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Arshavin’s lost it, defender signs and midfielder leaves.

The defender signing is young seventeen year old Martin Angha – it’s his first professional contract with the club. All I can find out about him is that he is Swiss, he’s just over 6’ 0” tall and we signed him from FC Zürich when he was just fifteen years old – his first appearance in an Arsenal shirt was for the under 15’s in a 2-1 victory over Chelsea. All in front of 3000 people at Emirates Stadium.

Well, if he’s Johan Djorou type of Swiss we have a good one, if it’s a Senderos Swiss, let’s hope Drogba has retired before the young lad plays ;)

As one signs, another goes out on loan and that’s Craig Eastmond, He’s off to Milwall, the club where it all began for him….
Craig Eastmond is a born and bred South Londoner and he first signed for Millwall when he was eight years old. His brother Gavin also joined the same club. In 2007, Eastmond signed professional terms with Arsenal but for the time being he’s looking forward to going back to where it all began.

I used to play for Millwall before I came to Arsenal so I still have a few mates there, but obviously that was a long time ago. I left Millwall when I was 11 but it’s not bad to go home from time to time. Obviously new players will have come in since I left, so I will have to adapt to them. There were a few teams in for me but I chose Millwall.

I wasn’t getting into the first team so I thought I’d see if I could go on loan. A few teams came in for me, so I thought I would see how it goes. I asked the boss and he said you can’t go on loan at the moment but we will see at the end of January.

I wasn’t involved in the FA Cup or the Carling Cup so I knocked on his door again and he said OK. I want to play regularly in the first team and then come back and see how it goes. Of course I want to come back to Arsenal and prove that I can get into the first team. That’s the aim.

Well, I won’t be at all surprised if Eastmond stays at Millwall – he was given a chance last year in the Carling Cup and I’m not sure he did enough. In any case, I think young Frimpong is next in line now. I hope I’m wrong, I hope he gets plenty of playing time at Millwall, bulks up a bit and comes back a much stronger player both physically and mentally.

Little Jack say’s that our current crop are ravenous for success after being starved of trophies since 2005.

There is a hunger among the players to win something – it has been so long that we have almost forgotten what it is like, we need to bring that back into the football club – this is a big football club and we need trophies. Any trophy is a trophy and if we can win one in February, it will give us confidence for the rest of the season. Before the game, everyone was saying this was a great opportunity – just get a goal and it’ll open up and it did.

It would be massive for the Club – any trophy is a trophy and it has been five years since we won our last one. We know that if we win one, hopefully it’ll come along, and then it’ll open up more for us.

Jack was just 13 years old when we last won one, the FA Cup against Manure…..

I was 13,” he recalled. I remember the game – I was sat at home with my family and Vieira scored the last penalty. You could see what it meant to them and we just want to do that again.

Being a member of the team, the older players feel hungry for trophies and it rubs off on you. Even though I have only been here a year, I want to win trophies – that’s what this Club is about and we need to do that.

Well said Jack and I truly hope this is the year….

Finally Andrey Arshavin has admitted he has lost his confidence:

Now when I get the ball, I begin to think, ‘Should I try and trick an opponent? Or if I do, will I lose the ball? And what if I make a pass? Won’t they think that I am trying to get rid of the ball?

I am afraid of taking the initiative. When such thoughts appear, your final decision, as a rule, turns out to be wrong. And you waste a lot of opportunities.

I think we all knew he was struggling but what I don’t understand is why Arsenal haven’t given him a  few games for the reserves to help his game? He’s not going to get his confidence and belief back sitting on the bench is he and just think what that would do for the reserves too.

That’s it for today, have a good one….

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168 comments on “Arshavin’s lost it, defender signs and midfielder leaves.

  1. Morning rico,
    I must say that if AA has stated that, then he must step down, as staying on and playing is not much help to the team. We know the man has talent, but for him in an attacking role, it, is hindering the forward part of our game. this is not a new thing that has just happened and Arsene has stood by the player in the hope he will turn it around, but as you say better in the reserves than in the first team, hopefully his pass to Cesc the other night might instill a bit of the confidence he needs to come back up to strength.

  2. Morning Steve, the article is in the Sun today, I think it’s sad to see such a talented player so low – are the club doing everything they can to help him?

    Yes they can put him on special diets as he says he is on but he needs football, i’d have played him in the reserves, playing time is the only way to regain confidence, same for Vela right now and others before them….

  3. Did you watch the Brum/Hammers game??

  4. morning rico, i agree about eastmond, unless he dramatically improves with a lot of football at millwall, then i think he’s gone. I’m sure arsenal officials will monitor the twitter postings and i’m sure this boys twitters have not left a good impression.
    anyway have ye a good day!

  5. For years now the reserves have been little more than an advanced youth team. There are many examples of players that would have benefitted from a football combination type league with the younger ones in the South east counties as was. Unfortuneately these leagues were disbanded and reserve fringe players do not get 90 minutes of competition each week.

  6. Morning.AA needs a big perfomance to boost his confidence.let him start against Huddersfield and hope he has a smashing game.when on form he is arguably our best player due to his unpredictability and we may need that in big games such as barca.i do believe AA will be back better player if he can haul himself from this slump.

  7. I did watch the Hammers game and thoughly enjoyed it, Birmingham showed they have spirit and fought hard, could be a very competitive final

  8. morning tommy – it would be a shame to see one of the english boys who was supposed to have ‘potential’ go but he seems to have stayed still. i guess this is why we send so many out on loan and with milwall, he should learn to toughen up but i’d rather he had gone to QPR, under Warnock…

  9. Morning KT – I’m sure he’ll get it back but i just don’t think sitting on the bench really helps a player – they can train as much as they like for fitness but nothing like a match to get the grey matter working – why don’t we play players in the reserves, surely we should be….

  10. It appears that Wenger has a strategy for our young players and i don’t believe he will change it, when you look at our position in all comps its very hard to go against him. i hope this young man has the qualities we need and that our other injured players find their way back soon.everything is ticking along as Arsene would have hoped, lets hope he doesn’t catch a cold

  11. rico, Eastmond would most probably not been used to much at QPR but should have more games at Millwall

  12. Steve, I watched some of the game last night too, it was good, end to end stuff, would have been harsh if Brum hadn’t gone through, how many times did they hit the woodwork?

    Good point about QPR, they are doing well enough and wouldn’t need him..

  13. Carling Cup final means Spurs (a) postponed. 1971 & 2004 revisited hopefully???? Morning Rico

  14. Playing the reserves is a good idea but there are very few reserve games – when there do play they are the same day as champions league or other games. Lets face it the reserves are a no go area as far as first team squad players are concerned.

    Also don’t forget that League Cup and FA Cup are generally accepted as ‘not the first team’.

    I would suggest that in the modern sporting age it is a sports mental coach that is required – he talks like a golfer who can no longer hole a two foot put without worrying about missing it!

  15. Hi TC, but the reserves have been playing recently, it wouldn’t have done any harm to give him a run out… Vela played the other night…

  16. hi allezkev, i had forgotten that, lucky omens i hope :) :)

  17. Hi!
    Eastmond is a interesting player but must grow up
    and win confidence in hisself;AA is a good player but Arsenal don’y play with him. He must go to the centre of the pitch to have balls because is always forget in the left side.Arsenal plays in the centre and for the right side (specially when Sagna plays and forget the left side.. Last game, the first long ball to the left side, Brendtner was completely alone because AA change his position temporary and the defenders understand Arsenal attack). Martin Augha is a unknow player.., let’s wait. Spurs match will be postponed maybe close the end. Can be the decisive match…

  18. Morning Rico, re AA if AW ‘drops’ him to the reserves wouldn’t that mean it drops his confidence level to a new low if not it surely hurts his ego.

  19. I want the spurs game to be rescheduled right at the end.wouldn’t it be great to win the league at the lane again?…

  20. Ktr, not only win the league, but stop Spurs finishing in the top four, what a fantastic summer we’d have…

  21. If i could get into a time machine, and go back to see a past season, it would be 1934-35. Arsenal beat Spurs 5-1 at Highbury. Arsenal then beat Spurs 6-0 at White Hart Lane. Arsenal went onto complete a hat-trick of League titles. oh and Spurs got relegated. Now what a season that must have been…

  22. Morning housers.

    for Arshavin it is easy, Wenger speak to him privately, reminding him what a great player he is and that everyone has confidence in him and more importantly, just go have fun. if things go wrong, they go wrong but enjoy the game. He will be ok and at least he tries.

    Right, quick quiz time. What is the main difference between our standing and Barca’s standing in world football right now?

  23. Kev, I was at the game we beat them 5-0 and Brady scored “that” goal.

  24. Morning Stef, i guess its just about playing time and he needs it …

  25. KT – it sure would :)

  26. Well said Rico as per Arshavin but i think his problem is half solved.
    He knows he has a problem and i am sure he will fix it himself.

  27. Will, me to, sitting in the seats, top of old 3 decker stand, surrounded by the enemy. One of the best days of my life.

  28. To be honest Will, nothing beats going to an away game and ‘stuffing em’. They all hate us, so it’s sweet to rub their noses in it.
    Rico, AA needs to be played thru the middle, ‘simples’.

  29. I think the best thing us supporters can do is cheer on AA whenever he gets the ball. There’s nothing more uplifting to a player than to hear 60000 fans chanting your name. Playing reserves game isn’t gonna help, cos his issue is not a physical, rather it is a psychological one.
    Eastmond should benefit from the loan, TBH I think Frimpong & Coquelin should be given more chances. Hope we see Lansbury & Ramsey get more games next season so we don’t have to rely on Denilson as backup DM.
    Lastly as predicted AW will not buy a CB, he’ll stick Song at the back when needed cos Diaby will be back soon. Shivers at the thought..

  30. I was born and bred in Tottenham, got chased home as I was in my Arsenal kit.

  31. Yeah mate, i know your pain Will. I used to go to Bruce Grove Junior School and Somerset School. all my mates were Spuds. Ring any bells?

  32. Yes, you know Northumberland park school and park lane Junior school?

  33. Blimey mate, i used to go to Scouts near there, the 13th Tottenham if i remember. But you was almost next door to their ground, what a nightmare….

  34. Did you ever go in the Bell and Hare pub?

  35. You know the tall flats at the end of Park Lane?

  36. Which end? High Road??

  37. corner pin Kev.

  38. No Kev, Northumberland Park end.

  39. Yeah, was you in there? i was in Lordship Lane, opposite Bruce Castle Park.

  40. Oh no, didn’t really know that end.

  41. To be honest, when i go round there now it’s changed so much from when i was there.

  42. That is where I spent my years and that school was my school.

  43. I was there a little while ago and it is much nicer now. It was a Police no go area when I was there.

  44. Do you remember the TA centre in the High rd? Think it’s gone now.

  45. I remember the scout hut that me and my mates smashed ;-)

  46. Bill Nicholson used to live opposite my school in white Hart Lane { not that i ever saw him }. That was a lovely school, used to be Tottenham Grammar, now it’s a housing estate

  47. Are, so it was you eh……

  48. i think i’d left by then hehe, did you ever go to the Tottenham Lido swimming pool in Lordship Lane?

  49. That’s gone now, Roland hill school next door has gone too {it became Somerset school }.

  50. no, I went to my school’s pool.

  51. Am around guys/gals just in and out, will be on in a bit…

  52. Had your own pool…. posh school.

  53. hi rico, the multi-tasking is coming along lol

  54. This refreshing lark is a right pain

  55. Sorry Housers for taking over the chat.

    I wouldd not say that school was posh kev, before iit got the pool, i used to go to Wood Green pool.

  56. Joking mate, righto i’m off, sorry if i became a bit of a bore, see ya later Will

  57. Not a bore at all Kev,i like reliving old days.

  58. Who is the Croatian defender Wenger might be allegedly looking at ?

  59. No idea SD, saw something on NN, hold on.

  60. Boo, whats happening then, i’m back now ;)

  61. Nothing Much Rico, dry and Cold that whats up in our end of Earth.

    Ajax want £21mill for Soarez and said they will start adding £4mill everyday from Saturday if Liverpool dont make up their mind.

    Now that just hitting below the belt and i blame Man city for the high price being placed on players whenever any PL club is interested.

    Oh sorry i stand corrected i blam the Chelsea Chavs, they started the craze and their bid for Aguerro was rejected-£52mil.

    Now there is no better way to tell someone to run off really.

    I hope they all learn from LE Prof Wenger.

    We have Bendtner,A.Arshavin, Chamarkh, RVP and even Vella that can play at any level at anytime for Arsenal.

    Wenger is tha MAN

  62. Hi SD, its bitterly cold where I am and trying to snow too :(

    I blame the chavs too, the price of players these days is crazy, any news on the Oxo kid, has old red nose won the battle…

  63. See we had a scout at the rangers match again last night, watching Madjid Bougherra

  64. Benik Afobe believes that a ‘golden generation’ of talent is breaking through at Arsenal.

    The young striker has seen at close quarters the potential of the FA Youth Cup-winning side of 2009 and he expects that set of players to make their mark sooner rather than later.

    Jack Wilshere, Kieran Gibbs, Henri Lansbury, Craig Eastmond, Emmanuel Frimpong and Jay Emmanuel-Thomas are all in or on the fringes of Arsène Wenger’s squad and Afobe would not be surprised if homegrown talent formed the nucleus of the first team in seasons to come.

    “I have always seen what they can do and they are different-class players,” said Afobe. “I think at least four of them could make it through to the first team if they keep working hard.

    “I would say it’s a bit of a special group at the moment because normally there are one or two players who make it at Arsenal.

    “The Youth Cup-winning team are two years older than me but I have trained with them since I was about seven years old.”

  65. morning all…rico, don’t mention snow – we got pounded last night…had to shovel the driveway and clear the road immediately in front of the house pre-dawn this morning…we’re supposed to get more this weekend.

    sorry to hear that arshavin is lacking in confidence – it happens, and he just needs to work through this. no magic formula, just work hard, score a goal or two and hopefully get back on track.

  66. hi oliver, i feel for you with the snow, thought we were done with it here in the UK but the temperatures have really dropped and the sky has got that look about it :(

    fair pont about AA, there is no magic formula and the more he thinks and worries about it the worse it will get….

  67. If Oxo has gone to the Manures then he has just made a terrible mistake because in few days time Wilshire will lift his first Trophy that he was really involved with.

    Oxo will play 2 games next season and then sent on loan to Sunderland and go back to the Manure for Pre-season and play 1PL game and 2 Carling cup game the when Manure is beaten again he will be sent to Sunderland again for another season.

    If he is not sure he should go and ask Danny Walbeck or Macheda what is happening to their career.” good talents that Fergie cannot risk his Ego to give them playing time unlike Wenger that puts his reputation on the line year in year out to play young talents in the Carling cup, Pre-season, and some PL games.

    Good luck to Oxo .

  68. Mourinho has said he is returning to the PL but has no preference yet…

  69. Barca have 102 goals in all competitions so far…

  70. SD, i’m sure he has signed for anyone yet but yes, if he goes to the mancs that;s the start of a downhill journey in his career

    KT, Jose dreams…..

  71. mourinho won’t leave real just yet…can’t see that happening. when he does, i’ll bet it will be to manage the portugal national team. i think the only job he would come to here in england would be either man united or man city.

  72. Boo!! How’s everyone?

    rico, your second paragraph is really funny. :lol:

    And Oxo really needs to assess his options with greater deliberation. We have the best history of nurturing young talent. Fact.

  73. hi agag…a month until our cup final.

    sd, if i am not mistaken, smalling is another getting only sporadic appearances. considering how good united’s central partnership is, i could have told him there was no way he would get in ahead of either of them.

  74. Boo to you agag, i’m bloomin cold :(

    How’s you?

    Ah, the Drogba sentence, i knew you’d like that one ;)

  75. rico, it seems always cold where you are… :( Up by pre-dawn, oliver?? :( I only ever do that for Arsenal’s CL matches. ;)

  76. Cant wait for the Spring agag and looking forward to getting out in the garden and planting all my vegetables :) seems a long way off right now…
    :lol: re the pre-dawn and AFC, i’ve been doing that to watch the cricket….

  77. Rico you are such a busy gal.i don’t know how you keep up.i loved the drogba reference by the way…

  78. i’m always up before the sun. roads into metro dc are congested from 6am on, esp. the beltway. if i don’t leave the house be a certain time, i add significant time to my work commute.

    i enjoy a lie-in as much as anyone else, but i am also nowhere close to retirement, so that is something that will have to wait.

  79. We could be Barca tiy know, convert half the chances me male a game and bang wallop bob’s your aunts husband.

  80. “me male”…will, r u ok there?

  81. Squillaci and diaby back for Huddersfield.rosicky may join them and Almunia has a small chance.fab2 and vermy are still out-Aw.

  82. Sky report we are considering the approach made for Vela by Bolton….

  83. I’m off to the coast, rico. I’ll send you pics. ;)

    oliver, oh my. I’m still in REM sleep at 6 am. My brain officially begins to function only at 8 am. And barely at that. Ha.

    How many have we scored, KT? Bet it’s only 3/4 of what Barca have. That said, I don’t really care, that league is ever a two-horse race… Plus, we have a very good chance of overcoming them.

  84. Will we create enough chances to score bucketloads.its up to the boys to stick away the chances.

  85. Jesus my typing has gone to pot.

    Will says:
    January 27, 2011 at 4:25 pm
    We could be Barca you know, convert half the chances we make a game and bang wallop bob’s your aunts husband.

    That’s better

  86. Thanks KT – i couldn’t resist it :) I’m not so busy really just cannot sleep knowing the english boys are playing cricket against the biggest rivals, bit like trying to sleep when we are playing the tiny totts…

    just can’t do it ;)

  87. Agag i reckon we’re on 83 goals…

  88. Will, and we’d be top of the league by far if we had of done, that wigan away game still haunts, as does the two home defeats :(

  89. 48 goals scored in the league i think KT

  90. squillaci will certainly start, probably for jd. probably diaby too, although perhaps a first-off-the-bench subs appearance, considering how long he was out. if al is fit, i would expect him on the bench with szczesny to continue. rosicky probably to start.

    so…szczesny, gibbs, squillaci, kos, eboue, diaby, denilson, jack, rosicky, chamakh, arshavin.

    if things are going well after sixty minutes, minimal, if any changes. if we need to change the game we bring on cesc for jack. if we still need to change, then samir for rosicky, and theo for arshavin.

    i am fine with arsene naming a hugely changed side – despite my saying yesterday that he should never change so many at once. but we have players that do need rest (jd and cesc) and others that are returning from injury (rosicky, diaby). i think chamakh needs a full 90 minutes, no matter how things go, and that arshavin needs as much time as we can afford him to work through these problems. so as long as arsene has a strong bench and is ready to turn to it to bail us out if things don’t go according to plan, i think we will be fine with a raft of changes this time…

  91. agag, off to the coast, another holibob – good on you, look forward to the pics, even though i’ll be so envious :(

  92. GG was really mad in comparing our attack to the spuds.they have 53/4 goals so far 30 fewer than us.bale has a back injury and they are going to make it worse if they don’t let him have surgery early.nasri had a knee injury earlier but we sent him for surgery asap.he was out for a month but since then he has been sublime.

  93. Rico 48 in the league,18 in the CL,4 In the FA cup and 13 in the CC.

  94. That is my point about putting the goals away, look at the aura Barca have. Do they player better football than us? Do they create more chances that us?

  95. Blackpool have been fined £25,000 for fielding a weakened side, what happens to us, didn’t we make NINE changes to face Wigan….

    What’s good for the goose….

  96. Ah ha, i knew there were more KT ;)

    Will – i’m not sure they do, but what they don’t do is try pass the ball into the net, when they see the goal, i think more often than not they go for it….

  97. Will we’ll get there.bar the city game we have been scoring 3 goals a game with our best 11.if we continue this way we’ll score a minimum of 3 goals a game.its about being clinical as we create loads of chances.with rvp we have one of the most creative CFs in world football and therefore we’ll always create chances.

  98. But if we had a clinical striker KT…… ;) ;)

    Ok just teasing, to be honest, if one day everything clicks and we turn the misses into goals then boy, some sides are going to be sorry… surely that day isn’t far off, we just always seem to come up against an in form keeper….

  99. KT, you mention the city game – we didn’t score because of the tactics city played??

    When will AW implement tactics to break down such sides when they play that way, it’s one of his downfalls…

    Thats when a hoof ball to a benzema kind of player would do, over the top, benzy just does what he knows best, 1-0…..

  100. Hi Rico,

    Oliver, I was watching Fox News yesterday and behind the presenter the snow was pouring down. V. Pretty! :-)

    Hi Will, how did you know Bob was my aunt’s husband? In the family we try and keep it quiet. :-) Reading your chat with Kev, I was really impressed that you supported Arsenal from childhood living in a Totts area. Takes guts!

  101. Hi RA, you got snow in Herts?

  102. KT,

    There was an article picked up by most papers that Mourhino wants to come back to the EPL. They love and respect him in that league. So he says. I think Valdana is getting to him! Aaah! :-)

  103. I was pretty close KT. :) Will, that our star players stay fit is the key to our title charge. And we’ll win something this year. For sure! ;)

    rico, I’ll be sending you pics every other month, I think. ;)

  104. Hi Rico,

    No, but it is perishingly cold. :-)

    I was in NY a couple of years ago, walking down 5th Avenue and hunched up against the cold. I turned the corner and was almost knocked over by a grizzly.

    Actually it was a woman swaddled from top to toe in the biggest fur coat you have ever seen, with just her nose and eyes peeking out. :-)

    Amazingly she said sorry …. unheard of in NY, and I said not half as sorry as the poor bear!!! She gave me the finger and disappeared around the corner. Now that is more like NY!! Right Oliver? :-)

  105. agag :lol: my next break is coming soon too, we’ll swap but mine won’t be as stunning I’m sure ;)

  106. I think you’ll find that our midfielders miss most of those chances especially cesc who hits most of his shots in the middle.one team will concede 10 i say…

  107. You gals work so damn hard.i wouldn’t begrudge you having a holiday.me am on holiday all the time in comparison to how busy you seem to be…

  108. Barca have the shortest squad in Europe standing tall at 177.38cm.who says they have height disadvantage?if anything they have the advantage of having the ball under the nose as the waltz past keyholes in a football pitch.

  109. KT, you will make some lady a vey happy woman one day, you sound like the perfect husband :)

  110. I’ll hold you to that, rico. :)

    Cesc does seem to hit his goals straight at the keeper. Hopefully, someone will point that out to him. We are on the cusp of greatness, and I hope he is not tempted by the stains anytime soon.

    Right, you are, KT. You work hard to earn the right to go on hols at will. ;)

    Hey, RA.

  111. Aww, rico, you’ll get KT all pink-faced. ;)

  112. Hi Agag,

    I have never been to the Philippines but, the way you speak of the lovely weather and beaches, I must see if I can get over there. :-)

  113. hiya ra…snow let up about midnight, but more on the way. schools are closed so my wife had to bring the kids to a friend before she went to work this morning. it was bad yesterday evening – thick snow coming down for several hours, covering everything…a real “nor-easter”…

    that’s ny, ra…getting flipped off by a fur coat wearing so-and-so is a badge of honor!

  114. Vermy back in training next week according to PHW.

  115. Hi RA.Now that you’ve mentioned it what are the odds that the lady that told PHW to ‘spend the f**n money’ is rico?…thanks in advance rico if it was you.

  116. By the way where is WATH?i thought i saw him run onto the pitch in the wigan game.he really has to learn to control his liquor…

  117. I’m probably just easily pleased, RA. ;) And enamored of escapes. Beaches down south are the prettiest, imho. Thailand, I think, is best value for money though.

  118. Sorry i meant ipswich game

  119. Ade has always had talent it has always been application that he lacked.i reckon he’ll do very well for madrid as am sure the mourinho factor and club status may be just the catalyst he needs to wake up from his slumber.

  120. KT, your 6:17 :-)

    Agag, I have been to Thailand for a 3 week holiday some years ago.

    The place I loved tho’ was Bali, great people, great weather and great food. Then they bombed the place! :-(

    I think I have already told you before, I used to have a lovely filipino girl who worked for me. She had the sweetest temperament, and was very skilful and dedicated. One day she looked the wrong way crossing the road and was run over. Terrible.

  121. RA which country have you not been to?im suspecting you may have been a participant of the amazing race.

  122. KT, i emailed PHW about money, why did you have to let the cat out the bag ;)

  123. evening
    right..its this simple..we have to get behind AA
    the mans a dangerous player we need a top form AA and hes admitted whats wrong…
    hes in bits…i agree with the earlier comment about cheering him every time he touches the ball..its sounds like hes totally lost confidence in his ability…but it is there, we need to help him get it back…cheer him get behind him, urge him to shoot, one of them will go in and then maybe, just maybe we see the return of one of the most dynamic players in europe
    i would play him V hudds…in the centre, behind the main man, not stuck out on the wing, throw him in at the deep end and try get his instints back..stuck on the left aint doing him no favours when hes feeling like this..he needs to see more of the ball he needs to be more involved…
    if one of those thunderbolts go in it could just change everything…

  124. KT, re WATH, he’s really busy, always is this time of year but also he has lost his internet service, i miss him and his naughtiness – he was on the other day and said about it…

    hopefully he will resume his naughty blogging really soon….

  125. KT, :-) again!

    My father had a job which meant, as a family, we were always moving around the world.

    When I left University I had a break year and travelled widely.

    I work hard and love my holiday breaks.

    My own job, until recently, has involved a lot of travelling too, not always enjoyable. It can be a hard slog!

    How about you?

  126. Boom Boom here’s jj, same old same old, he’ll say hello in a moment :lol: :lol:

  127. The question about AA is, has Arsene Wenger ruined him???

    Square pegs and round holes and all that…..

  128. Hi Jonjon, you are spot on! AA will get back his form, but he needs to play! :-)

    Rico, I miss Wath too. We need our Alpha Male back, with his GG! :-)

  129. RA, :shock: Really?? How awful. But Bali does have the most amaaaazing hotels.

    We have rico to thank for VDW and Torres. (I wish.) Ah, hpe springs eternal…

    That’s it. My flight’s exaggeratedly early. And I’m nowhere near done packing…

  130. oh and bonjour ;)

  131. RA I have to be as many countries as spuds fans before qualifying for the CL.there was actually a big cloud over london as they blew the dust off their passports!…

  132. Rico i’ll never be what you said.i’m not a fan of things like shopping and am not the most hardworking guy except when it comes to Arsenal.

  133. Safe trip agag, had a fab holiday :)

  134. Too true RA… :(

    KT, just make sure you marry a Gooner who loves internet shopping and football, then you’ll be perfect

    There are many out there in this world… :)

  135. bonjour jj….

  136. JJ i agree with you on AA.i have said this already,AA on form is our best player.he can pass like cesc,shoot like rvp,dribble like nasri,celebrate like eboue…ok not the last one but he is unpredictable.that unpredictability may just be what you need to tip the match in your favour.he is 2 footed and thats a MASSIVE advantage.if i was AA id circle feb 15th on my calendar and as i wake up everyday id know that i’ll have to work hard to be in contention to start such a game.it may be just what he needs,a big perfomance against barca would shoot his confidence off the radar.

  137. Song is contemplating a return to the Cameroon national team.

  138. wengers stuck in a tricky position with the guy
    he needs him..he knows how important he can be..but a player with that mindset can lose you games..
    at the same time a player with that mindset needs games..
    wengers doing the right thing leaving him out of the PL side and using him in the cups but after leeds and ipswich, hudds is the last chance..
    what if he plays shit v hudds?? what does wenger do then??

  139. Just been reading that KT, i didn’t realise he had quit….

  140. Rico they blamed the failures of the national team at the WC on him despite only starting once.

  141. JJ i hope that AA’s time with us doesn’t end in that fashion.only 2 years ago he was 6th at the Ballon d’Or awards.such talent doesn’t disappear overnight.C’MON AA we believe in you!.

  142. How horrid, i honestly didn’t know that KT, i’d tell them to take a hike… maybe his absence is what they blame, like it’s his fault….

  143. jj, good point and not meaning to diss Huddersfield but if AA can’t perform against them…. but then his goal against wigan was pure class…. we need the real AA back ….

  144. AA had 8 touches that night at Anfield rico.half of them were goals.thats how good he can be when he is up to it.he was not sparkling on Tuesday but he still had 2 assists.if AA can play to just 80% he’d comfortably be in the top 10 players in the world.

  145. Glad Benik Afobe ISNT being allowed to play on Sunday, he could harm us…. :)

  146. KT, I don’t doubt AA as a footballer, talent is permenant – i just don’t get why he is suddenly so off form – yes he made two goals but watching how uncomfortable he is with the ball at his feet and making runs is just so sad…..

  147. Benik Afobe not playing Sunday. Apparantly it’s against ‘FA rules’.

  148. Apparently under the rules only regular loans can be eligible to face their parent clubs.he is under youth loan so not eligible.

  149. Youth loan, hmm, who pays his wages then?

  150. I have ammended my comment – i meant to say, glad he is not playing ;)

  151. Guys, i must go sadly – got a big tennis match to play tonight, thankfully it’s indoors so i won’t get cold ….

    Actually, its on my Wi, my fitness time of the day :)

    Be good and catch you all tomorrow, night all….

  152. Should be a good game Sunday, i think Huddersfield try to play football.

  153. See ya Rico, don’t break any windows……

  154. yeah ktr totally agree
    you dont go from world class to crap over night..
    come on AA get it together son…everyones behind you..

  155. [...] Arshavin’s lost it, defender signs and midfielder leaves. The defender signing is young seventeen year old Martin Angha – it’s his first professional contract with the club. [...] [...]

  156. Chavs had made a 35/40 million offer for Torres, L’pool have turned it down….

  157. Morning Rico, how are you today?

  158. Morning Will, cold! How’s you?

  159. That is what having money does for you and it is cheating.

  160. What, me being cold Will ;)

    Ah, you mean Torres :)

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