blogger Rocastle is having a Birthday bash on Sunday at Club CK2, so if you are in the Wembley and don’t have a ticket for the match, why not go and join him and many other Gooners….

Happy Birthday Rocastle.....

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228 comments on “Szczesny believes we will win tomorrow, he’s crazy! Samir agrees new deal.

  1. Howdy People am already excited for Sunday! Come on you Gooners. Rico Woj I think is Polish I may be wrong :-)

  2. Hi Erick, i have him down as Polish, help ??

  3. Haha, just spotted my error Erick, thanks – i blame the ‘pastry’ i was eating at the time :)

  4. morning..
    thats why hes our number one aint it..hes got presense the others dont and that cos hes crazy..the others are mild mannered and mild mannered keepers are just average..

    i dont know whats going on with nasri..this is a story that seems regurgitated from a while back..

    the terms are agreed but nothing will be signed until the summer..i hope afc.com do reveal all tho

  5. morning jj, if its signed and sealed they will announce it tomorrow before the final, i bet, just for a little lift …

  6. but, until it’s on the official site, i’ll take it with a pinch of salt…

  7. Morning JJ thats why he is no 1 thats…Rico no sweat.. Pastry lol

  8. The most intresting thing is Nasri is the second highest paid at Arsenal

  9. Is that before his alledged pay rise Erick?

  10. yeah rico..
    that and cescs name on the team sheet ;)

  11. Going by the rumours on the new contract

  12. hes not at the minute
    but he will be if he gets 100k

  13. Rico I think the contract had some difficulties..going by how alot of players put pen to paper in the middle of the season.

  14. my internet went dead last night so i ‘dissapeared’..
    wheres ktr?? we need to finish off this nasri thing.. ;)

  15. Chesney
    Sagna JD Kos Clichy
    Wilshere Song Diaby/Rosicky
    Nasri RvP AA

    Bench – Squilli, Gibbs, Nik, Chamakh Rosicky/Diaby, Eboue Almunia…

    Thats my hope for tomorrow :)

  16. Woj says if Almunia starts he will understand lol

  17. jj, that would be something wouldn’t it but i’ve finally accepted he isn’t playing ;)

    i thought you had gone off for some ‘friendly’ blogging with ‘j’ ;)

  18. Erick, i thought his and AA’s was being sorted in January… as long as he signs, i’m not fussed when he does it :)

  19. if almunia starts i dont think anyone will understand..
    ches must be crazy ;)

  20. He won’t start, he’s not our CC keeper, Chesney is, has been all season :)

  21. Aw claims we will play through Wilshere,Nasri must no be happy may be that means Diaby is going to start and Nasri on the flanks

  22. Good, don’t want Nasri in the middle…

  23. JJ Woj is crazy indeed eh..Rico agents are so greedy and always talking crap to players I blame them on the slow contract signing

  24. Rico Nasir likes playing through the middle and he is lethal when Cesc aint playing am no stat man though

  25. Team for tomorrow?


    Sagna Djourou Koscielny Clichy

    Wilshere Song Diaby

    Nasri RVP Arshavin

    That should see us through eh??


  26. I don’t care where he plays Erick :lol: I’m not a stat person either, he’s usually all over the place :)

  27. Cesc on the bench for a token appearance right at the end? or is that me just being too sentimental?

    Just gotta win this game. Its ‘only’ the league cup but it would be too damaging to lose it. Unthinkable.

  28. Contracts would be simple, but for agents…….

    Anelka would still be with us, if it wasn’t for his agent ;)

  29. http://bit.ly/gFnEGn

    Just picked this off twitter….. Love it

  30. Morning, Hmmmmm I think I need a siesta, I went and did some practicing last night for 2moro…! Hmmm think it said 04.20 when I eventually got to bed…! Some people take cup final weekends far to seriously ;-)

  31. he hasnt been around rico..which isnt a bad thing ;)
    to be honest rico ive remained pretty civil most times but after a few weeks of ‘civil schooling’ he resorted to writing 1000 word essays about some crap about paradigms and trapeziums and pythagorous and other non football oxbridge bollox which he was calling me clueless in every single one of his posts..which is a sign of a man on the run…he just doesnt like being told he’s wrong and he starts behaving like a spoilt little girl…thats when i ended up telling him about himself, which doesnt go down well with some of them, but its just rules of engagement..dont insult unless you are ready to be insulted… but other than that its just been pure football schooling..

  32. morning wath me ol plum ;)

    im setting off tonight and i dont think il sleep until monday depending on the result ;)

  33. Morning WATH, bit of a sore head this morning the :lol:

    you going tomorrow then jj??

  34. jj :lol:

    He’s probably got a new id…. ;)

  35. Nope no sore head Rico am lucky i never get one but I think I need a little kip lata cos am out again lata and then 2moro is an early start and a very early finish sometime monday morning ;-)

    JJ ya spangly lycra lover :P

  36. i agree with erick..
    and if you want stats just look at all nasris goals hes scored while cesc and robin were out…
    he doesnt do the same job as cesc but hes more lethal..
    the game will go thru jack..jack will be the playmaker nasri will play as a SS behind robin and he will interchange with the other two..
    hes great out wide but he scores his goals thru the middle and hes our top scorer so all this dont play nasri in the middle is sock smoking… ;)

  37. yeah rico..
    booked it packed it and ready to fuck off ;)

  38. lol rico.. ;)
    hes got about 5 anyway so it wont suprise me

  39. Morning GG man you off to Wembley mate. JJ Diaby or Rosicky ?

  40. You all confident then??

    Glad to hear that WATH, poor old me will be home alone, shouting and the television ;)

  41. See Fergie has started the mind games, he reckons the PL is a two horse race….

  42. Rico and Deise that line up can kill the brums and batter barca..the question is will they raise to the occassion eh

  43. Weedman, yep I’ll be there 2moro…! U got a tkt JJ or you just coming down for the day..?

  44. Did you read the article in the mirror i posted – the author really slates stoke :)

  45. Rico I hate it when Fergie says that hope we are not listening. JJ you are also off to wembley oh am so jealous

  46. i got me a ticket wath
    took me a while to get one it was a bit squeeky bum but i got a few contacts down there..
    i’ll make my way down and pick it up once i get their..
    no doubt ill be sat in row triple z behind a column or something ;) but as long as im there i dont care..

  47. Hi Deise, didn’t see you come on,

    great minds re the selection – not sure whether diaby or rosicky…

  48. Erick – if the team cant ‘be up for it’ in a cup final and a chance for a first arsenal trophy for all but Clichy then i dont know what they are about.

    All the talk from the players is of hunger and desire. If we see that then our quality will win the day

  49. Games Erick, Red Nose playing games…..

  50. Deise spot on.. I want to see the hunger all the talk means nothing if we don’t go for it

  51. Jj, it won’t be that bad buy a binoculars eh

  52. Great comment Deise – talk the talk, now get out there and walk the walk…..

  53. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/3433548/Sex-Pistol-Johnny-Rotten-on-his-love-of-Arsenal.html

    Worth a listen just for Jon’s thoughts on our keepers…! Click on the interview with Wrighty to listen…! piss funny…!

  54. jj, you’ll be able to see whatever seat you are in and you’ll have a great time i’m sure…

  55. JJ long as your in the ground it don’t matter mate just have fun….!

  56. Morning all.i don’t want to spoil the mood but have you thought of the consequences if we fail to win the CC?

  57. Where is KT i wanted to know how AA and Rvp have played when in the same team’ anyone??

  58. morning KT, it would be awful…. and no doubt have an impact on our season…

  59. Morning KT, Its a cup final and anything can happen but its our trophy to lose its unthinkable mate

  60. yes K-TR7 we have, and its too horrible to take it beyond that initial thought of what if – bad enough falling at the final hurdle, thats a sickner. But i would knock the stuffing out of us for a few games – enough to mean we would end the season with nothing or all our hopes riding on maybe just the fa cup or something


  61. No more negative thoughts…….. :)

  62. Deise totally agree- We can do it COYG

  63. Erick AA and Rvp play very well with each other because rvp drops deep to allow AA to move central to cause damage.they are also on the same wavelength and along with cesc,nasri and jack can produce almost telepathic link up play that is magical to watch.

  64. Diaby or Rosicky then??

  65. AA and Rvp are also the most explosive players in our squad.when the adrenaline gets flowing they can be devastating.we are in a final and i expect nothing less from them.

  66. Asante sana KT. I was worried when I last saw those two playing together…Rico, Diaby just for Defense sake

  67. But we haven’t lost a defensive player through injury Erick?

  68. Diaby will add some height during setpieces.i also hope the diaby we see tomorrow is the unplayable one.he was a beast in the 2007 CC final and i hope that will be the case tomorrow.

  69. Diaby on his day is almost unstoppable – he and we need more of those days – plus he really does owe the team for that newcastle sending off – is it too much to ask on first game back though – if he does start – maybe Rosicky will get a run out – hes in the goalscoring form of his season so far!! ha ha

  70. The moment arsenal finish the cariing cup tomorrow i will invite the entire team in nigeria

  71. But Diaby hasn’t played a full game in ages…..

  72. indeed rico, thats my concern – so im thinking now maybe little mozart will start

  73. tomas may just be a little more confident after his goal too, but with wenger we never know who will start – nik and eboue in there no doubt ….

  74. In 08/09 season when we played at St.james park diaby’s goal,our second goal, was excellent.he made one of those mazy runs from deep and then played a one-two with rvp to finish in the top corner.he scored an almost carbon copy at villapark but it was more breathtaking as he started the move on the right flank in our own half.in our squad he is the only player who can do that and if he plays behind rvp tomorrow i hope he has one of those blinding displays.

  75. That all seems years ago KT….. Sadly all that sticks in my mind is his stupid sending off against Newcastle….

  76. Good to hear Seb Larrson saying its no good kickicg us….

  77. Rosicky still has the pace,technique and passing.he is the closest thing to cesc in the squad.maybe he lacked confidence in the final third.that goal for us and another for the czechs may do him a world of good confidence-wise.i really do hope we see the real little mozart.

  78. The weapon for tomorrow’s match is the player not to underate brimgingham. And to understand themselves.

  79. me too KT – he hasn’t got too many years left at the top, would be horrid just to see him fade away….

  80. Rico people forget before diaby got sent off he was absolutely brilliant in that game.i still believe in him as he has got everything to be a top player.

  81. I’ll be wearing my rosicky shirt tomorrow.i hope makes us proud if he gets the chance.

  82. I don’t forget he was having a good game KT but you his reaction was very silly, he should know better and ultimately he cost us two points…

    Any player who gets sent off for reacting is crazy…

  83. I would go for Diaby just for the height in set piece situation :-)

  84. Morning guys.

    Do you take this press thing about us not winning anything as a back-handed compliment?

  85. He scores from them Erick, in his own net ;)

    Hi Will, no – just sly digs and i take no notice anymore, let them say what they like….

  86. Hi will.who cares about what the media say anyway?

  87. I’ll be wearing my lucky pants 2moro as well KT, they have brought us luck ever since 1971 ;-)

  88. Afternoon HH I can’t wait for sunday.

    Too bad Cesc and Theo can be a part of the 2morrows team.

    brb :D

  89. Maybe you should have worn them more often WATH ;)

    Afternoon Stef…

  90. Rico only against the Mancs…I have no lucky pant,Sock,jersey or anything does that mean I should be naked eh

  91. If you wanna scare the neighbours Erick you wear what ever you want mate ;-)

  92. Good afternoon everyone, it’s so apparent that the media really dislike AFC…I was just listening to talksport where Jon Lydon was a guest, stan collybeater rang in to ask Lydon a question and when asked what he (collybeater)was up to this afternoon, he said “going to Wigan to hopefully watch manu extend their lead to 4 points!”….TWAT!!!!

  93. Ha ha ha ha ha Wath as long as we win who cares what the neighbours think :-)

  94. Afternoon Lee, means we are doing something right they can sod off :-)

  95. :lol: Erick…

  96. Hi Lee – i think the last word of your comment suits Mr ‘i beat up women’ Collymore quite well….

  97. Interesting to see Phil Dowd in charge of a Championship match today….

  98. Serves him right Rico after the shambles at Nufc…non league games will be even better

  99. Too right Erick, he has just naffed up a decision too, clear penalty for Leeds and he didn’t give it – the commentator then metioned the bizarre penalty decisions he gave to ‘allow/facilitate’ Newcastles come back…..

  100. Got to pop off for a bit, back in an hour or so…

  101. Cheers Rico he cost us that game

  102. be really nice to stick 2 fingers up to the media…starting with a comprehensive win tomorrow(i’d take 1-0 right now)!!!

  103. Boo, clear roads, empty checkouts and I’m back pretty quick :)

    I’d take 3-1 Lee :)

  104. Player to watch…

    Scott Sinclair of Swansea – can’t believe the Chavs let him go :)

  105. morning all. wish the final were today. i shall be jittery all weekend…

  106. Morning oliver – we all share your feelings and doesn’t the day seem to drag, not that we should wish our life away….

  107. we’ll see how it goes…for me, the major remaining question is who starts in cesc’s place. i would select diaby…the rest of the side picks itself and i would make our bench al (only because the other fab is also out), gibbs, squil, eboue, rosicky, nik, chamakh…

  108. Saw a bit of the Sporting vs Rangers game on YoungGuns, concentrating on the display of Kyle Bartley. Gotta say, he was quite impressive. We don’t hear much about him, but that doesn’t mean that AW has forgotten. Hpoe he’s included in the squad next season. Onwards and Upwards. Howdy Rico, got the supermarket myself in awhile..ugh. Great post btw.

  109. Coffee, iPad and nervous anticipation!

  110. Hi Oliver, what time will you be watching the game?

  111. Btw, WATH’s 1971 underpants. I hope he’s washed them since Charlie George scored…. Or maybe he stands them up in the corner…lol Only joking mate…

  112. hi kev…it’s on at 11 am here…my family and I shall beat sunday school and morning worship then, so i shall have to tevo it and watch later.

  113. Ok mate, as long as nobody gives you the score first [no peeking on the web]. Have you managed to to convert the rest of your folks into Gooners?

  114. Just read that Dean Richards [ex-Wolves/Spud c/h] has died at 36… Man that’s sad. Poor sod, that’s no age.

  115. Hi kev – thanks re the post…

    not keen on the supermarkets but today was ok, really quiet, must be all the sport going on … :)

  116. kev – that is horrid, dreadfully sad news….

  117. Yeah, rotten news eh… Thought he was a decent player.

  118. my iPhone is set to give txt alerts…my son watches with me sometimes, but nobody else too interested…i probably would not support if I had not lived in peterborough for a few years…it was there I caught the proverbial bug…this was pre-arsene so tickets were fairly easy to obtain, and highbury was easy to get to, either by rail to finsbury or car to cockfosters and picadilly line to arsenal….seems a lifetime ago, in many ways for me it is…

  119. rip, dean richards…

  120. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…again..
    That’s interesting Oliver, does your lad play ‘soccer’ at school? From what you see or read, do you think footie is growing over there or still a minor sport?

  121. Afternoon all,
    More bad news Utd just scored 1.0 against Wigan but the good news Wigan is fighting back.

  122. Hi Steve. See that Eastmond is on the bench ‘again’ for Millwall. Now what is the point of him even being there??? Afobe is playing for Huddersfield.

  123. See you all later.

  124. I can’t get over that about Richards, only seems five minutes ago he was playing for Spurs…..

  125. Hi Steve – lets hope Wigan put up more than just a fight….

  126. Enjoy the shopping kev ;)

  127. Any new news today, Cesc & theo not been to Hoddles faith healer then,

  128. :lol: Steve….

  129. bollards, just seen reading are losing…

  130. From caughtoffside…

    Arsenal are to raid Lorient again this summer with a £15million bid for prolific striker Kevin Gameiro.
    The 23-year-old was the subject of interest from West Ham and Tottenham last summer.
    But neither club were prepared to take a risk on an unproven striker, who at 5ft 8ins, is deemed to be too slight for the rigours of the Barclays Premier League.

    However, Gameiro has scored 15 goals in 22 games this season and Arsenal are in pole position after watching him extensively.
    Their prospects of signing him have been enhanced by the good relations between the two clubs following last summer’s £8m deal for defender Laurent Koscielny.

  131. whats the interest in Reading rico

  132. I used to go and watch them when i was younger Steve, they are my local club – back then though they played at Elm Park….

  133. Nosey bugger arnt i

  134. Van da Sar having a blinder come on Wigan

  135. Not at all Steve, i’m not a london born gooner, just fell in love with them in the very early 70’s, haven’t looked back since, even though i used to go to watch Reading, Arsenal were my real team ;)

  136. just heard he made another save, shame…

  137. Arsenal bidding for a 15mill striker, cant see any truth in that, stop press Reading pulled it back 2.2

  138. just seen 2-2 :)

    i don’t believe that either Steve, 5 million maybe ;)

  139. I read on one of the blogs this morning that the Barca youngster Harper had signed for us, any news rico

  140. 2-0 to the mancs, blast….

  141. bloomin heck, wigan have rolled over then, just as we thought……

  142. Come on England :)

  143. yes, but why Rooney was not sent off? yes, he plays for Mu…
    Gameiro of course… since last November was my prognostic… we have a player loan to Lorient :-)) and Gameiro is descendent from Portugueses :-)))

  144. kick off at Twickhenamm!!!
    and in Munich…

  145. that was the easy one for the mancs
    the hard ones are coming next and theyve still got to play us too..

  146. its not a worry we announce a pre tax loss at this stage..
    most teams due as the prize money is not given out yet until the end of the season..
    but the contracts is a worry..we have too many players…
    it needs to be cut this summer

  147. JM, they have and i’m watching :)

    jj, all that money stuff confuses me……

    the mancs will now face their toughest test and with a CL game in between but then we are in the same position, just haven’t got to play the chavs twice ;)

    I may have to cheer on John ‘Thomas’ Terry those two days…

  148. agree jj, i see a few going, sad, but true… but i think we will see 7/8 go in the summer, not all reserves either….

  149. yes, Rico but I’m Portugal ! and the sun shinning !!! :-)

  150. its basically saying that we lose money every month throughout the season cos the wages are too high..and when you make 3mil every home game it shows how high the bill is..
    we only make our money up at the start of the season if we sell players and at the end when we get the prize cash…

    players will leave in summer for defo and im excited cos it wont be the players we need to keep..
    it will just be the dreggs who eat into the bill

  151. i’m off for a bit guys/gals…

    jj, have a safe trip and catch up next week, same goes for anyone else travelling to wembley today….

    see you a bit later….

  152. exactley rico
    it will be alot of the second team..the young guns will come in to replace them..
    slash the bill and give the young lads a chance..

  153. seeya rico..
    seeya guys..
    up the gunners come on we are going to do this and it will be the start of something special.. ;)

  154. Watching Bayern vs Dortmund game.keeping an eye on Subotic,Gotze and Hummels.

  155. yes. me too… 18 min. 1-2…

  156. Bayern are lucky to still be in the game.

  157. Rico, you a Berkshire girl..! Do you live close to Nick Hornby??? lol. Didn’t ever get to Elm Park, mores the pity, as it’s gone now.

  158. Good to see that Emmanuel-Thomas scored for Cardiff, Ramsey put in another 90mins.

  159. 3-1 dortmund.Hummels header.

  160. Let’s just play our game and put this mob to the sword!!!

  161. Boo….

    What’s occurring…

  162. The media, shockingly enough think that brum will spring a surprise….come on you Gunners, let’s do it for Cesc and Theo!!!

  163. Lee, i have a horrid feeling they might too :(

    But, this time tomorrow we will know….

  164. Ah the media. My solution. Tear it up into strips, about 5″x6″. Punch a hole throughout strips and thread some string through the strips. Tie the string, place in toilet and don’t worry about the newsprint. Problem solved.
    Rico, were you watching the rugby?

  165. Lee, the media hate us, always have, always will. But the criticism is good mate, because it means Arsenal are good.

  166. Rico, it’s gonna be quiet on here tomorrow. All our pals are gonna be at Wembley…..

  167. We’ll be here kev :)

  168. Well I,m watching it in predominantly west ham pub in the middle of the Essex countryside…but nearly all of the punters there appreciate our football, and will be cheering us on….ish!!! Come on you Gunners!!!!!!!

  169. Yes, just as well, everyone else will be on the North Circular Road.

  170. An Essex West Ham pub……be carefull there’s a lot of Spuds in Essex, i used to live in Romford, lots of Spuds & plastic Mancs

  171. Brave man Lee :)

    kev, don’t worry – HH has a fan base all over, we’ll get folk on here after the game – well, if we win… ;)

  172. I’ll be in my front room, with a cool beer in one hand and my ‘rattle’ in the other. Lee will be in a pub, Rico will be behind the settie, haha.

  173. Yeah, we can celebrate all over the World, and WE WILL be celebrating….. I have a dream….

  174. Lee, where in Essex?

  175. Kev, I lived in Gidea Park for years but moved north, near Colchester a few years ago….yeah grew up with a lot of hammers,spuds and plastics!!

  176. I moved to Harold Hill in 1987, and moved down to Kent 2004. My eldest son still lives in Harold Hill. Do you know the Pompadours ph on the Hill?

  177. I’m hoping that my typing tomorrow, will need my spare hand to cover one of my eyes whilst I try and focus!!! I should apologise now!!!!!

  178. I know the pomps, we drunk in the shepherd and dog in Harold wood or the archers in Gidea park… I moved out to Colchester in 2001, after the birth of my son

  179. kev – ‘rico behind the sofa’ :lol: :lol:

    but so true…..

  180. My son Knows the Archers, never been in there myself. I used to go in The Bear or The Chequers.
    Rico, you have to chill out, it’s gonna be ok, trust me…
    Lee, my son did live in a flat close to Harold Wood Stn. A good Indian Restaurant close by. That’s how we’re going to celebrate tomorrow, a ruby, yummmmm.

  181. Can’t think of the name but, 50m from the station….a man after my own heart a good ruby as a celebration!!!

  182. Rico, Lee and me are on a curry tomorrow, now how are you gonna celebrate our great win????

  183. Just watching real madrid at deportivo……we’d beat real in the champ’s league if we got past arca!!!!

  184. Ronaldo has played every minute of every real league game and scored 24 goals!!!!!!!

  185. Spanish football is getting like the Scottish league, two good teams and the rest just making up the number. The EPL is head and shoulders above La Liga.

  186. Yeah, i think Wenger almost got him before Red Nose steamed in. It looks like Smalling is turning out another missed one.

  187. i cannot think about that kev… have to wait and swee if we win first…. :(

  188. Wonder where barca & RM would finish in th PL?? NOT 1 or 2….?

  189. Webber was all over snapping then suddenly ol red hooter steamed in!!!

  190. Wengerx…… Flippin iPad!

  191. Lee, have a read of the last too :)

  192. Wow…. Bendtner scoring goals, must be piss poor!!!

  193. Spot on Rico. I must have been in London when you posted that one. You know, if we can keep it tight then i think Barca will run out of steam in the Camp Nou. Most Spanish teams seem to go behind to the Cataloons and simply capitulate.

  194. Lee, them iPads any good?

  195. Read it twice…had to!! Absolutely on the money!!!!!!!

  196. Don’t you worry about tomorrow Rico, i’ll keep your spirits up. Victoria Concordia Crescit, or summink like dat….

  197. Thats just it Lee, NB could score out there in spain, the league is no better than in scotland, two teams and then nothing….

  198. thanks guys, i just got fed up with all the ‘barca missed so many chances’ stuff – so did we that night and yes, villa and messi are great players but life in the PL is a different ball game….

  199. But everyone likes to blow smoke up barca & RM’s arses!!!!

  200. oh, and take messi out of barca and ronaldo out of real madrid…. what would be left – would thay score so many…. nah…

  201. Just thinking… Forlan & kanoute were/are scoring for fun in La Liga!!!!! Average at best in PL…..

  202. i know Lee, let them, we are on our way up, they won’t sustain what they have, they are broke and the new rules will step in….

  203. Forlan couldn’t hit a barn door for the mancs……

  204. Golden boot in La Liga…… I think?

  205. So you get my point then about La Liga ;) ;)

  206. What do you think of Navas Lee? Is he any good, would he fit in with us? Not that i think AW would pay the type of fee they’d want.

  207. Yeah, was just throwing in the NB curve ball out there…..

  208. Think I’ve only seem him briefly, looked ok but price and Reyes factor …no go!

  209. Guys, i wantd to go to the bookies but its against my ways in life…

    I would have bet on three wins –

    England in the rugby
    England in the Cricket WC
    Arsenal in the CC

    One down, two two to go…..

  210. India will win the cricket….

  211. That’s me done for the day, you goys have a good evening and see you tomorrow at some stage….

    Get some sleep if you can ;)

    nighty night…..

  212. i’m not so sure lee ;)

    gone now, bye ;)

  213. Did either of you see the Be a Gunner,Be a Giver interviews conducted by Alan Davies? Wenger, Keown and Winterburn answering questions to a live audience.

  214. Night Rico, you have some pleasant dreams, RVP lifting the Carling Cup

  215. Night Rico……no Kev didn’t see it

  216. Think you’re right about the cricket Lee. But we’ve got the Ashes, that’ll do for me.

  217. Tomorrow is massive day for The Arsenal….and their supporters!!!!

  218. Go on Le Grove and look at the ‘comments’, it’s on a link/links there. It’s worth seeing mate.

  219. Yes mate, it’s maybe the start of another successfull trophy winning period. Win this [and we will] and the rest will fall into place. Don’t even consider the alternative…

  220. I’m gonna knock it on the head Lee. See ya tomorrow. You have a beer for me in Essex.

  221. I’m done….RVP lifting and a Jalfrezi!!! Bliss

  222. Morning, anyone else had a dreadful night trying to sleep…

  223. new one up….

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