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Arsenal Stuff Blackburn and Big Sam nicely

Another view on the match by Red Arse

Hold your horses, humble pie is about to be eaten by the plateful, by me! Theo Walcott has also made me eat my somewhat ungracious words about his unsuitability to play for us, and his ever being able to recapture the sparkle he had when first he came to us.

Humble pie and ungracious words do not make a tasty mixture.

Fabio Capello was also at Ewood Park to see for himself the transformation in the young player he decided not to take to the World Cup. Humble Pie for Capello too?

This omission turned out to be serendipitous for both we Gooners as well as young Theo himself. After a complete summer’s rest he has come back seemingly a new man. So much so that Fabio has decided to reinstate Theo into the England team.

Arsenal and their fans have never relished going to Ewood Park to face teams coached by either Fat Sam or the Nutty Hughes.

Anyway, let’s get on to the game itself.

After an exciting end to end passage of play, we scored a classic goal. RVP provided a beautiful 19th minute pass to Theo, out on the flanks, and our young hero hit a stunning, net breaking shot across the sprawling Robinson. What a cracker!

We seemed to be comfortably controlling the game when we were in possession, following the opening goal, but could not make a decisive break to put the game to bed.

In fairness, Blackburn began to make things difficult for us with a number of Morton Gamst Pederson’s massive throw ins and free kicks boomed high into the box to Samba, and these caused panicky moments for those of us watching anxiously, although Big Al dealt competently with everything thrown at him.

Rovers had their chances but never seriously looked like threatening us with our defence pretty much in control, to our immense relief.

Then somehow the inevitable happened, but not from a header. One of our many attacks broke down when the Meerkat missed a pass which was intercepted by Samba. He cleverly fed the spitting, snarling Diouff who shrugged aside Kosser far too easily and fed the ball to his namesake Mame Diouff for a simple tap in, leaving Clichy rooted to the ground. Bugger, it’s 1:1,

Arsenal’s flowing football was once again pleasing on the eye, although Cesc seemed listless and out of sorts.

Unfortunately, RVP was injured in a seemingly innocuous challenge and jarred the ligaments of his ankle, which resulted in Marouane Chamakh coming on.

After the break we took more and more control and passed Blackburn off the park.

In the 51st minute, a neat passing movement involved Sagna, who kept the ball in play, and finishing with a lovely cross. The ball fell to Cesc who controlled and shot in one movement, only for the ball to hit Theo and squirt out to the Meerkat, who brilliantly and calmly put it away, despite the keeper and three giant defenders converging on him.

Theo Walcott continued to look threatening and could have scored again, but misdirected his shot by snatching at it slightly, before finally scoring but from an offside position.

Proceedings closed shortly after young Jack, on as a sub for the Meerkat lost his footing when it looked like he would stroke the ball in to make it 1:3. Never mind Jack, it will come.

A very pleasing result and no major moans as the team will get better the longer they play together, A big smiley day for us, and a major slobbering chew for Fat Sam.

Hey guys and gals, check this link out – Highbury House may not be the biggest and best site, but it’s doing well, thanks to all of you :)


Finally, not good news about Jack Wilshere getting arrested following and incident where  a woman suffered a broken elbow, and a man serious facial injuries. Wilshere was one of four males to be arrested but the latest reports suggest he is unlikely to face any charges! He is considered to be a valuable witness! Why do these young footballers get themselves involved in these kind of situations?

Two days left of what seems like one of the longest transfer windows ever and I still think we will get our keeper and one other…..

I also think we will see one or two leave, Sky Sports report that Juve are in talks with us for Traore – could Melo be involved in this deal?

How did Citeh get on yesterday ;) ;)

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105 comments on “Arsenal Stuff Blackburn and Big Sam nicely

  1. Morning Rico your site is on Arsenal news :-)

  2. Morning Erick, thats great news, now for newsnow :)

  3. Check my retweet on tweeter Go get em gal :-) Big Jack was playing UN ;-)

  4. You making me multi-task this morning Erick ;)

    It’s a holiday here in the UK …

  5. Oh we had an holiday last week friday how I wish we had one by the way Rico Kenya has a new constitution :-)

  6. Tell me more Erick… ;)

  7. It’s a quiet old day today :(

  8. Yes indeed Rico :-) got a paper tommorrow fancy doing it for me

  9. Rico if I write 50p what does that mean :-)

  10. Erick….. No thanks ;)

    50p = half of an English Pound

  11. What does the p stand for

  12. You sound a great manager Rico and am doing pr management :-)

  13. pence Erick, 100 pence = £1.00

  14. Thanks for the tutorial Rico I was getting confused did you know 1£ = 120 kenyan shillings now you know :-)

  15. Rico I have something to say about Chamaka I know I will be slated but just my thoughts and they don’t represent the thoughts of HH Nikky is way better than him

  16. Hola, friends. Howdy? Quite a quiet day, we’re having. rico, it’s a holiday here too. Trying to get some work done; failing quite miserably. ;)

    Boo, Erick! Congrats on the new Constitution, do you know that the Phils has one of the longest consitutions text-wise on the planet? It’s verbose and inelegant and a bit embarrassing, really. :)

    RA, I agree. No major moans from me either.

  17. I didn’t know that Erick…

    I think its hard to judge Chamakh yet Erick, he isn’t used to the EPL, Nikki has been playing in the UK for years ;)

    Right now though Chamakh is better as Nikki is injured ;)

  18. Howdy agag, it’s realy quiet, but I guess everyone is either working or out enjoying the holiday, just what i’m going to do in a while :lol:

    What do we make of the Jack getting arrested, bet the boss won’t be happy…

  19. Erick, I like Bendy but I think Chamaka gives us a better shape and he’s also quicker. Finishing doesn’t seem to be a particular strength of either. ;)

  20. Jack was a peace maker Rico Howdy Agag I didn’t know that :-) yesterday missed you a few times still working I see Rico Nikky can beat a player on one on one situation and tries his luck from distance believe me Rico the competition between them will make Nikky better

  21. Once Chamakh settles he’ll be fine i’m sure, at least his headers go towards goal ;)

  22. Should make them both better Erick, competition is good,just read that about Jack, typical paps hyping everything up…

  23. rico, I’ve enjoyed myself too much the past few days. Haha. If I finish my reports, I should make it four nights in a row– although at the rate I’m going, that isn’t looking too likely. :)

    I’m sure AW won’t be too happy about Jack. Have you seen the Telegraph’s article on Jack and Cesc? Ugh. Such a skewed take on events. Grrr…

    I was in and out yesterday, Erick. :) Took us two and a half hours to get to the resto where we wanted to eat because some streets were flooded, and an oil tanker stalled. Haha.

  24. Am realy eager to see Nikky back you when he gets to 26 years he will be a nightmare to defenders

  25. morning rico, erick,

    all lower case this a.m., caught my hand in the car door.


    what gets into these young players. money. provocation. drink. maybe.

  26. Hola, RA. But Jack is a teetotaler… (Unlike you or the GG Man)

  27. Hope the meal was good at the end of that horrid journey agag ….

    Haven’t seen the article but will take a peep, i think wenger will annoyed as he’s out in the very early hours, youngs uns like him should be tucked up in bed… ;)

  28. Agag you must be exhausted by the way you spend most nights working I realy like my sleep always do 12 hours plus poor thing what does Wath have to say about that :-)

  29. hola, agag,

    there should have been question marks after each suggestion. can’t use caps at moment.

    we have been looking for a cb all summer, and now manure look like pinching the best young cb in the epl, jack rodwell.

    we don’t have a constitution as such in this country erick.

  30. Ouch! RA sorry mate nice Article by the way Wilshere did nothing wrong just doing what an honourable citizen would do

  31. erick,

    did you really see hh on newsnow. or were you teasing.

  32. Twelve hours Erick, you lucky thing….

  33. Erick, you’re exactly like Cesc! He says he sleeps at least 10 hours a day! I sleep four or five.

    RA, erick said ‘arsenalnews’. See? RA is not a teetotaler… ;) Go have a doctor check your hand.

  34. Morning RA, HH is on Arsenal News, not NN yet :(

    Thanks for the post, I love reading you match day reviews…. No more being hard on Theo by you then ;)

  35. Its not about the constitution RA its about the institution and policies put in place to ensure its followed you guys have that but ours institution are crap make it look like a piece of paper

  36. Atleast I got something in common with Cesc not exactly DNA

  37. just seen you have boshed your hand RA, how on earth did that happen…

  38. rico,

    i have to admit i did not think theo would make it, but i am delighted by his resurgence.

    jack’s incident happened outside the daily mail offices, and the whole thing was caught on cctv. oops.

  39. Thank your lucky stars and your parents’ chromosomes that you don’t have any ridiculous chemical composition, Erick. :)

  40. rico,

    someone closed the car door when my hand was not looking where it was going.

    typing is not my strong point, but one handed it is rubbish and v. slow.

  41. Thats not so good RA, bet it stings….

    Jack is supposed to have broken up a fight, hope thats for real, the last thing we need is a player getting involved in bad incidents, at least he was sober ;)

  42. Theo was always promising. I suppose people grew impatient since his development has been painfully slow. Barring injury, he ought to have a good year. He still needs to work on his crossing and positional awareness though.

    Sounds ouch, RA. :( On the bright side, you need something to dull the pain… and I’m sure there are some wine cellars near you. :) :)

  43. Chuffed to bits Pardew has been sacked :)

  44. agag, i thought his off the ball play was a tad better against – a couple of times he made the run inside to take the defender away, leaving sagna with bucket loads of space to take the pass –

    The WC ruined him, I think he got a big too big for his boots and thought he had made it – then playing both u21 and the big boys exhausted him, his body was done and injuries followed… Having had a good rest this summer, a good pre-season we should see the best of him..

    I’d love to know what jj is thinking about Theo :(

  45. RA that must hurt sorry mate Agag I hated biology so what are chromosomes ;-) Rico JJ is not always right after all

  46. :lol: Erick, I used to tell him that ;)

  47. The team is depending on Theo at the moment and we are yet to get into gear still got loads of room for improvement thd left side seem to be our weak link both defending and going forward the middle where Cesc owns a house he is yet to move in hope we can get that working :-)

  48. rico,

    me too about jj.

    where are you jj. we all miss you. we need a dose of the reality that only you bring.

    agag, i’m sorry to disappoint you and ruin my rabble rouser image. i love wine, the best i can afford, but i have never been drunk in my life. don’t like to lose my senses.

    actually, i was inebriated, once. unknown to me, when i was a pretty 17 year old, :-) someone put a micky fin in a glass of brandy. not nice. really not nice. hated brandy ever since. never been boozed again. happy, but that’s it.

  49. I’m pretty happy – we have only dropped two points, away at anfield is no sin – once we all start clicking and cesc gets back to his old self things will improve..

    all we need to do is sort out our GK situation and another big Ch would make us a true force, this is our season, i’m sure of it….

    come on wenger, two days to get busy, schwarzer, melo and a ch :)

  50. And rico, Theo’s been better in the league games than in the pre-season matches!

    I tend to agree with those who say that Theo thinks too much on the ball unlike other teammates to whom creation of chances and space seem to come more naturally (Sami, TR7; Cesc– but then he is truly exceptional). But Theo’s shortcomings are not matters that can’t be remedied. Just a summer of focus and hardwork, and already he is looking great. Imagine what this must be doing to his confidence.

    Next up, Vela. He just has to have a decent run of matches, and I have no doubt he’ll come good.

  51. Guys and Gals, I have to go for a bit, stuff to do and people to visit on this fine sunny day…

    When I return I fully expect all the talk to be about a new signing purchased later today :lol:

    Have fun whatever you get up to, laters all….

  52. agag, maybe he does think too much, probably a lot to do with that is all the critism he gets from the paps… wenger needs to bang home to him to relax and let his instincts take over… Once he does that he will flourish :)

  53. good pre-season agag = staying fit :lol: :lol:

    Next up Vela indeed :)

  54. Someone should get JJ in here. His non-romaticized views on all things Arsenal always made me laugh. :)

    RA, good for you. No wonder you always go posh sommelier on us. :) My alco fix is simple: GG will do me any/every/all the time.

    Erick, I don’t know what chromosomes are either; it just sounded learned and scientific. Haha.

    Have fun, rico. Catch you later.

  55. erick,

    the dna molecule is packaged in to thread like structures called chromosomes. that’s all i know.

  56. i suppose the opposite holds true;

    a chromosome is a dna molecule.

  57. Agag it worked you did sound learned Ra Molecules didn’t like Chemistry either

  58. Vela also needs games Agag nice point If we don’t get a striker we will need his skills

  59. morning all. no bank holiday here, another monday morning at work. at least i get into work before the dc traffic starts…

  60. Change of plan for me, not out now until 3pm, been out a bought a new pasta making machine this morning, now to work out how to use it :)

    Hi oliver, pleased with the match??

  61. i was. held my breath when robin went off, but it seems it is not that serious. theo looked good again, but i think we will start seeing teams give him less space and start kicking him more – we will have to see how he copes with that.

    not making a big deal about cesc’s substitution. arsene seems to have thought he is not ready to play 90 minutes, and if anything, cesc may have been annoyed at having to come off at a point where we looked likely to get a third. once he left, the ball spent more time in our half, so i get where he is coming from. but arsene is clearly not going to take too many risks – having to sub robin in the first half may have influenced his thinking.

    always good to give one to fat sam!

  62. but his pace should do them up like a kipper oliver, especially as he continues to grow in confidence..

    wenger says he knew he was going to sub cesc but didn’t tell him as he wants to play so so much..

    with ramsey and nasri both out, we have kind of lost a cesc ‘replacement :(

  63. Rico,

    “do them up like a kipper”. What’s that then? :-)

    Hand now functioning, decided to stop being a tart! :-)

    Ho Oliver.

  64. Rico,

    I knew you would like the alligator! Don’t tell anyone, they will think I’m a softy!! :-)

  65. hi ra. i think the kipper comment was what ian wrightwrightwright said theo would do to alan hansen on the pitch…

  66. spot on oliver, and theo rammed hansens comment right bac at him….

    i might just use the alligator somewhere on here RA, your secret is safe with me :)

  67. ‘Arry is afer hunterlaarrrrarrr

  68. meant to add, ben arfa ended up at newcastle, they have done well to get him…

  69. I’m off again folks, see you later…

  70. Hello all
    Rico – make pasta (flour and eggs)and squash it through the rollers – then do it again. Keep all this away from your keypad though!! You will make a mess i bet!
    Right i’m off to actually read the post and catch up properly now.

  71. did someone say ‘arry e’s a facking football managah, inne?

  72. So this is where all you folks migrated to?you left me in the cold and its sad…good work rico its good to have our daily fix back.

  73. Rico,

    I have recovered the use of my paw, and sent you an email. ;-)

  74. RA, good 2 c ur paw working :) again.
    nice post btw I can’t believe u doubted Theo, he is my fav since he joined from Norhtampton ;)
    I loled @ the meerkat thou I didn’t get it the first time (need to pay attention).

    Where r u from guys i can’t believe u get so early from UK, Erick is from Kenya that will make him GMT+2.

    c ya l8r hope this time some1 will stay awake.

  75. Hi Stef,

    Theo came for Southampton. (South coast of UK)

    Northampton is confusingly in the Midlands. :-)

    The bloggers on this site are v. international as well as UK based. USA, Phillipines, Kenya, S. Africa, Norway etc.

    Some ar going to bed, some are having lunch some are getting up. Worldwide.

  76. Hi RA
    I know i was trying to make a joke :)
    didn’t know that there is Northampton in the midlands…

    I guess is just me I wake up to l8 2 catch most u

    off to watch water polo

  77. Steff,


  78. Steff,

    Our summers lately have been more suited to waterpolo, that’s true.

    Did you say you are in eastern Europe?

    Although your english syntax sounds more scandinavian.

  79. Well I from south east Europe Macedonia 2 be precise and we have different syntax from Easterners :)
    Thou I know little Deutsch ;) maybe it has influence on my English or not:)

    brake is off play on

    btw where r u from ra


  80. My extended family are based in USA, Uk, and Australia.

    I haved lived in US, UK and Germany each for many years. I visit my family in each country on a regular basis. :-)

    Macedonia, yes, I remember now. Another country for the site. :-)

    Got to go for a while.

    See you later. :-)

  81. Dutch international coach reporting RVP out for weeks who is suprised am not Stef howdy

  82. Hello, Stef. And ‘bye. Have a good one!

    RA, good to know the digits are fine! :) Now it can use the corkscrew for that fine red. :)

    oliver, didn’t catch you. :(

    night, rico! Catch you soon.

  83. Nyt Agag still in the Library

  84. Hello all, how things going.. season is going nicely

  85. Boo, STV! Howdy? I’m off. Catch you soonest.

    That’s how you get good grades, Erick. :) Très bien.

  86. so Ra u r saying Earth is ur home or Anglo-saxon countries hmmm… :)

    Hi Erick still mindbuilding hope u do ur thing keep us gunners proud.

    agag, have good 1 also :)

    Nice 2 meet ya STV.

    PS where is Rico? remains 2 b demystified.

  87. no1’s here well nighty night then

  88. Hi Stef,

    You have got it right! Well perhaps not. The UK is the most multicultural country you could imagine. Anglo saxon? No Longer.

    Australia is also rapidly changing, Aussies are just as likely to have relatives in other parts of europe. Bit like Schwarzer.

    And the US has been a melting pot for many centuries.

    Am I anglo-saxon? I doubt anyone in the UK, or US or Oz is truly anglo-saxon. :-)

    Becoming too personal, that’s it! :-)

  89. Hi Stef,

    You have got it right! Well perhaps not. The UK is the most multicultural country you could imagine. Anglo saxon? No Longer. Come over and you will find many Macedonians in London, who are also British. :-)

    Australia is also rapidly changing, Aussies are just as likely to have relatives in other parts of europe. Bit like Schwarzer.

    And the US has been a melting pot for centuries.

    Am I anglo-saxon? I doubt anyone in the UK, or US or Oz is truly anglo-saxon anymore. :-)

    Becoming too personal, that’s it! :-)

  90. Night Stef,

    Tomorrow. :-)

  91. Hey K-Tr7 how’s you mate seems Rico left you in moderation while she was busy. Glad you found us…..!

    Good to see you, seems everyone is busy enjoying the bank holiday and all off doing things. Catch ya soon.

  92. Boo – how you all doing……

    Did I see KTR7 sneak on earlier :)

  93. Ha ha ha Rico your back hope your ventures were eventful :-)

  94. Yo Erick, I went to see a local band play at a local pub, I tried a Peroni on draft and its knocked me off my feet… Thankfully my head is still with it and I can type – should have stuck to a cup of tea or orange juice ;) ;)

    Eventful… Yes :)

  95. See Wath is getting you to be a bandit Rico ;-)

  96. Not me Erick, I would rather a cup of tea or a milkshake and I’m too old to change my ways now… ;)

  97. Well, I think everyone has gone now so I will follow suit, I’m offski but will be back in the morning…

    Night all, stay safe :)

  98. Morning

    New Post is up

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