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Empty blue seats say it all at White Hart Lane!!

What a night!!

Fabianski, Eboue, Djourou,  Koscielny, Gibbs,  Wilshere, Denilson, Nasri,  Rosicky,  Lansbury,  Vela were given the task of going head to head with Arsenal Football Clubs most bitter rival in this Carling Cup match. On the bench sat, Manuel Almunia, Bacary Sagna, Gael Clichy, Andrey Arshavin, Craig Eastmond, Marouane Chamakh and Jay Emmanuel-Thomas.

Good side and a very good bench!!

Any doubts that this team weren’t up for last nights game were soon put the back of every Arsenal fans mind. We came out of  the traps clearly wanting to win this game but we were in for a long night of football. Tottenham fans were in full voice, obviously sensing they would have a new DVD to buy soon at our expense. Well they didn’t know then what we all knew 120 minutes later!!

From the off you could see ‘Arrys tactics and that was to stop Jack Wilshere by fair or foul means!

But it was our own fans who had much more to sing about in the first half, we settled well and were running rings around our North London opponents! Vela and Bentley had early chances on goal but neither really tested either goal keeper!

But the away fans had much more to shout about in the first half we were playing some good stuff and Spurs had no answer to it.

We didn’t have to wait to long to see a passage of such delightful play which saw Henri Lansbury open the scoring. Eboue had played a cross field ball to Kieran Gibbs. Jink jink inside, played the ball out wide again to Nasri who pushed the ball into the path of Wilshere ahead of him. Wilshere then crossed an inch perfect ball into the penalty area to Henri Lansbury who had one of the easiest chances he will probably ever have but on nights like this, no chance is easy. He buried his chance into the back of the net with ease – 1-0!!

Arsenal were in control, we kept the ball with ease, Tottenham were chasing shadows and it was a pleasure to watch. The away fans in top voice were belting out the ‘Oles’ with pride. Surely it wouldn’t be too long before we scored our second. Johan Djourou didn’t look happy, he looked all over the place and on twenty minutes his blunder let in Bentley but thankfully his shot was way off target!

A wake up call for all…

Pavlyuchenko then had a half chance but his shot found the side-netting, we were totally in control and it was the home side who were on the back foot and we were playing the usual keep ball but with little end product to shout about. I was just hoping that this wouldn’t come back to haunt us as surely Spurs would wake up at sometime during this game and pose a threat.

Lansbury nearly made it two on 24 minutes but this time was stopped by the spurs defence. It would have been almost identical to his first but it wasnt meant to be. It was then Rosickys turn to have a shot which was deflected wide.

Then a dreadful piece of officiating came, Gibbs had held the line well, received a perfect ball and slotted his chance home past Pletikosa in the Spurs goal. The linesman raised his flag to signal offside, replays showed is was a perfect goal and it should have been 2-0!!

Gibbs was playing well, very well – Clichy must have been sat in the dugout believing his place in the starting line up was under threat. This was his first NLD, but you sure as heck wouldn’t have thought it!

We were well on top, the ruff stuff continued to be aimed at Little Jack but he took it and carried on doing what he knows best – he to was having a great game. We were on top of this game by miles but couldn’t take advantage and put a wider margin on the score sheet.

Half-time came and went and ‘Arry was the first to make the changes, on came Keane and Lennon. This would surely test the strength and ability of our young left back!

Well it wasn’t long before one of his subs made a difference but more importantly Arsene Wenger should take a long hard look at this goal we conceded. Fabianski made a hash of a Robbie Keane shot that seemed to take ages to get to the goal. Yes it was tight to the post but Fabianski got to it he just forgot to stick out a big hand and push a soft shot around his post. On this showing, Fabianski is not ready to fill our goal but then we all knew that… 1-1 and it shouldn’t have  been!!

On top of that, replays clearly show that Keane was offside!

This spurred the home side on and they went on the hunt for a winner but had little joy!

The game was a little more even now but we were still creating our own chances to win the game..

Vela fluffed his header and sent his chance over the bar, a great opportunity to make it 2-1 gone! Wilshere had a low shot saved. Spurs were playing on the break and Lennon found himself in a great position in the penalty area. In came Koscielny with an inch perfect, well-timed tackle to stop him. This defender grows and grows in each game he played. A fantastic signing by Wenger in the summer!

Finally after struggling to get a mobile phone reception, Arsene Wenger sent the messenger to Pat Rice, changes were to be made. Off came Carlos Vela and Tomas Rosicky, on came Andrey Arshavin and Marouane Chamakh. Within minutes, Chamakh had a chance but his header went wide. Spurs continued to play on the break. By this time Djourou had upped his game and was playing well alongside Koscienly.

Chances came and went for both sides, Keane hit the post and Lansbury had a good effort saved. Denilson then had a shot saved as did Eboue.

When would our second goal come?? Well it didn’t, not in 90 minutes of play but neither did a winner for Spurs so off into extra time.

Then came five minutes of football that put the smiles on the face of all Arsenal Fans across the World. Arshavin played the ball into the path of Nasri, Bassong had a little tug on his shirt, enough to pull him over and the spot kick was awarded. Thankfully Rosicky was now back on the bench so up stepped the felled Frenchman to slot home his penalty. 2-1 and the way fans came alive again. Mind you, so did I, I couldn’t watch the penalty in real-time, I’ve watched it a few times since though.

Four minutes later and it was Caulker’s turn to have a howler for Spurs. Chamakh through, tug on the shirt, striker down, whistle blew, spot-kick and Nasri got his second of the night. 3-1 and surely game over.

What a game, what a sight to see – fans in white shirts creeping out the ground, seats of blue all over the place, empty where once sat a fan who thought his side were heading through to the next round of the Carling Cup. A fan who once believed he/she would have a new DVD to watch of this historic game. Well, any DVD made will be don by the Arsenal FC and the fans starting signing that too…..

Oh to have been there!

Arsenal reject, David Bentley had a chance to give Spurs faint hope but his simple header found its way wide.

Then a wonder strike from the little Russian who I was surprised to see involved in this game, 4-1, game over, night over and we were through to the next round of the Carling Cup.

Well done Arsenal, well done Arsene Wenger – you picked the right side, you made the right substitutions and you got the right result.

One last thing about Kieran Gibbs – ‘Arry bought on Lennon with true belief that he would get the better of Gibbs down the right hand side. Gibbs played so so well it wasn’t long before Lennon switched to the left. Credit to Gibbs, just pray his injury isn’t too serious. I doubted he was ready to take over from Clichy but those doubts are long gone.

How can you choose a man of the match after that performance? If I had to, it would be Kieran Gibbs.

Couldn’t resist adding this…..

Great night had by all Arsenal Fans I think :)

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145 comments on “Empty blue seats say it all at White Hart Lane!!

  1. Top of the morning to you all :) :)

  2. Bad news for Gibbs, broken metatarsal i have just read – same as before :( :(

  3. Morning Rico, thats really really shit news if Gibbs is a metatarsal……… He had a great game but for me Jack ran the show from start to finish.

    Let’s just get one thing right here, we’re not as desperate as they are we are not as envious as they are, we don’t need to celebrate like we just won the world cup cos we beat them and we most definately do not need to have a DVD in the Arsenal shop by friday BUT make no mistake it’s always great to give those swamp dwellers a good hiding……! ;-)

  4. Morning WATH,

    I say Gibbs because nothing wnet by him and Lennon had to switch to get into the game, Jack, well I guess I just take his performances for granted, bit like Cesc really but he sure was something else last night, especailly taking all the kicks along the way…

    You are right, we beat an under strength Spurs side in the CC, but it sure is sweet victory…

  5. You lot are unbelievable, our youth team held you for 90 minutes and could have won it.
    You play this boring holding game that bores teams to death, you have nothing up front at all.
    Surely you must see this as a nothing win though knowing you lot it probably passes you by!!
    You will get a shock when we come to new highbury WITH A FULL TEAM!!!

  6. I agree Gibbs was very very good, Lennon did sweet FA…. Gibbs also got forward very well but Jack was involved in everything and got kicked a lot for good measure. Nice to See we were right up for it and several very good performances. Nice to see the gulf between the two hasn’t changed !!.

  7. Spurs fans ran out of the stadium as if there was a fire drill!! Was it because the gunners were on FIRE??

    Ha ha ha!! “Are you tottenham in disguise!!” LOL

    Morning all!

    Jackie-boy ran the show last night and really pleased with the overall performance.
    I was also impressed with Nasri’s interview after the game and his comments on Wilshere, quite articulate isnt he?
    I was sad to see Gibbs limp off though, I thought he had a good game…
    ‘Arry claimed Nasri cheated by diving to get the penalty? I did not zee eet! ;)

  8. TBuzz,Arry got confused must of been like watching pollychenko going down like a sniper had hit him every ten mins then to have the front to moan about Nasri, blatant penalty in the first half an offside goal given awful decision when Gibbs clean through to make it 2 nil AND two penalty’s players denied goalscoring chances and yet not one of those defenders even got a yellow card..?

  9. Koscielny was fearless and handled Lennon well making him his beeyatch!
    Johan ‘Sleepy’ Djourou still has a bit to do to convince though, he slipped a few times finding hia arse on the floor but I hope he keeps improving cos I’ll like to see him prosper at the arsenal.

  10. Morning Spud Shaggers
    @WATH, I too am bemused how the Spuds didnt get yellows for the penalties. Surely there is a good argument that they should be straight reds as the last players. With the ball in front of you and a gaping goal, isnt that a pretty clear goal scoring oppo?

  11. Yeah WATH,
    I think ‘Arry found it difficult to say “We’re $h!t, and we know we are”, so decided to go with the “We Wuz Robbed” card and claim we cheated, just like Sam Alladyke. I hope we give them a similar result again at white hart lane this season.

  12. Morning Barn Bendt, yes exactly my thoughts how ever soft the penalties were they were clear through on goal and they were the last defenders so why not red cards and then not even a yellow for either foul, pathetic ref as usual yet you know full well if it was us we’d of had players sent off…!

  13. Nice win and great game Aw must be going for the three cups joy joy :-)

  14. Morning T-buzz, Barndoor :)

  15. Morning Erick – About time he did too .. ;)

  16. Am off 4 a bit back soon…………. ;-)

  17. I didn’t even give the card bit a thought, but spot on, two reds could easily been given….

  18. What makes me laugh is how ‘Arry used to say we dissed the CC when playing youth, now they are in the CL, things are so different aren’t they…

  19. Not going to buy the DVD of this one – I’m too busy watching the game from WHL last season when we killed off your title hopes.

  20. Way to go Mes, live in the past, that’s all you have…..

  21. Surely Gibbs hasn’t suffered a break and been allowed to walk of the pitch….

  22. i cant believe a Spud would visit an Arsenal blog to comment on watching last seasons Dvd’s…..lol

    That’s quite sad, and I’m just gutted about Gibbs! :(

  23. hi highberries, i think he was referring to the game at the end of the season – but yes, a strange thing to do…

    gutted about gibbs too, he’s a massive loss i think…

  24. got to go for a bit, back after lunch….

  25. Its funny how Mes enjoys watching DVDs of the Spuds attempts at a higher league position than the mighty Arse……and failing……..AGAIN.
    Perhaps all those empty seats were Spuds off to watch their black and white films of past, and I mean way past, glories.

  26. Yeeeeeeah!!get in!!spuds are complaining that we played our first team…the only thing that was first choice was our red kit.we played our fringe first teamers,heck we even had our second choice manager out there.we couldn’t care less about the CC but still 1-4!!!

  27. LOL @ Barndoor Bendtner!! :)

  28. Tooo right, K-TR7!!
    Keane scoring and giving the Spuds false hope was comical. Bentley’s futile attempts at making sure he scored against his old club just showed how much of a twunt he is!

  29. In the first half the spuds were chasing shadows.after all the s**t they have given us Tbuzz they deserved it.the difference between the two teams was as clear as day.

  30. Lennon should have wrapped up the game for Spurs when he had only the goalkeeper to beat. He delayed in taking the shot which was most unfortunate.
    I think the turning point came about when the first penalty was WRONGLY awarded. There was hardly any contact to warrant a penalty. Nasri fell deliberately and cleverly fooled the referee who thought he had been tripped. This bad refereing decision took the wind out of our sails….

  31. Was there a fire drill at the 3 point lane?

  32. Well, well done Arse. Your young team played nicely and deserved the win.

    Enough crowing about it though – your joy is through a victory over this:

    Our 3rd goalkeeper (behind Cudicini and Gomes)
    1st leftback
    4th rightback (Corluka, Kaboul, Hutton)
    6th and 7th centrebacks (King, Dawson, Woodgate, Gallas, Kaboul)
    5th left winger (Bale, Krancjar, Modric, VdV)
    3rd right winger (Lennon, Bentley (who played left))
    5th and 6th central midfielders (Huddlestone, Modric, Jenas, VdV)
    3rd and 4th strikers (Defoe, Crouch).

    Congrats though. Wenger is building quite a team for the future.

  33. John Adam your goal was offside we should of had a penalty early in the first half so why are you crying ?? You got stuffed end of. . . . . . As for the penalty being hardly amy contact your admitting there was contact so rather shot yourself in the foot there eh, penalty it is then…!.

    DDS yes you did have a lot of players out but so did we so just shows the actual golf between the two swuads and now poor ole arry is moaning as he has to rest his players, now he knows what its like and has now found out the squad isn’t as good as most thought. Nice that you can come on here and be sensible though.

  34. “shall we make a dvd?”

  35. Why bother Oliver from all the other victories over them the shop would be full of us beating them dvd’s. . . . . :-) Maybe a commemorative plate though lol :D

  36. ‘morning wath – that was the chant at the ground in extra time last night…great to hear!!

  37. oliver, lol. Not our style though, is it??

    rico, that was a really good game. :) ‘Arry should stop going on about Nasri’s “dive”… They were beaten plain and simple.

  38. Boo, WATH!

  39. Oh I heard it Oliver. . . . . :D

    Nice, I see at least we won’t have to worry about Vela getting jetlag the next six months then….!.

    Good evening AGAG………..

  40. i spent a lot of yesterday piling on arsene. credit where credit is due, he got most things right yesterday. i would like to see this model for future cup sides. it has a much better mix of experience and youth, and gives some much-needed match minutes to some of our second-choice squad members. injuries and fitness concerns will figure in the makeup of these cup sides, i hope the days of fielding predominantly youth side in this are ended. i know it is only one match against a spuds mix of youth and reserves, but it was still very good.

    i was very concerned about starting fabiansk in this match, and he justified my fears. i am not going to bang on arsene about this, i think my feeling are already fairly well known on this forum. i shall just say that it has gotten to the point where arsene is putting fabianski’s interests ahead of the teams, and fabianski is well on his way to becoming a proverbial black cloud hanging over our club. for lukasz fabianski read oliver perez (red arse and other baseball fans will recognize that analogy).

    now that is said, well done to arsene, rice, and the side. it is not easy to win away to your fiercest rivals, especially with an inept lino favoring the other side.

  41. morning agag….if we swapped nasri for lennon, and bassong for koscielny, with the exact same scenario unfolding, i am sure harry would be laying into lennon for diving…grow up and take losing like a man. or is that too much to ask?

  42. There is a DVD of ‘HOW SPURS TOOK ARSENAL TO EXTRA TIME”…oh wait…thank you linesman for flagging gibbs since the ET was fun!and to all AA bashers:4 goals 6 assists in 7 games!he came on and took 15 minutes to demolish spurs.

  43. First, Jack with upskirt photo claims and now Vela with hookers. I hope our young ‘uns do not become anything like the Terrys and Lampards and Cashleys and Rooneys. Always in the headlines for all the wrong reasons… I’m glad Vela was given a six-month ban though. :)

  44. ‘Arry’s a sore loser and an ungracious winner. Always has been, oliver. :)

  45. yep, just like old red nose…

  46. Clichy should be worried.gibbs is coming on strong.

  47. Afternoon all, just off to catch up….

  48. I gather KT, that last comment was for me?? :P I hope Gibbsy’s fine and fine soon. Happily, it’s just bruising… :)

  49. hi rico…for obvious reasons, i am far less grumpy than yesterday…

  50. Rumours are vermy is struggling to be fit for the weekend and gibbs only sustained a bruising according to scans.

  51. AGAG, I know you love the Clichy man but think last night showed us Gibbs is more than ready and Lennon never got a sniff, Gibbs didnt dive in at all showed good sense which is more than Clichy tends to do, have said for a few months now that Gibbs will be first choice by Xmas especially if he stays fit. He can also shoot better and crossa ball better thanx to being a winger…!

  52. oliver – i am a lot less narked with our boss this morning, he got it spot on yesterday and credit whare it’s due :)

  53. Only bruising for Gibbs, sorry agag, time to swap Clichy for Melo ;) ;)

    ok, only kidding ;)

  54. KTR7, with Squilli and Kos playing so well, I say let TV have the rest he needs…

    Oh its a great day to be a Gooner, just had a lovely walk in the sunshine with the dogs through the woods, its a good day….

  55. Oliver, the thing is what was said yesterday was all honest remarks from what we think and what we perceive and i think we were all mostly spot on. The team he picked last night was a mix of youth, fringe players and players coming back to fitness and it was spot on, they were hungry and wanted to win and had the desire to win. Funny how when it suits him ole arry don’t stop moaning about to many games and resting players but before all he did was moan about us dissing the competition, utter twat…!

  56. Should AW stay away from the bench more often then? lol
    It was funny seeing him looking for a signal on his mobile in order to pass on instructions to Ricey. Had to rely on good ol’ fashion ‘send-the-messenger’!! :)

  57. Ha ha T-buzz, and at least he ‘didnt have to shoot the messenger’ :)

  58. WATH – what last night does do though is make us think about what could have been if he had got the right mix in the seasons gone by had he not played ‘just kids’….

    Fabianski though still worries me, far more than Almunia does right now….

  59. I was so chuffed for Lansbury, so chuffed – didn’t really do a lot wrong did he…. totally unfazed by the event…

  60. Rico, think yet again the down side was seeing flappy so poor, he lets in a piss poor shot looks straight at the linesman to see if he had a get out of jail card but again the bloke isn’t good enough end of. Either of the other two must be given a chance to play as number 2 cos he just ain’t got it.

  61. Gibbs was fantastic. Having said that, I stand pat on my Clichy-ness. :)

    rico, I really am flying the kite solo now… :cry: Haha.

    Hola, T-buzz. Howdy?

  62. Agree WATH, time for one of the others to be our cup keeper, maybe wenger just wanted to see if Flappy could do what he has been doing in training in a game, heck of a risk if the case, thankfully last night we didn’t pay…

    hopefully now wenger will see what we all see…

  63. Fabianski was Fabianski, WATH. Which means he faffed and fluffed and flapped and… you get the drift. :)

  64. Prob is AGAG as Oliver and I discussed yesterday despite AW saying til he’s pink in the face that flappy is great in training it matters not one iota what he does in training as what he does in a game is what matters and the bloke simply hasn’t got it, he’s a liability and an accident waiting to happen and last nights mistake fortunately didnt hurt us BUT he still made it. . . . yet again…! Time for a reality check from AW on the keeper front.

  65. BTW, rico, how do you feel about Nasri kissing his badge like half a dozen times? I am reminded of someone who made a great show of kissing his badge in a game v. BB… and only a few months later wanted away. :(

  66. agag, you know i was teasing you, we need a good back up for Gibbs :lol:

  67. agag, i think the lad is happy – that kissing of the badge was for the spuds as much as it was – i think someone has been telling him about what a NLD means to the fans…..

    he doesn’t normally do that ;)

  68. we don’t want Schwarzer, either he is suddenly useless or he is paying Hughes back big time for not letting him move, he was to blame for both goals last night

    snigger snigger :)

  69. I thought Nas showed a lot of attitude last night and lets be honest he’s not kissed the badge after any headlines of wanting more money or a transfer so maybe as you say Rico someone actually told him what it means to beat the swampies from the dump….! maybe TH14 had a word with him ;-)

  70. Pundits say we have no depth but there was not a single player perhaps kozzer who would start regularly.wilshere is the English iniesta…

  71. As long as he’s scoring, I dont care what Nasri kisses! lol

  72. WATH, perhaps we’ll be Given a new one in January… :) Ahem. Fabianski is just not good enough for our great club.

    rico, you’re awful. :P Just everyone wait, my faith in Clichy will be vindicated yet. (Or not. If I were honest…)

    Not to make light of the allegation but… That’s the only way he can, T-buzz. ;)

  73. TBuzz just be careful with statements like that mate lol :-)

  74. T-buzz – he can kiss my …. as long as he does the biz on the pitch, WATH, maybe TH did :)

  75. agag, i just think Clichy has lost his way a bit – he needs some help and think i said the other day, why don’t we get winterburn or sansom in to help him… he was once awesome, he can get that back, unless he’s not happy of course??

  76. I don’t want us to get Given, we deserve better than an old has been from Citeh :(

    He’ll soon be back as Citeh’s number 1 anyway, Hart is having a torrid time ;)

  77. KTR7, the pundits are just idiots!!

  78. So confirmed that Gibbs has swollen left foot, thank fcuk 4 that……………. Now Clichy is sweating again ;-) Sorry AGAG couldn’t resist..!

  79. I don’t like Given either. :) But he seems to want a move…

  80. That is just fab news, i wondered why he was allowed to walk off…..

    I can smell the garlic from here WATH, and no offence meant, i eat loads of the stuff, its good for you :)

  81. agag, in Jan we are supposed to have £50M to spend, the board are supposed to be putting pressure on Wenger to spend it too – if its all true, we could be in for a very interesting January – we don’t need a lot, just an outstanding keeper and another Kos/Squilli kind of CH….

  82. Straight from the Arse.com


    Gibbs’ foot injury is only short-term

    The Club is happy to confirm that following last night’s Carling Cup Third Round match at Tottenham Hotspur, a scan to Kieran Gibbs’ foot has shown there is no fracture.

    Kieran has suffered severe bruising to his left foot and will hopefully only be missing from first-team action for the short term.

  83. Grat news T-buzz, just great :)

  84. Well, WATH, trust you always to try to get the last word in. ;)

  85. My replies re like ten thousand years late again. :(

    Whew, on Gibbs. Our treatment room seems to be always packed…

  86. Phew,i was scared he was going to be laid off for a few months, rico!

  87. Aw has just got to read the blogs this morning to see what beating twichy/malletface/ultrachav and their mob means to us…in other news if fabianski was playing for N.korea he’d be executed already…

  88. you can say that again, AGAG!

  89. Agag i hope clichy recaptures his form.he has the heart of a lion;you only have to look at his perfomance at the camp nou to see this.he is also a gooner.

  90. Me too T-buzz, just such a relief…

  91. KTR7, I am sure someone at AFC will be peeping around the blog world today, you are spot on, it means so much to all of us…

  92. Landsbury may turn out to be a flamini for us.he kept on running even during ET.Wilshere has got an engine;300+ minutes in a week is no joke for an 18 year old.

  93. He’ll be better than Flamini KTR7, if he gets to play a bit part this season and then starts to push into the first team next, he won’t be looking to leave, he doesn’t strike as the player who plays for money, he’s prepared to wait and take his chance with the club he loves – the club looked after him when he was ill, and he knows just what that means…

    I have ranted on about him for many seasons now and I can’t wait to see him playing week in week out…

  94. Ah, did you mean the player with a strong engine KTR7 ;) ;)

  95. KT, I hope he does too. I like watching/reading his interviews beccause he obviously loooves Arsenal, and I want our players to want to be wearing our shirt. Maybe, it’s an issue of confidence. Wenger obviously rates him though.

  96. rico, if JJ/Ave were here, it would be a Flam love-in. :) He made a really poor choice leaving our great club for AC Milan. Ha.

  97. He’s French agag, of course Wenger rates him ;) ;)

    Seriously, we all want him to get back to his old self and he should do, maybe he has personal probs on his mind….

  98. Same old Stoke,always breaking legs…

  99. That was another shocker KT, think he only got a yellow card didn’t he??

  100. Hughes refused to shake pulis’ hand.if Aw had done that it would’ve been headline news calling him a whinger.im amazed the FA are doing nothing about this.sadly it may require a shocker to gerrard/rooney for there to be some action.

  101. rico, i am looking at the previous posts and at 2:52 pm you told wath that you can smell the garlic – you do realize that you have entered neil ruddock territory, correct? not to directly equate you with that &#*@, but he said the same thing of paddy after a west ham – arsenal fixture…

  102. and in a bit of irony, no prizes for guessing the west ham manager who defended ruddock’s comments – labeled racist in many quarters – following vieira’s sending-off…

  103. i didn’t know that oliver, i honestly didn’t mean to offend :(

  104. think you are right KT, if one of those two were on the ned of one horror tackle, the FA would want blood….

    maybe wenger will have a new bestest friend in hughes …..

  105. Imagine if we had signed cole?LJW wouldn’t have starred the way he is.

  106. you don’t remember the vieira – ruddock clash from several seasons ago? where paddy allegedly spit on ruddock, and the latter said he could “smell the garlic” in it? i mention not because it offended me (i could personally care less), but because the smell the garlic comment brought that incident immediately to mind. and of course, it was good old harry defending ruddock in this.

    i think paddy deserved the sending off, though, so i am not going to defend him…

  107. i do oliver, just forgot when i posted my comment, it was just a bit of fun – agree, paddy deserved his card that day…

    KT, i for one am very glad we didn’t get Cole…

  108. What is all the fuss about and where is the glory of beating a team without its top players that Harry did well to rest for more important games ahead??…

  109. hi john, we always celebrate a win, regardless….

  110. Good night, kids! What are you having for dinner, rico? The Chinese mid-autumn festival’round these parts just concluded so mooncakes abound. Yum.

    Check out these pretties:




  111. nighty night agag, just a lazy meal of sausages and mash for us tonight :)

    chinese festival – sounds just wonderful :) you go and enjoy….

  112. John Adam,

    You really do live in a miasmic world of your own making, dear boy.

    We made 9 changes to our first team from the game with Sunderland. The average age of our players was younger than yours at the beginning of the game, and was even younger at the end after you had made your feeble substitutions!

    Fuss and glory beating a tinpot team like the Spuds? Oh do leave off. It’s just good to beat a bunch of dummies like you Spuds, anytime! :-)

  113. is that the real redarse :)

  114. ra, is it really you? are you back?

  115. rico, one last: here is why you should journey to our side of the planet.


  116. Hi Guys,

    Just got back this afternoon! :-) Been stuck in moderation for a while, but gave me the chance to read all the posts.

    Everyone in fine form today. Loved your Post Rico! ;)

  117. Hola, RA. :)

  118. welcome back ra…

  119. i will look in a few moments agag, now go to bed ;)

  120. hi redarse, good to see your safe return, sorry about the moderation, i was busy ;)

    thanks re the post ;)

  121. agag, i enjoyed some siopao the other day. as i understand, that has chinese origins as well…

  122. Oliver,

    Have kept in touch, remotely, with the NFL thru Big Blue Review, (I think) will talk to you later when I can unscramble my brains. :-)

    Got to go guys and unpack, blah, blah, yada, yada!

    Tomorrow! :-)

  123. ra, all i can say about that is bring on jeff fisher and the titans. the manning vs manning angle always makes me sick when when we play the colts. that was nothing compared to my nausea at how we played. looked depressingly like late last year, even thought there are obvious differences…

    brandon jacobs is a fool. i hope he liked the feel of the bench in indianapolis, because i expect bradshaw and ware to get the bulk of the carries this sunday. jacobs has nobody to blame but himself.

  124. I can’t yet, rico. I have stuff to sort out. :(

    Yes, indeed, oliver. I love siopao bola bola. With the sweet brown sauce. How do you like lumpiang shanghai?? :) I would guess the wife cooks that too?

  125. she does, but as it is deep fried, we try to eat it infrequently. i actually like the fresh lumpia, with the veggies and peanut sauce, but she does not make that one – yet.

    her siopao is either cream cheese filled (as a dessert) or diced pork/egg/brown sauce.

  126. so many of my friends think filipino cooking is simply lumpiang shanghai, with pancit, adobo and some lechon. i actually prefer the fish and veggie dishes she makes. she cooks more otong or chinese long beans with the adobo sauce than meat. and a lot of dishes heavy with bok choy/choy sam, chayote and other vegetables.

  127. I’m getting hungry again. oliver, you’re right. The lumpiang sariwa/ubod is lovely too. Much more difficult to make. But then again they are all difficult where I am concerned. :)

  128. i started feeling hungry as i typed. dinner is still a few hours away, so i’ll just have to hang on.

  129. i think she is making a curry tonight. she makes them both traditional indian and japanese styles.

  130. Her cooking is exactly like my dad’s cooking. Well, they are both from the north. Plenty of fish and legumes and leafy greens. Adobong sitaw = chinese long beans, my favorite too. I also like habitsuelas.

  131. I can hear my tummy growling… I guess I should sleep. You hang in there, oliver. That sounds like a meal. :)

  132. agag, you are a cruel woman, those photos are just paradise :( :(

  133. What kind of curry oliver, i’m hungry now …..

  134. she’s hooked my on them as well. when we visit baguio, that is mostly what we eat. plus fresh bangus and tilapia.

  135. Right guys and gals, off to have dinner and then chill for the night, you all be good, take care and catch up tommorrow….

    Nighty night all, enjoy the rest of your day… :)

  136. agag, before i go, did you have any luck with getting your wordpress sorted to show the photo of your choice ??

  137. Haha, rico. I guess I’m a little evil. :)

    Produce in Baguio is fresh, and fantastic and cheap, and I want to eat at Forest House, now that you mentioned “Baguio”.

  138. Yes, rico. Thanks much. But I can’t find my library of cat photos. :(

  139. You are a little tinker agag, indeed! ;)

    Best you get searching for those moggies then ;) :)

    Night night all….

  140. Chelsea 1-2 Newcastle nice :)

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