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Inter want Cesc, Juve get Traore, why didn’t we get…..

Rumours came out yesterday that Inter Milan are going to make a shock bid for our Captain, the price is suggested to be around £29M and Sulley Muntari who used to ply his trade at Portsmouth.

Having managed to get myself back up off the floor from laughing at this latest Cesc story, I read it again! What a load of codswollap. Three things, Cesc has seen just how well Rafa Benitez hit the ‘club destruct’  button at the dippers, Cesc doesn’t want to go to Italy, we don’t want Muntari and finally which part of ‘Cesc is not for sale’ does Rafa not understand?
Anyway, old Twitcher wants Muntari, I guess that’s from his Pompey days..

Moving on, it seems we are going to get a goal keeper, but which one I wonder, will it finally be Mark Schwarzer, or will Arsene Wenger take a risk on an Englishman, that being Robert Green? Despite a few rumblings around yesterday about Green, I don’t Wenger will risk getting burned again in the goal keeping department, especially after his last experience of buying English, Richard Wright was one of his many sub-standard signings… I won’t go there ;) Another keeper linked is Lille goalkeeper Mickael Landreau. Not long now and we’ll all find out who it’s going to be or will it still be Almunia.

 Traore has gone to Juventus on loan. Both Traore and Arsenal wanted the deal to be permanent one so why didn’t we just do a  player swap. Sissoko and Melo are their defensive midfielders, Rafa ruined Sissoko and Melo is a bit of a nutter but in all honesty, I wouldn’t have minded either in our squad to bolster our midfield, especially for games like we have just played up at Blackburn. Another midfielder I would seriously think about making a cheeky offer for is Mahamadou Diarra of Real Madrid, I know he’s not tall but he’s strong and he’s out of favor at Real Madrid. The downside to him is that he would be involved in the ACON at the same time as Song but if Wenger gets the right CH in before deadline day, Vermaelen could easily fill in, or even Johan Djourou if he’s fit, after all that’s his favored position.

We may not all agree on the players I have mentioned but reality is there are players out there who know they won’t be part of a 25 man squad, if that was you, would you want to stay at your current club or would you accept a move to ensure you are involved in first team football?

With Traore gone and if  Almunia and one other leave today, we have three spaces, go on Arsene, fill them and make us all happy, in any case he has to at least replace Traore in the quad but whether he buys a player to do that or promotes from within remains to be seen!

Finally I bring you all sad, very sad news. I had hoped that this player would re-think about leaving us, maybe just give it one more season but it seems he has left us for good. When I heard the news I was shocked, horrified and wondered how our defence would cope without him…

Yes, Werder Bremen have signed Mikael Silvestre, good luck old chap I say, I’ll miss you ;)

That’s about it, just ten painful hours to go until the window shuts until January. Will it be a fruitful ten hours for all Arsenal fans or come 6pm will we all be left disappointed, again?

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278 comments on “Inter want Cesc, Juve get Traore, why didn’t we get…..

  1. The Traore news is reported in Italy, nothing on AFC website before you tell me off… ;)

  2. Beginning to doubt the Traore deal is done, reports are that B’ham are making enquiries about a loan, now I’m confused ;)

  3. helb to brum looks a done deal an’all

  4. Morning all.so this where you came rico.its good to have you back.i really missed my daily fix of your posts.

  5. thats a funny one rsd, good for brum though..

  6. Given is staying at City!!

  7. Morning KTR7, its a long story but missed the writing, good to see you found HH and thanks.. :)

  8. We won’t get Schwarzer now if Given was to be his replacement….

  9. And missed all you guys and girls too of course ;)

  10. Morning all!

    If Inter offered £40m+Lucio for Cesc (whether he likes it or not )I’ll take that instead and that will p!ss Barca off for all the shenannigans they put arsenal fans through this summer! lol
    Nice post by the way, I aint a fan of Rob Green but he’s far better than Flappy and slightly better than Almunia. At this stage we should be looking for a decent GK that has presence in goal and knows how to communicate with his defenders. Funny you should mention Richard Wright, he sort of reminded me of Flappy!! lol

  11. Rico you owe me a cyber hug!i found HH through legrove but i’ve been stuck in mod since Saturday.good to see the whole gang again.

  12. Morning T-buzz,

    Like you way of thinking re cesc, must admit that during all the saga i hoped that Jose would offer an amount we couldn’t refuse, but now after Jose comments he can take a hike…

    Inter, well thats a whole new bit of naughtiness ;)

  13. Cyber hug coming right your way KTR7 :) I emailed you about HH a while back :( :( But yes, its great to have us all back together again and with CL coming soon no doubt you will be busy with your keyboard ;)

  14. Cyber hug? Ooooh, that sounds interesting…

  15. Rico i’ll have multiple posts ready for you.

  16. Yeah Rico, the Barca army lost my respect quicker than Ben Johnson on steriods with all that nonsense that we were almost holding Cesc as prisoner?!
    To be honest, Jose will always be Jose and if he actually had a player of worth_money for Cesc, I’ll take it as well but he’s an intelligent man who wouldnt just let his best players go. I would take Higuain

  17. KTR7, send em in my friend :)

  18. Ok ok now I’m jealous………… Rico where’s my cyberhug…?

  19. T-buzz, they were a disgrace, sign of desperation to unsettle cesc by using the players…

  20. T-buzz get in the “Q” i’m first 4 the next cyber hug…! barca can go crap on thin ice far as I’m concerned hopefully in the middle of a very big lake right in the middle on extremely thin ice..!

  21. Morning WATH, it must have got lost down the wire ;)

  22. Ah Rico I reckon ur sending morse again……..

  23. :lol: WATH, you don’t like them either then ….

    What’s going to happen now Given stays at Citeh, can’t see Schwarzer being allowed to leave now..

    Who has the boss got lined up? It better be someone..

  24. morse, wasn’t that a tv program once ;)

  25. Wha…? WATH is shoving me off the queue??
    In that case, good morning to you sir! lol

    Hope you all had a cool weekend though…. ;)

  26. T-buzz, the result on Saturday made my weekend a lot happier, especially going into the break…

    He’s talking about the cyber hug but KTR7 has already had todays :)

  27. Morning Rico, your Post sets the day up nicely. :-)

    I’m quietly confident that we will get sod all from the Le Prof! :-)

    The papers report that we have upped our offer for Schwarzer to £4m. If we wanted him so badly why could we not have done that in the early summer and be done with it.

  28. Rico, dont be surprised with Le Boss’ usual, ” We er tried to zign but at zé moment eet ees a bit quiet,er we made a few enquirees but zé playerz pricees were a bit out of our range…”, while still holding the bag of chips from Holloway Road as offer for Shawrzer!

  29. Yeah, I know that fellow WATH was after a cyber-hug but why he decided to elbow me off the queue is what i dont understand (ha ha ha)
    Can I get a cyber-peck-on-da-cheek then, just to make him jealous? lol

    Morning R.A, Wenger really up the price then? Well, I guess he’s had to eat those chips and get some real money out… :)

  30. Morning RA, that’s always been a gripe of mine too – he did it with Kos but ended up paying what they asked, why? just offer a sensible offer then negotiate and make the deal or move on…

    £4M for a keeper with one, maybe two seasons left is a lot of money, a keeper just to put pressure on Almunia..

    Betfair are suggesting it’s lloris wenger really wants, what do they know though ;)

  31. Your on T-buzz :P

    You just hear him now can’t you, saying i tried to get this that and the other done on the last day but it couldn’t quite happen… He’s bloomin tight, to be fair though, I wouldn’t pay £4M for Schwarzer…

  32. Hi T-Buzz

    That was an uncanny imitation of Le Prof. :-)

    You aren’t him in disguise are you? :-)

  33. Morning KTR7,

    Good you have turned up. We were looking for you! :-)

  34. Seems this T-buzz is taking liberties wants kisses hugs and allsorts and he wants to push in the “Q”…!

    I wouldn’t pay £4 mil for schwarzer……! 3 max…. Although do we want rid of the waiter or not…?

  35. Rico,

    If the bookies are confused we have no chance on second guessing Arsene!

  36. Thats the million dollar question WATH, was Almunia dire because Gallas was a moaning shouting old git of a defender and now he’s gone his game is clearly better, or is Almunia just as you said yesterday, an accident waiting to happen and all to often…

    I can’t see us getting Schwarzer now in any case…

  37. Ra, very true, wish i was a fly on the wall at Highbury House today ;)

  38. R.A, hell no..! lol
    One A.Wenger on this planet Earth is enough and I’m sure he’s not the blogging type. It makes me wonder sometimes, what does he do during his spare time or as a hobby…! Certainly not sharing a bottle of wine with Sir Alex-Red Nose or Sam The Bruiser Alladyce

  39. By the way Rico,
    Is it possible to have an Arsenal top-scorer section on the right side of the page please, probably before the “House Hero V_ _ _ _” section?

  40. Rico, the waiter is a liability end off no matter who or what is in front of him…! IF we stuck with him all season its only a matter of time before he starts to cost us points, most importnt player in the team is the keeper and ours are piss poor, remember when GG bought Seaman in, they asked whast wrong with John Lukic, GG replied nothing at all John lukic is a great keeper i just thing David Seaman is the best……. Says it all….!

  41. Morning RA.its good to be back.WATH I am the special one hence the hug…

  42. K-TR7 = Special One = José Mourinho??

    Ban Him Now!! lol

  43. I’m not so sure Almunia’s game has improved as i navent really seen a change from last season so far. Perhaps a new keeper will rustle his feather to help him improve. He knows that Flapp is no better and Don Vito Corleone and Chsszny are still not ready so, he has been comfortable in goal as Wenger has been comfortable as manager! :(

  44. T-buzz, no problem, I’ll get in done just for you :)

  45. BBc report Schwarzer will not be signing for Arsenal!!

  46. WATH, I don’t doubt he is a liability and just like you I want to see him replaced, but it’s not going to be Schwarzer, who will we get on final day, surely wenger has left it too late unless all this Swarzer stuff has been bull from the off….

  47. Muchas Gracias, Senorita!!

    So, no new Keepers then…?
    Anyway lets wait till 5pm for the full comfirmation, BBC live Update is still saying Le Boss is still active in the market…with his bag of chips!

  48. T-buzz, is that ok for you ;) ;)

  49. I think i need to go find happy pills to get me thru the season if he lumbered with the waiter………..

  50. Morning Folks,

    Great post Rico, but I’m not holding my breath for any of it; perhaps Almunia threw his shirt to the fans at BB just to show-off his tatoo, which says Gunner be here for ever :lol:

  51. Rico, if K-T is the special one who the fuk is moreenyo then…??????????????

  52. Mike………….. morning and I am going to suggest a ban for such slanderous statements re the waiter and staying and life in the same sentence…..!

  53. WATH, best you cyber share them out then…. :( :(

  54. Morning WATH,

    Nice to know I can still outrage the most placid Gooner :lol:

  55. Morning mike, please don’t HH needs all the bloggers it can get ;) ;)

    I’m sure Tattoo would have been better that Almunia, and he was only tiny ;)

  56. Moanrinho is an old pompass ass… ;)

  57. Get ur own Rico cos I’m gonna need loads………….

    Mike, You wake the dead with a statement like that lol

  58. £14M and Almunia for Lloris is bening bantered about….

  59. Is the goal scorers in the sidebar ok??

    Think i’ll go google ‘very strong happy pills’ then …

  60. Morning Rico,
    just sent you an email… as for HH; seems to me like you’re doing pretty good so far.

  61. Rico the Lloris + £14mil is on NN on one of those stupid sites so forget it…. Lloris is also a pip squeek if we gonna pay decent money get Akinveev…!

  62. Sergio Sanchez is listed in our squad on the internet?????

  63. Don’t shoot the messenger WATH ;) ;)

  64. N who is Sergio Sanches is that Hugo’s brother..?

  65. They even have him in the no17 shirt, mind you at Seville he wears the same number…

  66. Wouldn’t it be spooky if he gets announced today….

  67. T-Buzz,

    Do you sell your charm? If so I’ll have some. Kisses, hugs and Arsenal top goal scorers from Rico, wow! :-)

  68. Mancs have said they have finished all their buying, thats the utd, not the northern chavs…

  69. You know HH aims to please all RA :)

  70. Excellent work Rico!!
    Heres a cyber hug and kiss from moi… (HuG :lol: )

  71. :oops: you got me blushing ;)

  72. Hi MikeB, WATH,

    Good to see yout two reprogrades up to mischief. :-)

  73. R.A, I dont know how I do it but I believe if you ask nicely with a smile, you’ll probably get what you want….otherwise, hostile take-over LOL

  74. RA………….. that’s slander………..! :P

  75. Slander? What’s a female goose got to do with anything? :-)

  76. Ah RA ur fingers can’t type properly I see best you clean those glasses 2………….. :D

  77. Its got nowt to do with that T-buzz, it’s just that I am very accommodating ;) ;)

  78. Morning RA,

    Missed your post yesterday; to my eternal shame.

    Word is that it was just as brilliant as we’ve all come to expect :lol:

    As for Rico and mischief… you wouldn’t believe me if I told you, so I won’t. :lol:

  79. Did anyone look at the link i posted??? Please someone answer my query, i’m sat scratching my head over this Sanchez fella… :(

  80. Now i have splinters…..

  81. hi rsd – dreadful ….

  82. Rico,

    all sounds like garbage to me… last thing I saw, he had a dicky-ticker and had to rest up…

    Maybe that’s why he’s linked… he’s bound to be cheap :lol:

  83. Looks like Armand Traore has completed his move to Juventus on loan for a fee of €500,000 from Arsenal

  84. he’s actually listed in our squad mike, i saw about the dicky ticker but i think he’s had the all clear, its quite baffling… he’s 24, 6′ 1″ and a defender….

  85. jet is staying at arsenal wenger turned down 3 loan deals interesting

  86. This is from the Football Rumour site….

    Arsenal Rumours
    My very reliable source has told me that by the 6 o`clock dead line window Arsenal will confirm that they have signed. . . No one.
    Apparently they have tried to sign No One before but are confident this time they will get No one.

    :lol: :lol:

  87. probably because of RVP’s injury rsd…

  88. Sory Folks,
    gotta go… more shopping with the wife; don’t you just love it? :lol:

    Have a good one

  89. james shea arsenal keeper training with england with john hart wenger has walked over and is having a look.

    wonder if fabianski has gone over to train as well, will give the strikers some confidence?

  90. i heard of this no one he’s pretty good but i think i’d prefer the any one.
    the chinese prospect.

  91. Have a good un mike, do a wenger and keep your money in your pocket ;)

  92. Hi RSD,

    Who is he looking at, Hart or O’Shea?

    Perhaps he’s telling Hart to plead Arsenal DNA. :-)

  93. just watching, i think waiting for more updates from @henrywinter
    but i bet wenger wont let hart leave colney at the end of the week

  94. checking on how young Shea fares apparently

  95. Hart has been outstanding so far this season, without him City wouldn’t have won a game yet….

  96. juve have option to buy traore for €2.5 at end of season

  97. would have lost v spurs but a dippers was easy and sunderland they lost anyway

  98. fulham have just told bbc schwarzer is going nowhere

  99. rsd, check out comment at 10.46 am ;) ;)

  100. so we have a space free in our 25 man squad…..

  101. Plenty of activity at Spurs training ground. No world class players arriving, but lots of recycling lorries leaving depot next door. lol

  102. ‘morning all. no activity yet, not really a surprise.

  103. yup so do you think we need a keeper
    i’ve heard somewhere that aw want this guy call mark sch-something.

  104. Quality rsd :lol:

    Hi oliver, still plenty of time ;)

  105. Hleb has joined B’ham, subject to medical….

  106. oh and i’m going on free transfer but would like a huge sign on.

  107. Arry has signed a keeper, Pletikosa…

  108. yids just got a keeper on loan…………. it just gets worse….!

  109. Croatian international keeper he is rsd….

  110. this is why aw usually buy forgien its a pain in the arse to buy from prem

  111. Arsenal trying to force through a deal for Spurs No.2 Carlo Cudicini after their move for Schwarzer fell through.

  112. on loan too WATH, what is wenger playing at, he must be settling for Almunia

  113. New Spurs GK Stipe Pletikosa scored six pens in 172 apps for Hajduk Split. That’s more than Jermain Defoe in recent times…

  114. thank goodness… you got me there rsd ;)

  115. Ha ha ha!! realsocialdad, your evil!! lol

  116. i was had for a second myself

  117. everything is so quiet about arsenal, just think something is going to happen….

  118. have to wait for wenger to finish watching england training at 3

  119. I think Cudicini’s past it. During his Chelsea days he was awesome till Muareen Special Ones came on board and benched him in favor of Cech. If he had left earlier, he would still be a top keeper but I guess the Roman’s money was too good to refuse…

  120. rsd, if wenger is watching training that means ivan the great is left trying to sort things out

  121. oh god might as well do the final squad preview now

  122. Didn’t he break his wrist in a m/c accident T-buzz?

    What about Dudek?

  123. Hleb has signed his loan deal with B’ham…

  124. Robinho has gone to AC Milan

  125. Ah, but it was all speculation then rsd, he has just passed his medical and got his WP :) ;)

  126. Fulham are close to signing a keeper……

  127. Rico all these rumours and your off on one………. lol very excitable you are today, must be that hug with T-buz….!

  128. Vyacheslav Malafeev from Zenit….

  129. maybe schwarzer deal is back on

    Fulham are on the verge of signing goalkeeper Vyacheslav Malafeev according to reports in Russia. Interesting stuff.

  130. It has to be done WATH, had Wenger sorted all this out before, I could have got on with my housework and ironing and enjoyed my day in a much better way ;)

  131. Rico, Don’t blame AW for you having a lazy day 2day lol

  132. Its talksport who say we are after Lloris… Are they not know as Talks***e :)

  133. Any old excuse WATH, any old excuse ;)

  134. Didn’t realise that under 21’s don’t have to be named in the 25 man squad

  135. So that mean you can have 30 foreign players under 21 and you don’t have to name em and they can play for you..? if so whats the use of this 3 yr rule of having played for a British team..?

  136. That is what Sky have just said WATH, you can have as many under 21’s you want, so that means we can use all our reserves :)

  137. I may be abit late on this but i love koscielny’s style.he looks like an italian type of defender (not maniacs like materazzi) who reads the game so well.if he bulks up he will be awesome for us.

  138. barazite goes on loan to vitesse arnhem. according to a netherlands football site…

  139. the playing for a british club is just for those like cesc and clichy WATH, and a few others in our side…

  140. oliver, thats a crazy move for him, he should be going to another EPL club to get PL experience….

    He needs to speed up a bit too KTR7 ;)

  141. Milan may have dinho,ibra,robinho and Pato as their fab4 next season.on paper it is the stuff of dreams but will it work?i hope so since i have always supported Milan in the SerieA.

  142. Nacer Barazite has joined Vittesse Arnhem on loan, according to Dutch outlet Voetbal

  143. Hello, everyone!!

    rico, I maintain that Schwarzer is no improvement over Almunia; and Green’s WC fumble is entirely too fresh in my mind, I have no desire to sign him either. ;)

    Hey, KTR7! Long time. How have you been? We’ve been after rico to find you! :) :)

    WATH, howdy? I think the three-year requirement you mentioned relates to the homegrown rule re: the eight players to be named in the 25-man squad.

    I’ve never even heard of Vitesse Arnhem, oliver!:)

  144. f5 is warn out on my computer rico

  145. Hi agag, we def not getting schwarzer now, question is, does wenger have a plan b…. he doesn’t usually ;)

  146. small-bore dutch side. still in the top flight, but not one of the better sides. like rico, i am not entirely sure how this will help barazite’s development – not a particularly good league, i should think he can do much better staying in england, perhaps championship or first division. then again, barazite seemingly has been here forever, without really looking as though he will become a first-team regular – perhaps it does not really matter where he goes on loan, and perhaps he is not viewed as a long-term player for us.

  147. Hey AGAG…………. The GG is open babe help urself…..!. I think I’m gonna crack open those happy pills Rico…..

  148. yours and mine both rsd…. ;)

  149. Akinfeev is available on a free in January? so gamble on Almunia until then

  150. Oliver think as you say barazite obviously not in the frame for the 1st team hence been let out on loan..!

  151. try give it a light fingering

  152. i rate him oliver, its a crazy move and you could very well be right about his long term plans….

    WATH mine aren’t arriving until tomorrow, it will have to be alcohol!

  153. RSD u sure about that…? we can chat 2 him re a free in Jan but can’t have him in Jan fro free it would only be next June he would actually sign…!

  154. but there season is finished early next month init

  155. our youth development program serves two purposes: to grow first-team players, or develop prospects that can be sold for prospect. barazite may have been originally viewed in the former category, but may now be seen in the latter category. if it is the latter, then where he plays on loan might not matter. if he impresses at arnhem, perhaps the club can make the transfer permanent for a small profit.

    if that is not the case, his move to arnhem is a head-scratcher.

  156. shame oliver the injury knocked him back but think he deserves to be in the former has quality

  157. We keep some and yet let those like Barazite go, since his injury recovery he has played well if we can believe the match reports…

  158. perhaps he still will be. he has been in or near the first team squad before, so maybe this is just an opportunity for him to hone fitness and technique in a more technical league with less pressure. we’ll see what happens with him…

  159. Off for an hour, i am mentally exhausted so good time to get some housework done…. :( Back in a while…

  160. Havent we signed Mr Kno Wonelse yet? ;)

  161. Babbel 2 the yids…??????????????????

  162. I finished half the bottle, WATH, gracias. (hic!)

    rico gets the other half. But seriously, rico, you might want to try GG again. It’s sort of a cure-all. You’ll be having a Wenger-induced migraine attack in 4 hours or so… :)

    Barazite can’t be feeling too chuffed about that, then, oliver.

    hello, rsd. :)

  163. Babel to the Spudz via helicopter?? I liked Babel b4 he joined Liverpooh where he wasted his talent

  164. Plenty more GG available AGAG glug away girl….!

    Babel ruined himself going to the dippers T-buzz, so many waste themselves going up there. Won’t be the last and he wasn’t the first.

  165. rafa wasted had to play rafa’s way
    him should have come to us would have been a superstar

    more likely babel will go to hammers apparently with carton cole going the other way

  166. Howdy agag.its good to see you too.

  167. Sky sports say Babel is possibly going to West Ham in the chopper.. in other words they have no idea!

  168. Torres, wasted himself at Liverpool, I think. :) He’d have been better off with us.

    KTR7, you done with school? Weeds is having his exams, but should be rewarding himself with milkshake at the end of the week. Haha.

    Hello, 4pigs.

  169. Miyaichi is 183 cm tall, 70 kg in weight, and Blood type O.

  170. RSD don’t u mean Miagi…………… ;-) Mr Miagi…. lol

    4P………… got out of Lidls then…? :P

  171. Arsene has bought a chinese!!!

    Says the crispy duck and won ton soup will go down a treat! :-)

  172. RSD,

    Isn’t Miyachi the Japanese lad we had on trial and Arsene rejected?

  173. japanese apparently the jap ronaldo according to jap press

  174. Babel to the Yids, I can’t believe that, I like him too…..

    This is not going well…..

  175. not rejected just on trial and went to ajax and had a trial there and broke his leg but our medical team reckon it might heal

  176. WATH – yes thank you but only then got stuck in Aldi :P

  177. rsd, phew, but wish we were getting him, i see it could be a swap with CC, dippers are going to have two crocked strikers then ;)

  178. Miyaichi broke his leg; thus, we sign him. He fits our template of crocks.

    Mr. Miyagi, WATH?? I remember my babysitter went on a date and smuggled me into the cinema. Must have been six y.o. or thereabouts…

  179. Lidil, Aldi, Whats going on on here, what about Morrison’s…

    Is Lidil where Wenger was seen again…..

  180. Rico, 6 or 26……………. lol

  181. Agag i’m not in school now.i have plenty of free time.i normally sleep alot.i will be following Euro footy as usual now that i have lots of time to do it.i will let you know if i see anything interesting.

  182. :lol: agag

    thanks rsd..

  183. WATH ?? You lost me on that one :(

  184. So its going to be lloris then ;)

  185. Rico ur such a plum… Means were u 26 or 6…? lol

  186. WATH,

    It was Agag speaking to you about her baby minder. :-)

  187. What about x gooner Stokes, he’s finally got to a bigger club, Celtic…

  188. rico, stokes actually stepped down from hibs to join celtic!

  189. Who’s a plum WATH ;)

  190. you serious oliver, celtic are top of the league ;)

  191. *** Breaking News from Sky Sports***

    Wenger is in France ready to commentate on their Euro qualifier :lol: :lol:

  192. rico, what do you think? come on now….

  193. I thought the news about Moyes leaving Everton was rubbish, but twitter rumours are saying he is going to Aston Villa. Surely not.

  194. I wouldn’t be surprised if AW does not sign anyone… But I’d still be disappointed, for sure… If we are to be serious title contenders, we must get a better keeper… :(

    Hello, RA. :)

  195. you were teasing oliver ;)

    The Metro are reporting that we have made a bid for the Stoke keeper….

    RA, and O’neill is taking over at Everton….

  196. agag, two hours to go, i am keeping just a tiny tiny bit of hope….. :(

  197. Hola Agag, I was reading your comment even if WATH isn’t! :-)

    Rico, Begovic is only 23, so all the rationalisation about an older keeper to allow Chesney to come on sounds like tripe, if true.

  198. Rico,

    Do you think Moyes got the hump because Everton are going to sell Rodwell to Manure?

  199. rico, of course. as celtic are a “bigger” club than arsenal, so hibernian are “bigger” than celtic…

    begovic? i can just see pulis dropping everything he has going to do a spot of business with arsenal. whomever dreamed that one up should have considered the current relations between the respective managers…

  200. neither can i see moyes leaving everton right now, certainly not for villa, considering lerner is now talking about how they need to be financially responsible. moyes has had to make do with very little money at everton, do not see why he would want to walk into a similar situation at villa.

    when he does leave everton, it will be for a bigger club (only a handful in the prem) – and that is not villa…

  201. Rico,

    Reading your comments re the under 21’s part of the Home Grown Rule, would you like me to re-send to you a copy of my earlier Post, just to remind everyone what the rules are?

    Yours sincerely, Clever Clogs. :-)

  202. well then, KTR7, you have time to be writing for your lady, rico. :)

    RA, haha. Shhh, but someone’s been on the tipple… Again. :)

    The clock is ticking rico… :( (cue the sombre song)

    oliver, the Stoke keeper rumors beggars belief…

  203. I was well aware who said what RA was just asking Rico if she was 6 or 26 at the time AGAG was watching Miagi doing his wipe on wipe off…….. :-)

  204. Ra, Abarcas cantabras :)

    Will AW sign a defender by 6-7 pm

  205. I don’t think I was born then WATH ;)

    Hi Stef, a keeper first, then anything else is a bonus :)

  206. Hi Stef,

    The deadline over here is 6 p.m. (in an hour and 35 mins).

    Stand by for Arsene to say, “we tried but we ran out of time”.

    If medicals are not being done now, it would not be possible to sign anyone.

    So in answer to your question, I do not think there will be any signings. Arsene, same, same.

  207. But RA……. you just never know ;)

  208. At 6PM UK time, I’m off to bed ;)

  209. Rico,

    Is there an element of porkies there? I thought there was approx a 10 year gap between you and Agag, therefore if she was 6 then, she must be 54 now and you are oooer missus. ;)

  210. Maths was never my strong point RA….

    I think its fair to say, we are signing no other players this window…..

    Oh happy days of watching Almunia…..

  211. I am just waiting for Agag to explode. :-)

  212. Rico,

    Between 4:32 and 4:36 you have gone from hope to despair. Not like you! :-)

  213. Explode about what, RA? AW? Oh, give it an hour… ;)

  214. So much so RA, the Villain of the House has been updated……

  215. Sorry Rico,

    I was only kidding with my nonsense maths. I know you are still a spring chicken!! ;)

  216. hi guys n gals

    Hleb is Birmingham player now and Traore maybe a Juventus, somewhere was reported as a done deal but I don’t c a confirmation anywhere.
    And there were rumors about loaning Gibbs I say noway in hell…

  217. Traore & Hleb are both loan deal Stef… Juve have the option to buy Traore at the end of the loan and I couldn’t give a hoot what happens to Hleb ;)

  218. I stopped counting at 28… Works for me. Anyway, I was always rubbish with numbers.

    Sigh. Another six months at least of putting up with the Two Stooges between the sticks. :(

  219. No Agag, my 4:36 …… :-)

    Rico, for one heart stopping moment, I thought there was a picture of me in HH Villain, when clearly it should be WATH. :-)

  220. RA, don’t you worry ;)

  221. Rico,

    Almost 4500 hits. That’s splendid! :-)

  222. Two stooges and a bloomin Scrooge agag….

  223. The Gibbs away rumor was absolute fiction, Stef. Some people have very rich imaginations. :)

  224. RA, if she name u super villain would u mind it :)

    sorry Rico I haven’t read everything on the 2day post in my defense it was very long and I havent seen the sun 2day bcoz of the many clouds.

    ah what was I sayin lol :)

    yes only on young guns there was confirmation of the alleged loan of Traore.

  225. Haha. I’m not sensitive about my age, RA. At some point, you just stop counting. :)

    rico, you’ll be on NN soon. :) Ah, well, what to do but grit your teeth and bear it?

  226. hi agag, totally agreed I can’t c Gibbs away from Ashton Grove in the next 10 years ;)

  227. sorry *Ashburton Grove

  228. RA, chuffed I’m telling you, but it wouldn’t be done without you guys… thanks. :)

    I don’t mind if HH doesn’t get there agag, its not so bad as it is really, is it :)

  229. It will be there in no tme at all, rico. You deserve a wider audience. :) And no, it’s not been bad at all. And on that note, I bid you all good night!

    (Although speaking of notes, is that a death knell I hear for our collective hope??) :(

  230. Ah happy pills………….. Hmm anual amunia is stop kleeper hmmmmmmm :D

  231. Night AGAG sleep tite Enjoy the GG night cap

  232. From GG to the hallucinogenic pills. Tsk tsk, WATH. ;)

  233. Nighty Night agag, hope you awake to the news we have signed….

    Lloris ;)

  234. Lloris………….. More hope of Boris I reckon Rico….!

  235. Wider audience agag, I don’t want Fat Sam reading ;)

  236. The problem with the wider audience is the plebs it attracts…!

  237. What Becker WATH ;)

    No way have we signed anyone now, so its Chesney in goal :)

  238. so we are signing boris johnson then? instead of a guv’nor, we get the mayor!

  239. The annoying thing is Winky Wenger,could have sent out a message “go away boys and girls, abandon your F5 button, there is nozzing doing, I am off for a preprandial cognac”.

    The we would know, not to hang around with ever diminishing hope. :-(

  240. And as for calling me a pleb WATH, I’ll have you know I am a patrician! So there! :-)

  241. Spot on WATH and do we really want the plebs at HH ???

  242. so flappianski on goal then :)
    wierd al has no chance gainst him :)

  243. preprandial juice for me lol :)
    I am offski (now really I am)

  244. spuds are going to get a dutch player right at the death, bet its VDV….. :(

  245. Come on 6pm, i’m off out to walk the dogs for about six hours when this window shuts…..

  246. I bloody well is VDV…. Oh my goodness…..

  247. Right you fine folk, I am gone, gone to contemplate life with Almunia in goal ;) ;)

    I catch you all tomorrow with a lengthy post about all our new signings :(

    Oh, I fib, its a day for RA tommorrow, it’s his post up for a debate :) :)

    Stay safe all, I’m off fopr a long long walk…

    Night night…..

  248. Night Rico. :-(

  249. so that is that, nobody else coming in. time to move on and see what this team can do, as is…

  250. that is it oliver, now i am def gone…

    maybe we will get a keeper on loan ;)

    ok ok, its time i went …..

  251. Late as ever nobody home nyt all nice to see K_TR7 here Karibu Sana :-)

  252. Karibu Sana it is :)

    no real news so late but this comment made my day:

    comment by Vermaelen’s left peg – SWEET (U3052226)

    posted 4 Minutes Ago

    I just found out that Arsenal are still trying to do a deal for a goalkeeper and a loan striker to cover RVp, apprently this is possible because the transfer window did not shut properly, there is a problem with the hinge on the window so it is not properly shut and players can still be sneaked through if clubs get in there early. Arsenal legal team have notifed Wenger of this, although Almunia is said to be trying to fix the window and get it well shut – welded shut in fact.

  253. Now I am off 4 sure…

    read ya goons 2morrow

  254. Morning all

    New Post up

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