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Denilsons days numbered as Rambo set to return?? Stoke up tonight….

December 18th 2010, Stoke were heading to The Emirates to face us in the Premier League but the weather put pay to that fixture.
We had not long found out that we had been drawn against Barcelona in the Champions League and near on everyone wrote us off as soon as their name came out of the hat. In fact back then I think the same people wrote off our chances of winning anything this season, let alone a home fixture against the so-called ‘best team in the world’.

So here we are two months later and things are a tad different – we have beaten Barcelona in the first leg of Champions League fixture, we are in the Carling Cup Final on Sunday, still in the FA Cup and sit second in the league only a few points behind the leaders.

Do those same people still write us off?

Of course they do, they sit around just waiting to be proved right about their judgement of this current Arsenal squad. Let them continue and let us concentrate on our job. Maybe then we will be able to shove it right back at them at the end of the season.

Tonight is another chance for us to gain some ground on the Mancs for a few days, a win will see us just one point behind the current leaders. Let them feel the heat going into their next game. We cannot afford a slip up, especially against a Stoke side who is responsible for you know what…

We may be without Robin van Persie and Koscielny but this is the time for those coming in to step up, show all us fans that they have more about them than we saw at the weekend. Chamakh, Bendtner or Arshavin will no doubt step in for Robin and Squillaci will probably play alongside Djourou at the back. All of those players stepping in for the injured/rested need to earn their wage tonight and not just strut around for 90 minutes on a jolly….

Sunday is on every Arsenal fans mind I am sure but tonight is equally important in a very different way, tonight is about maintaining the long haul in the league, Sunday is all about a one-off game which happens to hand out a trophy to the winners… (Who am I trying to kid ;) )

Tonight is massive, not just for our Premier League pursuit, it’s not even about Tony Pulis, Stoke City and Shawcross, it’s about football and us maintaining our momentum!

I'm coming home Gooners and I cannot wait......

Let’s get three points off them just for Aaron Ramsey and let football win this game, nothing else.

Talking of Ramsey, how great was it to see our Welshman help Cardiff earn three points last night.

It was ‘Cracking’

Dave Jones had hoped to keep hold of Ramsey for the rest of the season but Wenger has other ideas:

He is on loan until Saturday. After that he comes back.

I intend to use him. I have had good reports from Cardiff. He could be available for the second game against Leyton Orient on Wednesday.

Great news for all Gooners, maybe not such good news for Denilson……

Have a good day all, three points tonight are a must…..

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260 comments on “Denilsons days numbered as Rambo set to return?? Stoke up tonight….

  1. Denilsons days numbered as Rambo set to return??

    Please please please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Morning ;-)

    Well done Mr Holloway ;-)

  2. The end of denilson how the world will rejoice!
    Now to find a replacement for Diaby

  3. “Do those same people still write us off?

    Of course they do, they sit around just waiting to be proved right about their judgement of this current Arsenal squad.”

    Sadly a lot of the people waiting to say I told you so are Arsenal “fans”. Joyless ba$tard$

  4. The club is about to go into a most important section of the season. its also an important opportunity to peg manu back. I hope the gunners take the chance to win all their league matches whilst united have some tricky away matches. I hope that le boss’s decision not to reinforce the defence will not rebound on the club.

  5. We can only hope that Denilson is on his way out. I’ve back him to the hills in the past but I’ve had enough now, get rid and get Rambo and Lansbury back to replace him.

  6. Did you see the interview with Holloway after the game Rico…?

  7. I want to win this game for two reasons.

    1) We need the points, I am hoping for a man Utd bad patch but I am not seeing it happen.

    2) I hate Pulis and all he stands for.

  8. Morning guys and girl ….things are looking up eh Come on you gunners

  9. Dan and Me, totally agree with you, diabolical I can handle in small doses as long as he has quality next to him but for the life of me I cant see a single thing that denilson brings to the team, he cant tackle cant head the ball slows the game down gets the wrong side plays 400 x 3yd passes and gets a perfectly good Arsenal shirt dirty…! Ramsey on one leg is better than him.

  10. Mornin weedman ;-) Will, the prob is Pulis hates us hates Wenger and will make sure his lot are right up for this game 2nite, it’s gonna be very hard physical and I reckon could boil over very easily when they make the first norti tackle…!

  11. Denilsons days are numbered Yippee, cant wait till Ramsay gets back to his best.

    As for Diaby, he is always injured or suspended what a shame. Lansbury should fill in next season for his injuries.

  12. Wath, we need a strong ref. Not a ref that believes the hype that we don’t like it up us and that we whinge after every tackle.

    Yes, I really do believe that ref’s have been influenced the negative press about us.

  13. Spot on Will……….!

  14. GG man I watched Denilson vs Orient and to be honest he kept passing the ball side ways even when he had space to go forward. I want Ramsey in there Aw

  15. We will have to play above the Ref decision guys. Its just one of those days guys COYG

  16. morning all

    Great news I just read Blackpool won yesterday :D

  17. Stef yap Spud are Mugs they deserve to get beat eh

  18. We also still gotta go upto Blackpool……! Could be quite a high scoring game as they are not to clever at the back…! I did enjoy the result though ;-)

  19. Hi Erick and Ramsey scored his first goal probably more to come, what a gr8 morning :)

  20. All we need N.B out and replaced with a proper goal scorer!!!

  21. Morning all
    A positive vib is what I’m feeling here todayand i hope our players are feeling that way too. we need to keep a clean sheet IMO and we need one of those imposing scorelines like 4-0 5-0 6-0 to show the Prem we mean business and have a superior goal difference in case this goes to the wire.
    Not too much to ask for, eh? LOL


  22. If we play Chamakh, we need to get crosses into the box, otherwise there is no reason to play him.

  23. Morning Stef T buzy, Lee….Wath I have been impressed with BP their attacking game is so daring and I can’t wait until we go there

  24. We have one Rambo happy days

  25. T-bz, hows u fella…? A big scoreline against Stoke would send out strong message but i just can’t see it happeneing, hand on heart I just want a win don’t care what score..!

  26. It’s gonna be tough without RVP! I hope Nasri is back at his best we will gonna need him.

  27. Arsenal-Barcelona (summary)
    The way both teams handle the ball is the best way to explain how the technique can be transformed into … tactic. Arsenal and Barcelona are the greatest prophets of filosofoa of possession in European football. There are two “end products” of this form of play. Face to face, on the lawns of Champions, only existed, but … a ball! Initially, both sought to play according to his philosophy. Inpôs to Barcelona. He grabbed the ball and hid it in his players’boots and walked the walk with her across the field. The victory seemed peaceful: 0-1.
    Until the middle of the game, Arsenal rethought and represented their philosophy, with an unusual capacity for change, no longer seeking to have the ball so long and went on to play in the purest counterattack. Instead of ownership, speed. And he turned the result: 2-1. Until fim.Guardiola remained true to his style. On the other side, AW did not hesitate to seek other weapons to win. The second leg will therefore also a philosophical duel “betray” the style or his “dogmatic fidelity”? What strategies will come out winning?
    Come to this purpose also the clear advantage of visiting teams in the games of Champions.
    Arsenal now has a more severe test. Again and again, only victory matters.
    apart: Inter still interested in Rolando (Porto). I believe it is a better alternative to Pepe (Madrid). Inter are willing to pay 30 million. Some reason, there have …

  28. Morning all, big rumour that Connor Wickham will replace NB52 next season.

    Apparently he was given VIP treatment at the Grove for the barca game.

    NB52 SS18 and MC29 once again have a HUGE chance to stake a claim and impress tonight……does anyone think they will?!

    Hope springs eternal.

  29. Joaqium, that’s far too deep for a Weds morning!

  30. WATH, I’m good buddy, just hoping we can have a successful game without injuries today so we go into Sunday’s game all guns blazing!
    Erick, indeed we do have Ramsey and also aint it a good feeling that other loanees are doing well? Lansbury making waves at Norwich surely is signs of good things to come

  31. Rocastle I saw that on twitter but Arsenal insiders claim he was a guest of an Arsenal player and Arsenal are not intrested.

  32. T-buzz we have to make room for them next season.Some players will have to leave.

  33. Hi all.what would we do without the spuds?if we win tonight st.Totteringham day gets closer.thank you olympic commitee for making them stay here.they are pure comedy.7 goals from their strikers…you can’t make this stuff up!

  34. Erick, like I said a few weeks ago, I’ll be happy to drive Diaby to the airport for him to board a one way ticket to Barcelona. Iniesta, Messi and co had better watch their backs, Diaby is coming to take Barca by storm!! lol
    Denilson will be party of the luggage so there you go Erick, space created! :D

  35. Afternoon folks – sorry i went missing,

    Bloomin Electricity Board decided to turn of the power this morning :(

  36. Now i’m off to catch up with the comments…

  37. what do you all think of Mad Jens back at the club coaching the youth to get his badges…

  38. Denilson should be even more scared.

  39. Denilson>Jenas.

  40. turd = binned….

  41. Can’t believe our game is not live on TV tonight….

  42. Manure fixture list

    Marseille – Away
    Wigan – Away
    Chelsea – Away
    Liverpool – Away

    I can see them dropping 7 points in those league fixtures :)

  43. I know this is a serious cliche but I feel this is a defining game for this team. Pulis will have his players up to kick the hell out of us and we need to be able to ride this to prove this team have grown up and the rough stuff no longer stops us.

    I would also like to see our players pointing out to the ref (politely) the kicks they are getting and ask if he is going to do anything because let’s be blunt here, ref’s NEVER protect our players.

    Rather than whine about it, I would like our captain to simply point out the fouls and remind the ref that cameras are watching the game.

  44. And now, for your viewing pleasure….

    Rico, I hope they drop all points but it will mean nothing if we drop too… :(

  45. Just watching the SSN Pulis interview after the leg break. I want to punch Pulis hard and then explain it is because I was committed and I am not that kind of guy.

  46. Will, every game gets bigger and more important than the previous so it aint no cliché, its reality if we intend winning something this season. Media is quick to remind us we still in all 4 competitions and we havent won a trophy for a million years….!! ;)

  47. lol @ Will!!

  48. T, it was more the fact we have to stand up to the bullies and at this stage of the season, I think it would show real intent to win this one.

  49. Will, its a massive game, but so is every one from now until the end of the season. In some ways this is better for us as the team will know thay are in for a game and not think its won before they walk onto the pitch…

  50. Will, there’s a lot of anger there….but I’d hold him for you, he’s got an extremely punchable head!!

  51. I know T-buzz, we need to just make sure we don’t – time for everyone to step up and make their mark and not just leave it to the big guns….

    the mancs have a few of their injured players coming back soon too

  52. Will, just watched that too, what a prat that man is…

  53. morning all. i’ll just be very, very happy to see ramsey back in the squad…someone will have to make way for him, and that will be arsene’s call. it would be great to see him start versus orient and at least be available from the bench from there on…

  54. If you paid the bill Rico they won’t cut you off ;-)

  55. I know T-buzz, we need to just make sure we don’t – time for everyone to step up and make their mark and not just leave it to the big guns…

  56. morning oliver – ramsey and diaby in the middle for Lo would do me and no sign of denilson….

  57. Ha ha WATH, they sent a letter saying it was going off, i just forgot until everything went click earlier….

  58. TBuzz, whats in the clip, mine won’t play??

  59. All we need is a second Song and we have would a midfield squad to win all 4 comps.

  60. Hi Lee, i think there would be a few fighting you to hold Pullis…. ;)

  61. Will, we will have next season, plenty of them lining up for the job….

  62. Maybe Frimpong?

  63. T Buzz am will pay for the gas…thats the least I can do lol

  64. Felliani from Everton Rico…..! Frimpong also another option.

  65. Frimpong, Coquelin, Lansbury – anyone of them..

    Felliani WATH, his hair is always offside ;)

    Howdy Erick

  66. AA is talking big again, let’s hope he is back.

  67. Lansbury has a more allround game Rico, Felliani is a very good player despite the robertsons jam look….!

  68. Only as he has the pace and strength WATH, he’d be fit enough to do what Paddy used to do….. :)

  69. I hope so too Will, we could do with the real him right now…

  70. Arsenal is delighted to announce that young defender Elton Monteiro has signed his first professional contract with the Club.

    The Swiss defender, who celebrated his 17th birthday on Tuesday, has been a regular for Steve Bould’s Premier Academy League side, with 18 appearances to his name so far this season.

    Everyone at the Club looks forward to Elton’s continued development with Arsenal in the forthcoming years.

  71. Elton Monteiro, he is from Switzerland, but their parents are from where? Cabo Verde? Portugal?

  72. The human microphone is a decent player.

  73. Rico, the clip was of Chessney’s celebration after AA’s goal against Barca…classic! My son loves the celebration so much it’s still on my Sky Plus!! lol

    Erick, you’re welcome to pay for gas. Every little helps :lol:

  74. T buzz i’ll never forget szczesny’s celebration.it was immense.

  75. JM, i’m not sure where he’s from…

    T-buzz, that will etched on my brain for a while, that’s called commitment and caring…. that VT should be showed to a few like Nikki and Denilson….

  76. A year ago chesney was playing in front of crowds of 3000 fans.in a few weeks time he’ll play in front of 90000 fans.

  77. And tonight 60,000 KT, who will be roaring theirs hearts out i hope….

  78. Do you think we still need a brutal bastard in the centre of midfield? Someone who will kick others when they kick us?

  79. I’m not sure we need a player to kick others, but we sure need a hard nut who will make those cruch but fair tackles….

  80. Song doesn’t do it and doesn’t instil fear (respect) like Vieira sis in the centre. I really think we need a player who opposition players know you can’t take the piss with.

  81. I just hope for an injury free win tonight…

  82. Me and you both Lee.

  83. Agrre with that kind of player Will, and you are right, song doesn’t do it…

    there aren’t the Paddys and Keanes around much anymore though….

  84. Me, you and Rico too Lee.

  85. Rico, we need a player where the Barton’s of this world know that as soon as they take the piss, they are slapped down.

    Can you imagine what would have happened to Barton after the latest Diaby tackle had Vieira, Pettit, Adams or Keown had be playing.

    Barton would never of done that as he knew he would have been in the stands every time he touched the ball.

  86. Trouble is though Will, had one of our players behaved like Barton they would have got a red… but oh how i’d loved to see the ‘attitude’ in the tunnel prior to the game, that would be enough to make little scumbags like Barton think twice…..

  87. Bouldy would of broken Barton in half….! Fact….!

  88. Yeah I noticed that, that when we kicked back we were the players being booked and sent off.

  89. Boo! Hello, all! :)

    I get in and no one’s around. ;) Can’t wait to have Rambo back. I’d say my piece about the D&D twins, but it’s nothing I haven’t already said before!

  90. Hey, rico. How are you? I hope Denilson isn’t reading the blogs. He’ll feel so unloved. ;)

  91. Say it again agag, just in case Arsene is reading today :)

  92. All good thats agag, apart from having the electricity board cut the whole village off from having any power all morning….

    How’s you, ready for a bit of Shawcross revenge…

  93. :lol: re: AW reading.

    How awful about the electricity though. I hope you gave the persons responsible a telling off. ;)

    I’ve been wanting someone, anyone, really, to Shawcross Shawcross. He’d deserve it. :D

  94. Maybe Denilson will come on at the end and get him, if he gets a three match ban we won’t miss him ;)

  95. All I hate about these challenges like Shawcross’s is where they try and turn it around on our player and make out their’s is a sweet boy who would never hurt anyone.

  96. But Will, Wenger did just the same when Jack made that bad tackle….

  97. cracking post..
    bring on the stoke bitches..
    as for rambo..i cant wait for his return..
    he was showing glimpses of exceptional talent before his assualt..still got a lot of work to do but hes naturally gifted..very gifted..
    denilson has had 4 pl starts all season..and not appeared in the PL once in 2011..and thats without rambo even at the club ;)
    his days are already numbered..
    and with lans and pingpong in with a massive shout next season someones gotta make way..he wont even get in the cup teams next year so bye bye..

  98. Evening jj

    reserves could be short though, maybe they’ll need him ;)

  99. jj, did you get the ‘cracking’ connection :)

  100. I guess, Will, I we expect coaches to protect their players. It’s the media’s cavalier attitude when it concerns one of ours that’s galling.

  101. Thats what gets to me too agag, they are too keen just to say that it’s because we don’t like a physical game which is trash – it’s because we don’t like being on the end on late, leg breaking tackles….

  102. I admired Danny Murphy last season when he spoke out, that soon woke the media up then…..

  103. afternoon all…rico, i have the report for this fixture…

  104. Exactly, rico. It makes my blood boil. I wonder whether they would act similarly were one of Rooney, or Gerrard, or Lampard, et al. were injured.

  105. Hi oliver – spooky, i just emailed you about that, thank you in advance :)

  106. That’s just it agag, had one of those you list been on the receiving end of a ‘shawcross’ tackle just before the WC, firstly the media would have been up in arms, secondly, Shawcross would not have been selected for his country to play even in a friendly…

  107. of course i did rico ;)

    im not too sure we need a ‘kicker’
    weve had our fare share of reds and yellows this season..we arent exactley top of the fair play league ;)

    sagna, jack, diaby, koz, squidge have all seen red..
    we seem quite dirty these days..
    like good old time ;)

  108. Boo, JJ and bye JJ. ;) Night, rico, oliver!!

  109. thought you did :)

    i don’t want a kicker, just a bloomin hard nut…..

  110. hi agag
    bye agag..
    enjoy the game my dear..

  111. Squillaci and Nikky in for Kos and Rvp COYG

  112. nighty night agag, enjoy the game, if you are not watching, i hope you enjoy the result….. :)

  113. is that the team Erick…?

  114. hi agag
    bye agag
    enjoy the game my dear

  115. had a feeling it would be nik

  116. i not happy it is though but i guess thats just too bad ;)

  117. Do we have a team for tonight yet?

  118. Team in full: Szczesny, Sagna, Djourou, Squillaci, Clichy, Song, Wilshere, Nasri, Fabregas, Walcott, Bendtner

    Subs: Almunia, Rosicky, Denilson, Arshavin, Eboue, Gibbs, Chamakh

  119. At least we have three match changing subs on the bench…..

  120. That team should beat Stoke.

  121. its good enough to beat stoke

  122. i was jesting about the subs

    one match changing for us = AA

    two for them = Denny and Al

  123. if its not good enough, doesn’t that just say something??

  124. Evening all,
    Alright you were all right Miquel is not ready for the premiership, and his not playing, i was wrong and you got it spot on, siht. but lets have a nice three points.

  125. :lol: Steve, evening to you…

    its not that he’s not good enough, he’s possibly just not ready to face a side like stoke… the dirty gits…

  126. Stop being nice. Hi ricolicious

  127. I’m just being honest ;)

  128. Anyone have any links please?

  129. Take that you scum=bags, hi Rico

  130. will, go on aclf, go to comments and click on link

  131. squill!!!!!!!!

  132. broke from a meeting just in time to see that one – he did a few like that early in the season!

  133. Will the link is atdhenet

  134. cesc off with injury…not what we need.

  135. hi kev, how you doing…

    what’s happening, no stream for me…. :(

  136. Squiiiiili :eek:

  137. a cultured left foot, sorry Will

  138. Bollox, Fabregas is off limping….

  139. Cesc didn’t look good

  140. rico, cesc looks like he did his hammy again…pulled up lame, nothing from any stoke player, then signaled he needed to come off….not what we need.

  141. thanks oliver, that is just what we do not need, hopefully he’s come off early enough not to have done severe damage, maybe just a tight muscle or similar…

    please please…..

  142. Thanks Rico.

    Are we the unluckiest team for injuries?

  143. Didn’t look good Rico, hope they’ve got him off in time to prevent too much damage, please please please

  144. we’ll have to see…we need him the rest of the way, and he should be leading this team out at wembley on sunday – hopefully he still can, but it did not look good when he first signaled to the bench…

  145. Stoke got twenty players behind the ball then??

  146. i cannot believe a players hamstring could go so often :(

    Fingers and toes crossed for cesc…..

  147. Rico, don’t you mean 20 thugs….

  148. thats more like it kev….. i’m having to watch the mancs, can you believe that…..

  149. Yep, Stoke haven’t parked the bus, they have abandoned it.

  150. Why doesn’t Bendtner just keep it simple??

  151. Rico……..why????

  152. good question, its the game on here but i may just turn it off but even the radio is the manc game :(

    its off now and my book is open… ;)

  153. Can’t you get the link?

  154. in fact i fib, another G&S is on :lol:

  155. no kev, the ones i try my pc security blocks….

  156. Can anyone see Stoke fluking one?

  157. Chezzer…top man

  158. Good half. Chezzer has been strong, Squillaci has looked good.

  159. This injury jinx is a joke!!!

  160. Any news on cesc??

  161. ok, there is the half…we went a bit off the boil when cesc came off and allowed stoke possession and a couple of near opportunities in the last couple of minutes…we need to get another goal and try to kill this one off…

  162. With the notable exception of Cesc’s injury, i think the boys have looked very smooth and controlled. Need a 2nd goal to calm Will [ and me ]..

  163. not yet lee…hopefully word will come out here during the interval…it looked like his hammy again…there are players in all sports who have chronic hamstring trouble – giggs is another good example for football.

  164. We need to speed up the passing and make more off the ball runs around the box. Too many side ways passes.

  165. me too, kev…we let them have the ball – after they had showed virtually no ambition previously – late in that half…we need to play direct again, and try and get more goals.

  166. Olly, we need to concentrate, concentrate, concentrate, at the back. Stoke are total shit…. [ sorry rico ]. The only way Stoke will score, is if we cock-up.

  167. Arsenal always drop their level a bit during games, nobody can keep it up for 90mins. As long as the defence DO THEIR JOB, we’ll be ok Olly, chill-out buddy

  168. Any news on Cesc?

  169. like will said, we need to be direct…once cesc came off, we slipped into a spell of aimless fannying about – and never really went at them like we did in the first few minutes…we need to come out, keep the ball and add to the score.

  170. did someone say squilli is good – that is just what we need, him to suddenly start playing well. good…

    kev – don’t worry, there is only one word i really hate and that will put you in spam anyway ;)

  171. szczesny had to make that one good save from carew…they have not troubled us too much, but they have had the ball around our area more than i would like – often does not take more than a deflection…

  172. Rico is it denilson.

  173. back underway…

  174. News…. according to link, Cesc’s injury is only a spasm…. yeah baby

  175. right, i am hearing more a twinge and he asked to come off as a precaution, not because of any damage.

  176. Here we go, they are starting to assault us now.

  177. clichy has to be stronger

  178. now stoke are bringing the dirty stuff…

  179. Lee, that is very very funny :lol:

  180. oliver – i just heard that too, a tight muscle….

  181. I can see them kicking their way back into this.

  182. Route one rugby league players……

  183. Stoke are pushing up and closing us down in our half. A few of our players have gone missing…

  184. Are we playing as bad as its sounds in commentary??

  185. Theo just missed a sitter???

  186. Peter Walton,you are a 18 carat ****.

  187. theo down, whats happening guys??

  188. Combative, Rugged, un-compromising. All terms that actually mean common law assault.

  189. bollards – was that from a bad tackle??

  190. Theo is out of Wembley, i hope Peter shit-bag Walton is happy

  191. walton has let stoke get away with some bad challenges here…now i am worried we will get someone seriously hurt…

  192. now theo is off….for denilson

  193. that looked like a broken ankle for theo….

    yes, i have found a link but its rubbish…..

  194. oliver – that worries me big time too

  195. We mustn’t feel sorry for ourselves, just beat these dirty stinking bastards

  196. one more goal arsenal, one more….

  197. why didn’t eboue come on for theo??? strange one….

  198. Rico, i think it’s probably strained ankle ligaments for Theo

  199. bollards kev, i really hope you are wrong…..

  200. Maroune, come on son, make our day..

  201. come on chamakh, lets see you prove yourself….. we all know you can do it….

  202. ‘Same old Arsenal’

    ‘Get a c**p ref’

  203. song looks knackered

  204. don’t say that kev…..

  205. Add clumsy to the words used for cynical fouls against us.

  206. hoo bloomin rah, a booking and the idiot walton smiles at the same time, what is he about??

  207. Another Stoke sub, straight out of Broadmoor

  208. :lol: kev

    phew that was close, hit the netting …..

  209. 5 minutes added time!!!!!!!!!!

  210. Jack, you are just great

  211. Hoooooooooooooorah :)


  213. Was that a no handshake for Pulis??

  214. Rico, Cesc to lift the cup Sunday for Theo

  215. got that wrong, didn’t recognise the little squirt in his cap…..

  216. Will…. you can come out from behind the settee now mate

  217. Theo will be ok kev, i reckon he’ll rest and be ready… twisted ankle…

    Otherwise, yes, cesc lifts it for theo and all of us :)

  218. Hope you are correctamondo Rico. The boys were nervous but kept it together, thought Arshavin had a good game. JonJon will be happy about that

  219. phew. now we have to hope the cost of the win is not so high…i understand stoke has no chance if they do not get physical, but they crossed the line on more than one occasion in the second half.

  220. Now Oliver, i’m looking forward to your insightfull observations. Jacky boy, i just love him, what a great player, a real Arsenal man…

  221. i didn’t feel confident until Song intercepted theitr attack in the 94th minute, then i knew we had three points ;)

    I am looking forward to hearing AW talk about the tactics played by that dirty rotten bunch of people who profess to be a football team….

  222. i actually thought that Chamakh looked sharp when he came on. Hopefully he’s going to get his second wind and help drive us over the winning line

  223. what about the first oliver…. like kev says, i am really looking forward to your report too…

  224. i’ll do the report at home tonight, rico…i was going to title it “no hard feelings”, but after some of the stuff that walton tolerated, i am no longer feeling so magnanimous…

  225. i didn’t think they were that bad in the first…sure there were a few heavy challenges, but i didn’t think they were that bad. in the second, i thought walton completely lost control of things…whitehead could have been sent off twice.

  226. When Cesc went off the game was dead, we need him badly.

  227. How about ‘Stylists 1-0 Inbreds’

  228. SP, Cesc has a calming influence on the team, we just looked very nervous at times, maybe the feelings of the crowd affected them?

  229. thanks oliver – the title is always a tough one, ‘Pullis the plonker’ would do me ;)

  230. off to make a cuppa

  231. Steve – you are right – i think the team started to think about him being out for sunday – and then Theo didn’t help…

  232. We are desperatly in need of another Playmaker, nazri although a very clever player he is not a Cesc, we will struggle without him i know that

  233. AllKev made me panic a bit as well

  234. and i’m off for the day all…

    catch up tomorrow – one point guys and gals, one point…

    and now lets just wait to hear about theo and cesc….

    night all, be good and stay safe…

  235. Steve – Ramsey is coming home soon, he’s pretty good ;)

  236. Sky report Theo is OUT for Sunday…..

    Ankle sprain!!

  237. Still whatever, a blinding 3pts I had the utd game on as well, they looked crap as well going through dodgy times.

  238. That is from Aresne Wenger…..

  239. right, gone now…..

  240. Nte nte all

  241. Could see Theo was stuffed Rico he went right over on it, now to get him fit for the 8th…..! Well one nil is as good as ten and I think most of our lot spent the 2nd half trying to avoid flying legs not wanting to miss a cup final on sunday…!

  242. Be a right touch if Wigan can hold the mancs to a draw on sat but nirmally Wigan lay down n die when they play them…!

  243. Night Rico…. SP, i thought i was quite restrained.

  244. Phew. I hate the euphemisms the press use for violent conduct.

  245. Walcott dragged on in part 2 … I wondered, because it replaces the 10 minutes before getting injured!
    Fabregas was the victim of “indigestion” games!

  246. morning peeps…

  247. New Post up…

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