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How could you say such a thing Bouldy?? Huddersfield in Town today……

Ok, a bit tongue in cheek about Steve Bould. According to old favourite Paul Merson, a little while back the two of them were sat talking about the up and coming players at Arsenal and Merse asked who was going to be the ones to watch.

Bouldy said:

We’ve got this boy called Jack, he’s going to be a top, top player. You won’t believe how good he is going to be.

He said he was so good, he reminded him of Gazza (Paul Gascoigne for those who didn’t know)

Gazza was a great player in his day but sadly his off field antics were to be his downfall and I’m sure he ever truly got from the game what his talent and ability deserved. Wilshere has had a couple of brushes with the law which I hope has taught him a lesson and hopefully now he’ll settle down and not follow in the footsteps of a few English players who have appeared more times in front of a magistrate than they probably did their headmaster/mistress!

Thankfully Jack is reported to be tee-total, phew! I think he’ll will be better than Gazza and if he keeps his head screwed on, he’ll play for many more years that Gazza did.

On to today, we’ve already covered the connection between the two sides playing today and the sentiment behind that connection but when kick off arrives, that needs to be forgotten. We are in all four; we want all four so forget the so-called ‘gulf’ between the two sides, approach Huddersfield as if it were Barcelona, focus and get the right result. We don’t need a draw, we need a win.

I love the FA Cup and I’m sure we all want another date at Wembley so the team best not think this is done and dusted before it begins. It isn’t! Huddersfield will come to The Emirates with nothing to lose but they will also be very aware of the fact that Arsene Wenger will make changes, many changes!

To be fair, we all hoped the changes would be made today rather than in the midweek game just gone, so we can’t really moan today can we?

I don’t know much about Huddersfield FC and I’m not going to pretend I do, my knowledge ends at the Herbert Chapman connection and that’s no disrespect to our opposition. Their leading scorer Jordan Rhodes is out with an ankle injury and our teenager Benik Afobe cannot play whilst on a youth loan. Huddersfield are also without their defender Tamas Kadar with hamstring trouble.

Huddersfield are 45 places below us in the league but this is the FA Cup, league standings mean very little.

The last time we met was in the 1993/94 League Cup, we went through in the end 6-1 on aggregate. The last time we lost to today’s opposition was in 1971 but we have never lost to them in a cup competition!

Speculation is that Almunia will make his return today, as will Squillaci. Diaby and Rosicky are also in contention for a return. I think both Djourou and Koscielny could be rested and young Miguel will make his first start but I could be wrong; after all, I’m just ‘some woman off the internet’ ;)

On that note, that’s it – changes yes, they are needed but I hope those who get their chance today play well, certainly well enough to take us into the next round of the FA Cup. I also hope a few of the big boys are on the bench, just in case.

Have a good day all, don’t forget it’s an early start – 12.00 here in the UK.

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282 comments on “How could you say such a thing Bouldy?? Huddersfield in Town today……

  1. ricolicious.. ;)

    nice one rico…
    i said a while back that jack reminds me of a cross between gazza and paul scholes..he has the skills of gazza, and he has the vision and tenaciaty of scholesy..

    with everton only a stones throw away i dont think wenger will play any of his first team and with hudds a few tiers down and us at home i wouldnt lose any confidence if he does..

    lets get passed these terriers and fingers crossed for a home tie v crawley or orient.. ;)

  2. Jack is far from tee-total! Only a few weeks ago he was out with some friends of mine in Cambridge. Jack was the first person buying the jäger bombs and flashing his money around!

  3. Morning all.rico you’re doing a fantastic job.jj i hope you’re daughter is fine.i posted yesterday jj about universal players just after you left.if you could take a look and tell me what you think as the likes of ‘woman of the net’ went zzzzz…

  4. morning jj, he’s def got the skills and trickery of gazza, always saddens me to think about how gazza’s career went – even though he was a spud ;)i know what you mean about scholes too, the no nonsense approach…

    i still worry at the thought of almunia in goal though…

    Crawley would be good … ;)

  5. Morning all,
    I have no doubts the old woman on the internet will give as good as she gets.
    A weakend team out today, but should be enough to push us through, would be nice to see some of our youngsters on,but would like to see the old Fergie tactic of a strong bench, hopfully not needed but just in case, and if needed come on early

  6. morning KT :) i will…

  7. Phil, is that for real?? He says he’s t-total, mind you, i say i am too ;)

  8. Morning Steve – i have the advantage of the ‘eject’ button ;)

  9. KT, is this the one??

    K-TR7 says:
    January 29, 2011 at 11:28 am (Edit)

    It was also interesting to hear Aw say he hates midfielders that can only either attack or defend.that should settle the clamour for our fans for us to sign the ‘next makelele’.Arrigo Sacchi has always been an advocate of universal players.his milan team in the late 80s played 4-4-2 but all the players had to know how to attack and defend.he said the man with the ball is the playmaker when they attack and the striker is the first defender when they lose the ball.he explained this ideology with the example of how makelele at madrid was just a specialist at defending while zidane was an attack specialist.this meant that both were useless when circumstances forced them to reverse their roles.am glad we don’t have specialists in our team as more often than not leads to ‘broken teams’ such as Maradonna’s Argentina.

  10. Fergie got lucky didn’t he…..

  11. hes only 19..
    i think most lads will admit at at age we were doing much the same and worse…
    and tbh i dont care what his antics are off the pitch..
    hes doing the biz on it and thats what counts..
    big tone would turn up to training pissed…he would play with hangovers and none of us really gave a shit cos he did the biz and lead us to glory..
    weve got to give jack some space and let him get it out of his system now..

  12. Yes it is rico.

  13. GG would put up with though jj and it was a different mentality back then, my worry is that wenger will at some stage give up on him, IF he continues – i personally think he’ll calm down, like you say he really still only a kid but on the pitch is where it counts and there he’s being a man….

  14. I can’t see how torres and drogba can be integrated in the same team.i see a shevchenko sitiuation again.before going to the chavs he was 3rd in the Ballon d’Or awards and was set to break CL goalscoring records but after joining the chavs it all went downhill.chavs play 4-3-3 and both drogba/torres are CFs with none of them versatile enough to play wide.you can’t have 2 alphadogs in such a sitiuation.if they play 4-4-2 diamond lampard is wasted at the tip of the diamond/left and they lack natural width.unless drogba suddenly becomes a substitute this move won’t work.if i were RA id go for a WF such as pato/aguero who are versatile enough to play across the forward line.

  15. KT, re your comment which is interesting, does Denilson really do either well… i don’t want to sound like i’m beating him with a stick, but he doesn’t really do either that well but then i guess thats why he’s not a first choice player…. like i said yesterday, my own belief is that Frimpong will push him further down the pecking order, as could eastmond if he pulls his socks up…

    We also cannnot rule out Coquelin either when he returns or lansbury next season…

  16. ktr i read that yesterday and i thought it was a fantastic insight..
    i have plenty of time for bloggers who offer such insight and to be honest im amazed how your brain works sometimes..
    i used to be one who wanted specialist players…
    ‘we need a dm’ ‘we need a dm’
    i was one of those a few years ago but over time ive learned a pure dm would hamper us a little..
    so i switched my opinion to ‘box to box’ cm or ‘complete cm’
    its the reason why the jack and song axis has developed into something special…they are both all round players and our cm looks stronger than ever..both can control their zones and start attacks and get forward…if we looked back to the flamini/cesc axis it was developing along the same and i would have said it was becoming more effecting than the vieira/gilberto axis..
    although to be fair even back then i thought gilberto hampered our team a little back then..i always preferred the vieira/edu axis as they were both all round cm and we had more balance..whereas bertie just specialized in one thing
    im not suprised capello is saying jack can be his ‘makelele’… although it would be a false number 4 alot like a false 9 in some respects..
    and the broken argentina was a perfect descrpition..

  17. KT, are you by any chance going to take your coaching badges and get into football??

  18. Morning Peeps

  19. wenger wont give up on jack
    he has become an integral part of the side..his partnership with song is better than any other option we have..
    wenger will develop him and step in when he needs to..
    robin went through a similar phase when he was younger..but wenger stuck by him..
    all jack needs is a wife ;)
    but he wont find one sat at home with his pipe and slippers going to bed at 9 every night..
    that lifestyle comes when you find one ;)

  20. Guys, got to quickly walk the mutt before the game starts, back in a bit….

  21. Rico ‘woman on the internet’ lol

  22. JJ Aw may as well get him a wife lol but he has a girlfriend

  23. the only specialist position i think still exists is gk..
    Fb’s are now wingers
    cb’s need to be able to play with the ball at there feet
    cm’s need to be able to attack and defend
    wingers needs to be strikers
    strikers need to come deep

    wenger has created the perfect system its just taken him a while to find the personell to fit that system..

  24. hi erick..
    then his girlfriend needs to maybe get pregnant ;)
    that will make him grow up quick lol

  25. ktr
    i think chelsea are looking for a replacement for drogba..

  26. morning Erick, i’ll be back in a bit….

  27. No prob Rico @JJ thats where even the genius in Aw can’t help getting the girlfriend lol. Morning KT

  28. Morning Steve getting into the discussion footie has changed alot nice comment JJ and KT

  29. Morning erick.to be honest rico i don’t know if my heart can handle football as well as my brain but im mulling over it.

  30. I would certainly put a few ladies into the team, much better than squillaci and denilson,
    I’m fed up with their c**tish performances.

  31. ktr
    i dont mean to be funny but explain yourself??
    i demand to know why you think that wenger likes universal players..do you have an actual quote from wenger???
    a manager who is the best in the world would know more than you on this issue…what makes you think he you know more than him..
    i dont really have an opinion on it as i dont really know what im talking about but i think you need to explain your reasons for your reasons for your reasons
    your just some guy of the net who for as far we know doesnt have any coaching badges :lol:

  32. Universal players are very important nowadays.strictly having a defender to defend and forward to attack is quite simply not good enough.if Aw hadn’t nurtured song’s attacking game he wouldn’t have been able to score goals such as city/chavs or play through balls like the one to rvp.same applies to sagna.if jack hadn’t nurtured his defensive game he wouldn’t be able to stop counter attacks against us each time our CBs went up for a setpiece.all our players need to be comfortable on the ball and thats why Sacchi advocated the player with the ball should be the playmaker.if we don’t do that and cesc gets marked out we can’t play.am glad we have universal players and soon Aw’s work will start to pay off.

  33. rico
    going back to scholesy..
    vieira was once asked in an interview who he thought was his most difficult opponent…everyone sat back with held breath expecting him to say roy keane but he didnt..he said scholes

  34. to be honest ktr i used to be critical
    be aw did indeed have a vision..
    i think its taken longer than expected and that is due to wengers reluctance to spend, instead opting to develop but he knew the system he wanted he just needed to develop them
    when we think about the age of our players
    jack 19 song 22 we have at least 8 years of what could be the most formidible CM partnership ever seen

  35. i want RA to come on and explain to me his reasons for not liking cabbage..
    cabbage is used world wide by some of the greatest chefs in the world..what makes RA think hes better than these chefs..???

  36. Watched Hercules vs Barca yesterday, Theo can be the key to that Match especially if he can play on the left flank he would be massive that Barca defence is untested folks we have to ask question to that defence

  37. Erick what a surprise.barca won again with messi scoring.

  38. JJ ha ha ha ha I like you mate re Cabbage

  39. JJ Aw said that he hates midfielders who can both attack and defend on Friday when asked about what he though of capello’s comments that jack could be the ‘English makelele’.

  40. *who cannot attack and defend*

    weve havent beaten barca for years…what makes you think wenger doesnt know what his mistakes where and how to put them right
    i have no opnion on it as i cant really understand why barca play as they do and why arsenal play as they do but i demand to know why you think wenger doesnt already know why theo can be the secret weapon..
    this is a manager who won the coach of the decade i think he knows more than you……
    what are your reasons for your reasons for your reasons…do you have a quote from wenger saying theo will be the difference????
    im not bullying you…but i think it shows naievity on your part for such a flawless opinion…

  42. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    sorry guys il stop now…

  43. JJ that was creepy…

  44. According to NOTW Tv is set to start running for the first time after surgery and is targetting a return against Barca on 16th Feb…i hope they don’t rush him only for him to break down.Aw is taking a huge gamble not signing anyone so i think we need to be cautious.

  45. JJ
    explain yourself..what are your reasons for thinking wenger doesnt already know the jack/song axis will be the most formaidable…
    do you have a quote.??
    what have you got against denilson??
    i dont know either way, i dont have a clue what jack and songs strengths and weaknesses are but wenger does…what makes you think you know more than him
    your just some guy of the net…
    im sorry im not trying to cause an arguement, im not trying to bully you… but I’m anispeptic, frasmotic, even compunctuous that you have come up with such pericombobulation. ;)

  46. il really stop now..

    i hope we are not rushing TV back..that would be silly hes too important..
    if that is really the case we should just buy someone and worry about how many CB’s we have at the end off the season..
    how true are the sakho rumours his contract has broken down??
    and how good is sahko is he any good???

  47. Morning guys.

    Something worries me about jack, there is a level of arrogance about him that is unhealthy. Some of you may like this but he is on the top of a slippery slope and unless handled like Fergie handled Giggs, we could see Jack end up somewhere other than us.

    As for the game today, same as the last game please, top team, score loads quickly, rest the more tired first teamers and keep the energy flowing. This is not a game to lose or draw.

  48. JJ I have been reading a quote by cruyff that i never really understood ‘ibrahimovic has good technique for a poor player and poor technique for a good player’…

  49. morning will

    do you think we need any of the first teamers today??
    everton are only 48hours away

    i think we have a strong enough squad although i understand when the second string plays we lose balance and look disjointed..

    i think we have enough for hudds and i think it would be more of a risk to use our first teamers for this one..

    i think we need our first team for every PL and CL game from now until the end of the season to have a chance and its games like these that enable us to do our best to make sure that happens..

  50. JJ.


    You tell me.

  51. ktr
    thats a baffling comment to say the least..
    he could mean that hes inconsistent and he doesnt really rate him as anything more than average..
    my interpretation is that hes better than poor but hes not word class…

    ive always though nikki b is our version of ibra
    ibras never really shone on the top level and only ever stood out in poor leagues…

  52. i know will..
    those games happenn when we field certain players sometimes..
    i just hope the ‘bad patch’ is over

  53. Yes Rico that is for real! I live in-between Cambridge and Stevenage and I know quite a few people who have been out with or seen him out. He is always out from what I’m told! Hopefully he will grow out of it!

  54. i have a date with mr corals..
    theres a betting slip with arsenal 5-0 with a sidebet to nikki to score first and AA to hit more than 2… ;)

    i will be back in an hour……

  55. Hope is not winning. Win the game early, rest players. i am not saying this has to be our 11 best but I don’t want to see Denilson, Nik B and Arshavin in the same team as well as some of the youths.

    Just in case people are reading, I don’t rate Denilson, this is born from over 30 years watching football and being born into a football family that produced a high level semi pro player, two pro players and friends like Willie Young and Micky Droy.

  56. Hello all @ HH.
    @Will, AA and Denilson will play in this Game I am sure of it, maybe Bendtner will not if Chamakh plays.

    @JJ, is your first name Jason :lol:

    @JJ & Ktr, I agree entirely with you guys on ‘Wenger ball’ comments.

    See you later guys and gals have a good one.

  57. I have to agree with JJ about Jack, i have had a bit of a dig at him about his offield antics, but i did a lot worse than he’s done in my past, we shouldnt crucify a guy who likes a night out, if i called a cab and he stopped to tell me he was off duty at one or two in the morning i believe i could get the hump, if i earnt £50,000 a week i doubt i’d be in any night

  58. Boo – howdy all….

  59. i have just seen the team, oh dear.

  60. Arsenal: (4-2-3-1) – Almunia, Eboue, Squillaci, Koscielny, Gibbs, Denilson, Diaby, Nasri, Arshavin, Bendtner, Chamakh

  61. Who’s on the bench Will

  62. ESPN are covering this match like it’s the final ;)

  63. I’m quite surprised with that eleven

  64. Still waiting for that Steve but that team ddoes not give me comfort.

  65. Sorry for being pessimistic but that 11 is not a winning 11.

  66. Subs: Szczesny, Fabregas, Rosicky, van Persie, Walcott, Song, Wilshere.

  67. Nasri is the only first team player right there!!!
    The rest is just the 2nd team!! Lets keep fingers crossed for the Almunia, Squillaci, Eboue partnership, something tells me they are in the mood today!! :-D

  68. I have a feeling those subs will be needed, unless Nikki and Chamakh click from the off and Diaby and AA find form – Big game for Diaby, especially first day back for a while….

  69. Catch you guys at h/t by which time it should be ….

    0-0 ;)

  70. Has our midfield passed to a player in red yet?

  71. Should be 2-0 by now…..

  72. I hate me internet provider, I have 1 meg download speed, they are being changed back very soon.

    have we started to pass to our own players yet?

  73. Just wish AA would get a goal, you can see how desperate he is…. but, that last one should have been squared to nikki….

  74. Will, we are, a few going astray but its ok..

  75. This is what i am saying, 20 minutes in against a team 45 places below us, start with a top team, get three nil up by now, four nil by half time and rest three players.

    As we have seen in recent games against lower level teams, the longer it goes 0-0 the more the other teams gain confidence and the more we get desperate.


  76. And as I say that, we score.

  77. great back wards pass by denilson ;)

  78. fuck sake
    weve lost nasri to the mighty hudds.. :(

    hamstring is 4 weeks minumum…bollox

  79. Oh no, that is not good… Nasri will be a massive massive miss……

  80. Was Nikki shot for the goal heading for the corner flag ;)

  81. Thats Nasri out for Barca then :( :(

  82. arshavin NEEDS to come good now…absolutley needs to

  83. yup..it looked bad rico he didnt just pull up he couldnt stand..
    if its torn its 2-3 months we could have lost him for season basically :(

  84. i hope nikki goal counts hes my first scorer :)

  85. rosciky should have just started…
    thats the risk i was talking about and now nasri injured confidence could go in this game

  86. WANKER!!!

    Thats him out for three games, best AW has a re-think about buying a CH…..

  87. oh fucking dear

  88. what do we do now wenger???
    nasri done squil out for another 2 weeks

  89. hudds tails up now..
    in the face of disaster can these players stand up to be counted???

    thank fuck its half time

  90. jj – if that sending off forces wenger to get us a CH then it will be a blessing – Squilli was cack before that…

    Gibbs is on a yellow and he seems off the pace, i wouldn’t bank on him being on for the whole game either…

    AA, i feel for the guy, he is one of not many who looks up for this game and Diaby is poss our best player imho….

  91. I cant believe the same players are so bad again AA Denilson Eboue Bendtner in fact all of them

  92. I am not sure they can….

    Straight red is 3 matches isn’t it jj? or is that only for violent conduct rather than just obstruction?

  93. id take denilson off now and bring song on..in a game he didnt need to play..
    reshape and play a 441…
    weve got the lead we need to keep shape and pass it about and wait for the opnening…
    might be worth bringing theo on too for chamak or nikki we dont need em both on at the same time

    nikki or cham up front with theo and AA playing wide…

  94. Never a sending of rico he ran straight at him

  95. Steve, Eboue is doing ok ;)and AA is trying, you can just see how low he is in confidence (not height ;) )

  96. straight red is 3..

  97. I thought it was deserved Steve…

  98. 3 match suspension for that, my life!!!

  99. i got confused jj, thought you wrote 2 games, not two weeks…. ;)

  100. Sorry rico eboue is never ok

  101. ok lets not panic
    weve won games with 10 men before..
    its hudds and its 1-0..

    keep it together JJ

    god im fucked off but im not going to show it ;)

  102. thats a soft decision..
    it was a foul but he looked like he passed it to his mate who was 40 yards offside
    massey would have got that ;)

    i think that was soft to be honest and the ref was making up for chamakhs handball in the build up to our goal

  103. i bet will has smashed his laptop
    i know how you feel mate i went through three of them in the 08-09 season

  104. arsene wenger makes half time sub
    im shocked.. ;)
    songs a good call though

  105. almunias pony he comes for nothing

  106. jj, he passed it ahead for him to run on to, squilli just blocked him – soft yes, but battenburg got it right imho… but then what do i know ……. ;) ;)

  107. almost AA

  108. Hi All, :-)

    JJ there are a lot of cabbages playing today! B*ll*cks!!

  109. lol
    yeah it was a foul if he would have kept his arms down he would have maybe got away with it he doesnt have to move out of the way he can stand his ground but when you bear hug the guy it throws it all out of the window

  110. im more confident now songs at the back he will keep it solid and the lead and extra man will mean hudds will come out but we need to score again..
    maybe 2
    i hope its another 4 for the sake of my bet ;)

  111. rosciky playing well…

  112. i say this every time but will someone tell eboue to stop running inside he either falls over or loses the ball he needs to keep those direct runs on the wing..
    let the attackers come inside you donut you annoy me everytime you do it

  113. yes AA yes
    top tackle mate well done

  114. denilson worm burner

  115. almunia
    i give up

  116. aluminum is a wanker :P

  117. Come on AA score 1 goal mate.

  118. What a save big Al, reminded me of Spunky in the FA Cup against Southampton… or was it Sheffield utd….

  119. The team look so poor. What is Denilson doing?? Good God!

    The defence, particularly, are pathetic in the air.

    Well we are still winning and surely we will snap out of this?? Huddersfield are the best team at the mo’.

    Heart sinking!! :-(

  120. massive momentum shift

  121. make another change arsene
    we are getting pounded

  122. hi Stef…

    Where is jacob, bet he’s loving denilson

    Bollox, bollox bollocks !!!

  123. 1-1 Theo and Cesc on surely

  124. What did I say about the defence being pathetic in the air?

    1:1 unbelievable.

  125. almunias shite
    installs no confidence in his defence

    i want signings and i want them now this is bollox

  126. come on AW make a move.

  127. u mean joshua, rico
    jacob was joshua

  128. fucking diaby????

    why is denilson still on ffs

  129. Rosicky looks pissed off :lol:
    Come on guys we can win this!

  130. theres fuck all wrong with you eboue stop fucking about

  131. nikki
    ffs hit it first time

  132. @Rico, JJ u r both wrong he was Jason I think.

  133. haha nikki wants a penalty laughable :?

  134. no – jacob, the blogger who was here yesterday maoning about me picking on denilson…..

  135. AA looking better

  136. yeah rico he was using another name it was really joshua they guy who was on here a few week ago who argued with oliver
    he blogs on ACLF with fungnner coincidently…
    trust me…
    i know the style of writing

  137. joshua, jacob, jason
    probably all the same..

  138. denilsons injured
    for some reason im not that bothered

  139. finally, a hamstring injury i don’t give two hoots about ;)

  140. jj, i didn’t realise that, why did you buggers not let me know ;)

    am i really that thick ;) ;)

  141. Oh, and Chris Waddle is still a knob!!

  142. what the fuck
    why does denilson do that
    hes done it before

  143. please please please

  144. Ref bottled it, that was a red card – another knob….

  145. jj, cos he is s***e!!!

  146. i dont want anybody else coming on here asking what the problem with denilson is
    if they do im going to explode

  147. @JJ Denilson is a world class player just he needs to be less shy :lol:

  148. well i be jiggered, got there in the end then but has that not just shown we don’t have as much depth that wenger thinks??

  149. I dont care who i upset, Denilson AA Eboue are hopeless At least Bentner tried useless but tried

  150. jj, you crack on, just don’t use the c word and don’t insult the blooger, only the views ;) ;)

    oh, and i’ll probably be there with you, he was shocking today, how many times did he lose the ball and play injured, i’d rid him and play Lansbury…..

  151. Steve, AA was trying, at least we know he has what it takes, right now he cannot find it but look how he got back to defend, if he hadn’t they would have scored….

  152. i will take that considering but im not happy…

    almunia-never again..third choice only here cos nobody wants him..get don vito back from hull now..
    squidge-we need a CB yes JJ said it i want a CM and a cb
    gibbs-needs games thank god clichys back firing..those two are like ying and yang when ones shit hot the others shit
    denilsion-one of RAs cabages and the reason i want a CM..piss poor fucking donut falling over injured when he could have crossed it the prat..then running about ok
    nasri- i want to cry
    AA- its coming please say its coming and a good tackle..maybe should play CB :)
    niki- frustrates but did ok
    chamakh..whats wrong
    rocicky-looked like rosciky of old at times
    song-the rock..
    cesc- thank god..

    i hope wenger tears some of those boys a new fucking arsehole after that and replaces them in the summer..it didnt help losing nasri and then squidge we lost momentum but it was hudds for christ sake

    anyone who tells me arsene doesnt have a first team is a moron and knows fuck all..we do have a first team and its so obvious stevie wonder could see it…

  153. its a good job its you stef ;)

  154. Rico, i know you like him but there comes a time where enough is enough, and i think it was 3 months ago

  155. thats a soft pen…
    well done nikki for winning it i suppose
    but he was the last man and it was a red
    clattenburg very inconsistent today but what do you expect when it comes to arsenal

  156. Well Rico,

    Can’t believe we won that one. That game summed up why we need a DM cover for Song. Denilson is just not strong enough, whatever you may see in him Jacob. He has some skills but concentration, strength & brains at time let him down. How many times did he collapse under pressure & leave us in bother today, them with the ball & numbers in our 1/3 of the pitch?

    Fab was very lucky to get away with a second yellow in my opinion & often lets his emotions take over from common sense when he’s supposed to set an example as captain. Yes, he put away the penalty but not the leader we need. Can’t wait for TV to come back…….

    Now we need as we have for the last 3 seasons the DM & CB because Squillaci is not good enough & out from the red card & Denilson will be out for 2-3 weeks as well.

  157. AA wasnt brilliant but he showed flashes..
    the dribbling was there again although his passes were not and that tackle…

    we need him now nasris done for at least a month..
    unless wenger gets hazard now.. ;)
    fuck lille focus on arsenal mr wenger ;)

  158. In moderation? I know I haven’t been on for a little while but I read every day – just TOO busy at the mo’ to put in a worthwhile contribution most of the time :-)

  159. forgot diaby-he did ok..
    better than denilson anyway…
    call rambo back wenger call him back now..get that unbrazialian brazilian on the next plane to whoever will by him

  160. and now im calm… ;)

  161. Proffesional fouls are only a 1 match ban similar to vermy missing b’ham game last season after being sent off in the w.ham game.violent tackles are 3 match bans.

  162. rico..
    about being a bugger ;)
    im sorry, i didnt want to cause a kerfuffle you know what i get like sometimes and this is your blog if i would have started i wouldnt have stopped you would have probably had to red card me.. no yellows

    so i kept my mouth shut…

  163. Arsene says they looked thru out the world for a CB and could not find anyone better. He forgot to add “at £500,000 or cheaper”.

    We were poor in the air in defence whenever they crossed the ball. terrifying!

    Come on Fulham, stick the Spuds for us!! :-)

  164. Hey Pat, long time and all that, how are you?

    Sorry you went into moderation, but you are free now :)

  165. and heres the calm after the storm.. ;)

    of course it is ktr, we stand corrected..what would we do without you sometimes..

    RA…cant you do something about your cabbages… ;)

  166. jj – you didn’t cause any kufuffle ;)and no need for sorry…. :)

  167. Pat, i didn’t expect us to get a result either the way the game went on…

    I’m also sorry for this comment but is there really a place for Denilson in this squad? Like i said earlier, get Lansbury back, i know he is no DM but like KT said, Wenger doesn’t believe in outright positions anymore and i just think Lansbury would be fitter, sharper and just do things better…..

  168. pat i agree
    a new cm and a new cb is needed..
    not reinforcements
    squidge and denilson are cabbages ;)

  169. ‘football is a simple game,but the hardest thing to do is play simple football.’-cruyff.

  170. JJ,

    Stick them in the compost would be the politest thing to do.

    Like Steve, I am finished with Denilson, no more conversation!!
    Eboue dribbles v well but no end product and he dives. Out!
    Bendy did try but he just isn’t Torres, Benzema, Suarez, Dzeko, is he. Out!
    Chamack is slow, ponderous and adds nothing. Out!
    Almunia. Enough said. Out!
    Squidgy. Out!
    Rosicky, I love him but he is now a bust flush. out!

    How am I doing? :-)

  171. Steve – i’m not a fan of AA but today he tried, he’s so low and one day real soon it has to click, Diaby had a good game too, some of the others should go hang their head in shame…..

  172. I’m fine thanks Rico, Hi RA, just busy building a house here, training (as ever) & keeping up with things Arsenal. The infrastructure here is crap but they had us on Turkish TV so was able to watch properly today although had to depend on ATVO for my commentary which was about 30 seconds behind……..well you can’t have everything.

    Hopefully we’ll get sorted with the EU & get some money out to sort it – it is improving!

    I cannot understand what AW is mucking about at re. signings. He’s not managing Huddersfield, we are the Arsenal FFS! Get the dead wood out!

    Positives for me were Manuel, AA improvements, Song & recognition that without JD we’re in trouble on set pieces & leadership at the back. Surely AW can see that?

  173. Did I just read that someone sees something in Denilson? Surely you jest? Or are either blind or mad as a whelk! He is shockingly poor, Ryman league quality at best, there are 1,000’s of better footballers then him in the world. A complete and utter sideways merchant. And a total dullard to boot! No pace, no strength, no positional sense, completely useless. As I’ve been saying for 4 years or so, it is truly one of life’s great mysteries that he gets paid to play football, let alone for The Arsenal. I’ll give you a tenner the next time you see him pass the ball forward. must have some photos of Le Boss or something, can’t get my head around it. And this comes from a Gooner that has missed only a handful of matches in the last 20 odd years…

  174. Hi RA…. Composter, now thats an idea, i emptied ours last year and found six baby rats, i named one Denilson…. I know realsie I should have done the decent thing…..

  175. Pat, re the dead wood, agree whole heartedly….

  176. lansbury can play there rico..
    so can rambo so can frimpong but denilsons time is up for me how can you have a perfect opportunity to pull a cut back when the scores a one all and fall over holding your leg..
    only to be running around again right as rain..
    he did it v everton last year he fell over for no reason like he’d been shot in the back and he gave the ball away..had to be carried off then next game he was fit??
    wenger even commented on it saying it was unprofessional..

  177. Clichy>gibbs.

  178. Hi Pat,

    Long time no see! :-)

    Hope all is going well with you and your construction project.

    I spent some time in Paphos in the Autumn, the weather was fantastic and I did not want to come back to the UK. I envy you!! :-)

  179. Rico, your 2:36 :-)

  180. What did Manuel do wrong today RA? If he’s happy to sit on the bench as No3 until proved otherwise I’d keep him to the end of the season.

    Eboue is worth keeping for team spirit as well as being useful for general cover – remember he is a bit rusty but I also don’t like his play-acting……….

    Rosicky & Squillaci, I’d agree on, as well of course as Denilson :-)

    Time to make some not very difficult decisions!

  181. KT,

    At the mo’ Clichy is definitely > Gibbs.

    Gibbsy looks rusty and needs more games, but he will come good.

  182. Oh and another thing lads…. If I had a tenner for every goal scored by the man Diaby was “marking” on a set piece in the last 4 or 5 years I’d have an extra few hundred quid lying around. Another completely useless plank. Denilson, Diaby and Eboue on the pitch at the same time? Pants! Surely you’re having a laugh mate? Lucky, lucky Arsenal indeed.

  183. Pat,

    I don’t think Big Al did a lot wrong today in fairness, but he did not command the penalty area very confidently and I live on my nerves thinking he is going to make a mistake.

    Look at how he made such a hash of that ball into the penalty area when he somehow gave away a penalty because of indecision. He too is rusty, but I don’t get the same jitters with Chezzer. Al has had his chance and Arsenal have moved on.

  184. almunia made several cock ups

    he refused to come for anyball..he was glued to his line all game

    one incident kos was ushering the ball pleading for him to come and he refused…kos had to kick it out when there was really no need

    another was when he let the ball run past him and the striker beat him to it..he had to give away a corner when there was really no need..

    there was many high balls from corners that where aimed at the 6 yard box and still he was glued to his line..he came for nothing

    he pulled off one decent save but the header had no pace any of our keepers would have got there..

    for me he had a bad game..

  185. every year we see a clear out from wenger
    now we have a settled first team im hoping the clear out comes at the expence of some of those boys who played today…and leeds and ipswich.. and who play when the key players are injured

  186. JJ,

    That’s pretty much my view, altho I don’t think the shaky performance of the defence in the air in front of him helped him at all.

    Did we win a single ball in the air? I think it was rare.

  187. Fair enough! Funny though I was quite calm re. his performance today. It was Squillaci, Gibbs & Denilson especially causing me concern….besides not putting the ball in the net as usual when we have the chance!

  188. Bet he doesn’t have a clear out, other than the kids like Cedric Evina, JJ. That would cost money!! A big no-no for Hill-Wood and the Board.

  189. penalty, Al gave away a penalty, i didn’t see that RA…

  190. Pat,

    I think Gibbs will come good. The other two are beyond the pale.

  191. I thought Al was ‘ok’ he made a terrific save, actually, it could be classed as a match winning save, that ball was in right up until the big hand of Al saved us….

  192. Eboue goes on good runs but runs out of space falls over looking for a foul. You want sombody that goes on runs finds a good pass and supports, and stays on his feet, JJ, Denilsons run and collapse you didnt have an air rifle in the croud and take a shot did you

  193. Just checking if you are reading my rubbish Rico. :-)

    I meant “corner”. I am watching the events in Egypt and as you know, we males are not too good at multi-tasking! :-)

  194. I remember Al fisting one away but without JD to attack the headers we looked vulnerable again, so yes it’s between Ches & JD the example of how to take the pressure off……

  195. Pat, i was also calm re Al’s performance but i would not have been if we were playing Bolton, West Brom or West Ham….

    And that is not meant to disrespect Huddersfield….

  196. Good answer RA :lol:

  197. Hi RA, you said your viewing was twenty odd seconds behind, i think the best way to have watched that game was after it had finnished when you knew the score

  198. I think Wenger played Alumia today and said to him, ‘go one son, go play your best and some PL team will come and get you’….

    Sad yes, but i believe he’s finished with us and i wish a good, decent man all the very best, he deserves it…

  199. gibbs concerned me today..but i think we have to accept young players returning from injury will have these types of games so in the long term im not concerned..

    squidgy is quickly turning into stepanovs and im not convinced one bit hes good enough even to be back up.

    denilson..well..do we really need to go there how many times do we see him play like that..

    we dont need to worry about almunia, hes no longer number one and when fabianski returns almunias gametime will be even more restricted..

  200. Notts Cnty are holding Citeh 0:0 in the 2nd Half over on ITV.

  201. Agree with that Steve, it was pretty boring….. but, we can’t have it all every game can we :lol:

  202. Agree totally with that Rico. Let’s hope someone comes in for him at the end of the season.

    Must away now though………I’ll be back :-)

  203. jj, waddle who talks twaddle gave gibbs a real slating in commentary…

  204. I dont think Almunia done anything wrong rico, pitty he didnt do a czezsney and take Denilson out

  205. Don’t leave it so long Pat – stay safe :)

  206. yeah waddle really knows what hes talking about..
    that why hes on espn…

  207. No, not me Steve.

    I think Pat7 was watching on Turkish TV while listening to the ATVO match commentary with a delay.

    I am really pleased and relieved we won, but I’m disappointed too because we really should have walked it with all that possession. Not good for the nerves.

  208. Nasri out with serious hamstring injury.possibly out for 3 weeks-Aw.

  209. woodgate on loan anyone?? lol

  210. wenger says nasris hamstring maybe a grade one.. just a twinge..
    could be back in a fortnight..
    are we all praying ;)

  211. Nor do i Steve, he gaffed that one he pushed over the line, i thought he handballed it out of the area but matters not, the ref thought otherwise…

    would you prefer him to be our number one now he’s back??

  212. City are losing 1-0…..

  213. Nots C 1.0

  214. im just fucked off that denilson went down worse than nasri yet could play on..
    why couldnt it have been the other way round.. ;)

    nobody cares if denilsons injured..but we need nasri

  215. right now jj, bloody right and in a flash, we have nowt to lose….. he is quality and if we could get ten games out of him, fab…

  216. Im hopping Nasri is a ‘Theo injury’ jj ;)

  217. even though he’s a spud… grrrrrrr

    mind you, it would cheese them off more than us :lol:

  218. If it was up to me rico i would get rid of all of them and buy a keeper i trust

  219. rico any keeper i see looks better than what we have, but maybe i see more of ours

  220. KT, serious…. that is not good news, not one bit…

    Steve, who then?? but who would be your second choice?

  221. AA has to deliver IMO!or else rosicky will have to start vs barca since we can’t afford anyone giving them the ball easily.

  222. Chesney will be on every clubs wish list in two years time Steve….

  223. KT, today i believe that AA was so desperate to score he stopped looking up for a pass…. a couple of times he had a better option but he was just head down, go for goal…

  224. Luckily nasri has eboue-esque healing ability.

  225. i thought both AA and roscky looked sharper today

    if its good news about nasri and its a 3 week layoff i think we can cope using those two

  226. with what we have Fabianski,1st choice, since he came back, i dont think he did anything wrong, Czez like JJ said he needs a decent run but i am not convinced. Almunia no worse no better than the others.

  227. if AA was in form we wouldnt worry about nasri..
    lets just pretend hes in form ;)

  228. It’s funny how we all see so different, but thats why we blog… :)

  229. whens the FA cup draw??

  230. its not funny at all rico..the reason for blogging is to explain yourself… ;)

  231. Looking at the Nasri hamstring, on the bright side, at least he has a good rest from being fatigued and should be ready to play maybe 3 games on the trot

  232. i still want to know why RA doesnt like cabbage..
    if its anything like how i feel about denilson then i understand i suppose..
    that boys put me off crab for life :)
    i also hate cabbages
    crabbage??? :lol:

  233. Who needs nasri when we have bendinho.let nasri show messi who is boss at camp nou.

  234. if i said denilson was one of the crabbage patch kids would that count as c word :/

  235. bendinho :lol:

  236. jj :lol: re the cabbage comment, oh, and the blogging…

    good, citeh have a replay….

  237. draw for FA cup should be now

  238. Just got back in from a vewy nice Chinese New Years meal with my Kung Fu guys and I hate to say I told you so but


  239. I’m off foran hour, lunch/dinner and a quick stroll… won’t be long…

    hope it’s a home draw Steve….

  240. Will, which bit :(

  241. That the team would not be good enough and that we can not defend high balls and Wenger needs to get another CB that is dominant in the air.

  242. i thought you had smashed you laptop mate ;)

    yeah without JD and with almunia glued to his line those high balls keep causing us shit..

  243. draw on now
    crawley at home pls ;)

  244. will..i told you about nasri ;)

    we were both right ;)

  245. we got oreint away that’ll do ;)

  246. the mancs get craw;y at home :(

  247. FA cup draw
    West Ham v Burnley
    Notts c or man c.v Aston villa
    stoke city v brighton
    birmingham v sheff wed
    leyton o v arsenal
    chealsea v reading
    man utd v crawley town
    fulham or tott v

  248. Seriously, we have several players who are dead-weight and Wenger has to see that. If he doesn’t, we need a second in charge who does and has the balls to tell him.

  249. the ‘crabbage patch kids’ will ;)

    at least weve got another nice tie…oreint..
    but you never know with our squad players

  250. Bischoff>denilson.

  251. Someone make messi go knock on Aw’s door then maybe we’ll sign him…but Aw will probably say he did not see him come Tuesday.

  252. The problem I have with Wenger is he constantly defends these players when they don’t perform for the 20th time. Yeah, that is the way to make them fight for their place.

  253. i think wengers starting to catch on…and if he doesnt then somethings not right
    the time we have to bring cesc on to win us a match v hudds is the day we need to wake up and smell the coffee…
    or wenger does anyway..

  254. KT,


  255. lmao ktr

    i think wenger knows some of them arent good enough but they are cheap and they dont complane if they are sat on the bench

    and theres the fact that no other club probably wants them

  256. cardboard cut out of denilson>denilson

  257. New born denilson > current denilson.

  258. hahahahahahahahaa

  259. You just wonder what is going through Wenger’s mind. Arsenal should batter teams like Huddersfield (no disrespect to them)

    We should be to quick, have to much movement and mostly, be able to hit the fucking back of the fucking net.

    This summer better be a busy one.

  260. Fulham 2, Spuds 0 and down to 10 men!! :-)

  261. Very hard to critisise when he keeps getting us through to the nexy round, and second in the league. But i know what you guys mean, i wouldnt want us to lose to prove us right and him wrong though.

  262. good old spurs..
    we can always count on them to cheer us up
    i hope fulham fuck em good and they make a dvd

  263. Arry’s hotspuds in trouble…

  264. Not really Steve, the time to improve is when you are at the top not when you are at the bottom. There are playing in that squad that should get no where near the pitch and yet, they still do.

    I hope Tottenham get a right tonking.

  265. If spuds move it will be a sad day for us.we’ll miss the comedy and thats why i advocate they build a circus at the lane and let ‘arry play around with a tiger…

  266. it was a typical example of the squad players ‘weak mentality’ will
    until the nasri injury we were looking ok..not exceptional we should have been 4 up but we werent in trouble really..
    then nasri got injured, our heads dropped, lost our way a tad and then to rub salt into the wounds squidgey decides to close line someone..
    the momentum totally shifted…it was ridiculous…so ridiculous that we got hammered for another half hour before we finally caved in and had to bring our captain on to sort it out…
    and thats why they are not in the PL team because they do the same v wigan etc etc…
    i hope its a busy summer..it normally is…i hope its a more positive one

  267. i must admit ktr
    i hope they dont move..i will miss them finishing behind us every year and it wont be the same without them…
    st. totteridge day has become arsenal folklore….
    it would be like cancelling christmas

  268. ahahahahahahahahaha
    i cant breathe

  269. Nik B, Denilson, Almunia are three that HAVE to go. I would rather give a youth a go that have the two outfield players at the club.

  270. 4-0 at half time? Come on Fulham, don’t sit back.

  271. Its like extended xmas!

  272. come on get some more..
    screw them over good style..

  273. ‘arry-once a gunner always a gunner.

  274. Looks like Fulham are settling, such a shame.

  275. milan are going to stuff spurs
    bales back problem could mean hes done for the season and we all know that once a player gets a back problem hes form goes hot and cold..clichy??

    and vdv doesnt look interested anymore..

    i think spurs will now slide down the table..purple patch over..

    oh well

  276. Oh well, they can concentrate on the league now.

  277. boo, anyone know how the tiny toots got on against fulham :lol:

  278. All quiet so i’m off to try and write something positive abou that match today…..

    be good all, nighty night

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