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Wilshere in trouble, JET off? Dutch Master wants return and not enough Spending.

Yet another of our favourite Arsenal players of days gone by wants to return to the club he loves. Sadly he’s too old do don his boots and go racing off down the left hand side of the pitch, but his knowledge of the game could certainly help a few of our players should it allowed to be shared in training.

We’ve been gifted in the past with great lefties and Marc Overmars is up there with some of the best. He made 142 appearances in a three-year spell with us and helped win the League and Cup double in 1998.

Overmars is currently technical director at Dutch club Go Ahead Eagles but he revealed that he’d jump at the chance to return to north London.

When people ask me what memories I have of Ajax, Barcelona or Arsenal I have to say that at one club I feel at home and that is Arsenal, if they were to ask me to do something I would love to.

I spoke with Arsene Wenger at the training ground and the facilities there are beautiful. It’s emotional to walk around there – it’s a beautiful place.

Oh to have him back twenty years younger!

Another old boy has been talking about his old club too, Anders Limpar was at the Everton game last week to see ‘his side’ lose. Prior to signing for Everton in 1994, he played 96 games for us, scoring seventeen goals and to this day he maintains he’s always been a Toffees fan.

Limpar has been very honest in a recent interview and he believes that the Arsenals thirst for commercial success has cost the us silverware and believes that Arsene Wenger’s refusal to spend big on a new keeper has also contributed to our barren spell. Here’s just a few of his comments.

We live in a commercial world of football and today it is all down to money. 

They have a beautiful 60,000-seater stadium and they have more money but they haven’t won a thing yet since they moved. So you must ask yourself has the move been a success and the answer is commercially yes, but trophy-wise it has been a disaster.

I don’t rate the keepers at Arsenal and by having a poor keeper behind a decent defence, it has the knock on effect of making defenders have to think more than they need to during a game. The defenders obviously have no faith in the keepers behind them and that lack of faith effects their decision making.

 What do you guys and gals think, is he right??

Seems our very own Jack Wilshere has been up to naughtiness again if you believe what The Sun reports this morning.

He’s been messing around with a lap-girl behind his girlfriends back. Here’s the link if you want to read the whole story.


Basically he’s been sneaking this girl into the team hotel, as well as taking her back to his grand-parents home and whispering sweet nothings in her ear. The Sun seems to be the only paper running the story this morning.

Arsene Wenger will not be a happy man. Was this the reason he was recalled from the England Camp? Can we now expect him to be injured until all this is sorted out? If it’s true, Jack’s stupid.

Wonder what will happen today when Jack answers his bail following his arrest earlier this year…..

Not to miss a rumor about players, this morning its about JET, apparently Roy Keane wants him on loan at Ipswich in January. I have two reasons for not believing this one..

JET will play a big part in our Cup run so if we are still in the CL, CC and CL after Christmas, then no chance!

And of course, Roy Keane could very well be sacked before the transfer window opens ;)

Finally, its Children in Need today so click Pudsey below if youwant to know more.

That’s it for today folks, Tiny Totts up next :evil:

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53 comments on “Wilshere in trouble, JET off? Dutch Master wants return and not enough Spending.

  1. Morning all, got a few internet problems again :(

  2. It’s a bit quiet here today….

  3. Morning Rico Internet been crap here too nice piece and I believe Fabianski can do a good job

  4. What about Roy Keane replacing Pat Rice as assistant manager at Arsenal – yes folks a cross of the flair of Wenger and the force of Keane, if it didn’t cause an atomic explosion it would create a stylish team with a mean steak. An unstoppable combination. The classic good cop/bad cop. Drop points and Keane takes training for the week, win and the boss works on those nice intricate moves.

  5. Hi Erick, bit of a pain isn’t it :(

    What do you make re Jack…

  6. Hi Fly, no thanks, not ever….

  7. Defoe is fit for tomorrow….

  8. Lindegaard is having a medical at Manure today, how can that happen when the transfer window is shut??

  9. Aaron Lennon is fit too……

  10. The keepers get a lot of stick for making mistakes that cost us points, but really our outfield players should be comprehensively beating teams more so that the odd keeper blip has no effect on the points. Fabianski has got us a few points by his own efforts in the last few games though, he is growing in stature. Him and Szszesny look like a good 1-2.

  11. And really what is with Wenger’s refusal to give JET a chance? It’s embarrassing to see him continue to bludgeon teams singlehandedly in the reserves…he’s over and above that level now, physically and technically. If it’s too much of a risk using him and wilshere in the first team, then at least let him go and play on loan for a premiership club.

  12. gunner17, got to feel for the keepers some times. limpar reckons we whould break the bank for an english keeper, apart from Hart and maybe Green, who is there good enough…

    i don’t think it will be long before chesney is our number one…

  13. Where does JET fit in though g17, who’s place does he take? Unless we get knocked out of both the CC and FA Cup, i can’t see him going out on loan and there’s the reserves cup too, he’s want to be part of that for sure…

  14. JET’s been looking pretty nifty down the right…

    I would like to see him play on the flanks, in the positions that Walcott and Arshavin are in now. Neither of them is doing a fantastic job to be honest.

  15. Morning all. Has AW said anything new about injuries at his interview at Arsenal TV online?

  16. not tomorrow though g17 ;)

  17. Hi Gunnernet, Wilshere and AA to have late tests, still no Diaby, Almunia or TV, the rest are all ok i think…

  18. Diaby should focus on his acting career…he’s doing a good turn in True Blood on Channel 4…

    no but really, i can’t really see what he’s about…he might be better off playing on a smaller stage, for a french or italian club or something. he’s just taking up space. nice kid, but no, sorry.

  19. True Blood, haven’t seen that one… we’re quite mixed on diaby here, he’s not my fav but a few think he’s going to be class… if he’s ever gets himself fit again of course

  20. It is a big chance tomorrow to turn the heat against the floppers Chelsea. We should rise in the occasion beat the spuds and reach the top. Tomorrow almost at full strength, in our home, with our crowd we will discover how far this season we will go. Big test, i hope JW and AA start.

  21. Gunnernet, spot on especially as for the next few weeks the chavs have no Terry or Alex, they could drop more points, we need to make sure we don’t…

  22. Tomorrow we gonna make a DVD, big clash and hopefully an interesting game, wilshere, rosicky, arshavin and vp to face fitness test, on the over side crouch is pledging harry to give him a striker partner… does the big guy is scared of shooting blank if alone?

  23. I’d actually prefer to see neither JW or AA start…I think JW has gone off the boil, I’d prefer to see Denilson start in there next to Song and Fabregas…and I think AA looks off his game…let’s see Rosicky in there, or Vela maybe.

  24. Rosicky and denilson for me, Jacks tired and now all this in the press, i don’t think he’ll play any part…

  25. Rosicky is a contender but i would prefer a sparking Arshavin instead. JW is not at top of his form, but his last good game was his best one and was against Spurs at the Lane. My 11 :


  26. Me, i’d go with…

    Sagna Squilli JD Gibbs/Clichy
    Song Cesc Denilson Nasri/Rosicky
    AA Chamakh

  27. I would prefer a sparkling Arshavin too, but Arshavin hasn’t sparkled for a very long time, and in my opinion he won’t sparkle until he’s back where he belongs, playing in the hole behind a main striker, with runners all around him, conducting attacks. It’s a total waste for Wenger to plant him out on the left. He’s half of what he could be.

  28. g17, my worry is AA could be tired but I def start him if he’s fit

  29. I predict wenger will go with…


  30. off for a bit, back in an hour or so…

  31. Anders Limpar should shove it,he is an Everton fan so why does he bother or maybe he is regretting leaving Arsenal.

    Everton hasn’t won anything either and they are in deep financial trouble.

    At lease 4 teams will be in deep hot pot of money problems come next year and if new UEFA rule comes to play , Everton will not be able to play the Uefa Cup anymore even if they qualify.

    Anders Limpar should shove it.

  32. Hi SD, another thing he said was, we he played we won trophies every season…… mme…

  33. Where is everyone, we got a NLD to be talking about ;)

  34. What is NLD

  35. North London Derby :)

  36. oops didn’t think it that way.dont tell anyone.

    Well i hope we beat them tomorrow.
    bye for now.

    3 to the Arsenal.

    Nasri 1
    Fabregas 1
    Charmackh 1

  37. I promise not to SD ;)

    See you soon, enjoy the rest of your day…

  38. Hey, rico. Unnaturally quiet in here. :) We’ll beat the swampies, I have a feeling.

    Someone needs to sort Jack out. And really, that’s the sort of behavior expected from chavs and the mancs…

  39. Hi agag, it been very quiet, its bizzare considering the swampies are up tomorrow :)

    Jack worries me :(

  40. Jack’s just being a jackarse. Is it age, you think? This new crop of players has gotten into some high-profile trouble. Jack, twice now. Even Eastmond. They are not even ‘made’ yet. Lansbury on Twitter makes me laugh though. His dog features a lot. :) :)

    I suppose, people are gearing up for the Big One tomorrow. I might miss it though. :( :( :(

  41. I hope he loses his naughty side agag…

    i may have to go find lansbury, i really think he’s a nice guy, never in the paps…..

    oh no, why??

  42. He’s funny, rico. Seems to be a really happy person. You get a fair sense of him on twitter.

    The first match I miss this season is an NLD (hyperventilates). Sigh. I have to be somewhere else until Sunday am. Bummer.

  43. I may have to take a peep on twitter… thats not good news about missing the game, at least you won’t be sat biting your nails… ;)

  44. Thing is, I’d probably be on my phone the entire time for updates… I should go for a manicure (that’s just a quid here, too), then maybe I won’t be biting my nails, rico. :P

  45. Jacks been cautioned by police for the ‘brawl’ earlier in the year…..

  46. :lol: agag, a difficult 90 mins

  47. I know, rico. I’ve been trying to come up with excusable excuses, but have so far failed. Sigh. :)

  48. Happened to me once agag, had to go and see my mum in a bell ringing concert, we were playing the mancs – had my phone on silent but on my lap the entire game…

    but a derby :(

    i think we won that one ;)

  49. Think i’m going to go and get ready to watch Pudsey Bear agag ;)

    You enjoy the rest of your day, catch up with you sunday sometime hopefully with a big win under our belt :)

  50. Hahaha. Bell- ringing! :) It’s been a while since I attended one of those. :D

    Night, rico! It’s nearly 3 am here. :)

  51. Blooming heck, 3am, you should be lids closed and snoring ;)

    nighty night agag

  52. [...] Wilshere in trouble, JET off? Dutch Master wants return and not enough Spending. Yet another of our favourite Arsenal players of days gone by wants to return to the club he loves. Sadly he’s too old [...] [...]

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