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Few tips for Santa this Christmas, add yours….

Christmas Presents for the lads, hope it makes you smile :)

The festive season is upon us again and in all honesty we have not done to bad up to now. We are still in all the Cup competitions and  second in the league, remarkable when you consider the ups and downs of the season so far. We have watched our closest and most bitter rivals climb their way up the table having given them an early three-point Christmas present. We have also donated the same gift to the team at Old Trafford which puts them at the top of the tree.

However, whilst being very benevolent we have still showed we  have managed to stay up with the big boys and now we have to go and  fight our corner.

We have tough games coming up and some may doubt that the New Year wish we all have for our fine club, (which i wont tell, because if you tell, it wont come true) will bear the fruits that we have worked for.

As for presents, this is the time of year where Santa has had a year to do his secret rounds and now he leaves what he believes to be the right gift for the right person.

If I were Santa, these would be my gifts to our players:-

A. Wenger – A Tactical Assistant
P,Rice – A Personality
L. Fabianski – Patience
Almunia – New Club
Szczesny Wrist supports
Sagna – Crossing ability
Squillaci – springy boots
Koscielny- Foresight
Clichy – Faster release and a cross
Vermaelen – Speedy recovery
Song  – New hair dye
Fabregas – New belief
Nasri  – Roll neck football shirt
Walcott –  A central role
Wilshere  – Cleaner character
Arshavin – Diet & fitness book
Van Persie –  Sharpness
Chamakh – Determination
Bendtner  – Humility
Djourou –  Health cover
Eboue  – A chance

There are I know, many more, so why not add your suggestion in the comments, it’s just a bit of fun at a very slow time.

Have a good one….

Written by Steve Palmer

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47 comments on “Few tips for Santa this Christmas, add yours….

  1. Morning all, thanks for the post steve, good fun.

    I wouldn’t give Eboue a chance though, for me he is only a second choice RB…

  2. Good old Tribal….

    Ajax and Arsenal are locked in transfer talks ahead of the market opening next month.

    Gunners boss Arsene Wenger expects to sign Ajax defender Jan Vertonghen at the end of the season and has made the Dutch aware he wants to be kept up-to-speed on striker Luis Suarez’s situation.

  3. Hmmm for Pat Rice I’d get him some tactical nous and a backbone to tell arsene to change things at HT.

    Failing that a White piano and some big red crazy glasses and he can have a second income as an Elton John impersonator.

  4. :lol: Rocastle, love the EJ suggestion

    For Wenger, I give him his hearing back and the ability to listen….

  5. Morning Rico,
    many thanks you done a luvly job made my Christmas wots in you stocking

  6. Morning Steve, thank you, it’s great to have a post with a twist to make us smile :)

  7. Got to pop out for little bit of veggie shopping, be back in a bit….

  8. Morning Rico, :-)

    With all this veggie business I’m beginning to think you are a giant magical rabbit! :-)

    Just waggle your ears, if I am right! :-)

  9. Nice Post Steve,

    And you resisted the temptation to make risque suggestions! :-)

  10. Morning all.good post steve.i’d also give Aw a new pair of eyes as a bonus…

  11. Thanks RA, it is Christmas after all

  12. Must have been an oversight KT

  13. Merry Christmas to you all!
    This has been a wonderful blogsite to epress ones self and I pray that 2011 will be a better year for all HH bloggers and Gooners the world over!!

    Have a great one y’all, catchya during the holidays!!
    Come on You Reds!! Lets beat those Chavs for good!!

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
    ;) ;)


  14. Merry Christmas friends what a year it has been for HH nice fun Steve and am thinking in the next round we need to be raise to the occassion Come on Arsenal

  15. We need to break this losing 2 games in a row habit.if drogba scores again i’m going to be sick!!!

  16. KT we have to take the game to them thats for sure Drogba can do watever he wants but we have to score in big games and I dn’t count the Citeh and pool as big with all dew respect

  17. Steve, very diplomatically-put. But really, all they need are rockets up theirs.

    Merry Christmas, everyone! :) rico, you rock. :)

  18. Agag you always seem to be in a good mood.i hope your xmas party went well.

  19. Reports of rvp10 and cesc in the same 11 are very encouraging.if they are fully fit and firing along with nasri/theo/AA we certainly have enough firepower going forward.what we do in our own final third though will determine the winner on Monday.

  20. Boo all, I am back, i am sure people think the shops are closed until summer ;)

  21. I try, KT. :) I hope your Christmas preps are going well. :) Make sure you pitch in with the domestic duties stuff.

    I won an LCD TV, a toaster, and a coffee maker. Not bad. :)

  22. agag, up their arsenals ;)

    RA, my ears are too small to wiggle ;)

    T-buzz, you have a good one too :)

  23. Erick and KT, Drogba won’t get his customary goal, the chavs are in for a shock….

    The Emirates will rock :)

  24. agag, you serious, you win all that at your christmas bash….

  25. T-buzz, I like your many-smiley greetings! :)

    rico, you’d be happy to know I helped out in the kitchen today. :D

    Erick, howdy?? Drogba will have an off day. Don’t worry about it. :)

  26. Yeah, rico. I won a refrigerator too, last year. :) :) After all the embarrassment everyone is subjected to, we all deserve to go home with a million bucks each to be honest. :)

  27. Agag it would be a shame if that new LCD’s first footy game was a loss with drogba’s face gloating all over it.

  28. Rico do you mean the Ems will be filled with rocks after WATH and co demonstrate after another spanking?

  29. Ha ha agag, i’m in the kitchen baking now :)
    :lol: KT, nah, we are going to win

  30. What do you cook all the time rico?if you’re not cooking,you’re shopping or walking dogs.

  31. bread, mince pies and veggie sausage rolls today KT :)

  32. To think, I made a salad and some no-bake dessert, and felt absolutely exhausted by the efforts. Haha, rico, good for you.

    We’ll score at least two goals, KT. The chavs, one or none at all. 8)

  33. agag, you do make me laugh, that is tops :)

    I think we will beat them too, only if Chesney plays in goal though….

  34. Rico, Agag, the kitchen warriors! :-)

    Actually, I have just taken my famous fruit loaf out of the oven too. It won’t last long. My own fault for letting others into my secret passion! :-)

  35. That’s for later for me RA, i use the one cup recipe, yum yum ….

  36. I have just watched Santa Claus 2 – actor Erick Lloyd looks just like a young Cesc Fabregas…. :)

  37. Only because the kitchen is a warzone as far as I am concerned, RA!

    rico, haha. Must be the puppy dog peepers. :D We have a midnight feast in two hours. Can’t wait. I haven’t eaten anything the entire day in anticipation of Noche Buena.

  38. I’m back, have we signed anyone yet.
    Xmas is on January 6th. over here.

  39. Well, I’ve got to go. Have a great Noche Buena Agag. :-)

    Happy Xmas, Rico, Kelsey, Agag and all you regulars.

    Speak to you all soon! :-)

  40. Kelsey, no, and we won’t until summer ;)

    Merry Christmas to you RA :)

  41. kelsey, i forgot to ask, did you win…

  42. rico, it was just a practice today.off now to wrap up the presents (ha,ha,ha)

  43. ok kelsey, in case you don’t pop on later, Merry Christmas to you and your family….

  44. agag, enjoy your feast ;)

  45. Guys and Gals, I’m going to call it a day, there will be a Christmas Day post :)

    Not that I expect anyone to be on here ;)

    For those who Christmas Day is already upon you, Merry Christmas …..

    Stay safe all…..

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