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‘Didn’t think we deserved to lose’ He said….

Well you did Fat Sam, get used to it and when you come to The Emirates later this season it will be by a greater scoreline…..

So what of the game then? Within about five minutes Sky Sports announced that we had been drawn to play Tottingham Hotscum in the Carling Cup and at their ground too. Deep joy I thought, time for our kids to get revenge in that one…

Soon after that the rain fell and the towels were outwell, for all the Blackburn players who were winding up their long throw-ins, in fact I don’t recall seeing any of our players using towels to dry the ball. See we are not soft, we don’t mind getting our shirts dirty……

We were the team with the first real chance, Walcott blasted a shot from ten yards out, only for it to be blocked but straight into the path of Diaby who smashes it at one of the Blackburn players, the ball bouncing up into the arms of Paul Robinson…

Blackburn then had a bit of possession, not too much but enough to make me start worrying, especially Ryan Nelson headed a ball towards goal, but for Cesc, it would have been 1-0!! Then Samba had a little hoof towards goal which Almunia cleared away, phew, still 0-0!

Then it was our turn, an almost inch perfect pass through the middle from Cesc nearly found Theo Walcott but Samba got his toe in first..

It was all quite until 19 minutes were on the clock….

The Little Russian who was having a very busy day so far, played the ball to Robin van Persie who then played a perfect ball to the onfire Theo Walcott. In his current mood there was only going to be one outcome. I thought he had gone to wide, I was wrong! 1-0 to Arsenal, an inch perfect power shot that broke the netting of the goal.

Another chance for Blackburn but Samba heads over the bar!

Blackburn go in search of an equaliser but the offside flag goes up and it wasn’t long before Old Slim Jim was opening yet another packet of chewing gum, shouting a load of old dross from the technical area. He was riled and I was happy….

Little bit of a blip on 26 minutes, sloppy defensive work by Diaby as he lets Samba breeze past him then play a perfect ball to El-Hadji Diouf who in turn srugs off Laurent Koscielny and sets one of the most simple chances up for Mame Diouf who makes it 1-1.

Two Diouf’s in one team, one has always been bad enough….!!

Shortly after that, our worst fears, Robin tries a bit of fancy footie but it all went horribly wrong, he catches his ankle and not long after he has to go off. Right now it’s believe to be ten days out, just pray the scans don’t tell us anything different!

On comes Chamakh (Loved it when he decided to not allow Samba to jump in the penalty area)

Can’t believe that yesterday was only Robin’s 200th game for us, he’s been at Arsenal for twenty years ;)

The rest of the first half saw Blackburn have a few half chances, Almunia made a couple of decent saves, we broke after a free-kick at lightning pace and look like we could be on to regain the lead, only for that numpty half wit of a ref to pull play back as Pedersen is on the floor with a broken toenail;)

Into half-time and honours even. Which team would come out for Arsenal after the break…..?

Well, we soon found out, we came out stronger and more determined in the second half and I don’t think Blackburn really got a sniff – even Slim Jim said in the second half we were the better side. Robinson continued to hoof every ball he had the chance to, in hope of finding a goal but it was us that looked the more likely to score.

On 51 minutes, what turned out to be our winner, finally came…

Cesc, who had been totally off the boil all game, played the ball to Sagna out on the right, his cross went back to our captain who fired in towards goal, his shot was blocked but then fell into the path of Audrey Arshavin, from just twelve yards he wasn’t going to miss was he, he didn’t and 2-1 to Arsenal. Arshavin deserved that goal, he had been hard working, tracking back, lively in and around the box with his neat swift passing. A few times he lined himself up to shoot only to have the ball taken off his feet – good goal and game over, not that my heart and head believed it then…….

67 minutes and the Captain goes off, good move as he isn’t fit yet….

We have a few more half chances, as did Blackburn, but nothing to get too excited about, Arshavin had another chance but his shot went flying over the net… Walcott burst away down the wing only to be tugged back by Givet who receives a yellow card…

Again a few half chances for both sides but we ‘hang on’ with ease really. Then Arshavin goes off and Little Jack comes on, shortly after walcott slots the ball home only to see the offside flag raised… With only minutes to go, again we catch Blackburn on the back foot, Chamakh finds Walcott who squares it to Wilshere. He slipped as he unleashes his shot and Robinson makes the save. Shortly after, Rosicky has another chance, the ball played out to him by Theo, he fires wide, dreadfully wide.

Not perfect but we held on. We won and for a short time we were top of the league…….

I don’t do player marks, if I did I would just give the whole team and the boss a 10 :)

Have a great day all, I know I will…..

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86 comments on “‘Didn’t think we deserved to lose’ He said….

  1. Morning All

    Still happy :)

  2. Fat Sam Allardyce, Whining Pauley Robinson, Flap-lugs Lineker, hit-man Hansen… today we settle all family business, and so, SKY Sports News… don’t tell me you’re innocent; it insults my intelligence.

    Nice post Rico… and good morning.

  3. Morning mike,

    just watching motd, waiting for hansen to eat humble pie….

    oh, and to see thud spuddies lose :)

  4. Hi Rico,

    I guess Jovial ‘arry and the spuds are finding out just what it means to be a top-four team…

    Incidentally, watch Lineker and Shearer as Hansen swallows back the bile… they’re loving every second.

    Have a good day

  5. Morning Rico, MikeB

    You two will have to stop consorting like this! :-)

    Really good write up, Rico. There will be no getting the “quill” out of your hand now! ;)

  6. I look forward to it…. :)

    I saw on rsd’s site that the BB fans were singing to cesc ‘ Aren’t you supposed to be in Spain’ – Our fans replied with ‘Aren’t you supposed to be in the Championship’….


    Also, reports are that Almunia threw his shirt and armband to the fans, he’s off?

  7. Morning RA,

    damn! you caught us again :lol:

  8. Morning RA, thank you… However I did forget to list both the starting line ups…

    Hey ho eh ;)

  9. morning rsd, love your petition ;)

  10. Rico,

    Love the Fat Sam photo.

    He really has beome a caricature of fat, greasy, jowlly man perpetually chewing with his mouth open. Yeuk!

  11. Oh and I did forget (on purpose) to include the little pathetic headbutting incident…. ;)

  12. He is just horrid RA, for a professional man he’s just awful, i like your decription…

  13. I didn’t see the Almunia thing… surprised the nmain channels didn’t pick up on it.

    I have to feel for him though; against Liverpool he made one slip on near-post positioning; against Blackpool and BB he hardly put a foot wrong. But I bet the player ratings people only give him a six out of ten… he can’t win.

    I have to say he did look miserable on the aftermatch chat… Maybe he sleeps with the fishes. :lol:

  14. Who is concerned how easy we got done for their goal? Kos is a tad sluggish, denilson would have been slated to lose a player so easily?

    And, who was on duty in the area???

  15. RSD,

    I cannot understand why I am so stupid, but I cannot get into your site.

    On the “open ID” I typed in Red Arse. Got told they were illegal characters. So typed my email address and guess what; illegal characters.

    So what is the Open Format ID looking for?

    I feel a plonker, although that is no surprise! :-)

  16. I see where your coming from mike, he is probably having his best spell right now and yesterday made a great save, suffering a bosh on the post along the way…

    He waited and waited for his chance and its gone horribly wrong….

  17. @RA
    try name/url and then you can chosse whatever name and what eversite you want to link but you can just type your wordpress account.

    @rico Retweeted for you with hash tags

  18. On the Fat Sam thing…

    I can understand when players get interviewed for the after match comments… they stand there with a bottle-in-hand slurping away, but why did Allardyce have to do the same thing?

    Perhaps someone should tell him… it’s rehydrate, not re-inflate. :lol:

  19. mike it cos he sits in the stands and its alone walk down the steps to the tunnel were they do the interview lol

  20. Morning RSD,

    Perhaps they should get one of those electric stair-lifts installed for him :lol:

  21. kos let him go and was tight to whoever it was and then decide to close down the guy with ball and got caught its his style to attack the ball. hard to do when holding such a high line.

  22. more like a crane for that fat walrus

  23. MikeB,

    Again it was that awful spitting, snarling Diouf who went up to Big Al and “rubbed” his face into his. I would have been sick to the stomach. Big Al showed remarkable restraint.

    The ref of course did nothing.

    Rico, AA gave a sloppy pass, Samba made a good one to Ugh Diouf, (no mid-fielder in sight, Song too busy attacking) and Kosser was left exposed.

    Meanwhile, Mammy Diouf was being “watched” by Clichy, who kept glancing at him, then grew roots and remained rock steady as Mammy ran around his “blind” side for a tap in. :-(

  24. rsd, mme hash signs :( :( I am going to download to help sheet so i can learn what goes on :)

  25. #arsenal is all arsenal tweets with arsenal in them

  26. f-in nn you only have to give a hint of transfer news and the transfer whore come running

  27. RA,

    yeah, Clichy has to take some responsibility for that… it was poor. Maybe Gibbs is a better bet, but I kinda got a soft-spot for Clichy, even though his mistakes are high-profile.

    I guess it’s the nature of the beast… the nearer to goal you start the game, the more critical any mistake becomes… that’s why I think we should be understanding to kos… any striker would be given a dozen games to bed-in… he had to hit the ground running.

  28. RA, it was Robin and Song who let Samba breeze past them… been naughty and just checked on playback ;) I must say sorry to Diaby… :)

    mike, loved the Shearer and Lineker show, they did Hansen up like a kipper :)

  29. http://www.101greatgoals.com/videodisplay/6715673/

    For those who missed MOTD, its worth watching, honestly :)

  30. rsd, is that the bit about almunia??

  31. Rico,
    the only problem with the Hansen humble pie is that it festers… he’ll be looking to tear Theo apart the moment he has an average game now.

    But for the moment it’s great to gloat just a little :lol:

  32. Sorry Folks, gotta go… it’s Sunday morning and that means my twelve-mile run before lunch.

    And if you believe that, I’ll tell you another :lol:

    Have a good day

  33. Hello, everyone. rico, I’d have given everyone a ten, too. Three points always = Joy. I laughed over your “we ‘hang on’ with ease” statement cause I was alternately wringing my hands and covering my eyes over stoppage time.

    hello, mikeb, I have a soft spot for Clichy, too. And Gibbsy is young so there shouldn’t be any rush to replace the former.

    Hey, RA. No hangover? rsd, I was having trouble with your page too. :( Will try again later.

  34. Theo won’t give Hansen an opportunity mike :)

  35. rsd, i see, but the real question is – is schwarzer really better than Almunia, if Almunia plays like he did yesterday???

  36. howdy agag – trust me, i was pacing around the living room in a pickle, just had that horrid feeling we would concede – i was so relieved to hear that whistle blow….

    We were anything but ‘with ease’ ;)

  37. Enjoy your run mike ;)

  38. Morning Agag. :-)

    No hang over. ;-) One glass and I am anyone’s, but no one wants me, so I don’t bother with the second! ;)

  39. RA, sad day for cricket…..

  40. spot fixing has been going on forever rico
    3 no balls get over it hardly affect the out come

  41. there’s more to it than just three no balls rsd, all that did was prove the fixing is happening, i bet this goes right back to when Bob Woolmer died….

  42. rico, I think that after our many last gasp goals last season, and conversely the Wigan fixture, the last twenty minutes of any of our matches have become that much more nerve-wracking.

    RA, bonjour! Haha.

    I am off. Will be back in 7 hours if anyone’s still about.

    Happy Sunday!

  43. Unless we are 5-0 up agag ;)

    See you later on…..

  44. I’m off for a bit, Sunday ;)

    See you after lunch

  45. did you see chels newboy ramires by the way wanted to know if he looks any good he reckons he’s the new PV

  46. It seems fat slut slam is a little peeved and so is that rugby coach pulis………… Piss funny…!
    Good write up Rico but it was def diaby who also watched on as Samba marched through a few players to make the pass out wide. Sagna was way out of position hence Kos got dragged across to right back position. Poor defending all around.

  47. nice day Sunday…

    About the goal I wouldn’t blame Kos. 4 the goal as WATH said it was poo def. all around and I agree.

    What do u think of (h)Arsh performances, I think he is looking sharper.

  48. Hi Stef Koz should have done better but it was a bad defensive display by the group about AA still think he is has much to offer

  49. Hi WATH and Stef

    Def an all round poor example of defending, wenger should see and play that video back to the team with Bouldy in the room, point out the vast mistakes and then work on it it training…

    I know it sounds obvious but I bet he doesn’t – in any case he can’t as they are all off for internationals, thank goodness robin won’t be and cesc shouldn’t be either…

  50. Howdy erick, you been tweeting again :)

  51. Did Gallas play yesterday for the spuddies??

  52. Rico,

    Got to go and get a glass of erm … water before the F1 starts.

    By the way Rico, do I get Brownie points for my email? ;)

  53. Rico,

    No, Gallas did not play for the Spuds, otherwise they would have lost 4:0 :-)

  54. Sorry for my manners guys,

    Hello and goodbye till later to WATH, Erick and Stef. :-)

  55. RA, thanks for your email, it can go up tomorrow :)

    the only brownies i know of are edible ;)

  56. hey RA what about Rico :(

  57. what about rico Stef??

  58. Not really Rico internet trouble what do you pay for internet Rico monthly?

  59. Not really sure Erick, its all part of a BT package for phone calls and internet…

  60. What is BT? the service provider or what

  61. British Telecom Erick, its the telephone and internet service provider…

  62. Okay Rico away from the tech stuff I read Hughes say if they get Given we get MS you will get your wish but got to feel for Al he played his heart out yesterday am kind sad

  63. Yes Erick, what a difference a few games make, I thought he did well yesterday and did pretty well on the crosses.. i’m kind of feeling sorry for him too, but as they say, there’s no room for sentiment in sport….

  64. Ouch Rico that hurts buts if I were Aw I would make him number 2

  65. What would you do with Flappianski Erick, loan or sell him?

    Cant see Al sticking around to be number 2 again though knowing full well Chesney is gagging for the no1 shirt ;)

  66. I feel nothing for the waiter he is a liability waiting to drop a clanger…!

  67. I still wish we were going for someone better than Schwarzer WATH…

  68. Nothing much around for us to buy Rico who are better than Schwarzer. . . . Time enough to get Chezny through is what I reckon.

    A good day to you all as well. . . In n out Rico it’s the work stuff ;-)

  69. Wath you insensitive Sailor :-) Al been poor but he has saved our skin Rico season long loan will do with an option of a parmanent stay

  70. Not on Sunday, surely WATH ;)

    i think he will jump ship and go back to Spain Erick, he will know Chesney is soon to take over…

  71. Rico we play Bolton at home next and Jussi their keeper sees red I can see your smile Rico

  72. ;-) ;-) havent used this one for a long time

  73. Jussi is better than Schwarzer Erick, so seeing him in red would be good :lol:

  74. Back in a little while :)

  75. Hola, everyone. rico, I’d rather jussi over schwarzer too. The latter is no improvement over the Spanish waiter. Hello, erick and WATH.

  76. Hi agag, i wish it was the guy from Holland who’s name i stuggle to spell ;)

  77. Agag howdy hope all is great am fine just waiting for this weeks exams

  78. Erick, the waiter saved our skin……… hmmmmm when was that I must of missed that one lol

    hello AGAG……….. hope your well am off again….. :-)

  79. Everyone now gone???

  80. I’m off too now all, stay safe and see you all tommorrow, the post is RA’s take on the game :)

    Be good, nighty night…

  81. I missed everyone again. :( I tried to catch up over the lull in dinner through my phone, but wi-fi was erratic, and it was too much of an effort to to wait for pages to load, I gave up (actually, the dessert sampler proved too distracting…)

    Shame about Stekelenburg. :( He looks solid, and is young enough; he can only get better.

    Good night, I hope your Sunday’s as lovely as mine. :)

  82. Morning all

    New Post up…

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