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Midfielder to leave, two linked, Wenger has money as Cesc has a dig at the rich!

So, reports suggest JET is on his way out on loan to Neil Warnocks side QPR, strange one that one as he just seemed to be on the edge of first team but I guess with all our injured players on the way back, it would be a good move for him. It’s certainly better than sitting on the bench each week. Warnock hopes the deal can be sorted in time for JET to play tonight.

And, as one leaves, rumours are rife again that one, maybe two could be on their way in January, Cameroon midfielder Jean Makoun is back on the radar, Aston Villa boss Gerrard Houllier is also rumoured to be interested in him according to the Daily Mail. Makoun has been linked with us before so this could just be old news but at only 5’8″ tall he’s not what we need in my opinion, we need a bit of height and real strength in our midfield, not another tidler!

The same paper also suggests we are keeping tabs on young Espanyol midfielder Jose Raul Baena. The 21-year-old was brought through the Barcelona youth system before switching to neighbours Espanyol. I don’t know much about this player, other than he is a midfielder who can also play out wide.  

Wenger has told the Arsenal website that he has money to spend in January  but the question is, will he spend it? We all know what positions we need to strengthen, will this finally be the transfer window Wenger thinks along the same lines as us fans?

Talking of money, the Northern Chavs are our test on Sunday, already the media are saying will have all the possession but will still lose just like we did at the London Chavs. Well, I think they are wrong, very wrong, I feel a sneaky 1-0 away win on the cards. As Cesc says, money doesn’t buy you success overnight…

Of course you cannot buy that in one year, you need a few years to get everyone together to know each other well. It’s not easy. You don’t do in one season or two I would say.

They have a lot of money, they are taking advantage of it and that’s it. Obviously it’s not our style, but we respect everyone’s decision. Everyone decides how they want to win.

They have good players but we have our style, how we want to play. Our mentality is to try to win every game and we will try to do it if it’s Man City, the richest club in the world, or the poorest club in the world. We will try to win any game. Manchester is always a very passionate city about football. They have two very good teams but we always go there to win.

Of course it is very difficult to go there and have an easy game. It never happens so we have to be very, very competitive to win.

Cesc  also offers words of support for Jack Wilshere,

‘We are trying to help him and he is developing really well but let’s not put too much pressure on him,’ Fabregas said. ‘He is just 18. He knows he was wrong but sometimes these things happen. I remember being sent off at Everton for violent conduct against Tim Cahill when I was only 18. You learn from it.’

Finally, Lardybayor scored all his seasons goals last night in one game so he shouldn’t be a threat on Sunday ;)

That’s about it for today, have a good one…

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143 Responses to Midfielder to leave, two linked, Wenger has money as Cesc has a dig at the rich!

  1. rico says:

    Morning all

  2. Rocastle says:

    Morning rico!

  3. rico says:

    Morning Rocastle, i was beginning to think the world slept in ;)

  4. Red Arse says:

    Hi Rico,

    Hope your hols have left you feeling refreshed!

    I think everyone is taking in the AGM stuff in the papers, and Pedro has written a good Post about it too.

    Several of us chatted among ourselves yesterday, before you put out your Post. The general consensus was that it was not the same without you.! :-)

  5. rico says:

    Hi RA,

    Can’t believe how chilly it is :(

    I read Pedros post re the AGM, its a good un, but that kind of stuff goes over my head, most of it that they come out with (the club, not Pedro) is just spin, again there is money, will he spend….

    Lost mi I/N connection yesterday morning but then had the journey home, I saw you and Sammy had been bonding ;)

  6. Red Arse says:


    Your article is what I want to read anyway! :-)

    Sammy is fine, I wasn’t too well Wed/Thurs as you know, and could not make up my mind whether he was pulling my leg or not.

    But his comments were interesting and tried to stop being irritable. :-)

    I have been trying to answer comments about my article on AA this morning, but I have to leave them and HH for a while.

    Something called “tax analysis” has reared its ugly head, and is insisting I complete it! :-)


  7. rico says:

    I saw the heading on NN and guessed your post was up… another rule that is open to so much interpretation, all made to difficult by the FA, but thats for a different site to discuss ;)

    Are you feeling better now RA?

  8. Red Arse says:

    Much better, thanks Rico, except that I now have no excuse for not completing my work. Must send it off by tomorrow morning. :-)

    Bye for now.

  9. rico says:

    Good to hear you are better, now go and get some work done, i must go and do some chores too, back later

  10. oliver says:

    morning all…

  11. Jimi says:

    If anyone is on Arsenal’s radar from Lyon I would have hoped it to be Michel Bastos.

  12. rico says:

    Hi oliver…

  13. rico says:

    Hi jimi, tell us more about Bastos

  14. SD-London says:

    BREAKING NEWS !!!!!!!

  15. rico says:

    Hi SD, well what a load of bollox that whole story has been….

  16. rico says:

    What a way to get his football career ‘back on track’ – anyone think this has all been one big game….

  17. oliver says:

    just saw it as well. i thought he would stay at united, but i certainly did not think that he would commit so soon. at least we will not have to hear any more about it. morning rico…

  18. Jimi says:

    @ Rico

    Bastos: A winger who plays on both sides of the pitch, plays left back for Brazil.
    Scores on average 10 goals a season. Has come into his best form playing for Lille and recently moved to Lyon in 2009, where he has been recognised for international duty.

    All that sticks in my mind is that I love wingers and the stonking free kick he scored at the emirates cup against Celtic this summer.
    Another mate for the incoming Wellington Silva and Denilson… you can never have too many Brazilians.

    Lyon probably wouldn’t sell him though :(

  19. SD-London says:

    Well suggested that maybe he must have being blackmailed.

    But one thing i am sure off is that he is not the one making all this decissions.He must be proper confussed,the boo brigade have a new target now,Ashley Cole can now relax.

  20. SD-London says:

    Well some one suggested that maybe he must have being blackmailed.

    But one thing i am sure of is that he is not the one making all this decissions.He must be proper confussed,the boo brigade have a new target now,Ashley Cole can now relax.

  21. rico says:

    oliver, thank goodness eh, such a drama, all ended with a pop rather than a large bang…

  22. rico says:

    jimi, sounds pretty useful then, wonder if Lyon would swap him for Denilson… :)

  23. rico says:

    interesting theory SD, does seem a bit too quick a turn around, maybe that or red nose is making sure he doesn’t leave for free… i suspect strongly that there is a clause in his contract to let him go for the right price…

  24. Jimi says:

    Rico, I’d take a punt and offer a straight swap, of Arshavin for Bastos, at the end of the season. I love Arshavin he’s a footballing wizard and a great signing but he’s losing focus. Loses the ball too much trying tricks and doesnt really help the team defend.

  25. K-TR7 says:

    Hi all.

  26. sammynelsonsbum says:

    Good afternoon all, interesting article Lady of the House, I think we can indeed beat the manchester arabs but only if we are a lot more disciplined defensively, we all know we are good going forward but i would think we also have to be as clinical as we were wednesday night.

    As for the Rooney story what a spectacular way of getting ahuge increase by actually doing very little, rather astute of the young man and his advisors, had the red mancs over a barrel and now gets exactly what he wanted and then spouts love and ambition for all things united, what hogwash..!

  27. rico says:

    jimi, actually, I would take that one too, AA is a genius but he sure is off the boil right now, rumours are that he’s stalling on a new contract, good to to swap him as he’s not getting any younger…

  28. rico says:

    Hi KT and Sammy,

    sorry i missed you and RA bonding yesterday, good to see you again… i am bemused by the rooney saga but me theory is the mancs are just making sure they get some money for his sale in the summer…

  29. sammynelsonsbum says:

    Rico, I am sorry to disagree but I merely think Rooney and his advisors have played the mancs like a pack of cards, they had them over a barrel made all the right noises stirred a hornets nest and now have reaped the benefits of a huge monetary windfall. I am sure Mr Shrek is laughing all the way to the bank simple as that. I take with a pinch of salt all the pallava about ambition and future investment it’s all been about him getting paid what he deems to be wis worth and when the chavs have players on 140/150k a weeks thats exactly what he wants and expects.

  30. sammynelsonsbum says:

    Mr RA is a funny chap Rico he keeps smiling at me with those funny faces and then becomes all sensative when I refrain from using them, he tried to tell me how to do them but I’ll leave that for the young ones to play with I’m really not into smilling faces at my age just good old fashioned chit-chat.

  31. rico says:

    We’ll have to wait until the summer sammy …. i thought he was already on that kind of wage but if you are right, his advisors are very clever indeed…

    i like the smileys, but then i’m not old ;)

  32. Jimi says:

    Rico, I know its premature but another pick for an Arshavin replacement could be Balázs Dzsudzsák (of PSV), he’s like a mix of Arsh, Nasri and Craig Bellamy and by far the best Hungarian player there is.

    I doubt Arsene will buy these kind of players though.

    Because of this lot slowly coming of age, JET, Lansbury, Frimpong, Wellington Silva, Afobe, Aneke….. this list goes on.

  33. rico says:

    I can’t see wenger buying any attacking players if i’m honest jimi, unless he goes for another goal scorer but i can’t see that either… we need a big strong DM and another big strong CH above anything else and of cousre, if Fabianski reverts to Flapianski, we need a keeper too unless Wenger is going to give Chesney his chance….

    I’m looking for to arrival of Silva….

  34. sammynelsonsbum says:

    I am in agreement with you on the need for a big hulking centre back Rico and still possibly a bit of a lump for the midfield as well as Diaby is not that player at all Song is still a little eraticon occasions and we will very soon find out how good Aaron is going to be on his return and subsequent recovery.

  35. rico says:

    I can cope with Song sammy, it’s when he doesn’t play i get concerned, i still wish we had got Appiah when he was free, ok he’s no essien, but at least he’s an out and out midfielder….

  36. sammynelsonsbum says:

    I’d prefer a Stevie Williams Rico, Great brain hard as iron and a pure Arsenal man.

  37. rico says:

    who’s he sammy ??

  38. rico says:

    Bradford City player??

  39. K-TR7 says:

    Jim has mentioned Balàzs Dzsudzsàk of PSV is a very good player with a cracking left foot.he is very good at setpieces as i remember him scoring against Ajax in a game that had so many goals.luis Suarez scored a brace that day.Bastos is very inconsistent for me.

  40. sammynelsonsbum says:

    The Lady of the House should go stand in the corner with such blasphemy… Who is Steve Willaims? Hang your head in shame I say!

  41. K-TR7 says:

    Is it just me or does it look like Almunia has been dropped?szczesny is a sure start for Newcastle in the CC.

  42. T-buzz says:

    Stevie Williams, isnt he a jazz musician? lol

  43. rico says:

    I’m so sorry sammy, best i go and google ;)

    KT, i thought at the time he had been dropped, nothing has changed my mind either….

  44. sammynelsonsbum says:

    T-Buzz are you also less than twenty years of age, go keep the lady of the House company in the corner! I despair lol.

  45. rico says:

    Hi T-buzz, the only one i’ve heard of is ancient or a Bradford City defender … :lol:

  46. T-buzz says:

    Aloha K-TR7,
    when do we play Newcastle again?

  47. T-buzz says:

    Ha ha ha!! Rico, you crack me up!! Steve Williams played for us in the 80s

  48. sammynelsonsbum says:

    Thank you T-Buzz did you look that up quickly? Young whipper snappers who don’t know the Legend that is Steve Williams.

  49. rico says:

    T-buzz, ah the ancient one, sammy is winding me up, i thought he meant a player we could get hold of now…

    Newcastle is Wednesday and the second one Jack is suspended for…

  50. mikeB says:

    Afternoon folks,
    You’re all wrong… Steve Williams is Tiger Woods’ caddy. :lol:

    I’m not too old to smile :lol:

    There, I did it again :lol:

    And again

  51. T-buzz says:

    sammynelsonsbum, I’m sure riCo was winding you up just as I was and no,I’m not under 20yrs old, however, to banish me to ” go keep the lady of the House company in the corner!” aint such a bad thing anyway! LOL :)

  52. Red Arse says:

    He was a brilliant half back as they used to be called.

    Sammy is right, my dad told me he was tremendously skilful but a real hard man. In the ’70’s maybe?

  53. T-buzz says:

    MikeB LOL!!!

  54. Red Arse says:

    Well if I can do it again and again at your age MikeB, I will be well pleased!! :-)

  55. rico says:

    T-buzz, you know me to well, i’ll see you in the naughty corner, even though i know you knew who he was… ;)

    come on sammy, its friday and we like humour on here :lol:

  56. rico says:

    Talking of the oldies….

    Afternoon mike :)

  57. mikeB says:

    why do you think I’m smiling :lol:

    This is getting tiring.

  58. mikeB says:

    Hi Rico,
    I trust you got back o.k.

    Really enjoyed our time together last week, on the craggy north cornwall coast :lol:

    I’m still doing it :lol:

  59. rico says:

    Hi RA, i am sure you saw Stevie play in the flesh ;)

  60. SD-London says:

    Steve Williams!

    He must be a rapper or something :)

  61. sammynelsonsbum says:

    The humour was missed on the fact I was referring you you both as whipper snappers Rico lol. . . .

    Perhaps Mr RA you were stuck in a time warp from the 70’s it seems as I cannot recall a Willians from the 70’s unless it was Andy of course…? half back, are you referring to that silly game the americans play again?.

  62. Red Arse says:


    I might have shown you how to do smileys, but you far surpass me in creativity!

    Rico, can I stand/lay in the corner with you too? (I won’t tell that naughty MikeB). :oops:

  63. rico says:

    Hey mike, its was just wonderful thank you, especially the fish and chips we shared while looking over Padstow Bay from Rock ;)

    Just can’t wait to find the right property in the right place and make the move, going back in November sometime….

  64. rico says:

    Ha ha SD, Rappers are only useful at Christmas and Birthdays ;)

  65. Red Arse says:


    You are right again. I think he played with Miss Whippitylash in a club in Soho, and there was certainly a lot of flesh. (so I was told)! :-)

  66. SD-London says:

    Where are you going Rico.

    Also , someone told me you are a tall , thin blonde girl. Is that true?

  67. T-buzz says:

    Sounds like a romantic moment…. :D

  68. mikeB says:

    I guess it must have been the moonlight, or the waves lapping gently against the quay, or maybe it was all that lard in the fish and chips, but I’ll cherish the memory always :lol:

  69. rico says:

    sammy, behave ;)

  70. K-TR7 says:

    Mike B where have you been?hope you’re ok.T-buzz my man am good.i was just watching a youtube clip of RVP10 which has left me sad.how can a player so outrageously talented have so many injuries?he has only played an hour of football this season but has 2 assists!some poor team will have to face RVP10,cesc,jack,nasri,chamakh,AA,tomas on the pitch at the same time and im sure we’ll break goal scoring records.lets hope its the tiny totts…

  71. T-buzz says:

    “thin” is such an ugly word to use when describing a woman SD!! I prefer slim :lol:

  72. rico says:

    RA, that sounds like some kind of ice-cream ;)

  73. Red Arse says:


    Is MikeB saying you are a lardy butt? I think SD’s romantic overtures “tall and skinny! suit you better. :-)

  74. rico says:

    SD, nowhere far, just been in Cornwall for just over two weeks and going back in November – just love it there….

  75. SD-London says:

    K-TR7 you missed Walcott Zoooom Zooom .

    I will like that team to be Chelsea and trust me we are still going to beat them silly this season.

  76. mikeB says:

    Hi K-TR7,

    soy estudiante estas dias, hope you’re well.

  77. rico says:

    mike, i think it was my two dogs nipping your ankles that did it, all they wanted was a chip ;)

  78. Red Arse says:

    Anyway, back to the grindstone! :-)

    Later guys!

  79. SD-London says:

    Cornwall, never being.I will go there this weekend .

    ON GOOGLE STREET :) :) :)

  80. T-buzz says:

    MikeB, RVP is cursed with injuries and we’ll be lucky if he scoes 10 this season. He is something else when fit and score of outrageous goals, the one against Charlton away is one of my favourites!

  81. rico says:

    SD, don’t believe all that is written, my hair is not blonde :lol:

    Trim T-buzz, trim :lol:

  82. rico says:

    Later RA, don’t overdo the work…..

  83. T-buzz says:

    ** MikeB, RVP is cursed with injuries and we’ll be lucky if he scoes 10 this season. He is something else when fit and score of outrageous goals, the one against Charlton away is one of my favourites!

    sorry, meant K-TR7 lol
    Tis this old age of mine you see…. ;)

  84. SD-London says:

    I think we should keep Van P for important games and he should agree he cant play all games .It seems like his fate.

  85. T-buzz says:

    ok rico, you tall trim non-blonde lady! ;)

  86. mikeB says:


    Yeah it’s so frustrating, with rvp and chama up front, and with cesc and jack sliding passes through; would have been mouthwatering.
    Never mind at least this way we can say… ‘Yeah, but we’ve got RVP missing’ :lol:

  87. sammynelsonsbum says:

    Sorry Rico must I then not refer to you as old…. T-Buzz isn’t skinny a form of slim that ladies get when old age sets in?

  88. T-buzz says:

    SD, I think RVP should retire from international football for starters…

  89. mikeB says:


    see how kind I was to humour you then? :lol:

  90. rico says:

    KT, i think we fans all share your sadness re Robin, we never get him for a whole season. One thing i wish he would do is put his club first and retire from international football, maybe just maybe his career would then go on a little longer….

  91. rico says:

    sammy, you refer to me as what you like, i have very broad shoulders, they have grown over the years :lol:

    i know you were just teasing us ….

  92. rico says:

    T-buzz, mme, kinda not too tall either ;)

  93. sammynelsonsbum says:

    I think we all have to accept that RVP is a passenger in so far as always being injured and we keep him knowing his frailties or we cut our losses and sell him regardless of his talent and the risk that he could play the next five seasons uninjured and be the player we all know that he is, trick or treat ?!?

  94. sammynelsonsbum says:

    Your the Lady of the House Rico and hence will be addressed as such !!

  95. rico says:

    We think alike T-buzz, quit playing for Holland Robin and give yourself a chance….

    sammy, just the rico bit will do, honest :)

  96. K-TR7 says:

    Aw has said we missed out on Y.Toure due to passport issues.he has also said AA’s stats would surprise most of his critics.

  97. mikeB says:

    She was beautiful, but unlike you she never did manage to keep the Wolfe from the door :lol:

  98. SD-London says:

    You are spot on T-buzz,but he is too young and it will kill his spirit if he retires from football.

    He just needs to be smart like Lampard and Terry who are always mysteriously injured when England wants to play a meaningless friendly.

  99. rico says:

    mike, i have deleted my comment re the likeness, i was told i looked like her last week by a couple we met, having just google her photos, the guy must have been stevie wonder rather than stevie williams ;)

  100. rico says:

    sammy, i’d keep him every day of the week, but he needs to help himself before his career is over….

  101. K-TR7 says:

    Did anyone else note that jacky boy is in the CL intro video?…if anyone of you watched Barca cl game you would have noted how poor villa is at the moment.iniesta though is firing on all cylinders at the moment;he is unplayable right now.also the copenhagen striker Santin gave one of the worst perfomances in the cl this season.he missed an open goal and he also stopped when he was clean through on goal thinking he was offside.

  102. SD-London says:

    What do you think of Sunday’s game considering Man city’s performance yesterday, anyone ?

  103. mikeB says:

    you have an equal inner beauty… :lol:

    I do remember my old man was in love with her, and I used to play golf with her son… I always used to introduce him as Pet Clark’s son, and the angrier he got about it the more I used to do it… hey ho golden days :lol:

  104. mikeB says:


    I would be happy with a point on Sunday… but if we had Wilshere and Cesc together it might have been more interesting

  105. rico says:

    SD, we will win, they were lucky to beat Blackpool last weekend, the only worthy goal was Silva’s….

  106. sammynelsonsbum says:

    I take it mr leg breaker De Jong is playing sunday? best we send our players out in full body armour then!

  107. K-TR7 says:

    The only way to beat city is to play quick and direct passes and to be clinical infront of goal.

  108. rico says:

    mike you ol’ smoothie ;)

    That’s a funny story about PC’s son – why is it so many hate living off the name of fame….

    I love her music to this day and the neighbours can still here the tones of ‘downtown’ bellowing out of the windows, especially if some old twurp nearby has a BBQ ;)

  109. T-buzz says:

    If we can handle Tevez, Silva and Adam Johnson, we can win it IMO and if Chamakakhan does a Pires a few times to get a few pens and Nasri to convert! lol

    3-1 to the Arsenal! :)

  110. SD-London says:

    How come Chelsea seems to always have their best players available most of the time and we dont ?

  111. rico says:

    sammy, i believe he is, not that he should be…

  112. T-buzz says:

    sammynelsonsbum says:
    October 22, 2010 at 3:23 pm
    I take it mr leg breaker De Jong is playing sunday? best we send our players out in full body armour then!

    I can see it now, Arsenal players all looking like Robocop!!

  113. rico says:

    T-buzz, i think we could get a few pens anyway with the Toures and Lescott at the back, DJ to get another red card and we romp home….

  114. SD-London says:

    Who ever wins the midfield will win the game.

  115. rico says:

    SD, because they don’t always let them play for their country….

  116. mikeB says:

    Nice one…

    ‘whoever takes the farmhouse will win the battle’ :lol:

    You’re not a descendent of Wellington by any chance?

  117. SD-London says:

    Fabregas should give our strikers a high through pass,which will make Toure to turn on his heels (sorry but we all know he cant turn without falling down or holding someone back)

    That way, we can get a penalty.

  118. mikeB says:

    SD, that’s the general not the up-and-coming striker :lol:

  119. rico says:

    SD, i agree and for once i think we will out do them, it may just be a good thing that jack isn’t available for this one, it could get nasty…..

  120. sammynelsonsbum says:

    T-buzz it’s not funny it maybe the only way we can survive the onslaught. Toure and Lescott are prime penalty candidates both rash and both dive in, could be interesting as long as our midfileders avoid Chuck De’Jong Norris !

  121. T-buzz says:

    thats a good point SD, we’re gonna need Song to play with a cool head and not play like he did against Sunderland…I’m guessing the peroxide must have found its way into his head on that day! T’will be nice to see Theo involved as well

  122. mikeB says:

    That’s me folks,

    have a good one; talk tomorrow.

  123. SD-London says:

    MikeB-No i am a descendant of LD-London

  124. rico says:

    You suggesting we play route one SD ;)

    Theo’s pace will get us a pen, Toure will be made to look stupid by him i hope….

  125. SD-London says:

    Well if De-Jong is playing , i will suggest we dont play Walcott.

    Rico- if we control the midfield then one or two high through passes from Fabregas or Rosicki will not be bad .I am sure Fabregas is going to try at least two.

    They have being doing that nowadays.

  126. sammynelsonsbum says:

    A fond farewell to you all the pub beckons and it’s hometime this chilly friday afternoon. Catch you all again soon, cheerio.

  127. rico says:

    See you soon sammy, have a good evening at the pub :)

    good point SD, de jong will be out to batter him, and cesc :(

  128. SD-London says:

    Cesc is a smart player now so he will be alright, i hope Walcott can learn from him.

    RVP and Walcott need to improve on their awareness , they need to learn how to get out of the way and jump away or dive away on tackles.

  129. rico says:

    Walcott was doing that SD until the dreadful game for his country, RvP, well his always seem to be as he turns rather than fall victim of a tackle, i blame that on being far to reliant on one foot…

  130. SD-London says:

    Yes then his leg looks odd a times

  131. rico says:

    and his elbows SD…

  132. SD-London says:

    He stands akwardly as well but he is god a killer shot.

    What a waste of talent.

    He doesn’t get back from injury as quick as the others , he always has to spend months.

  133. T-buzz says:

    Have a great weekend all, hope we’ll be having a busy cheerful blog after the game on sunday!! :)

  134. rico says:

    Have a great weekend too T-buzz, trust me, we will win…. :)

  135. rico says:

    SD, a fully fit and focus RvP is a sight to behold, just wish he didn’t get a silly injury so often… he needs to retire from holland…

  136. SD-London says:

    i am off good luck on Sunday.Take care. ;)

  137. rico says:

    See you soon SD, enjoy the game…

  138. rico says:

    Has JET gone to QPR yet ?

  139. rico says:

    Seems i am on my own…..

  140. Red Arse says:

    Hi hooligan lady, just to say goodnight. :-)

    Don’t know about JET.

    Have emailed you, but will be on site tomorrow! :-)

  141. rico says:

    Hi RA, I have replied to your email, see you tomorrow :)

    As all is very quiet I am going to say goodnight,

    take care and catch up tomorrow… stay safe all

  142. [...] Midfielder to leave, two linked, Wenger has money as Cesc has a dig at the rich! So, reports suggest JET is on his way out on loan to Neil Warnocks side QPR, strange one that one as he just seemed to [...] [...]

  143. rico says:

    New Post

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