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New summer signing already sorted? Defender to sign in January?

Back in 2008, reports were rife about Giles Grimandi keeping tabs on Blaise Matuidi, a defensive midfielder who plays for St Etienne. The player had three years left to run on his contract back then and his club refused to negotiate a sale.

Matuidi has kept his head down, played his football which has since earned him his first call up for France under Laurent Blanc.

Now, this story has popped up again and again it’s us that Matuidi is being linked to and the player himself says the Premier League is where he wants to move to . He’s also being ‘watched’ by Liverpool, Everton, Juventus and a few other clubs but it’s suggested that he wants to hold out for a move to us.

He has recently had this to say:

‘It is nice to know a club like Juventus is following you or asking about you,’ he said. ‘But the league that would suit me best is the Premier League. ‘This is due to tactical, cultural and physical reasons, and the atmosphere in the stadiums.’

Two years ago reports suggest we were offering £8 million for a player who had three years left on his contact. My maths are not the best but even I can work out that two years later means he now has one year left on the same contract and according to reports he is not open to any discussions about renewing this contract.

So in the summer of next year he could walk for free from St Etienne. Maybe his club will sell him cheaply in January, who knows? We all know the way Arsene Wenger works though and he loves a bargain. I wouldn’t bet against Wenger getting him in the summer of 2011, for nothing, just like Chamakh. One to watch in January?

Another player linked to us this morning is the 22-year-old German defender Benedikt Höwedes who currently plays for FC Schalke 04. He has played for his country at all age groups and rumours are that we are to offer £8 million for him in January. Höwedes plays either full back or Centre Half.

Finally some ‘real’ news, mixed news.

Kieran Gibbs will be out for “a few weeks” with the medial knee ligament injury following Wednesdays game but we should know more today after his scan..

Aaron Ramsey and Robin van Persie are pencilled in to begin full training by the end of next week but Arsene Wenger has advised fans not to expect too much too soon, especially from Ramsey.

Manuel Almunia, Thomas Vermaelen and Abou Diaby will all miss Saturdays game through injury, Jack Wilshere will also be missing as he sits out the last game of his suspension.

Remind you of anyone, other than Theo of course….

That’s it folks, have a good day.

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154 comments on “New summer signing already sorted? Defender to sign in January?

  1. Morning all, Friday rumour day :)

  2. Morning rico…

  3. Morning KTR7, slow old moring….

  4. Morning Rico, :-)

    I so missed the Blaise Matudi rumours last summer. Every year for the past 5 years he has told us how much he would love to play for Arsenal, and by the way, hurry up because x, y and z are also after him.

    He has no chance of joining us, and when he is 40 he will trotting out the same old story! :-) (maybe he is 40?

    Hi KT, :-)

  5. Hi RA, but it could be so different this summer, he’s free :lol:

  6. I was very poorly with the ‘flu last January, so I decided this year I would get a jab as I did not fancy going thru the same experience.

    Then I decided to get my hair cut as I was being mistaken for a Poppy.

    Now I am feeling cr*p! Who’s idea was that? Oh yeah, it was mine, what a plonker. Samson no hair and a flu jab! :-)

  7. Morning amigos!

    Shame about Gibbs, I was hoping that it was an injury he could just shave off but I guess that was asking too much since an Arsenal injury normally takes lengthy weeks to a few months.

  8. RA, after the flu jab one can often get dreadful ‘flu like’ symptons, especailly after the first one.. Next year you will be fine…

  9. Rico,

    I honestly know nothing about him really. It’s simply that whenever a player or his agent go on about how he would like to play for us, he never gets the chance.

    Arsene likes to do business calmly and privately, not via the media.

    Maybe I will be wrong! Would not be the first time. :-)

  10. Morning T-buzz, hoping his scan today doesn’t reveal anything worse…. you lknow what the afc medics are like….

  11. T-buzz, gnarleygeorge was on this morning, on the old post, he said hi to you….

  12. Hi T-Buzz,

    I really feel for Gibbsy. He is having rotten luck with injuries. Perhaps he is getting all of them out of his system and his career will remain injury free after this. Hope so.

    Thanks for your reassurance on the ‘Flu front Rico. I have my fingers crossed, or is that my eyes? :-)

  13. RA, i know what you mean re wenger, but chamakh was all over the press, just have this feeling this one may just happen if wener has been waiting for him to become a free agent…

    I’m very often wrong too and I don’t care :)

  14. So Arsenal still need another md player?Denilson/Wilshire/Feb/Ramsey,etc. If the rumour is tue,where will he fit in?Is it to scare the current players into optimum performance?If it is well done.
    If not some may want to leave. I still think Arsenal need a central defender and anothe full back ,what with Gibbs,contantly getting injured.

  15. It looks like red nose is doing an ‘Almunia’ on shrekboy…

  16. Gnarleygeorge was is the hood?? How’s he doing anyway…I havent been to Le-Grove in months actually, since I moved to Highbury House!!
    Hey RA, as per the flu jab, rico has a point, my cousin had a jab a few days ago and she’s had flu-like symptoms too. be strong and I hope you get over it very soon… :)

  17. Hi Tim, i still believe we need another defensive midfielder, but a big one rather than a 5’9″ midget like Matuidi…

    To be fair, we all know these are just silly rumours as we approach January, and as RA says, whoeve we get linked to we seldom sign…

  18. I saw that too RA, shrek out for longer. Good ;)

  19. GG is good T-buzz, i expect we will see a bit more of him when the ashes get going, he loves his cricket :)

  20. I havent even seen this Matweedy fella yet, any youtube clips, anyone?
    As per Shrek, for £250K/week i guess you can do as you please….

  21. All u clichy haters xpecially d English Arsenal fans must be having a rethink about ur over-hyped injury prone Kieran Gibbs.

  22. Heres one T-buzz :)

  23. Clichy haters??? Wrong site famfam….

  24. Clichy haters?? Whats that all about?

  25. thanks for the link Rico

  26. no idea t-buzz, ff obviously thinks we hate clichy !!

    nice left foot T-buzz :)

  27. Shows what dross these journalists write, look what i just found…

    St Etienne midfielder Blaise Matuidi has signed a contract extension with Les Verts until 2013.

    The 22-year-old, who has often been linked with a move to the Premier League, put pen to paper on a two-year deal with the French club.

    Clubs such as Arsenal, Tottenham and Everton have been strongly linked with a move for the combative midfielder, but he insists he is delighted to commit his future to the Ligue 1 side.

    “I am delighted to sign a new contract,” he told skysports.com

  28. so, no freebie in the summer then ;)

  29. Anyone see phil jones i/view in today’s daily mail?he has compared jack to messi…he hoped jack isn’t affected by pressure but we know jack is as cool as they come.

  30. Rico did you know songinho is a blondie because of his wife…women…

  31. i’m not surprised re the comparrison KT, but a tad too early for all that me thinks … i did see the taht about Song, i hope she tells him to change it back real soon, he looks daft… ;)

  32. See Barca are touting Milito around KT, what do you make of that?

  33. Just been listening to Fat Sam on sky sports talking about Maradona wanting to manage in EPL…

    The twurp called him Madonna :) I know I do, but that’s to take the pee ;)

  34. Milito has been slowed down by his recent long injury layoff.he is very slow right now and he wouldn’t improve our defense.

  35. Maradonna is an entertainer but if he is your manager when playing against the big boys you’ll get destroyed.

  36. Wasn’t thinking about us KT, i read he had two years out with a ligament damage, that being the case i would have thought the EPL is the last place he needs to play his football….

  37. Its Fat Sam KT, he called him Madonna, bloomin funny i thought… ;)

  38. Thanks for the thought T-Buzz. :-) I had the real ‘flu in January, and this feels a bit like that, to tell the truth.

    Not everyone on here is English, Famfam? Though I don’t understand why you mention that anyway.

    Bloggers on here come from all over the world, and we don’t hate anything or anyone to do with Arsenal on here, although we have our likes and dislikes.

    Come on and chat and you will see. :-)

  39. Milito is past his best rico and the EPL is the last place he would want to come right now.

  40. RA when i returned here in the evening you had already left.FF no one hates clichy here.we only give constructive criticism.

  41. RA, the real flu is horrid, knocks me off my feet for ten days when i have had it, hence i always have the jab now…

    mind you, i once had Pluracy which made Flu feel like a common cold…. :(

  42. Maradona wants to coach us or the chavs…no way!!!

  43. KT, spot on, No Way!!

  44. Morning folks,

    Literally two minutes to spare, but will read any responses later, and get back when I have a moment.

    You do know the flu jab was changed this year to incorporate SwineFlu, and the side effects of that can be horrendous?

    On Shrek… Does anyone think old red nose is on his way… first the Shrek debacle and then the SKY Sports replacement articles, and now he seems to be able to read the Sunday Papers and assess the extent of an imaginary injury…

    Could it be that Manure are sounding-out potential replacements as we speak? I said at the start of the year that he had lost his mojo… maybe this is all part and parcel of a wider Manure malaise.

    Let’s hope so huh :lol:

    Talk later I hope

  45. I really dislike it when people make comments like that and dont have the liver to back up their claim…
    That’s directed at FamFam by the way and I’m interested to know what he means :roll:

  46. Hiya and see ya Mike B :)

  47. T-buzz we are all Arsenal fans and in no way do we hate any of our players.

  48. Hi mike, maybe his replacement will be Maradonna :lol:

    T-buzz, one ‘off the wall’ comment bloggers cheese me off too, no one here ‘hates’ Clichy, we just think he’s off form a bit. I doubt there is one fan who doesn’t want him to return to his best….

  49. mike, i should be having my flujab today, i think you have just put me off….

  50. Got to pop off for a bit, dogs need their daily walk… catch you shortly…

  51. Who wouldn’t want the whirlwind back?i want clichy of 07-08 back rico and so do all fans.

  52. Rico,
    we cancelled ours… just take a stroll around the internet and read some of the horror stories…

    Re: Old Red Nose retiring to Stud…
    The alternative rumour (also started by me) is that Shrek has a few more weeks before he goes to Madrid… hence the Ronaldo comments and the supposed rows with Princess Coleen (back to Star Wars again) :lol:

  53. morning all. slow friday here on the other side of the atlantic…win tomorrow, keep our momentum going.

  54. Hi oliver.its a very slow news day…

  55. Scoreline predictions?

    Theo, Nasri and Chamarkhattack on the scoresheet methinks

  56. 5-0 home win T-buzz… :)

    Afternoon all

  57. In the month of August the British meteorological department sounded an alarm as a huge cloud was seen assembling over London…only to find out it was the spuds fans blowing off the dust on their passports…happy half century to the tiny totts without a league title!

  58. well can’t say more today (busy)but West ham are starting to believe that they can get something tomorrow, so i think we should be disciplined and cautious tomorrow.

    No goals predictions for me , i am happy with any win .

    1-0 to the Arsenal

  59. mike, thanks, i think i will….

  60. West ham have always been a bogey team so am staying away from predictions.

  61. Hi SD, i’d take a 1-0 but for my nerves ;)

  62. hey rico when will be jack wilshere available?????????will he play against west ham or next week only?????????thanks in advance

  63. SSBIG you must be a big fan of szczesny…

  64. not only me but everyone who supports arsenal must be a big fan of sczesney

  65. Ha ha ha!! SSBIG, we’re all fans of the polish stopper over here!!
    Wilshere will not be available for the game tomorrow anyway but he should be for the next game I believe

  66. SSBIG,
    he only made one minor error against Newcastle.

    To say he should be in gaol is a bit harsh :lol:

  67. Hi SSBIG, he should be back for the CL on wednesday, saturday is his last game he is suspended for…

  68. szczesny ?

    Ho do you pronounce that ?

  69. Great article, things are starting to look good and the team is gelling. I was chatting to a man united fan last night and I told him we needed a defender and a defensive midfielder. I hope your right on the targets.

  70. Chessney :lol:

  71. Chesney SD ;)

    I think we are better off now, knowing Chesney can step up to the mark (if he always plays like he did) and with Fabianski getting better each game things are looking up…

    Clean sheets have been rare…. well, not in my house :lol:

  72. Shche%>$nee…!

  73. Hi olly, thanks and good to see you here

    bet your man utd friend is strating to have a worry ;)

  74. hi rico…today is zzzzzz. nothing really going on and not much to talk about. i will be more than happy with a quiet, uneventful three points tomorrow.

  75. that is so wrong :) Chesney doesn’t look like szczesny!

    What is his second name KT ? Mr Stats

  76. hi oliver, it is slow and often is on a friday sadly… so i thought friday could be our gossip round up day about rumours and rubbish…

  77. Reminds me on Henry on the pitch also

  78. Afternoon.., No milito this time. If he is not good enough for barca, he is not good enough for us.

  79. rumours and rubbsish? one and the same to me…

  80. hoping for a nice, efficient, stress-free win tomorrow. no muss, no fuss, just three points.

  81. Do we dare feel like we can meet Barca now .

    I am feeling that confident :)

  82. SD-Wojciech is his first name.

  83. Oliver, like one agaist WHU in 2008 after a city win??

  84. :lol: oliver same here, only things i believe are when afc confirm them…

    Hi STV, long time my friend, all good with you??

  85. Welcome Dave, at last someone has answered my question :) Doesn’t he just have the look and stature of our old boy …

  86. SD you are still in giddy mode…how do you see us faring tomorrow?

  87. STV, was that the 2-0, lardy and one from them?

    I think Theo will get at least one….

  88. Oh yeah right back to WestHam.

    Not sure man, i am hopping for a 1 – 0 to the Arsenal.

  89. Hola rico, caught in studies.. I was here y day late.How things going on U, Happy time all around.

    SD Iam feeling that confident ;)

  90. I’ll be glad when all you folk finish your studies, then you’ll be here more often :lol:

  91. Yes Rico, and an eye catching one from beloved dudu

  92. STV, your memory is better than mine :)

  93. This blog is so positive nowadays which is good to see.the boys should continue playing in the same spirit.when rvp is fully fit what is the boss going to do assuming no more injuries?theo gives us raw pace and directness.nasri has been our best player.AA creates more chances than anyone else in the league.chamakh has been very impressive and gives us a plan B.niki b may not even make the bench.vela will be a reserve player by january…

  94. I wish for a win and scoring 4 goals so that we can there with pensioners.There will be a wrestling match at eawood park by the way.

  95. Not to under estimate vela on one game. He can be a late scorer still.. I feel!

  96. Rico am glad you told me that for the third time :)

  97. Samba will put drogba in his pocket.

  98. chesny boost for polski

  99. KT, i think we are all feeling more positive because our team is doing much better – even when we don’t play to our best we are getting results..

    Every time a freak loss like the WBA one comes around I think maybe thats the kick in the butt the side needed, maybe that one will indeed prove to be that.

    Tomorrow is a massive game, home against a side that is struggling, they can be the most difficult. West Ham have nothing to lose and I expect Grant to get them to play rather than defend with the bus. If he does then it will suit us…

    One day at a time is all we can think about….

  100. STV, it must be true then :)

    KT, I fancy Fat Sam to get a draw tomorrow….

  101. Chelsea and man u have two tighter fixtures ahead. Good time to look beyond.

  102. Upwards and Onwards for the Gunners….!

  103. Rico, r u there

  104. For sure STV :)

  105. T-buzz, i echo that….

  106. MikeB,

    Felt a bit off this morning but am now fit as a fiddle, you old scaremonger you! :-)

    I noticed your gaol, goal quip earlier! Deserved a better response, well, any response! :-)

    3:0 to the Gunners, you guys, fear not. I am with Suhail on this! :-)

  107. Oh now Rico, same on and off mode ;)

  108. Wow RA, I’ve missed you..

  109. Hi Suhail, it’s great to see you back too. :-)

    Now we seem to have lost my friend Erick, instead!

  110. No RA, he is making some public relations.HE will be glad by seeing song singing well and team flying high.

  111. Oliver,

    You say there isn’t much to talk about, but I still have a bee in my bonnet about our seeming lack of technical knowledge on how to defend.

    If you watch tomorrow’s game, keep an eye on Clichy Sagna/Eboue, and you will see them playing in a way that would never be acceptable to The Invincibles or the George Graham teams.

    Taking Clichy as an example, he oftens stands within 2 metres/yards of the CB, right in, or, in front of the penalty area. This always leaves acres of space for the opposition to run into and send over crosses, which have caused us trouble for a long time.

    GG always trained the defence as a unit, often for hours each week. Arsene says he sees no need to teach professional players how to defend and will not appoint a defence coach.


  112. RA, what comment of mikes did i miss please :(

  113. RA – defending and GG, mme, now where have i seen that ;) ;)

  114. seems like defending on GG. that should be corrected,

  115. Talking of GG, anyone seen WATH recently, he’s a bit hit and miss these days, I miss his banter around the GG crates :lol:

  116. Hi Rico,

    I know, I know. I am still perplexed by Arsene over his refusal to see what must be obvious.

    MikeB made a joke saying “he only made one mistake so to put him in gaol is a bit harsh”. (Gaol = Jail, Geddit? The author mistyped Goal) :-)

    Are you going for your ‘flu jab? Don’t take any notice of the Wing Commander and his porky ‘flu. :-)

  117. Rico,

    He was last seen, flat on his back, toes in the air, besides an empty crate of GG, with Agag giggling her head off! :-)

  118. Good to hear you feel better RA,

    Ah, that went straight over my head, i make so many spelling errors on here and i can never be bothered to change them, i just thought others did the same, in thais case mike and the chesney fan ;) didn’t realise mike’s was deliberate…

    Was meant to have the jab this afternoon, but i’m going to check it out first…..

    Re the defence, how many times have we suggested Bouldy, Keown, Adams on here… Wenger just expects them all to get on with it it seems…. :(

  119. I really hope we score loads, we may be second but we share the same number of points (17)with Man U and Citeh….

  120. There is no reason why we shouldn’t T-buzz if the side that plays ‘turns up’ – he needs to drum home not to get above themselves after the last few results….

  121. But maybe KT, T-Buzz and Oliver don’t agree it’s necessary to have a specialist defence coach. :-) I’d like to hear their views.

    My wish, not that I expect Winkie to grant it, is that Chezzer should play in goal instead of Fabianski.

    Just have a feeling. :-)

    Don’t be swayed by the scare stories about the ‘flu vaccine. There have been very, very few allergic reactions from the jab out of 20,000,000 doses given, and these sadly were mainly in children and young adults!

    Don’t take my word for it, or anyone else’s. Conspiracy theories abound, and Elvis was spotted down my local last night, looking very well having just had his ‘flu jab! :-)

    Just weigh up the pro’s and cons for your self.

    ‘Flu kills thousands of un-vaccinated people every year, the jab does not!

  122. oh, they’ll turn up alright, we dont seem to do well against the Hammers so i’m sure Wenger would want to make that a thing of the past.

    Anywho, without further ado, I must take my leave and er…leave!! :)
    Have a great weekend y’all and hope to be online to cheer the boys on!!


  123. See you T-Buzz.

  124. Arsene Wenger has insisted his current generation of players have the potential to emulate and even surpass his previous team of ‘invincibles’.

    On Wednesday night, a mixture of youngsters and experienced players overcame Newcastle with a 4-0 victory at St James’ Park. Furthermore, Wenger’s side reduced Chelsea’s lead at the top of the Premier League with a 3-0 victory against 10-man Manchester City, continuing the momentum generated by their 5-1 thrashing of Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League.

    Despite his side’s current run of form, Wenger has now faced a five years without a trophy at the club, with Arsenal unable to take back the Premier League title since their unbeaten campaign in the 2003/04 season. His last trophy was the FA Cup, which he won in 2005.

    Fielding a stronger team than usual in the Carling Cup, Wenger’s priorities this season seem to have shifted towards getting any silverware available, as many critics continue to doubt their credentials as title contenders. Nevertheless, Wenger believes his side has the potential to do great things.

    “There is a lot more to come out of this team,” Wenger indicated. “”I feel the ingredients of teams which I had before who were successful are in there. It is just how much we can get them out and of course we need to keep all of our players fit.

    “As long as the attitude is right and at the end of the season when you look back you think ‘This team has given absolutely everything they could’, you will be proud of them.”

    “If you ask all of our fans, they will want to win every single trophy. They will not rule out the Champions League, nor the championship, and for me they are right, because I am exactly the same, which is why I say let’s give our best in every single competition and see where we stand at the end of the season.”

    With an important London derby this weekend against West Ham, Wenger insists that his side can allow no complacency, particularly in light of his side’s shock 3-2 defeat at the hands of West Brom before the last international break.

    “I think we got the lesson,” Wenger claimed. “In fairness to my team, that is the only game since the start of the season where we did not perform well, but as well it shows that just once you are not completely there and you are caught.”

  125. See you soon T-buzz, enjoy the game

  126. Arsène Wenger is confident of positive news as he awaits results of Kieran Gibbs’ scan on his injured knee.

    The full back limped out of Wednesday’s 4-0 Carling Cup win over Newcastle after just 18 minutes and had the damage to his ligaments assessed by the Club’s doctors on Friday morning.

    His manager expects the results to be good, though Wenger admitted it is tough to predict how long the 21-year-old will be out.”He has a scan today – we do not expect any further damage,” he said. “It will be a question of weeks – is it two or is it four?

    “It is difficult to know when it’s a medial knee ligament. Gibbs is one of the players I still do not have integrated in my mind that he is out [of the West Ham game] but he is unfortunately.”

    Ahead of the Premier League game on Saturday the Frenchman said Gibbs is his only fresh concern but admitted there will be no players returning from injury. He did however have positive news on the progress of Aaron Ramsey and Robin van Persie.

    “We have available the players who played at Newcastle and those who were rested after playing at Manchester City. We don’t have any other players coming back.

    “That means Almunia, Van Persie and Vermaelen are still out. Diaby is still out of course.

    “Ramsey is in full training at the end of next week and Van Persie as well. Almunia is more difficult to know – one or two weeks maximum.”

  127. Spooky KT, just what i was saying about the WBA game, i sure hope the players listen and learn from what their manager is saying about them. He has always believed in this squad and most of this squad were his 3/4 years ago, its in their own hands imho.

    The players are the ones who need to look in the mirror before every game and believe in themselves and their team-mates…

    Wenger can show them the way, but he cannot play for them on a match day, mind you, thats a good job…. ;)

  128. am glad that AW still remembers the WBA game…

  129. well i guess at this point i will say good luck tomorrow.Bye

  130. almunia !!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. Attempt stats for CL…AA has been sparkling
    11 Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid Real Madrid
    9 Lionel Messi Barcelona Barcelona
    6 Andrey Arshavin Arsenal Arsenal
    6 Ángel Di María Real Madrid Real Madrid
    6 Michel Bastos Lyon Lyon
    6 Toni Kroos Bayern Bayern
    6 Gareth Bale Tottenham Tottenham
    6 Nicolas Anelka Chelsea Chelsea
    6 Samuel Eto’o Internazionale Internazionale
    5 Aaron Hunt Bremen Bremen
    5 Marco Borriello Roma Roma
    5 Hugo Almeida Bremen Bremen
    5 Luiz Adriano Shakhtar Donetsk Shakhtar Donetsk

  132. Am off.. bye all.Hoping for best tomorrow.

  133. See ya SD, have a good evening and be back soon :)

  134. KT,

    You are a gem! :-)

  135. Well, it seems an early Friday departure is called for.

    I am off to walk around the lake to blow some of the cobwebs away. :-)

    See you all tomorrow.

  136. Mind any bubbles RA ;)

    Have a good evening…. TTFN :)

  137. KT,

    I am taking a print of your stats with me to see if I can pick a hole in them. Unlikely admittedly. :-)

  138. We should break the mancs record in the group stages.they scored 20 in 99 when they secured a treble.we have 14,6 more to go with 3 games left.

  139. KT, we are heading that way for sure, wednesday will be a tough one….

  140. Its good to read that we have opened talks with Chesney about a new contract, wenger needs to offer him what it takes for him to sign it too as if he goes it will cost us a whole lot more to buy one….

  141. Paul the octopus was asked if the spuds can win the league…he died from laughter.

  142. I saw that rico and im sure by jan he will have signed.also italy have been awarded a default 3 nil win after Serbia fans caused riots during their Euro qualifiers.

  143. Poor Paul, did he drown KT ;)

  144. I think he will to KT, he’s kind of mellowed since his outburst and now he surely has to stay as the ‘Cup keeper’ – A lot will depend on how Wenger deals with Almunia when or even if he is deemed fit again. Wenger has said two weeks but my thought remains that he was dropped and if that is the case I really can’t see how he could…

    1) Replace Fabianksi

    2) Replace Chesney as the no2

  145. RA,
    You may be right about the conspiracy theory… Harry Redknap was inoculated a few years ago and he’s never had flu since. He swears by it :lol:

    You won’t be sneering in a few months when you start twitching; then your arse won’t be the only thing that’s red about you :lol:

    Thanks for noticing the comment; I thought I was the only one with a peculiar sense of humour.

  146. Rico if we win away at shaktar szczesny can start the other 2 games and he’ll never want to leave.

  147. I’d play him Wednesday KT, let Fab rest ;)

    mike, it certainly went over my head, but i don’t tend to take much notice of spelling here ;)

  148. I’m off for the day guys and gals, be good, stay safe and see you tomorrow…..

    Nighty night all

  149. Matuidi would be a very good signing the guy by all accounts seems like he’s on his way to big things.

  150. [...] New summer signing already sorted? Defender to sign in January? Back in 2008, reports were rife about Giles Grimandi keeping tabs on Blaise Matuidi, a defensive midfielder who plays [...] [...]

  151. Morning all :)

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