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Six years, six flippin years, One step closer today please Arsene…

Well, what can I say, you wait for what seems forever and its over in 90 minutes. Yes I’m talking Champions League and I’m well aware we are only at half time but the euphoria that I have been experiencing lasted one day and an evening of ups and downs.
But that’s gone now for a while; today is all about focusing on another competition we are still in, the FA Cup and today’s opponents Leyton Orient.

Cesc in 2005

Orient may not be Barcelona but they could be just as dangerous if taken too lightly. In my eyes all the competitions are as important as any other and this one is no different. Orient would have prepared well for this game and they must be rubbing their hands together that we had a game midweek against a team that would make us work for the full 90 minutes. They however would have been sat watching with their feet up on a pouf with a beer or similar no doubt – ok, lemonade!!

This will be a tough test for us and we must field a team that can do the business, this is no time for eight or nine changes.
Arsene Wenger has stated that he considers all competitions in the same light, and I hope he means that. From that statement I expect to see a team of adequate proportions to overcome the opposition.

By that I mean no slip ups, a good hard fight and culminating in a comfortable victory, anything else would be catastrophic in my little mind. The season is long enough now so no replay please boss, we need to get in there, get the job done, and get out. Simples!

So who are we playing then?

LO are a Division one side that sits 52 places below us our current position but as we all know, that means very little when it comes to the FA Cup – every minnow wants to one over on a shark one day don’t they? They have a couple of injuries to Matthew Spring and Adam Chambers – both could miss this tie. We have met on ten previous occasions and won seven of those but we have never lost to LO in the FA Cup, despite playing them four times – the most recent being in the quarter-finals in 1972 and semi-finals in 1978.

As for the LO victories in the league, even I didn’t watch those as they were back in 1913 and 1915…

LO have got here by knocking out Championship high-fliers Norwich and Swansea and this is their first appearance in the last 16 in 29 years, in fact their best run in the FA Cup was back in 1978 – we knocked them out in the semi’s that year!.

Right now they are in good form, winning their last three games and scoring ten goals in the process. They haven’t suffered a loss since New Years Day, winning seven matches and drawing four, so anyone who thinks this will be a walk over, think again! Add to that it’s been fourteen matches since they lost a match at home and that was back in September.

On to us, Sagna is back available, Diaby is still banned and JD remains a doubt.

The rest, well that’s up to Arsene Wenger but we cannot afford a loss, we cannot afford a draw and a subsequent replay so best the big man picks the right side to go and get us a win.

It’s been six years since we last won this competition and I miss it – and as the film goes, yes I do remember what I wanted that day and like every Gooner, I got it too. We all sat, watched and cringed no doubt at the way we got battered in the FA Cup Final against the Manure but we held on…..

I loved penalties that day, I loved them yesterday too :)

Thanks for yesterday Cashley.......

Have a good day all…..

Written by Steve & a few odd bits by rico….

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237 comments on “Six years, six flippin years, One step closer today please Arsene…

  1. Morning all.good read steve and rico.lets hope our players concentrate and get the job done.

  2. moring KT, no messing today….

  3. Nice post we got take every game seriously. Morning folks

  4. Morning Erick, we do – look how the mancs nearly slipped up…

  5. Rico I hate it when we play non league side esp this year we have not asserted ourselves as we should hope today is a different story

  6. Its not so good going there either Erick, the ground won’t suit our play so it has to be plan b today and take what chances come our way…

    LO will certainly get us ready for Stoke as well…

  7. fa cup would be great,yes,but prem title woild be even better & we have those shit kickers & pulis on wed-if we win we’re 1 point behind MANURE who have the chavs at the weekend-personally,imo woudn’t risk more than 3/4 first teamers but have a very strong bench just in case-if the 11 he puts out today “turn up”that is the worry,with players like “deckchair denilson”in a physical game who knows but prem has to be priority.any cupis a lottery..

  8. Morning guys.

    Good entry and let’s go for it.

    Rest JD as he is fragile and I would place Cesc on the bench giving AA a time to shine in the centre. Give Nasri for the first half, get a decent lead and then rest him.

    Win this one big, show that we are the team on the up and move on.

  9. hi king gooner – i think we can expect 8/9 changes again for today and Big Al in goal… BUT, even with those changes we should be able to come away with a victory, if we can’t then a few need a long hard long in the mirror…

  10. Morning all,

    That first line reminded me of waiting for a bus…….. hopefully we’ll have 4 come along all at once :-):-)

  11. Morning Will

    I think he’s rest Song, JD, Nasri, Cesc, Theo, RvP, Clichy and Jack, even Nasri…

    But they will be on the bench

    Clogging pitch and we cannot afford any injuries right now..

  12. Actually, he can’t rest that many, we wouldn’t have a team :)

  13. We have to rotate will Stoke coming up and CC final

  14. Good point Rico, the pitch might not be the best but we can’t afford to lose this one and I am not sure our second string are good enough.

  15. Morning all,
    I must admit Barca was a sweet feeling, but its funny how a glow wears off pretty quick, although a great result, only half time. But today is another day and another comp, and although this comp dosn’t seem so important as it used to, well to me, i still want us to win it. As the posy said Orient are having a good spell, so a good proffesional attitude to day, no time for a Utd mentality of turn up and its an easy win. These guys will be pumped and want to beat the team that subdued the best team in the world, they will try like Crawley did, i believe that if Utd had scored a second goal early, it could have been a rout, so lets get in there and play our stuff and get ourselves to the next round

  16. Morning all, great post again guys, I’ll write one up soon, (if you like).

    Today is the first day if the rest of the season, AW has stated more than once this week that key players will need a rest and will be ritated from now until may.

    Fringe players need to step up to the Mark and be counted. Noteabley SS18, EE27, D15, TR7, NB52 and MC29 need to show they want to be part of a title charge or a cup run. Were relying on our first 14 too much and these guys need to man up and show some bollocks.

    FA cup against the eel munchers couldn’t be more perfect.

  17. Will – start with a few big guns and get the game done and then rest them…

    I think Nik and Chamakh will start though and Denilson with Al in goal…

    The rest is anyones guess..

  18. Morning Steve – good read again, thank you..

    good comment – its a tough call on today and with barca and cc final looming and stoke it kind of puts this in the backgound but I love the FA Cup and want us to win this game in style…

  19. Hi Rocastle – i was wondering when your next one was coming, looking forward to it already :)

    I don’t think any will disagree re the ‘second string’ – its just a shame we have so many good ones on loan, would have loved to see Lansbury, JET and Rambo ling up today, I may have a bit more faith in then…

  20. Wengers words, one game at a time

  21. Good words, hope he’s drumming that home to the players today, today matters to us fans….

    We don’t need to be in the headlines tommorrow, unless its for a record scoreline ;)

  22. Yes, exactly Rico. If we had of had Rambo, JeT and Henri playing, I would have more faith.

    I know Wenger knows more about the game than I do but how he rates Denilson above either Rambo or Henri, I will never know.

  23. Dont worry, Denny Bendy and the rest have a knack of falling in S–t and coming out smelling of roses

  24. Nor will I Will, nor will I…

    Summer should sort a few things out…

  25. I would be happy, no delighted to see the back of Denilson, Almunia and Nik B and I have never said that except for Martin Hayes.

    I am sorry if this makes me less of an Arsenal fan but those three players are not of the quality needed.

  26. :lol: Steve, there may be some of that today …

  27. Will I will be thinking of you sitting in the cupboard under the stairs while I am watching the game!

    6 years you say? Pffft, we used to go alot more than that without winning shit back in t’day! :D

    Morning by the way. Im off, have a good un and here’s to a good Arsenal win and no flipping injuries!

  28. Will WEnger doesnt rate Denilson over Ramsey, I am pretty sure of that. If it wasnt for that thug Shawcross, we’d be seeing Ramsey getting the same treatment in the media as Jack.

    Wait till Aaaron gets back to full fitness and we’ll see him ahead of MOST our midfielders mate.

    As for lansbury, he is coming back to the 1st team squad soon enough

  29. morning dexter, i remember those days only too well….

  30. Our midfield will be scary as well and I really hope that JeT can live up to his promise and remove Nik B from the squad. Will be nice to have a big lad that has the pace to get beyond defences.

    I feel we are missing that a little, I know Theo is at last doing it but we need opposition defences to have that fear that at any second, a ball can be played through to a pacy striker.

  31. you going to the game ??

  32. And we haven’t got a pacey striker… well, we have but he plays on the wing…

  33. That is what I mean Rico. We have Theo and he is starting to show progress with his runs but imagine RvP,Cesc, Jack, Nasri and even AA sending slide rule balls through from high up the pitch for a fast striker to run on to.

  34. Don’t forget our new guy who cant get a visa,Ive seen a few clips of this guy, can’t pronounce his name yet, but when he gets his visa we will have a true matchwinner, reminds me of Ronaldo type player. Ric you will know his name i know

  35. Can only dream Will, but we have a couple of quickies out on loan, once they get their Visa’s i’m sure theo will go into the middle …

  36. Ryo Miyaichi Steve…

  37. And we have Wellington – both i hope will get their Visa this summer….

  38. I shouldnt have to much trouble remembering him when he does get a visa, perhaps he should have come over on the back of a truck he would of had benefits as well

  39. Ryo is the bit i remember – the rest i have to check Steve ;)

  40. Are we Man Utd?

  41. So no visa then,……

    Popping off for a bit, shopping :(

  42. Rico goes shopping and you lot stop talking….!.

    Afternoon all…!

  43. Afternoon wath.

  44. Hi Wath and KT

    Excited for this afternoon or on a bit of a Barca come down?

  45. Im still giddy after wednesday will.

  46. Vela scored during stoppage time to equalise the match for w.brom.

  47. I just hope we don’t do a Manchester and struggle.

  48. Boo – afternoon peoples…

  49. Hi ricolicious.

  50. I cannot believe the price of Maris Piper these days, only Man City must be able to afford them now …. :lol:

  51. Boo! Hectic few days! How’s everyone? Great one, Steve and rico. :) Lately, all of our matches are on my tv listing. Very happy about that. :)

  52. How poor are Man City?

  53. Boo to you agag – glad you enjoyed the read :)
    You always have hectic days or holidays ;) ;)

    I’m ready for this game :)

  54. Got to feed the neighbours animals then i’m back for day….

    Will, very poor ;)

  55. I will never question Wenger again.

  56. Hi, KT. Howdy? Will, Citeh are rubbish. :D

    rico, since I’m soon off somewhere soon, I’m rushing everything at work again. Sigh.

    I hope our boys are up for this one. :) I certainly am.

  57. Hi KT how’s you…. Hows the shopping go Rico…?

  58. Almunia; Sagna,miquel,squilli,gibbs; denilsong sicky ; bendy,Arsh chamakh.

  59. I thought you must be due one agag ;)

    Hi WATH, i hate it, supermarkets and me just don’t go together ;)

  60. Miquel KT??

    Wow, thats a shocker…

  61. That team could struggle in my opinion…

  62. who makes up the bench??

  63. KT, that line-up does not exactly fill me with confidence. But at least, AA and MC start. ;)

  64. Rico if that team struggles to beat Orient they all need to be sold…!

  65. Look how many are internationls…??????? Its all about attitude and application simple as that !.

  66. In my head, rico, I deserve a monthly vacation. But my bank account strongly disagrees! :) I’ve never seen Miquel play. Hmm. Would be interesting. rico, your boy Lansbury did good. :) I really hope he makes it to our first team next season. I suspect AW will recall him for the tailend of our season though.

  67. Hola, WATH. :) Howdy?

  68. WATH, that’s just it, some of them should be ;)

  69. ‘attitude and application’ – that’s another thing that worries me…

    i’m going for a big away win though, they should be out to show their worth and they should realise that their services will be require over the next few months…

    AA to get a few :)

  70. :lol: re the head and bank agag…

    I don’t know what it is about Lansbury – i really took a liking to him a few years back and just prayed he didn’t become another ‘Bentley’ – but i think he loves the club and wants only to play for us, i know i keep saying this but i think his GF set him back a season, but come the summer he’ll be a big part of our squad..

    I also think he and a couple of others may yet be called back before the season ends….

  71. Draw for the next round is in a minute…

    I want Reading away :) (after they have beaten the toffs)

  72. Allo sexy hows you AGAG….? Working on a sunday is not good…? You sure you just not gone out for a sneaky GG…? ;-)

    An early goal should set the tone Rico but it will show who’s really up for it and wants to show AW their worth when it really matters and places r up for grans with a final next weekend..?

  73. Don’t care who we get in the draw long as it’s an easy game at home !!! Now watch Mancs away come out the hat…!

  74. Of the young ones, Rambo is my favorite. How can I not like someone who chose us over United?? Lansbury seems always game! And loves dogs too! :)

  75. Hello, WATH, (fill in the blank with the appropriate adjective) man. ;)

    Worked yesterday for a bit and today a lot. :( Would you believe I have to “train” 15 people on something I know next to nothing about?? Eeeeek.

  76. nice post guys..interesting read
    dont agree with the no time for 8 or 9 changes bit
    we have stoke in 2 days in the pl then we have the final next weekend..
    i expect to see a whole squad rotation for this one..
    leyton oreint are no pushovers but they are no pl team either so as long as we apply ourselves there is no reason why we cant stroll this one even with the squad players playing..
    id hate to see another nasri incident v hudds..
    its a risk we dont need to take..
    aa chamak and nikki have enough firepower to beat these guys..
    and if they struggle again-time for a clearout in summer

  77. Easy answer AGAG, spike their coffee and they will think your brilliant…!

  78. i was being selfish WATH, i’d be able to get a ticket for the Mad Stad ;)

    Anyone who can’t raise their game for today should be shipped into the reserves and then call our loans back….

  79. Man Utd away then

  80. im having serious connection probs today..bear with me..even if i have to get back to you tomorrow ;)

  81. WATH – I blame you for that, if we win it’s off to Old Turdford!!

  82. good..
    we are on a roll..get them now and do them at their place..revenge

  83. Told ya…….

  84. Hi JJ, 4/5 yes, 8/9 is always too many…..

  85. Ah it’s little Jon in his bright lycra tight of the Walcott fan club :P

  86. always too many???
    in the pl or cl yeah
    but for league 2 comp??
    our reserves are playing for better teams than orient..
    our squad players will do them as long as they ally themselves

  87. Rico, the FA hate us so much all they wanna do is get us knocked out…!

  88. ey up wath..hows things going down at the ymca??
    and aint lycra-its pvc spandex ;)

  89. Haha, I just might do hat, WATH. ;)

    United??? Well, I was hoping for something easier. :(

    Hey, JJ. :)

  90. u scared of the big bad mancs wath???
    it’l take their first team to beat us and if they do that it will mess up their pl chances..

  91. hey agag..
    utd are easy.. ;)

    but lets get passed orient first

  92. jj, i just want us to keep on winning and too many changes can be dangerous – leeds and ipswich showed that – and we had to bring on the big boys to win it…. we cannot afford a replay but.. this side should win, if they can’t then questions need to be asked…

  93. I ain’t scared of fcuk all mate bring it on…. It’s Arsene playing a weaker team that would piss me off, the way the league going we need to go there and win and really put the wobbles on them all about momentum…!

  94. i want us to keep winning too but we didnt need nasri for hudds and he went bye bye for 3 weeks..

    orient will try kick us today they wont play us so why risk the first team…??

    let denilson get kicked in the air intsead ;)

  95. When is the next round…? date wise..?
    they could be 2nd in the league by that time ;-)

  96. Strong bench, hope they are not needed ;)

  97. March 12th WATH

  98. good point re nasri jj…

  99. excatley wath..
    utd are shit they’ll be fucking shitting themselves..
    chelsea twice liverpool and us all in the league and now us again in the cup..
    fergie will be going mad..his second string failed to ut the mighty crawley to bed he’ll need his best v us and it will thro a massive spanner in the works especially if we are ahead of them in the PL :)

  100. :lol: on Denilson, JJ. March 12, hmmmm, right after we beat Barca. :D

  101. they were shocking yesterday…

    but we will have to play our best against the mancs too, we cannot go out against them… IF we get through today ;)

  102. We need to win all the next few games get thru at Barca and then smash the mancs in the next round, the hard work starts now….! Enjoy all, back lata !!

  103. Later WATH

    Looking forward to seeing Miquel…

  104. Don’t they sell grass seed in Leyton ;)

  105. And Almunia spills it…

  106. almunia back to his best ;)two cockups after a minute
    see ya at half time

  107. dreadful – real spanish waiters spill nothing…..

  108. I am really not sure about that team.

  109. Bye, WATH. Easy on the tipple, sir. ;) :P

  110. What a sorry-looking pitch. No grass seeds, it would seem, rico. :)

  111. more like a field agag, good shot by nikki… NOT!

  112. Vela scored for the Baggies today, 90 minute goal to earn a point :)

  113. How many shots does Nik B get on target?

  114. Why does every commentator call

    Rosicky – Rosiscky???

    And Clichy – Cliche??

  115. Hold on Will, I need to take one hand out of my pocket to count……

  116. should have buried that one……

  117. Why are we the only people who can see these players are not good enough?

  118. Rice Crispy will do, rico. :D

    This isn’t looking good…

  119. i think games like this are hard Will and right now we are a bit to complacent… we need to up the tempo and play our game…

  120. :lol: agag I like Rice Crispies :)

    Its not too good on the eye right now thats for sure…

  121. We have several passengers who are with us for the wages and prestige. They need to be shipped off.

    Wenger needs to be told, it is not world class signings that kill the youth coming through, it is dross the likes of Nik B that kill the youth.

  122. This midfield is doing nothing for our strikers…

  123. Bendtner is cack, all he’s doing is getting in the way of Sagna….

  124. Its all too slow and sluggish……

    Summer Will, wait til the summer……

  125. Bendtner is woeful, and I do try to be kind…

  126. right, 1-0 from this

  127. maybe not…..


  128. Thing is Rico, we can see it but can Wenger?

    Players plainly not good enough for a PL and Cl chasing team.

    Nik B

    Maybe Rosicky if he can’t find his form.

    Why get rid of Henri, Rambo and Jet and play this dross?

  129. he is agag, i try not to slate our players during a game but some of them today just lack every thing…

    nikki’s shot just then sums him up…. shocking

  130. They go for experience Will and playing time they wouldn’t right now with us. yes they may play in the fa cup but they are playing every week on loan….

    Also, if we need them in a few weeks they will be match fit and ready to play for the shirt they love, the club they love….

    like i say, we have to wait now until the summer, we could see a few changes….

  131. what the heck, how on eath did chamakh miss…..

  132. Chamaka should score soon. It can’t be good for his confidence…

    We’re better than this. Come on, boys!!!!

  133. i just think they are taking it all a bit to easy out there, like its all a bit too much on a sunday afternoon in london……

  134. bet we end up with cesc, nasri and clichy on….

  135. This is shocking. I am sorry but Leyton are 50+ places below us. Our youths should beat this lot. This shows just as it did at Ipswich and Leeds that several players are not worth the shirt.

  136. Ring in the changes, AW!!! No more of this indifferent, gutless performance.

  137. It is Will, like i said earlier it all seems a bit too much for them – they’d rather be at home eating sunday lunch……

    i hope wenger lays in to them, big time….

  138. thats why i don’t like so many changes…..

  139. bring Eboue on for Nikki…..

  140. It is shocking and disgusting. Wenger needs to fire them.

  141. get up you wimp….

  142. I love you, Rice Crispies. :)

  143. hooo bloody rah…

    well done tomas…..

  144. rosiky head goal :lol:

  145. hi stef…

    placement got that one…

  146. hopefully we wont need the big boys now….

  147. hi rico Ignasi looks good

  148. denilSong never a good combo

  149. he looks quite steady, not sure if he’s ready for the PL though just yet…

  150. Stef, Ignasi is good-looking, too. ;)

    Song is having a stinker. What is going on???

  151. the espn pundits reckon song is the main man agag… not sure i agree… i think they are all sub standard today

  152. i wish i could meet nikki b, i’d ask him if he was francis jeffers in disguise…..

  153. song needs to stop pulling players back, he will cost us dear one day,…..

  154. He’s given away too many balls, rico. And he looks lazy. Knowing how well he can play makes tonight’s performance seem awful.

  155. this is so sad for me to say but i cannot recall the last time i was so so so so bored watching a football match involving Arsenal….

  156. nikki or song agag??

  157. If I met Nik B, I would ask him to do the decent thing and leave Arsenal.

  158. song hasn’t got the pacey players around him, when he does he steps up his game, today sadly, his game has gone downwards to the same pace etc of those around him….

  159. before or after punching him in the snozzer??

  160. Only punching if he refuses.

  161. You guys are funny. :lol:

  162. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


  164. How many fucking times has this second team let us down?

  165. well, well, well…

  166. You tell me this is not a fix????

  167. Its a fix, its all about LO getting the return leg for the money – it won’t affect our PL, CC or CL run….

  168. Fix? It is the fact that Wenger continues to play shit players who would not get in a fucking championship side.

    Wenger needs to sort his fucking ego out and ship these players who are letting us down. Not him, us teh fucking supporters who will still be here in 30 fucking years time supporting this club.

  169. someone shoot almunia
    what a useless prick that man is..
    we were on the verge of a very nice, tidy, composed, professional performance and hes asked to do one thing all game and he lets it thru his legs from more than 12 yards away..
    that was just criminal – its worse than being nutmegged from the penalty spot..

  170. Sorry Will, after watching that game i am very sure that this was going to be a draw from the off – i have no proof of course to support that theory…

    LO will get enough money from the replay to secure their side for 3/4 years…

    we, well, we will probably play a weaker side than we did today but i bet we go through….

  171. i dont know about it being a fix rico..

    but we’ll do them in the replay..your right it wont affect us we’ll just send the second team out again

    minus almunia..fuck him…

  172. Almunia… What a disaster. He should be disposed off for free. In fact, we should pay to give him away.

  173. Ipswich, Leeds and now fucking Orient.

    This second team are plainly not good enough.

  174. I’m with you rico, no subs, it makes me think that the FA cup is a money earner for both clubs, i dont know what Arsenal make at each home game, but i do know its a lot more than at Orient. At the end of the day football is a buisness and Arsenals squad is big enough to play many games. In four comps and we have had replays before a nice little earner, i believe the fans are getting turned over without realising it.

  175. Hey, Steve. Good article! Rubbish performance though.

  176. jj – almunia is not the best but even he would usually save that – its all about money…

    Steve – they will both make a lot more money at the Ems and its win win for both sides….

  177. Thanks Agag, i was expecting a twist somwhere, and while i was watching the penny dropped and i realised that the money generated wasnt that much with such a small gate, not to far to travel, a nice little earner

  178. But not for those who pay for the tickets…..

  179. Precisely

  180. money for who tho rico??
    we dont need the money..
    so unless its some conspiracy to help orient pay for their legal fees in their case against west ham i dont see why we would do it
    it doesnt help us one bit

  181. The chamakh miss convinced me….

  182. both clubs jj, we may not need it but LO do and we all know what goes on behind closed doors…

    we won’t play our first team so it doesn’t matter to us…

    i have no proof, it’s just my theory – we were so lethargic it was dire….

  183. I am telling you guys, it is that second team, many are not good enough.

  184. JJ everythings about money, you always find the succesfull clubs are normally the richest.

  185. Will, sadly they bough a few very good players down with them too…..

  186. This way Will, they will get plenty of practice

  187. All the talk this week was about LO wanting a draw, their own players said they had been told to miss a penalty chance IF it meant they could go to the Emirates…

  188. Alumina
    Nik B

    Would not get in a promotion chasing championship team.

  189. everything is about money but we are not skint…we rake in over 30mil a year as it is without selling players and without replays against div two teams…

    if it wasnt for AA clipping the wrong side of the post it would have been 2-0

    so i just think its more a case of almunia being crap than what it is we needed abit more cash…

  190. All of those players, i would agree, but they gave our first string a night off, and generated a couple of bob as well

  191. Fair do’s JJ we beg to disagree, but i do agree with us winning the replay

  192. march 2nd replay date….

  193. id add rosicky to that list and swap chamakh for nikki

  194. Will, i rid that four now…

  195. chamakh is still learning the PL way, nikki has been here for how long?? he is useless…

  196. eboue in for sagna
    rambo in for song
    ches in for manny
    other than that same team…
    we’ll go thru but we shouldnt need to play at home to beat teams like these…

  197. jj – its not about us needing more cash, its about LO… Barry Hearn is a clever man….

  198. The champions league two legger, 175.000 people for two matches, our profits will look pretty good this year.

  199. Alumina – Shea, Manonne
    Squlli – Miquel, Bartley
    Denilson – Lansbury, Coquelin, Frimpong
    Bendtner – JET, Afobe, Sunu

    We don’t need them – sell the lot and use the money to buy a player who will immediately improve our first team…..

  200. oh and TV should be back by then as well

  201. so we are clogging up our schedule to help barry hearn??
    thats the way i see it but i dont see why..

  202. There is a plus on this game i liked the look of Miquel not seen a lot of him

  203. Quite easy JJ it helps pay off the Emirates

  204. jj, its just a thought i have, i’m not saying it’s definate – i just cannot see how that side who played today could have lost that – LO were dreadful and we were as bad…..

    maybe i am too cynical ;) ;)

  205. Nte nte all

  206. steve – i was quite shocked to see him in the team – not sure he’s ready for the PL but he handled himself well, in fact i think he was possibly better than Squilli…

  207. see ya steve :)

  208. I think your all smoking your socks going on abt fixes for a replay, bottom line is we were going through the motions cos far to many can’t be arsed when they thinks its a crap lowly team they gotta go out and beat and apart from out first 15 or 16 the rest are utter shit, prime exaple and attitude Bendtner saying he totally deserves his 50k a week, more like 50k Zim dollars….! Utter cnut…! so to that prick denilson, Squilly n the waiter…! Not good enough end of and not even enough pride to turn up and beat a crap team from east london…!.

  209. Well, i will carry on smoking my socks then WATH…

    But, i still am with your thoughts, Al, Nikki, Denilson and Squilli need to go… they are shocking..

  210. Valdes has been injured today and could be out of the Barca replay….

  211. Sagna & AA must of thought what have we done to deserve to play with this lot…?
    How many tackles dind bendy pull out of and simply not go in for….. Countless…! If those players are anywhere near our club next August then Wengers has well and truly lost the plot, its crap like that standing in the way of Aaron, Lansbury, JET and a few others…..! Denilson gives my arse a headache…!

  212. I’m heading off out so good night all, catch up tomorrow….

    be good…

  213. And Song WATH….. he must have thought WTF….

    Def off now…..

  214. rico says:
    February 20, 2011 at 7:26 pm
    Alumina – Shea, Manonne
    Squlli – Miquel, Bartley
    Denilson – Lansbury, Coquelin, Frimpong
    Bendtner – JET, Afobe, Sunu

    We don’t need them – sell the lot and use the money to buy a player who will immediately improve our first team…..


  215. yeah conspiracy theorys out
    certain players just cant cut it..
    too big for their own boots
    but rambo will be back for the replay at least…

  216. I am angry again. Someone needs to speak with Wenger.

  217. i still think its a fix, i don;t care what you all think… ;) ;)

    Will – that will be a yes then…

    now i am DEF off

    good night….

  218. night rico..

  219. No more smoking Rico god only knows what you’ll come out with next… Tinny totts to win the CL…??? :P

    Every time Wenger puts out a 2nd string they fail dismally…! far to many not up for it and not good enough. End of….!

  220. i think weve been thru this before will..
    and yeah nikki
    should be got shot of
    id wanna keep aa but i think this could be his last season..
    and the only signings i would make is hazard and sakho
    the likes of frimpong rambo lansbury miquel bartley and jet should be promoted

  221. on paper wath you would expect them to do it wouldnt you…
    i mean..i can see why wenger changes things cos you would expect we dont need the first team to beat fucking leeds or hudds or ipswich or orient..these are the games we pray for cos it means we can keep our players fresh for the pl and the cl and the finals..

    even the fucking kids are playing for better teams than these lot…

  222. Get rid of those 4 and bring back the loanees.

  223. JJ says it all when a team on paper that u’d expect to beat Orient in their sleep simply go through the motions and cant be professional enough to do a proper job. It’s not the first time and won’t be the last. Far to many do it all the time. Burn the dead wood I say, lets light the bonfire. . . . . . .

  224. Pat Rice needs to man the fuck up.

  225. a big bonfire lol
    a new tradition in england
    i’ll be helping my lil un make nikki b’s manny almunias and denilsons on nov 5th… ;)

  226. If they still around in November JJ add AW to the list for wasting our wages on such talentless crap…!
    There were/are maybe cup final places at stake for next week who looked like they wanted to impress Arsene…? all to comfy with the pay packets to give a shit.

  227. If we beat Man Utd, look who is left in the cup.

  228. i expect only AA song and sagna out of that lot today to play in the final next week
    the rest shouldnt be given any game time.. until the replay

    nikkis pay packet does take the piss..
    hes on 50
    so is almunia


    get rid of those two and we can get hazard and pay him less

  229. if we get passed orient first ;)

    but yeah the manu game is perfect cos it means fergie playing his best 11 to beat us…if wenger fields this lot we’ll get slammed but if he really wants all comps we’ll see a first team and we’ll spank em

    either way it works in our favour and yeah once their out thats it..city left but their shit..

  230. Think about it, we could get a £70k a week player of we get rid of those two alone.

  231. yup
    if wenger wants to promote some of the kids he’ll need to cut the wage bill anyway cos the young guns will get new contracts to tie them down…

    there will be a clear out and as long as it aint any of the first team i dont really care who goes…

    also AA is on about 80k
    rosicky about 50

    so theres loads of room for a signing or two as well…

  232. Almunia
    Nik B

    Has to be £150k a week there. That will get a top class defender and pay Nasri some more.

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