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Wembley or Wilt??

If we win tonight and book our place on the big stage in London, with it will come confidence, belief and momentum. Should we fall short we could suffer a massive knock mentally and our form could dip. That’s not me being negative of pessimistic that’s just telling it as it could be.

Remember what happened last season after we were knocked out of the Champions League?  We saw our small hope of winning the league disappear after losing two away matches against ‘lesser’ opposition. We don’t want that to happen tonight, get the win and push on.

It’s all about winning!

Winning breeds confidence, confidence breeds more wins. A win tonight is not only about getting to the Carling Cup Final at Wembley, it’s about maintaining the momentum and giving us a chance to win the silverware we crave and deserve.

This is how we lined up in the first leg: in no particular order ;)

Wojciech Szczesny,  Emmanuel Eboue,  Johan Djourou,  Laurent Koscielny,  Kieran Gibbs,  Theo Walcott,  Cesc Fabregas,   Denilson, Andrey Arshavin,  Jack Wilshere,  Nicklas Bendtner

It clearly didn’t work that day did it?

We were beaten by a side that appeared more eager, more direct and more desperate to win. We had only a few chances, Cesc probably had the best but sliced over from close range and Theo saw a couple of good chances saved by their keeper, Martin Fulop. Leeds had a couple of good chances too in addition to their goal and they will again tonight if we are not focused. Priskin troubled Eboue and Denilson just wasn’t able to control the midfield in the way that Alex Song does. Of course, we had no Sami Nasri that night either.

There is no place tonight for many changes from the weekend, in fact any changes!  Arsene Wenger confirmed yesterday that we have no new injury concerns so play the strongest side and that has to be the same starting eleven that totally outplayed and battered Wigan. If Wigan couldn’t keep up with the way we played then neither will Ipswich. To be fair, if that starting eleven plays at its best, I don’t know of many teams that would keep up with us.

Well, Sagna isn’t suspended for this fixture, Nasri is fighting fit and healthy and if any one player deserves to play at Wembley its Alex Song, followed closely by Gael Clichy, Cesc Fabregas and then the others ;)

Wenger has suggested the squad for tonight’s match will be the same one that faced Wigan. I hope he goes one step further and makes the starting eleven the same too despite him say he may ‘rotate a little’.

We have to play Sagna and we have to play Song. JD and Kos can carry on forming what is fast becoming a strong and steady centre pairing at the back and that wonderful attacking unit can blow the Tractor Boys right off their seats. Ipswich have no new injuries following their win at the weekend but they do have a new manager in place now. We know him too well and Paul Jewell is no mug. He’ll know exactly what he needs his side to do to guarantee their place in the final and no doubt he’ll get them doing that – but this is a cup match and we are Arsenal and it’s our turn.

All I would say to the staff at The Emirates is as soon as Ipswich arrive, take the coach keys and go and find a nice parking bay for their bus, we certainly don’t want to see it parked on the nice green grass between the goal-posts! :)

Wenger says:

We feel stronger and stronger in every single game. It is interesting the chance we have in front of us because for me the way we play is fantastic to watch. Let’s just keep going

Well, it’s down to you Arsene to make sure we do, pick the right side and we will.

Seriously, we have been waiting too long for this chance, some may think it’s only the Carling Cup, I’m not one of them!

Tonight is about getting the result to take us to Wembley, we all love a good day out :)

So will it be Wembley or will it be……….

Have a good day all……….

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277 comments on “Wembley or Wilt??

  1. Morning all, i’m not even going to mention Red Noses attempt to hijack the Oxo move, Chamberlain will go where he chooses…..

  2. Hi rico.haha re:the bus…

  3. Morning KT, i thought you’d like that one :)

  4. I’m nervous already and the match is hours away….

  5. Right answer Colin :)

  6. If we play our best 11 they will go back home on a scooter…

  7. Thankfully Wenger has said not many changes, i hope that means none or one… i think he could rest Robin, i hope i am wrong….

    no-one needs a rest, they can sit out on saturday and do that, tonight is about best eleven, win the game and onwards and upwards….

  8. Only if the scooter has a top-box KT ;)

  9. re our wigan win….

    Of course it will be tough, Ipswich are well aware that they are complete underdogs. The Championship is of paramount importance for them. Getting to Wembley would be a bonus. Jewell said he watched Arsenal play on Match of the Day against Wigan on Saturday and had to turn the television off after a few minutes because they were playing so well.

  10. Rico am more than Nervous Come on you Arsenal Morning Friends

  11. Rico, you think there’s a new CB coming or will it be the “like getting a new signing” crap, when squillaci returns on Sunday?

  12. Morning Erick – no you are not ;)

  13. old red nose is still pissed on missing out on walcott & ramsey-only reason he’s after chamberlein..

  14. Colin, i think he’ll get one still…..

  15. kg, but we missed out on smalling…..

  16. Rico honestly I am Colin If I may I don’t think we will have a CB

  17. Morning Rico, Erick, KT,

    I hope you are right and AW does not play around with the team too much. Put out the strongest side and then when we are winning 3:0 take players off. Simples! :-)

  18. Erick, Colin,

    I have heard we are now looking at Bougerra from Rangers who is a CB.

    After last night’s performance I think we should keep away from Cahill.

    With Squidgy now available my gut feeling is we will not buy anyone.

  19. Howdy RA hope all is great Bougerra(SP) is great kept Rooney Quite at the world cup

  20. It’s not good is it Erick ;)

    Morning RA, thats my thinkking too…

  21. Maybe Cahill knows he’s going and didn’t care last night ;)

  22. Morning all,

    I think the crowd will play a huge part tonight. They’ll get right behind them, we need to control the first 15 mins then unleash hell.

  23. KT was saying about Bougerra yesterday, that could be why the scout was at the Rangers/Hearts game and not for the keeper….

  24. Morning all
    Great post and yeah, I agree; take the bus keys off the Ipswich drive and take the bus to the car park! :)

    Knowing Paul Jewell, that will be his intention so we really need to field a strong bcoz Ipswich arent going to filed fring players or schoolboys so we shouldnt either!

    Come On The Arsenal!!!

  25. Arsène Wenger admits that signing a centre back on loan may be the “best solution”.

    The Arsenal manager is trying to bring in defensive re-enforcement before the transfer window closes at the end of January while Thomas Vermaelen recovers from his Achilles problem.

    Wenger has insisted that any acquisition would act as cover for Johan Djourou, Laurent Koscielny and Sebastien Squillaci so, he argues, a temporary move may be suitable.

    “Basically that would be the best solution for us because what do you do with five centre backs?,” he told Arsenal.com.

  26. Erick, couldn’t pop a comma or a full stop in every now and again could you?!

    I jest. Come on you gooners.

  27. Morning T-buzz, thanks re the post

    This is no fixture for messing around, big night, big boys, then big result :)

  28. Morning all @ the HH,

    For me the most important players to play today are:
    Sagna, Djourou, Kozzz, Song, Cesc and RVP.
    And on the 4 vacant who ever he fields out will be OK and enough for a win.

  29. Arsène Wenger is hoping that Carlos Vela’s loan deal will be completed before the end of this week.

    At the start of January, the Arsenal manager revealed he wanted his Mexican striker to make a temporary move in order to get some playing time. Major clubs from England and abroad have contacted the Frenchman about a possible loan, with Bolton boss Owen Coyle publically professing his interest.

    According to Wenger, the 21-year-old prefers a move to Spain but the manager wants to keep him in England. Either way, a deal could be sealed after the Carling Cup Semi-Final second leg with Ipswich.

    “There’s nothing done at the moment, no,” the manager told Arsenal.com. “But that could be sorted out Wednesday or Thursday.

    “Personally I wish [he would go to a Premier League club] because he’s a great player and it will be easier for me to follow his progress but he is attracted by Spanish football because it is his home language. But hopefully we can find a good solution for him in England.”

  30. Morning Stef

    and Nasri :)

  31. Rico,

    I made a forecast to a good friend when we signed Rambo.

    I said then that Fergie had so much egg on his face for announcing on the official Manu site that they had signed Rambo, he would never stop until he got his own back on Arsene.

    When we were favourites to land Smalling, Fergie stepped in, out of the blue, and pinched him. With Ferdinand, Vidic, Evans etc he did not need him.

    And now at the last minute he has stepped in to try and pinch Oxo. Again he does not need him.

    This whole nonsense is personal spite to mess Arsene about. Appalling man that red Nose!

  32. Morning Rocastle, you going tonight??

  33. Smalling isn’t that good anyway RA, they can have him, i’m confident we’ll get the Oxo boy as he knows he’ll learn and play – also fergie will be gone soon ;)

    thats not what i’d call red nose though ;)

  34. Hi rico, no such luck I’m afraid.

    Kept ignoring calls from an unknown number all week as I don’t usually answer them (they never want to GIVE you any money do they??!!)) but it was my uncle and he had a spare for Sunday, which has since been passed on to my dad (Arse!)

  35. That’ll teach you Rocastle ;) ;)

    I don’t answer them either though but my family are Reading season ticket holders and unless they are playing us, i don’t go anymore ;)

  36. The kozz/squillaci combination worries me, god forbid anything happen to J.D….

  37. Rocastle,

    That’s tough.

    I was promised a ticket for tonight but still a bit too sick to go, which is also a bugger. :-(

    I really like the look of Connor Wickham, but I suspect ManU, Spuds or Citeh will get him. He is miles better than B52.

  38. Thats why i think he will get a CH Colin, AW is looking at a loan signing now, that would do until the summer….

    Wickham is a handful RA but he wouldn’t get a game at any of those clubs… The footballing world is starting to realise that now…

  39. Got a few things to get done, so back around lunchtime….

  40. Bit gutted, bit at least were on BBC2 Sunday. There’s always the annual jolly boys (and girls) outing to the emirates cup……not that I remember much of it…

    And yes, Connor wickham looks a different gravy.

  41. Tonight’s game plan is simple.

    Start at a high tempo
    Match Ipswich’s workrate
    Go for the throat, score 3 or more in the first half
    Demoralise Ipswich
    Rest some of the better players.
    Score directly at the start of the second half

    Wembley is booked.

    Arsenal, the only team great enough to have THE before their name.

  42. Like it Will..

  43. Morning all,
    That post sounded a bit nervous rico, nothing to worry about, i noticed you were calling for a full strength team i agree, but in all honesty our whole squad are premiership players and there should be no difficulty,imagine trying to put some of our players out on loan, they would go mad if they had to step down, so they must believe they are a lot better than what they are facing tonight. i expect about five goals but will settle for whatever it takes to move us to the final

  44. Roc,

    I thought the Huddersfield game on Sunday was on ESPN at 12:00. I’m probably talking rubbish, but I thought I saw it advertised on there.

  45. Like your enthusiasm and confidence Steve.

    The only problem for me is that I felt the same way before the 1st leg, and we were inept.

    I am still pretty confident too frankly, but not scoring an away goal might make things difficult for us.

    I forecast 3:0.

    Hi Will, Colin. :-)

  46. Tony Adams, ex arsenal captain, talisman and now a reformed, all round bloody nice chap ( ooh what a charming tree!!) had this to say:

    He said: “They’ve got the talent to be champions. I’ve played in four Championship-winning teams and this is as a talented squad as that I’ve played in. They need to go over the line and put a trophy on the sideboard, anything, just put one on the sideboards, learn how to win, learn how to be competitive, how to go over the line.

    “I was very lucky to win early in my career, I won as a very young man but I did also know how to go across that line, how to win leagues, how to win Cups and the difference between not winning and winning, you can’t explain it unless you go through it. They are yet to do that so any trophy, whatsoever, will be fantastic.”

  47. Rocastle will try my best. Will best plan I have heard so far :-)

  48. Doh! Tonights game is BBC2 and I don’t have ESPN.

    Pub it is then, shame!!!

    Thanks for the heads up RA

  49. Morning R.A, what about the second half?

  50. Colin :-)

    If we are 3:0 up at half time, it could finish with a cricket score!

  51. Where do people get these info? It’s just comical! Wenger Denies interest in Woodgate? Who in their right mind would want to sign him anyway??


  52. The Woodgate one had to be a wind up.

  53. Woodgate again same ol same ol

  54. Or a sick joke Will…
    As Redknapp said,

    “Is he going to Arsenal? No, not a chance.

    “We want to keep him. He’s out of contract in the summer, so if we let him out on loan then we’re giving him away.

    “He’s had 45 minutes against a QPR team Neil Warnock sent up, but I think they were waiters from Shepherd’s Bush. We beat them about 10-0 so it wasn’t a great test.”

  55. Redknapp really is an arrogant bastard.

  56. Amongst other things yeah!

  57. Some of the things he has been saying lately are disgusting.

  58. Thats why he got mugged lool

  59. Wouldn’t argue with that Will

  60. Neither would I and I wouldnt feel sorry for Spurs when he dumps them like he did Pompey and S’apmton!

  61. Karren Brady really hasn’t helped the image of women’s football. This is part of her Sun column.

    “I’m passionate about women in business.

    When I left Birmingham City Football Club, 75 per cent of the senior management running that team were women.

    At West Ham, the three senior people I’ve brought in are all women.”

    What does that say to you?

  62. Boo, whats happening then, any news :)

  63. Trust me T Buzz especially when they fail to qualify for the CL. Rico Cesc says on twitter that we can do it tonite together, if that qualifies for news

  64. Erick, i cannot get too confident, i have doubts about tonight if wenger rotates too much – really hoping what his is telling the website is spoof….

    if i were cesc, i wouldn’t be saying things like that just yet….

  65. Carlos Vela is playing for the reserves this afternoon…. So is Miquel….

  66. Rico its confidence oozing out of the Captain.Vela is a suprise :-)

  67. As long as they don’t get over confident Erick, i think they were that way for the first leg….

    I’m surprise re Vela but AW has said his loan deal should be sorted out in the next couple of days, so maybe he doesn’t want to risk him in tonights ‘rugby’ match ;)

  68. Rico……chill out, you’re making me worry!!!!

  69. Rocastle, i am worried, will feel better i think when the team sheet is out…..

  70. morning all…rico, i think my state is similar to yours – apprehensive. we all know how well we can play on our day, but we all know how poorly we can play as well. we should be able to brush ipswich aside tonight, but i am a little concerned that arsene will over-rotate…it seems fairly certain at least robin will rest – i am hoping that he does not move song into cb for jd and start denilson in the midfield. having samir and sagna back will address two major problems we had in the first leg, so lets not create additional problems for ourselves…

  71. I hope AW can hear you Oliver….

  72. Wise words oliver.

  73. we’ll see how it goes. i now think his motivation for rotation is as much to get match minutes for our deputies as it is for resting. if arsene is giving more weight to the former tonight, we could potentially see a significantly-changed side – in my mind, that causes an unnecessary problem. this is a cup semi-final, not a fourth round tie – rotate for huddersfield if you must, but keep the changes to an absolute minimum tonight. and if you do rest a starter (robin), please make sure that player is on the bench, in case he is needed.

    we may not get as good an opportunity for a trophy as we have tonight. we cannot afford to blow it…

  74. Hi oliver – me too, no square pegs other than in square holes tonight….

  75. hi rico/t/k…i am also concerned that our players will buckle under the pressure of the occasion tonight. there is more at stake than virtually any other match we have played in the last few years – one or two exceptions perhaps. i am worried that the fear of failure will permeate the side and inhibit our play. if you add that aspect to arsene possibly putting some passengers in the starting eleven tonight, i think you can see why i am apprehensive.

    that said, the only way to conquer the fear of failure demon is to meet it head on an overcome it. we have a tremendous opportunity tonight, lets make the most of it. and then go on and win this cup in the final.

  76. I fear what comes after, IF we don’t win tonight…..

    We cannot lose…….. can we..

  77. rico, anyone can lose. there is no such thing as a sure thing – we arsenal supporters should well know that by now…

    you’re absolutely right. if we lose, i can easily see a scenario where confidence and form go right out the window. in recent seasons, losses seem to have come in strings, where we take a few matches to get our confidence and form back…

    the players – and arsene – have to understand that if they squander this opportunities, the “bottlers” cries will only get louder, and it will get more and more difficult to shake that tag.

    that is why i think we cannot afford to rotate tonight – there are too many long-term repercussions, should we fail here.

    if we do win and make it to the final, we absolutely have to play our starting eleven (injuries/suspensions excepted) in that match. that will be the first cup final for us since our first year in the ems. in that final against a full-strength chelsea side, arsene picked a youthful side similar to the one that got us to the point, apparently in the belief they earned the opportunity. i will always wonder what would have happened if he picked a full strength squad…in many ways, i think that was the turning point where youth development became more important than winning certain trophies.

  78. oliver, we must not forget that Ipswich could easily buckle under the pressure….

    I know they supposedly have ‘nothing to lose’ but they are the ones with the 1-0 lead – the pressure is just as much on them….

  79. the reserves beat chelsea, a vela penalty….

  80. spot on oliver, exactly as i touched on in the post, remember what happened after we lost that 50th game……

  81. rico, i think the pressure if much different for ipswich. remember they are in a relegation scrap – survival has to be their first priority.

    i am not fond of the term “playing with house money”, but if there was ever a team that personifies that phrase, ipswich town for this second leg is it. nobody expected them to get this far, they received credit and a big psychological boost from the first leg, and most observers expect them to get rolled tonight. that is one reason that i don’t necessarily think they will “park the bus” tonight – i think they will expect all the pressure to be on us, and will look to defend and possibly hit us on the break. it worked well at portman road, so…

  82. We Better Win Tonight.
    It Is Scary Thinking About What If We Don’t Win.

    It Will Spiral Pressure.
    Should Wenger Go All Out Tonight?

    Wao I Am Scared And Why Did This Over Paid And Over Pampered Arsenal Players Making Us Go Through This ?

    Harry Redknap Is Just Simply Cocky And Knows We Are Not Even Thinking Of Woodgate.

    And He Is Right , We Are Better Of Signing Sol Campbell Again.

    By The Way , Does This Mean Wenger Is Not Buying Any CB Again ?

    Bye Good Luck :)

  83. with all that said, if we start the correct team, the correct focus, concentration, effort and intent, we should end finish this tie in the first 45 minutes. there is still a huge gulf in quality between these two teams.

    the opportunity is here, all we need to do it take it.

  84. enjoy the match, sd. no cb arriving – i think the writing is on the wall. in fact, if we add anyone, i think it will be that kid from southampton…

    i think we are finally on the cusp of something special with this team, we just need to take these last two steps and win that elusive first trophy…

  85. Thats why Sagna and Song are vital oliver – Priskin totally confused Eboue in the first leg and we missed Song breaking up all the stuff through the middle…

    if ipswich come to play football and try to score early i think we will win, if they park the bus and we don’t get an early break the pressure will build.

  86. Hi SD, AW is looking to loan a CH for the rest of the season now….

    You enjoy the game too….

  87. no eboue, denilson, or bendtner – unless injury necessitates. we have the players to win easily in our starting eleven. i would play the full-strength starting eleven here and rotate some for huddersfield – and by some, i mean three or four, not the full eight changes arsene made of the dw league match…

  88. i don’t think ipswich will come out to play football – i think they will defend what they have first and forermost. but i don’t think they will actively look to exploit the high line we will certainly play – and hit us on the break. that is why i think sagna and clichy must start tonight.

    as you said, eboue was a huge liability in the first leg. i like the guy – but in national hockey league (and the rangers won last night!) lingo, we would term him an “offensive defenseman”, i.e., a defender by name, but someone counted on to generate offense and with a skill set more suited to attacking. we need a calm, composed defender back there tonight – it has to be sagna. not only for the position, but for the leadership and calming influence his presence in that back four provides.

  89. correction, i should have said “i do think they will active look to exploit…”

  90. oliver, i don’t mind those three playing as long as we are 10-0 up at the time they come on, even they shouldn’t blow that scoreline….

  91. oliver – thats just it, until we see the team and get to five minutes in, we can only guess – jewell said he isn’t going to defend as it could be their downfall…

    we can only make of his comments what we like….

    tonight is about wenger getting his team right and his subs right if it comes down to needing changes…

    i am even more nervous than i was earlier :(

  92. He’s fat, he’s round, he won’t be at the ground…andy gray, andy Gray!!

    Old ‘tickaboo’ has been sacked, all we need now is that Neanderthal keys to follow him. I suggest Louie Spence and Alan Carr to take over. Theyre everywhere at the moment anyway.

  93. Am gutted i can’t watch the game, nothing can make me fee better unless its a proper thrashing oo our opponents :-(

  94. Rocastle – is that for real, Gray has been sacked ….

  95. Just seen the news – that is the best and right thing to have happened to him – Football has won…..

  96. Eastmond i soff to Millwall i hear

  97. Erick, i am sad for you too, although i don’t hold your confidence in the trashing…..

  98. Rico thrashing of Isp is the only thing that can make me feel better

    Am not that confident but when i see the team news i will know where i stand

  99. you and me both Erick….

    I am thrilled about that iriot Gray, well done Sky….

  100. The tell-tale signs for me is the passing for the first 10 minutes. If we are sloppy, we will be sloppy all game.

  101. Sky sports: chamack likely to replace RvP.

    No!!!! Start Robin and sub him when he’s scored a couple?!

  102. The last time we had alot weighing in a match was when we faced partizan belgrade to qualify for CL KO.we nearly blew it that night as we looked nervous despite our superiority.this will a good opportunity to show if we can handle pressure cooker environment even in the near future.that is where i think the game will be decided.can we handle going to the camp nou defending a lead from the Emirates?…tonight will to an extent show how much mental strength we have.

  103. Where is everybody?!

  104. Hi rocastle…

  105. AA needs a big game.i really want something to go for him.against wigan he made 3 successive poor passes on his entrance.C’MON AA!!!

  106. I think this will be the first time that Ipswich have played at The Grove, and the same for all or most of their players… I have a sneaky feeling that ‘they’ may be a tad nervous. With a Wembley appearance on offer and after 5+years of bugger all in silverware i reckon that our fans will create a good atmosphere.
    I think we’ll be alright tonight.

  107. Agree. AA is a touch player, it’s very difficult to come into a game and find your touch immediately. He’s due a good game and some support.

  108. Rocastle, i read that about rvp too, big big mistake if we leave him out….

  109. Hi Rico, you don’t sound very confident, your starting to make me worry……lol

  110. Yeah rico mate….pack it in!

  111. Listen Rico, i’m Mr Negative Thought and even i think we’ll win tonight, so chill out, enjoy the game, hehe.

  112. Re: AA, i’d much prefer to see him in a more central role. He has quick feet, great close control and would surely be more of a threat attacking the box from the middle rather than stuck out wide.

  113. team tonight : szczesny – sagna, djourou, koscielny, clichy – cesc, denilson, wilshere – bendtner, van persie, arshavin

    Thnak me later

  114. I am NOT confident :( :(

  115. Excuse my language.

    We are fucked.

  116. Rico, we’ll be fine, see ya a bit later.

  117. allezkev – hope you are right my friend ;)

  118. Well be ok rico.

  119. Is Ericks team the real team Will….

  120. Reserve team goalkeeper James Shea is on the bench along with Gibbs, Eboue, Song, Walcott, Nasri and Chamakh. via @GoonerTalk.

    Rico am never wrong lol yes it is Rico

  121. Where is JJ when you need him :-)

  122. This is being reported:


    Sagna – Djourou – Koscielny – Clichy

    Denilson – Wilshere

    Bendtner – Fabregas – Arshavin

    van Persie

    Subs: Shea, Eboue, Gibbs, Song, Walcott, Nasri, Chamakh.

  123. Erick, that is not a good team :( :(

  124. I do not feel confident now…..

  125. Ademoney a realmadrid player
    Check http://www.realmadrid.com fro confirmation

  126. I don’t like that team at all.the reason why our best 11 is so menacing is because they win the ball quickly before launching a counter.AA may have more talent than most but his inability to win possession quickly puts us under immense pressure.AA may get away with it but adding bendtner and denilson is clearly disjointing the team.no matter what pressure the rest apply if the aforementioned players just stroll around it will be a nervy night and may get ugly.im no doom merchant but if we don’t win comprehensively there will be serious effects to our team.i hope am wrong…

  127. So ‘spurs target’ Marc van Bommel has signed for AC Milan…bet that was a toughie. Milan or tottenham? Bet that took him ages.

    On a lighter note, as much as I can’t stand Andy Gray and he should have lost his job, surely the entire panel on loose women should join him in the jobseekers queue??!!

  128. We will lose this game because those players are not good enough.

  129. rvp starts
    that will do for me
    lets fucking have em and i reckon denilson s gonna hit the first ;)
    he better i got a quid on 5-0 denilson first scorer
    returns 146 notes
    was gonna pick robin but that only returned 30 notes
    expecting AA to come good tonight
    and the ox is at rb…
    we are going to be ok guys…
    its just pre match nerves

  130. just found out grays been sacked… lol
    thats part 1 of a perfect night
    part 2 is us smashing five passed the tractor they are going to park
    part 3 is blackpool taking advantage of the mancs being shite away
    come on…………..

  131. rocastle
    maybe andy gray should be the new presenter of loose women… ;)

  132. KT, i’m not at all happy with that team either…

    Hi jj, robin cannot do it alone…

    see you at H/T

    please arsenal, show me i am wrong…..

  133. jj, they would eat him alive, especially carol mcgiffin :lol:

  134. no rico he cant
    but he’ll bring all the others into play
    i see AA benefitting
    im nervous but its a strong team

  135. At least RVP and Cesc start the game, our only potential weakness is Denilson he was dreadful I hope he up his game, see ya at HT we have more then enough to win this game.

    One final note :If they show Will & Desire the game will be over at HT.

  136. Denilson and Bendtner worry me…… AA, well, he could destroy any side if he’s up for it…..

  137. Mancs 1 nil down.

  138. Nik B is a joke.

  139. Sagna had a head-bust :( very poor decision from our GK.

  140. We are going to lose this. I can see it.

  141. Shut up Will!!!

  142. Do they have to break our legs before the ref talks to them?

  143. Stef, i feel the same as Will…

  144. its coming
    and the mancs are 2-0 down by the way

  145. Sorry but we are shocking. The ref isn’t helping by allowing Ipswich to basically assault us and also give pretty much every decision their way but over all, we are awful.

  146. What a miss by cesc :( :(

  147. Mancs 2 down HT.

  148. This ref is trying his best to get Ipswich through. It is disgusting.

  149. Maybe Theo or Nasri on will change thinks.

  150. who scored first for blackpool
    i got campbell and 2-1 for that one

  151. KT, great news about the mancs…

    This has to be AA’s worst game in an Arsenal shirt, just nothing will go right for him… :(

  152. I am guessing he doesn’t think pulling an Arsenal player’s shirt off is a foul.

  153. Does Denilson knows how to head the ball? :?
    I hope Djourou will be OK.

  154. the nerves have got to the players…
    its going to be one of those nights i think :(

  155. nah rico thats harsh
    AA been ok a couple of missed passes
    worst player is cesc..by far

  156. Absolute rubbish!!!

  157. We are shocking but this ref needs to talk to their players. They are basically being allowed to assault us.

  158. all the players we were worried about have done well
    nikki AA and denilson have done ok..
    cesc needs to pull his sox up..

  159. jj, he has been dreadful, just dreadful, every pass is too long or too short, his first touch has left him….

    i really feel for the player, he is so so talented but it just isnt going his way…

  160. At least the Macs are worst then us, nut we all know that :lol:

  161. bloomin heck jj, i must turn the channel over, i’m watching a different game to you ;) ;)

  162. ive always said, cesc needs song alongside him, not denilson…..

  163. Nasri on for Arshavin. Our build-up is too slow, Nasri would speed things up.

  164. Hiya JJ, did you get to Elland Road?

  165. AA started off ok
    a couple of msplaced passes thats all
    cesc has got nothing right
    passes are wrong shootings all wrong falling over looking for fouls all time making refs job hard cos he dunno when hes getting fouled or not..
    Jack and denilson are running the show..nikkis linked up well
    the best chances are falling to cesc and hes fluffing every single one

  166. i did kev it was as hostile as ever..i loved it ;)

  167. JJ Cathcart a former manc scored first then campbell the 2nd.

  168. Denilson can’t tackle, head the ball & pass forward how the hell he is a DM.

  169. The worst 4 players we have, and he’s got them all,in the same game AA Bendtner Eboue Denilson. unbelievable

  170. Get in there me o’ Yorkshire Cockney JJ, it’s was a top top performance. Need something similar in 2nr 45 mate. It’s getting a bit hectic

  171. We have conceded only 1 more goal in the PL than the mancs…

  172. Come on Arsenal we can do this

  173. Righto, a big big 45,

  174. Yes we can! :D

  175. AA and Nik B need to be off now

  176. guys denilson and nikki are doing ok theres no point looking for the same old scapegoats it wont wash
    the problems are when cesc gets the ball hes not himself everythings going wrong…
    stevie wonder could see it…
    nasri on nice and early.. and a huge effort

  177. trying too hard i think kev
    need more composure..a little more intelligence and less rush..forcing the issue too much

  178. nikki fucking B

  179. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

  180. B52 what a move man%^&%*#

  181. That’s what he needed!!!!

    Get in there!!!

  182. if torres did that everyone would be having a wank
    that was a fucking wonder goal..
    and it could have just saved our bacon

  183. Is the just giving them free kicks for a laugh?

  184. That is one of the best goals this season, pure class nikki… hats off to him i say….

  185. about friggin’ time!!!!

  186. lets finish this
    go after them lets do it..

  187. wwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Kossie Kos :) :)

  188. Kozzz :D the tractor has been pushed :P

  189. At last a decent corner….. Get in there,

  190. Kozzzzeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  191. floodgates…
    ooooooo to be…
    mark bright sounds gutted lol
    fuck off you prick
    we are the arsenal we cannot be stopped here we go guys

  192. Reminiscent of andy linighan in 93, funnily enough commentator Mark brights victim in that replay. Does that guy hate us or what???!!!

  193. we need to score more…

  194. yeah JJ, Mark Bright 1993, eat your heart out

  195. We need one more.

  196. Jack is up come boy.
    Let’s put this game to bed.

  197. Brighty not so bright….y

  198. I can see Ipswich sneaking one.

  199. Get Walcott on

  200. we dont need anymore we need to stay calm now and pass the ball about and let ipswich come to us.. them up let them chase it and open them up using the space we are winning we dont need to score..they do..

  201. How much more can he cheat us?

  202. The ref lost his marbles…

  203. will i like you but your doing my head in tonight come on mate this is a semi just get behind the team
    unless your using reverse pshycology in which case its working ;)

    yeah kev
    walcott will finish this
    perfect time for him to come on and use the space they leave when they go gung ho

  204. The mancs are now leading 3-2 :(

  205. He has given every 50/50 their way.

  206. u know the mancs really piss me off
    they were losing 2-0 and the ref didnt give blackpool a clear pen and now its three fucking two..the wanker
    just give them the fucking title why dont you

  207. Now the ref can kindly do one.

  208. That’s it. Wembley here we come

  209. Gr8 pass from AA to Cesc 3-0.

  210. oooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhh
    we are the mighty arsenal
    were all off to wem-ber-ly
    and we’ll really shake em up when we win the Carling cup
    cos arsenal are the greatest football team
    the arsenal……..
    the arseanl……….

  211. JJ get your sat-nav out mate. M1 then A406

  212. rico, you can come out from behind the settee lol

  213. +10 minutes added WTH happened in the game?

  214. Nasri and Theo on that’s more like it :D

  215. lmao kev
    we havent been there that long id walk there if i had to…

  216. Harry Rednapp on the pitch???

  217. haha I didn’t see the streaker :lol:

  218. See ya on Wembley way JJ

  219. Wembley it is then


  220. phew…rico, that will be the title of my match report. we’re through, but it does not feel as good as it should have – arsene did what i was afraid he would do – he over-rotated. bendtner may have finally gotten the goal to equalize on aggregate, but he was poor throughout. arshavin even worse, den anonoymous. this could very easily have finished 0-0, and then it would be really ugly.

  221. A very good night y’all… going to bed with a smile on my face!!!

  222. You’ll be smiling in the morning as well t-buzz

  223. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ;)
    we are on it this season
    on it like a tramp on chips…
    see ya wemberly way kev

    nikki..for all his faults scored the goal that changed the game and got us to where we havent been in such a long time
    im over the moon…
    everyman out there played their part..

  224. phew – that will be title of the match report…relieved more than anything. this was much more difficult because arsene over-rotated…he just cannot help himself, can he? bendtner deserves credit for finally making the breakthrough and arshavin had assists on the second and third goals, but on the balance of 90 minutes, both were overall poor in my opinion. starting two palpably out-of-form players with robin boggles the mind, considering what was at stake. at least we won. ipswich were pretty dirty tonight as well – but halsey was, ah “understanding” to say the least. denilson gave us little – as usual.

    wembley it is – but we made this tie much, much more difficult that it should have been. there was too much at stake to treat this as a run-out for off-form players.

  225. JJ, Nick took the goal beautifully, and i think he does some good defensive work. Oliver, a bit harsh mate, but agree with you re; Arshavin, he’s been poor.

  226. Well, well, well….

    I am thrilled, i started to have doubts and if Nikkis goal is not on goals of the week on Sky Sports, i will eat my house ;)

    What control and what a finish…

    Denilson did one thing very well and that was to intercept the ipswich attack which lead to one of our goals. AA did one thing right, and that was to play the pass for Cesc’s goal…

    Nikki, well, he is just Nikki – but tonight he scored, and what a goal it was….


    No wilting for us I hope :)

  227. Who do you fancy in the final Rico? Brum for me.

  228. oliver – have to say, i thought nikki did well defending at times too…. rubbish going forward but defending was good ;)

  229. Am still not happy…bloody mancs!arghhhh!

  230. AA was the reason we scored from the corner he won it from nothing and he assisted in cescs..
    not a brilliant performance he still looks shit but he did enough tonight..
    nikkis goal was nice…the touch the move inside the curler..perfect response..
    oliver it was a risk but it paid off….it’ll do
    im not complaining we are going to wemberly

  231. Brum for me too kev…

  232. KT – don’t worry about the mancs, they will come unstuck soon…..

  233. rico, the problem i have with that is he may have done his defensive duties well, but ipswich hardly put us under much pressure. eboue had a solid game as well.

    the problem in the first half is that cesc and robin were the only players willing to take responsibility for attacking. i didn’t think either bendtner or arshavin gave us much…samir should have been on from the start. i understand keeping theo back as an impact sub, but samir should definitely have been on from the start…unless he was unfit…i heard something about an ankle either before or right after the wigan game, but didn’t arsene say he had no injury worries prior to kickoff tonight?

  234. to be fair to denilson he and jack ran that midfield all game
    we never looked in trouble and JD and kozz were fucking awesome again..
    priskin had the game of his life in the last match..he was shackled tonight he looked a championship player

  235. JJ, i think the reason AA gets so much stick, is because we know he can be so very good. Don’t know what’s wrong with him? Confidence maybe, but the fans just get frustrated with him.


  237. oliver – agagin i believe you are not far off the mark, one too many changes for me too – yes it paid off in the end but that game should have been over by half time…

    RvP can do all he likes but without the players around him who can ‘keep up’ it all goes to waste – but hey, that is me being picky…

    Right now AW got it right, we won and we are going to Wembley…

    isn’t that what really matters tonight??

    It’s not much different from the wigan game is it – while its 0-0 there is reason to moan but when the final whistle goes and we have won 3-0, in the CC Final, do we really need to moan…

    I’m not… I’m happy.

  238. Thought Clichy had a preety solid game

  239. Steve – that is bloody funny :)

  240. No JJ, a perfect response would be to look like you are going to do that every game.

    Just as one swallow a summer doesn’t make, one goal a striker doesn’t make.

  241. Bendy has 6 goals in his last 7 CC games…

  242. the point i am trying to make is that both bendtner and arshavin had invidual moments, but i still maintain that on the balance of 90 minutes, they were poor. samir should have been on from the start – to anyone who says we would not have won if for bendtner and arshavin, i will suggest that with samir starting, we would have put the tie to bed by the interval…we’ll never know for sure i guess. my issue is really with arsene – he over-rotated when he didn’t need to. unless he is lying about injuries, that is…

    btw, halsey did a very, very poor job as ref.

  243. oliver – hey, i agree with you – had i have picked the team, AA, Nikki and Denilson wouldn’t have started…

    They did and nikki broke the deadlock, i’m not suggesting he has suddenly become Torres, or David Villa – he never will be, but he did a few things right tonight and i cannot ignore that….

    Had he not have scored that wonderful goal, we may not be going to wembley… ;)

  244. i’m not moaning…i just want to express my opinion that this was much, much harder than it should have been because arsene got his priorities wrong…both players ultimately contributed to the win – but both were absolutely passengers for the first 45 – its frustrating because i think we all saw something like this would happen if arsene over-rotated.

  245. Right you guys, I am off – we have just won 3-0, we are on our way to wembley and i am very happy – tonight for me, is not the night to think about anything else….

    every player played their part in the end….

    Night all… catch up tomorrow :) :)

  246. rico, i will say that if samir started we would have been done and dusted by the interval…nobody can say for sure, and in the end it worked out; but i still think it was poor prioritization and made the task unnecessarily difficult. now i am concerned he is going to do something similar for the final…


  248. I think tonight was made difficult by the awfull performance in the 1st leg.

  249. Cesc’s celebration was emotional…

  250. Why is it we just won, but i still dont feel confident for our next match, and i’ve felt like that for ages

  251. Van anyone else believe the ref made it a drop ball and told Cesc to let them kick it back to us after he got in the way?

  252. steve, i am doing the match report now i think we will be ok. the worst think we can do, however, is act as though we have already won the cup – we have a pressure packed, and difficult 90 (or more) minutes ahead before that can happen…

    will, i though halsey did a terrible job of handling the match. i won’t go overboard on that, but it is what it is…

  253. i know what he is will, hes a backup striker who frustrates the shit out of everyone
    but that goal changed the game
    if that wouldnt have gone in then who knows what would have happened
    but he pulled something out of the bag when we needed him to and we are in a final…
    i’m worse than most when the players piss me off but tonight they got us to wemberly so im not pissed off..
    one game at a time…job done
    we can call him a shit striker when hes shit..but when he scores goals like that then i cant complain..
    credit where credits due..

  254. Credit for one goal and a million shit minutes on the pitch?

  255. JJ, i thought NB & Denilson had good games at Leeds. You was there, what do you reckon

  256. i give bendtner credit for the goal – and arshavin credit for the two assists. i still maintain, however, that if samir started, we would have scored much earlier and had much easier time of it. until bendtner scored, cesc and robin were our only goal threats.

    i’ll keep the above out of match report…

  257. halsey was a prick..

  258. i thought denilson was ok but song did the nitty gritty den just passed it as he normally does but nikki was doing my head in off the ball
    no movement just stood around waiting like henry did in his last year… chamakh was doing all the running..
    i wanted nik off in that one but chamak was fucked

  259. Fair enough mate. Gotta say i thought Connor Wickham looked good for a 17 year old. One to watch maybe?

  260. i hear what your saying will,
    but if you cant appreciate the goal he scored i really dunno what else to say
    hes not a first choice striker..he frustrates more than hes good..
    but tonight he was good…worked hard..ran about..defended and made himself available for the ball all the time..offered an outlet and scored a peach…
    i refuse to critise a player on a night he actually made a difference….

  261. havent seen much of wickham…just in the last two legs..
    but looks a prospect…defo keep an eye on ipswichs results fromn now on..see if he gets on the scoresheet regular

  262. Righto, I’m off, keep the faith JJ

  263. night fella,
    will, would you play nikki on sunday?

  264. i gotta go peeps
    try to enjoy tonight we deserve it after waiting for so long..
    this one little final could change everything..one hand on it..

    will my good man we’ll finish this tomorrow..
    i think we should have a nikki watch.. ;)
    or a ‘cyber bet’ on the amount of goals nikki will score this season.. ;)

  265. morning

    new posty up

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