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New keeper already in? and putting it all together (Nearly)

Only time will tell just how significant this afternoon’s away victory at Eastlands is. Will these three points convince our players that they can compete with the big-spending sides? Will it give them confidence to consistently play well away from home? Will these three points be the difference between Premiership Champions and Premiership not-Champions? We’ll know at the end of this season. For now, we can enjoy the win, look ahead to upcoming fixtures and concentrate on overhauling Chelsea for top spot in the table, while holding off sides still nipping at our heels.

In his post-match comments, City manager Roberto Mancini stated that (Centre-back) Boyata’s fifth minute sending off – for bringing Chamakh down as the latter was through on goal – was the “decisive moment” in the match. No great insight there – anytime a team is down a man with virtually the entire match still to play, it is a significant handicap. Mancini’s assertion that his side would have won eleven versus eleven is less so. I – or Arsene – could just as easily claim that Arsenal would have won 6-0 with the numbers even; who is to tell us with any certainty that we would be wrong? Nobody knows how it would have turned out. Mancini can be pleased that his side battled hard the whole match while at a numerical disadvantage, but today it was not enough. Perhaps it will be different another time, against another side. This was Arsenal’s day, and we fully deserved the win.

I will agree with Mancini in that City started well and full of intent – Silva forcing an excellent save from Fabianski. But that storm quickly blew itself out when his side went down a man. Arshavin set Nasri up for our opening goal on 20 minutes, and when Kompany brought Cesc down in the area for a penalty, we had a chance to double the lead. Hart did well to save Cesc’s penalty and we went into the break only 1-0, some of us no doubt feeling we would pay for not making more of our advantage. Not to worry, as the second goal did arrive shortly after the hour with Song cleaning up a loose ball in the City area, and Bendtner rounding out the scoring after Nasri put him through two minutes from time.

So….A handsome win, one away at a side that is expected to be a fellow title challenger – when is that last time that happened? We should not go overboard and suggest that we are the finished article – we are not. We still have plenty of work to, and one thing that has already bitten us this season is getting too high after a big win. I refer to the league cup win at the Spuds – we beat them pretty thoroughly, only to follow it up with a sloppy, undisciplined “effort” four days later against West Brom. So this time, let us keep focused, keep our feet on the ground and look ahead to the next match, taking nothing for granted.

A quick word on Lukasz Fabianski: He continues to impress and had what I think was his best game for us, in a difficult atmosphere against a quality side. So much of the goal keeping position is confidence and he seems to have it now. When he is in this form, the position is no longer a weakness, he looks like a ‘new keeper’.  Let us hope this continues, and that he is able to shake of the mistake(s) that will inevitably come – as they do for any goalkeeper, no matter who he is. If Fabianski can rebound from adversity – which he has failed to do in the past – then we will know we are set. His late save from Balotelli – when the match was already won – showed a determination not to allow a goal which has been lacking recently. On that note, let me also add a word of praise for the entire team for keeping a clean sheet: Those are not exactly our forte, and we had instances where we most certainly bent, but did not break. City created some good chances as expected but the team defended well and kept them off the score sheet. Part of this was standing up for ourselves – four yellows and plenty of fouls from Arsenal players – which showed we were not going to be pushed around. This is something we need to do against Chelsea, as well.

Not to neglect Alexandre Song Billong, who got another goal and had a very good all-around game. Nasri continued to impress, and has our best or second best (Wilshere the other) player over the past month. If Arsene wants to revisit the question of vice-captains, I would argue that Nasri’s outstanding form deserves consideration. Cesc continued to show just how important he is to our side, and not only as playmaker, but also showing a nasty streak that I think will be necessary in the weeks and months ahead. And finally, it was fantastic to see Bendtner get his first goal of this season – hopefully he is set for a sustained run in the side, we will definitely need him fit and in-form. I think the overall team performance corroborated Arsene’s post-match assertion that we are a more mature side. We need to build on this, not rest on our laurels and drop points to sides we shouldn’t. Or fold against Chelsea and Man United. We are only as good as our last match, and our players will do well to remember that.

A quick word on Man City: Some may not agree, and while I do not think that Mancini is necessarily the right man for this side, I expect them to be thereabouts at the end of the season, securing at least a Champions League slot. Playing with a man down for almost the entire match, they stayed with it, did not give up at any point, and caused Arsenal several nervous moments. As I stated earlier, I do not agree with Mancini that they would have won with eleven men, but I do feel they would have at least scored but for Fabianski’s exceptional form. A lot has been said about the expensive collection of players, mercenaries lacking spirit, but I saw plenty of spirit from City on display here. It is starting to look as though they have Chelsea’s number – as Chelsea has ours – and if this collection of players can beat the other Manchester side in the league this season, then they will be on their way.

In summary, a good away win against a very good side. As I am viewing this from the Arsenal perspective, I am very pleased with the overall performance and result. Last year – and against Mark Hughes’ Man City side – I do not think we would have gotten three goals, perhaps we would have struggled to get three points. But on this occasion we did, which suggests there is more substance, experience, and toughness to this Arsenal side than recently. The first trophy is often the most difficult to win, so hopefully we are on that path. Another difficult away fixture – Newcastle United in the League Cup – awaits us midweek. I would be very happy to finally win that trophy. Not only is it the only domestic trophy Arsene has not lifted, but I expect winning it to serve as springboard to greater future honors. Mind you, that will only happen if we keep focused, and provide the required effort, skill, and maturity in each match. Enjoy this win now, and be ready to do it again at St. James Park in a few more days.

Written by Oliver



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152 comments on “New keeper already in? and putting it all together (Nearly)

  1. Morning all, good write up oliver

    can’t disagree agree with what you have written, i thought Fabianski set the tone for the day with his great save from Silva…

  2. Morning all.nasri,jack and ramsey should get cesc drank and then ask him what is his real secret making him so authoritative despite not being in top form.cesc is up there with iniesta at the moment.

  3. Arsenal won fair and square, kept a clean sheet, above the Mancs and Spurdz and gradually clawing behind the Chavs fc. Happy days!!
    Morning all…. 8D

  4. Morning KTR7 and T-buzz

    I was worried about Song & Denny yesterday for a while, just after they were booked….

    Also, how many times does cecs have to get kicked before a ref does something….

  5. Chamakh:6 penalties,4 red cards,6 goals,4 assists;12 appearances.transfer money:£0mil.nuff said.he is winning so many penalties/fouls because he is a willing runner which is a midfielder’s dream.yesterday though there were times he screamed for the ball but did not get it.

  6. Five points behind. Vastly inferior goal difference.

    You’re not clawing anything back.

    Done us a favour though so thanks!

  7. Hola howdy folks

  8. KT, as we were saying yeterday eve, chamakh has bought something to our side, something we have been lacking in a long while…. those figures say it all….

    wish wenger had got him last january when we were fighting for the title, makes you wonder….

  9. Oh and I must say I found the customary penalty and sending off probably as predictable as the tippy tappy triangles and Fabregas living up to the greasy twat tag.

  10. Interesting stats there on Chamarkh, K-TR7, money well spent LOL

  11. If Aw had made remarks mancini made he would have been destroyed by the media who seem upset that we have burst the City bubble…we had passing success of 89.8% compared to their 77%.we had tackling success of 82.6% compared to their 63%.irrespective of whether you have 2 men or 15 men those stats clearly show why they lost.

  12. What a game was impressed with Denilson kept it simple what can I say Fabianski is proving his worth

  13. Nasri was our best player for me.he now has 7 goals in 7 games.he has become so vital to the way we play as he is now more direct.he made a mockery of the trio of leftbacks:barry,bridge and boateng on a number of occasions.to think we won that game without:rvp10,vermy,kozzer,jack,ramsey,diaby and rosicky starting just shows how deep a squad we have this season.

  14. Good to see fabianski backing me up.i have always believed in him.

  15. michael, you are on but this is a friendly site which welcomes all, please keep your comments sensible and constructive….

  16. Morning Erick,

    what is pleasing is we weren’t ‘that good’ but dug in and got a great result against a side that looks strong.

  17. I also don’t understand how city were unlucky.Boyata made a stupid challenge and it was a straight red.unlucky is when the ref decision was unfair,broken legs or wicked deflections.we beat them fair and square.

  18. Bit like all the greasy twats you got then eh michael…! or should that rather be diving cheating twats you got….! muppet…!

  19. I don’t think they were unlucky KT, they got beat fair and square, if players commit tackles like he did then they have to live with it, just like we did when Jack got his red card… i think there could have been a few more cards shown yesterday and not just to our players!!

  20. Morning WATH…

  21. i dont know about shiteh spirit…they were expected to win blah blah blah…they had to play for their lives at home. they got egg all over their faces. arsenal ran the show baby…headless chicken teves ran himself into hernia & fat toure is fat…how much did they give for milner?

  22. Mornin Rico, hey KT don’t worry about all the bullshit about lucky or any other crap from ppl who are clueless….! If a bloke commits a foul on a player through on goal its a red card end of…! No lucky for us just a shit tackle from their player simple…!

  23. If we do manage to win the league this year (still a bit of a long shot!) then this result will be looked back on as critical. Losing points against WBA was not in the plan and in truth a win against City didn’t look so likely. Having a goalkeeper that can put in 8 or 9/10 performances is what we’ve been lacking. Centre forward is now sorted, our CBs look substantial enough and our attacking creativity is our strength.
    Does Wenger stick with Fabianski or should he be making plans for the January window. That’s five games for Fabianski without mishap- do we assume he’s turned a corner? A goalie in top form could win us the league- stick or twist?

  24. Hi herb and bob, good to see you here..

    Bob, Fabianski has made the number one his, he will be the one to answer your question, its his now to lose. I think oliver is right, he needed a confidence boost and yesterday will go along way to giving him that. He just needs to play like that for a few more weeks yet though for me to be convinced…

  25. Thats the dilema Bob, he’s had a few good games does he now get better and stay solid or does he still have “flappy” hands that will reappear at some point soon..?

  26. WATH If we had received a red card you’d have seen the media crow about how naieve Aw’s toddlers are.we beat them because we scored the first goal then tiki taka-ed them to death.at times in the second half we triangulated them with so much ease as they had cramps.we were mature in that we didn’t go gung ho in attack but we were more patient which resulted us in totally outplaying them.

  27. herb, before the game yesterday i wished we had signed yaya but i was really unimpressed, he sluggish and pretty poor…. 25million for him is just a joke and milner was dire too….

    i actually think that by christmas they will be a lot further down the table….

  28. WATH you were right on yaya’s arse though…did you know PSV beat Feyernood 10-0 yesterday?…after that game the analyst said that most pundits and fans in Europe think that we are only second to Barca in terms of footy,even better than the chavs.

  29. i saw both you mention KT, Yaya’s fat arse and the
    10-0 result :lol:

  30. How good was Sagna yesterday?? And the little russian ran his heart out AND tracked back to defend :)

  31. Never saw the 10-0 result but thats a great result 4 psv….! KT, when yaya turned on occasions the sun got blocked out..!

  32. Not so good for Robin’s old team though ;)

    What makes that result so good is looking at who was missing…..
    :lol: re the sun WATH

  33. Howdy to you Erick, still smiling are you? Are you starting to warm towards Chamakaka yet ;)

  34. Well written piece and great read! Hopefully we can build on this result now…

  35. Rico he was impressive ran his socks off am liking him by the day bring a new dimension but Nikky showed he was read what a well taken goal

  36. AA is an enigma though but you can’t argue he is magic in the final third:5 goals 7 assists in 15 starts.he also tracked back against richards and tevez too.

  37. Nasri also made the second most successful passes in the opposition half this season-63.mikel has the highest-64 against stoke.

  38. That’s good Erick, agree re Nik too, took his goal really well, the perfect way to come back and get straight back in scoring mode…

    Hopefully that is the sign of him being in good form, then we have two good tall strikers …

  39. If song improves his discipline he’ll be a complete midfielder.his passing was also very good:in the first half he had 30 successful passes with 3 being unsuccessful.in the second half he made 48 successful passes and 1 unsuccessful.i was also impressed by us making cynical fouls to prevent quick transitions then remaining disciplined for the rest of the game.

  40. Sagna has been our most consistent defender for a long time.he was immense yesterday.he also put in a couple of tasty deliveries in the box.for us to be a complete attacking unit we need the fullbacks to score goals when they get into good positions like Sagna found himself in at the end of the game.

  41. Oliver WHAT ?

    Trust me dude we are a finished product now, bring on Chelsea and they will taste the chilling venom or our boys. :)

    Did you see MaN City player’s face in 10minutes to go ? They were tired and spent and only Manu was chasing the ball because he was fresh. :)
    Macini is a rubbish coach : One man down and he didn’t make any tactical changes, the dude was clueless.
    Why he didn’t start with two strikers still baffles me.

    Fabianski should now on be called Fab’spring’ski

    to be continued :) :)

  42. Erick i think bendtner gets into goal scoring positions better than chamakh,he is also a better finisher but chamakh’s work rate and link up play make him a more viable option up front.

  43. KT, spot on re nasri, sagna and song, best game in a whil for song, BUT for his stupid tackles sometimes, but yesterday especailly the second half he calmed and did really well…

    Hi SD, i don’t think we played that well yesterday… but still managed to thrash the money bags… the difference for me yesterday that we dug in and ground the result, had we been up to our fast fluid attacking game we would have scored 6 or 7 :)

  44. Nik has been used to the PL for many seasons now, he still not a clinical as he should/could be, chamkah i think will turn out to be much better than him as the months go on….

    But, I am not knocking Nik, first game back in a long while and he started well, but like Fabianski, he needs to do that week in week out for me to be convinced….

  45. Hi karlito, good to see you, sorry for the delay in letting you on…

    We need to build on this for sure, like oliver says in his post, the last time we had a great win against the tiny totts we blew it the next game… we cannot afford to do that again…

    will be interesting to see who plays on wednesday, wenger hinted it will be a strong side, he’s taking the CC seriously at last….

  46. Hi Rico,

    Trust me we played well,

    Fabregas didn’t care,
    chamakh was a problem throughout,
    Denilson was an invisible but was as sneaky as possible (he freed Song and was our sweeper)

    Fabianski was very mobile , at a time he was like one of the players-involved in play.

    Even Arshaving defended,
    Clichy didn’t make his usual big game mistake,

    Defenders didn’t try to be clever, Djuru was a suspect but whenever he wasn’t sure, he booted the ball to a corner or throwing.

    Wayne Bridge always does that back pass and i was glad Song anticipated his move.

    Mesire NAsri was superb and we had the audacity to remove Arshavin, Fabregas and Chamakh


  47. oliver, when you come on later, i think ou make a very good point about the vice captain. Who is it now that Almunia has been dropped?

    Nasri indeed has to be a contender but for me this would be the ideal time to give the role to TV when he returns from injury..

  48. SD, I guess what i mean is we can play better, yesterday what we did was show a very different side to our game. Maybe wenger tried to stop the fancy football against them having seen us fail at SB trying to play that way.

    I could just be that Wenger has suddenly realised that there is more to getting a result than by playing ‘beautiful’ football – we didn’t yesterday and if that means winning I don’t mind seeing us play that way in a few more games either…

    Sometimes we get it so wrong against the ‘big’ sides, yesterday we didn’t and that is what matters…

  49. I know what you meant Rico, i was just and still exited that’s all.

    I dont think Wenger would have told them anything than the fact that they should go out there and win.

    I guess it was common sense that prevailed, our players knew they have the best talent and unbelievable ball controlling ability therefore if they had grit to that, they will be unstoppable-that was what they did.

    Now they know how to do it against big teams to win, so i say again and do not forget Rico :


  50. :lol: SD, trust me i am still grinning from ear to ear after the result…

    what amazed me was the difference in the second half, we left the silly tackles back in the changing room, we kept the ball more and just wore them down…

    i don’t know re wenger, he must have said something at half time thats for sure

  51. A win over the Chavs would make a great late Christmas present SD ;)

    But, before then we need to beat West Ham at home and convincingly too…. ;)

    As long as we are in the top 2 or 3 as we go into 2011 you never know, but there’s heck of a lot to do before then….

  52. 30 Sat H W’ Ham

    3 Wed CL A Shakhtar D
    07 Sun PL H Newcastle
    10 Wed PL A Wolves
    14 Sun PL A Everton
    21 Sun PL H Scum
    23 Tues CL A Braga
    27 Sat PL A Aston Villa

    01 Wed CC
    04 Sat PL H Fulham
    08 Wed CL H Belgrade
    11 Sat PL A Man Utd
    18 Sat PL H Stoke City
    26 Sun PL H Chelsea
    28 Tue PL A Wigan

  53. WAo there is a lot to do before the end of the year.

    Well Newcastle could be a test but i see us handling that well.
    Walcott will get a start probably with Bendtner.

    The rest of the games should be taken one at a time. As a coach, that is what i would do.

    If the boys can take every game as if their lives depended on it, like yesterday, we will be alright.

  54. Dont we have a game against New Castle mid-week or are my getting my dates wrong?

  55. me too SD, one day at a time…..

    newcastle have gone off the boil a bit, would love us to win this cup….

  56. You are right T-buzz, we were just on about the league fixtures which on paper don’t look too bad…

  57. yes we got it right. To Wenger you have a squad. Don’t gumble, we are just waiting for Vermaelen and Van persie.Then, who will stop Arsenal the perfect answer.

  58. What about Kos, Frimpong, Ramsey Peter, they will give us extra too…

  59. We have to remedy what is normally known as naughty November and dark December…. If we can do that we have a chance. . . !

  60. Oh yeah ; Frimpong,Lansbury,Vela,Gibbs- i think Wenger will use a more youthful side but Walcott and Bendtner will start for sure.

    I hope and pray this feeling lasts for a long time.
    We should capitalise on the fact that MAn uTd will not be the same as they use to be and get someone to frustrate Rooney when we meet .

    I suspect he will want to impress on that day. Squilaci can stop him.

    Beat Man utd and we scare everybody but there is a lot of points to tale before then.

  61. Dermot Gallagher reckons that Clattenburgs perfromance yesterday was the best ref’s performance he has seen in a long long time. He says he was under pressure from city players to show a red card to our players. he thinks we made some silly tackles which were yellow card offences only and because of the way he reffed the second half was very easy for him…

    i have to agree :)

  62. Its a great day to be a Gooner SD :)

  63. The only problem I have with the red is he let Kompany off with a few very nasty tackles where he went through players from hehind and so too d’yong but apart from that red was pretty good and got most calls right.

  64. Steady on Rico great day 2b a Gooner will only be in May if we win something….!. lets not get to carried away on one good win.

  65. Enjoy the moment WATH !

    Few weeks ago Alumna was letting Westbrom beat us in our own backyard.

    Chelsea was making fun of our way of play (although i dare them to try that tactics with us again and watch what happens)

    There when we have a game like this after winning the last CL game by 5goals(beautifully)? You are allowed 1 or 2 moments of wishful think and you never know- DREAMS DO COME THROUGH


  67. Got to pop out for a couple of hours

  68. Its still a good day WATH, we just beat the rich kids, i’m happy…. :)

  69. SD. nothing wrong with dreaming just one good win doesnt mean a tropghy it’s after all just one good win, what we now need to do is build on it, as 4 the chanvs I thought we actually played better against them than what we did yesterday…!. It’s all about putting the ball in the old onion basket…!

  70. WELL i guess it is safe to say Jose Morinho is special after all, because he had the kind of luxury Macini had and he won the league in his first year but i dont see Macini doing thesame this year (his second year)

  71. I hear you WATH and you make a good point but as for today i am dreaming dreaming and believing we can win a trophy or two this season. :)

  72. ‘morning all. had to get some blood drawn on my way in, so i am popping up later than normal. thanks for holding it down this morning, rico. always nice to see chelsea fans visit – a little bit worried now, are we?

    sd, i get that you are giddy and it was indeed a good win and performance, but let us not get ahead of ourselves. suggesting we are the finished article on the back of yesterday’s win is, frankly, absurd. did you feel the same after our losses to west brom and chelsea, and our struggle against birmingham? we made some points yesterday – that we can win away at a title rival’s ground, that we now stand up for ourselves physically, that we can take our chances, and break ten men down. but we have accomplished nothing yet, and we have not yet proved we can do this consistently. i only hope that arsene and our players have not been infected by similar hubris – that will guarantee another false dawn.

    rico, squillaci wore the armband during the past few matches, while cesc, robin, and al were all unavailable. based upon that evidence, it seems the order is cesc as captain, and robin and squillaci as vices. with al not only injured, but losing his first-team place as well, i expect that will be the order for the time being. if tv was not injured, he probably would have gotten the nod ahead of squillaci.

    a problem is that we basically have a captain (cesc) and a vice (squillaci), as robin cannot be trusted to stay fit. so i think it will be useful to designate another – not replace robin, just name a third vice. any of tv, song and nasri would work for me. i think tv should be cesc’s long-term successor, but i think it is important that home-grown players are emphasized in this role. so song is a very good candidate for a vice role now, and i hope to see wilshere and ramsey considered in another year or two.

  73. I hope your right SD :)we need a trophy to then kick on and win one each year while the conveyor of young talent then blends in with experienced “young” winners….!

  74. Morning Oliver, nice post my friend…!

  75. thanks wath…i hope that we can kick on from here, but we have had false dawns before. i thought we showed grit and character, but it will not mean that much if drop points against lesser sides.

    we have to win at st james on wednesday. we need to send out a strong side and do everything to go all the way in that competition.

  76. Totally agree re the false dawn and also that we need to put out a strong team and win up at St James’s that would do us a lot of good. A few more off the imjured list will also help matters as well. We can but hope.

  77. Oliver is a killjoy as well

    But at least i have won over WATH :) lets celebrate WATH, we beat a team with £100million worth of talent on the bench.

    Come on Oliver loosen up.

  78. SD, u not won me over at all :P I can celebrate a good win but doesnt mean we will win anything…. As said we need to kick on as we do it far to often get a good result then drop stupid points… lets see if we have learnt..! SD I’ll share a GG with you though if not why not lol

  79. Amen to that oliver.

  80. Thats what i am talking about WATH , enjoy today and analyze tomorrow.

  81. sorry sd, i am a realist and so is wath, it seems. we are all enjoying this win – as we well should – but hubris has undone us before. we will be the finished article once we have developed consistency and won something. we just are not there yet. i hope we are well on our way, but we will have to see how the team performs from here.

  82. Our goals were scored by £15 mil worth of talent.that is cheaper than all city players bar boyata,richards and hart.and how is barry still a footballer?…

  83. KT……. All Barry does is highlight the gross overpricedness of English players who are also totally overrated…! He is average at best…! mind you lets not then compare him to huge arse yaya eh lol :D

  84. oliver, top write! the call for sobriety is timely– it won’t do to remain drunk on last night’s victory. :)

  85. SD, nothing wrong with enjoying and analyzing all at the same time, you move forward better and quicker when you still want to improve on a positive and yesterday was indeed a positive but still lots of room for improvement and thats what I’m looking at and looking for in the coming weeks and months.

  86. AGAG trust you to bring up booze……….. :P

  87. rico, Affeley netted one in that Feyenoord drubbing. :)

    KT, I am soooo glad we didn’t buy Barry. What’s that man’s middle name Again? Overrated, is it?

    SD, mine is the hope that we’re building on something, at least. Massive, massive result.

  88. WATH, that was figurative, I would have you know. :) :) How many drinks did you down last night? A fair few, I imagine.

  89. hi agag. we visit the barcodes on wednesday, so its back to work…

  90. oliver, I guess sometimes, inebriation is best short-lived. Haha. :) Howdy?

  91. I wasn’t drinking last night AGAG I was well behaved…! Your figurative means your thirsty…! :P

  92. Well i give up about convincing you guys about the positives of the game.

    Everything that was wrong about our game was corrected yesterday and we won well.

    Chamakh was brought down because we played him a defence beating ball setting him on a path of goal.

    Therefore we created the sending off.

    Our goal keeper was mobile flexible and arranged his defence very well for free kicks and corner kicks.
    He took ownership of the ball when there is a cross. Even when he missed a cross, he has already done enough to distract Manu and others , the ball went wide.

    Everybody chased back anytime we lost the ball.

    We where not in a hurry unnecessarily and kept to our game.

    We made changes and our shape still remained.

    We didn’t make stupid mistakes at the back as we usually do againts big teams (10men or not)

    Well, those are the few of the improvements i saw yesterday that is making me Giddy!

    Well like i said i will discuss our other games tomorrow,as for today it is giddy fest.

  93. A giddy fest, thats funny SD, have you found my GG stash by any chance :)

  94. sd, nobody is disputing that we have lots of positives to take away from yesterday’s game. clattenburg got the sending-off decision correct, fabianski had his best game for us, we took our chances, we stayed firm in defence and we stood up for ourselves. none of that is in dispute…

    the fact remains, however, that one match does not a season make. this performance will count for little if we lose to wolves at home. or fold meekly at old trafford in december. this was one game, we need more of the same to establish consistency. that is the point from the rest of us. enjoy the win and performance, just be mindful that we have a lot of work ahead.

  95. Cesc’s vision is scary.he threaded 2 similar through balls through 5 players or so.nasri’s crossfield ball to AA in the second half was also very good.

  96. Yes WATH i found twu crates :)

  97. A well-behaved, teetotalling WATH. Hmmm. Surely, that’s a first? :P

    SD, ah, you should have been speaking with rico and myself last night. ;)

  98. Thankfully you’ve only found the reserve stash…..! Pls don’t tell AGAG when they were her GG nose will sniff out teh main stash..!

  99. Hi agag.Clattenburg gave a masterclass of a refereeing performance.after browsing through the net i have found that the chav fans are complaining more than the city fans…i wonder why…maybe SD has a point.

  100. If you believe that AGAG you’ll believe anything lol :D

  101. K-TR7 so true, when i watch highlights and reviews or playbacks it scares me the way Fabregas sees things and actually executes them.

    If i were Wenger, i will instruct him to be teaching Wilshere and Ramsey his tricks but i suspects it just comes natuarally to him.(You cant teach that)

  102. oliver, by the by, I thought it churlish of Mancini in the extreme to say that they would have won if it were 11 v. 11. And he danced around the issue of Boyata’s red when it was a stone-wall call.

    At the same time, Cesc’s claim that we would have won even if 15 citeh men were on was haha. Still, it was a deserved victory, and last night our boys did us proud.

  103. SD there was a pass cesc made in the Blackburn away game where he was at the edge of the Blackburn 18 yard box where he passed the ball who was behind him through 5 Blackburn players which left me with a… wow…moment.i guess you’re right its all natural to him but am sure jack and ramsey will learn alot from him.

  104. Correction:Passed the ball to chamakh

  105. I didn’t believe you for a moment WATH. :P I am not so easily convinced. But I am a nice girl and wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt. ;)

    SD, those two crates are mine, I believe. :)

    KT, are you more a fan of Cesc, now? Even when not at his imperious best, he pulls the strings with such ease, its amazing. And he’s still only 23. Sweet. :)

  106. AGAG you were out of it completely when i took those two crates . What was i suppose to do. :)

    How Fabregas finds space baffles me and other players manage to run into opponents .

    Nasri on the other hand likes the challenge of beating an opponent one on one (Good old football)

    If this unit plays this way every week for the next 2 seasons, oh boy everybody will be tuned on all over the world (Even Mill Wall fans) to watch Arsenal play .

    Manu must be regretting leaving Arsenal right now.

  107. Agag i’ll support him so long as he wears the shirt.he also looked very happy in the celebrations.he has some pace too as you saw one moment in the second half when he took on the entire city defense only to pass to chamakh who skyed the ball.in our squad no one has more natural skill than our captain marvel.

  108. Ade must miss it when he would get 6 chances a game only to convert 1.he had fabregas,hleb,rosicky and rvp10 supplying him with chances only for him to spurn them or get caught offside.at city except silva and johnson the likes of yaya,de jong and barry have no idea on how to do it in the final third.he got two chances yesterday:the corner and the other when he strayed offside-typical.

  109. I also like squillaci.he has a calming influence and when you rarely hear a CB mentioned then he must be having a good game.

  110. Haha, SD. :)

    KT, I also noted the celebrations for the second goal. :) Now, that can’t be bought.

    Ade must be kicking himself now. He doesn’t even automatically get a starting berth at citeh… Karma…

  111. It goes to show everything shouldn’t be about money especially for sport men.

    If Rooney thinks things are going to be the same after the drama he did, he would be kidding himself.

    Firstly his other teammates already made comments the day he said he was leaving and they were not nice comments.

    Fergie now knows the kind of person he is for real.
    Therefore he will be careful from now on to prevent him making him look like a fool the next time.

    Ade was rotting on the bench before Wenger bought him and gave him the biggest contract of his life (£15000)per week. Had a good season and then believes he has turned a superstar.

  112. Hi Guys and Gals,

    Excellent write up again Oliver. Very illuminating.

    Everyone appears very happy with the game yesterday, me too. :-)

    I have to say WATH, I think you have been very naughty calling that greasy tw*t Michael a greast tw*t. His correct description is “assinine greasy Chav tw*t”. Please remember that next time! :-)

  113. Actually RA i am mistaken he was obviously a little twat who supports a small team in fulham…! I’d wager he was a manc 6 yrs ago too….!

  114. morning ra. it is all about big blue today – arsenal won yesterday, we need nyg to win tonight.

    for what it is worth, the phillies’ elimination on saturday gave me more pleasure than the yankees losing the previous night. ryan howard’s watching strike three go by him was beltran-esque.

  115. Be fair, WATH,

    He cannot help being a greasy little twa*t. He selected his team from the London telephone book, chosen something like this.

    Hmm, — A is for Arsenal. No, not keen on that — cannons go bang and fwighten me.

    B is for BBC, O.K. I’ll support them. {THEY ARE NOT A FOOTBALL TEAM, YOU GREASY LITTLE TW*T}. Ooops, sorry God!

    Well then, C is for Chelsea, they are named after Bill Clinton’s daughter, so maybe they will do to football what Bill has done to any woman he meets.

    Of course he is one of the more knowledgeable Chavs, you understand!

  116. That’s quite good for you RA, suppose the rest of the alphabet will take you a good few days to get through then :-) As for a knowledgeable chav…………….. wrong…. there isn’t one…!

  117. Wao!

    Who was that Michael guy anyways ?
    I suspect he was a Chavski fan.

  118. SD………. I think he was Fulham…! ;-)

  119. SD,

    Yes, he was a Chav who popped up on the site early today (so to speak), was imbecilic about Cesc/Arsenal, and WATH greeted him courteously, as you would expect! :-)

  120. I thought so.

  121. hi rico – thanks again for this morning and i addressed your armband question when i first came on.

  122. Hi oliver, no need to thank me my friend, thank you for writing such a fine post, and i mean that…

    i saw you armband comment just as i had to leave, its a funny one really as most are injured, i’m sure that was the onle reason almunia had it….

  123. who’s being trying to get SD to stop being happy? ;)

    I am over the moon, but, the next test is wednesday, then saturday and so on, when we start stringing a long run of results like yesterdays together i will be even more happy… :)

  124. I realise now why David Platt always slates us on Sky Sports, he’s just another human being who follwed the money to the northern chavs…..

  125. Rico, it is Oliver trying to drain my giddy fest but i have calmed down now.
    The wednesday game is less than 48hrs now so we have to make sure we tame them because they came back in their last game.

    Got to now, take care now.

    AGAG :i will return the empty crates tomorrow.You are very kind. :)

  126. Hola, rico. Where have you been? I haven’t quite descended from cloud 9, myself. :)

  127. Consider it a loan, SD. I charge interest at the rate of 1 crate per month, so best you get paying… :)

  128. I better keep the crates then,see yah.

  129. I still can’t stop smiling.we have not won there in a long time.we are second despite travelling to Anfield,stamford,Ewood park,city of manchester and stadium of light.last season we collected only 3 points but this time we have collected 8 which is 5 points gained.

  130. i would not necessarily call david platt true arsenal – we brought him back from italy and he had some good performances for us, but i never saw him as true arsenal player, and we were more of a means of the then-england captain to return to the country towards the end of his career. it’s ironic he is with the city staff, as he got his start with the united youth team.

    that said, i was in the stands at highbury in may 1996, when he scored against bolton to help us secure fifth place and a uefa cup berth for bruce rioch’s arsenal. his biggest goal for us was probably his header past schmeichel that gave us arsene’s first win over man united – after we allowed the one man who should never, ever do that against us to bring united back to 2-2…that was our first double season with arsene.

  131. Boo agag, vets ! Nothing wrong just a visit …

  132. oliver, Platt is no Mr Arsenal, never will be but you would think he’s be a be more ‘kind’ when reporting about the team that rescued his career….

    Catch you tomorrow SD, keep smiling ;)

  133. Platini thinks technology will make football like playstation football.well Mr.platini in my video game Arsenal win trophies.

  134. When is/will Platini likely to leave his current job….

  135. Good to hear, rico. :) Platini is a dingdong. Fact. He’s odious.

    SD, :)

  136. Dingdong agag, you are sometimes far too polite ;)

  137. When he blows up from all those free dinners glugging wine and stuffing his face with food…!

  138. Oh, but I don’t want to be spammed, rico. ;)

  139. Ok i’m off got a few things 2do chat lata all and be good

  140. Ha ha WATH, he is a bit chubby in the cheeks ;)

  141. Catch up soon WATH, have a good evening….

  142. Let’s leave the cussing to the boys, I agree. :)

  143. Bye WATH. Behave. :)

  144. They are far better suited to it agag ;)

    WATH behave??? we know him better ;)

  145. rico, Fabregas has just clarified the 15 v. 11 remark. Haha.
    :D on WATH. Too old to change his ways, I reckon ;)

    I am off too. Got an early morning meeting :? Enjoy your dinner!

  146. I loved what Fabregas said, the original ;)

    ok, you enjoy the rest of your day agag, catch up soon… not good about the early morning :(

  147. all quiet here so i am going to say nighty nighty to all

    stay safe…..

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