Wouldn't mind if this one 'jumped ship'! Midfielder signs his first contract…

I know the transfer window is firmly locked and bolted until January 1st 2011 but I still believe that Fabianski only played on Tuesday because Chesney had a little moan to the papers. Gallas did something similar and he has the captains armband removed! We know Wenger hates players using the media to voice their own […]

Credit where credit is due but bad memories fail to convince! Yet!

In terms of “here and now”, we cannot view this evening’s win at FK Partizan as anything but a good result:  Six out of six points in this season’s Champions League competition, our first away win in said competition for a year, a good rebound win following Saturday’s shambles.  These are all things we hoped […]

Can this current squad win the Champions League?

    Every morning I wake up I see my Champions league poster on the wall and I keep on asking myself the same question. Pose the same question point-blank to Fabregas, how do you think he will respond? The common responses will be: yes, no or maybe. Frankly speaking I don’t know. Pose the […]

With Bungle injured, we'd be better off with Zippy than Flappy!! CL Squad announced.

If the headline baffles, go and google Rainbow, it’s a kids television programme from many years ago…. So Almunia is injured and Flappyanski is lined up to take his place for tomorrow nights game. Me, I don’t believe it, Almunia has been dropped after his woeful displace which is right. But, replacing him with a keeper who […]

Just another rant; or just another day in the diary of a loser?

Losing is a fact of life. Most of us have lost throughout our lives. Most of us will continue to lose throughout the remainder of whatever is left of our lives. For many of us that is why we support The Arsenal, because we hope against hope that somehow their winning will make the reality […]

Arsenal 2, West Bromwich Albion 3: JUST DESSERTS

Hands up if you approached this match with just a just a little trepidation – no, I didn’t either. In retrospect, we should have known better. There have been recent examples where our team has followed excellent performances with duds. I thought that our side had matured enough to get past that – sadly, that […]