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That top performance wins us a trip on the Orient Express! Will deadline day bring a smile to our faces?

I jest of course, to say we made hard work of the game is an understatement.

The changes we anticipated took place.

Three minutes in and Arshavin had the opportunity to give us the perfect start but a man so low in confidence fluffed his lines for not the first time this season, Bendtner followed suit a few minutes later with a poor effort from close range.

Arshavin was busy but nothing really went right for the little Russian.

Twenty minutes in and Nasri played a lovely chip towards Nikki but his effort, well, it was awful!

Soon after, Bendtner had another chance after being played in by Nasri again but this time he managed to control the ball and drive a hard shot in towards… (the corner flag) thankfully for him though, the Huddersfield defender Peter Clarke stuck a leg out and the ball deflected into the net. 1-0.

No doubt all Arsenal fans thought the floodgates would open, how wrong would we be!

Soon after we scored, Pilkington fired over a low cross from the right and Lee just failed to get on the end of it. Denilson then gifted the ball to Lee who played out wide to Pilkington – his shot went just wide passed the far post.

Same old for us, all possession but we lacked the cutting edge, Arshavin played a back heel to Nikki B but his shot on the angle was saved easily, well, he saved it!

Not too long after and every Arsenal fans fear came real, Nasri pulled up clutching his hamstring – off he went and that’s probably him out for both Barcelona fixtures, not to mention out for the league games!

Huddersfield then went close twice but we held on.

Then just before half time, Hunt had the ball at his feet, another Huddersfield player was lurking to his right in a clear offside position, but Hunt played the ball ahead of himself, went to go passed Squillaci but the Frenchman blocked his path. Obstruction thought Mark Clattenburg! Not only did he think it was a foul, he showed the defender a straight red card. No matter how many times I have watched it, it’s soft but it was right, picture the same scenario had it been one of our players in Hunts position…

Denilson filled the gap up until half time!

As expected, Alex Song appeared in the second half, Chamakh making way for the midfielder defender.

The second half was very different, in the opening minutes Arshavin hit the side netting when a cross ball looked the better option but with another chance gone, Huddersfield played with more belief. Around the fifty-five minute mark the little Russian chased back and got a crucial and perfect timed tackle in on Gudjonsson who looked destined to score.

Huddersfield then went very close to getting a deserved goal with two headed chances which were thankfully off target. Then just on the hour Almunia made an outstanding save, one that reminded me of the Spunky years, the save he made against Sheffield United sprang into my mind. I thought they had scored and then Big Al’s hand reached out and made the save.

A Huddersfield goal seemed not far away and finally it came on the 66th minute from a corner. Pilkington crossed the perfect ball into the box for Lee to head home. 1-1 and for me there looked like only one winner out there yesterday and it wasn’t us.

As expected, on came our captain in place of Diaby and again he would save our blushes!

For a player who is supposed to be no leader, his arrival sparked a bit of life into the Arsenal side, Koscielny had a shot blocked and Nikki headed over the bar. Nikki followed this with another shot over the bar and Arshavin followed suit with another shot over. We looked a little more settled but still in desperate need for a winner. We didn’t want or need a replay!

Ten minutes left to play and Denilson pulled up, clutching his hamstring! The smile on my face was short-lived, after treatment is was up and playing again. The game seemed to be heading for a replay until Bendtner was heading for goal when he was bundled over by McCombe. Two big decisions for Clattenburg, he got one right and bottled the second. Squillaci was sent off for a similar foul earlier in the game, this time the perpetrator was only show yellow.

Anyway, up stepped our little Spaniard, 2-1 and game over!

I think Cesc Fabregas being awarded the Man of the Match award says it all and if he doesn’t soon get a proper rest he’ll be the next player to pull up with an injury. No disrespect to Huddersfield but that starting eleven should have won the game on their own and not need the help of Cesc Fabregas. Were they having a off day, were Huddersfield better or is it that they are just not good enough to be trusted?

The win sees us head off on our travels to play Leyton Orient, another League 1 side! We always seem to better on our travels, we’ll certainly need to be a lot better than we were yesterday.

That’s it for the match report. I’ll leave it to you all to praise yesterday’s performance in the comments!

Oh, deadline day in the transfer window, with Squillaci now out for three matches, I wonder if Wenger will ‘try for someone’…

Have a good day…..

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205 comments on “That top performance wins us a trip on the Orient Express! Will deadline day bring a smile to our faces?

  1. Squilacci is out for one game. It wasn’t a professional foul…but obstruction is not a yellow card offence either so I’m baffled…

    Oh morning all!!

  2. Morning, I am getting more and more depressed by Wenger’s actions.

    Surely he can see there are a handful of players that should not be in this squad? Surely he can see there are several partnerships that should never be together?

    Surely he can see the absolute desperate need for a dominant centre back that can deal with high balls into the area?

    Surely he can see the need for a clinical striker who can put the hundreds of chances we create away?

    We have to stop relying on dodgy last minute penalties to get us through games. It is just so depressing and please, don’t give me that old guff that we are still in four competitions. We are in them through good play acting and blind luck.

  3. Morning Rocastle, i don’t know whether that is good or bad news, three match ban would surely make wenger buy a CH… he def won’t if it’s only one…

  4. Morning Will…

    The gulf between our first eleven and second string is too big – are these players that bad or are they just low in confidence and belief, what is it that wenger sees that we dont…

    i know he says they do this and that in training but that means nothing it they cannot perform when it counts.

  5. We won’t be getting woodgate today, ‘Arry says he’s prbably going to be playing for them after Dawson saw red yesterday….

  6. I really do fear were gonna fail again due to AW not strengthening again. His egotism may well be our downfall. Every arsenal (and other fans) know that we are 1 or 2 signings away from greatness. If song or a CB get injured we’ve had it.

  7. We need to let several people go and bring in two. Two top class players in a dominant centre back and a clinical striker.

    We need to spend, it is not hard to see.

  8. Exactly Rocastle.

    Make two signings now, we become world beaters, done’t make them and we could fall apart.

    This is where the board need to do their job.

  9. Thats just what is so crazy – so so close yet wenger is too bloomin stubborn …

    i just don’t get why he doesn’t see it… now there is talk of getting JET back, i’d get lansbury back and start playing him in these cup matches instead of denilson. how many times did he give the ball away yesterday?

  10. Morning Rico, Guys, :-)

    Very good write up. Was that yours Rico or the inestimable Oliver’s? :-) A compliment either way.

    Have you noticed when (rarely) we do shoot, the ball is scuffed, weak, miss-hit into the oppo defence, or heads for the corner flag or Row Z?

  11. Will, they won’t though, they won’t ruffle AW’s feathers at any cost. I wonder how many of our board members actually watch our games?

  12. Spot On. Gazidiz was brought In to take the burden off AW in the transfer Market. But if lord Wenger doesn’t want a player we go on with what we’ve got. Don’t buy a dmc because we dint want to kill denilson…. What a joke.

  13. Will, Rocastle,

    I understand your frustration and desperate calls for two top signings, CB and striker, but you know it is not going to happen!

  14. Red, I have been saying that since I have been on here. Apart from RvP, no one batters the ball at the corner. All the shots are daisy cutters at the centre of the goal.

    Then you get the fans saying, we have 1000% possession and 300 shots on target a game. Yes, but how many actually make the keeper earn his wage?

  15. Hi RA, it was mine…

    Will made that point a while back RA, our shots are so often weak, except Rvp who blasts every opportunity…

    We play again tomorrow, my biggest worry is Cesc and Song….

  16. morning

  17. Nikki and AA blasted a few shots yesterday, only problem was they were way off target…

  18. morning RSD, what did you make of our performance yesterday?

  19. The question Wenger has to ask himself (and answer honestly) is: Should Arsenal football club be struggling against teams like Ipswich, Leeds and now Huddersfield?

  20. Absolute rubbish which shows that the much vaunted squad is totally inadequate once the main players are not there.
    Just how bad was Gibbs.
    What has happened to Chamakh.
    I normally feel that Denilson gets criticised very un-fairly but just how inept was he yesterday.
    I am convinced that Arshavin is almost there and just needs something to happen for him.
    If the squad are as good as Wenger thinks why did he have to risk Nasri against a League One team at home.

  21. That is one of the easiest questions to answer Will, unless the person asked it has their head buried way deep in sand…..

  22. brian, i can kind of understand with Chamakh as it’s his first season and at the beginning when we had few forwards fit he did well. He shouldn’t have been playing so often and now i think it shows…

    I feel the same re AA, he’s busy enough and involved but nothing seems to go right at the moment, we need him to find his form now, with nasri out…

  23. I am not asking for wholesale changes and two £30m players in every position. I like the face we bring youths through are are self-sufficient but Christ, there are obvious deficiencies in this squad and if they are not seen too soon, the top players will leave and we start the slide down.

  24. For a few seasons now we have been saying we need, a strong GK, CH, CM, and Striker…

    The keeper situation has settled now that Chesney is in, the other three are still whats missing from this squad….

    i’d settle for just another CH right now…..

  25. Denilson is a doubt for tomorrows game….

  26. did enough to win rico

    shame about samir

    kos and seba still dont work

    eboue was good untill he falls over

    nicky starting too live up to his own billing

    aa needs yellow boots

    denilson invisble as always

    diaby lets hope he builds

    kunttingberg is can do one

    sorry for the blog post lol

  27. Wenger was asked if he was now likely to sign anyone before the deadline passes at 11pm (UK time) on Monday.

    “No,” replied the manager. “I leave these headlines to all the other clubs, but at the moment no.

    “I cannot tell you definitely [I will not sign anyone] because someone might knock at my door in the morning and says ‘I would like to play for you’ and he is a good player, because I would sign him.”

  28. Morning all, Nice write up rico,
    i still disagree with Sqashies sending off, obstruction possibly, intentional doubtful red card not in my book was the forward player going to score who knows but doubtful, free kick yes, but that’s what this blogging site is all about opinions.
    I agree with most of the comments, but whats your views on Cesc’s pleading for a red card, goes against the grain for me, Bendy went down easy for me, but i was happy with a penalty, let the ref do his job and stop the begging, i disagreed with the sending off but accepted it.

  29. But why does it have to take Cesc to come before we can win…

    i’d sell half of that side yesterday if it meant we could buy just 2/3 better players…

  30. Wenger not expecting any deals but says: “If someone says ‘I would like to play for you’ and he is a good player, I’ll sign him.” I think i might give him a call

    or he’s hinting on oxo signing

  31. Hi Steve – i don’t like any of the pleading with fer for anything, certainly not to dish out cards… it’s just wrong, i guess cesc was asking how come the defender didn’t get red when squilli did… i can understand why but i don’t condone that behaviour, let the ref just get on with it….

  32. i’d love us to get Oxo rsd, can’t see it but…..

  33. summer or loan back did you see him v utd was very good got a vid somewhere hold on

  34. but then rico we wouldn’t be on for the quad

  35. Bonjour Housers!

    First-off, regardless of what anyone else says, there was only going to be one winner yesterday.. & that was neva gonna be HudsTown. All credit to them for giving it a go et al, actually had they shut-up shop after equalizing they coulda had a shot at a replay.. & that’s the max they were gonna get.

    & credit to Rico for calling it as it is – ‘we made hard work of a game that should have been easy’. Anybody who says otherwise is just one of ‘em negative fans spilling red beans against this group of players & their gaffer, who always seem to come out in hordes after such a performance!

  36. Steve, quite right there about the penalty, looked dubious at best. But C**tenburg having awarded it, gave room for realistically appealing for a red card since it was indeed the last man situation.. & that’s just what Cesc did. The fact that we already did have a man sent-off, there was an even better reason to make that appeal

  37. rsd, he was very good, i don’t agree re still being in for the quad, look who we have oot on loan, most of them would give more than some did yesterday…

  38. Hi Rennie, you sound very confident, i didn’t feel that way when watching… :(

    we got the result but it took cesc to come on to lift the players, why does that happen?

  39. Hey Rennie, you went into spam so i just did a little edit on Clattenburg spelling ;)

  40. Rico, I’m definitely not saying that we had a good performance yesterday, but I would say that for the occasion, it was adequate.

    It is very clear to Arsene as to everyone else, that we need either Cesc and/or Nasri to drive our midfield purposefully. Having started with Nasri, Arsene was hoping to save Cesc for the day. But that plan got short-strung along with Nasri’s hammy.. So that created that void which was only filled when Cesc came one, I don’t really see what else there was to complain about.. It’s not like we didn’t create chances without Cesc (only not as many as when he is around), the problem actually was that AA & Bendy didn’t convert those chances.

    What would we have said had the penalty not been given & we were stuck with an unwanted replay?.. We’d be sitting & complaining about Cesc’s leadership qualities instead of extolling them (as we rightly do now). Lets face it, we in the blogosphere are too fickle minded to give out the right judgment on anything when we keep changing our minds with each & every result!

  41. Ooopsey!… Sorry Rico, will try n control my tongue here on

  42. Rennie, i don’t think we change our minds on Nikki and AA’s ability not to score these days ;)

    Re the penalty, i think it was stone wall, no different to what Squlli did except in was in the area… No cmplaining from me, just wish we had put the game to bed earlier…

  43. its speeled with a k *cough*

    can understand you fustration that we didnt win by 10 rico

    but with aa and nicky not getting those earlier chances and then being down to ten was always gona be a grind

    we have two tough games this week so you can understand that some of the players were thinking that out there. dont think the result was ever in doubt.

    least we didn’t draw man city lol

    or go out spuds hahahahahaha ha

  44. No worries Rennie ;)

    Reports are coming out that Fabianski needs surgery….That is not good news..

  45. rsd, i know, i’m greedy ;)

    i keep thinking that if one of those two could bury an early chance, they would hit some form, especially AA..

    couldn’t believe how easy the spuds lost to fulham, and dawson now out for three matches :)

  46. Wenger took a bloody Risk and i think we might be running a risk of getting our star players injured .I know Wishere and RVP had to be rested but Nasri could have being rested as well.

    Daiby could have played and that just shows the reality of how we might not be able to compete in all four fronts.

    I have said it before , i think Wenger should forget Champions League and concentrate on the remaining 2 possible cups. We need not worry about carling cup because we are in the final anyways.

    NAsri’s injury is a blow to our campaign and i hope Wenger doesn’t rush him back. We need Rosicky to get over his illness and Wilshere to saty fit than ever.

    Fabregas is going to be a very very busy guy.Arshavin should be made to play instead of Nasri now in the Middle(his favourite position).

    We play again tomorrow- madness, who said Christmas fixtures was the craziest?

  47. Hi SD, Diaby did play ;) ;)

    Wenger syas he wishes he had risked Nasri but theres nothing to say he wouldn’t have suffered the same in the next game…. i hope AA plays more central, he says thats where he’s best, maybe that would finally kick start his season….

    tomorrow, then saturday and then a week off, thank goodness we didn’t draw yesterday…

  48. Spot on SD, even Arsene acknowledged that he was not keen on starting with Nasri.. I guess that’s how our luck’s been going for the past 4 seasons.

    Still the situation is way betta this season. Nasri will be a ginormous miss, no doubt, but a confident AA firing on all cylinders should ease our worries a lil’ bit. I just wish our fans would really start to cheer him on from now on & remind him that we all still love the lil’ guy & that we do count on him to deliver!

  49. I could start a rumour, my garden is on the flight path between southampton and london – a red and white helicopter has just flown over, i wonder if the Ox was in it being flown into The Emirates :lol: :lol:

  50. I’m sure that if Arshavin was on form Nasri wouldn’t have started yesterday…

    What worries me right now even more is whats happening at the back, we cannot have Song playing there, hopefully JD will be ok for tomorrows game….

  51. ‘morning all…who needs me with the fine match report rico did? i did not see the match – still haven’t – but from all i infer, there is little to be happy about.

    it is what it is…we got the win, but it is difficult not to think that some of the players who performed so dismally yesterday will play more and more of a role in our first team as the inevitable (samir already bitten) injuries and suspensions start to bite.

    we should see a strong eleven – minus samir of course – for everton’s visit tomorrow.

  52. morning oliver, i need you, we all do :)

    i honestly think its a case of players thinking a match against a side so far away from us down the league is won before it’s began…

    as for the injury to samir, its rotten news and i just hope we don’t pick up any more to crucial players…

  53. look on the bright side, when nasri is fit and healthy again it should be CC Final time and the race for the PL….

  54. Its that walk time for me, back in an hour….

  55. aguero re-signed with atletico…not that we were in for him – we weren’t – but the spuddies were…that’s one less forward on the market for them…

  56. How about this for a bit o’ fun Rico.. “Wenger in with a last minute bid for Jamie Carragher!!!”

    Come to think of it, he’s on the wrong side of 30, from a supposedly big English club oop north, doesn’t speak English (not any that I can comprehend).. I say he’s perfect!

  57. Firstly, please can we say Nik B is coming good. He is not, one good goal and one wildly deflected goal do not make him a striker. He is so plainly not good enough. he needs to leave.

    Rennie, adequate is not Arsenal standard and if you are happy with it, sorry for you. We should never settle for “adequate”. Adequate is 4th place. Adequate is a semi final.

    Do you want this for The Arsenal?

  58. Rico, i meant Daiby could have played Nasri’s role.

    Everton looks very strong, we should take this game very seriously

  59. Willie, to be honest Clubs can’t really afford to be selling their players anyhow so Wenger cant just sell Bendtner.

    HAve you seen what is happening at Chelsea or Liverpool?
    We should all thread carefully because RVP, Walcott and Fabregas could be injured (God Forbid ) anytime and if we are now without BEndtner or Denilson , what will we do then ?

  60. Please don’t call me Willie.

    Of course we can afford to sell, we have the much vaunted youth set up producing world class talent. Give them a chance.

  61. Rico,

    I agree with you re the Bendy penalty. Stonewall! :-)

    Hi Oliver, I asked Rico earlier who had written the Post because I could not be sure. You and she are dovetailing very well. Rico’s was excellent just like your’s are. :-)

  62. I cant believe i typed Willie it is a relex man , my bad.

    The youth are not ready for the next 4 months ,there is a big challenge ahead.

  63. Will;I cant believe i typed Willie it is a reflex man , my bad.

    The youth are not ready for the next 4 months ,there is a big challenge ahead.

  64. I cannot believe Seb Larrson could be joining Citeh…. Oh yes, we let that one go….

  65. No problem SD.

    Can we all please stop calling Nik B a striker?

  66. :lol: Will…

    Looks like Torres is going to the chavs then :(

    Benzema was awful for RM last night, go get him Wenger, we could re-ignite his career…

    Spuds in late bid for Forlan….

  67. rico, why do our favorites go to the most hateful clubs???? Eeeeeeeek.

  68. It is annoying when you see Tottenham getting the players they need to push on and Wenger stating for the millionenth time that we don’t need to buy when we plainly do.

  69. Hi agag, i don’t know, its not good news about Torres is it….

    Hey Coadsi, how you doing?? Long time and all that….

  70. Hi all.i have maintained we won’t sign anyone and it looks that i was right.we face barca in a few weeks so allow me to give some stats.barca have scored 401 goals in 157 games under Guardiola.they have also won 15 league games on the trot which is a record which had lasted over 50 years set by Alfredo di stefano’s madrid in the 60’s.

  71. Indeed Will, Forlan would be a great buy if they get him….

  72. Hi KT, don’t go scaring us like that… i am dreading those two fixtures….

  73. i know Rico, i am here suffering in silence (thanks to AW and the board)and waiting for the inevitable over the coming weeks. thanx for the info KT, need that

  74. Newcastle have said they will sell Andy Carroll for £35 Million, that is pure madness……

  75. I don’t think all is doom and gloom just because Nasri is injured, its a massive loss but now someone else has to step up – maybe Diaby will, maybe AA will, we’ll know tomorrow night who Wenger will fill the gap with….

    I hope its AA..

  76. Got to pop out again, back in a bit…..

  77. We are going to go back and back if we don’t get the players it is obvious we need.

  78. Coadsi, you know where we are now :)

  79. Fantastic post rico.it was oliver-esque.Rico we need to face the facts.barca at a certain point this season scored 31 goals before conceding 1 which they conceded in the 5-1 demolition of Espanyol.they have not dropped a single point away from home.the only dropped points were a draw to mallorca and shock loss to Hercules at home.

  80. Lionel messi at 23 has 164 barca goals placing him 4th best in their history.

  81. I keep hearing the same things about Arshaven, going through a bad spell, and he’s coming out of it, well i am not an expert i know, but i have watched him for half of this season and to be honest he has got worse not better, how people can give this player so much headway, does my brain in.
    Before RVP and Bendy came back and Chamakh was put out to grass, and i hear fans say he is shit sell him, he scored his share of goals at the start of the season where others didn’t, in my mind Bendy has never been quality RVP Has only just started scoring, but he’s been out best part the season, and Chamakh cost nothing, Chamakh has not said a word, but he must be sitting on the bench watching bendy hit the corner flag,and watching Arshaven making up the twelfth man for the other side, and thinking to his self wot the f- – k is going on here. And i think the same

  82. Barca have already scored 104 goals this 2010/2011 season.

  83. i know exactly where we are Rico hence my comment…..”waiting ….over the coming weeks”. to be honest i did not expect Nasri to last the entire season without being injured. i hope AA23 will not just step in but step up his game as well. diaby………sigh

  84. Forlan is the right foot equivalent of rvp.he strikes the ball so sweetly.his technique is excellent at this.

  85. Nasri unless he suffers a setback won’t miss both barca ties.the 2nd leg is 3 weeks after the 1st leg by which nasri should be fine.

  86. And you both have made my point about teh need for a clinical striker for me.

  87. I dont understand all this clubs Panic buying.
    A club that still wants to buy another striker after Drogba , Anelka and KAlu is a joke.

    1. buying Torres is not going to solve Chelsea’s problem because he is not in form right now and he seems to be plagued by his injury.

    2. although Torres seems to have being passed fit but it still looks like he is still suffering from injury.

    Liverpool had to buy a striker but i would have settled for Suarez and buy descent attackers at £15mill. Buying Carrol is a risk he might not perform on the big stage- Walcott is better than him and he is not worth £35mill.

    3. Liverpool did a good move on buying Suarez but Carol for £35mil ? They don’t even have the money , their account is as red as their Jersey .

    4.Newcastle must be laughing right now because they have done well in the last 3weeks without Carol.

    5. Some Clubs just feed on the Media this Carol guy only has 1 cap for England for God’s sake. Are we in a different planet or are some people just terrible in decision making ?

  88. Heloo Rico, all things you said was right.. and yet another window closing day

  89. 35mil for caroll is a joke.

  90. 35 mil for him is beyond a joke, that makes Cesc priceless, but we already knew that.

  91. 35 mil brought us our entire first 11!Aw is really a genius.

  92. Hi, KT, STV, SD, Coadsi. Ou trf window (in)activity, while expected, is depressing. :(

    KT, for some reason, I have no Barca fears. They’re not infallible. ;)

    The Carroll valuation is staggeringly… silly. Seriously? No wonder Liverpoo is in doodoo.

  93. Hey AGAG, for me no barca worries too.. our man RVP is there too. Cant wait to see how he behave to barca

  94. I have no Barca fear as I fully expect to get tonked.

  95. We have Wilshere too :)

  96. Caroll has only played HALF A SEASON in top flight footy!…and we thought 24 mil for Bent was a joke.no wonder Platini is concerned about spending in the EPL.

  97. We can thank Chelsea and Man City for this.

  98. Boo,

    Coadsi – I meant Highbury House, not AFC ;)

    Hi STV :)

  99. They can all waste their money how they wish, i just wish we could get a CH before 11pm…

    KT, spot on re the spending and yes Will, City and Chavs are too blame, now Liverpool are following suit….

  100. Arsenal’s growing injury list may force Arsène Wenger to recall some of the players he has sent out on loan.

    Seventeen young Gunners are currently picking up valuable experience away from Emirates Stadium with Henri Lansbury (Norwich), Jay Emmanuel-Thomas, Aaron Ramsey (both Cardiff), Craig Eastmond (Millwall) and Carlos Vela (West Brom) involved in recent short-term deals.

    Wenger often extols the virtues of the loan system but he is wary of leaving himself short of options during a busy period for the Arsenal first team after Samir Nasri and Denilson both damaged hamstrings during Sunday’s win over Huddersfield.

    “Denilson looks to have a hamstring problem but certainly less serious than Nasri,” noted Wenger. “But I have given a few players on loan, I might recall some.”

    Exactly who he recalls will depend on the conditions of each individual loan deal.

    “We have Jay Emmanuel-Thomas, we have especially Henri Lansbury who has gone on loan. I can [recall Kyle Bartley] but he has not played at all in the Premier League,” said Wenger.

    “It is difficult at the moment. Ramsey is out on loan for one month. If it is a month you have to wait for the month unless we have exceptional injuries, then you can have the request [to recall a player]. But Ramsey needs games so even if you recall him he needs first games before he plays.”

  101. Re Barca, i seriously think we should send the same side that played yesterday against them, concentrate on the CC, FA Cup and league….

  102. Will, Lansbury, get Lansbury back, look how well he played against the spuds in the CC, he’d put his body on the line for the club he loves…..

  103. I agree Rico.

    I would rather a player like Lansbury play and learn but at least work hard than have Denilson stroll around the pitch thinking he is king cock.

  104. Ok apologies Rico, i like ur strategy rico so when we get slaughtered we just quote AW ” ze team was really young” ……”showed great mental strength” blah blah blah

  105. So would I Will, he’s an Arsenal fan and Arsenal player, same with JET.. I don’t honestly think Lansbury has too much to learn, he just needs some fine tuning…

  106. Yep, sack Nik B off and replace him with JET.

  107. Coadsi, i just want our great manager to wake up and realise that yes, we have a fantastic 11-15 players but after that we are lacking….

  108. Coadsi, no need to appologise either, was pulling your leg… :)

  109. thats the point rico, our overpaid dross far outweighs our quality players. sell the dross, use their collective income and bring in quality players. i am talking about the youth set up as well, alot of those youngsters simply have to go, they are not good enough. but yes i think if Lansbury got half the paying time the Denilson gets he would be twice the player.

  110. When you going to write a post for HH Coadsi – you know you want to :)

    Agree re the playing time – Lansbury deserves too, he’s been patient but another side will soon come in for him if AW is not careful. Look at Watt too when we played Leeds, he looked sharp…

  111. Rumours have started about us trying to loan Given as Fabianski needs a shoulder operation….

  112. Just seen this ‘Being an Arsenal fan during transfer deadline is like a kid in detention watching other kids play’.

  113. Nacer Barazite has left us, he’s gone on a free to Austria Vienna……

    I always thought he would make it with us…..

  114. i would just rant rico it would be too depressing

  115. KT, i read that too…..

    Coadsi, rant on and send it in, it wouldn’t be depressing…

  116. Another one, ‘Torres was due to arrive at chelsea hours ago but andy gray said its because the female pilot knew nothing about aviation’.

  117. According to young guns Miyaichi to Feyenoord and Sunu to Lorient…….that makes how many players on loan now?

  118. :lol: KT, that’s funny….

  119. There may be something to that rico as i’ve seen that city are after cagliari gk federico machetti.

  120. 14/15 i think…. and how many of them will make it at AFC i wonder….

  121. Where does that leave Al then KT, no suggestion he is on the move at the moment and times pressing on…

    One CH Arsene, just one CH, that’s all we are really asking for this window…..

  122. An Arsenal couple recently purchased the new FIFA 12 video game.when they set it up at home the wife decided to give the new game a try but when the game started Andy gray said ‘get back to the kitchen woman!’

  123. You after a job a Sky Sports KT ;)

    By the way, I am in the kitchen so be careful ;)

  124. This is as depressing as most windows are for us.

  125. bonjour mon amigos..
    rico one has emailed one..one hope one received it ;)
    feel priveledged.. ;)

    35+for carrol lol thats just fucking silly
    torres for 50 thats even sillier..he’ll be crocked in a fortnight..

    come on arsenal pull something out of that hat of yours..maybe a defender would be nice..

  126. Will, tell me about it….

    Hi jj – oops, best i go check my emails, i’m getting as bad as you…. ;)

  127. Imagine this ‘Arsenal pull out Lucio out of the hat on deadline day’…zzz who we kidding,’arry is as likely to pay his taxes than us pull that off.

  128. its about 18 players on loan Rico and of that total i am not sure 10 of them are arsenal quality ( well let me rephrase that because alot of players currently in the first team i don’t regard as arsenal quality) but i am not sure they will make it at arsenal.

  129. lucio..
    thats a good shout, his not been mentioned a while is he still at inter with samuel??

  130. Hi jj.Samuel damaged his knee and is out for the rest of the season.

  131. The striker I would like at Arsenal is Eto’o

  132. Amidst all the deadline day drama Sir Alex Ferguson has come out to quash speculation about one of his players,’Howard webb is not for sale at any price.the FA should find another cow’.

  133. Amen to that will.

  134. chelsea letting the money flow now :(

  135. Coadsi, i rate our first team :)

  136. jj, haven’t they for a few years now….

  137. not really..
    not any serious cash..50 for torres plus 20 for that CB they have spent that for a bit i dont think

  138. I am sorry but how does it foster better competition when you have a couple of teams who can spend millions without the fear of going out of business?

  139. that 20m is for two players from benfica jj, matic and luiz…

  140. I hope they all get to their new clubs and pull up with a hamstring injury in their first game…. that would be football karma..

    the money is hideous, not one of them is worth what is being paid…..

  141. Stolen from jeorgebird’s site

    Arsenal’s loanees:

    Benik Afobe-Huddersfield Town- end of season

    Kyle Bartley-Sheffield United- end of season

    Pedro Botelho-Cartagena- end of season

    Francis Coquelin- Lorient- end of season

    Craig Eastmond- Millwall- end of season

    Jay Emmanuel-Thomas- Cardiff City- end of season

    Samuel Galindo- Salamanca- end of season

    Gavin Hoyte- Lincoln City- end of season

    Henri Lansbury- Norwich City- end of season

    Vito Mannone- Hull City- end of season

    Aaron Ramsey- Cardiff City- February 26th

    Mark Randall- Rotherham United- end of season

    Gilles Sunu- Lorient- end of season

    Armand Traore- Juventus- end of season

    Carlos Vela- West Brom- end of season

    Sanchez Watt- Leeds- end of season

    Wellington- Levante- end of season

  142. How can the authorities allow Chelsea to spend £70m they have not made?

  143. nope..your right rico
    and its this sort of behaviour that stops us from signing big names cos we cant compete with that…
    and who in their right mind would pay 35 for carrol…
    you wouldnt want to compete with that..

  144. at least three of them can get into our cup teams…

  145. Will, they are doing it now before the ruling comes in, but it’s wrong, very wrong. Not because they are spending its about just paying totally over the odds of what a player is worth, the dippers are just as bad with Carroll….

    As much as i’d love Torres in an AFC shirt, £50M is silly money, he could be injured in his first game and then what….

  146. will
    cos romans probably give them another 70 to keep off his back..
    nobody gives a shit..
    weve covered this before but those new fair play rules wont be coming into effect for at least 3 years
    so theyve been given the green light to do what the fuck they want in the meantime..

  147. my cuz in the capital is playing tricks on me i think
    hes just text me that hes just seen rual albiol leave the ground..
    i wish he wouldnt do this to me.. :(
    he does it every window..last year he said blaise matuidi was there and that turned out to be dogshit..

  148. the tit ive just seen it on newsnow..
    its a good job hes miles away ;)

  149. jj, your cousin is a bad man….

  150. hes a joker..cried wolf too many times…he abuses the fact he lives around the corner to wind me up every window…
    but thats just breaking my heart :(
    albiol would be perfect right now..with TV injured and squidgey absolute crabbage

  151. Torres deal confirmed pending medical, wouldn’t it be funny if he failed it :)

    Is he a gooner too jj, he needs a slap ;)

  152. Re Albiol

    The Gunners have had an initial enquiry over a loan move rebuffed by the Spanish giants but will now make a renewed attempt to bring him to London. They will suggest that a clause is inserted obligating them to make the move permanent if certain criteria are met – such as number of appearances – before the end of the season. If that is again rejected they will table a cash bid of around £8m.

    Arsenal’s need is great with Thomas Vermaelen still out with a Achilles injury and Sebastien Squillaci’s suspension leaving them with just two senior centre backs in Laurent Koscielny and Johan Djourou. They see Albiol as a ready made replacement and with the Spaniard making just eight appearances for Real this season, with manager Jose Mourinho preferring Pepe and Ricardo Carvalho ahead of him, it is thought that he is happy to try his luck elsewhere.

    With just hours to go until the transfer window closes, Arsenal will have to do their wheeling and dealing very quickly indeed.

  153. jj, did you cousin start this story…… ;)

  154. Hey, i have a thought, maybe Newcastle will now offer £20 million for Nikki B ;)

  155. news now says 17 mil rico, would you take it were u the one in charge?

  156. lol..
    he probably read it and thought he’d have a laugh
    probably thought i was still at work so i dont know whats going on
    i took my digi radio today so i could listen to what was happening but the battery went at 10am and i forgot my charger :(
    been going out of my mind i dont think ive got home so quick
    dont know why though i bascially have the same routine every window deadline and im more often than not left dissapointed…

  157. Coadsi, 17M for who? If you mean for Nikki then yes, I would bite their hands off – is that seriously on newsnow, i hadn’t seen it when i made my naughty comment

  158. jj, i’m the same, why do we do it to ourselves….

  159. That is what I have said, UEFA have given these cheating clubs enough time to get their squads in order. It should have come into effect straight away.

  160. Will, you are talking about UEFA, they do nothing reasonable….

  161. Off to get some dinner, back in a bit……

  162. From YG’s

    Kyle Bartley is in talks over a loan move to Scottish Champions Glasgow Rangers, according to news outlets North of the border. The centre back is currently on a season long loan to Sheffield United.

    Bartley has been a regular for the Championship strugglers but news broke this evening via Scottish site The Daily Record that Rangers had been in touch over a loan switch until the end of the season. The transfer has since been confirmed by Arsenal’s Benik Afobe via his Twitter page.

  163. bartley was once regarded as the next sol
    i dunno about that one but hes defo a good prospect

  164. Wouldn’t be a bad move jj but we cannot let him go, he’s going to be good and maybe even a soon as next season, he’ll be pushing for a cup place at least….

  165. If the Albiol story’s true then it could turn out to be significant in our title push..

    But does the story have even an iota of truth to it, or is that some fabricated piece of crap?

  166. rennie
    i think its the latter unfortuntely..
    every media outlet have ‘spies’ ie reporters at every single ground in the pl..
    even with arsenes cloak and dagger approach on transfers, its highly unlikely any new player would not be spotted..especially today
    mayb if it was any other day but not today…

  167. yeah rico i would be dissapointed if we lost bartley right now..
    at least give him a chance..
    wenger has set a precident now with denilson
    if he can give him more than 100 chances he can sure as hell give bartley a go, same goes for jet, frimpong, lansbury etc
    i would not be best pleased if wenger lets any of them go before the crabbaged one

  168. hey rsd
    long time no see buddy..

  169. Hmmm.. thought so too JJ

    Guess its time for us all to pray to the Gods for JD & Kozzer’s fitness for the rest of the season (atleast for Arsene’s sake since he’s the one risking it). After all thats been said & done in this season so far, I never coulda imagined even in ma wildest nightmares that our hope of a multi-title haul is literally at that duo’s feet

  170. things everyone?
    yeah you know stuck on twitter

  171. apparently we lost barazite to vienna on free transfer in the last hour
    with all these loans and with wenger releasing players on a free could he be making space on the wage bill i wonder??
    could be in for a shock yet
    i see sahko for 10mil at 10-30 tonight.. ;)

  172. JJ, is there any news on the Alex Chamberlain front?

    Not so eager that he should join us in this window, we could go back for him in the summer.. But personally I’d hate to see him go to Ol’Shitford

  173. rennie – its rubbish and its jj’s cousins fault ;)

    jj – please keep up :lol:

    rico says:
    January 31, 2011 at 5:47 pm (Edit)

    Nacer Barazite has left us, he’s gone on a free to Austria Vienna……

    I always thought he would make it with us…..

  174. rsd, whats being said on twitter?

  175. i hope the medical staff are right about TV..
    if he breaks down again and we are left with squidge as our only backup we are going to struggle
    i have visions of jd being crocked before the barca game and a situation where we have to use squidge or song having to be pushed back.. a defence with squidge or a midfield without song v barca isnt even worth thinking about
    so its a massive massive huge risk if we dont reinforce in this window

  176. thats been on the cards for a while jj about barazite dont know why have to ask @jeorgebird he looked great.

    have you heard the funnies

  177. Well we could hope for something JJ, well at least for another hr or two.

    And regarding Barazite, he was gone a long time ago. I think Arsene had decided that he won’t make it here when he didn’t play him for most of the pre-season. So that’s not really clearing some space for a new arrival. But still…

  178. sorry rico lol ;)
    im always sloppy at catching up…

  179. best of twitter rico

    Oh dear . . the biggest loser of the transfer window http://bit.ly/gZ9QAe

    February is going to be a month of bitter reflection Tyneside, to be fair. http://is.gd/pg1vDQ

    Chelsea’s operating loss for year revealed today as over £68m … good day for burying figures in other headlines

    Breaking News: Torres Chelsea deal breaks down after John Terry fails to agree personal terms with Torres’ wife….

  180. you know me jj, just jesting – i have replied by the way ;)

  181. last comment in mod two links can do i have to repost

  182. it counts on the wage bill though
    with all our players out on loan and with barazite and even nordviet leaving earlier..
    i reckon we could have created a 30-40k void on the wages..at least until the end of the season
    it gives wenger room to work without the worry of tipping the scales…
    the transfer fee wont be a problem we have the dosh its just if we can fit them in to our strict system
    i think we can and hes got an hour to do it..

  183. Chelsea’s operating loss for year revealed today as over £68m … good day for burying figures in other headlines

    Breaking News: Torres Chelsea deal breaks down after John Terry fails to agree personal terms with Torres’ wife….

  184. Congratulations to Paul Konchesky who has joined a club that have won European Cups. Unlike Fernando Torres, who hasn’t.

    February is going to be a month of bitter reflection Tyneside, to be fair. http://is.gd/pg1vDQ

  185. Oh dear . . the biggest loser of the transfer window http://bit.ly/gZ9QAe

  186. rsd – you are out now :)

  187. oh and final one i promise

    With us not involved, this transfer window is weirdly entertaining – like watching a demented brawl from the far side of the pub.

  188. well do always like 2 check in at home mum xx

  189. rsd, i want what you are drinking ;)

  190. got a rare clip of andreys last ditch tackle v huddersfield if you want. maybe we can play him at the back instead.

  191. I meant out of moderation rsd :)

  192. RSD thanx 4 the link… Its absolutely beautiful to see those hoofers from Merseyside with egg on their cherry red faces. What a LOSER!, just gotta love it!

  193. i’m off for the day guys…

    be good and stay safe… no ch for us then :(

    Nighty night

  194. this was even better from saturday night http://twitpic.com/3ugbws

  195. why doesnt anyone want denilson ;)
    that would be as good as a new signing if we sold him tonight

  196. Morning
    :lol: jj, we don’t either…

    New Post up…

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