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Messi and Villa won’t keep missing chances but will we?

That is of course according to everyone other than fans of Arsenal.

Barcelona sit top of the Spanish equivalent of the Scottish Premier League with 62 points, their nearest rival is Real Madrid who are on 57 points. In third place is Valencia on 47 points. Yep, just like the Scottish PL, the La Liga is a two horse race.

They have scored 71 goals, Real Madrid 53 goals. Ronaldo and Messi are the league’s top scorers so far, both with 24 goals and David Villa is next on 15 goals.

We sit second in the English Premiership which in most peoples opinion is the hardest league in the world to play in, the best league to play in and that’s why so many players move to England and for the money of course but the Premier League is not just a two-horse race every season, not anymore and right now there are five teams still in with a chance of winning it and we are one of them.

The highest goal scoring side in the PL is Manchester United with 57 goals and we sit second on 56 – ok, we may not be scoring as many goals as the Barca’s and Real Madrid’s but I’ll ask you this:

Discounting Barcelona and Real Madrid,

Does La Liga have teams with great goal keepers?
Does it consist of teams with great defenders and defensive units?
Does it have teams with top managers who can get the best out of their side each game?
Would Messi and Villa score quite so freely during this current PL campaign?

I don’t think the answer is yes to any of the above and that’s why it’s easy for them to score so freely in La Liga, I bet even Nikki B could score regularly in Spain ;)

Barcelona may be able to boast the best defence in La Liga but in my opinion but they don’t come up against really solid defences week in week out as we do here in the Premier League.

The pundits can sit and admire Barcelona from afar suggesting that they are so good they won’t keep on missing chances against us, they also need to realise that we missed a few good chances that night too, just as we do so often in the domestic league but one day those chances will start going in.

I hope we show that on March 8th 2011 in Camp Nou. Then every tiny minded football commentator will have to stand up and eat a huge chunk of humble pie and give credit where it’s due!

My, that would hurt them wouldn’t it…….

I want to play for Arsenal, they are better than us.......

Don’t forget, we’ve been playing well away from home this season, I’d even take a 4-4 draw ;)

Have a good day all……

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138 Responses to Messi and Villa won’t keep missing chances but will we?

  1. rico says:


  2. Steve Palmer says:

    Morning ricolicious, and everybody else of course,
    Hope your all in great mood this morning, its absolutly Hissing down here hope its better where you are. Good post again rico,you dont have to convince us rico we know how good we are, and as far as the rest who gives a fcuk. Well no game today, so as the news stated yesterday the biggest game of the weekend is Utd v Crawley, well i never Shrek against bugs looks like gardening in the rain then, what a load of crap, Arsenal youth must be playing somwhere that has to be more interesting, just watching the Barca game again, its half time and i’m waiting for the second half to start, i may just keep playing the second half all day, fcuking luv it ha ha

  3. rico says:

    Morning Steve, it’s hissing down here too, horrid…

    I’m going for a Crawley shock today when red nose plays the under 16’s and gets thrashed :)

  4. Steve Palmer says:

    That would make my weekend rico

  5. rico says:

    And mine Steve, i’d laugh my socks off for the week :)

  6. rico says:

    Love this :)

    JACK WILSHERE begged his Arsenal skipper Cesc Fabregas to ask Lionel Messi to swap shirts with the midfield whizkid.

    Wilshere, who starred in Wednesday’s Champions League 2-1 win over Barcelona, was too frightened to approach the Argentine maestro at full-time.

    Fabregas posted on his team-mate’s Twitter feed: “Can’t believe I had to get Messi’s shirt for u. U were so scared. You were MOTM so next time please ask urself!”

  7. Stef says:

    Morning all, do u still wake up with a smile I sure did.

    I even sing ten nil to the Arsenal, in my head of course :D

  8. Steve Palmer says:

    Your ahead of your time rico, superb

  9. Steve Palmer says:

    Sing it out loud Stef makes you feel even better

  10. rico says:

    Hi Stef, for sure i am still smiling……

  11. Stef says:

    I may have whispered it or sang with a yawn :)

  12. rico says:

    Theo’s folks have split up….. :(

  13. rsd says:

    didn’t know your retweets turn up in comments, look at your rico

  14. rico says:

    rsd ??? you mean the retweet earlier…..

  15. Stef says:

    About Arselona :P, some of our players say that Barsa were tired in the second half or after the hour mark.
    B52, Nasri and maybe some1 else too.
    Point is Arsenal play in a more challenging league where u play for 90 minutes and more with full intensity(or at least try too) as in the first 15th, maybe that’s why they(Arsenal players) need to be more fit.
    Are EPL teams is the new Germany from 70s when they beat the teams physique off course today’s tempo is faster then then.
    So it’s seems EPL will still dominate Europe quite sometime.

  16. Stef says:

    Rico, Theo has split up with his girlfriend? Or something else?

  17. rico says:

    Theo’s parents Stef, thay have spilt up…

  18. Steve Palmer says:

    Sorry to hear about Theo,
    Cesc could be a helping hand, his parents split when he was still at Barca, and he showed he had spirit by coming here, Wenger helped him, and Cesc has never forgotten that. So if you cast your eyes over these Blogs Theo, were thinking of you son.

  19. rico says:

    Nice comment Steve….

  20. Will says:

    Morning guys.

    Top class entry young Rico.

    In answer to one of your questions, I don’t think Messi would survive in a league filled with Stoke, Blackburn et al. Skill wise, he would own the league but managers like Pulis would tell his players to give him a “welcome to the league” tackle every time he was on the ball.

    Oh and to answer your first question. Yes.

  21. rico says:

    Hi Will, thanks – i don’t think they would survive either, what was the first question?

  22. rico says:

    I know, its in the heading ;)

  23. Rocastle says:

    New roundabout plans in Romford for 2013…..there’s Frank Lampards new job!!!

    Oh morning all!!

  24. Will says:

    Yes it was and I think my thoughts on our taking of chances is well documented.

  25. rico says:

    Morning Rocastle – poor old Frank ;)

    Will, I know, surely one day they have to start taking all the chances, i hope its 8th march…

  26. rico says:

    Go Merse, Go Merse :)

  27. Will says:

    We can not continue to create 15-20 chances a game and score 2.

  28. rico says:

    We can’t, but one day they will go in – i’m not so confident that anything will change within the so called second string though…

  29. JonJon says:

    hiya guys..just a quick one i have to go be a daddy for the day ;)
    interest post..
    its very true but like you say they missed just as many as us and we did actually out shoot them
    we had 7 shots on target they had 5
    we both had 3 shots off
    we had 4 corners they had 1
    and for all there possession they only had something like 25% of it in our third we had close to 40 in their third..
    as long as we play the same in the nou camp and restrict them to denilsons we’ll outscore them again..
    enjoy your day my good ppl…il catch you all later hopefully and come on crawley.. ;)

  30. Will says:

    I have said it before and I say it again, we need a clinical striker. I know we are scoring more than a lot of sides but we could have that Barca aura is we are scoring on average 3 a game.

  31. rico says:

    Barry Hearn…

    ‘Arsenal are one of the best teams in the world but we are the beat team in Leyton’

  32. Dexter says:

    The most difficult thing is in creatin chances, something we are uually quite good at! In van persie we have a clinical finisher, in Arshavin we have a clinical finisher, same applies to Nasri, Theo etc.

    WE will score at the camp nou, the key will be the defence, not attack IMO. And koscielny played brilliantly on wednesday and there ought to be a lot of haters eating aload of humble pie, but I doubt it.

  33. Will says:

    I saw it, have to give him A for humour but as long as we don’t do an Ipswich, we should be fine.

  34. rico says:

    I loved it Will when their manager said he was off to look at our VT from the barca game to learn something – but thought he’d be frightened….

    we’ll bury them easy tomorrow…

  35. Will says:

    Didn’t we say that about Leeds and Ipswich?

  36. rico says:

    I don’t think I did though Will ;)

  37. rico says:

    Just watching Dowd get a decision spot on, booking a chav for diving – i recall Van Bronk getting a red for falling over in the box against the dippers i think….

    we still won and it was the little ref with ginger hair who sent him off….

  38. rico says:

    Hi Dexter

    I think we’ll do it, the match has a draw written all over it… I hope we can get the away goal very early on though… then we can hit them on the break….

  39. rico says:

    Paul Durkin i think it was…

  40. Will says:

    Dexter, they are not clinical.

    How many chances to we create to how many are on target to how many we score?

  41. rico says:

    I keep believing it will happen one day….

  42. Will says:

    When it does all slip into gear, one team is going to get battered.

  43. rico says:

    Barca Will….

  44. Will says:

    I hope so Rico but I am not jinxing it.

  45. rico says:

    What will be will be out there and there is nothing we can do about it… its out of our hands….

  46. Will says:

    True but I am superstitious.

  47. rico says:

    I guess you won’t be watching the away fixture then Will? Mind you, I hope you don’t spend it where you did for the home tie…

  48. Dexter says:

    According to the CL stats we were the most clinical team in respect of shits per goal.

    And thats a fact dude! :D

    Every striker has a purple patch where they score almost every game, but it doesnt last. Torres is quite clinical at times, but he hasnt shown it for most of this season.

    I think Theo has it in him to be clinical, same with van Persie.

  49. Dexter says:

    Haha! Thats shots per goal! WE were bottom of the pile for shits per goal!

  50. Dexter says:

    Will, will you be sat croosed legged, fingered eyed etc in a darkened room hoping we prevail?

  51. rico says:

    Dexter – it doesn’t seem that way though, we miss so many….

    and in the PL we are worse…

    ‘shits per goal’ :lol: :lol:

  52. Dexter says:


    Phil dowd showed he isnt averse to making a good decision on he chav dive. Pity he wasnt so good for us vs Toon.

  53. Will says:

    Dexter, I may not even watch the game, that is how bad I am.

    Rico, I hope not as well.

  54. Dexter says:

    If we dint create chances I would be worried about tha. That is the hardes thing to do, in football. We could score more and vs Wolves we shouldve had a few more for sure.

  55. Dexter says:

    Will mate. Thats some heavy duty shit man! I am terrible if I have to watch a game on TV.

  56. rico says:

    Dexter – not just wolves….. if we converted half of our missed chances we would be clear at the top by now….

  57. Will says:

    Yeah Dexter, I am not talking CL, I am talking PL. We need to convert half the chances we create. We would have won the league by now.

  58. rico says:

    chavs and everton 0-0 extra time….

    didn’t realise that i thought it was a replay….

    good, no replay for us either then…

  59. Dexter says:

    Let’s look forward people, never look back, no regrets and all that! The ost important game is the next one dont you know! ;)

  60. Will says:

    We need a good showing against Leyton.

  61. Dexter says:

    We just need a win mate and no injuries. That will do for me. Being a few goals up and able to rest a few would b nice though!

  62. rico says:

    forgot – this is already a replay, what a chump i am…

  63. rico says:

    dexter – it still frustrates though….

  64. Dexter says:

    You stay frustrated then rico! You’ll only give yourself indigestion or something!

  65. Dexter says:

    van persie’s got something like 11 goals in 8 matches or something this calender year. Thats not too shabby.

  66. rico says:

    won’t give me any ilnesses thats for sure, just we can do better – wenger always says he wants the team to improve, well that is one way they can… by being more clinical in front of goal….

  67. rico says:

    where do you normally blog dexter??

  68. Dexter says:

    Dont really blog anywhere TBH. Dip in and out, if Im home. Got a killa hangover today so Im stoppin in! Why you ask?

  69. Dexter says:

    I read quite a few though

  70. rico says:

    No real reason, just me being nosy :)

  71. Arsenal were very solidarity, had an excellent match, although the match could have been resolved in first half. Much has been said and I will not add much more. Perhaps no one has said, but the scores of the four games, the advantage of playing at home and was almost zero in any of the games, one of the teams share the lead for the 2nd game. My opinion of AW that Barcelona is still the favorite but I believe we can be in the next phase.
    La Liga is more level than the Premier League. Indeed, there are two clubs that dominate the last 10 years, although in the last 25 years, Valencia, La Coruña, Bilbao, Rela Sociedade … have been champions. The big differences are: the Champions League (where Barca and Real are always present and will usually far away), sports broadcasting rights (the money getting transferred to these two clubs are much higher), merchandising, number of fans, rivalry historical and regional levels, etc.. In the Premiership, I think if Abramovitc has not appeared, Chelsea would be equivalent to the WH, just as the Citizens would not be where they are. For I reckon that Liverpool and Spurs are two sleeping giants. It remains to MU and Arsenal are two giants, who have enjoyed the Champions League. Without foreign investment (and it happens by the notoriety of league media …) maybe if I had in recent years and future, a duel-MU Arsenal in the English League. I think that is what Arsenal have more fans in London, followed by Totenham and Chlesea, but a long distance (and many from the latest hits). In this “club” of 6 (Arsenal, MU, MC, Totenham, Liverpool and Chelsea) supporter for their strength, I think only Everton, Villa, Newcastle and Leeds, if they could join with foreign investment.
    Finally, a championship “mixed”, I think that on average, eight teams would be English and 12 Spanish. Next post, I can explain why.
    I’m afraid of the Orient …

  72. Dexter says:

    Haha, fair do’s.

  73. rico says:

    And the ip address Dexter ;)

  74. rico says:

    Hi Joaquim,

    Good comment as usual, you say you are concerned about Orient, why?

  75. rico says:

    1-1 at the chavs – last minute of extra time…

  76. rico says:

    Penalties :) Come on Toffees

  77. Dexter says:

    Ha, nice one Baines.

    I think IOrient will b up for it tomorrow, probably a good thing we are away from home. should mean the players are well up for it.

  78. rico says:

    Could see a few changes tomorrow, not too many though i hope.. Will be Diabys last one out won’t it, is he fit again yet??

  79. Will says:

    Come on Everton.

  80. rico says:

    JT, where are you, you have to take one ……

  81. rico says:

    CASHLY COLE :) :)

  82. rico says:

    Chavs knocked out :) :)

  83. rico says:

    Could the mancs now join them, could this be like the CC run??

  84. rico says:

    norwich 1-0 down…

  85. Dexter says:

    The chavs season just gets better and better.

  86. rico says:

    Are the spuds still in this cup ?

  87. rico says:

    seems not….

  88. Dexter says:

    Ha! I thought you were bein ironic rico! They are having their best season by miles and old twitchy is a genius.

  89. Steve Palmer says:

    Did anybody notice how Barca were so confident of beating us, that they couldn’t be bothered to do their homework on us. Any team in England from the top to the bottom who do their homwork, have noticed that if we have a weakness its the highball over the top,they pack their defences and play a big guy up front and that has caught us many times. But Barca never did that, they tried to play through us at every opportunity. I expect a few hoofs tomorow though.

  90. Dexter says:

    Yet have not been in contention to win a single thing all season.

  91. rico says:

    Ha ha Dexter, i was actually being serious ;)

  92. rico says:

    I don’t think they will even get 4th place in the PL, they’ll be too wrapped up in the CL…

    Steve, th LO boss has said they will do the dirty rough (fair) stuff if needed…. :(

  93. Will says:

    Worst case scenario this season, the Spuds win the CL.

  94. Steve Palmer says:

    We have a few that can be tough, if thats the case rico.Depends who he fields.

  95. rico says:

    They won’t win that Will i am sure, i think they will get very close but i can’t see them winning it…

    i think 6/8 changes tomorrow steve, don’t want to see that many but i think wenger will be thinking about stoke and the cc final….

  96. Dexter says:

    The spuds will go out against Milan. Even tho AC are quite literally shit.

  97. Orient are afraid of the consequences of the WH move after the olimpic Games… it must show something. However, we have 2 more important games next week. At he end of the season, we must compare the matches playing.
    Yes, chelsea is knock outand now, the TV broadcast Birmigham. No chances for SW.
    Fist worst case: a London team, except Arsenal, reach the final in Wembley.

  98. Dexter says:

    I can see a lot of changes too rico. We play sunday and tuesday dont we?

    A few need a breather and some of the fringe playersneed some game time.

    I’m hoping to see Chamakh back upfront and in attack!

  99. rico says:

    Henri has scored the equaliser for Norwich

  100. rico says:

    You think Milan will get a result at SHL then Dexter, i hope so…. especially after all the comments in the week

  101. Dexter says:

    Yep Milan to win 2-1 rico.

    I am looking forward to seeing lansbury in the Arsenal 1st team next season. Really impressed with the lad.

  102. rico says:

    JM, i agree the CC Final and Barca are important but I love the FA Cup and hope AW plays a side that can a win, i believe we need to play each game as it comes and take it seriously, winning breeds winning….

  103. rico says:

    I worry about Chamakh Dexter, he’s recently said he’s struggling with the PL and is exhausted….

    Don’t get me on Henri Lansbury, I love him….. I think he will spell the end of Denilson….

  104. Will says:

    We need to keep winning. Every game you wins makes winning the next game a little easier.

  105. Dexter says:

    Chamakh will be fine, he will get used to the rigours of the Premier league alright.

    Next season we’ll have Lansbury, Ramsey, Wilshere and hopefully FRimpong in the 1st team squad. That could well push one or 2 out.

  106. rico says:

    Spot on Will

    Dexter – don’t foret we have Coquelin to come back too, he is having a great season on loan and in midfield – and Bartley…

    I only worry for Chamakh this season, once he gets used to the vast pace he settle well, we can’t forget he was thrown in at the deep end because of injuries and did himself real proud….

    Things are heading in the right direction, thats for sure….

  107. Will says:

    I honestly think we will have the deepest and most feared midfield in the PL next season.

    I can see Cesc staying as well.

  108. Dexter says:

    I havent forgot about Coquelin rico, or bartley! :D Coquelin can play right back too, which will make him even more useful. With bartley coming back we will have strength in depth in every position.

  109. Dexter says:

    Agree with both your points there Will.

  110. Will says:

    We have listed the midfield before but of we just do the first team squad.


  111. rico says:

    Its sure looking pretty good…..

  112. rico says:

    Seeing as you have all left me alone, i’m off for dinner…..

  113. Steve Palmer says:

    Had to watch it rico,
    Even in a game like this the ref is still iffy

  114. rico says:

    Ah, Steve – just emailed you…

  115. rico says:

    you watching the mancs?? I am…

  116. Steve Palmer says:

    Had to,still hoping

  117. Stef says:

    I am watching the mancs match a bit.

    Rico, Sorry about useless question earlier on i didn’t ‘his’.

    —“Finally, a championship “mixed”, I think that on average, eight teams would be English and 12 Spanish. Next post, I can explain why.
    I’m afraid of the Orient … “—
    Joaquim, I can’t see the Spanish teams dominating No way in hell. Maybe Barsa and Real will be top 4 but the others really?

  118. rico says:

    that would have been better than shreks o/h kick, what a shame steve…..

  119. Steve Palmer says:

    they have played with great heart though

  120. rico says:

    Well they did not deserve that….

  121. rico says:

    if they had a proper striker steve, they would have won that game….

    mme… bit like us ;)

  122. Steve Palmer says:

    Hope our games not as tight

  123. rico says:

    The mancs just proved they have cack behind their first team, we have some fantastic players coming through…

    i honestly believe that a side with denislon and nikki b in it will still be enough to go through…. nikki is spouting on about sorting his future out in the summer, well tommorrow i am sure he will start, if he can’t do it against LO, then he hasn’t got it imho….

  124. rico says:

    I actually wish diaby was available…

  125. Steve Palmer says:

    The future looks Rosey i must admit, and we hav’nt hat to spend Millions. I bet Romans got the hump

  126. Steve Palmer says:

    My mate has just txt me,( a man u fan) he said you can have Bepe on a free, i said no thanks you keep him,

  127. rico says:

    I bet he is well cheesed off – and don’t we love it… when you think about the money they spent to get that shower of rubbish…

    and we… well, hardly nothing and we are ready for the next ten yesr with afew tweaks here and there…

  128. rico says:

    would you want many of that manc side steve, let alone bepe…

    i thought their new keeper had one heck of a long kick on him….

  129. Steve Palmer says:

    Imagine spending 50 mill a fortnight or so ago, and still not a goal in sight. and i thought we did well with Adebayor at least he got his own back

  130. rico says:

    Thats me done for the day – off to pay full attention to dance for Comic Relief – check out Russell Kane, just so so good……

    Night all, catch up tomorrow…

    Night Steve…

  131. rico says:

    Ah, like Torres – I’d be furious Steve, i’d just rather we paid 10M for another CH…. Only to replace Squilli in the pecking order….

  132. Steve Palmer says:

    I bet he dosn’t end up as No1 though rico, they will spend i think,

  133. Steve Palmer says:

    Nte nte

  134. rico says:

    I read that Drogba and Anelka are on the clear out list in the summer so you could be right steve….

  135. rico says:

    Def off now night night …..

  136. rico says:

    monrning – new one up

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